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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 30, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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right now at 11:00, a smash and grab robbery at a local cosco. tonight police are wondering if the same thieves have done the same thing at other bay area stores. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker has the night out. police are looking for a team of masked men. nbc bay area sergio ken tona talked to police. >> reporter: three men wearing surgical masks struck just as the store opened to customers. >> went straight to the jewelry
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sis play case, smashed it open, took an undetermined amount of julie. >> reporter: they hopped quickly into a get away car driven by an accomplice. over the last two months, bay area coscos have been the targets of such robberies. one suspect was arrested in the first robbery. the second incident happened about a week later. the bandits made off with high-priced watches. in all incidents including the robbery today three men wore mask, used hammers to smash open the jewelry case, and had get away cars. one man said he's not concerned. >> i heard there hasn't been any firearms, things like that. so as far as the safety of people, no not really. >> reporter: police tell us there are video cameras aimed at the front doors of the cosco.
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they're going to be going through that video to see if it'll help in the identity of the suspects. new at 11:00 a search for an expensive train used by children taken by thieves. they made off with the the entire trailer over night. the company that owns it has been around for over 20 years. and the owners are offering a reward for information. heat increasing the fire threat and something else may contribute as well. our meteorologist here with the details. >> today we saw a warmer finish with the weekend today. but let's take a look at a sneak preview of our tuesday forecast. 100 degree temperatures likely around the east bay valleys.
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and further inland temperatures around 105 in the central valleys. that fire danger on the increase due to dry conditions, an increase in heat, and yes a chance of seeing some thunder. right now not a whole lot happening because the winds build to the north. as the winds pick up in the southeast, we could begin to see monsoon weather. we'll give you a closer look at the impact on your seven day forecast coming up. >> we'll track the heat right on your smart phone. the tension wean the united states and russia continues to escalate. russian president vladimir putin ordering over 700 u.s. dip mats out of his country. putin is not happy that a number
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of sanctions have been passed against russia. the russian president today said 755 staff and consular employees are going to have to leave the russian federation by september 1st. you might remember then president barack obama ordered russian dip mats to leave. some feel kelly can help the president get his agenda back on track, an agenda that still includes repealing and replacing obamacare. health care was the main theme today during a town hall meeting in sunnyvale. marianne. >> about 300 people attended the
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town hall meeting and many expressed fear the president will unilaterally take away insurance in exchange. >> they want to know the government is going to take care of that. >> reporter: democratic grsman row khanna said during a town hall meeting today his constituents were most concerned about health care. >> the democrats can't gets anything done. >> reporter: people like joyce lowwee. >> if those are destroyed, i will have to be use my savings and i will be out on the street at 85. >> reporter: he offered a strategy. >> first go after the costs. we know drug companies are fleecing the american people. they're charging way too much for their drugs. we could have bipartisan legislation to allow for the importation of drugs or cut drug manufacturers costs. we could go after the insurance
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companies. they are in cahoots with the hospitals and charging an arm and a leg. >> reporter: still hoping the gop can deliver on health care, president trump tweeted today don't give up republican senators, the world is watching. repeal and replace. >> 83 insurance companies fled the insurance market last year. that's before this administration came in. this system is imploding upon itself, and that's what we're trying to take care -- >> and with an official changing of the guard when new chief of staff kelly takes over, many hope he'll give the president a new approach. >> i believe general kelly also represents someone he's very deliberative and patient and strategic. >> reporter: perhaps the general's biggest challenge may be thepress's impulsive streak. mr. trump generated more than a dozen tweets injured alone. >> thank you, marianne.
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the department of defense says it's successfully tested. that test comes on the heels of yet another intercontinental test missile from north korea. new at 11:00, a serious crash in sapta rosa over night. a 23-year-old santa rosa man was found lying on the ground outside this truck after a truck hit a tree. santa rosa police say this happened in front of -- the man was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. a witness says the man was speeding, apparently lost control and jumped over a curb and hit a tree. a popular south bay restaurant forced to close after an early morning crash. this is how it looked at the los
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gatos cafe today. a woman slammed into the door. she was taken to a hospital. no word on the extent of her injuries. customers couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> we thought oh, they're remodeling, didn't know they needed to. and then when we came next door to the winery, he said someone decided to use it as a drive-thru last night. >> police say drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in that crash. deadly traffic brought traffic on the southbound to a crawl this morning. it happened about 6:00 this morning when a driver traveling northbound somehow crossed into the southbound lanes and collided with another car. the the third driver could not avoid the accident in time. it took crews five hours to clear that scene and investigate what happened. more violence in venezuela
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after a controversial vote this weekend. calling it a poweller grab. there are conflicting reports as to how many people turned out to vote. as violence continues in ven waila, protesters in the bay area are showing call darety. nbc bay area christy smith has their story from san francisco. >> the people don't want it, but they're being pressed to participate. >> reporter: mia madrid spoke out about those opposed to an election that would low nicholas mudureo to replace it with a new assembly. >> it's inserting more uncertainty and trying to through a procedure that is not constitutional to rewrite the constitution so they can have a stronger hold on power. >> reporter: many stayed away from the polls today. maduro called the vote when
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violence, shortages of food and medicine in a country rich with oil reserves. about 17 people were killed today in protests. and more than 100 people have died since protests began in april. the election was widely condemned by countries who believed it would weaken democracy. as people here watch with concern over what might happen next. >> people in ven waila want to live in freedom. >> reporter: christy smith, nbc bay area news. we will continue to follow the developments in venezuela online at just click on our home page and go to u.s. and world section for the latest on the vote. a bold move from good samaritans led to the arrest of a man in conquered this weekend. a couple was head today the store this weekend when a man in a white car pointed a gun at them. well, the couple decided to take
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a picture of the man and report it to police. police released the pictures of the man and the gun. they certainly do not recommend taking pictures of armed suspects. still ahead, the space between. the faa once said airline seats are big enough. the judge says maybe not. the ruling that could impact. >> also letting kids sleep-in. why google company is being questioned as to how and why it's collecting your personal information. >> mostly clear skies. and tomorrow likely getting close to 90 degrees in downtown san jose.
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restaurant. police say the driver of a van at least eight people are injured after a van slammed into a group of people at an l.a. restaurant. police say the driver of a van blew through a red light, crashed into another car. that sent the van into a restaurant. the driver of the van tried running away, but bystanders would have none of that. they grabbed him until cops could arrive and arrest him. one man is in critical condition.
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we're learning new details in the ongoing counter terrorism operation in australia. police say they disrupted a plot to bring down a play using peroxide based explosive device. that's harder to detect. the manchester used such a bomb that killed 22 people in may. they have yet to be charged and identities made public. one suspect says he doesn't know why he's in custody. >> why are you being arrested the. >> i don't know. >> you must know. you must have some indication of what's happened here today. >> what's happened here today, sir? this is your one chance to tell the media what's happened here today. >> i know-nothing. new at 11:00 california middle schoolers and high schoolers could soon be getting
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more time to sleep during the school year. if approved middle and high schools would be barred from starting earlier than 8:30 a.m. critics say the rule would disrupt families and cause problems. some districts have already adopted new start times on their own. t"the washington post" reports the electronic privacy information center is set to file a legal complaint tomorrow. the complaint claims they're gathering the credit and performance reports of consumers without revealing how they got the info. they're giving consumers a way to opt out. critics worry the information could fall into the hands of hackers. does it feel like every time you fly the seats are smaller and smaller? well, a federal judge agrees with you. and she's ordering the faa to take a second look at its
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policies. nbc's steve patterson has the story. >> reporter: for years it's been a growing problem, americans getting larger while the space between airline seats shrinks. >> i think it's ridiculous that the prices keep rising and the seats keep getting smaller. >> announcer: on friday a federal judge ordered the faa to review its decision not to regulate seat size on-aircraft. critics say airlines are cramming people in for one reason. >> the airlines want to make more profits. as we see more and more people being squeezed into the airplanes, we're now reaching the point we don't think people can get out like they need to. and this has become a real safety issue. >> reporter: the airline says they meet or exceed all safety
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standards and says there's no need for it government to interfere with the market. the average seat pitch, the distance between the same point on two seats has dwindled from a comfortable 35 inches to 31. some planes as low as 28 inches. while seat width narrowed from 18.5 to 17 inches over the last decade. during that same time the average american, well, has gotten steadily bigger. >> bigger. bet them bigger. too small, not good for for your toughies. >> reporter: it does say the agency has to explain why in the case of passenger safety size isn't an issue. new at 11:00, doc workers at 29 west coast ports including the port of oakland expected to approve a new contract with shipping companymizech the new contract includes higher wages and increased pensions. and maybe most importantly
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should void any potential work stoppages that could happen with a dispute. it has the approval of 67% of its members. the current agreement was set to expire the 21st of july 2018. the swells will affect beaches. beaches in southern california, some of them already closing down because of the massive waves. the dangerous conditions will last into tomorrow night. and rob, tomorrow might be a good day to go to the beach. if you're going to go, keep your eyes open. >> the south facing beaches, those will bethal areas to watch. and the storms, two of them bringing up that south swell. former tropical storm hillary and still tropical storm erwin. you can see the two storms there. and that is the source of the
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southerly swell. until about 11:00 tomorrow night you want to watch out as that pattern evolves here for your monday. san francisco, that's a similar view. you've got the clouds, low fog. 67, and eventually as we go through the week, 11:00, temperatures in livermoore will probably be around the mid-70s. we'll see some patches of low cloud inlpd. but look for less of those low clouds especially in the interior valleych for the afternoon beginning to see those temperatures climb into the mid-90s. and downtown san jose tomorrow close to 90 degrees. the hottest temperature you'll see this week, you're starting to see the trend there. 70s for oakland.
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and 70s for most of the peninsula. 60s coast side as you head into san francisco, downtown, close to 70 degrees. and upper 80s around napa and probably a few low 90s around santa rosa. that low air has been about 2,000 feet deep. that marine air is going to kge squished down by tuesday. for the bay area, this is likely to be the hottest period of the week as we get into tuesday and wednesday where valley temperatures will be in the 90s and 100s. it's going to center closer to the pacific northwest where they will see even hotter temperatures. now, under neath that ridge of high pressure, notice the winds starting wednesday out-of-the southeast. that could open the doors for a
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monsoon and could see thunderstorms. we'll be watching this closely wednesday into thursday. and then notice on friday the moisture begins to lift away from the bay area. temperatures climbing as high pressure strengthens especially tuesday probably into wednesday. and then wednesday night into thursday, we'll have to watch what happens with that moisture. especially around the santa cruz mountains, north bay hills, could see a slight chance of thunder showers. lightening sparking fires could be a concern especially for the central coast. still to come, one country pumping the brakes on gas powered vehicles. they plan to fill the roads on all electric cars. the deadline, and will other countries follow suit? the decision by officials
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just a day after an accident.
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a dead humpback whale washed ashore in monterey bay, and now marine biologists are trying to figure out what killed a dead humpback whale washed ashore in monterey bay, and now marine biologists are trying to figure out what killed it. people noticed it and authorities now collecting tissue samples. over the past few weeks or so marine biologists have spotted about ten humpback whales swimming in the monterey area.
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all of the rides with the exception of the fireball attraction were back in business today. on wednesday an 18-year-old were killed and 7 other people injured when the fireball ride just ripped apart. closer to home now, the santa cruz fireball remains closed. a similar ride called the delirium is also closed. a spirit airlines flight to oakland delayed at the airport in las vegas after a passenger stripped naked and approached a flight attendant. the plane was held on the tarmac until police removed that passenger. the flight was delayed about 30 minutes. coming up in sports, the giants takingthen dodgers tonight and going extra innings. plus steph curry and lebron james finding themselves in a social media beef. and taking sides with steph curry. details next in sports. ♪
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)madison bumgarner ) looked lie the ace hes. heck of a game tonight in l.a. between the giants and dodgers on national tv, nonetheless. madison bum garner looking like the ace he is. it appeared the skrients were going to escape with the win. but look at this. giants up 2-1, kyle farmer. who? kyle farmer this was was first major league at bat. he wins with a two run double. here's fallin smith. >> it must be pretty lonely being lebron james right now, okay maybe not. but according to reports his point guard doesn't want to play with him anymore. and he wasn't invited to madison
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barns wedding. but he was mocking him with steph curry. it all started with this. a few days after the nba season ended, a baldheaded lebron posted this awful video of him in a gym. he's dancing and singing to a rap song called first day out. come on, this is pretty terrible. it started the hashtag lebron challenge. and steph curry got in on this. it's awful. he's making the face and everything. steph is mocking lebron. and in the background is kyrie egging him on. he's yelling get him, get him. according to reports in napa oakland's defense had to do up downs today after mar chaun lynch broke free.
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that's a welcome sight for derek carr whose expectations for lynch this season are high, and well, where little violent. >> he's going to run through people's faces. that's what he's going to do. he's going to protect the quarterback, when he did today. he's very good at that, very physical. that part of the game is fun to him, i guess. i tend to slide or go over the top of people. he likes to go through them. i think that's what he's going to bring, so i don't have to do it. >> now, this is the offensive gu guru's first head coaching job. he was asked today to describe his leadership job. take a listen. >> i try to be prepared. as a leader you try to help people get better. i've always felt no matter how
11:32 pm
old you are or what type of coach you are, if you can help a player get better, they'll listen to you. so that's kind of been my deal my whole life. the guys i like are ones i know i'm getting. they're not too high, not too low. i know what's going to show up every single day. when you go through adversity in this league, sometimes you don't know who your leaders are until you gethrough that. the guy who's the same in advarsity as he is when everyone's praising him, that's the guy i'd like to follow. >> joining the 3,000 hit club. and he did it in the fourth inning. he's one of the youngest players ever to reach this milestone. the 38-year-old is five-time gold glove winner and four-time
11:33 pm
silver slugger. congratulations to him. cooperstown will be knocking on his door. that's it for sports. more news after the break. family.
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but what if you weren )t the ony one watching? senior investigative repor you buy a security camera to protect your home and your family, but what if you weren't the only one watching? senior investigative reporter vicky lynn found a serious flaw. >> reporter: you're watching me on a home security camera. many of these cameras are now connected to the internet so you can see your home from anywhere. but as we're about to show you, some of these cameras have a security hole you need to know about otherwise you'll risk
11:35 pm
broadcasting your private life to stranger. it's exactly what happened to this woman. >> this is her in her home. i can see her living room, dining room, kitchen, everything. this is not right. and she's totally oblivious. >> kevin shudoesn't know who this woman is or why he suddenly had a window into her world and she doesn't know she's being watched. >> reporter: this is creepy. >> it is. and it could have been my sister, my mom. we need to tell people about this. >> he bought a security camera from amazon but decided it wasn't the right one. and he returned it. about a month later he was cept an alert. i assumed she would press a button and i would be cut off. >> but he wasn't. and with no way to contact the
11:36 pm
woman who had the camera, kevin had to go through canary. >> i had to jump through hoops to disconnect this account. >> and that's the only way i could do it. >> reporter: this is a little known safety dern with some used cameras that can connect to the internet. the previous owner can see the new one. kevin said he repacked his new camera, and it may have looked unopened. he doesn't know if amazon resold it as new or used. >> there's a major gap in the security process on this. >> reporter: we wanted to know if this could happen with other security ram a, too. so we brought several brands. i setup the camera to send me an alert anytime it detected motion. than i marked the box with an invisible ink pen and returned it. a day later my producer purchsed that same cram ru.
11:37 pm
no one resealed it it was sold as new. >> i was charged full price. >> he checked for an ink mark and then he tried to power it up. >> it would not connect telling me this device was already linked to another account. >> reporter: even though it's warning him this account is linked to someone else, i'm still able to see it. so i just got an alert motion was detected. so every time he moves, i'm getting an alert on my phone, and i'm seeing him. it's recording an image. it wasn't just the zmoato. he tested three other cameras we purchased made by nest, impress and netgear. he said the mcrest did. he said it can even be controlled remotely. they not only have access to see you but they can actually direct the camera?
11:38 pm
>> they can, yes. >> reporter: he also found other concerns. >> as soon as i plugged it in, the prior setup i had completely worked. >> reporter: they lead the market with nearly 4 million cameras sold worldwide. >> this is serious thing. >> reporter: he's a product manager. he says netgear takes several measures to ensure this doesn't happen to its users. net gear requires stores to send back any arlows that can be returned and reset by the factory. the arlow also has a reset button. that allows you to kick off a previous owner if you decide to buy it online. it learned about this concern last year and immediately updated its firm wear. zmoato said used cameras are supposed to be reset before
11:39 pm
being resold. but as we founds, that doesn't always happen. canary said it also requires retailers to send back any new camera. after a day back and forth with canary customer support, kevin was able to disconnect his account and stop recording videos of this woman. what would you say to her if you could? >> beware. if you buy this stuff, you need to be careful. >> reporter: he's now sounding the alarm so security camera users can secure their cameras. -- says it's their policy to mark all used cameras. amazon says it's looking into what happened with that canary camera and how it ended up being sold to the woman. many of the cameras we tested will tis play some sort of message if they've been used. but as we saw, even if you get that message, you could still be
11:40 pm
sending video of yourself. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 88-8996-tips. when we come back in san jose, fireworks over fireworks. stay with us. nbc bay area responds to a san
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jose residents -- who says the fire department is handing out hefty fines for nbc bay area responds to a
11:43 pm
san jose resident who says the fire department is handing out hefty fines for using fireworks without much evidence. they say the system is wrongfully accusing people, and it needs to change as nbc bay area consumer investigator tells us that change might happen after we brought the problem to light. >> reporter: san jose has a fireworks prab. >> we look like a war zone sometimes. >> reporter: these san jose residents say they're not part of it, and yet they all received a san jose fine by mail. the thing is no one ever visited them to verify the accusation. how many police officers visited now? >> none. >> reporter: not a single one from the city? >> tot at all. >> reporter: the city let's anyone report a violation uanonymously. they told us and the residents
11:44 pm
that some complaints might contain evidence like vid yore photos but others might be complete here say. >> if there's more than one complaint, then they don't really need enough evidence to make you guilty of the crime. >> i don't really like here say being used. >> reporter: he says he did not intend for people to be fined based on heresay alone. >> the counsel intended to have evidence-based citations. >> reporter: so what happened? gray area. the city's fireworks ordinance doesn't specifically lay out how reports should be handled or the standards of how the fire martial should issue a $500 citation. it's the way he interpreted what we said. >> reporter: did he interpret it properly? >> it's difficult. people may have different interpretations. and what i would recommend in the future is that they look up
11:45 pm
more picture or video evidence, based evidence and then send it with the citation itself as proof. >> reporter: the fire marshal declined our request for an interview. each is valgsed by staff. we asked what that evaluation entails. >> i can't really speak to that. >> reporter: we asked again what did the city do in between receiving the complaint and sending the citation. >> and i'm going to tell you one more time. i can't exactly answer that question. >> reporter: last week the fire martial did. he told us all he needed to issue a citation was more than one report, eren if it's just heresay. >> i can't say how many times that happened or if that even happened at all. >> reporter: could it happen? >> could it happen, possibly,
11:46 pm
yes. >> reporter: is that fair? >> well, we're going to ask that question certainly as we evaluate the process. >> reporter: we've asked to see the full database of complaints. for now the city is only sharing that there were 1,055 only submissions. so who accused you of setting off fireworks? >> no idea. >> reporter: they're now required to pay the $500 fine upfront and then contest the citation at a hearing. >> it's infuriating. and so i'm trying to find out if anything can be done before i get down in the hearing and find myself guilty of something i didn't do, my $500 is gone and i have no recourse. >> emergency relief for those $500 fines is possible. the topic as well as the discussion on how to tweet the
11:47 pm
fi -- tweak the fireworks law will be discussed. give us cacall. rob is here now. speaking of fireworks, fires. and this week is going to be prime time. >> probably reaching the peak intensity here for tuesday and wednesday. let me show you the impact of the strong ridge of high pressure up and down the coast. these will be the peak locations as you see on the screen. and look at that, portland, 107 degrees and that's in the forecast by thursday, which is 27 degrees of the average high. if you look at that, that's typical of san jose's temperature this time of year. it will build northward out of
11:48 pm
sacramento where the pacific northwest will likely endure the most of what this heat. freemont currently 61 degrees. for now and at least through the morning commute, still seeing onshore breeze. that once again will pull in a few low clouds for portion of the bay. mainly for the coast. the fog will linger but kind of get compressed down closer to the ocean while our valleys see less of that marine air influence. but you'll begin to see it tomorrow. lower 90s around san jose to mid-90s. we'll see the hottest temperatures over the next few days. peninsula temperatures not too bad at least for tomorrow.
11:49 pm
80s closer to palo alto. hotter day on the way for your tuesday. and for the north bay you'll have temperatures from the 80s to low 90s. as high pressure builds, this layer of cool marine air which is 2,000 feet thick is going to get pressed down. it will see dry conditions increasing fire danger and also temperatures climbing through the 90s. and then thursday and friday things could get interesting as that high migrates off to the north. southeast winds below could draw in some of that monsoon moiser. so the fire threat could be a chance of finding a few isolated thunder showers. and then possibly that approaching thursday. san francisco, starting to see a relatively speaking hot temperatures close to 80 on tuesday. and the valley seeing numbers as
11:50 pm
hot -- i think maybe a few spots close to 105 on tuesday. and then a chance of thunder showers thursday and friday. but you see that heat. and here seattle, could be a record all-time high set. >> wow. thank you very much, rob. still to come, full speed ahead for electric cars. the company issuing a deadline for gas powered cars to be gone.
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bigger share of the u-s market, great britain is taking it a step further. they )ve put an outright ban on gas-ped as the electric cars take on a bigger share of the u.s. market, great britain is taking it a step further. they've put on outright ban on gas powered cards on by 2040, going so far to call it a public health emergency. it's news that could have huge implications for the auto
11:53 pm
industry. matt bradley reports. >> reporter: as president donald trump shifts climate into resrs britain is submitting a plan. >> i think in the end everybody will have to go electric. >> reporter: it will take more than two decades to get the mandate in place. environmentalists say the rule is a little too little too late. >> he doesn't seem to get the urgency of dealing with this. >> reporter: but for car brands like this, the new law will spell disaster if it doesn't come with government help to make sure the country has the battery plans and homegrown tech to power the chain. >> the danger here is if you don't put the investment in,
11:54 pm
you're going to be a net inporter and that will be a disaster for the auto industry. >> it's hard to imagine a rule like this in the u.s., with one of the world's top polluters. >> i don't think the u.s. will set a date where it eliminates the sale of gas or diesel powered vehicles. it will not happen especially under the trump administration. >> reporter: france announced a similar rule two weeks ago. the netherlands and norway have even tighter restrictions. matt bradley, nbc use, london. looking at the box office now. dunkirk stayed number one this weekend. this is the second week in a row that "dunkirk" took the number one spot. now, the emoji movie took second place making just under $126
11:55 pm
million. and that surprised a lot of people because critics thought it stunk. just ahead, not a bird or a play. inhigh playing shapes and colors. don't float away. we'll be right back. well here you can see a giant
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i know it's late, but i still have to ask you a question. have you ever seen an ocps flying in the air? well, here you are. a giant purple ocps kite. it marks the last night of the annual berkeley kite festival. i hope it's over, it's almost midnight. apparently fish and ocean animals like the octopus very popular this year. there we go. there's a bunch.
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festival providing kite making and kite flying lessons to families. and free to public. the and as always, just peck tackler. gorgeous sights. >> it would be nice to have that sea breeze all week. >> not going to happen, though. >> no. 77 san francisco. 90s inland, and going closer to 100 degrees. >> all right, well thank you for joining us. have a great night and a great week. see here is a
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design, a fan design, fan experience design that is responsive to what the fans are telling us they want. so you find any way you can, so they really feel appreciated. so they feel like this is their home. ♪ ♪ >> arthur blank, the atlanta falcons owner, helping fund one of the most impressive stadiums in the world. >> you want it to be a place that's so unique and special, it represents the very best. >> we travel to atlanta to spend


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