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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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live look outside at san francisco. good morning this thursday. you. let's take a live look outside over looking san francisco this morning, beautiful look city by the bay, transamerica pyramid so clear, so warm, those temperatures we're waking up to, my goodness. -cann. rning to you i'm laura >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. she's wearing a sunny outfit this morning. >> sums it up. it's going to be pretty cloudy today. >> still hot. >> yeah, the humidity. >> the humidity is just unreal this morning if you haven't been out there. just crack open the window you may just want to be close it and stay inside today as we get a look at some of these temperatures now. get a look at that, 76 degrees in the south bay, san jose, the peninsula is 70 degrees, 75 in
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the tri-valley. at least we have some 60s in the north bay and in san francisco east bay at 65 degrees. also tracking with those clouds a little bit of some moisture moving in, the possibility of a few sprinkles as well as you head out the dew door. also some potential for heat advisories in the forecast coming up. mike starts us out with what's happening in san jose. >> you have speed sensors showing you the limit all around the bay. a word of warning, san jose international airport you see that on the map this is northbound 87 approaching sky port just before the off ramp we have reports of a disabled vehicle blocking your slowing. the right lane as you're traveling north. meanwhile getting over toward the bay bridge an easy drive, no backup at the toll plaza or delays for your travel times. developing story in the oakland hills just a few hours we're going to get an update on the file that prompted evacuations yesterday.
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it's really bringing back memories of the destruction of the oakland hills fire in 1999. >> pete suratos live in berkley. what's it look like today, pete? >> reporter: good morning to you. we're on the berkeley side of things because the road is closed at grizzly peek boulevard andersen ten yell drive. but the fire started about five miles east of where we're standing. but this is where things stand as far as right now. fire officials are saying about 20 acres burned and it's holding at that number, at about 20% containment as well. as i mentioned, this fire happened about five miles east from where we're standing at grizzly peek boulevard and fish ranch road. the fire's affectsing a piece of land shared by two areas, split up between the oakland hills and where we're standing at the berkeley laboratory. i want to make clear that no structures, threatened, there were no mandatory evacuations but residents of orinda were
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told to stay in their houses. a fire burned towards power lines and it appears they have a good hold on this brush fire. we spoke with them yesterday who says they haven't seen a blaze this big since the oakland fire of 1991, a fire that burned 1500 acres destroying nearly 3,500 homes in oakland and berkeley and rumted in the death of 25 people. now of course the cause of this fire is still unknown. we probably went get an answer on that until next week. but we expect to get an immediate briefing later this morning but we'll continue to monitor the conditions and have an update for you in the next hour. >> thanks so much. 4:33 right now. new this morning assistant clara county judge aaron persky who preside over the sexual assault case has hired -- has hired a consultant to worked on the trump campaign to help fight the recall efforts against him. disclosure forms filed this week
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show percy paid $30,000 to phoenix based rdp strategies. shah tic ran president trump's presidential campaign. they need 58,000 signatures to get it on the ballot next june. speaking of campaign, president trump will hit the road to get another campaign-style valley. >> that's in west virginia. president trump's re-election campaign planning today's evepts in huntington, the small city in the middle of the state. the president has attended a number of make america great again rallies so far this year speaking to supportners florida, iowa, and pennsylvania. steve here last week's rally in youngstown, ohio. bheen e meanwhile, russian's prime minister says the sanctions bill signed by president trump yesterday ends any hope of improving relationships between the u.s. and russia. he said on social media that new penalties amount to the declaration of a, quote, all-out
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trade war against russia. the prime minister said trump had been outwit and showed total weakness by handing over executive power to congress. back here in the bay area the sinking of the millennium tower isn't its only problem. another investigator of the sky scraper could also be a fire hazard. today fire inspectors are going to check that building out. last month we seen a report alleging unsealed gaps around piping in the buildings 30th and 31st floor. they told us the gaps could allow smoke and flames to spread from one flar to the other. fire safety son the top of many people's minds after that 20-4 story apartment complex in london caught fire and left 12 dead. >> you can watch our full report on fire concerns on
4:36 am the report shows what it looks like behind the walls of one women's lux turery unit. 4:35. authorities not naming the suspect who police shot and killed following a high-speed chase yesterday in the east bay. we brought you live, breaking coverage of that story yesterday afternoon. that chase ended in gunfire a little after 5:00 on the richmond parkway. it started as an attempted traffic stop in vallejo. richmond police officers say officers tried to pull the car over because it was tied to a recent armed robbery in el cerrito. >> the officers from vallejo police department picked up the car and tried to stop the vehicle. the driver refused to stop and the pursuit started. >> police say the driver got out of that car holding a machete and officers fired when he refused to drop it. at this point, all police will say is the suspect is a 45-year-old man from va northeasterna. >> it's 4:36 right now and happening today breakfast
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willing served this morning many a popular south bay diner. it was closed after an suv crashed into it in the weekend. they say faulty brakes caused that crash. nbc bay area spoke to the owner who said the repairs are done and the doors should open on time this morning. coming up, the east bay cliff mar is a whole lot more than cliff mars. find oit out white chefs are getting a big award. >> and tesla losing a lot of money. elon musk tries to reassure investors. ♪
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good morning, cnbc world headquarters here are yush top business headlines. wall street could take a breather today with the markets poised to pull back at the open following yesterday's milestone for the dow. looking like we're in the red territory for the futures in the dow. that closed above 22,000 for the first time powered by apple's positive earnings report. now just for some perspective it took only 107 trading days, 154 days if you 2019 clued weekends and holidays for the dow to go from 21,000 to 22,000. investors will get several economic reports this morning including manufacturing, unemployment, and the services sector. the dow rising 52 points to 22016, the nasdaq splipd to 6260
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three. tesla stock could be on the move today. the car mager reported atd big quarterly loss last night but sales topped wall street's forecast. they say orders for its older and more expensive cars, the model "s" and model "x" are picking up as they wait for the new and cheaper model 3. tesla is burning through cashing as it ramps up production. you can buy just about anything these days from a vending machine, now closing retailer una glow is the late toast join that party. it's installing ten vending machines in airports and in malls around the country including at oakland international. it's selling heat resistant shirts, lightweight down jackets that get dispensed in boxes or cans. picture that you open up a can and get your jacket out. a variety of sizes and colors and if you don't like thank you can turn it not to the vending machine but to a store or through the mail. it's it seems very convene meant to me. >> there you go, fly into the bay area a little cool. >> interesting enough.
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you have to buy the fleece. thank you very much. coming up, you can take the heat? that's how we're all starting the day today in the bay area. >> you can take the humidity. we'll see those highs reaching 92 degrees. we'll talk about the cloud cover, the chance of rain in the forecast coming up next. and a life look at the san mateo bridge taillights are westbound where they picked up the overnight road crews there. oakland a little slow as the crews are moving over there. coming up. you're watching today in the bay. welcome back - you )re watching
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today in the bay -- live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. welcome back on this thursday morning. thanks for joining you on "today in the bay" take a live look outside the golden gate bridge this morning. we've been tell you about plans to redesign the 80-year-old toll plaza which is full speed ahead and maybe that's a good thing. check this out. this happened yesterday. an rv crashed into a toll booth. not only that, two people, they were trapped inside. because the only door to the vehicle was ripped off and the rv was wealthed there into the booth. thank pulley no one was seriously hurt and the people were rescued in less than an hour. >> why i do think the man was like we're going to make it the wife's like we're not going to fit. we're going to make it, we're going to make it. almost there. >> i told you so. >> sit com going here this morning. >> yeah. and we're going to just -- >> it's set in florida, by the
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way. >> when i stepped out of the car this morning ways like where i am, that's the kind of feel we have in the air this morning. and as we get a live look outside in san rafael this morning at least vis ability clear there. we have a few clouds higher up so we're not seeing the low clouds this morning as you get ready to head out. look at these temperatures now. it's 62 degrees in san francisco, and that's closer to our high temperature for this time of year. and in oakland it's 65 degrees and in livermore 75, we dropped off the temperature there in san jose. it's been in the low to mid-70s throughout the morning and it's already now four to five, maybe even six degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. gilroy nine degrees warmer than yesterday morning. and we're going to see those high temperatures in morgan hill up to 96 degrees, san jose will be up to 90 degrees, and then look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we will have some cooler temperatures but it takes a while to get here. high heat today in the upper 90s
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for much of the tri-valley, the peninsula to 87 degrees in san carlos and in the mission district 75 degrees today. 86 in santa rosa. as we get a look out the window in san jose and you're getting ready this morning, it will be a great day to wear a hat because it's just a bad hair day. all of this humidity, you just want to throw it on, don't even worry about it if the and also a good day for some sandals to keep you nice and cool as we've had some very warm and humid conditions. also track a lit bif some spotty light rain. now they had those thunderstorms across southern california yesterday. we're not seeing anything like that. a lot of the rain has dried out but the computer model still showing a lot of mortgaisture h. i think it's overdoing the moisture, but expect it to be really humid today and mostly cloudy into this afternoon. if you want to find a place to cool off heading to the assistant cruz beaches it will be in the upper 60s through at least lunchtime and then 71 degrees with some clouds and
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some very muggy conditions throughout today and also early tomorrow before it dries out this weekend. upper 90s today and a slight chance of some isolated lightning. i'll talk more about that, but mike saw some slowing through oakland. did i. we don't see a lot of slowing overall. now, the slowing did pop up and it just about cleared -- it has cleared from our sensors going northbound on 880 past the coliseum from the was some road work on the northbound side, couple lanes blocked. they should have leader it up right on schedule. there if coz it was cluft ers right towards 66 and high street it has moved and cleared so no more problem there. we'll show you our waze system although there was overnight work and maybe planes for 680 not a problem. kirker spats an option but you don't need to use it. stay to the freeways, high weigh way 4, 280 and 680.
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now you check your waze system whenever you're leaving make sure you're joining our team. watch the cartoon and join nbc bay area wazers, guys. back to you. a chris bart and company, the cafe inside its headquarters is the first ever to receive a gold certification in sustainability and new transition from the nonprofit eat real. the move is part of the united states health for food council. cliff bar's cafe is called cali's kitchen. it uses local ingredients aiming to minimize environmental impact. 4:49. president trump pulled the united states out of the paris agreement. the group regulation pollution from industries and businesses in nine bay area counties. the board of directors has unanimously voted to pass a res tlugs support the paris climate agreement. that means our region will join
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more than 150 states, cities, and other nations in reducing greenhouse gases. 4:49. happening today, caltrain board members will go over the agency's planned fare hikes. standard fares are expected to increase 25 cents per zone. other changes include elimb nalgt the eight-ride ticket and annual go pass some offers unlimited rides. they held numerous meetings on those hikes some of which are supposed to take effect on october 1st. palo alto is looking to make some changes toits free shuttle service. the palo alto weekly says this morning the city may add a route to south palo alto running between california avenue and the va hospital. the city's also thinking about changes to the cross town and embarcadero routes. are you ready for some hot summer fun? the santa clara county fair opens today. >> this is this year's fair actually called perfectly steaming hot summer. >> that's perfect. >> today you can get in for just $1. the fair opens at 1:00 this
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afternoon and runs until 10:00 tonight. barnyard race, sea lie on encounters and a performance by a master hip know activity. fair runs through sunday night. sonoma county fair also opens today. going to need those cool little balls of water like a hamster there. 4:51. do you ever consider yourself a back-seat driver? why sitting in the backseat of the car is actually proventor a dangerous things, all because of one thing riders are not doing. pacific. scientists say it coulde but first, happening now a huge garbage patch discovered in the south pacific. scientists say it could be bigger than the state of texas, bigger than the other one apparently. it's estimated at 1 million square kilometers. they say it's hard to clean up because of the size. and apple investigating in the u.s. the the cupertino-based company owns $52 billion worth of u.s. treasury. it ranks it among the top 25
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holders of u.s. treasury. we are back in two minutes with more news. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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it's 4:54 on your hot and steamy thursday morning. a live look at san jose. we'll get the latest on weather from kari coming up. a follow-up for you now at 4:54. a man remains in critical condition this morning after being struck and nearly killed by a car he's sat at a south bay bus stop yesterday. happened about 4:30 in the afternoon on meridian and curtner in san jose. that's when witnesses say a black car, a white car and possibly a third car made contact sending the whites car into a bus stop and into a tree put see it there. people who live at that intersection say accidents
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happen there frequently. the prior owner built the wall because of cars in the yard. we have twice had this wall damaged severely enough that it cost us over $15,000 each time to replace the wall. >> authorities say the man waiting for the bus was alert when crews transported him to the hospital but once there it became very clear that his injuries were life threatening. police are still trying to determine what even led up to this crash. live pirk tures from highway 101 in palo alto this morning. more than half the people who die each year in crashes while sitting in the backseat are not wearing seatbelts. and new this morning a dramatic demonstration shows just how dangerous that can be. this is new crash test video from the insurance institute for highway safety. you see it there. watch as the unbuckled dummy crashes into the front seat during the impact. it's violent. the car only going 35 miles per hour in that test.
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experts say this is dangerous for everybody in the car. survey of about 1200 people found many riders don't buck he will up in the backseat because, for some reason, they feel safer back there. you can see more of that video actually on a report coming up on the "today show" this morning right after "today in the bay" at 7:00. happening today, oakland leaders breaking down their big summer blitz that finished on city streets actually called the oakland pothole blitz and it's the annual ritual of repairing roads that have been damaged by winter storms. this year's damage was a little more intense with so much wet weather we've had. today they'll go over what they're calling record had breaking results the. ever wonder if those crosswalk buttons change results? they report that eight out of ten of them don't. 2-51 out of more than 1200 buttons do trigger traffic light change, the remaining 970 buttons do not but they are
4:57 am
indicators to trigger sound for visually impaired pedestrians, so at least they're doing something. 4:56. coming up, it is so hot outside, kari. >> but it will be cool to head out to at&t park for the last part of the battle of the bay this evening out at at&t park. and at first pitch we'll be at 64 degrees, a lot of clouds, humidity, maybe some drizzle. we'll talk about what's ahead across the bay area coming up next. and i've adjusted the shot, because of the flashing light. i'll point it out coming up. and they go to court angry over the oroville dam
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dam.. almost 5:00 a.m. on your thursday morning, let's take you out live to the bay bridge in downtown san francisco. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew forsome sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. that humidity, you can feel it. >> we're going to sparkling too. >> glit evening. >> bad hair day today, lots of humidity you step out side and you're juft like, ugh, it just feels nasty out there. a few clouds rolling by, high temperatures this afternoon reaching 90 degrees. by 8:00 we'll be at 71 degrees
5:00 am
and then reaching into the low 80s today heading up to 90 this afternoon been mostly cloudy skies and very muggy conditions. i'll talk about what's ahead as we'll be tracking the potential of some dry lightning in the bay area coming up. mike takes us out there on the roads and into palo alto. >> that's right. we're tracking crews overnight did not have the cooler conditions they probably had hoped for. looking over here at the roadways we don't see a lot of slowing. we had slowing for 101 right here come willing down toward university. we have a camera there and we'll show you again the flashing light, there's some sets of lights here and here, they're in the construction zone right at the bridge, project continuing to work on that but the closures have cleared in the last five minutes, speeds have restored. back to you. 5 clock right now, the palo alto judge who sentenced a stanford swimmer to six mops for sexual assault is face a recall vote this fall. >> that sentence was watched extremely closely,


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