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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 9, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. best not make any nor threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> a sharp warning to north korea who u.s. intelligence says can now outfit a miswell nukes as the rowing nation threatens to attack guam. >> a suspected cop killer considered armed and dangerous has been captured. >> sleep apnea is a cause of multiple fatal accidents over the years. so why the administration cancelling plans to test bus, truck, and train operators? >> remembering glen campbell and the outpouring from fans young and old. >> and with no winner in last
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night's mega millions, the jack pots soar. "early today a a starts right now. good to be back with you. i'm frances rivera. and i'm philip nena. a manhunt is under way in paris after a car drive into and injured six french soldiers. police say they are hunting for the suspect in a wide search across the city. a local mayor alleges the driver deliberate deliberate deliberately attacked the soldiers. they're looking into the attempted assassination of the soldiers. >> unnerving news out of north korea. pyongyang now has the capability of making missile ready nuclear weapons prompting this fierce response from the president. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united
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states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> this morning we have word kim jong-un is threatening to strike the u.s. territory of guam according to the state run news agency. but president trump's statement that some worry may tleed a major military standoff. andrea mitchell joins us for more. andrea, good morning. >> good morning, frances. a certain warning from president trump saying to north korea that the u.s. would respond with the fire and the fury that world has never seen. jim congress unhas now constructed a miniature nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside one of the new long range missiles. a missile that could reach the u.s. mainland. a major cost. the dictator has before shown off what he claims to be a miniaturized nuclear weapon now he may have built one.
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>> does it appear there is an immediate threat to the homeland. but the problem is he's beginning to perfect all of the elements of the ability to deliver a nuclear device to the homeland. >> reporter: the speed of the regime's nuclear progress is stunning. u.s. intelligence thought it would take years to get this far. but just 11 days ago north korea launched a missile test that could reach all the way to chicago. and now they may have a miniaturized weapon as well. how did u.s. intelligence miss the timing? >> the underestimation of the pace of this program represents a real blind spot as well as a danger for the united states. >> reporter: there are still big hurdles for north korea. crafting a warhead that can survive re-entry into the atmosphere, testing its accuracy to hit a target. >> ignition. >> reporter: recent west coast missile defense tests shot down a missile over the pacific. but the system cannot be counted on to be 100% accurate. while this is just one intelligence assessment, the fear is north korea is on track
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to solve the technical challenges sooner rather than later. >> north koreans, if they proceed on the nuclear program will figure out how to miniaturize the nuclear device which they have shown that they know how to detonate. miniaturize it and put it on top of an icbm. >> reporter: north korea now threatening guam. some lawmakers are slamming the president's comments. dianne feinstein calling them bombastic, recommending immediate diplomatic talks. john mccain saying he can't think of any other president not reagan or eisenhower who would have used that kind of rhetoric. frances? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. the two day man hunt for the man suspected of killing a missouri police officer is over. authorities apprehended ian mckarnm mccarthy on a tip. they responded to a call about a person walk ago long side a highway and that's where they found mccarthy and arrested him. did he suffer a gunshot wound fwloefd have been fired by the man mccarthy allegedly killed.
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officer gary michael. the end of the manhunt a bittersweet moment for police. >> it's a relief for us that he's in custody. custody but it's with extreme sadness that it was as a result of officer michael losing his life. >> mccarthy is being held at a hospital and has been charged with first degree murder. officer michael's family grateful that mccarthy is off the streets. our kansas city affiliate has the details. >> good morning. >> reporter: ian mccarthy was arrested last night without incident. the michael family is breathing a sigh of relief in spite of their grief and they have a message. >> got a text and than call and able to share some hugs and our night changed a little bit and we just of the to say thank you. >> reporter: to all the men and women who searched for the suspect. >> nobody backed down. they went out there and found
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him and got him and it's going to help us heal. >> reporter: as they prepare to say good-bye to the father, husband, son, veteran. >> let justice be served. and just thank everybody and rally together as a community and as a family and we're just going galvanize our community and family and the police officer community. >> reporter: a candlelight via bill will be held this evening. services for officer gary michael are set for saturday. . the trump administration is aband onning plans to screen truck drivers and train engineers for sleep apnea, a medical condition contributed to multiple deadly crashes. ron allen is falling the story for us. >> good morning. the sperts say there are more than 25 million of us who suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea
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which interrupts sleep and can cause drowsiness or fatigue. it's a big concern in the transportation industry. here in new york, in 2013, a commuter train sped through a curve and crashed killing four passengers, the engineer had fallen asleep. investigators say because of sleep apnea. and just last september after a young mother died in a train crash in new jersey, the engineers' lawyer said he suffered from the same condition. but the trump administration says existing safety programs are enough. president highlighting eliminating regulations as one of the biggest accomplishments. >> my administration has been laser focused on removing the government barriers to job growth and prosperity. we formed a deregulation task force inside every agency to find and eliminate wasteful intrusive and job killing regulations.
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of which we've had many. >> after the new york commuter train crash the railroad determined that more than 11% of its engineers have sleep apnea. >> doesn't take albert einstein to understand why we need these regulations. for these federal agencies to go rogue and pull the plug on sleep apnea, there's no good reason for it. we called them. we asked them for an explanation. they don't have a good one. >> the trump administration insists trucking and railroad companies which have safety programs in place should decide whether to screen as well for sleep apnea. many large passenger railroads do and so do too airlines. they test pilots. >> at least reassuring on that front. ron, thank you. glen campbell is being remembered after his public battle with alzheimer's. as one of country music's earliest cross overstars, he received an outpouring of reaction from celebrities at all ends of the spectrum. dolly parton praised the musician with a video statement. country star brad paisley tweeted alzheimer's is a thief.
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may it can rob them of their memories, it cannot touch their legacy. john mccain writes, great man, great arizonan. robin roberts shares memzry. and joe scarborough shares an early childhood memory of hearing him in the car. cynthia mcfadden takes a closer look at campbell's unforgettable career. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy >> reporter: he had 40 top hits. >> reporter: he had 40 top hits. born to a share coping family in rural arkansas he was one of 12 kids. born dirlt poor in arkansas, he was one of seven kids. his personal path was not always so gentle. he battled alcohol and cocaine
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addictions and was married four times. but he kept on singing. ♪ southern nights >> who is that? >> reporter: in 2011 he received devastating news. he had alzheimer's news. despite the memory loss he made a brave decision. >> i ain't done yet. tell them that. >> reporter: to go on tour as planned hitting the road for 151 stop farewell tour with three of his six kids. >> who are these people up here? oh, yeah, there they are. >> reporter: the resulting documentary an intimate portrait of the toll the disease takes. the film's song not going to miss you was nominated for an oscar. his final public appearance was our visit. his disease had reached stage six. stage seven is the end of the road. even still the music was in the man.
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♪ i've been walking these streets alone ♪ as we've seen a few years earlier when he was honored with a grammy for lifetime achievement. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ >> reporter: a celebration of his music and courage. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. >> glen campbell was 81 years old. >> we're going to be hearing a lot of those songs today as we celebrate glen campbell. let's turn to bill karins. how are we looking? >> not bad. still very hot. we had our streak going in seattle. we broke the record there the other day with the lack of rain and no rain in sight. still very warm highs throughout much of the intermountain west. interior sections of washington in the 100s. the opposite in the middle of the country. that's where the cool air continues to be. this weather pattern doesn't tlook break any time this week. maybe next week there is hope. tonight, 89 in seattle. los angeles at 85. phoenix, still burning there with a hot summer of otter than.
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fresno, 99 today. running at 100. we also have a tropical storm that is about to be a hurricane in the gulf of mexico. i'll show you details on that coming up. >> big, thank you. the world famous globetrotters are back with another amazing shot. check this out. they took off from new jersey's wildwood beach aboard a helicopter and an expert gets off a shot from 210 feet above the rim. he let that go. left hand. nice rotation there. off of the back board and in. we're not sure, of course, how many times he tried this. all they released is that video of him nailing that one shot. but that's still a pretty impressive fae
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and get your head back in the game. sinex. the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head, medicine. brave shop workers in arlington, texas, got a gun pulled on them by two suspects. they did everything they could to fight them off. swatting at the other's gun until the two suspects fled and left the scene. they made out with nothing. authorities are still trying to id the men and praising those two employees. wow. disney is looking to be king of the streaming world. after announcing the move to start its own streaming service pulling all the content from netflix. disney says it's platform in 2019 will host popular disney and pixar movies as tv programs while launching a separate branded service for espn. and while netflix may be losing
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disney, they are gaining david letterman. david letterman, that is, they're gaining letterman with a longest serving host in late night tv history making return launching a talk show on the streaming net flex, three years after signing off from the small screen. we've been missing him. >> hope he keeps the beard, too. >> just ahead, the cyber attack that has hollywood scared straight. there was no winner in last night's mega-millions lottery. that means the major combined major jackpoted ballooned to $700 million. there's a special essence in herbal essences it's bio:renew a blend of sea kelp, aloe and antioxidants that help bring your hair back to life.
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it is making some in hollywood remember the dark days following that sony hack three years ago with hackers demanding millions of dollars from hbo holding the most prized content hostage. >> and new questions are being raised over just how big the hack could be. we have that report. >> reporter: a second data dump. the most popular assets targeted. hit shows like "game of thrones," and "ballers." now hackers calling themselves mr. smith releasing this ransom message along with e-mails from an hbo executive. the cyber theives demanding million claiming to have damaging information and several
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new script summaries. >> hollywood is absolutely on edge about this. i talked to executives across the board who say that this is the worst case scenario. they're flashing back to the sony hack and all of the damage that was done. >> the hollywood reporter received a document by e-mail. it comes nearly three years after cyber crooks released embarrassing e-mails, personal information, even the salaries of thousands of sony employees. >> the wakeup call is over. the alarm bells are ringing loud and clear. companies need to be pro active and make sure they take strong postures to protect their environment. >> reporter: experts say it could take weeks to figure out exactly what was stole africn f hbo. they have is no reason to think that entire system is compromised but all of hollywood is taking notice. nbc news, los angeles. just ahead, jimmy fallon and justin timberlake reunite at sleep away camp.
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fallon, timberlake, chris! >> sorry. >> best combination when you get two -- i'll take two out of the three. three is even better. >> so good. >> you can't control your cheat yoes cravings, a new restaurant promises to bring the cheesy snack to a new level. there is a celebrity chef who has been crafting a creative memo for a restaurant in new york. they're cheesy and crunchy and you have the cheetos grilled cheese, cheetos meat balls and even a cheetos crusted cheesecake. seats are limited and only available by reservation. >> there you go. good luck getting it off your finger tips. it stays there for a while. just ahead, we'll take you inside the courtroom at the taylor swift groping trial. shawn evans: it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day
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welcome back. the national hurricane center says there is a good chance we'll have hurricane franklin by this afternoon and that should make land between tampico, mexico and vera crews. who knows, may get up to 95 mile per hour winds. that is strong enough to do damage. our friends in mexico, we wish them luck with that. that will rain out over mexico. a lot of the moisture will stay out. there we stay dry today in the west and just like yesterday, it is pretty hot and warm. then we'll dough it again tomorrow too. broken record summer. >> all right. thanks a lot, bill. you are really good at your job. i think we picked the wrong profession. we should have been deejays, man. forbes is out with the highest paid deejays, leading for the fifth year in a row, calvin
4:27 am
harris. he made over $48 million. >> right? >> and with $39 million, tiesto came in second, the chainsmokers had $38 million. and then followed by scrillex and steve aoki. >> i wish somebody would have told us, right? >> there you go. >> deejay? who would have known. >> you thought they were just playing records. they're making money playing these records. taylor twist's sexual assault trial continues today. david muller told jurors he may have touched swift's rib cage and arms when they posed for photos but at no time did he touch her backside. he lost his job after swift's allegations and suing her for $3 milli million. she is counter suing for symbolish $1. the photo in question shown to jurors on tuesday. both sides the image will prove their case. after a rash of controversial incidents, usair
4:28 am
lines are now bumping passengers by the lowest rates in over two decades. the transportation department says in the first six months of this year just one in 19,000 passengers had to be bumped from an overbooked flight. that is the lowest since 1995. the worst offenders were spirit, southwest, expressjet airlines. the best were jetblue, hawaiian, and delta. they have the fewest bumps. the most expensive mansion in america is on the market and you might have seen it before. >> said california is at least you ought to be so they loaded up the truck and move to beverly. hills, that is. >> all right. so you remember it. you can sing along. the home beverly hillbillies is on the market for $350 million. it's known as the chartwell estate built in 1933 and sits on more than ten acres of land with impressive view of downtown l.a. the house belonged to billionaire jerry perenchio until he passed away 30 years ago.
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so that's impressive. >> cool house. >> cool house. thanks for food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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good wednesday morning. let's start right now with a live look outside from our emeryville cam are where the fog is out and even some light mist in the air this morning. we are glad you're with us on this midweek wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. straight to the forecast right now with kari. >> it is looking nice as you step out the door this morning. still mostly cloudy. this is what we've seen the past couple of mornings. no major changes as you head out on this wednesday. it's 62 degrees. the tri-valley at 59 degrees. and it feels mild in spots, cooler in san francisco. the fog you can't see anything. as we head through the day highs


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