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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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are we going to be able to see fireworks? we know the answer because we know it's very special. thank you for joining us. >> you pointed in this direction, whose the special one. >> you're both very special. >> thank you, mike. mike's a diplomat, you can tell. >> we both have kids. we know. >> you're all my favorites. >> there's a bunch of questions there and favorite forecast we have nice weather coming up. >> yeah. we are going to heat up but then as we head into the 4th of july the temperatures start to come back down and that could mean some low clouds in san francisco. so that's something we'll be watching. we're seeing that right now as you get up and go about your day on this thursday morning. we're also going to see the drizzle once again heading into the 7:00 to 8:00 hour. high temperatures rieching upper 60s in the city, 89 in santa rosa, concord 90 today. we are starting to feel some warmer weather inland while the
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coast stays nice and cool. that will be the case over the next few days. i'll talk more about that coming up in seven minutes but mike's focus ieng crash in fremont. >> it's not because of the severity of the crash it's the only crash object grid. look at those speed sensors an easy drive until we get closer we can zoom in and see that mission boulevard crash there's still a little bit of slowing. chp there's a cruiser there saying that the car went off the roadway and the took out a sign. no major injuries. and no major delays getting towards the gueye bridge. travel time very easy right now. back to you. >> that is a welcome site heading into the holiday. 5:01 right now. we have calls into law enforcement agencies to try to find out more about a very large police presence overnight in a fremont neighborhood. what you're look at here our crew at the scene says officers from several different departments converged at this g&m food mart and gas station
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early this morning. we can tell you as you see here at least one person was arrested in the incident. when we get more information, we will pass that right along to you. happening today in washington, d.c., the house votes on case law which will impose harsher penalties on people who reenter the u.s. illegally after they've been departed. the law's inspired by the death of this woman, kate styly in san francisco who wasaldly shot by an undocumented immigrant. >> and today in the bay, we're joined live from pete where kate was killed. what's in this proposed law? >> reporter: good morning to you. it's one of two immigration bills being voted on by the house today. really continuing president trump's hard-line stance when it comes to illegal immigration. but when it comes to kate's law, which was named after kate styly who was killed here at peer 14 back in 2015, it would impose harsher mandatory prison sentences on deportee who's reenter the country with
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stronger pemts for those who have been convicted of nonimmigration crimes. styly was shot and killed here at peer 14 in 2015 by an undocumented immigrant who was released by the sheriff's office just months before that incident, es spite requests by immigration officials to keep him in prison. during a round table at the white house yesterday with family members of those killed by undocumented immigrants, the president talked about the important answers of this law being passed. >> the house will also vote on kate's law, named for kate sty wloi was killed by illegal immigrant and who's been deported five times. this law will enhance criminal penalties for those who repeatedly reenter the country illegally. >> now, the second bill up for a vote would be the no sanctuary for criminals act and that would bar states and cities that don't cooperate with immigration authorities from receiving grant money from the department of justice and department of homeland security. so that could affect so-called
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sanctuary cities like san francisco. now, critics of both of these bills like the aclu called the bills unconstitutional and say it would violate the trust between law enforcement and the community. we're live in san francisco, pete sore rad dose for today in the bay. >> thank you very much. we're going to switch to a live look at sfo this morning where parts of president trump's revised travel ban are slated to go back into effect at 5:00 today. today in the bay's bob redell is with us. he's going to join us with a live report. new screening measures are in effect for passengers flying into the united states. the department of homeland security say it will forego expanding that band on laptops and other electron knicks and put in a new layer of screening to prevent terror plots. those include for thorough kayrion bag checks and more swabbing for explosives. the new security steps will be phased in this summer and that
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will affect 2,000 flights every day coming in from 105 different countries. live look this morning at the new smart train station in ronered park, we're going to try to pull that up four but you're finally going to be able to check out the new smart trains in a few hours. the sonoma rail transit district is offering free preview rides today of the new transit system. there's going to be several special round hip trip rides today. the trains leave attite clock a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. from ronered park and then depart from the civic center at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. they're calling it a soft launch. there are going to be more special rides on sunday and on tuesday. was it an attempted murder/suicide? the investigation continuing this morning in east san jose after a man yesterday was found dead and a woman severely
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injured. all this happening on crest ton lane just off story road not far away from happy hollow park and zoo. that man was found on the street, the woman in a nearby apartment with a gunshot wound. they're not revealing the relationship between the two but they're asking witnessed tods call them request any information. firefighters are still on the scene of a brush fire that started in san jose yesterday. they're checking for hot spots as we cheek. it burned about 12 acres. one homeowner told us she thinks it might have been illegal fireworks. >> while they were working they heard what they thought were bottle rockets going off and also firecrackers. and this was just a few minutes before they smelled and saw smoke. >> cal fire tells us that the cause is under investigation. they're still looking into the possibility that moeing equipment could be to blame.
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happening today the grand opening of a housing deputy vep meant in palo alto. the mayfield place has 70 new apartment homes for qualified residence. it's an el camino at the corner of california avenue. city leaders will be on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony which happens at 4:00 this afternoon. all right. three baby falcons living on the 33rd floor of the pg&e building in san francisco are going to be tagged today provided they're well fed, well loved up there. this is video from earlier. those babies were born earlier this month and researchers from uc santa cruz are going to tag them this morning at 10:30 if the here's some video of the babies and their mom from earlier. month. a pair of falcons have called the 33rd floor home for years. we've been tracking them for a long time. uc santa cruz researchers will waf over the falcons living at san jose city hall as well. and i bet those kids are complaining about the dinner
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menu. >> the worms. >> reporter: >> we're coming up on 508 on this thursday morning. we wake up to some clouds as we look at the day planner. at 8:00 more people getting up and about and it will be right at about 60 degrees. noontime temperature will still be very nice reaching up to 72 degrees and some upper 70s as we go into this afternoon. a few of the east bay -- eastern parts of san jose will get into the upper 70s and low 80s. and for san francisco it will be in the mid-60s today. so we'll talk about the temperature trend for willow glen in about three minutes. mike. we'll show you traffic around the bay is looking great. we still have that noninjury crash off of the roadway in fremont and over here toward the peninsula side, westbound 92 just before you get to the 101 reports of a number of four or five, possibly six boxes reported people driving through the area in the middle of the roadway. don't knows what's in those
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boxes and i don't want you to find out so just a note there getting over through foster city. but look at the san mateo bridge there's a good volume of traffic that will be traveling through the area so if there's a traffic break, except some slowing. and i'll warn you if chp warns us. up next we are crunching the numbers just how much the current republican healthcare bill would affect california. plus celebrating the warriors big victory, yeah, we're still celebrating it. today the trophy goes on tour here in the bay area and if you want to see it, we're going to tell you where you can take a picture or two coming pup. you're watching today in the bay.
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it's friday eve and 5:12 right now as you get up and about to get out the door. our skies are all cloudy around the bay area. we take a live look outside in san jose. willow glen the temperature trend starts us out in the low 60s at 9:00 this morning and we'll see those clouds slowly clearing by late morning reach into the upper 70s by this afternoon. now we're still looking at some comfortable weather, but it does get a little bit toasty heading into the weekend. i'll talk about that and a look ahead to the possibility of some clouds during the fireworks. that's coming up. and over here we're looking at well the probability of slowing through the tri-valley just a bit through the pass, nothing dramatic. we'll see kmaez e what's going on for the rest of your day
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coming up. live now to washington where the healthcare debate rages on even as congress breaks for the 4th of july holiday. we're also learning whether the senate bill passes -- if it passes california could take a $30 billion hit annually and more hundreds of billions between 2020 and 2027. and its numbers like those that are sparking protests on capitol hill right now. tracie potts joining us from d.c. this morning. are you expecting more protests there today? >> reporter: probably so, sam and krigs. we've seen them because people are concerned about what the future of their own healthcare is going to be. 40 arrests here, we could see more demonstrations today with republicans behind closed doors trying to work this out without democrats at the table.
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>> president trump has his first repleks e election fundraiser while congress goes to plan "b" on healthcare. >> if we don't reach by friday, then the way forward is as obamacare collapses challenge democrats to work with us to find something better. >> that's what we should have done from the beginning. >> but democrats are shut out of this week's negotiations. >> they're not serious legislators unless they get their way. >> the senate's top democrat trying to pry that door open. >> let's turn over a new leaf. let's start over. >> but the white house isn't interested. >> there's been a lot of talking, bad talking, and it just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> for now, republicans are going it alone trying to save a plan that only one in six americans support in the knew poll. >> we cannot afford to delay on this issue. >> he's trying to regain lost republican votes. >> he's got a $200 billion sweet
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evening fund to try to get more people on his side. >> money saved but coverage lost according to congressional budget office. >> there's no honor in taking healthcare away from 20 million americans. >> lawmakers seek a solution facing this back home next week. >> the debate continues. that was tracy potsz reporting from d.c. we move now to business news and later today activists from an animal rights group are planning on protesting against costco in san jose. the group direct action everywhere says that costco sells cage free eggs from pleasant valley farms outside of stockton where hens are kept in overcrowded and filthy conditions according to activists. last year they released a video from that farm and at that time costco told a washington post they found nothing wrong.
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it is at the costco on rally road. blue apron is making his debut on the stock market. >> this is a dish served called. >> it is. it debuted to private investors last night and it was a big disappointment. the meal delivery service will start trading on the stock market this morning. now, it's priced at below expectations, about $10 a share. watch this one this morning. this could be a situation where spok stock actually opens below its own ipo. the markets made up their losses wednesday, the do you bounced back 143 points. nasdaq up 87. remember last week i told you about bank stress tests and how banks would likely be able to give money back to investors. well, that just happened. it was ten years ago today the iks phone went on sale for the first time. june 29th, 2007. they will point out tech nick tl was the second time there was an apple phone. if you remember the apple motorola rocker you are an apple
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fan, also you're old. but the iphone is the only one that counted. here's steve jobs announcing the iks phone for the first time on stage in san francisco, 2007. now, i'll remind you it wasn't the same iphone you can buy today. it only ran on the at&t network. they had one-third-party app for youtube. jobs did not want third-party apps and he actually resisted creating an app store. of course there was an app store and the rest is of history. the first time i picked one up, and you may have had the same experience, it was so delicate. i had a motorola flip phone. it was all plastic. >> at raise juror dso. >> and an iks phone looked like this piece of jewelry and you were like oh my goodness. >> there's an el afghanistan to it. >> there is. >> my mom was the first one in the familiarly to get one and the phone rings and she's like i don't know how to answer this. >> what do i do with that thing. >> now we know, it's been ten years. took us a while. >> it's changed everything. thank you very much, scott mcgrew. happening today, the
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warriors world championship trophy starts its official tour of the bay area. the hear o'brien trophy is going to be at the location in bowling green and san mateo. >> friday it heads to the team store in oracle arena. it will be at the team store in walnut creek and sunday at the west field shopping center in san francisco. check it out, take a selfie. if do you make sure you tag nbc bay area, we want to see it. >> that parade was just about as perfect as a weather situation, energy, just cool history for another chapter in the bay area. we're going to have a positive weekend ahead. we're looking at warmer temperatures around the bay area, especially for the valleys while the coasts will stay nice and cool. let's take a live look outside in san rafael this morning, visibility there is looking good. it's nice and clear as the sunrises, the drivers making it on into san francisco. and a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the
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screen we see our temperatures will be going up a few more degrees as we go into the next couple of days. right now as you step out, we have some upper 40s in santa rosa, upper 50s in san jose and cyst 3 right now in morgan mill and livermore. our high temperatures this afternoon reaching into the mid to upper 80s for parts of the south bay and gilroy expect a high of 86 degrees. also 86 in loss car roes, 91 degrees in antioch and hayward up to 76 degrees. and for the peninsula we keep the clouds and the fog, not much clearing here. half moon bay 68 degrees and 70 four in palo alto. and north bay 89 degrees and santa rosa and sonoma up to 87 spot we'll be warmer today. one cool place you can go will be some of the hiking trails on the peninsula. we start out with some fog and cool temperatures. it will still be cool at 10:00 at 62 degrees but the sun starting to peak tlup but it
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will be mostly cloudy throughout the day and high temperatures along the peninsula reaching up to 70 degrees. for some warmer temperatures you may want to hit the links in the tri-valley it will be starting out in the mid-60s and see the highs reaching the upper 80s today so feeling very warm and looking yet heavenly as the sunrises this morning. this is a live picture. and the forecast for the next three days our high temperatures reaching into the low 80s, beautiful weather for the sierra. in san francisco our highs will be reaching into low 70s heading into saturday the warmest day in the seven-day forecast while the valleys making it up to 93 degrees. it's going to be hot. make some pool plans. and for the 4th of july looks nice, 84 degrees and it looks all nice and clear. and mike's all over the map. i've got green all over the map. the sensors are not a problem and that's good news. we had that crash in fremont that we're still tracking and i'll mention that in a second. upper east shore freeway and
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just a little bit there in vallejo started with a little slowing out of vallejo for highway 37, typically a sticking point. let's get out to our waze system and we'll show you a car went off the roadway but no injury or slowing. pretty clear hoiss here, they're all about the same, no problem. no, i, you check area waze to make sure you've made the good choice as well that's checking our team because we want to hip throughout the holiday weekend, whatever you're triefg, waze will help you take that route or the shorterest one. check bay area wazers and we're all in it together or we're all getting out of it together. >> if there's a lot of traffic we're stuck in it together. here's something mike doesn't want to see in his traffic report, a close call. this u haul truck slams into a brewery nearly hitting the people inside. we'll show you why the driver
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lost control. you're watching today in the bay. stop hitting the snooze button -
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this is worth getting up for. take a look. a u-hautr stop hitting the snooze button you want to see this. look at that. u-haul truck smashes into a brewery yesterday. police say he was driving the wrong way. he was under the influence when he lost control of that truck and crashed. he was take toebt hospital with a leg injury then arrested but
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the folks inside luckily got away in time. >> that diner hopped up quickly. 5:24 right now this pup spi looking for a loving home after going through quite ordeal. swhaez found badly hurt in east palo alto. a police officer found that friendly pup running in the street. her face was severely swoenl by a wire that was wrapped around her muz he will. she was brought to the peninsula humane society and rescuers say that she was abused. >> you know, to be a person who has another dog as well we just don't have any information to go on. >> look at that face. >> look at the face and the that's a fairly large tongue. investigators looking to find the person responsible for hurting that pup who has been given the name gaby by the shelter, also the name of my fiancee. >> yes. >> they say she's recovering well and ready to be adopted. >> she's a close second to your gaby. >> i don't think we're going to add another dog to the house though, not that one. well we might have a new
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star in the bay area and he has some flair. >> from south korea to san francisco fans were loving jay wong yesterday in any language. it is pure baseball joy. here's why. [ speaking foreign language ] >> get a translation on that i think there was a home run in there somewhere. we presume that means wow. his major league debut hit his first major league home run. he's 29 years old. he's from south korea and that proved to be instrumental in winning. giants swept the rockies, the rockies 5-3, that's the first sweep of the season for the giants. here's wong with his translator. >> translator: the focus has been the same as just basically hit in my zone and nothing else other than that. and because i'm rookie i figured once it got to the 2-0 count that there might abe fastball coming down the middle and that's pretty much what
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happened. >> that is cool. >> they thought they could challenge the rookie but wong says no way. put that puppy out, that's awesome. >> what a great start. thank you very much for that. coming up, why some people in alameda county are outraged over a new jail that's opening very soon. >> reporter: president trump's limited travel ban goes into effect later today. the exceptions that will allow some of those travelers entry here into the united states. plus incredible jaw-dropping video of a shoot out on a bus in maryland that's too real to believe. >> drop the gun. [ gunshots ]. >> this entire ordeal caught on several different cameras from different angles. that's coming up. how this got resolved. you're watching today in the bay.
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. good morning to you, 5:30 right now and we want to begin with breaking news this half hour. this is a fire that is burning near camp pendleton in san diego county. it's a brush fire that started just before 7:00 last now but now it's spread to 100 acres just within the last hour. if you've heard talk of the fire, this is the fire that folks are talking about. firefighters mostly stopped the progress but they are reporting zero containment which means it is still burning out of control.
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right now it has spread to at least 400 acres but, again, 100 in just the last hour. we're going to track that for you all morning long. we know our fire danger here is high many some areas as well. >> that's an excellent point, there's also a fire going on in burbank right now that forced evacuation so it's absolutely the season right now. we know temperatures are raising, something to keep an eye on for the weekend. >> and we are going to still keep some cool temperatures along the coast, san francisco today making it up to 66 degrees with the fog and drizzle for a little while. heading into the weekend it all clears out. we'll be up to 71 degrees and then some cooler temperatures heading into the 4th of july as well as the low clouds. now, for the interior valleys we'll see those highs as high as 93 degrees. that happens on saturday. sunday also very warm. and then we'll see those temperatures coming down a few degrees heading into tuesday, of
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course with fireworks we'll need to be really careful with those. i'll have a look at the weekend forecast and some events going on. that's coming up in about six minutes. mike's tracking two bridges right now. two of concern the rest ever completely clear and these bridges clear it's on either side of the bay as we look at the green all over our speed sensors. we're watching this. boxes in the middle of highway 92 westbound still reported as you're getting over toward 101. i haven't seen slowing and there have been no crashes. chp knows about this and they're trying to get a crew out there to check things out. meanwhile toward the bay bridge a slow easy drive through the maze. we show you the toll plaza, the lights will turn on right on schedule we do have these lanes filling in on schedule as well but nothing dramatic. back to you. thank you so much. 5:32 right now and happening today, portions of president trump's revised travel ban go into effect later today. it limits travel to the u.s. for certain people coming from these sixtree predominantly muslim
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countries. >> today in the bay bob red bell dell is live in the airport this morning. there were a lot of protests there when this organizely went into effect. what do you expect to see later today? >> reporter: good morning. we do not know how many people, if any, will be out here at sfo protesting the new limited frafl ban that goes into effect later today. we do know there will abe number of lawyers out here volunteering their time to help any travelers that are might being caught in limbo. here's what we know so far about the new travel rule. the associated press has obtained a state department cable or at least seen it and it was sent out to consulates and baegss. but it indicates the limited ban will go into effect tonight at 5:00 p.m. specific. it anyone trflg from those six countries, syria, somalia, iran, yemen already have the u.s. visa, their visa will not be revoked. if a traveler from one of those
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countries is applying forrent trip to the united states, they must have a parent, spouse, a child, or son or daughter-in-law already here in the u.s. to be eligible. other relationships like a grandparent or a grandchild would not be eligible. we spoke with an attorney with the asian law caucus, that's one of the groups that mobilized sfo in january when the original ban was issued. that same group plans to set up on-site legal clinics just outside the international arrivals here at sfo later today. >> we're not expecting the same sorts of crowds that we saw in january for a number of reasons, not the least of witch is because people don't know when to show up. they don't know when this going into effect. >> reporter: to reiterate, there's no information overnight that the travel ban is expect fod go into effect at 5:00 tonight. reporting live here outside sfo. >> thank you very much for that
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update. right now there's a plan to hold court arraignments that were meant for oakland in dublin instead and that's being met with protest right now. the east county hall of justice courthouse is set to open in july. alameda public defender said making defendants travel 30 miles would be inconvenient for them and their families. opponents are going to be hold a news conference today in oakland. that will start at 2012:15. >> it's 5:25 and new this morning australia's most senior catholic is responding to sexual assault charges filed against him. cardinal george pell says he is innocent. cardinal pell is the pope's chief financial adviser and he is the highest ranking vatican official to ever be charged in the church's long-running sexual abusing scandal. australian police have not released details yet about the charges against pell, but the pope did give him a leave of absence in order to deal with those charges. >> all right. some awfully dramatic video
5:36 am
to show you which shows police in maryland caught in the middle of a gunfight with an armed robbery suspect earlier this month. that entire exchange was caught on camera. this happened on june the 7th. police say the suspect in this case blaine robert herb robbed two people in a nearby shopping center. they stopped this bus he was riding on to talk to him and he opened fire. for about a minute and a half, herb shot at police right outside the bus there drawing a second gun. >> drop the gun. [ gunshots ]. >> that's the vantage point from the police officer's standpoint. herb tried to run from the bus. he was shot and injured by officers and whn officers again told him to drop his weapon, police say he did not comply. that is when he was shot and killed. a bystander and an officer were both also injured during that shoot out. if you'd like to have a say in the future of transportation in contra costa county, today is
5:37 am
your chance. the county's transportation authority is holding an open public house in walnut creek tonight. leaders would like public input as they develop a transportation policy for the next two deck kaits kads so y kads so you might want to say something. it's at 2999 oak road. always good to get your input since we're always complaining about the things we can't change, you can change it just voice it. over here the change in fremont than crash at mission and 680 has been cleared, again no injuries and we haven't had a problem after that. car drove off on to the hillside will and took out a sign. over here good signs as far as travel on the trinz transit goes. caltrain east train no delays either. and bart 40 trains more than 40 without delays as well. we'll take you out over towards the san mateo bridge with a live look and we're seeing a traffic flow that's moving nicely westbound. we did have the earlier boxes
5:38 am
reported in lanes over at 92 and 82 foster city and 101. it's still on the chp report we have a good volume of traffic but we've seen no disturbance to the flow. i'm going to say whatever boxes were there there's they're not a problem but chp may be swinging through. we're getting closer to the weekend. >> yes, it's friday eve. >> there you go. >> and it is going to be a long weekend, you're looking forward to hitting the road, spending time with camly or maybe you have some family coming in town. if you'll be here on saturday, the interior valleys are going to be hot, up to 93 degrees, a lot of sunshine, 83 degrees by the bay and the coasts will be at 71. we'll keep the clouds there. on sunday upper 60s or the bay, that's the high temperature while the inland areas are going to be anywhere from 80 to 90 degrees with sunshine. and we have quite a few events going on to celebrate the start
5:39 am
of july including the jazz festival in san francisco. we'll see those high temperatures reaching up to 70 degrees. if you're planning to head to the sierra, here's a live look at kirkwood with some 70s in the forecast and sunshine. russian river valley will have some live events and some fireworks on sunday evening starting at dusk. the high temperature reaching up to 85 degrees. coming up in three minutes i'll have a look at the temperature trend for evergreen. >> thank you very much. california city names a busy road after former president barack obama. meanwhile, president trump in a fight with amazon. we'll tell you the history between the two. plus, he's a hero for charging toward terrorists during the attack on the london bridge and now he's sharing his story. >> i put my arm around my wife and i -- i take a deep breath and i charge in. >> more from that officer when
5:40 am
we return. you're watching today in the bay.
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as we take a live look outside right now in san jose it's all cloudy and our temperature trend for evergreen will be starting out in the low 60s and the average high is 81 degrees but will be going above that as we go into this afternoon. and our temperatures continue to warm over the next couple of days, a look at what you can expect as we head into the fouth of july holiday weekend.
5:43 am
that's coming up at 5:48. and checking the tri-valley drive times it's really the only slowing we see aside from the bay bridge. we'll also talk about what's going on. i have a new report i'm checking on in the north bay. all right. thank you, mike. it's 5:43 right now and starting next month californians will no longer face losing their driver's licenses because of unpaid traffic fines. governor jerry brown says the punishment does not help the state collect unpaid fines and it can send low-income people into a cycle of job loss and more poverty. opponents of that policy have argued that driver's license suspension is a useful tool to compel people to pay traffic fines. live pictures of that breaking news in san diego county. there from the distance you can see the christi aneat toes fire burning. we just got an update it's up to 700 acres burning near camp pendleton in san diego county. firefighters are rushing to that
5:44 am
area to protect homes as we speak and it has been burning since last night. we brought you live pictures of this fire, we've been monitoring those. also we have this fire, these pictures that show more vividly how fast those flames are consuming that dry foliage there. this started before 7:00 last nights. it spread 100 acres in just an hour's time, that tells you how dry it is there. and crews are now calling this again the christi aneat toes fire. they mostly topped the progress at this point, but they are reporting zero containment, so not under control just yet. we'll monitor for you. quarter to six right now and it sa a day british will never forget when attackers went on the rampage on a london bridge killing six people in a matter of minutes. one of the police officers who heroically took on the attackers and was stabbed in the process is just now speaking out
5:45 am
publicly. it's wayne marks whoa is the first officer to face all three attackers. he had no gun, was armed only with the baton but he still respond to the chaos as they were going after their first victims. one of the attackers hit him in the eye and he was temporarily blinded. in this interview he zriebds confronting them, getting injured and trying to leave his last messages for his family. >> the officer that's holding my hand, i call his name two or three times. he comes in close, i got blood in my mouth, i remember spitting it out so i could get my message out, i was giving him my last messages to, you know, my family, my partner. >> would wow, nor doubt his family relieved that he's okay. eyewitnesses say that marks saved lives with his actions. his sight has since returned but he's not sure when he's going to be able to go back to work. the three attackers were later shot by specialists armed police at the busy market not far from
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london bridge. san francisco is taking on the state over a proposition that restricts development along the embarca dare row. a judge decided yesterday the defense of proposition "b" was strong enough for now to keep it from being invalidated bay i state lawsuit. it requires voter approval for any waterfront development that exceeds the height limit. the state lands commission sued san francisco arguing that state development laws overrule local restrictions. all new this morning, former president barack obama is going to be honored with a street named after him in los angeles. the city council there voted unanimously to rename three miles of rodeo road, that's how it's pronounced there, near culvert city as obama boulevard. back in seven then senator obama held his first campaign rally at a park on that road. they say the only concerned raised about it is folks wanted
5:47 am
his name on a longer street. happening today, president trump meets the new president of south korea at the white house and the white house has already announced the two will not hold a press conference. scott mcgrew. >> reporter: trump didn't hold one with the held of india other. the white house continues to clam up. the press was supposed to be alound into his fundraiser last night as well and that got cancelled. yesterday white house spokesperson sara huckabee sanders appeared before reporters in the daily briefing. we can't show that you either because the white house would not allow cameras. this is file video of sanders. sae sandways was asked about her tweet yesterday it which he accused a.m. zob of not paying zet internet tax. but we should not be surprised the president is attacking amazon. he's angry at the washington post, it's owned by the head of amazon jeff bezos. what will happen to amazon when
5:48 am
he becomes president. >> every hour we're getting calls from reporters on the washington post asking ridiculous questions. and i will tell you, this is owned as a toy by jeff bezos who controls amazon. amazon is getting away with murder taxwise. he's using the washington post for power so that the politician 234z power don't tax amazon like they should be taxed. >> he wants political influence so that amazon will benefit from it. that's not right. and believe me, if i become president, oh, do they have problems. >> well, the problems have begun. does the president realize there is no internet tax? does the president understand amazon and "the washington post" are two separate companies? now, when asked sara huckabee sanders who did not appear on camera said she had not talked to the president about 'it. we can't show that you because we weren't allowed to tape it. bottom line we cannot show you the white house spokesperson not
5:49 am
knowing the president did not know about a tax that didn't exist. >> we doe expect almost immediate court changes on the modified travel ban because the courts were so vague about who should be allowed in, what is i legitimate connection to the united states. the white house says brothers yes, brothers in law no, fathers yes, what about adopted fathers? supreme court justice clarence thomas predicted this would go almost immediately back to court. >> i wouldn't be surprised if it's today. if have you comments about the travel ban or anything else we'd tlouf hear from you you can contact me on twitter. >> thank you very much. appreciate that update. we've got a weekend to get to here, guys. >> we do. and it's going to be nice. we know it's going to be warm as well. we were talking about those temperatures going up a few degrees each day as we head into the weekend but the coast will be cool and that's one place you may be making plans to go. as we get a look now at what you're feeling as you step out
5:50 am
the door, it's all clear as we get a look at the right side of the screen in the tri-valley. live look in pleasanton it's cloudy in the south bay. north bay seeing some clouds with our view here in timber ran and 53 degrees with low clouds. looking at today's high temperatures making it up to 90 in concord so it's already starting to feel hot. you have to turn on the air conditioner for quite a while and in livermore, morgan hill up to 87 degrees. san jose 80 degrees. palo alto 78 while we keep below 60s along the coastline and the clouds only a few peeks of sunshine throughout the day. looking at the temperature trend for san jose we'll see those temperatures starting out in the low 60s, up to 71 degrees by 11:00, and so upper 70s for this afternoon. looking out the window and you're getting ready for the day you may want to grab a light jacket for the start of this morning about then some short sleeves later on this afternoon with all the sunshine heating up those temperatures and the nice cool place to go hang out will
5:51 am
be the peninsula. we'll still keep the clouds and fog through most of the morning and only once again a few peeks of sunshine with our high temperatures there in the upper 60s. north bay's looking good but it will be warm in sonoma doing some wine tasting will be at 75 degrees. perfect temperatures at noon, but it does start to heat up later on today. and going golfing in the tri-valley today, hitting the links our temperatures will be in the upper 80s this afternoon. it will get much hotter or the weekend. ? san francisco still looking like we'll have more seasonal temperature pz the interior voelz up into the low 90s and the 4th of july looks like those temperatures come back down a few degrees. we'll keep it clear inland and our highs up to 84 degrees. now mike is watching the north bay. >> we did just get a reported of something going on for highway 101. 1a 1 along the peninsula just fine. there may be a fender bender 101 san jose as well.
5:52 am
get more details. we did have slowing up here and then cleared over the last seven minutes southbound 101 right through ma rain city. there, reports of tire debris in the lane so maybe was that issue. that's slowing has cleared. slowing remains at the bay bridge, the toll plaza metering lights are on. we'll show you traveling over from the east bay to the peninsula very important which bridge you take because the dumb barton bridge about ten minutes faster than the san mateo bridge. you can take yush waze system as well. things will change throughout the day and the weekend. we're look over here towards your system are you check your profile and select nbc bay area wazers guys. back to you. genetic testing coming up, it's not just about screening anymore. we'll show you why doctors may soon use it to determine what you put into your body. first happening right now we're getting a better picture this morning of the damage inflicted by severe storms and
5:53 am
at least one tornado that tore through the midwest. an emergency official says that one person was injured when a tornado touched down in western wisconsin damaging between 25 and 30 homes and farm buildings. also, an r2-d2 droid that was used in several "star wars" films as sold for nearly $3 million. the only thing is we don't know who the lucky buyer is. we're back with more news in two minutes.
5:54 am
films as sold for nearly new this morning...
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5:56 am
grandparents attacked outside their northern california home. police say the suspects are a group of teenagers who new this morning, grandparents attacked outside their northern california home and police say the suspects are a group of teenagers who were crashing a party at a neighbor's house. it happened early sunday morning as the couple was pulling into their gated community in granite bay just north of sacramento. dozens of teenagers were outside a neighbors house, some in the streets, some of them fighting. that couple ended up being attacked by about five young men outside. >> they were tugging and pulling and i have bruises all over. the final blow was the hit in the face. that took me down. >> police believe the attackers were uninvited guests who learned about the party through social media. police were able to make one arrest after the party. get ready to pay some more money for your utilities in one peninsula city. according to palo alto weekly electricity rates, palo alto are about to increase by almost 11%
5:57 am
in july. that marks the second straight year where there have been rate increases in palo alto. it's going to cost the average homeowner an extra $6.79 each month and gas rates are going up by about 4.5%. water rates will go up 4%. we have new dee tails this morning in the ongoing search in last year's central park close. it's been nearly a year since this accident and now investigators are offering a new reward as they hope to generate more leads in the case. it happened on july 3rd last year when a college freshman jumped off a rock formation right near the central park entrance in new york. he landed on a homemade explosive device someone had left on the ground and ended up losing part of his leg. investigators said that the compound used in that explosive device there has been seen in vent attacks overseas so they're over a $40,000 reward for any information. >> so this date we have an active and vigorous investigation.
5:58 am
we're attempting to ascertain who left this homemade explosion here, explosive device, excuse me, at this location. right now we're still missing a lot of answers, we need a lt of information. >> as they seek information, police still maintain there's no indication that this was terrorism. an exciting advance in the field of personalized medicine. doctors can test your genes to see if a specific medication is right for you. it is used to treat some kinds of cancer but it is being applied to a wider range of common illnesses. this is all called -- it's a field called pharma economics. doctors test your genetic profile to see how i might process different drugs from pain relievers to more complex cancer treatments. >> what we try and do is determine ahead of time who the drug is not going to work in and who might have a severe adverse response, a bad reaction to the drug and avoid that. >> are you saving lives?
5:59 am
>> there's no doubt in my mind that this information is saving lives. >> it is pharmaco ga nom mikz. they say they can keep the patient's genetic tests on file so they can check to see if a drug will work or perhaps cause a problem before they prescribe it. good timing right now for drivers. good news from the pump as drivers are paying the lowest gas prices that we've seen in 12 years as we head into the holiday weekend. that is welcome news to the 44 million americans planning to travel this weekend. in some parts of the country, prices right now are under $2 a gallon. that's certainly not the case in the bay area, but according to triple "a" rshs right now you pay $2.98 on average for a gallon of regular gas in san jose this morning. oakland it's $3 and san francisco it's $3.12. right now, voting on kate's law, law maimers scheduled to vote on a law inspired by the bay area woman who was shot and
6:00 am
killed by an immigrant along the embark dare row. we'll break down the impact should it pass. plus finally up and running, the new train service opens today with a free preview for the public. and warming up into the weekend we're tracking heat as we head into the 4th of july holiday. today in the bay continues right now. thanks so much for joining us on this thursday. >> i'm sam brock i love those two words together, warming and weekend as long as it's within reason. >> right. >> it's not going to be over 100 degrees, okay. so as you're making plans to head to the beach, it's still going to be cool there. we'll have the clouds and temperatures in the low 60s. so put that in your weekend beach plans as we take a live look outside in san jose and tech i can the spider making an appearance, we will see those temperatures starting out at 60 degrees right now heading up to 80 today so not so bad as


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