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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 8, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the south bay.. an armed robbery turned homicide investigation... right now at 5:00 we are tracking breaking news in the south bay. an armed robbery turned homicide investigation. we're live at the liquor store now turned crime scene. good morning to you and thank you for joining us on this this tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. kris sanchez will get us up to speed momentarily. first let's check in with kari hall who has a look at your first weather. good morning, kari. good morning. another nice day. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today, too. a touch warmer in a few parts of the bay area but overall a very mild start with our temperatures now in the upper 50s to lower 60s as you head out the door with high temperatures inland for some of the valleys and reaching 91 degrees while san francisco will be at 67 degrees. so we'll it talk about what's ahead as we head through the week and warmer temperatures for the end of the week coming up. mike is tracking a road closure in the south bay.
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that's right. we talked about bear creek road. we'll show you the freeway. everything is operating normally for the freeways. highway 17 had a lot of slowing and i think that's why. we talked about the issue being about three miles off highway 17 on bear creek road. chp just told us this is just off the roadway. if you know where that is this is something you should be concerned about. if you don't know where that is the slowing for highway 17 did clear i think after they got the closure completed. bear creek road will be closed to after 6:00 a.m. because of this tractor-trailer that stuck at a hairpin turn. it's a windy roadway. it could not make it through. it sounds like there's a construction project. the freeways again move well. here are your travel times over to the bay bridge. no problem teja at the toll plaza. 5:01. to breaking news out of san jose. police are on the scene of a homicide investigation after an armed robbery at a liquor store took a violent turn.
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we first told you about this when we came on air at 4:30. kris sanchez joins us live off white road with what we've been learning the last couple of hours. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, sam. police are not telling us a lot of details at this point because they are still actively investigating now almost six hours after this man was shot and killed. you can see the liquor store behind me and you can still see that there is lots of activity there in the doorway. officers have been taking pictures. the perimeter is pretty broad. police have blocked off much of this parking lot here at south white and quimby road. investigators were there arriving on scene. it appears this botched robbery happened about 11:00 last night. paramedics did arrive on scene to find a man with a gunshot wound but at that point it was just too late to save him. that man is still here on scene. we believe the coroner has now
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arrived here to remove the victim and potentially identify that person and notify their next of kin. we are at a pretty decent distance away. police are not telling us anything specific at this point but we will keep making phone calls and trying to reach out to police to find out whether or not this could potentially present any danger to the public. at this point i have been in in contact with mike inouye as well, and because this is pretty far back in the strip mall parking lot it does not appear this will affect your morning commute. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, kris, thank you for that update. new this morning a reported abduction in oakland last night turns out to be false. this morning police are telling us there's no merit to the story. last night california highway patrol tweeted out they were looking for a suspect behind an abduction of a woman in oakland. oakland police are saying the alleged kidnapping did not happen in their city. also new this morning less than
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24 hours after b.a.r.t. police arrested a suspect connected to two assaults at b.a.r.t. stations, it doesn't look like the crime interest there is actually slowing down. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us live from the b.a.r.t. station with more on the latest incident. at this time yesterday, pete, you were getting us ready for a press conference as they looked for a suspect. now more information. >> reporter: good morning to u you, sam and laura. yes, i was in oakland when b.a.r.t. poe he lease announced the arrest of that suspect connected to two assaults at the embarcadero station in san leandro. our newsroom did look at b.a.r.t.'s poe he lease log from overnight and there are a number of incidents related to crime and they're still looking for some suspects in some of these cases. here is a list we put together. you can see it's at a number of stations. you have the mcarthur station having a report of someone getting their iphone stolen. san leandro stations reports stolen laptops. on the last three stations there at pleasant hill, south hayward
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and oakland reports of bike thefts. as i mentioned police are still looking for suspects in some of the cases listed there and all of this coming just a day after b.a.r.t. police arrested this m man, looking at mario washington. police say he randomly assaulted two riders just last week for no reason and in one case hit a b.a.r.t. rider in the head with bolt cutters. in oakland a fire investigator is the one who spotted washington near the police department of all places yesterday morning after seeing these pictures that you're looking at, pictures from b.a.r.t. surveillance video that we showed to you on "today in the bay" yesterday morning. while the arrest comes as good news, a woman recent ly attacke in san francisco says there needs to be more security at stations. >> this guy, like, he walked behind us and he's carrying a knife. so, yeah, there were some police officers then. >> reporter: i want to point out b.a.r.t. recently installed surveillance cameras on trains in june to better track the
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incidents and no word on when the suspect in yesterday's arrest will appear in court. we'll continue to keep tabs on that. security is a concern we he had heard from passengers, b.a.r.t. police said they will continue to increase visibility in response to these incidents. we're live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> that's pretty active out there. thank you, pete. let's get to a story everyone has been talking about, the google employee who sent shock waves around silicon valley with his inner office memo about gender inequality is now out of a job. google's ceo saying that letter violated the company's code of conduct. it was written, we've learned, by google engineer james demore what he believed which is that men are genetically built better than women for tech jobs and leadership roles. he told "the new york times" he is likely going to pursue legal action against google. >> we're built better to have babies. there's a new fight on
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terror. troops are getting deeper into conflicts abroad. more marines are heading to afghanistan where isis has taken control. the presence of isis is growing. reports president trump has been frustrated at his generals over the war in afghanistan and he has reportedly said america is losing the war there. secretary of state rex tiller n tillerson. >> to just say we're going to keep doing what we've been doing the president is not willing to accept that. >> the u.s. is providing training, equipment and considering air strikes where isis has taken control in parts of the southern islands. 5:07 right now. pretrial hearings are expected to continue today in the kate steinle case. sanchez is accused of shooting and killing steinle along the san francisco pier in 2015.
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right now only on nbc bay area a large bullmastiff gets shot after a guard says the dog lunged at him. in the video we obtained seems to show otherwise. >> a man says his dog got the off leash last friday at hu hunter's point. as he chased after her he heard gunfire. we want to tell you the dog will be okay. here is the grainy surveillance video. you can see a guard walking backwards. you can also see betty walking towards the guard and then eventually past him. you'll see it right there. they believe betty wanted to be petty. the video we obtained, you see what it shows. >> brinks, i mean, he shouldn't be running around with a gun. how about that? no, no.
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someone is going to do that and lie about it is beyond the pale. >> we reached out to corporate headquarters and did not get a response. brisbane lawyers are meeting for a plan that could triple the city's population. these are project renderings right by 101. you can't miss it when you drive into san francisco. it promises more than 4,000 new housing units. along with 7 million square feet of office and retail space. that is the rendering there and this has been a heated issues. planners and city leaders have been resistant to approve the project. it's 5:09 right now. takinging action mopping a series of recommendations after the flooding of a creek. a consultant team released a report.
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the group's findings will be released. santa clara water district leaders will meet today to talk about ongoing flood risk reduction measures. it is 5:10. as we wake up it feels pretty mild outside and like yesterday morning where we do start out with some clouds. all that have will be clearing. a live look outside in san jose all nice and kwquiet you now. as you make plans for today the temperature trend as we will be in the low 60s throughout the morning. we'll be at 74 and heading up to 83 later today. a look at fremont. mike starts us out with a crash. >> kari, it's in san jose. it's a tanker truck, a gas tanker which is, i'm told, empty. you see the roadways are moving well. that was an alarming sight to see. northbound 101 before you get to story road. reports of two lanes being blocked by a gas tanker,
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involved in a minor crash. no major slowing as you get to the bay bridge and that's the good news. the golden gate, the overnight construction cleared from the southbound lanes and the zipper truck has prepared for the morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. >> road all clear. 5:11. up next, hbo filed action. what hackers released and their new demands this morning.
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5:14. as we start out looking live right now in fremont and it's already businey on the roadways this morning. and we have a few clouds overhead as you step out the door. we're in the low 60s. we'll stay there for the next couple of hours and see our temperatures quickly warming up once the skies clear. at noon 69 degrees in fremont and heading up to 82 degrees. it's going to be a beautiful day and not a bad forecast. >> and look at this, 580 shows a nice easy drive at grant line road. a fender-bender at that construction site that does not involve a construction crew. i'm watching also the closure in the south bay. >> 5:19. new details on a data breach at hbo. >> this morning it appears hackers have e-mails from a company executive. on monday they posted a link
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online the messages plus a script summary of an upcoming "game of thrones" episode. it follows the release earlier this month of a "game of thrones" script and other shows. hbo says the files all come from the initial hack. this morning amazon is trying to explain some confusion for california customers. it has to do with out of uniform delivery people. amazon has a program that uses private delivery drivers to save on costs. it's already available in the bay area. customers in the sacramento area say they are split on this idea. >> my concern would be that if somebody wanted to have ill intent it would be that they could just throw a box under their arm and wand earp r up to door. >> if they want to hire joe driver who has a white van or red truck, more power to them. i'm happy with it. >> drivers have to pass criminal
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and driving background checks before hand. maybe buying on amazon or myriad of other places, americans are carrying more credit card debt. >> maybe shopping too much. scott mcgrew, a lot of the people not ready to pay it back. >> exactly right. subprime customers, laura, lower than average credit scores. if this sounds familiar, it is. a new report from the federal e reserve shows consumers have racked up a total of a trillion in debt. that works out to about $3,000 for man, woman and child in america and it's growing thanks to banks' tend encies to give credit cards to more and more peep. speaking of credit, tesla will borrow more money. a less than ideal credit rating offering junk bonds to fund its purchase of new equipment to build the model three and to
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build more batteries. tesla sometimes borrows money. other times it dilutes its stock. either way it hopes to make up for it with lots of car sales. "the new york times" calculated right now tesla owes 5 1/2 times what it makes every year. markets rose again monday. the dow saw its tenth winning day in a row and high 22,118. the man forced to step down from uber has been telling people he's going to come back. he's going to be uber ceo once again. he calls it pulling a steve jobs. there's travis right there. pulling a steve jobs because you'll remember steve jobs came back to apple after he was fired. the co-founder of uber says, no, you won't. he serves on the board with kalanick. he wrote an e-mail and said despite rumors i'm sure you've in the news travis is not returning as ceo. we are committed to hiring a new world class ceo to lead uber. >> so what's it about, do you think? >> i think travis wants to be
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the ceo of uber and he invented it. he thinks he has every right, but it's clear that is not going to work out. >> trying to rebrand their image. thank you, scott. trouble is brewing for people visiting mexico. tropical storm franklin churning towards mexico's yucatan peninsula close to major resort cities, cancun, franklin formed on sunday. it is blowing maximum sustained winds. at this point 60 miles an hour and is expect to continue moving northwest over the next few days. loo and there's extreme weather in houston, texas, as well. heavy rains pounded that region yesterday. that is expected to continue through sunday. some areas got as much as 8 inches of rain. roads became completely impas impassab impassable. some streets looked more like rivers. people have been asked to remain in place until waters recede. >> why people try to drive through streets that are just covered in water i never understand that.
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>> or run in it. that water is so nasty. why would you want to be out there playing in it? >> here very pleasant conditions. let's focus on that. >> absolutely no rain in the forecast, of course, and we are looking at some sunshine and also some warmer temperatures as we head through the next couple of days. as you step out right now in the upper 50s to lower 60s, fairly mild. don't need a heavy jacket this morning, even though it does look cooler as we go farther down the line. we'll talk about that. today we're heading up to 83 degrees it in san jose. kuper cupertino up to 84 degree. and 88 degrees today in gilroy. as we move over towards the east bay and the tri-valley, well, concord will be up to 90 degrees and also 90 in danville. hayward expecting a high of 77 degrees. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. half moon bay today at 66 degrees. palo alto looking at the a high 80 degrees today and san francisco up to 65. mill valley up to 79 degrees.
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looking live at the golden gate bridge this morning as we have seen fog rolling by but once again our temperatures will be very cool. we'll be at 60 degrees at first pitch. make sure you're wearing a nice, warm jacket. it will be windy in the bleacher section. oakland looking at a nice day with high temperatures reaching into the low 70s and the tri-valley. not bad going golfing. san fr san francisco stays in the 60s throughout the week. after the next couple of days and then cooling down early next week. mike says there's two crashes in the south bay. >> that's right. and they're sizable backups, both of them. one shows up on our sensors here in san jose. northbound 101 shy of story road. we told you about that. the last report involves an empty tanker truck and someone was seen running from the scene. that's what chp reports.
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that's why the as you travel north through the area. now that's one portion for the south bay. offway 17 is the second issue. bear creek road is closed as you get just off about three miles off the roadway head iing to highway 35. there's a big rig stuck on the roadway so you can't use bear creek road off highway 17. we'll track both of those. i want to get back to the earlier crash on our waze system. we do show you a few routes. one takes you right through the slower drive. that he is the 40-minute drive you see there. the one that saves you ten minutes takes you up capital expressway. gives you a good alternate. waze will do that for you. share that local information. also they will be entering notes for you as they passed the scene. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. appreciate it. it's 5:21. a deadly trend and it may be getting worse. the reason doctors think the
5:22 am
opioid crisis may be even more severe than first thought. and right now on facebook mike inouye remembering a scary family vacation. two hurricanes took aim at h hawaii during had his trip on this date a few years back. read about it and see all the photos, like mike inouye on facebook.
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casualties from america )s opiod crisis are even worse than originally thought.
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5:24. the casualties from america's opioid crisis are worse than originally thought. >> a very scary thought. the university of virginia researchers have found a chronic under reporting of deaths related to heroin and opioid doses. death rates were 24% higher and 22% higher for heroin. researchers did their accounting by reviewing death certificates. president trump, meantime, is planning on holding a briefing in new jersey today. he tweeted about this on america's opioid crisis. at 5:25 here is something to think about as temperatures hover in parts of the bay area. the opening ceremonies of the 2018 winter olympic games exa exactly six months from today. >> that's true although snow has still been in the bay area. is there still snow? that may seem a long way off, six months out, but it is not to travis, the truckee native and member of the ski team. he's busy now training at squaw
5:26 am
valley getting ready for the world cup season. he placed fifth in the downhill at the 2014 games in sochi and 0.4 from winning goal. he's confident he can do better in south korea. >> i'm more motivated, i guess. the second time around now i'm training smarter, and i know where i can put the energy towards and what i can save energy and not do. that just makes -- i think it will make the end result better. >> so ganong says he has a bit of a leg up on the competition going into the games having already skied the downhill course they're going to be usinging in korea more than a half dozen times. >> it makes me hurt just looking. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage as we get ready for the 2018 winter olympic games. our own garvin thomas will be going to pyeongchang tracking athletes who have their sights set on crime. a man accused of pretending to
5:27 am
be a doctor in the south bay. what he is accused of doing to one patient and the reason police think will there could be more victims. >> reporter: a home burst into flames in the east bay. we just spoke with the fire department on where that investigation stands. what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop?
5:28 am
what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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a little bit of flapping in the breeze there as we look at the flags and pulling out to the beautiful estate right by the eyewa highway. good morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> a nice start and a nice finish today. we will see clouds as the sun rises this morning taking a live look outside in san jose, all nice and quiet downtown and we will start to see the clouds clearing out by late morning. san francisco's heading up to 67 degrees. san jose up to 83. palo alto lower 80s today. and oakland at a nice comfortable 73 degrees but heating up in concord before a high there of 90 degrees. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend coming up in seven minutes but mike is still tracking that tanker crash in san jose. >> it sounds traumatic. we're looking at a calm drive. changes at the toll plaza, of course.
5:31 am
north 101 is jammed up. slowing approaching the capital expressway. by the time you get to 680 you're clear, this crash is just shy of story road involving an empty gas tanker truck and someone running from the scene, that's what chp is told. we're tracking that. there's a giant spider -- it's not giant. it's just close. this is standard for a tuesday. the metering lights are on. that's what we have at the bay bridge. back to you. >> both look pretty big, i don't know. look at this. this is huge. a wall of flames erupting at a home in oakland. this morning the investigation begins into what caused it. b "today in the bay's" rob bedell with the aftermath and a story all new this morning. bob? >> reporter: good morning, l laura. i did speak with the battalion chief coordinating an attack and they are still investigating what caused the two-story home on the 2100 block of 57th ave to go up into flames overnight.
5:32 am
take a look at this video. just in to our newsroom it gives you a sense of what the firefighters were up against. the chief tells us the home had been under construction for quite some time. had no electricity and was supposed to be vacant. however, the ba tttalion chief tells us neighbors said may have been squatters living in the structure. it was fairly involved by the time firefighters arrived. some of the the challenges facing them, a downed power line out front and exposure to two other homes on two sides of the house. we did drive by the house this morning and it appears oakland fire was able to keep it contained to just that structure. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, bob. san jose police, laura, say they are looking for more sexual assault victims, the arrest of a man they say claims to be a physician. police say ezequiel durio carvajal ran what he called a holistic pharmacy.
5:33 am
a woman says the suspect gave her an examination and it crossed the line. we talked to people who live near that business. [ speaking in spanish ] >> this man says the charges surprised him seems like a smart person. the arrest took place last week but police announced it yesterday. they're asking any other victims to call the department's sexual assault investigation unit. it is 5:33. belmont police are locking for an armed and dangerous man. police are looking for 27-year-old johan stewart. this is a photo of him. they want to question him about the shooting of dajon jones of union city. jones was killed in an apartment in belmont early saturday morning. this morning a northwestern university professor formally facing murder charges. wyndham lathem has waived his right to an extradition hearing. he should be back in chicago by early next month.
5:34 am
his attorney says lathem will plead not guilty to killing a 26-year-old chicago man. >> what he is accused of is totally contrary to the way he has lived his entire life. >> lathem's alleged accomplice is oxford professor warren. warren does not yet have an initial court appearance scheduled. both are still jailed here in the bay area. there are some grim accusations in the killing we don't want to get into the specifics of here but posted more information on it is 5:34. palo alto school board members will meet to discuss efforts to standardize the response to sexual assault and harassment cases. it follows recent controversy is your rounding how the district has handled such cases over the past few years. long the goals for the coming school year are better compliance to the federal title 9 law and unifying the district's features. 5:34.
5:35 am
some public feedback on fiscal emergency declaration in moraga. this costly sinkhole provided an unexpected punch to that affluent town. leaders declared a fiscal emergency in june. now at tonight's special meeting councilmembers will hear comments and suggestions about how to dig out of the financial hole. happening today alaska airlines welcomes mexico to its route with the launch of a new expanded service to mexico city. the airline plans to roll out 30 new routes calling it the most significant expansion in its history. among the first of the routes daily flights. it actually starts today. they're having a kickoff celebration later this morning apparently with mariachi bands and maybe mexican libations. we're not sure if that means margaritas or not. >> i think it's probably a safe bet there could be margaritas. >> some celebrating. 5:35. later today another bike sharing
5:36 am
company is debuting in the bay area. this new company does not have the traditional bike stations we are used to seeing when you rent one this is called spin, debuting in south san francisco. the eidea is you can pick up a bike anywhere and leave it anywhere. all of those bikes have individual locks. it costs $1 to rent for a half hour. live pictures right now from our emeryville camera and all drivers know about how not fun the rush hour commute can be, but new this morning air quality management district says it has a new way to thin the traffic and protect our air. the agency is offering up to $4 million in grants to public agencies to provide shuttle buses and ride sharing services. that money comes from a $4 surcharge that you've been paying at the dmv which that agency collects on cars and trucks registered in the bay area. >> you say commute and not fun, that's what we have right now. this is perhaps going to be an
5:37 am
example of the ripple effect as well. look at this stretch of north 101. everything else is clear. this is the problem. that's where we have that tanker crash just shy story and the 101/680/280 interchange. we have this tanker truck involved in a crash block iing your three left lanes, traveling northbound in your commute direction. a lot of folks traveling through the area and also capital expressway as an alternate back over to 680. it takes you not far from that scene, the crime scene where kris sanchez is reporting. that's in a strip mall and it shouldn't be affected by traffic. we're tracking that. meanwhile it's going to send more folks over capital expressway for highway 87 traveling north in through downtown. more congestion through that portion of san jose. it should take at least half an hour to move the tanker and the other vehicle involved. that will be an issue. we're looking at an easy drive to the bay bridge.
5:38 am
metering lights are on there. >> looking towards the weekend. >> we have to wait but we don't have to wait to look ahead, saturday and sunday. >> a lot so looking forward to outside lands this weekend and we're going to start you out on friday and it's going to be a very nice and comfortable at golden gate park. at 69 degrees by the time the festival kicks off and it will be mostly sunny throughout the day as our temperatures start to cool down that evening into the upper 50s. want to make sure you're dress ed for all kinds of weather out there all weekend long. the coast will be at 68 degrees for the high. morning clouds and fog clearing out. the bay will be at 75 degrees and 90 for inland areas. more of the same on sunday. it is going to be pretty warm and if you're just going to get away from it all and maybe head to the sierra a live look at
5:39 am
squaw valley. you can seep the moon shining right now and for the weekend it's going to be very nice. high temperatures reaching into the upper 70s. the russian river valley in the low to mid-80s this weekend. beautiful weather there as well. we'll take a look at san jose's temperature trend in three minutes. sounds good. thank you, ckari. 5:39. a terrifying seen caught on camera. new this morning video of a woman pushed into oncoming traffic. what happens next may have saved her life. >> a climate showdown. the president may have to say he believes in global warming. we'll tell you all about it. =kari/ck= kari weather tease
5:40 am
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=mike/trx= mike traffic tease it's 5:32. we're seeing clouds as you head out, taking a live look outside in san jose and the temperature trend will be nice and cool this morning. 11:00, perfect 70 degrees. then it warms into the low 80s today. you may have to turn on the air conditioning for a little while but overall it will be a very nice day. as we head into the next several days slightly warmer. we'll talk about the temperature trend for the rest of the week coming up at about 7:48.
5:43 am
>> and here is that crash, the sig alert by chp, the tanker truck. over hatlf the freeway is blocked. two other crashes. thanks so much, kari and mike. 5:43 right now. a new video to show you, hard to believe it is surveillance video out of london of an incident that actually happened last may. we lighted it here for you. it shows a jogger, can you make it out, put her into the path of an oncoming bus. the driver's quick instinct averpt add more serious situation. police say the man jogged back the other direction never acknowledged the woman as she tried to address him. london police are trying to track down that jogger. >> amazing she wasn't hurt in that narrow space there. san francisco-based airbnb has limits when it comes to who books from them, the limits of free speech.
5:44 am
kkk members and supporters are not wanted. the company's canceled booked lodgeings for people who plan on attend iing a kkk rally in sharltsville, virginia. they are kicking the people off the sites completely. they have a strict standard when it comes to discrimination. the trump administration is looking at climate change report done by 13 federal agencies. the report finds the u.s. is feeling the effects of climate change. "the new york times" acquired a draft copy of the report. it has not been publicly released. president trump has called climate change a hoax created by the chinese. there are concerns the administration will try to suppress the report. nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the unun, was asked about the report on the "today" show. >> will we embrace the results of this report from 13 federal agencies? >> i haven't seen the report but i don't see any reason they wouldn't. a lot of this, we're not saying climate change is not real.
5:45 am
it is real. it's how do you have that balance between making sure you have jobs and businesses moving and then also making sure you protect your climate. the answer is in the middle. >> you can watch the full interview with ambassador haley on the "today" show at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." the press has hounded the white house asking if the president has changed had his mind about climate change. >> scott, the press has never gotten a straight answer on that. >> no, it has not. we've asked shawn spicer, sarah huckabee sanders, the answer is they talked to the president about it. drafts of the report have floated around the internet. the president himself will be asked to sign off on it. here is what wikileaks purports to be a copy of that report. it's hard to verify, of course. the president's political base claims it does not the believe in climate change and he needs his base. polling agency american research group says in a theoretical matchup ohio governor john kasich would easily beat trump
5:46 am
in the new hampshire primary. if the primary were held today. you'll recall trump called new hampshire a drug den. for a sitting president to lose the new hampshire is actually not that unusual. truman and johnson lost, too, and those two dropped out and didn't serve second terms. the president is still on vacation but not from twitter. this morning he writes, after many years of failure countries are coming together to final lip address the dangers posed by north korea. we must be touch and decisive. the president also says he'll hold a major address from his new jersey golf course about the opioid crisis. that comes at noon our time. we're always covering the president. we want to know what you think of our coverage. contact me on twitter @scott themcgrew. >> always a good review, scott. thank you very much. 5:46 on your tuesday. all new this morning, national park service researchers say a
5:47 am
mountain lion has crossed highway 101. they are calling the big cat p-55. they collared him. he showed up on video in a backyard and is currently roaming the mountains. experts say this is only the fourth documented case of a mountain lion crossing highway 101. they started keeping track of this stat back in 2002. >> california cat. >> he is. terrifying scene caught on camera going viral this morning. >> hikers here face-to-face with a mountain lion. take a look. this happened friday in had is sequoia national park. they posted a picture online. they were almost done with their hike on the sierra trail when it blocked their path. you're not going anywhere. walk on by. the hikers waited for half an hour hoping the mountain lion would move, but they were smart.
5:48 am
they didn't run. you can hear them saying, what am i supposed to do? eventually the hikers turned around. they just found another way to finish the trail. >> maybe if you talk really soft he won't hear us strategizing about what we're going to do. >> but they always say make noise, right? >> make noise and be big. >> alarger than life. >> that's why you want me around. i'm the sacrificial lamb. no problem. >> a good day to be hiking. i have your forecast coming up. let's get a look at what you're feeling and seeing as you step out the door right now. a live look over san francisco. it's cloudy. it's drizzling. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen and right now we're at 60 degrees in san francisco heading up to 67. as you make plans here is a look at how those temperatures shape up for today. cools down just a couple of degrees, mostly cloudy skies
5:49 am
with that drizzle at 60 degrees at 10:00 and then in the upper 60s later today as that sun breaks out it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. oakland will be up to 73 degrees and 83 degrees in san jose. just a few degrees warmer than it was yesterday but once those winds kicked in during the evening it felt really nice, and we're still going to have some really warm temperatures from concord to antioch down to livermore and morgan hill in the upper 80s while napa and santa rosa in the mid-80s. looking live in san jose and getting started for the day getting dressed this morning not a hard one. maybe something like short sleeves or pants to stay nice and comfortable. cool to start but warming up la later today. and if you are going hiking we talked about trying to avoid the mountain lions. it will be a good day for hiking as well in the east bay. high temperatures are reaching into the low 80s. and it will be windy later on this evening as those gusts pick up to 20 miles an hour. if you are going golfing in the tri-valley we will have mid-60s to start.
5:50 am
a great day all afternoon but make sure you brip the sunscreen because it will be bright and sunny and warming up, too. san francisco stays in the 60s over the next several days. and it looks nice also in time for the weekend. inland areas in the upper 80s today and then cooling just a few degrees in time for saturday and sunday. it looks great. and mike is still tracking three important crashes right now. >> that's right. first one and two and three and four crashes. i'm going to have to fix my map. while i talk about the important one northbound 101 at story road, i'm going to jog over to my traffic machine as well. north 101 at story we have this crash involving a tanker but it's an empty tanker. at least won't have the risk of that fuel being leaked all over the place but it's still if the middle lanes and, in fact, your left three lanes are blocked. that's a big problem as folks head through the area. i want to show you the overall picture of the traffic flow for the bay as we look at the wide shot here because we had the other issue i wanted to point out first.
5:51 am
this is southbound 101 our newest of the three crashes over at industrial parkway. now that is currently moving to the right shoulder. you see the slowing as traffic builds coming past the san mateo bridge. it should be concerned. this is a traffic focal point of the morning commute as well. a third of the crashes, this is it, the closure of bear creek road just west of highway 17. now that is an issue. the semitruck could not make the hairpin turn over the windy roadway. the biggest issue on our waze system is that northbound 101 closure at story road is right here so this route, the blue one, takes you about an hour. if you just jog over to the purple route through the slowing which is building highway 87, you can still beat that by 35 minutes. waze will help you as we show that ripple effect for san jose. join our team. you'll see the name change just like that guy. back to you. >> he is a talented man, fixing mams and doing the traffic report at the same time.
5:52 am
>> i agree. >> thank you, mike. up next, a mysterious marine death. the investigation after a young marine from tracey dies suddenly at the pentagon. but first happening now, a houston family claiming united airlines is responsible for killing their dog. the family says their dog was in the cargo hold of the plane heading to san francisco when it was delayed on the tarmac for two hours. united says it's looking into the incident. and barry bonds says he wished he could have played one more season. he claims if he did he would have hit 800 homers or at least come very close. yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of bonds breaking hank aaron's home run record hitting number 756. we'll be back with more news.
5:53 am
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welcome back, everyone. it is 4:55. new details this morning in the deadly skydiving accident near lodi. the faa says it will not sanction the skydiving center for the deaths of two men. a 25-year-old from south korea and an 18-year-old were killed last august their parachute didn't open during a tandem jump. their bodies were found in a near by vineyard. the association has revoked the member shship and instructional ratings of several people in the wake of the deaths. another tragic story here new this morning, the family of
5:56 am
a young northern california marine is mourning and searching for answers after their son suddenly died while on assignment pentagon. lance corporal, who was from tracey, was only 20 years old when he died. he joined the military at age 18 and made it to the pentagon just two years later. he became a u.s. citizen in the marines. his brother brought him from the u.s. -- to the u.s. from mexico when he was just 9 years old. >> say good-bye to my son. see you later, maybe see you soon. i don't know when i will see him. i will be with him. >> while we wait to find out more how this happened, his parents are floig son. the military moms and people of tracey will honor him thursday
5:57 am
when his casket returns. the cause of his death still under investigation. it is 5:56. happening now an intense manhunt under way in missouri for a suspected cop killer. investigators believe a man is on the run after gunning down a rookie officer during a traffic stop. >> shots fired. officer down. officer down. get ambulance here immediately. >> police are looking for a 39-year-old ian mccarthy. they say he opened fire on a police officer who pulled him over for a traffic violation sunday night. it happened in lyclinton, aboutn hour outside kansas city. police say the officer returned fire. mccarthy got away. officer michael had just joined the force last year. his brother he had never been happier. he was buying a house with his wife. >> one man's bad decision and our family member we love so much was standing in the way of that decision. >> investigators say the suspect has a criminal history including possession of a dangerous weapon, reckless and disorderly
5:58 am
c conduct. he is considered armed and dangerous. the city of palo alto trying to play catch-up on plans for caltrain grade separation. the goal is to acceseparate tra from city streets as caltrain prepares for electrification. the city has fallen behind other communities on the peninsula on that. they will be looking at possible solutions. >> most people will probably have a hard time telling you what exactly they're going to be doing six months from today. >> but a certain group of athletes know where they want to be, in pyeongchang, south korea, for the opening ceremony of the 2018 winter games. bennett is a native and member of the u.s. ski team looking to make his first olympic games. bennett will be traveling soon with the u.s. team to train on the mountains in chile. before that bennett says he's
5:59 am
focusing on fine-tuning his equipment and his body. >> at the end of the day you just have to put your work it every sing day. when people aren't watching. and then when people are watching, see what you can do. >> it seems destined the 6'7" bennett would make a great skier. his parents actually met each other while working at a squaw valley parking lot. >> love that olympic story. this is going to be the second olympics hosted in south korea. the first time was 30 years ago for the 1988 summer games in. this time 15 sports from curling it to figure skate to ski jumping all will be on display between february 9 and february 25th. you can catch all of the action right here on nbc bay area. stick with us for continuing coverage as we gaetti for the 2018 winter olympic games. our own garvin thomas is going out to pyeongchang and will be tracking the athletes.
6:00 am
right now at 6:00 breaking news. a live look from east san jose this morning. a very active scene outside a liquor store. the new information we're learning about what led up to the deadly incident. >> plus more concerns of crimes on b.a.r.t. hours after a man was arrested in connection with two violent assaults at b.a.r.t. stations. and the steps the military is taking to defeat isis. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we'll get to your weather forecast in just a second. mike, this is a time of day a lot of things happen on the roads. you have breaking news for us? >> the south bay we're going to show you on the live shot first of all let me point out what we have. northbound is a major problem for traffic flow. i did spot this on our live


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