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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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taking a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge in san francisco. looking forward to a great workweek. let's get it going. it's not even 5:00. well, it is now. good morning to you. thousand for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. mondays i feel are not the toughest day. you come back -- tuesday there's that lag. for now let's live in the moment. >> and let's live in these cooler temperatures and drier air. i think we'll all appreciate that as you wake up this morning. we do start out with some clouds. that will will keep the temperatures down as we go throughout the day. a live look outside in san jose. it's 63 degrees with a high of 82. it's going to be really nice with our temperatures starting out in the 60s throughout much of the morning and then rising up to 81 by 2:00. a look at all the temperatures in a few minutes but now mike is tracking a crash in free month. >> kari, we heard about this a few minutes ago. we don't see a lot of slowing around really any part of the bay, but we're looking at northbound 880 heading up to thornton, that's 84, the
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southern 84, and it's moved to the shoulder. no major injuries reported. chp will get a few more details as they clean up the scene. a smooth drive heading up to this 84 getting across that dumbarton bridge. no problems across your spans right now. out of the tri-valley a little bit of build out of the altamont pass on the merge with 205. 580 moves well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. to some breaking news this morning. unprovoked and brazen attacks on b.a.r.t. again. in less than two hours poe he lease will release is yosurveil photos hoping to catch a suspect involved in two different robberies. >> pete suratos joins us live from the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station. they believe they're looking for a repeat offender here. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura and sam. we're not too far from b.a.r.t. headquarters in oakland. they will hold that news conference here at the b.a.r.t. station in less than an hour and will talk about two incidents that happened between the span of a few days they believe is
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connected to the same suspect. i will show you a map of where the incidents took place. the most recent ones took place saturday at the embarcadero station when police say the suspect punches the victim in the face twice. the victim says they did not know the suspect and on thursday, a few days prior in san leandro police say the same suspect hit a man on the train with a metal object and in both cases the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries. now of course this all happened as a number of incidents on b.a.r.t. have taken place. it has been a concern for riders for their safety including the most infamous one in april involving dozens of teenagers at the coliseum station. a lot of controversy there as far as releasing surveillance pics of those who were involved. we are being told b.a.r.t. has surveillance pictures of the suspect involved in the incidents that we're talking about. we expect to see those during the news conference at 6:00 a.m. we'll bring that to you live
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here on "today in the bay." we're live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> scary to ride b.a.r.t. these days. thank you very much, pete. >> a lot of people choosing to drive. 5:02. the b.a.r.t. spokesperson called us this morning to tell us about this 6:00 a.m. news conference we'll carry it live on "today in the bay." all new this morning naval teams have located the submerged u.s. osprey that went down off the coast of eastern australia. 2 u.s. marines were rescued. three marines as of right now are believed to have gone down with the aircraft. rescue efforts were called off yesterday. those three victims have not been identified. new this morning north korea is once again threatening to retaliate against the u.s. over the adoption of tough new u.n. sanctions. we just told you about the reaction as the communist nation says it is ready to teach the u.s., quote, a severe lesson with nuclear strategic force if the u.s. takes military action against north korea. now those sanctions include a
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ban on coal and other exports. othernight president trump and south korea's president agreed to cooperate on resolving the nuclear issue. secretary of state rex ti tillerson right now is responding to north korea overnight. >> vice president pence is pushing back against a new report that says he may seek the top job in 2020. "today in the bay's" tracie potts following the latest developments for us from washington. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: plus the leak investigations which may focus more on politicians than journalists. we'll tell you about that. north korea a big issue this morning. that's being followed here in washington as north korea pledges to retaliate against the united states with the president watching closely and talking about it on twitter. while president trump is on a working vacation his secretary of state's overseas this morning with this message for north korea.
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>> the best signal would be to stop these missile launches. >> reporter: back home "the new york times" reports vice president pence is courting donors collecting millions, laying the groundwork for his own possible presidential run in 2020. pence called that laughable and absurd. >> zero concerns. that is complete fiction. that is complete fabrication. >> reporter: meantime, the deputy attorney general says leaked investigations will not target journalists, but the white house and congress could be fair game. >> we identify somebody, no matter what their position is. if they violated the law, we'll prosecute it. >> even a top obama official says he's concerned. >> the leaks right now are really bad. i've never seen it this bad. there should be a concerted effort to identify and go after leakers. >> reporter: the justice
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department it to triple investigations into government leaks. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> happening today the city of chicago is set to file a federal lawsuit of the president's immigration policy specifically the city is suing the justice department over its plan to strip funds from sanctuary cities like san francisco. the lawsuit claims it violates the fourth amendment which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. a nationwide man hunt for two murder suspects out of chicago has ended here in the bay area. the victim, a hairstylist. one of the suspects is a professor at northwestern and is expected in court later this morning. >> absolutely wild story. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in dublin outside of the east county hall of justice where this all ended and, bob, what's the very latest? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. in four hours from now one of the suspects in the violent murder in chicago is expected in court here in dublin where a
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superior court judge is expected to order that wyndham lathem, a microbiology professor at northwestern university, expected to order him extradited back to chicago to face charges in the murder of trenton cornell-duranleau, a 26-year-old hairstylist found stabbed to death late last month inside lathe ep's downtown chicago. they have been looking for him in a manhunt that crisscrossed the country. he turned himself in to ma marshals. andrew warren, a payroll worker at the university of oxford england surrendered to san francisco police. they believe lathem was in a personal relationship with his victim but have not released the motive. it's not clear what warren's relationship is with either of the men. in an odd twist on the day of the murder police say one of the men made a $1,000 cash donation in the victim's name. lathem, a well-regarded expert on bubonic plague, has reportedly sent a video to friends apologizing for the crime calling it the biggest
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mistake of his life. his jail guards have placed lathem under intense observation over concerns he might be suicidal. reporting live here in dublin, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we will be covering this all morning. >> an interesting case there. 5:08. a mother and a 2-year-old child narrowly he escaped being killed after a large tree limb fell at a company picnic. pictures of them after the little girl underwent surgery. here's a look at the scene yesterday. it happened at atherton where a limb snapped, crashing down on several people. look how big it was. witnesses say moments before there were more than 20 people seated under the same tree but many had gotten up for an activity. >> we had one witness say there were about two seconds from the time they heard cracking to the time the limb hit the ground.
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there wasn't a lot of time to react for a couple people and luckily their injuries aren't too serious. >> the company picnic was being held for san francisco bay's riverbed technologies. >> that could have been a whole lot worse. 5:09 right now. and the san jose swim coach arrested for sexting with teenagers is ex inspected in court this morning. timothy wynn was a coach at the quick silver swimming club. he had a texting relationship for over a year. two boys and three girls are accusing the coach of, quote, inappropriate behavior. happening today fire crews right now planning a final sweep of the oakland hills. this as officials want to be completely sure that they have contained the grisly fire. that 20-acre blaze started last wednesday at south park drive. we still don't have information about what caused it. happening today the giants will be remembering a historic home run. the one hit by barry bonds to set the all-time home run
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record. >> ten years ago today bonds hit number 756 to pass hank aaron for the most home runs ever. bonds ended with 766 home runs, still a record. some consider it tarnished by steroid allegations. bonds is now back with the giants as an adviser. according to "the chronicle" he will be at at&t for the celebration. it will be low key. ten years ago we were waiting, counting every single one. >> used to be one of the most hallowed records in all of sports. >> it's 5:10. as we start out this morning not too bad. mostly lower 60s around the bay area as you step out the door. some clouds with fog near the coast. then as we go into the afternoon up to 82 degrees in san jose, 82 in napa and santa rosa up to 84 degrees. morgan hill, look for a high of 87. san francisco will be at 67. we'll about the temperature trend for fremont today coming
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up in about four minutes. and the cones are clearing according to mike. >> we had cones dropping in lanes after they cleared the cones they created a cone zone, dropped the cones and then cleared it. all of that activity. but it's light as far as traffic goes. we can do that. the green sensors all around the bay, talking about eastbound 80 out of san francisco. no disturbance. we see little blips here and there coming over from the east bay just a few cars hitting the incline now. in fact your travel time getting over to the bay bridge off the east shore freeway still just 14 minutes to the berkeley curve so that's a great drive and you'll want to ride no delays. none of these including cal train. b.a.r.t. cars are on rail, too. >> keeping us straight, thanks. >> thank you for the education. 5:11 right now. up next cleanup continuing after a tornado in tulsa. we have reaction to the storms that put 30 people in the hospital. >> and san francisco-based wells fargo facing yet more trouble this morning. we'll bring you up to speed when "today in the bay" continues. mike traffic tease
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good monday morning. it is 5:14. let's take a live look outside in free. already busy as you get ready to head out the door. and we have a few clouds overhead. here is a look at the temperature trend throughout the morning. we'll start to see some clearing of those clouds at about 10:00, and then as we go through the rest of the day looking at high temperatures reaching 78 degrees. it's going to be a nice one and slightly warmer as we go through the week. i'll show you the numbers in the forecast coming up in five minutes. and the number we're looking
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at is i think number 12. well, it's the cash lanes over on the top of screen. one of them is not open. that's why you have a little backup at the bay bridge. the rest of your commute coming up. >> just a little blip there. thank you, mike and kari. 5:15. the sonoma county coroner is expected to perform an you a au on the man shot and killed by a santa rosa police officer. >> it happened about 6:00 in the morning at a home on westfield lane near the community park. police say the suspect was armed with a knife and had injured a couple of people. the officer tried to taser and pepper spray the suspect but that didn't work. eventually an officer opened fire killing the man. the person's identity has not been released. corrosion is now being blamed for the catastrophic failure that caused a thrill ride to break apart in midair at the ohio state fair. one person was killed, seven others injured. the ride's manufacturer blames excessive corrosion on a support beam for the row of seats that
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broke loose sending people flying. the beach boardwalk has a fireball ride made by that same manufacturer. it has been shut down ever since the high accident. more trouble this morning for san francisco-based wells fargo. >> the embattled bank may have more fake accounts. scott mcgrew, on top of the 2 million the bank has already found. >> when you combine credit cards and bank accounts, sam, more than 2 million. wells fargo already under pressure for those, accounts customers didn't want, in many cases didn't know they had, in a bank regulatory filing friday we learned there could be significantly more than 2 million already found. on top of that you may recall last week wells fargo said it had been over charging some car loan customers to the point those customers couldn't pay, had their cars repossessed by the bank that was overcharging them. wells fargo said on friday it would pay a fine as well after the government alleged the bank overcharged some veterans for mortgages. wells fargo is the nation's
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largest va lender. this puts more pressure on ceo who became ceo after it was revealed. there's pressure from investors this morning to find an outsider to lead the bank. the markets are doing well friday's jobs numbers showed more jobs created in july than expected. unemployment dropped to 4.3%. a 16-year low. president trump used to call the unemployment rate was very excited tweeting at the time excellent jobs numbers just released, and i have only just dwun begun. many jobs stifling moving to the usa. federal regulations say nobody in the government's allowed to talk about the jobs number until one hour after the release and that includes the president.
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you may recall shawn spicer commented on jobs early a couple months ago back when he had a job. he apologized. we have not heard an apology. >> maybe don't hold your breath. >> we'll be watching. 5:18 right now. something we are watching in the midwest is the cleanup that continues in tulsa, oklahoma, this morning after a rare august tornado that roared through that city yesterday. we are now hearing that 30 people were injured by what proved to be a category 2 twister that included eight people who were sent to the hospital after being trapped inside a collapsed restaurant. look at the damage there from inside the building. the ceilings came down. trees fell. 5 million people are still under threat from severe thunderstorms. severe weather all over. >> there's no such thing as a category 2 twister. it's the ef-2. >> that's okay. i think that script was writ by
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a californian. >> we don't get too many tornadoes around here. >> the humidity -- >> that or the sun roof. >> we got rid of the humidity we had last week. the weekend was so nice. and we're going to continue on with that weather as you start out your new workweek. now we're looking at a few clouds this morning as you get ready to step out the door. we're seeing that right now in san francisco. a lot more than just a few clouds here. we will have that marine layer at about 2,000 feet which is great news because we'll see that fog for quite a while and may even start drizzling there, too. our high temperatures in the south bay reaching into the low 80s which is exactly where we should be for it this time of year reaching into the upper 80s in the south county, also upper 80s from livermore, antioch, over toward walnut creek. we'll be at about 86 to 87 degrees. in hayward a high of 73 and also 73 in san carlos today. san francisco and the embarcadero. 83 in sonoma.
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as we get a look at the temperature trend for willow glen in san jose, we will be at 64 degrees at 9:00. and then you make those plans this morning at noontime, 73 degrees. so you may want to grab the sandwich and just sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and the cooler temperatures. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen and a look at the day planner for oakland. we will have those clouds lingering through the 8:00 hour. it'll be in the low 60s, rising up to 69 degrees. we'll briefly hit 70 degrees and then as the winds pick up and the clouds start to move back in our temperatures will be in the upper 60s later on this evening. san francisco keeps temperatures in the 60s throughout much of the week. won't see many changes here before the inland areas will go from 86 degrees to the lower 90s by the end of the workweek. so enjoy the slightly cooler weather while it lasts. you're still following a crash in fremont? >> it's probably the last report you'll see this appear. enjoy this treat, folks.
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we'll look at this icon on the map because look at all the green speed sensors. northbound 880 just at thornton. that crash over on the shoulder should be completely cleared from the chp report in just a couple of minutes. no slowing there. at san rafael a live look. no slowing here southbound around the curve. southbound to 10 is at railroad we do have a crash further north in sonoma county with pu that is off to the shoulder and no major issue there. we'll show you waze and that driving over here from pittsburg and walnut creek, an easy, light drive. the freeway route, the purple one, is the best choice as far as time goes. make your best choice as well. your team for waze nbc bay area wazers. you select that team by going to your profile. here is your animation. select your name and then our name, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. up next, dangerous drivers. teens getting worse behind the wheel once they have more driving experience. researchers say parents may be
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partially to blame. also this morning nasa is making news. the agency's response to a 9-year-old job applicant that's going viral. and right now on our facebook page a hollywood marriage that's ending.
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and we )re hearing this morning happening today jury selection begins in the taylor swift groping trial in denver. we're hearing the pop star, country radio deejay david mueller reached under her dress and grabbed her from behind during a meet and greet at her show in 2013. swift told mueller's boss and mueller denied those allegations and is suing swift for $3 million. taylor is counter suing and asking for damages worth just $1. she says she wants to hold mueller responsible. this morning there's something you might already know if you have a teenaged driver. it seems teenagers become riskier drivers going into their senior year of high school. >> that's interesting as they accrue more time behind the wheel they get more dangerous. here is what you're finding out. the study says older teens perceive themselves to be safer drivers.
5:26 am
the high school senior spent more time using the phone behind the wheel. parents can be enablers in that sense punishing their kids less as they get closer to the age of 18. >> interesting. >> and also scary. all things alien. check out this letter from fourth grader jack davis and a self-proclaimed guardian of the galaxy. he writes, quote, i think i would be fit for this job, one of the reasons my sister says i'm an alien and i've seen almost all the space and alien movies i can see, done. >> pretty cool there. >> your jack would probably be
5:27 am
interested. >> one wants to be a marine biologist. we'll go with that. >> he's a man of many talents. up next, asking for help. how people in marin county can weigh in on the future of transportation there. >> reporter: and google is responding to a memo posted by an engineer here pitting men against women and perhaps against science.
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coming up on 5:30 on your monday morning, we are taking a live look outside right now at downtown san jose.
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you see some cloud cover in the background and a whole lot cooler to start out this week. thankfully. take a deep breath. i'm sam brock. >> a refreshing monday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to that forecast with kari. a nice one. >> pretty good this morning as we start out with some clouds, we'll see that clearing out. continuing weather from the weekend. 62 degrees in the south bay. 62 with coastal fog in the peninsula and as we get a look at san francisco, 59 degrees. and here is a look at today's high temperatures. 87 degrees. oakland 70 and san jose will be up to 82 degrees. we'll talk about what's ahead as our temperatures go up a few more degrees as we go through the week and looking ahead, mike, there's a crash reported at the bay bridge toll plaza? >> kari, bad timing.
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reports of a crash in the toll plaza. i'm watching the pattern and i do see all lanes moving. even the hov lane is slowing. look, it's unusually slow. look at your map and that's the only slowing. the orange is across the incline. no problems and that crash in fremont has cleared from the nimitz. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we are following breaking news. another report of an attack at a b.a.r.t. station. in about half an hour officials will will hold a news conference to address the ongoing issue. we are expecting now to see surveillance video from the photos of the suspect. >> a 6:00 a.m. press conference. pete suratos joins us live with the latest on what we are expecting to hear from the agency. pete, good morning.
5:32 am
>> reporter: a bit unusual for a news conference to take at 6:00 a.m. they notified this before the newscast. this is related to two recent incidents and they believe the same suspect is behind both of those incidents. i'll show you a map of where the recent incidents took place. on saturday night an incident in san francisco. b.a.r.t. police say the suspect approached a man on the train and punched him twice in the face. the victim says the suspect fled the scene shortly after and just a few days prior on thursday night at another b.a.r.t. station ba.a.r.t. police say tht same man hit a victim on the train but this time with a metal object. the suspect also punching and kicking the victim before jumping off the train and this attack once again was unprovoked. now in both cases the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries.
5:33 am
this continues to be a problem for b.a.r.t. especially for the riders on their trains. we've seen this increase mostly focus in san francisco and oakland. the most famous incident taking place in oakland where dozens of teenagers carried out the flash mob style robbery. we'll bring the news conference to you live on "today." we're live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> ba.a.r.t.'s directors are taking the situation seriously. in a half hour b.a.r.t. officials set to announce new information about the robbery suspect. watch that live here on "today in the bay." at 5:33 the kate steinle murder case is moving forward today. we're expecting pretrial hearings to begin in a few ho s hours. last friday a judge was selected for the trial. judge fang has been working in
5:34 am
san francisco superior court almost a decade. sanchez is accused of shooting and killing kate steinle along a san francisco peer in 2015. the shooting sparked controversy as a sanctuary city. silicon valley's so-called bro culture rears its head again. women in engineering and tech. >> kris sanchez joining us now from the mountain view headquarters with the response from google and beyond here. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. the response was swift and colorful on social media. in case you missed the debate it stems from a memo posted by an unnamed google engineer and the company's employee bulletin. men in general are more capable.
5:35 am
these differences may explain why we don't see an equal presentation. from the uk encouraging diversity of opinions doesn't mean you should encourage things which are objevious nonsense. this tweet, though, from a neuroscientist who writes for the "times" says it was fair and does not have incorrect assumptions about gender but who cares what science says anymore. google has not revealed who this engineer is. coming up at 6:30 i'll show you what google's new vice president of diversity has to say about women and leadership in silicon valley. in mountain view, kris sanchez "today in the bay." at 5:35 this morning new marin county transportation officials looking to hear from you as they plan for the next 25 years. analyzing current traffic conditions and looking for ways
5:36 am
to grow. send comments to the department until november 22. discovery kingdom living up to its name and then some this weekend for four bay area children whose dad has been serving overseas for months. call this a full-on surprise. >> aw. >> just the sheer elation of being able to see your dad again after being abroad. jacob thomas and his familiy. he is he has been in kuwait since january. his wife worked with six flags to be able to plan that special surprise for them when he came back. >> that's so much better. oakland and much better than original reports. a crash reported. you see that flashing light, one
5:37 am
set of flashing lights. reports are that vehicle that hit a bumper or something else in the roadway and then pulled over to the side. seeing traffic move smoothly. let's take you out to the maps. >> over here the other crash may be over in your far left lane. the farthest over to the left hov lane because that's the one i see not being used at the toll mra. everything else moves well. we're tracking that crash as well. the bay bridge shows a typical pat esh. the rest of the bay moves nicely. i want to talk about your travel times getting in out of the east bay looking at the tri-valley. we have a little slowing. one more thing i want to point out it's eastbound 580. the westbound commute is standard. >> did you have a good weekend, mike? >> i did. >> let's look forward to the
5:38 am
next one. >> a makeover, all this heat. >> it it will be today cooler and then it warms up a few more degrees. we're all asking how is your weekend? >> football season is under way. >> you kick it off with training camp and enjoying some free food out there at levi stadium. let me know on facebook how was your weekend? what are you doing this weekend coming up? maybe i can help you out with the forecast. for the inland areas up to 90 degrees on saturday. sunday the bay will be at 76 degrees. in the 60s all weekend long and starting out with morning clouds and the sun breaking out through the day.
5:39 am
some very nice weather. i'll have a lock at san jose's temperature trend in three minutes. >> coming up this is not how hit nbc drama "this is us" wanted its first year for emmy nominations to go. the reason the show has been stripped of a nomination.
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it's mostly cloudy as you step out right now in san jose. i want to show you the temperature trend through the day. we'll be nice and cool to start out this, lower 60s at 7:00 and then as we go through the day rising into the upper 70s eventually hitting 82 for an afternoon high. this will be a fairly cool start to the week and then it warms up a few more degrees. we'll take a look at the forecast for the rest of the workweek coming up in five minutes. >> travel times starting to creep up. south 880 on these travel times. a change over at the bay bridge to show you. >> we will check that out with you momentarily. thank you, mike. 5:42 right now. happening later today the swearing in ceremony for santa cruz's police chief. he comes here from the eureka police department. today's swearing in ceremony will will take place at 4:00 at city hall court yard.
5:43 am
we did some investigating overnight and this is what we learned. so farp not a single homicide in the city this year. last year there was just one. larceny or theft is the highest reported. 221 cases and counting so far this year. burglary come in next on the list with 42 reports to date, and tlhere have been 14 cases o assaults. a molestation suspect arrest ed after an alert airline passenger tipped off bay area authorities is expected to appear in court for a bail hearing. authorities arrested 56-year-old michael keller last week in san jose after a southwest plane landed. investigators say a woman onboard his flight from tacoma noticed disturbing text messages about molesting children. the woman, san jose police say keller was texting with, was arrested in tacoma along with what investigators say two young victims. >> that is very disturbing.
5:44 am
a san francisco leader talking about having the city buy a fast food restaurant that has traditionally been a trouble spot over the years. we're talking about the mcdonald's at the top of haight street. people who live nearby call it a con due thursday. san francisco city leaders now are discussing the possibility of buying the space and using it to develop more low-income housing. the supervisor says the city needs to come up with more innovative solutions to get a handle on crime. >> we want to help them. we have services, but we're not going to let you be violent and disruptive and make everyone else uncomfortable in this community. >> in terms of ownership right now mcdonald's does own that land. the company is now reviewing the ci city's proposal. >> more fallout this morning for the north bay woman charged with embezzling more than a million dollars from a private school. she is preparing for a court battle now with her ex-husband. you may recall kathleen mecca
5:45 am
settled the case against her for takinging money from the school in mill valley. in mecca paid $650,000. but this morning the marin ij reports her ex-husband andrew mecca is suing her saying half that money she paid belongs to him. they co-founded the private school. later today there's the start of a six-week-long closure for a bus depot. closing the it center until september 21st. so that is the heads-up for you. crews are replacing pavement there on 5:45 right now. president trump is on vacation. he'll spend 17 days at his new jersey golf course. >> scott mcgrew, president trump used to criticize president obama for taking a break. >> he did. his twitter time line is full of them, sam. trump saying if he were president he'd never leave the white house and criticizing then president obama for golfing as
5:46 am
well. trump tweeted his trip to b bedministbe bedminster is not a vacation. he winds up his 200th day of his president today or tomorrow depending on how you count the days. the president's definitely watching tv this morning, though. just a few minutes after senator sydney blumenthal appeared on cnn this morning the president tweeted blumenthal was a liar who cried like a baby. let's talk about the raise act, this was posed just a short time ago. it works on a points system and it was proposed by senators tom cotton and david perdue and president trump as well. here they are presenting this. now this would raise the bar on how you needed to get your admission into the united states. it's a points system. you're trying to get 30 for consideration into the u.s. legally. for instance having a bachl
5:47 am
lore's degr bachelor's degree will give you six points. a nobel prize will give you 25 points but only medals count but only individual not team sports. and age is very important. 50 years and older no points for you. i added up my points, i don't qualify for admission into the united states. i'm quite short. we cover the president and his policies every morning. both the president and of our coverage you can contact me directly on twitter. >> that was a fascinating breakdown. appreciate that. new this morning our own nbc learning a very hard lesson in history. not one anyone saw coming. >> the hit series "this is us" and its 11 nominations. now you can make it 10. outstanding contemporary costume
5:48 am
has been revoked. less than 51% of the nominated episodes took place within the past 25 years spending the majority of time in those 1970s flashback that the show does so well. but with too many period costumes for the contemporary category the nomination itself ended up being history. >> i know you love the show. >> i do. >> i also know you very much appreciate period pieces and the costumes that come with it. >> i do. >> "mad men" one example of that. >> i think i should have been born in a different era. >> for me the '70s or '80s are contemporary. >> those bell bottom pants. >> more of an early '90s guy myself, ghostbusters. we don't want to go back to last week. no flashbacks. we're moving forward. >> let's go to the 70s today. temperatures will be nice. >> far out. >> more cool than last week. also the humidity will be lower once the clouds and the fog and all that stuff gets out of here. at 59 degrees we take a live
5:49 am
look outside in oakland, already looks busy on this monday morning. time to get up and get moving. the seven-day forecast is coming up and we're going to start in the south bay. you'll be able to check out what to expect as we go through the week. it'll be up to 82 degrees in san jose. east san hoe jose. to danville today, 86. also 86 in livermore. walnut creek up to 87 degrees. oakland, there you go. 70 degrees there. 72 in san mateo. and for san francisco up to 63 degrees and 83 in novato and also 83 in sonoma today. as you're getting up you see the clouds. you're getting dressed. you don't want to forget the sunglasses or maybe shades. i brought my own with that gigantic hat. you may want a hat, too, or something to help you out with the clouds and drizzle in san francisco and you'll probably feel comfortable with some long
5:50 am
sleeves on today. and as we get a live look outside from at&t park towards san francisco, well, it'll be a nice evening out there at at&t park for the cubs versus the giants game. first pitch at the 7:08 and it will be at 61 degrees. we'll drop it back to the upper 50s so you need a lot more layers there. and if you're going hiking in the north bay today we start out with some patchy fog and at about 7:00 it'll be 58 degrees and then temperatures rising to the mid-70s by 10:00. it will still be fairly mild. we'll be heating up into the low 90s by early afternoon and increasing winds later this evening. san francisco keeps the 60s all throughout the week. we'll briefly hit 70 degrees on friday. for the inland areas a nice mild start to the week but then it does get a touch warmer heading into the middle of the week with some low 90s on the way. and, mike, you're tracking a traffic break in oakland. >> you helped me spot that. you were talking about the lights going southbound and you
5:51 am
saw that burst. much more dense as you took kari's shot just a few minutes ago. we're start to go see traffic break out. a tire in the middle of the roadway, 880. the traffic break continues south so it must have been closer to 98. we do see traffic moving in all lanes. you'll be slower right now from downtown oakland in toward hayward but that traffic break clerpd the tires so hopefully that will retire. the bay bridge toll plaza a change there. a change for the better for hov. your car-pool lanes are moving smoothly now. that crash reported in lane three i thought moved over here because of the traffic pattern and it has cleared. back to your standard monday backup at the bay bridge. the maps reflect a smoother flow of traffic smoother across the incline the rest of the bay shows standard build. we'll check our waze system and some options including that slower drive developing for hayward over there. if you're getting from dublin over to fremont you can take the longer and slower drive on the blue route. we even show you the option if
5:52 am
that is what you prefer. right the now it takes long er. we do prefer you pick our team that would be nbc bay area wazers. we've partnered with waze and our team had members to share all the conversations about the roadways there so check that before you leave. nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> sounds like a plan. thank you, mike. it is 5:52. coming up we might be out of a drought for now. the reason one california city is keeping their water restrictions even though the water is flowing. plus, happening right now a developing story out of san diego, an off-duty deppity is recovering after being shot in the torso. the man was walking with a group when a suspect confronted him with a gun. that deputy wrestled with the suspect and that is when several shots were fired. the suspect ran from the scene. and disney right now is facing a legal complaint for allegedly tracking kids through their apps. a concerned parent filed a complaint saying that their children's personal information was being sold to third parties.
5:53 am
the children's online privacy protection rule bans the collection of kids' personal information without parental consent.
5:54 am
♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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whatwhat made them believeace carthat a two-ton behemothhop? could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance. our san francisco camera this morning. we )re off to a cool and foggy start. welcome back. a live look outside.
5:56 am
we are off to a cool and foggy start. all lanes are open now. crews will be repairing pavement and traffic will be did i verpted at the far east side of the toll plaza. riders can still take the nearest bus stop. bay area transit agencies are prepared. reinstating school day only service and adjusting service on several bus lines. they will serve students who go to wood side high school in
5:57 am
redwood city. >> you talk about going back to school right now and a lot of parents it's kind of stressful. i know that's shocking. they are scrambling right now to make sure their kids are ready to go back to school. a new retail me not survey finds nine out of ten are stressed out about the new school year particularly, yes, when it comes to back-to-school shopping. one way to reduce the shopping stress is not to worry about getting it backed into one weekend. do some of your shopping online. not body to do school shopping after school has started because that way you get everything on the teacher's list. if your child needs musical or sports equipment -- >> who wrote this? >> i don't know who wrote this. consider renting instead of buying. >> i recommend don't necessarily go all in and buy a lacrosse stick or a piano or something like that, look into renting. >> back to school season which runs through september is the second busiest time of the year
5:58 am
for retail, second only to christmas. >> usually you have to get your supplies before school starts, it's a requirement. >> listen to teacher lauren. >> as the new school year gets under way for students across the country, a reminder of fourth graders, all fourth graders and their family can get free admission to national parks and other federal lands for a full year with a fourth grade pass. that is a great opportunity. take advantage of that all thanks to the every kid in a park initiative. that is valid for the entire school year and the following summer as well beginning in september and ending in august. new this morning leaders in one northern california city want to tighten rules for water use even despite the end of the state drought. people who live in sacramento have been limited to watering two days a week since the drought started and now city leaders are looking to a plan to actually make that permanent. the new rules would be approved at the city council meeting tomorrow. landscaped areas open to the public would be exempt.
5:59 am
some residents feel it goes too far. others support it. >> to me because the drought is over it doesn't mean we shouldn't conserve water. if we don't there's a chance the drought could come back. >> violators would receive a warning for the offense and a $50 fine if there's a second offense within a year. >> a live look outside right now from our at&t park camera this morning, all quiet at the moment. that will not be the case tonight as the giants are getting ready to host the defending world series champs, the chicago cubs. you can catch all the action here on nbc bay area. game coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. >> right now at 6:00 breaking news. we are standing by as the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station where police are about to hold a news conference to talk about two recent attacks at b.a.r.t. stations. the person they're looking for in both cases. plus, nationwide a man hunt for two murder suspects out of
6:00 am
chicago ends in the bay area. the possible motive in the case. and safety concerns at a peninsula park after a tree limb comes crashing down on top of people at a company picnic including this little girl. the reason the situation could have been much worse. b"today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good monday morning to you. i hope you had a fantastic weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. as you settle in and get ready for your workweek we do have a problem on the bay bridge that mike inouye is tracking. mi mike, what's the very latest? >> we learned about a crash that blocks your left lane as you're traveling westbound. your commute direction from oakland in to san francisco inside that tunnel there, the tunnel at the treasure island on ramp. they're impeded by the crash but so are folks on the freeway going through that tunnel. you're your left two lanes are blocked. stay over to your right if you're heading over there. right back to you. >> thank you for the very latest there. now


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