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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hour. >> sleep in. >> we just look like we do. >> we are climbing right now into warmer temperatures. >> it's going to be a little bit warmer, not too bad. we're still going to keep fairly comfortable temperatures especially for the bay and the coastal areas. now as we get a look outside right now from sunol mostly clear above the clouds sitting over the tri-valley now. also seeing clouds in san jose and high temperatures will reach 83 degrees, 90 in antioch and san francisco 65. and mike says a good look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> a good looking bay bridge toll plaza. all these lanes filled in but it just happened over the last five minutes. look at that. the approach is light. very smooth off the 880 over crossing and the hov lanes of course are moving well. i'm watching how quickly fastrak is moving. a typical pattern but that movement indicates a lighter flow out of the maze.
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and we see that on our sensors, mild slowing for hayward and san jose. got a good commute going on now. back to you. >> thank you so much, mike. 6:01 we are following breaking news this morning within the last hour president trump taking to twitter amid escalating tensions with north korea. he tweeted, quote, my first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. it is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before. hopefully we will never have to use this power but there will never be a time that we are not the most powerful nation in the world. >> all right. some strong language there clearly. in the meantime we have these new photos from overnight showing u.s. air force planes arriving in guam just hours after north korean leader kim jong-un threatened to attack u.s. territories. now in direct contradiction to what the president tweeted this morning secretary of state rex tillerson arriving in guam a few hours ago and speaking about
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north korea's threats and continued diplomacy shortly before touching down. >> north korean missile capability it can point in many directions. so guam is not the only place that could be under threat. no, i never considered rerouting the trip back. i do not believe if there is any threat in my own view. >> we want to go live to washington, d.c., right now this morning where "today in the bay's" tracie potts has been following all these major developments overnight. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. the secretary of state really trying to bring down the temperature on what the president said and re-emphasizing what we heard from guam's governor overnight that they do not see an imminent threat and they don't see any direct evidence that guam is in danger. north korea's latest threat to target guam was a u.s. military base there prompt this had reaction overnight are from the island's governor.
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>> i want to reassure the people of guam that currently there is no threat. >> reporter: and, fury and, frankly, power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> reporter: criticized by the top democrat as reckless and questioned by some in his own party. >> all it's going to do is bring us closer to some kind of serious confrontation. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson explained what the president meant en route to a quick refueling stop in guam this morning. >> what the president is doing is sending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong would understand. >> reporter: is president trump pushing the uz news nuclear war with north korea? >> we may not know until they, god forbid, test a missile with that. >> reporter: officials believe north korea has the ability to put a small nuclear warhead on a missile and missiles that could
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reach as far as chicago. >> they are blowing through this president's red lines like tissue paper. >> reporter: diplomacy has not worked. now guam's governor has been a big part of the night and early this morning trying to reassure not only people who are on the u.s. military base, which we're familiar with, but the 200,000 residents he had there as well saying he's been in touch with washington, the pentagon, homeland security, the white house that the u.s. will defend that island way out there on their own. >> all right. before all of that we hope that this can be realized through discussion. thank you very much, tracie. that is what senator feinstein is talking about this morning. she esh you'd this statement. quote, isolating the north koreans has not halted their
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pursuit of nuclear weapons and president trump is not helping the situation with his bombastic comments. the united states must quickly engage north korea in high-level dialogue without any preconditions. we are also following breaking news from france morning. french radio reporting an arrest in a car attack on soldiers near paris overnight. a mayor in france telling nbc news the suspect was shot five times and is being detained at the hospital. >> and, laura, that same mayor is calling this a terrorist attack. we know the french prosecutor has opened an investigation. police say somebody hit six soldiers with a car and then drove away. the minister of france announced three of the injured soldiers are seriously hurt. police say the suspect clearly targeted those soldiers. we are going to monitor this situation in is all morning long. you can always head to our website for
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instant coverage. >> a disappointing outcome for a san jose woman who wanted affordable housing in the bay. >> the woman willing to give up some of her own property, prime real estate to make it happen. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live from city hall to explain why the city counscil considered this and said no to the idea. kris? >> reporter: well, sam and laura, we know the city needs more affordable housing but we also know the city of san jose needs jobs and it seems that in voting no on rezoning that property from commercial to residential this time jobs won out in the issue. now here is the property we're talking about. it is in willow glen on lincoln avenue about a third of an acre. wanted to build 8 to 16 apartment units that teachers could then rent inexpense iccou
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ic ively. the councilwoman for the district says it comes down to money. >> which would be detrimental to the city's revenue stream. >> reporter: now the planning commission did advise the council it vote no on this plan and not because they dent want housing for teachers but the city only has about 15% of the land set aside for commercial real estate and commercial equals jobs in the words of many of the councilmembers. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> that is a tough balance to. thank you very much, kris. appreciate it. we have new details on a computer outage that grounded many southwest flights last night. overnight we talked with an airline spokesperson who says technology issue affected about 120 flights. there were several delays, even seven cancellations that included two at sfo, one at
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oakland, and one at san jose. southwest says there are not residual delays this morning. we'll continue to check. happening today there is a protest against wells fargo at a san francisco headquarters. activists are calling on the bank to help pro-vovide relief. among those are homeowners and tenants who accuse wells fargo of overcharging veterans for home loans and discriminating against undocumented immigrants. those are their accusations. activists want the bank to give $35 million to a sanctuary housing fund. testers also mentioned outrage over thousands of fake accounts opened by wells fargo. the company admits of doing. scott mcgrou telling us the number of fake accounts could rise significantly. the protest starts at 6:30. happening today caltrain wants to hear from you about storing bikes on trains. the transit agency has been taking the public's input on design. you can drop by, check out the options caltrain is considering
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at the king street station happening from 7:30 in the morning to 7:00 at night and then again tomorrow. the new cars are expected to roll out in 2020 after the tracks are electrified. 6:09 now. a cloudy start this morning and a nice cool morning as well as we take a live look outside in san jose. it's 63 degrees as you head out the door with a high heading up to 83 degrees. as you make plans get out the door by 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning we'll be at 67 degrees and then warming up quickly by early afternoon and eventually hitting our high temperature by 4:00 today and then the winds kick in. our temperatures start to drop. overall beautiful and more of this weather is in the forecast. coming up in about four minutes a look at palo alto's temperature trend but mike now takes us to oakland. >> i'm looking for a crash reported at the bay bridge. a few different angles to show. i wanted to show the speed sensors. the tri-valley and east bay, mild slowing.
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getting over through the tri-valley, just a tad bit for 580 and for 84. now i'll show you the bay bridge view this time from our emeryville camera. it's the approach to the toll plaza continuing to the metering lights. check this entire stretch because there was a crash reported somewhere around the toll plaza. no lanes are blocked from what i can tell and all these lanes at the toll plaza. all lanes are moving. we'll continue to follow that. that's the only real incident i'm worried about. back to you. >> thanks, mike. up next, taking customer service to whole new level. technology a major retailer to allow employees to know if you're happy or happy without even seeing you in person. and the markets reacting to donald trump's saber rattling. we'll bring you the latest numbers.
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6:13 now with a live look outside over palo alto. we do have a lot of clouds rolling by overhead enjoying the last little bit of summer before school starts. we're looking at temperatures that will stay nice and comfortable. going out to the park and enjoying extra time. upper 70s by 4:00 this afternoon. a look at what's ahead as our temperatures go up and then down coming up in about five minutes. >> and only a couple minutes at
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vallejo over to nava toe. we have more of a view coming p up. >> thank you, kari and mike. mike, you well know about this, menlo park closed this morning and it will remain that way all day and night. it will be closed for 39 hours. the closure started just a short time ago at 6:00 a.m. and will be shut down friday and saturday. >> we have some continuing coverage now this morning of the google manifesto. talking about his firing, james damore is his name. he said in a linkedin message he believes he was wrongfully terminated for perpetuating gender stereotypes and leave his firing was political. we talked to a local attorney about the difference between free speech and free speech at work.
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>> you don't have the right to say offensive and incorrect discriminatory things in the work place. it's just not allowed. >> workers were told that manifesto violates the company's code of conduct. >> walmart shoppers may soon not have to ask for help. a frown could summon an employee for assistance. a patent filing suggests the retail giant wants to get even closer to customers. it keeps tabs on facial expressions to scan people who are frustrate d or unhappy so help can be distachd. they could use the system to determine whether they have a hit product on their hands. keep smiling. >> reading someone's facial expressions. not an easy task. apple is split into two different camps. >> some who like the spaceship campus and some who don't. >> the problem is not about the architecture, it's the desks. the new office layout in the new
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spaceship campus calls for long tables instead of cubicles. everyone working along the same table in big rooms and some people do not like that. some have chosen to stay at the old campus including apple's senior vice president. mark zuckerberg right there with everyone else, no walls, not even a cubicle for the ceo. president trump talked about fire and fury. this morning he's tweeting about the power and everything is lower. gold is up. the it thaad missile is designed here.
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lockheed says it's seen a spike of interest from all kinds of countries. the nasdaq is down 13. sam and laura, chinese markets have been open overnight because for them it's not overnight. they're doing okay. assuming nothing crazy happens today the markets should be fine and, yes, i did realize nothing crazy happens today. >> we'll be watching. >> or crazier. >> okay. >> we'll wait and find out. wild weather in northern california. more than 3,000 lightning bolts struck northernc california. look at that still frame there. sunday afternoon. that is data from cal fire from lightning. the strikes have been mainly in butte, shasta and trinity counties and they are expected to continue through tomorrow.
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>> last week in san francisco we didn't have any. >> which is why i posed that question. >> last week it was unusual weather. >> now we've been able to get rid of that for the time being and it's looking good as you get ready to head out though we have mostly cloudy skies looking live where all of this will start to clear out by 9:00 or 10:00 at least for the south bay. we will see those temperatures that will be starting out in the low 60s. warming up as we go through the day starting out with mild weather but temperature trends starts to feel a lot better. a look at what else is going on around the bay area it's 59 degrees in livermore. looking at our high temperatures up to 83 degrees in san jose.
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87 in gilroy. you'll see we'll have some cooler temperatures in the forecast. east bay up to 90 in antioch. fremont up to 79 degrees. 76 degrees in san carlos. a high of 65 while sonoma will be at 85 later today. we start out with drizzle and it will take a while. before the giants head out of town and then we'll be in the mid-60s throughout much of the afternoon with breezy winds. wear a nice, warm jacket. on the other side of the bay at the same time with the a's playing, first pitch upper 60s and maybe close to 70 degrees but not quite. enjoying the evening in redwood city with music in the park at 6:00. 69 degrees. if it's a beach day, head iing
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santa cruz. high temperatures up to 70 degrees. in the tri-valley mid-80s there if you're going golfing by this afternoon but make tee time early. updating what's happening on the roadways. the freeways are looking great. i want to show you we have your typical pat earp but light. the same thing in the tri-valley. highway 84 cleared and bogged down. no major problems getting over to the san mateo bridge. on the other side we do have this issue. between marsh and willow. no major problems. we want to show you that from san francisco and palo alto a
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good, easy drive. make sure you choose waze on your phone and choose your team at nbcbayarea wazers. the name of the team. here is how you do it through your profile. select your name and then our name nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. 6:21 right now. up next the tributes pouring in for country music legend glenn campbell. >> but first, there is a blackout, the food in your refrigerator goes bad, now what? if the power goes out and the food in your fridge spoils you can file a claim with the power company for reimbursement. pg&e requires a list of the food, the prices you paid, receipts, and other documentation. that is where those photos of your spoiled grub will come in handy. the number is 888-996-t-i-p-s. or head to nbc-bay-are if you have a consumer complaint just give us a call. 888-996-tips or head to
6:22 am now bob redell joins us live again from campbell at 6:30 this morning. right now he's on twitter posting videos of crews removing that crane that fell into a home. follow him @bobnbc.
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people after a massive earthquake struck.
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at least nine people are confirmed dead--- and more than welcome back. out of china rescue crews are rushing to save people after a massive earthquake struck there. at least nine people are confirmed dead and more than 150 injur injured, we are told at least five are tourists. 6.5 earthquake that struck a region board by the provinces of there's a famous national park in the are region which is a popular spot for tourists. >> just in at 6:25, tiger woods is pleading not guilty to a dui charge. his lawyer says woods will enter a first-time offender program. now by agreeing to the year long program his dui charge will be reduced to a reckless driving count. woods was not had in court this morning. he was arrested in jupiter, florida, in may. officers found him asleep at the wheel. breathalyzer test did not detect alcohol. woods said he had an unexpected reaction to prescribed medication. he's been order ed to appear
6:26 am
again in court at a later date. the music world in mourning for the loss of an icon. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy >> that's what he was known as, country singer glenn campbell dead after a long battle with alzheimer's disease. this morning tributes are pouring in. his star, in fact, on the hollywood walk of fame covered with flowers and mementoes. campbell sold more than 45 million records and was known for other hits like "rhinestone cowboy." he also had his own television show called the glenn campbell good time hour. he was 81 years old. >> it is nice to see the tributes pouring in. 6:26 right now. check your child's swimsuit before hitting the pool this week. thousands are being recalled right now. that involves the wave zone one piece, zip back swimsuit for newborns, infants and toddlers. the company received nearly a dozen reports -- the company is miger, on the snaps detaching
6:27 am
which poses a choking hazard. at 6:26, up next on "today in the bay," odor warning. the reason people in one east bay city are being asked to keep their windows closed this week. >> reporter: a large construction crane removed overnight from a south bay neighborhood after it collapses onto a home. an investigation into what caused it to fail.
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expecting a pleasant day ahead. taking a live o right now at 6:30 we are expect iing a pleasant day ahea. want to get out and about, live to san mateo already this morning. beautiful downtown area there. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. got to love the bay area, the second week of august. so many places are muggy and uncomfortable. let's send it over to kari hall for a look at your weather. >> the fog is in full effect and may be drizzling for a while. inland areas will have clouds to start and clearing as we go through the day. it's going to warm up to 90 degrees. 79 degrees in palo alto. inland areas will hold in the upper 80s for today through the rest of week and the weekend starts to cool down and that trend holds into early next week. i'll have a focus coming up in
6:31 am
about seven minutes. >> folks hitting their brakes before they got there and swerving to the right. there's nothing in the roadway. maybe somebody was startled by something. even if there's nothing on the chp report i'm still watching areas for you. metering lights are on. a smooth drive, light traffic in the tri-valley over to the castro valley. look at these travel times. off 238 which is up to speed. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. at 6:31 we are following a developing story in the south bay this morning. this shows crews removing a crane that fell on to a home.
6:32 am
it was there from about 12 hours. bob redell live at the scene since we came on the air. bob? >> well, good morning, laura, that crane has been removed. not far from the expressway, the crane that had been sitting here actually tipped over between the two homes. cal osha regulates this kind of work. workers use the two other cranes before hauling it off. a number of people had to be evacuated during the removal process. they've been allowed to remove their homes.
6:33 am
yesterday around noon that crane which was of exed by as much as 200 feet tipped over and crashed on two sheds and part of the roof of a house. no one was hurt. we did speak with a man who lives in the neighborhood and works in construction. here is what he thinks happened. >> it was overextended. you can only reach so far with a crane and if the wind shifted the wrong way, it's going to go down. >> i was speechless. i was like, what? and then, iter not hit my roof. i just had my roof done. >> reporter: nbc bay area has reached out to king crane services but they are yet to get back to us. >> lucky people weren't injured. >> that is amazing. >> b.a.r.t. is looking at stations for more officers to
6:34 am
board trains and on platforms. the team is called cap. they ride cars throughout the east bay. according to b.a.r.t. the team is understaffed and looking to hire about 50 more officers. >> new details on breaking news we first brought you on "today in the bay" yesterday morning. the hunt continues for a gunman who shot and killed a liquor store owner right in front of his wife. a father of four is well known in his community. police say he was shot and killed monday night by someone trying to rob his store at white and quimby roads. police are yet to release a suspect description. >> people who live and work in an east bay city are being told to keep their windows closed to prevent a certain odor from creeping inside.
6:35 am
>> pete suratos is live to explain what the smell is all about. do you smell anything, pete? >> reporter: people can expect to smell a plastic odor starting tomorrow afternoon all connected to a sewer main in the area crews will be working on tomorrow, like i mentioned. pull up a map to show you the area that's affected. residences and businesses that will smell this odor in dublin from cameron drive just south of here past dublin boulevard so about a mile from where we're standing. let's show you the area that's being worked on. a rehabilitation of a sewer line in the area. the central part of dublin. i did get a chance to go on the district website and they put out those who did it saying this odor is coming from the resin in the pipeliner installed in the sewer main so it has little
6:36 am
concentration that will be detected. it's not considered hazardous for folks in this area. closing your windows tomorrow is more of a way of preventing the smell from taking over your home or place of business. folks are asked to close windows yesterday. they will be asked again thursday afternoon and they expect the project itself to wrap up here in dublin this month. we're live in dublin, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> consider yourself warned out there. thank you, pete. >> devastating story to tell you about right now. all new this morning a southern california family says their son died after eating tacos in mexico. they tell our san diego affiliate the 11-year-old child died are from some sort of unknown bacteria. they say he likely got sick after eating from a taco stand in tijuana. the family says the boy seemed fine at first but soon fell very ill collapsing at football practice and dying on sunday. >> big heart. big heart.
6:37 am
just the way he talked, the way he looked. >> so, so amazingly hurtful for that family. so far there is no medical evidence linking his illness to the taco stand. an autopsy will determine the official cause of death. >> he looked like a happy little boy, too. 6:37. happening today transit officials will be discuss iing e completion of the transbay transit center and how much it it will cost to get there on their buses. the center is expected to open early next year. tonight's meetinged. . >> most folks making their commute. typical patterns for the south bay but look how light it is. highway 85 building into downtown san jose. no major issues. the tri-valley looks great for 60 and so does the dublin interchange. i'm going to get out of your way
6:38 am
and show you the drive times across the bay bridges. mild slowing of course westbound is your commute but nothing major. i want to show you the shot from our mateo bridge camera facing westbound. on the right there is slowing that just showed up on the flat section so there may be an incident. i'll double-check with chp. what do you call it, kari? >> fog. >> oh! that would be the term. >> that's right. >> very technical term. >> we just have to make it through the fog this morning heading out the door and going to work. we are going to have a lot of events this weekend and you may want to start out your weekend with music on the square in brentwood city that is going to be a great event to check out, live music and nbc bay area will have the ice cream truck there. you can stop by and give your complaints to chris chmura or stop by and see chief meteorologist jeff ranieri out
6:39 am
there. our temperatures will be absolutely perfect when we hit 71 degrees at 6:00. and then dropping back into the mid-60s by the end of the concert. a few clouds will start to move in, too. if you're going to outside land that starts on friday. our weather will be beautiful there. more clouds, cool temperatures. you want to make sure you dress for all kinds of weather though it starts out with warm temperatures it will be cooling down throughout the evening. on saturday along the coast we'll be at 6 degrees and 72 degrees by the bay. and for the inland areas up to 85 degrees and we'll have some mid-80s for the inland areas on sunday our weather is going to be a little bit cooler than today and the coast will also be chilly so make sure you bring some long sleeves and a warm sweater. those winds will be kicking up, too. we'll talk about what's ahead for today. the temperature trend for san jose is coming up in three minutes, laura. >> thank you, kari. 6:39. coming up, a big blow for a
6:40 am
south bay woman who wanted to create affordable housing for teachers. the reason her plans won't be moving forward. plus we continue to monitor breaking news out of paris where police are investigating a car attack on soldiers. we're watching guam and north korea as well. could a war of words turn into, well, an actual war? >> scott, you talked about the fact what's going on internationally so far hasn't affected the chinese markets. here in the states we're looking at the dow jones industrial average and that has dipped about 60 points at 22,023. scott is right. investors and everyone around the world waiting to find out what's going to happen next. ==mike/trx==
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6:43 am
(mike ad libs) it's 6:43. a live look outside san jose. i want to take you to the neighborhood of santa teresa and the temperature trend for today will still be in the 60s at 10:00. and that's when the clouds will be clearing out. still a very nice day and comfortable feel to the air. we'll also have some cooler temperatures in the forecast heading into the weekend, more on that coming up in with about 6:50. that's a great drive, i'll show you where things are not quite so great coming up. at 6:43 breaking news in france
6:44 am
this morning. an arrest in a car attack on soldiers near paris overnight. the mayor says the suspect was shot five times and was being detained in a hospital. that same mayor is calling this a terrorist attack. french counterterrorism prosecutors have opened the investigation. police say someone hit six soldiers with a car and drove away. the armed forces says three are seriously hurt. they cheerily tried to target the soldiers. >> breaking news to tell you about. >> that near disaster last night. it turns out the cockpit voice recording from the air canada jet that nearly land ed on othe planes awaiting takeoff has been erased. it was buried inside of an ntsb document.
6:45 am
how did it get erased? the feds say the delay in reporting the incident allowed the cockpit voice recorder to tape over itself multiple times. the investigation won't be hampered because the dialogue is not essential. now our own investigative unit has done some extensive repo reporting on the story. >> a plan to add affordable housing for teachers took a big hit at city hall. the city council overnight voted down the proposal after midnight. they offered to rezone from commercial to residential. >> which would be detrimental to the revenue stream. >> a woman wanted to build affordable housing on her willow glen property. it was to offer inexpensive rents so they could save to buy a home.
6:46 am
>> new this morning a man is behind bars in concord. it happened on diamond boulevard. police say that a driver involved in the car accident ran away from the scene. the car had been stolen. police used k-9 because they said he wasn't listening to officers. four people were arrested at the embassy suites hotel on east calaberas. the mug shots of three of them. they were wanted for i.d. theft, burglary, and possession of drugs. the arrests happened more than two ago but they just released the information overnight. >> as the war of words continue between president trump and north korea over nuclear weapons
6:47 am
japan today pausing to remember hiroshima and nagasaki. new vo showing people attending mass in japan. more than three have died since last year's ceremony were added to a memorial. 140,000 people died in the attack. 70,000 others died in nagasaki. in livermore a march and a protest to commemorate the sam ber anniversary. the pentagon papers were released about the strevietnam will also be speaking at today's event. donald trump is boasting about america's modern nuclear weapons. the secretary of state is trying to calm everyone. there were mixed messages.
6:48 am
>> secretary of state rex siller son was on his way from malaysia to washington, d.c. this morning. he had to make a refueling stop in, of all places, guam. tillerson says americans with sleep at night. the president tweets, my first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. it's now far stronger and more powerful than ever before. hopefully we will never have to use this power but there will never be a time that we are not the most powerful nation in the world. this, of course, on top of what he said yesterday about america's fire and fury largely interpreted as talking about if you can nuclear weapons. we fact check what the president says. back to the tweet i just talked about. he says nuclear forces are now
6:49 am
more strong er and powerful tha ever before because of his orders. the review he ordered is an audit, it's paperwork, and it hasn't even been finished. we have not done what president trump claims he ordered. the money to mon earnize hasn't even been allocated. they think this could cost billio billions. the president's claim that this order led to the modernization is not true, at least not yet. we examine the president's tweets and executive orders on "today in the bay." we'd love to hear from you. you can reach me directly on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> all right, scott mcgrew. if you won the lottery would you still work? a lot of people always ask that question. this morning the mega millions jackpot is growing as lottery players cross their fingers.
6:50 am
>> the powerball is at $307 million. the mega millions has climbed to $382 million. that's on friday. so far no one has matched all six numbers. a ticket did match to win a cool million. the odds of winning either jackpot are nearly 1 in 300 million. the odds of winning both jackpots, because one is not enough, is 1 in 75 quadrillion. >> it isn't, honestly -- not the big ones but the million dollars. you couldn't retire, i don't think. >> no, no. >> we'd all still be working. >> you saw star wars. >> the only numbers we're concerning ourselves with right now are the temperature numbers, no triple digits.
6:51 am
>> looks really good. and i think we'll all enjoy this weather. it feels like we're lucky out there considering what else is happening across the country. the castro is 61 degrees. as we get a look at our high temperatures today for the south bay, mill pea he as it up to 84 degrees and pour gan hill up to 88 degrees and for the east bay, tri-valley and the delta will be up to 89 degrees. pleasanton 85 and fremont a high of 79 degrees. 64 in daly city and the marina district. a high of 60 degrees with some mid-80s from sonoma up to santa rosa. now looking out the window now you're about to get dressed and ready for the day. it's a good day. make sure you grab the sunglasses though can't see the sun just yet. a reminder that skies will clear by late morning and a good, comfortable day for long sleeves
6:52 am
even though it is cool to start we'll have a nice afternoon. and if you're heading out this evening to music in the park in redwood city from 6:00 to 8:00 our temperatures will be in the 60s. we'll start to see some clouds moving in and it will be windy, too. make sure you bring a jacket and we'll see the clouds not only there but across the bay area and we do start out with some clouds this morning if you're hitting some of the hiking trails in the south bay we will see those clouds, temperatures in the lower 60s within the next hour and 64 degrees as those skies clear we'll make it up to 83 degrees by 2:00 today and some gusty winds for the evening. we'll also feel the gusty winds in san francisco, highs in the mid to upper 60s. and then we look at the temperature trend. it actually gets cooler as we head into the weekend and early next week so it looks amazing as you make more plans over the next several days. mike is now tracking a crash near golden gate field. >> indeed. i heard about the crash. i moved our camera and i saw
6:53 am
flashing lights just really flying eastbound and then they must have looped around and came back around to see where we are. the golden gate fields, you see the sign right there, the racetrack, flashing lights are over on the shoulder. what i saw were them making their way over the center divide and they must have made that vehicle on the shoulder now. it looks like all lanes are open once again on the map. at the bottom of your screen you saw university and the over crossing right there. now normally a huge backup but lighter traffic flow means things are moving well to the bay bridge and, in, all around the bay we're seeing lighter traffic flow. one crash on the peninsula. i'm checking on that one. chp arrives i'll give you that information. a little slowing. we'll show you waze in the south as well. a little slowing northbound as well. the most direct route from 101 all the way up in towards santa clara the best route is the bay shore freeway. check your waze system before you leave or plan your departure from work.
6:54 am
use that forecast and they'll help you out with that on waze. we'll help you out if your join our team there nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> a true team effort. >> it is 6:54. coming up a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including new details on the computer outage that caused issues for southwest airlines overnight. the impact on flights right here in the bay area. but first happening now more breaking news out of north korea. the country says it has released the canadian pastor who has been serving a life sentence since 2015. he was released on sick bail. he was convicted for trying to, quote, use religion to destroy the north korean system. and back here at home you might soon be paying more for your stamps. the u.s. postal service struggling to stay competitive. right now a first class stamp costs 49 cents. it is unknown how much higher that practice might climb. in the bay...
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
. ==laura/live== this morning - a campbell ho are welcome back at 6:57. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." a campbell home no longer has a crane on top of it. we've been at the scene of the home as crews have worked all morning to remove it. before 6:00 this morning crews finally took away the crane after about 12 hours. pg&e says it will conduct an investigation and so will cal osha.
6:58 am
the crane company has not respond ed to our request for comment. southwest airlines telling us there are no residual delays this morning after a computer outage grounded many flights. overnight we talked with an airline spokesperson. tells us 120 flights in total were impacted. several were delayed and seven of them canceled. that includes two at sfo, one at observing, and one at san jose. >> a dublin neighborhood being warned to keep windows closed to keep a certain smell from coming in. the odor is expected to come from sewer construction taking place today at the village parkway area. here is a map of that construction zone. the odor is coming from a liner in the pipe that's being installed. >> on to more pleasant matters right now. a live look outside from san mateo this morning. getting ready for a nice day across the bay area.
6:59 am
there are gray skies. >> that's a good bay area morning. >> yes, it is. we know it's not going to be extremely hot today when we see the clouds starting out. san francisco, we'll be at 65 degrees today. we'll stay in the 60s the rest of the week. highs reaching into the upper 80s today. for the weekend much better. even cooler next week. >> we have we had a crash at 101. overall a lighter volume traffic and we should see recovery. we he did have a crash that just cleared the slow lanes. a lighter flow of traffic that's good news and the crash is on the shoulder. >> that's great news. thank you very much for joining us. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update.
7:00 am
join us at 11:00. we have some day baseball today. the giants taking on the cubs. bumgarner is pitching. i'll be there. good morning. war of words. north korea threatens to attack the u.s. territory of guam after president trump warns the regime with his harshest language yet. >> they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. >> what will bring the two sides back from the brink? >> breaking overnight, a man rams his car into a large group of soldiers near paris, injuring at least six of them. officials calling it a deliberate attack. a terror investigation now under way. >> that's rich. two massive jackpots totaling nearly $700 million still up for grabs.


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