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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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weekend so it's going to be a really nice one. you'll want to make sure you check the weather wherever you're going because it will be drastically different across the bay area. we are looking now at cloudy skies, pretty uniform no matter with where you are, 57 degrees in the peninsula and 56 degrees in the east bay. 52 in the north bay. some patchy fog here and there. today's high temperatures up to 90 in santa rosa and concord. san jose 81. in the mid-60s for the coast and upper 60s for san francisco. coming up a look at some more of those temperatures and what you can expect. mike, reports of a car fire? >> any fire a concern right now very dry. we'll look at most of your bay and a smooth, easy drive anywhere south of the bay bridge. we're going to move you considerably farther north at the benicia bridges. it's there in vacaville. leisure town road is where the car fire is reported.
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we're tracking updates from chp. they say that a car is on fire for sure but they're helping out with any other issues for the morning commute. closer to home the bay bridge and no major issues getting over there. easy drive time. back to you. president trump's twitter rage against the host of msnbc's "morning joe" yesterday consumed the national conversation for more than 24 hours. >> the anchors on that show, mika brzezinski and joe scarborough responding. >> my father just passed away. my mother had two heart attacks. my daughter just lost a friend. those are the things i'm really worried about. those are things that deeply impact me and leave me thinking about at night and hurting and worrying and thinking about the future. the president's tweets, whether they're personally aimed at me or aimed at me in some way, that doesn't bother me one bit. it does worry me about the country. he appears to have a fragile,
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impetuous, child like ego we've seen over and over again especially with women. he can't take it. >> so here are the tweets in case you haven't seen them yet that are out there. the president saying, quote, low iq, crazy mika along with psycho joe came to mar-a-lago around new year's eve. the president going on to say, quote, she was bleeding badly from a face-lift. >> let's bring if "today in the bay's" tracie potts. the tweets are a huge distraction for the president and republicans as they are trying to stand behind trump's controversial travel bans. even republicans criticizing the timing and content of those tweets. >> reporter: right. and mika said she is concerned about how this looks to our allies and our enemies overseas. and speaking of overseas, people trying to come into this country now face that travel ban with a
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new court challenge. hawaii went to court overnight asking a federal judge to block it again. pro-immigration advocates dealing with president trump's travel ban head-on. >> is this the america we're willing to accept? >> no. >> reporter: with a temporary okay from the u.s. supreme court, the ban against travelers from from six majority muslim countries went into effect last night. now travelers and refugees must prove a bona fide relationship with someone in the u.s. to be allowed in. the trump administration defines that as a parent, child, spouse, sibling, fiance, and some in-laws. other extended family members are excluded. >> i'm separated from my nephew who was just born. he and his mother are living in a war zone in very unsafe conditions. >> reporter: and in washington, there's plenty of response to president trump's latest tweet against the mez yeah. this pointed attack at msnbc
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"morning joe" hosts joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. >> i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> the president of the united states ought to be modeling the best of behavior. he should be an example for children. >> do you regret your tweets this morning at all? >> reporter: the white house defended it. >> when the president gets hit, he's going to hit back harder. >> reporter: president trump under fire from the media with his travel ban in effect and back in court. and the justice department has until monday to respond to that latest challenge from hawaii. back to you. >> thank you very much, tracy. certainly not the end of that conversation. well, back here at home san jose's minimum wage will jump by more than a dollar starting tomorrow. >> bob redell joins us live with what kind of impact this will have on many workers in the south bay. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and kris. the city of san jose estimates that this new minimum wage hike will impact about 115,000
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workers within the city limits. if you're not familiar right now those workers earn $10.50 an hour. starting tomorrow the minimum wage here within the city jumps to $12 an hour. it'll jump again in january to $13.50 and january 1st of 2019 up to the max of $15 an hour. the san jose city counscil vote for and approved the increases back in november. according to the city's own analysis, the increase from $10.50 to the $15 an hour will amount to a pay increase of $3,000. however, a labor ex personality at uc berkeley recently told nbc bay area minimum wage hikes in general don't have as big an impact on jobs as you might think as those people make more, they typically spend more. those two things end up balancing each other out. incidentally san francisco's minimum wage also goes up tomorrow to $14 an hour. reporting live here in san jose,
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bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the pay scale going on. thank you for that update. 5:05. new this morning, napa police on the lookout for the driver in a late-night hit-and-run. a short time ago police releasing these photos of the scene. this is at redwood road and s a solano avenue. this happened at 11:15 last night when a woman who was driving, possibly driving a white cadillac escalade, hit a man and police say she stayed on the scene for a moment but then fled southbound on solano. so far authorities are not revealing the extent of the victim's injuries. law enforcement teams will be out in full force heading into the fourth of july holiday weekend. the chp sartarts at 6:00 tonigh and that lasts through midnight on tuesday. officers will be looking for people who are speeding, driving distracted -- that means texting or on the phone, not wearing seat belts and especially driving under the influence. happening today the vta is unveiling a brand-new under
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crossing it at the santa clara caltrain station. a live look this morning. that tunnel starts and goes beneath the tracks and connects to the station on railroad avenue. the vta is calling this a crucial connector to the future of the santa clara b.a.r.t. station. leaders will be there at 10:00. the tunnel's grand opening. oakland and berkeley with a park sharing service. drivers can pick a car up in one spot, pick it up in the other even if it's in the other city's limits. oakland's transportation department says this is the first cross city car sharing program of its kind anywhere in the country. originally only aaa's car share had a permit for this kind of pilot program. now applications are open for other providers. well, if you are in the tri-valley and the water has been smelling or tasting funky, it is still safe to drink. water officials say hot weather caused an algae bloom in reservoirs. here are some of the cities you might have noticed that --
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livermore, pleasanton, dublin. not even soda fountains were safe from that strange taste. >> our soda tasted odd as well. the water tasted terrible. >> even just doing the dishes, this horrible smell comes up, just smelling the water itself. >> officials say it could take a couple years before they can add it to the water treatment plant. in the meantime -- >> mission peak, stanford avenue used to be very popular. that seems to be tapering off a little bit. 20,000 people visited. last month only 16,000 did. at the same time about three miles north there was a massive increase. the parking hassles and limited hours. you've ever tried to park there
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you'd know that is slim pickings. park officials say it could be a variety of other reasons like the weather. >> you can't blame the weather for not getting out there today. a nice day and those high temperatures up to 77 degrees and windy with as well. a high of 81 degrees in the south bay and for the north bay up to 90 degrees. san francisco up to 68 degrees with some gusty winds. i want to show you the hiking trails forecast where we will start out with clouds this morning and then some clearing by 10:00. temperatures in the low 60s. it will be very warm this afternoon. the earlier the better. some warm inland valleys. mike is checking back in with what's happening in san jose. way down here bottom of the screen. northbound 85 as you're heading
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to the blossom hill exit. rorpts of an earlier crash over on the right shoulder. major damage done. reports for those able to see it with the lights still going on. no delays and that's great news. regular service and modified service for holidays on july 4th. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. coming up, google's plan to build in san jose could get even bigger. the properties just bought in downtown san jose that could add to the collection of sites being scooped up by the tech giant. meanwhile, wall street losing faith in tax reform and infrastructure. we'll go over the numbers when "today in the bay" continues.
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the temperature trend for cupertino, we will see clouds clearing up by 8:00 in the morning. we'll be at 62 degrees. some of the interior valleys will start to warm up. before you make your holiday weekend plans check in with me. 5:18. >> and the travel times look great for the tri-valley. 580 toggles between green and yellow.
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slowing. we ex inspect a light commute. i'll show you what i'm racking coming up. taking a step forward toward affordable housing. this morning palo alto's first 100% affordable housing development. city leaders were on hand for the grand opening of mayfield place a community of 70 new apartment homes on el camino. those homes are for families. which we should add for palo alto, according to the u.s. census bureau is $136,000 a year. from there applicants enter the lot theory, the ones chosen say it was well worth it. >> yes, it's affordable. so that's one thing that took me a little while to find housing here in palo alto close to work that was affordable. i'm very happy. >> the housing development helped to preserve the local nonprofit center, a program for the blind and visually impaired
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located in an onsite retail space. new details on google 's future development near sap center in san jose, the shark tank. one of google's partners just purchased properties in the surrounding neighborhood. according to "the mercury news" those include a house and vacant land near the train station. property sold for more than $4.5 million. google is looking to develop the area into a massive office and retail hub five times the size of valley fair mall and larger than its exam us in mountain view. last week google got the green light from the city of san jose to move forward with the p project. >> not much green on the market. stock markets had their worst day it in more than a month on thursday. >> scott mcgrew, new worries about more tax cuts. >> the worries about tax cuts because i'm not going to be shy about it. it's the same worries we've mentioned for weeks. those tax cuts are in jeopardy. chris, you can't get the big tax cuts without cuts to health care. that's in jeopardy as the president and mitch mcconnell
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tried to cobble together enough votes. as far as the trillion dollar infrastructure package, that seems near impossible now. remember, we saw shares of companies like cater pillar jump as the president promised a massive rebuilding of america's infrastructure. on tuesday the international monetary fund said it no longer believed that billion dollar plan was politically possible. the imf downgraded its forecast to 2.1% annually. mr. trump expects double that, 4% to 5% and some of his tax cuts depend on that prediction. food delivery service blue apron debuted on the stock market to tap into reaction, selling shares to private investors at $10 a share and hit the public market rose to $10.14. we'll see a new silicon valley stock debut this morning. out of mountain view and it's going to trade on the nasdaq. well, silicon valley leaders have been muted in their
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response to president trump's attack on mika brzezinski, has an unusual and uneasy relationship with the white house. jeff bezos this week got accuse ed of his company being a criminal by the president, jeff he still sits on the president's advisory board. i talked with an executive invite d to the white house, he tells me, hey, if the president asks you to come, he has one word of advice and that's go. >> when the president of the united states calls and asks for help, i think as americans we have an obligation to go help our country. >> we will talk more about that coming up on sunday right after meet the press." >> i forgot jeff bozos was on that advisory. >> it's very strange. he said amazon is not paying the internet tax. there is no internet tax. >> jeff scarborough and mika brzezinski were at mar-a-lago at the president's invitation.
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it's very strange. >> the definition of a friend is a term no one really knows what it means. if you are planning on cooling off at the beach over this holiday weekend, it seems like a good idea. not if this is going on. those are sharks flapping around really close to the shore. thankfully this is nowhere near us in the florida panhandle. you can only see about three of them in that video. these are some pretty brave people at the beach. what are they doing? >> they're going the wrong way is what they're doing. >> get out of there. go back. go back. there are seven sharks in total this happened earlier this week. they spent about seven minutes right near the shore before finally swimming back. you can see the beachgoers not scared, many of them trying to scare the sharks back into deeper waters. from sharks to fowl. one owl in florida not a soccer fan after sadly getting tangled up in a soccer net. some helpful human tried to help out a. man riding on a bike spotted the owl with his
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daughter, tried to free the bird but that bird, not playing along. that's when he and his daughter called for pregs professional hd stayed until the experts arrived. >> because they were mowing around it and stuff like that, i wanted to make sure they didn't push the net. i didn't want it to get hurt. >> definitely call in the pros. the biologists freed the owl and we leased it back into the wild. it is cute. >> you go, girl. >> i went there. sad joke. >> that was a sad joke. the guy driving by and spotted the owl so that was a spotted owl. >> that's good, too. eyes wide open heading into the weekend. a clear shot of an owl's eyes i've ever seen. >> big owl. that's probably why. we're going to have some beach weather that will be cool. bring long sleeves and a jacket.
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we're going to keep the fog. a wide range in temperatures again but we closed the gap this morning at 54 degrees in the tri-valley. you can see the clouds there at 56 degrees in the east bay in san francisco and the north bay at 52 degrees. a look at those high temperatures for this after reaching into the low 90s in santa rosa. also 90 in concord and san jose 81 degrees and we'll be up to 77 degrees today in palo alto and the fog at half moon bay keeps it cool also in santa cruz we will start out this morning with some low clouds and fog and then temperatures early in the morning starting out in the mid-50s. as we go into the day with more sunshine, those temperatures get a little bit of a boost but still going to stay in the upper 60s and low 70s as we go through the day. heading further to the north to sonoma wine country, nice and warm there. lunch time temperatures are very comfortable at 76 degrees. and then starts to get warmer as we go into the 4:00 hour. we'll be at 85 degrees.
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as you check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen you'll see our temperatures will be quite warm the next couple of days in some areas. not everywhere. and one place you can find some cool weather, lake tahoe. a live look from heavenly and our high temperatures today will reach into the upper 70s with mostliy skies. as we look ahead to the fourth of july, looks like we'll still have the clouds along the coast and half moon bay reaching right about 60 degrees. 65 in san francisco and the interior valleys will be warm and also all clear. we'll have a high fire danger heading into the next several days with very hot temperatures for the east bay hills and the south bay hills and also some low humidity so that's something we'll be watching. do not light anything especially along some areas that may quickly catch on fire, but we do keep the low clouds and temperatures in the 60s in san francisco while the interior valleys make up to 90 on sunday. mike, now you're the sensors in
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dublin. >> i am, kari. i saw something reported near the dublin interchange. the sensors look green and anything going on is on the roadside but we are looking at the connector here to northbound 680 off west 580 where i heard about activity and possibly a disabled vehicle. no sensor slowing. move on. nothing to see. the car fire in vacaville near 505. we're tracking that half burned bmw is what i'm told is on the shoulder. all lanes reopened. here is the benicia bridges. to waze and show you the traffic flow. over in towards mount view you have a couple of good options for you and waze will help take your options wherever you're going throughout the holiday weekend. take that on your phone and make sure you join our team. here are the instructions, animation there. look for the team called nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> we like it.
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>> 5:22 on this friday. up next gearing up for what many consider to be the nation's most spectacular. preparations under way for the macy's fourth of july fireworks show in the big apple. what's going to be different about this year's celebration.
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downton san antonio yesterday - are in critical condition this morning. developing now two police officers shot in downtown san
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antonio, texas, are in critical condition. those officers were on routine pa when they stopped two people who were walking down the street. one of the suspects immediately started shooting. one of the officers was shot in the head. the officers did fire back and one suspect was killed. the other is now in custody. happening today members of the firefighting team who died battling a wildfire in arizona will be honored for bravery and sacrifice. 19 members of the granite mountain hotshots will be honored in prescott, arizona, with the courthouse bell ringing 19 times. firefighters died when flames surrounded them four years ago. the city right now is planning a permanent memorial for those firefighters right near the courthouse. happening now preparations are under way for the macy's fourth of july fireworks show in new york city. more than 50 pyro technicians work on the show for would weeks. the fireworks are launched from mortars on barges, each conne
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connected to an electrical match. now the massive show needs hundreds of people to set it up. the combination of computer technology, fireworks design and those pyro technicians. >> go see the fireworks. >> i bet they're camped out now. coming up, alarming findings. a new report that shows one bay area police department may have mishandled hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: if purchasing fi fireworks this fourth of july weekend, i want you to remember these two words. safe and sane. i'll explain why and how it'll keep you out of trouble. ad lib live picture stanford..
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it is 5:30 right now. take a look at this beautiful picture from stanford this morning, waking up with cloud cover makes the beautiful buildings much more dramatic. a look at your forecast coming up in a few minutes. in the meantime, thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. one of the best walks you can take is the dish. normally on a nice day you can see hoover tower, kari. >> well, it will be later. we'll stick with the clouds throughout the next several hours. and our temperatures in san francisco will stay in the upper 60s today. 70 degrees tomorrow. you may get more sun this there and we'll see the clouds as we get closer to the fourth of july and the high up to 65 degrees, inland areas will be very warm today reaching into the low 90s by this weekend. on the fourth of july a high of 82 degrees. so it does start to cool off
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just a bit. it heats up again to the end of next week. i'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up in seven minutes. mike says there's more dirt on 680. >> i have more dirt on 680 and i don't mean that in a tabloid term. this is literally dirt and gravel blocking one lane northbound 680 right around jacqueline. now another pile of dirt reported around creek. just by the mini golf course and the bowling alley on the other side of the freeway. you know where you are there and i don't see any slowing. we'll track that and any updates chp gives us. the toll plaza i can show you for sure, we have a lot of cars scattered across the roadway. lining up mostly fast track lanes but those cash lanes are starting to build. it's lighter for a holiday friday. to you. >> thank you, mike. >> it is holiday friday. a lot of people excited about celebrating and enjoying. police and firefighters are
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beginning to step up their fight against illegal fireworks. >> not exactly a holiday for them. pete suratos is live in dublin, one of the few east bay cities that allow fireworks, the safe and sane kind. that doesn't mean you can set them off wherever you'd like, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris and sam. we're standing in front of those legal fireworks stands here in dublin, more than a dozen in this city alone and they sell the safe and sane fireworks. now by safe and sane we're talk ing about nothing with aerial effects, we're not talking firecrackers or roman candles or things of that nature. dublin is only permitted to use these on the fourth of july in four designated parks. as far as safety goes you want to stay away from dry vegetation and also have a water source or a fire extinguish er if possibl. >> we have fireworks kids can
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participate in without having to light themselves. i feel comfortable selling them. they're all approved by the fire marshal. >> reporter: here is a list of other cities selling the safe and sane fireworks including union city, newark, and pacifica to name a few. but back here in dublin zero tolerance for illegal fireworks. if caught severe consequences including jail time. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> an issue taken very seriously, thank you, pete. a san jose neighborhood is breathing a sigh of relief after flames from a brush fire came so dangerously close to their homes. this morning people still don't know what sparked that fire that created a panic. it happened yesterday evening near 680. flames came up fast from the creek. even before firefighters got there neighbors reacted quickly. >> we all just got our hoses. whoever want home, we took their hose, too, and started watering
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wherever we can. it was scary. >> the wildlife center started evacuating animals being treated there. they are very cute. they are all safe this morning, too. no injuries or damages to the homes reported so far. meantime, firefighters monitored hot spots on mt. hamilton. firefighters still have not figured out what the cause of those fires are. but they are because all three fires start ed at the same time. about 85 acres burned and right now the fire, all of them, are about 75% contained. 5:34 right now. alameda county deputies are asking for help in catching the killer of a castro valley fire. he was shot and killed in front of his home on wilson road right near castro valley high school. this all happened back on november 28 about 6:00 in the evening. investigators say placensia was struck by several bullets. his two young kids were inside the home at the time.
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they were not injured. if you have information please call the sheriff's office. happening today the woman who campbell police say intentionally ran over her own friend with her car killing her is expected in court. 23-year-old elise de la rosa will be arraigned in san jose. police say she struck and killed her friend. officers were respond iing to reports of a fight when they found that victim there on the ground and she later died at a hospital. neighbors are shocked about what happened. >> i think it's tragic. i can't believe someone would actually do something like that. >> now police say de la rosa fled the scene but they found her 24 hours later. this is why. she had been contacting hospitals looking for that friend. san jose police are reviewing right now a report from the doj that shows the department, the san jose police department, mishandled hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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they improperly accounted for $500,000 of federal funding granted over a three-year period. also cited in that report a failure to spend $1 million for aiding a federal investigation. let's go out to the golden gate bridge, shall we, for a nice look at the fog because the bridge, we can't see it. a reminder that bus and ferry fares are going up tomorrow by nearly 50 cents one way. vehicle tolls going up by 25 cents. that happens, though, on monday. take a picture, do it now. fast track rates will go up to $6.75. $7.75 for drivers without fast track. car-pools get a little break. that goes up to $4.75. the increases are to help the district cover a projected $51 million deficit over the next five years which means more toll hikes are likely coming down the road. >> sam and i talked about that. the big price break for car-poolers like $2 or $3. that's a big difference, folks.
5:37 am
looking here, no big difference for the roadways. i do want to call out this area, the dublin interchange with light traffic flow. we haven't seen any slowing but reports of a stalled vehicle there over at the connector are from 580 to 680 north. chp is not yet had there. we'll check that out. look at the travel times looking great getting over to the bay bridge toll plaza no major issues. kris, you talked about fare changes. the schedule for mass transit, a smooth drive except for b.a.r.t. recovering from a ten-minute delay. early me chanical issues. no major issues. >> all right. you know that music means the weekend is finally here. >> that is a weekend weather. >> weekend weather. >> right, it's fri-yay! holiday weekend. some nice weather especially for the bay and the coast. it gets toasty for tomorrow
5:38 am
looking at the valleys as we'll get a of sunshine, a little bit hotter than today but on sunday we're looking at highs right at about 90 degrees, the bay at 80 degrees and 68 degrees along the coast. now looking at some spots like month, it will be cool there, only up to 62 degrees tomorrow. yeah, you'll want to make sure you bring a jacket there and we'll get some sunshine looking at the fillmore jazz festival happening in san francisco. at 10:00 in the morning cool to start but we'll make it into the low 70s and mostly sunny skies throughout the day as it does cool off. the russian river fireworks, an event that will be going on both tomorrow and sunday but the fireworks start on sunday evening at dusk and there will be a lot of activity surrounding that. our temperatures will be warm there at 4:00 in the afternoon in the mid-80s but cooling off nicely, feeling very comfortable in time for the fireworks. a live look outside as the sun rises over the sierra and it is absolutely gorgeous. the squaw valley will have
5:39 am
temperatures reaching into the low 80s today. you can definitely go out and see one of those rare opportunities to ski with short sleeves and shorts on and quite a bit of snow on the ground. looking at l.a.'s forecast, heading further south looking at temperatures and in the low 70s there. of course you have to make it through all that heat driving through the grapevine. as we bring it back home we'll take a look at our temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> all right. thank you very much, kari. 5:39 right now. shutting its doors, the reason three bay area planned parenthoods will close today coming up. plus, joe and mika responding to the president's tweets this morning. we'll bring you the very latest.
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it's 5:42. a lot of clouds. we'll get some clearing and a look at the temperature chance forev for evergreen. rising into the low 80s a. quick warm-up in temperatures and it will be warmer than our average high of 81. we'll be a warm start to the weekend. a look at that and the fourth of july forecast coming up in five minutes. the bottom highway 37 slowing a little bit out of vallejo. okay, vallejo to novato.
5:43 am
we go live right now to our nation's capital this morning where it been a very busy week for the congress ahead of the fourth of july holiday. yesterday the house did pass two immigration bills, both of which are backed strongly by president trump. the first is called kate's law named after kate steinle, the san francisco woman they say was killed by an times. no sanctuary for criminals act which would pressure sanctuary cities like san francisco to cooperate with enforcement or risk losing federal grants. planned parenthood will close three of the bay area clinics and the locations are in richmond, pittsburgh and vacaville.
5:44 am
money struggles for the forced closure and they say because of low rates. administrators also fear they could lose key federal fund iin if it's repealed. >> well, washington rarely agrees on anything as we've seen. condemnation of the president tweets attacking mika brzezinski. >> the president tweeting again this morning, scott grew. >> he is. things like crime and health care. the white house asked us why didn't we notice those tweets. it's because the president has talking about his other tweets. mika brzezinski and joe scarborough delayed a vacation and were talking all about the controversy. there's an op-ed in the "washington post," in it the pair called into question whether the president of the united states is mentally fit enough to lead the country.
5:45 am
donald trump yet again whether this man is fit to be president. we have our doubts but we are both certain the man is not mentally equipped to continue watching our show, "morning j joe." the pair also say it was donald trump who invited them to that party at mar-a-lago. joe scar bow owe went. mika brzezinski at first did not until president trump expressed disappointment and she changed her mind. in trump's tweet he claims the two insisted on joining him. here is the white house's defense of the tweets. >> the american people elected a fighter, not somebody to sit back and do nothing. they knew what they were getting when they voted for donald trump and he won overwhelmingly. the "wall street journal" is reporting this morning russian hackers talk about how to get their hands on hillary clinton's
5:46 am
e-mails. complicating the issue the american who made that claim, peter w. smith, has died. he was 81 years old. now to be clear e-mails this in question here are not clinton's e-mails from when she was secretary of state. they are not the e-mails when people say, but what about her e-mails? it's not the those. instead it's what the journal is talking about are the e-mails stolen from the computers of the democratic national committee. we think by the russians given to wikileaks. we're always interested in what you think about what's going on in washington. contact me on twitte twitter @scottmcgrew. that's what's going on in washington. here is what's going on in sacramento right now. governor jerry brown's massive delta tunnel project slapped with two lawsuits. that approval came on monday. the lawsuits, though, are different.
5:47 am
they say it will endanger fish populations. governor brown wants to build the tunnel to central and southern california. happening today that time of year again. marin county takes its turn. >> the fair season. let the deep fried oreos go on forever. have you had those before? they're lightful. the 50th and anniversary. >> why can't we have weather like that? >> they we are going to have awesome weather for all of these events going on this weekend but it will be heating up and a wide range in temperature.
5:48 am
it's 54 degrees and all cloudy. we start out in the south bay and warmer temperatures. seeing if they had the windshield wipers on. i think the drizzle will will get going here. up to 86 degrees in gilroy. antioch 91 degrees and for hayward expect a high of 76 degrees. 64 for half moon bay and 70 in san mateo. san francisco will see the highs up to 66 on the embarcadero and 83 degrees today in novato. it will start to feel warmer than it was yesterday.
5:49 am
you'll get a lot of sunshine and a good day for some shorts as our temperatures are warming up. in the mid-50s, 62 degrees at 10:00 and then it really heats up fast. 84 degrees with sunshine. we'll have nice weather but very warm if you're going out to the golf courses. that's all because of the sunshine . upper 80s expected today. looking at san francisco's forecast also on the screen and then for the interior valleys highs that will be in the low 90s for some of those areas. not all of us will be hitting
5:50 am
90. mike is checking out the drive through oakland. >> over here double and triple digits and most are moving well close to the speed limit. reports of a couple of cones in your left two lanes unless you hit a cone and it gets wedged under your car. chp will take care of that quickly. let's show you the waze map and we'll talk about what's going on getting to the bay bridge which is smooth. may be going over to sacramento or tahoe. a few very easy routes. if these get built up in livermore and coming to you vacaville and probably midday
5:51 am
you're going to see some options change for your waze system. check your phone. that animation shows you how. check be in bay area wazers as your waze team and we'll help each other. back to you. >> good plan, thank you very much, mike. up next on "today in the bay" mad bomb is back. sort of. where the giants' star pitcher will be playing today and how soon it could be before he returns to the rotation. but first, happening now, the white house now planning to okay arresting parents and relatives who help to get their undocumented children into the u.s. immigrations customs enforcement officials say it's an initiative to dismantle human smuggling operations. and germany becomes the latest country to legalize gay marriage. angela merkel changed her stance just a few days ago freeing her conservative party members to vote their conscience. taking a live look outside from
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
our camera at at&t park. welcome back. 5:54 on your friday morning at an empty at&t park. this morning all is calm right now. the giants are on the road
5:55 am
taking on the pittsburgh pirates at at pnc park. the giants' legendary pitcher is recovering from a shoulder injury. he is a living legend. bumgarner was hurt in april. he has been recovering since then. his next step is with the sacramento river cats. fans are extremely excited. getting an up close and personal look at madbum. tonight's game sold out. >> sergio romo has been here. they love to see the giants players. it's always an exciting night. >> suddenly lots of fans out there for the river cats. the gates open at 5:00. >> i was hoping he would play for the san jose giants. a mountain lion fighting as we head into this holiday weekend.
5:56 am
a mountain lion was seen near u tulip lane in san carlos yesterday around 10:00 in the morning. if you come across a mountain lion you are supposed to face it, make noise and make yourself look as big as possible. nevada is to become the latest state to have recreational marijuana sale. adults 21 and older can buy up to an ounce of pot. voters approved the measure in november and with tourists flocking, it is expected to be the biggest market yet. opponents say tying tourism to marijuana is a bad idea. >> it is much stronger than it used to be sending more kids to the hospital and the legalization industry is turning into another predatory tobacco type industry. >> folks won't be able to smoke marijuana in public only in private homes.
5:57 am
some important news for you you or your child were worried about paying college, student loan interest rates will go up again. the rate for new graduate level loans will rise about 0.7%. there are still some options for families. >> it's possible to get a lower rate by refinancing your loan but you have to have good credit in order to qualify for that. >> think of all the poor families and students saddled with debt and trying to start their careers. 2015 the average student had $34,000 in debt. that's the average.
5:58 am
the interest would jump from $14,400 to $17,400. that is a $3,000 increase. >> if you're going to go into debt that is the best reason why. >> a man was shot in the face on tuesday during the evening rush. a 39 ye-year-old was on a train that station when he heard the shot. >> i took my shirt off and put it to his face. >> what are you telling the d p deputies? >> don't worry. >> that gave me the shivers. the accused shooter was taken into custody and is charged with
5:59 am
the attempted murder of a police officer. >> some amazing things when they find emergency situations. >> don't worry about it. the first train took off but there will be more free preview rides tomorrow from the sonoma county airport to the marin civic center. the goal is to help folks get to the marin county fair which does start today. space is limited. it is a first come, first served basis. at 6:00, joe and mika respond. >> it's been fascinating. and frightening and really sad for our country. >> the msnbc anchors are speaking out about president trump's tweets. the reason they say this could become a safety issue for the
6:00 am
u.s. plus, raising the minimum wage. starting this weekend. >> and the fourth of july holiday is upon us. a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. we have your independence day forecast coming up. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we have our patriotic outfits on here today, red, white and blue, and you had your red on yesterday, i believe. only one day ahead of us. >> i'll be rocking it on the fourth of july. some great weather across much of the bay area. what we are seeing now as you get ready around the inland areas and you step out and it's in the mid to upper 50s. 52 in san francisco. in the north bay you cannot see the golden gate bridge.


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