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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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u.s. plus, raising the minimum wage. starting this weekend. >> and the fourth of july holiday is upon us. a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. we have your independence day forecast coming up. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we have our patriotic outfits on here today, red, white and blue, and you had your red on yesterday, i believe. only one day ahead of us. >> i'll be rocking it on the fourth of july. some great weather across much of the bay area. what we are seeing now as you get ready around the inland areas and you step out and it's in the mid to upper 50s. 52 in san francisco. in the north bay you cannot see the golden gate bridge.
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i'll talk about that and also the fire danger we'll have with the low humidity. mike is trying to see the bridge. >> i did see flashing lights right before treasure island. traffic is moving, though. we'll show you the speed sensors on our map. whatever is going on chp says they're helping out. preholiday light. back to you. >> the host of "morning joe" responding to the president's twitter rage. >> within the last two hours mika brzezinski and joe scarborough spoke out about what happened. >> this has to be a joke. the president of the united states really has gone over the cliff.
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we've learned what we've always learned and that is he for some reason takes things so much more personal with women, so much more vicious with women. >> the president's tweets, whether they're personally aimed at me, that doesn't bother me one bit. it does worry me about the country. >> mika brzezinski later went on to say that the president's tweets could send a bad message to u.s. allies and to enemies. here are the tweets that sparked the whole issue. the president saying low iq, crazy mika along with psycho joe he come to mar-a-lago around new year's eve. he went on to say that mika was, quote, bleeding badly from a face-lift. condemnation has come from both sides of the aisle on had. many lawmakers saying the behavior is beneath the office of the president of the united states. >> all eyes on washington, d.c., as president trump responds to what joe and mika had to say this morning. >> tracie potts joins us live
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with a closer look at the reaction be from mika and joe. the new challenge overnight for the president's travel ban. good morning. >> reporter: right. we'll get to the travel ban but this reaction on the president's tweets that has democrats, republicans and others condemning what the president had to say not to mention the two who were targeted who came back from vacation. joe scarborough and mika brzezinski respond to president trump's tweet attack calling mika brzezinski low iq and crazy. scarborough a psycho and claiming mika showed up at mar-a-lago bleeding from a face-lift. >> we what we've always learned and that is he for some reason takes things so much more personally with women. >> he's so easily played by a cable news host. now what is that saying to our
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allies? >> reporter: lawmakers, even republicans, denounced it. >> obviously i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> the president of the united states ought to be modeling the best of behavior. he should be an example for children. >> mr. president, do you regret your tweets this morning at all? >> reporter: the white house defended it. >> when the president gets hit, he's going to get hit back ha harder. >> reporter: president trump under fire with his travel ban. with the temporary okay from the u.s. supreme court, the ban against travelers from six majority muslim countries went into effect last night. now travelers and refugees must prove a bona fide relationship with someone in the u.s. to be allowed in. >> i'm separated from my nephew. he's living, he and his mother are living in a war zone in very unsafe conditions. >> reporter: hawaii is asking a federal judge to block the ban again arguing that definition of
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family leaves too many people out. now the justice department has million monday to respond to that. but sam and kris, i want to show you the president's latest tweet from just a few minutes ago. he says he watched low-rated "morning joe" for the first time in a long time. fake news. called me to stop a "national enquirer" article. i said, no, bad show. there's the first reaction from president trump after joe and mika spoke out about the tweets yesterday. >> seems to not be learning from his lessons. new this morning napa police on the lookout for a driver in a late night hit-and-run. a short time ago police releasing these photos of the scene at redwood road and solano avenue. it happened about 11:15. that is when a woman driving there, possibly driving a white cadillac escalade had hit a man. police say she stayed for a
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moment but fled southbound on solano. so far authorities are not revealing the extent of the victim's injuries. good news for workers in the south bay. the minimum wage is about to go up. >> the first step in a scaled increase in the minimum wage. bob redell to help explain how this will impact your wallet. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and kris. the city of san jose estimates the mum wage hike will impact roughly around 115,000 workers here within the city limits. right now those workers are averaginging or earning $10.50 an hour. tomorrow it does jump to $12 an hour. in january the minimum wage will jump again to $13.50. and $15 the following january, january 1 of 2019. the city council approved these increases in november of 2016. according to the own economic analysis the increase will
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amount to a pay increase. recently told nbc bay area that minimum hikes in general don't have as big and they end up balancing each other out. san francisco's minimum wage goes up tomorrow as well to $14 an hour. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." heading into the fourth of july holiday weekend, chp begins its maximum enforcement period at 6:00 tonight and that will last through midnight on tuesday which is the fourth of july. officers will be looking for people who aring, driving distracted, not wearing seat belts or driving under the influence. some good news for folks who are hitting the road ahead of the fourth. for the first time in years experts are projecting gas
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prices to be lower than they were on new year's day. for bay area gas prices the average in san jose $2.98 a gallon. in oakland a gallon of gas costs about $3. in san francisco the average is about $3.12 a gallon. happening today the vta is unveiling the brand-new under crossing at the santa clara cal train station. the tunnel is going to start at brokaw road, go beneath the tracks and connect on railroad avenue. the vta is calling it a crucial connector to the future santa clara b.a.r.t. station. leaders right now are going to be there this morning at 11:00 a.m. for the tunnel as grand opening. >> happy friday. it's 6:08 and slightly warmer temperatures today for the valleys and east san jose a high of 84 degrees. 87 in danville. oakland, 72. and for the peninsula today is nice and cool, a little bit more comfortable in belmont, 72
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degrees. san francisco, upper 60s in the mission district and the north bay we'll see high temperatures in napa up to 86 degrees. coming up in about three minutes i'll have a look at the temperature trend for fremont but mike is checking in on the silicon valley. >> i am. we kind of lifted that. the disabled vehicle reported to the on ramp so it's not affecting the tunnel traffic. the report that came in the last few minutes, a disabled vehicle at the 680 interchange. a little slowing north 101. that eases up typically at this time. we'll show you the live camera and showing that you interchange we talked about 101, 280, 680. we don't see any disturbance and again the sensors also lighter. i'll track this and the rest of your bay coming up. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay" stinky drinking water. the reason water has an unusual smell and taste. why it could continue to be that
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way for a while. plus, the world's economists begin to lose faith in the american growth and stock market reacts. take a look.
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it's another cloudy morning. take a live look outside. as we go through the day in fremont we'll see temperatures in the mid-60s at 10:00.
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we'll get some clearing there there and then our temperatures quickly making it into the upper 70s today. not a bad start to the weekend. some of the valleys will get hot. >> the east shore freeway. we do have a backup at the toll plaza. >> back to you. >> if you are living in the tri-valley and the water has been smelling or tasting funny, it's still safe to drink. an algae bloom in local reservoirs. some of the cities impacted. livermore, pleasanton and lynn. homeowners start ed to notice i first at their homes and businesses. not even soda founds were safe from the strange taste. >> the water tasted odd,
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terrible. >> even just doing the dishes this horrible smell, just smelling the water itself. >> officials say it could take a couple years before they can add it to water treatment plants. >> the cities of oakland and berkeley are partnering up. drivers could pick up a car in in one spot and drop it off in the other spot even if it's in another city. oakland says this is the first cross city car sharing program anywhere. aaa's car share had a permit but applications are open for other providers as well. we don't always work where we live. >> this is convenient. not good the last few days on the stock market. yesterday their worst day in more than a month. >> scott mcgrew, people are losing faith in promises. >> some of the same worries i've been mentioning. the tax cuts are in jeopardy. you can't get big tax cuts without cuts to health care.
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they try to cobble together enough votes. as far as the president's trillion dollar infrastructure package that seems near impossible now. the president promised a massive rebuilding of america's infrastructure. the funds no longer believe the trillion dollar plan was possible. he expects to double that 4% to 5%. some of the tax cuts depend on that prediction. food delivery service blue apron debuted on the stock market. private investors for $10. the public market the price rows to $10.14. a new stock that does storage for enterprise.
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it will be on the nasdaq at the 6:30. silicon valley leaders have been muted in the attack on mika brzezinski. silicon valley has an uneasy relationship with trump. trump attacked jeff bezos of amazon accusing his company of a crime yet bezos sits on the advisory board for the president. i talked with an exec it tetch invited to the white house. he tells me, hey, if the president asks you to come, one word of advice, that is go. >> when the president of the united states calls and asks for help we have an obligation to help our country. >> do you walk up to the white house? do you need to show your driver's license? everything you need to know to get inside the white house sunday morning. >> you should ask ellen degeneres. she forgot her driver's license. >> they turned her down. thank you very much, scott. it is a big weekend at the box office.
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will farrell and amy poehler. when their daughter gets accepted to the college of their dreams they can't afford it so they open an illegal casino. it's rated r. >> check out an all-star cast. the lead role as a young get away driver. baby driver is rated r. >> if you are looking for something more kid friendly, you can tell who the parents are. the villain turned agent embraces his bad roots after meeting his long lost twin brother. lending their voices to the film rated pg. >> it's about good taste.
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>> have you seen any of them? you should. you should watch. >> you'll like it. >> you can come. we'll make you popcorn. >> they said there's a lot of adult lines in there. >> what kind of movies is kj into? >> not into movies yet. >> basketball for sure. >> absolutely. we'll be out this weekend playing basketball because it will be nice. great weather and all about spending time with family as we head into the weekend. a wide range depending where you go. a live look. here is a look. you can barely see anything from this vantage point. it's misting, it's foggy, a humid start to the day.
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the peninsula will be windy and 77 degrees. the north bay 90 degrees as those skies clear very quickly and as we take a live look from heavenly and lake tahoe temperatures in the upper 40s. it's going to be a very nice day if you're heading in that direction or to napa valley nice and warm up to 87 degrees. and for the fourth of july, we are going to be watching out for low visibility along the coast. for the valleys some 70s and even low 80s. skies will be all clear and it looks good. warm temperatures, low humidity and east bay hills.
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really careful. our temperatures will be in the upper 60s hitting 70 tomorrow. dropping down a few degrees for the fourth. definitely feeling like summer. great pool and barbecue weather. you're looking at what's happening on the big picture. >> there's nothing really to focus in on. it's a live picture. here the bay area is showing great sensor speeds, barely anything below the green speed limit here. you do have the backup filling in all the lanes. this just started to slow for all of the lanes the last five minutes. here in san jose. we'll have to move the map. waze gives you options and talk about i-5.
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let's look at your phone. waze will bring you information. we will share that back and forth and help you along your vacation as well. next on "today in the bay" keeping up with technology. the steps to make sure workers can stay on top of the latest changes so they don't lose their jobs. all in need of action. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. technology is changing the
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workplace-- but workers aren )t adapting fast enough. it )s a problem called the loo it technology is completely changing the work place but workers are not adapting fast enough. this is a problem called the skills gap. now educators and tech companies are trying to come up with a way to combat the issue. half of theest paying jobs require some kind of codinging knowledge. uh-oh. they are trying to close the gap through short-term tax focused training. experts say education is no longer a one-time event. >> i don't think we're going to live in a world where things you learned ten years ago will be as relevant. >> you may notice that your work place starts to offer online courses to help you brush up on
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your skills, coding or otherwise, and learn about the latest technology. >> mission peak had views but fewer people are seeing those rules. usually very popular but it seems to be tapering off. "the perkry news" reports 2013 26,000 people visited. last month there were 10,000 fewer. the 16,000 people. at the same time the college access area about three miles north saw a huge increase. people say they stopped going to the stand nord avenue location because of the parking and limited hours. park officials say it could be a variety of other reasons, too, like the weather. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with some of the complaints people sent. >> reporter: good morning. martin asked our team to step in when his rubbing's lifetime power train warranty didn't cover a $9,000 power train
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problem. we cleared that up. robert in sunnyvale called us because he couldn't check into a hotel he booked online. after we called the travel agency refunded the $300 he had to spend on the spot to get a new reservation. norma in mountain view challenged a doctor's bill and got nowhere. so we spoke up with her and triggered a review that put $220 back in norma's pocket. we visited her last night. we'll dive into norma's story and teach everyone a lesson. if you have a consumer complaint please call us 8 or online at thank you, chris. you, too. after the tweet heard around the world, joe and mika respond. this is one of the most dangerous times and we have a president who is attacking a
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cable news house. >> what the msnbc anchors had to say about the president going after them on twitter. >> reporter: if purchasing fireworks this fourth of july weekend, remember these two words -- safe and sane. i'll explain how and why it will keep you out of trouble. .. get ready... oh, no! run! for the breakout event... [ minion gibberish ] of the summer. we're going back to villainy. despicable me 3. rated pg.
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it )s going to be a warm and sunny weekend for most of the y right now at 6:30 it is going to be warm and sunny this weekend for most of the bay area
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which is welcome news as we head into the fourth of july, just not starting quite yet at stanfo stanford. looking live at the campus, we needed a pretty shot. we found it. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. and i'm sam brock. even against the gri sky, hoover tower looks historic there. warm and sunny. what's going on here, kari? >> we will see that for the inland areas where the temperatures will be climbing into the upper 80s today. i want to show you the snapshot from sunol. this is a look from above. this is what it looks like in berkeley this morning. some clouds hovering over the bay area that will be clearing out in some spots. more sunshine. a look at concord today, highs up to 90 degrees. livermore, 86. 86 in napa and morgan hill. a high of 87 degrees. we'll see some warmer weather
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heading into the week. a look at that and your weekend forecast in about seven minutes. become to milpitas. >> first we started with stanford and you showed berkeley. where we do have a crash, a hit-and-run reported. northbound 680 on this side. if you saw anything, anybody talks about it when they get to work, have them call chp and let them know. travel times are looking great. the north bay with a little slowing holdingy with slowing out of vallejo. lighter than typical for the volume and at the pleasant for the drive for the bay bridge. the toll plaza has metering lights and backup. back to you. >> thank you, mike. all new this morning we are now hearing from msnbc's mek mick and joe scarborough.
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he went after mika brzezinski for allegedly having a face had lift. >> he's so easily played by a cable news host. what is that saying to our allies? what is that saying to our enemies? that this president is so easily played. >> we don't even know how to respond to this as a kcountry. we don't know how to deal with this guy. >> that guy is not done dealing. our scott mcgrew will dig deeper into this issue in about ten minutes. he will explain how the president is responding this morning within the last half an hour. also take a closer look he at the op-eds mika and joe wrote. the fourth of july weekend is here. people will be celebrating barbecues and fireworks shows, it is one of the busiest for firefighters and first responders as well who are called to fires and injuries caused by illegal fireworks. >> it is that balance between
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celebrating and safety. pete suratos in dublin with the information you need to know if you want to light your fireworks legally. pete, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and kris. we're standing in front of the legal fireworks stands in dublin, just over a dozen of them, and they sell the safe and sane fireworks. now exactly what are these safe and sane fireworks? we're talking about sparklers, nothing too fancy. none of the aerial stuff such as firecrackers or roman candles. and here in dublin it's only permitted on fourth of july as far as using the fireworks in four des ignated parks. when it comes to safety this it goes without saying, you want to stay away from dry vegetation to prevent fires and have a water source or if possible a fire extinguisher nearby in the event of an emergency. we had a chance to talk with a vendor in dublin about the safety of their products. >> and we have fireworks that kids can participate in without
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having to light themselves, and i do feel comfortable sell them. plus they're all approved by the fire marshal. >> reporter: now zero tolerance for illegal fireworks here in dublin and right now looking at a list of other cities selling these safe and sane fireworks including cities like union city, newark and pacifica. a full list of cities that sell these safe and sane fireworks. we have that for you on our website at msn a san francisco neighborhood is breathing a sigh of relief after flames from a brush fire came dangerously close to their homes. this morning people still don't know what caused the fire that created so much panic. it happened yesterday evening right near 680. flames came up quickly from the creek and even before firefighters could get there neighbors had to react on their own such as karen abad who reacted quickly. >> so we all just had our hoses
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and whoever wasn't home we took their hose, too, and started watering everywhere we can. it was scary. >> everybody and everything is okay here. nearby the wildlife center of silicon valley started evacuating the animals. all those ducks being treated there are all safe this morning. no injuries or damages to homes to report. in the meantime, firefighters are also monitoring hot spots overnight after three separate brushfires on mt. hamilton. this morning firefighters still have not determined the cause although they are concerned because all three fires started at about the same time. about 85 acres burned and right now those fires are roughly 75% contained. happening today the woman who campbell police say intentionally ran over her friend with her car killing her is expect ed in court. she is 23-year-old elsie de la rosa. they say she struck and killed her friend. officers were responding to reports of a fight when they
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that victim on the road. she later died at a hospital and neighbors are shocked that it happened. >> i think it's tragic. i can't believe someone would actually do something like that. >> police say de la rosa fled the scene but they found her 24 hours later, get this, she was calling area hospitals looking for that friend. >> alameda county deputies are asking for help in catching the killer of a castro valley father. 37-year-old cesar plasensia. it happened on november 28th about 6:00 in the evening. investigators say he was struck by several bullets during what was apparently a drive-by shooting. his two young kirds were inside the home but were not injured. >> out to the golden gate bridge and enjoy fog. fares will go up tomorrow 50
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cents one way. vehicle tolls going up by 25 cents but that doesn't happen until monday. fast track rates climb going to $6.75. $7.75 for drivers who don't have fast track. car-pools will pay $4.75. those increases are to help cover a project the $61 million did he haeficit over the next f years. you can expect more toll hikes coming down the road. looking over here and we have a easy drive. it looks like there's room for everybody around the bay. past 680 and 87. a smooth, easy drive. we'll move you up to the tri-valley and, look, just a little bit of slowing through hayward and the tri-valley looks great right now.
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you're at speeds. mass transit, a minor delay. trains out of san bruno. they'll probably clear that delay. an earlier equipment problem. standard weekend service. we'll have fmodified service. of course the holiday weekend, we're on the doorstep of it right now. >> we're knocking. let us in. >> fri-yay! >> people are coming to the bay area and wondering what can i do? >> there's a lot going on. a wide range in temperatures, too. pick your spot based on the weather that you like. if you want it warm, head inland. 93 degrees tomorrow. the bay will be at 83 degrees and the coast a nice cool 71 degrees with some clouds. we'll see the clouds and fog on sunday. coastal areas up to 68 degrees. all clear for the bay and inland areas. our temperature make it into the low 80s and even some 90s. now a lot of events going on as
6:39 am
we talked about including the marin county fair kicking off and san rafael we'll see temperatures throughout the evening at 73 degrees. mostly sunny skies and as the sun sets we'll drop the temperatures back into the upper 50s so it's going to be a nice night there. maybe bring a light jacket. pillmore, a jazz festival happening. it will be in the 60s and then rising briefly into the low 70s. mostly sunny skies and make sure you bring lots of bottles of water and the sun block as you're out will enjoying that and also this weekend for tomorrow as well as sunday a lot of events going on right there on the beach. now it will be starting at dusk on sunday the fireworks happening so at that time our temperatures are dropping back into the low 70s feeling comfortable in the north bay. now as we look at monterey, we'll see the cool weather settling in there. it will only be in the low 60s. mid-60s for sunday with mostly sunny skies for the sierra
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looking at a bright sun rise and the temperatures for kirkwood, we'll be in the mid-70s there and this may be your last weekend to ski as we will see a lot more of that snow melting and temperatures warm there, too. heading down to l.a. this weekend, temperatures right at 70 degrees. sunday up to 73 degrees. coming up in three minutes i'll bring you back home. i'll have a look at the temperature trend for today in san jose. >> all right, thank you very much, kari. 6:40 right now and coming up next on "today in the bay" increasing the minimum wage. how much wages are about to go up in the south bay. and yesterday the markets got crushed. today a bit of a bounceback right now. the dow jones industrial average is up 102 points roughly at 21,389. this is being led right now by the banks as we are finishing up the last day of the quarter. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:43. we start out with clouds. as we take a live look outside in san jose as you get ready to head out the door, it temperature at 59 degrees heading up to 81 degrees today. let's make some plans. early in the day will be the best time to get outdoors and get some yard work done cleaning off the grill and getting the house ready for family to come in. the highs at the 81 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend forecast coming up at 6:49. and try to find a problem with this ri valley drive time.
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a little slowing but we'll show you how things are shaping up closer to the water and even further away. 6:44 now and looking live at downtown san jose and city hall there in the distance where in that city it might be a little easier to get up for work tomorrow. starting tomorrow the city's minimum wage goes up to $12 an hour which is up from $10.50 per hour. it will go up again in january to $13.50 and $15 in january of 2019. san francisco's minimum wage is going up. police are reviewing a report from the department of justice showing the department mishandled hundreds of thousands of dollars. the san jose pd improperly accounted for funding granted over a three-year period. also in that report a failure to more than $1 million for aiding federal investigations.
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a very busy week for the congress. yesterday the house did pass two immigration bills both backed strongly by president trump. the first kate's law named after kate steinle, the bay area woman authorities say was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant along the embarcadero and pier 14 in 2015. the suspect in that case had been deporpted multiple times. kate's law would enforce longer prison sentences for violators like him. the other bill is the no sanctuary for criminals act which would pressure sanctuary cities like san francisco to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement or risk losing federal grants. both bills are now heading to the senate where they are expected to face tougher opposition. happening today planned parenthood will be closing three of its bay area clinics. you can see the locations here on this map that we're about to take.
6:46 am
richmond, pittsburg and vacaville, citing forced closures. they say it is specifically due to low reimbursement rates. administrators fear they could lose key federal funding especially if the latest version of the affordable care act reform is passed. happening today members of a firefighting team who died battling a wildfire in prescott, arizona, will be honored for their brifry and sacrifice. 19 members will be honored with the courthouse bell ringing 19 times. the firefighter died when flames surrounded them four years ago. the city is planning a permanent memorial for those firefighters right near that courthouse. also happening today president trump will meet with the president of south korea at the white house to talk about north korea and trade. the two world leaders dined together last night at the white house. south korean president wants to reassure washington that he will work closely with the u.s. when it comes to the north korean
6:47 am
threat. after today's meeting the two will deliver joint statements in the rose garden. washington rarely agrees on anything. we've learned that but there is near unanimous condemnation of the president's recent tweets. the president tweeting again this morning, scott mcgrew. good morning to you. just a short time ago, sam, history teaches us more are coming. had morning's tweets say the president watched "morning joe" and that it's a bad show. mika brzezinski and joe scarborough delayed a vacation and were talking about the controversy on tv this morning. the president, we now know, was watching but we don't know if he read the pair's op-ed in the "washington post" this morning. in it the two call into question whether the president of the united states is mentally fit enough to lead the country. in that op-ed titled donald trump is not well the two write america's leaders and allies are asking them yet again whether this man is fit to be president. we have our doubts, but we are
6:48 am
both certain the man is not mentally equipped to continue watching our show, "morning joe." the pair also say it was donald trump who invited them to that party in mar-a-lago in trump's tweet he claims the two insisted on joining him. here is the white house's defense of the tweet. >> the american people elected a fighter. they didn't elect somebody to sit back and do nothing. they knew what they were getting when they voted for donald trump and he won overwhelmingly. in other news "the wall street journal" is reporting russian hackers talked about how to get their hands on hillary clinton's e-mails as she ran for president. and that they were egged on by an american who claimed to be associated with general michael flynn, a member of donald tru trump's campaign at the time. the american making that claim, peter w. smith, has died. he was 81 years old. to be clear, the e-mails in question here are not clinton's e-mails from when she was
6:49 am
secretary of state. when people say but what about her e-mails, it's not those e-mails, not from the private server. instead "the journal" is talking about e-mails stolen from computers at the democratic national committee we think by the russians and then given to wikileaks. the travel ban is getting some tweaks. fiances are considered close family but grandparents don't count. challenging the concept of who is and who is not a close family member. you may recall a couple weeks ago the president signed a piece of paper announcing he wants to privatize the nation's air traffic control system. now this wasn't a law or even executive order. it was really a letter of init tent. a senate committee just said no. the nation's air traffic control system will continue to be run by the faa. we examine the president's tweets, executive orders and speeches each morning on "today in the bay." we'd love to hear from you.
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share your thoughts on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> all right, thank you very much for that update. are you ready to do some grilling this weekend? >> maybe, yeah. i think so. my husband makes a fantastic sticky chicken. >> i bet -- >> party at kris' house. >> let's go. >> and it's going to be nice for outdoor grilling, hanging by the pool, and some nice beach weather but cool with some clouds. a wide range in temperature, all kinds of weather, whatever you like you can drive there and it. it will be 58 degrees as you step out the door. right now in the peninsula 59 with cloudy skies. the north bay, 53 degrees and the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. come on over and take a look. let's take a look at today's high temperatures in the south county up to 87 degrees in morgan hills. milpitas in the south bay at 78 degrees. east bay now 76 in hayward and concord 91 degrees. it's going to be hot there, air
6:51 am
conditioners on. natural air conditioning at half moon bay. the marine layer and you will not be any clearing all day long there there. you will get some sunshine in palo alto. up to 77 degrees. 66 on the embashg drcadero whers still misting and drizzling now and we'll see a little bit of sun but bright sunshine, 88 degrees. you're looking out the window. you see the clouds. you may forget the glasses. but, hey, take them with you because you will see some sunshine later on today and it will be warming up, too, so a good day for some shorts especially if it's casual friday at work. we will see the temperatures warming up in sonoma to the mid-80s today and it will be nice and very comfortable especially at lunch time. in the mid-70s there and the temperature trend for oakland with some cloudy skies to start. we'll see some sun later today by 4:00. we'll be at 71 degrees and the winds will be kicking up, too. on the fourth of july we're looking ahead. here is a look at the high temperatures where we will see
6:52 am
some low to mid-80s for spots like concord, livermore, and morgan hill. san jose a perfect 78 degrees. but there will be some low clouds and some fog. it looks like san francisco. also the mist and drizzle, temperatures reaching into the mid-60s, and we will see those temperatures taking a dip from the weekend. we'll be up to 70 degrees on saturday and some upper 60s on sunday. the inland valleys will be hitting the upper 80s to low 90s so it's going to be a very warm start to the month of july. mike now has a new crash in concord. >> we've had crashes few and far between fortunately. light traffic flow so your odds are a little bit lower. we're looking at san jose sta starting to show a little build. the same thing for hayward. just a slight build for 880 and here eastbound just off interstate 680. we're looking at a smooth drive except for the one crash there and westbound you build coming in to the bay point, just a gradual build as well.
6:53 am
now waze will show you what's going on if you're heading out of the area now or even later. right now an easy drive from hayward over to sacramento, maybe continuing over to the sierra. keep that in mind. waze will help you plan the best route as i-80 and 580 will pack in early this afternoon. make sure you have waze on your phone and make sure you're a member of our team and we can share that information. nbc bay area wazers, this animation is showing you how to change that in your profile. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next a quick look right now on your friday. the top stories on "today in the bay" the busy fourth of july holiday weekend. just ahead, steps you can take to make sure you're safe if you decide to launch your own fireworks. happening today volunteers will help deputies later this morning on the pen iinsula coastline search for a 22-year-old man who disappeared back in may. his name is richard moss. the san mateo county sheriff's office says his aaa card was found on a beach yesterday. and the federal reserve says that americans were paid more
6:54 am
last month but spent less. personal income went up 0.4% in may. spending only increased 5.1% so we're holding on to our cash. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
6:55 am
6:56 am
disneyland resort. hero up! here are the top stories on da welcome back and before you head out the door on this friday the top stories on "today in the bay. ". >> live pictures from dublin
6:57 am
this morning. one of the few places where you can buy safe and sane fireworks for the fourth of july. we're looking live at one of the stands there. more than a dozen spots you can buy them like dublin school. you're asking yourself what's allowed? we're talking safe and sane sparklers, smoke balls, fireworks that shoot into the, anything higher than your kneecaps pretty much banned throughout the bay area and will cost you a hefty ticket. for a list of cities that allow safe and sane go to and law enforcement officers will be out in full force heading into the fourth of july holiday weekend. the chp maximum enforcement period starts at 6:00 tonight and lasts through midnight on tuesday. officers will look for people who are speeding, driving distracted, not wearing their seat belts or driving under the influence. a live look right now it at the santa clara cal train station where the vta is unveiling a brand-new under crossing later today. the tunnel will start at the brokaw road, go underneath the
6:58 am
track and then connect to the station on railroad avenue. the vta is calling this a crucial connector to the future santa clara b.a.r.t. station. leaders will be there this morning at 10:00 for the tunnel's grand opening. coming up next in less than two minutes on the "today" show continuing coverage of the backlash coming from both sides of the political aisle after president trump's twitter attack at the hosts of msnbc's "morning joe." looking live at the stanford campus, a lovely start to the day will. a lot of folks looking forward to the long fourth of july holiday weekend and we'll have some pretty good weather for barbecuing, fireworks watching, pretty much anything. >> we all advise that you go to your local fireworks shows. do not try to light them on your own. it's really too dry out there. >> too much work. >> that, too, and it's expense. you might as well hang out and watch the show. we'll have great weather, too, looking ahead to the weekend. we'll see in san francisco some upper 60s, low 70s for the next
6:59 am
several days but there may be some clouds and drizzle. looks like that will be hanging around there for the fourth of july and for the inland areas we are going to see the highs reaching into the upper 80s and lower 90s all clear for the inland valleys. >> all right. and things are smooth on the roadways. >> i think someone already has and then some more, might head out early, late morning or by noon, those escape routes -- not escape routes -- i hate it when people say ex-cape. >> i used to say had a forever. my parents were saying it since i was a young kid. it's not ex-preso. >> and express lanes are looking good. look at how light the lanes are. the sun peeking through on the high rise. >> hey, that's going to be our sunshine for the day. you're our sunshine today as well. thanks for joining us.
7:00 am
we'll be back at 7:25. >> are we also your sunshine? have a great day. good morning. twitter storm. democrats and republicans alike accusing president trump of crosses the like that with his crude tweet about msnbc host mika bezinski and joe scarborough. >> he should resign. >> obviously, i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> this morning, joe and mika speaking out. president trump and vladimir putin set for a high-stakes meeting next week, their first face-to-face. but will the president challenge the russian leader on the subject of meddling in the u.s. election. deadly accident.


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