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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to what the family wanted. jodi hernandez is at the courthouse for the plea deal and joins us live with a story you'll only see on nbc bay area and this is very emotional for that family, jodi. >> reporter: highly emotional inside this federal courtroom. two men pleaded guilty admitting to the shooting that took the baby's life. in exchange for a much lighter sentence than the baby's family hoped for. in fact, they call it unacceptable. >> nobody will ever understand like the pain, like, when somebody, when somebody hurts your child, it's like -- it's a totally different feeling. >> reporter: brittany houston says the pain of losing her toddler hasn't gotten any easier. near lie six years ago, 23 month old baby hirem was shot and killed when a group of acorn gang members opened fire on what
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they thought was a group from a rival gang shooting a rap video in a west oakland parking lot. >> they killed my son. my son don't know anything about an acorn, lower bod tttom. >> two of the suspected shooters, 28-year-old houston nathaniel and 35-year-old deonte' huff pled guilty admitting they shot at the crowd because they thought the video would disrespect their gang. in exchange, the prosecutor agreed to recommend a 38 to 43-year sentence. >> why do they get a second chance? my nephew doesn't. >> reporter: the baby's family is outraged. >> if the baby was white and i'm just going to keep it real, there would be no question we wouldn't be here six years later. they would have got the death penalty. >> they are only facing 38 to 43 years which means between the two of them, they can be released as early as 65 and 70. hirem lost his life at one year
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and 11 months. >> reporter: nathaniel told the court he's terribly sorry for what p haened and huff called his participation unfortunate. the baby's family doesn't buy it. >> they will never feel how i feel and i can honestly say, they don't care how i feel. >> reporter: now the u.s. attorney released a statement saying that they believe the plea deal is just. he went on to say quote we also understand that no plea deal will ever bring back those who have been lost by these senseless crimes or eliminate the pain of the family members of the victims. to those family members, we offer our continued deepest condolences. though the men pled guilty and agreed to the sentence, it will ultimately be up to the judge whether to accept the plea deal. everyone will be back in court in january. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, jodi.
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jodi has been covering the story all day long and tweeting updates. follow her at jodi hernandez tv and follow us for breaking news and developing news 24/7. the twitter handle @nbc bay area. pulled out of the water and into handcuffs. sky ranger was over the historic old river bridge off highway 4 as police took a man into custody. this is near discovery bay. the border of san joaquin. this began with a high-speed chase and they corralled the suspect on the bridge and that's when the driver got out of his car and jumped into the water but didn't get far. the chp says boats surrounded him. officers threw him a flotation device and he was arrested on shore. troubling scenes at an apartment complex. a toddler covered in mud and wearing nothing but a diaper found walking alone in the middle of the night. rick boon joins us live where the boy was found. rick, the boy is safe but i know
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you talked to a lot of people that can't understand why that baby was out in the middle of the night. >> reporter: yeah, they are saying unreal, totally unreal. a lot of neighbors questioning the parenting skills of this toddler tonight. this while the guardian supposed to watch that baby was questioned by police all day long. a child that was found strolling by itself at 3:00 in the morning. >> you got to take care of your baby, man. can't leave them outside or walking around the night. >> reporter: neighbors delivering a message to the parents of a 2-year-old found walking alone in the middle of the night in the woods' apartment complex off snail avenue. >> who knows how much longer before that the kid was missing. just very, very fortunate the kid was actually located. >> right here, when i saw him. >> reporter: amanda and her boyfriend were the first to notice the child as they left their home for work overnight. >> he was just dirty. hands were black. feet were black. arms were dirty. you can tell that he has been
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out here for awhile. >> reporter: they say the 2-year-old was barely dressed and covered in dirt. he was walking alone and appeared to be sick. >> he had to have come from a house on the other side. >> reporter: police say the 2-year-old did not live at the complex. it believed he may have crossed the street on his own and ended up at the apartment. >> i took my sweatshirt off and wrapped him up and brought him to the side. >> reporter: the couple called police. the toddler was given medical attention and turned over to child protective services. this is an on going investigation but as of now at 6:05, san jose police are not releasing the toddler's parents identification. we're live in south san jose, rook boone. >> thank you. a driver under arrest for hitting and killing a jogger in san francisco. the suspect devone ridell. he crashed into a person jogging on the sidewalk. happened less than a mile from candle stick.
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the jogger died at the scene. he did stay until police arrived and he was taken to the hospital because he suffered his own injuries. he has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and reckless driving. tensions rising higher today between the u.s. and north korea. president trump and kim jong-un continue to trade warnings and threats on north korea's state run agency today, the nation was more specific saying it's know planning military action against guam later this month. meanwhile the pentagon says it has a specific plan to attack north korea's missile sites should president trump order that. so what happens if tensions escalate to actual missile launches? do any bay area cities have a plan? kri kri christie smith is live where they have a response plan and a demonstration going on. christ christie? >> reporter: that demonstrators just wrapped up an emergency protest.
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they are expected about meeting with fire and furry and of course and tensions about how prepared big cities like san francisco really are. the san francisco department of emergency management emergency operations center is where the response took big events is coordinated. >> we have something called the city's emergency response plan and how we respond. >> reporter: president trump's reaction to north korea's nuclear stance raised questions about different scenarios here. >> you know, the more likely scenario for us is not that of a nuclear missile but that of a radiology device or commonly known as a dirty bomb and that's something as local agencies we have resources to detect those activities and help prevent them and that's something that we train and exercise on. >> why would we start it?
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>> reporter: thomas is a fellow with the asia pacific research center at stanford. he believes the international rhetoric around this situation is not helpful and diplomacy is key. >> if we get past the obstacle of saying there is no way to manage the problem, then we've got a better chance of managing the problem. >> reporter: now a number of experts said -- told us that certainly being prepared for any event planned or unplanned is important but making changes because of short-term concerns over what might happen is just going too far. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the coverage continues in about 20 minutes. how president trump's defense secretary is doubling down on the threat against north korea. standing by his statements, the former google employee fired for a memo criticizing the company's diversity effort spoke publicity today on a radio show
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this morning. robert handa is here with his side of the story and standing by his story but says not everything is put out there. >> that's right. basically he said his memo wasn't necessarily just an opinion but based on scientific research, much of it never seen publicly. he also blamed what he called a politically correct bias in the google culture. >> reporter: a youthful looking somewhat nervous james demoore went public to defend the memo. the google engineer appeared on a conservative talk show and told the host his memo originally ten pages was leaked with much of the scientific data that supported his gender views edited out. in the memo he said women were unsuited to be good engineers because they are more interested in people than ideas and blamed a political bias in the memo entitled google's echo chamber. >> people got offended because it goes against the less
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ideology and then they just, okay, it defended people therefore it's wrong. and therefore it an opinion. >> reporter: the ceo affirmed that companies increase engagement and boost business disagreed. >> when employees violate a code of conduct and creates a threatening or hostile environment for other employees, smart companies take action and that's what happened here. >> if he were in a more understanding environment where the two sides actually talk to each other, then hopefully at least they would be more open to ideas that run counter to the internal morals. >> well, he plans to sue google and reportedly has a job offer from wikileaks julian aasaj san? >> thank you. we just posted a video story showing a timeline of events
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chronicling the controversy. just like the nbc bay area page, please. the reason caltrans is looking to hire hundreds of workers across the state. one day after a crane crashes into a south bay home, homeowners want answers. i'm scott budman. coming up, what pg and e says about the investigation. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the fog dropping temperatures. 61 in san francisco and the warmest gilroy at 80. how much longer this trend will last. my forecast in ten minutes.
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what a mess it was. a crane toppled on the homes as it was being used to repair a power pole. investigators are looking into what went wrong. scott, you talked to pg and e. what did they have to say? >> reporter: well, we'll tell you that in a moment. the neighborhood is feeling relief tonight but last night it was fear when that crane came down on a couple of homes. the crane kept this campbell neighborhood up all night. cal, osha and pg and e are investigating what went wrong. >> what we do know is that the subcontractor who was working for pg and e were utilizing the
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crane at the pole and it fell. >> reporter: the subcontractor is based in san jose. we reached out for an explanation but they did not respond. meanwhile, as crews fixed damage power lines, neighbors talked about what they saw and heard. >> i heard this big crunch, crunch. >> the noise was one of the scariest nices i heay esiest no life. >> reporter: the original plan was to remove the power pole inaccessible by truck but the crane tipped over hitting this roof. >> everything is getting back to normal and i feel sorry for the folks across the street. they spent the night in the hotel. >> reporter: cal osha says it could take three to four months to figure everything out. meanwhile, the power pole in question is replaced. pg and e is talking to the affected neighbors. >> thank you, scott. a jogger attacked while running in san rafael and
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tonight they have a photo. it was captured by the witness in june. you can see the man turned his head when he saw the person taking the photo. the jogger though was running on a path behind pickle weed park near the target store when she says this man came up from behind her, grabbed her, and fondled her at least three times. each time she says she fought him off. police released a sketch of the attacker saying he's about 20 years old, husky with close-set eyes. at the time his dark hair was long on top and short on the sides. wanted in a few bay area cities but under arrest. investigators caught up with these people. investigators also found stolen id, credit cards and r many. they are wanted for id theft, burglary and possession of drugs. accusations that california's voter data doesn't match up. the group claims 11 counties in the state have more registered voters than actual eligible
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voters. they are also threatening to sue. state election officials say the numbers don't paint an accurate picture of who actually votes. the register says a lot of the discrib s d discrepancies come from inactive voters. >> they were adding active voters to inactive voters and make the numbers. that's not the way we report and run elections and not a number we base anything on. >> california secretary of state commented on the watchdog group's report. he's accusing the group of the using the numbers to perpetuate the method of voter fraud. caltrans isn't waiting for the fraud in november. it is beefing up staff now. agencies looking to fill 1100 jobs statewide. the workers for projects paid for by that new transportation tax. the gas tax will go into effect in november and expected to raise $52 billion over the next
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ten years. long-time californians may have noticed roller coaster weather the past two decades and accord thanksgiving a federal e according to a report, the ups and downs are caused by a carbon footprint. it's been getting worse since the 1980s and action needs to be taken now. they want the trump administration to pursue legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emotions. our weather this past winter took a toll including at the orville dam in county. the prep work is almost done. back in february, heavy rains and storms caused part of the spillway to give way after months of extensive investigations, engineers found that faulty drainage and concrete were to blame. state water officials say $500 million in emergency response funds will be needed. we're seeing dramatic changes in the weather. a hot summer and then a dramatic cool down. >> yeah, a lot of spots now below average for today. we could stay with the trend as
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we head throughout the next seven days and even some wet weather expected in the west. it's going to stay up in the pacific northwest but good news they are getting a handle on that orville spillway because rainy season will be here sooner than you know it. right now in walnut creek, a little bit of lower level haze that's left over from fog that reached way back into the east bay. 75. i want to take you next over to berkeley in the weather underground sky cam network. you can see the cloud cover and fog that's been moving in across the bay today. we did get a window of sunshine but temperatures still rather cool. currently 63 degrees and temperatures staying in the 60s with cloud cover not budging at all. that's what i want to show you next through tonight 11:30 likely some drizzle at the immediate coast continuing clouds all the way over to contra costa, alameda county. we stay with the same picture tomorrow morning. so probably not going to need the sunglasses on that commute. then once we hit the afternoon,
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we'll clear out for the interior valleys but another day when the cool fog remains at the coast. here is the impact on the temperatures. you can see back at the inland valleys, no 90s. down to 87 concord. 83 livermore and 79 in san jose. san francisco 65 and up towards santa rosa, napa. extended forecast similar trend through sunday and then you can see numbers lower by next monday and tuesday and the pacific northwest after triple digits in portland, looking at possibly a quarter to half inch of rain again by sunday and monday. i'll have another update in 25 minutes. >> okay. thank you, jeff. not holding back the fallout from the video showing a california police officer punching a man. half moon bay and san carlos
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airports will now be charging a fee for charter planes. flight companies will now be charged 75-dollars per happening now, a fee for charter planes. flight companies will be charged $75 per landing. airport officials say the money will help pay for operations costs rising because of increased commuter traffic and on the website, gas prices on the rise. bay area drivers are paying 4 cents more per gallon compared to last month.
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take a look at this video
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sparking outrage. police are investigating an officer punching and wrestle thing man to the ground. the man is seen reaching for something. the person that shot this video believes it was a gun. others think it was a cell phone. the police department says all officers wear body cameras and the video is being reviewed. the man is is being held without bail and charged with resisting arrest. a startling revelation from the near disaster last month. the cockpit voice recording from the air canada jet that nearly landed on other planes on the taxi way has been erased. we're just finding that information because it was buried inside an ntsb document released a week ago. here is the question, how did that voice recording get erased? the feds said a delay in reporting the incident allowed the voice recorder to tape over itself multiple times. the investigation will be hampered because the dialogue is not essential.
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they say there is still information available from the flight's data recorder, as well. our own investigative unit has done extensive reporting and the full reports are available at there is an apology tonight from united airlines that comes after a dog died in the cargo hold of a plane. happened on sunday on a flight from houston to san francisco. the flight it turns out was delayed for two hours. the owners of the dog who are prom houston say their 5-year-old dog died at some point during the journey. united says it will look into what happened. our investigative unit did look into animal deaths on commercial airlines. if you want to find out more about it and how often it happens, go to once there, search animal plane deaths to find all of the reports. you love to watch the giants or the a's but just how safe is the food you eat at those bay area ballparks? sports illustrated took a close
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look and gathered data prom health inspectors who check on the ballparks. the list includes 28 of the 30 parks including the oakland coliseum and it ranked 27th out of 28. that's almost dead last. the coliseum had 131 total violations. as for at&t park, it ranked in the middle at 14th, the stadium had 88 total violations. seattle safeco field ranked number one while tampa tropicana field ranked last. was the house chair vote compromised? the accusation coming tonight from a fellow republican being levelled of senator john mccain. the latest on the conflict between forth korea and the trump administration. stay with us. north korea )s strong response o
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president trump )s wain right now at 6:30, a load of nonsense. north korea's response to president trump's warning of fire and furry. just a few hours ago, north korea's military released a statement through the state-run agency saying absolute force can work on the american president. >> north korea says it will complete a plan to attack guam by next week. meanwhile, president trump's team says he's sending a strong message to north korea, not a threat of nuclear attack. >> in the battle of increasingly fiery rhetoric between the u.s.
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and north korea. president trump throwing another blow on twitter toting the u.s. nuclear arsenal of stronger and more powerful than ever before adding hopefully we will never have to use it. a stark contrast to this. >> they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power. the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> the president reacting yesterday to news that north korea now has a nuclear war head, small enough to fit on to a missile. >> what the president was just reaffirming is the united states has the capability to fully defend itself from any attack and defend allies and we will do so. so the american people should sleep well tonight. >> north coreykorea's response, president's words at odds with the diplomatic actions but the white house says top advisors were well aware of the tone the president intended to use. james mattis today with tough
6:31 pm
words of his own warning north korea would lose any arms race with the u.s. how concerned should people be right now? >> we don't have to be concerned about a conflict with north korea that affects the united states, the homelands, alaska, hawaii or guam. >> president trump pressuring china to check the ally before the war of words escalates into a real fight. well, the rogue nation's threat is creating a great deal of concerns for any connections to guam. we spoke to locals known for the guam community ties. it's called c ed kumar's island market. it was a big discussion and anxiety. some are in contact with their family and so the personalities of both president trump and kim jong-un are generating the most concern. >> when rhetoric gets escalated on one side and other side and other side, eventually someone has to take action or step down and these don't seem like two personalities that step down. >> this morning i had a few
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customers that came in and the first thing i said, hey, you know, are you going back home? make sure your property is okay and kind of jokingly but they said yes, it's a little scary right now. >> one thing the customers pointed out is that guam has been threatened by north korea before and guam does have interceptor missiles set up on the u.s. air force base on that small island. in the east bay, dozens of arrests as activists protested nuclear weapons. 72nd anniversary of the bombing was today so protesters marched to the national lab because of its ties to the u.s. nuclear program. while today is about remembering the lives lost that day in japan, the event had added significance. that comes one day after president trump's words about north korea's nuclear threat. one person who participated in the march says she was doing it for her grandkids. >> i've had along life. i'll be 70 soon. but you know, they are just little kids and deserve a planet and deserve to live and have
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some happiness. >> the protest was peaceful. nearly 50 people arrested for trespassing. no one went to jail and demonstrators were sited and released. we are keeping a close eye on those developments between the u.s. and north korea. you can download the nbc bay area app. 24/7 and you can also follow us on twitter and facebook if you want more in depth information. well, in other international news after a five-hour manhunt, french authorities arrested a man that rammed his car into a grown up of soldiers. the suspect on a highway in northern france after he fled the scene of the attack. investigators say the man deliberately accelerated the bmw into troops patrolling this morning. six people were hurt. the motive for the attack is unclear. details emerging on the fbi raid at the home of paul m manafo manafort. two weeks ago, fbi agents showed up at the condo waking him up
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with a search warrant. manafort insisted he is cooperating with the federal investigation into russian meddling in the presidential campaign. legal experts say the surprise search may be a sign special prosecutor robert mueller's investigators may not trust him. they had to convince a judge probable cause had be committed. muller has also been looking at manafort's business dealings and seeking tax and banking records, as well. republican senator is drawing criticism tonight for suggesting that fellow senator john mccain's brain tumor influenced his vote against the gop health care bill last month. mccain's dramatic thumbs down vote on the floor drew gasps and helped kill the bill. this week in a radio interview, wisconsin senator ron johnson suggested the brain tumor and midnight timing ocho the vof th could have impacted. mccain didn't address that charge on facebook.
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the spokeswoman called the remarks bizarre and deeply unfortunate. you may be being more for vegetables at the grocery store but doesn't mean california farmers are growing less food. many crops are going unpicked because of labor shortage. they have resorted to down sidesing side sizing. the lack of workers is due to the heated national anti immigration. >> due to the anti immigration we heard, there are recognitions there are appropriate places to have immigration that can be a benefit to the united states. i think growing our food is clearly one of those places. >> according to farm burro officials, many employers have been trying to attract farm workers with higher wages, 4011 -- 401 k plans and flexible schedules. affordable housing for teachers. a teacher wanted them to rezone
6:36 pm
her property so she could build up to 16 apartments for teachers. the idea to provide teachers an affordable apartment for three years to save for a down payment on a home. early this morning the counsel voted no. the planning commission advised against the rezoning because only 15% of land in the city is designated as commercial and businesses are what provides jobs. an interesting update to the story we bruought you monday about a san francisco millionaire that lost possession of the private street. the last time a home sold the asking price was $16 million. but somehow payment of the $14 a year property tax on the street got overlooked. and a san jose couple snatched it up for $90,000. that's the street and common areas. the chronicle is reporting the homeowners lapsed on payments before. the city's assessor says they defaulted in 1970s and the state took possession of the streets
6:37 pm
and sidewalks until 1985. the tax assessors office continues to insist the recent sale of the street is valid. keep your windows closed, that is the warning for a dublin neighborhood over the next few days. just to keep a certain smell from coming in. the odor is expected to come from sewer construction that's taking place tomorrow in the village parkway area. take a look at the map of the construction zone. the odor is coming from a liner in the pipes that is being installed. well, a car for a very deserving mom in the south bay. jamie received a newly ref lly refurbished civic today. part of the recycle rides program. she's a single mom and a 14-year army veteran. after serving her country and overcoming an abusive relationship with her husband overseas, jamie and her son recently moved back to san jose. she's enrolled in college classes trying to work to support her family. the soldier's angle's program
6:38 pm
nominated her. >> nobody has extra money for an uber or two-hour bus ride to get on a bus to take a child to school or cabs or depend on people with jobs . a car brings life back to a situation. >> that's not all. the car came with a trunk load of goodies for jamie's 6-year-old son. big dreams for a local middle league team. the major steps tonight to get on the national stage. first homicide of the year.
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==mug== police arrested this man, vh break in the case. belmont police nabbed the killer in the first homicide of the year in that city. police arrested this man around 1:00 in the morning. now the murder happened at the union city bart station. stewart is accused of killing 24-year-old jones over the weekend. shooting happened at an apartment near highway 101. he's in the san mateo county jail. insufficient evidence means brock will no longer face domestic violence charges because authorities say his
6:41 pm
dpi girlfriend is not cooperating. he was cut in april after arrested and charged. his agent says four teams have called him within the past day to ask about signing the cornerback. tiger woods agreed to plead guilty to reckless driving after being arrested for dui. he will enter programs to have his record wiped clean if he completes the program. this is video in may going through a sobriety test. a breathalyzer showed no alcohol in his system. he had a bad reaction to prescription painkiller and sleeping medication. the diverse program will force woods to perform 50 hours of community service. swinging for the fences and chasing a dream, that's what some little leaguers from san ramon are doing tonight. the canyon creek little league all star team is trying to reach the little league world series in about 20 minutes they will play against the team from utah to try to advance in the tournament.
6:42 pm
tonight's game is a must-win for the team to stay alive. it's being played in san bernardino. >> let's talk about fog cooling temperatures down around here, jeff. >> very chilly. temperatures below average. temperatures 71 in napa. 69 in walnut creek and 68 in san jose. we'll talk more about the fog, how long it lingers plus a look at what the eclipse might just look like here across the bay area. >> connecting cancer patients with clinical trials. the bay area non-profit born out of tragedy. stay with us. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder
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goes bad. now what? jan/2shot consumer investigator chris this has probably happened to you at some point, there is a blackout and your food in your refrigerator goes bad. >> take pictures on the way to the trash. >> if the power goes out and your food spoils, you can file a claim for reimbursement. pg and e wants a list, receipts
6:45 pm
and documentation. that's where the photos of your spoiled grub will come in handy. >> wow. didn't think of that. if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call. 888-996-tips. you can also go to for so many people, a cancer diagnosis is the beginning of a long and difficult journey. the illness brings difficult decisions of treatments and finances, too. >> nbc joe shows us a group trying to give patients hope. >> you never know what might be hiding inside the plain office building you pasted a million times but beyond the walls of this office complex, three sisters, a nephew and a phone. >> cancer foundation, this is ryan. >> reporter: are helping people. >> that phone has been ringing off the hook. >> reporter: this family operation started ten years ago and like many noble journeys, it
6:46 pm
was born from tragedy. >> my husband mike miller was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer fourth stage back in 2003. >> reporter: while erin miller's husband mike chemo, her sister began a search for help. >> she combed through the clinical trials in the united states looking for something. >> reporter: the family found mike a clinical trial that could possibly help but it was in the philippines, so family helped the millers pay the mountain of travel expenses. >> he was given five months to live because he participated in the clinical trial, he lived for 19 and he was able to coach my daughter's tee ball team so he got to do squoucouts with the b and had time to create great memories before he passed away. >> reporter: inspired by the experience, she founded the danville based nonprofit lazarex ouncer foundation to connect other cancer patients with specialized clinical trials.
6:47 pm
>> clinical trials give patients an opportunity to take advantage of the latest and greatest developments. >> reporter: the sister-run company also helps pay the travel cost that kept many patients from pursuing treatments. >> 50% or more of clinical trials fail not because the drugs don't work or treatments don't work but because they never enroll enough patients. >> it was bad. >> reporter: the company paid for this teenager and her family to travel to philadelphia for a four-month clinical trial after chemotherapy failed to help her leukemia. >> i wasn't able to afford it at the time. i'm like my god, philadelphia. >> halloween in the hospital. >> they helped us with the flights getting to and from philly. otherwise i wouldn't have been able to go at all. so i went to prom that year. i'm a little over one year in remission. >> reporter: now cancer free,
6:48 pm
she's in college and learning to live again. >> it's an adjustment because my life for four years has been cancer. >> by helping somebody, you're giving hope to a system that's pretty much hopeless. >> reporter: for the three sisters, what started with a single portrait of shrug l has filled this regular office with portraits of 3,000 patients they have now helped. >> such a huge tribute to my husband. >> reporter: joe rosato junior, nbc bay area news. >> what a wonderful program. lots of good work being done. >> let's have it. let's hear about the fog. let's hear about the cooling temperatures and the biggest question, how long will it last? >> at least seven days. that's the good news. >> wonderful. >> the trend will stick around as we head through this weekend. anything you couldn't get done in the hot, hot weather we had so far this summer, a nice stretch coming our way. we had about an hour or so here of sunshine in san francisco. but you can see the fog beginning to move back in across downtown. currently a chilly 60 degrees
6:49 pm
and temperatures will just continue to stay very similar even into 1:ocho -- 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we won't be able to shake the cloud cover yet. we'll start with patchy low clouds and 62 and the fog as you mentioned stays with us in the peninsula and 59 and low clouds over the tri-valley with 60. san francisco not only the fog but also areas of drizzle and a chilly 56 so certainly a light jacket might need it tomorrow morning and over here towards the space 58. let's get a closer look. we talked about the over cast to start. by the afternoon inland areas will get the sun back but by 2:00 tomorrow, low clouds across san francisco down into half moon bay. the good news again is temperatures are going to stay comfortable here. no problems at all. 79 in san jose. and you're going to warm up to morgan hills to 87 but at least not 90s or 100s.
6:50 pm
towards the east bay, 83 expected in walnut creek and 87 concord and 76 fremont and a cool 69 oakland. for the peninsula. 78 in palo alto to 71 in san mateo. san francisco 65 across the mission and for the north bay 83 in santa rosa and looking at 75 in mill valley. i want to put things on pause for a second because there is so much interest about the total solar eclipse. now you're not going to need sunglasses for this but we'll show you an animation of how things will play out. we had a lot of rumors floating around we won't be able to see anything across california and that is entirely untrue. so here it is. this is a setup. 9:01 august the 2 1st, the sun will past behind the moon here as everything lines up with the sun, moon and earth. it will be 75% eclipse once we hit 10:16 in the morning on august the 21st and start to phase out of this by 11:38 in
6:51 pm
the morning. again, 75% of the sun will be obscured due to the moon pasting over. so we will be able to see something and don't worry, if you want to see more, head to my twitter page. i posted a link and you'll be able to share the post if you like. on the extended forecast in san francisco, temperatures will stay in the 60s throughout the next seven-day forecast. very comfortable weather. for the inland valleys, looking good to saturday with upper 80s. 80 by monday and we'll hold that trend into tuesday with 82 degrees. now if you are looking for something to do. we have music on the square in redwood city. i'll be out there live. janelle will be serving ice cream. it's the get the scoop nbc truck free with the event. come out and say hi. >> you two will be there on friday and i'm stuck here. >> yeah, see ya. sorry. >> i'll bring you ice cream. >> you have to hold down the fort. >> i'm filing a complaint. better bring me back ice cream.
6:52 pm
>> all flavors. >> thank you. >> thanks. playing the cubs all the time, lights of another win against the world champs. that's next. the giants wrapped up their series with the world champion
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
series with the world champion cubs today... and it )s the gi okay. the giants wrapped up their series with the world champion cubs today and it's the giants who looked like the better team believe it or not. >> bumgarner continues to look great after missing much of the season with an injured shoulder. gave up one run after seven innings and then hunter pence, there he goes. home run for the win. the giants beat the cubs 3-1. it took two out of the three games against chicago. the giants head now to the nation's capital to play the nationals on friday. across the bay the a's played a matinee game against the mariners. seattle jumped on oakland never looking back. kyle hit a home run. cruise to a victory. the a's host tomorrow night. good news coming out of 49ers camp today. the undrafted rookie that had to
6:56 pm
be taken to stanford hospital following a scary coalition is set to be released. donovan was motionless yesterday after crashing into a teammate. he suffered that concussion but it could have been much worse. the team says he is doing fine expected to be released from the hospital today. 49ers general manager john lynch tweeted he visited with him and hopeful to have him back with the team very soon. >> so tonight is the night you can actually use a little sweater if you went out and i don't have one. >> yes, it would be good. got to get you one somehow. >> janelle, i'll borrow one. >> i do have one. >> temperatures in the mid 80s through saturday and go cooler by sunday, monday and tuesday. looks really, really nice next couple days. >> okay. beautiful. i love it. >> that's going to do it for us. >> have a great night. be back at 11:00. .
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jennifer lawrence in love? her very first interview about dating her director. >> now on "extra." >> jennifer lawrence inside their vogue tell-all. >> why she says for the first time she's not confused in a relationship. >> taylor swift faces down the d.j. accused of groping her. did he destroy the evidence? and why taylor's mom broke down on the stand. we're in court with the very latest. new couple alert. kendall jenner leaving a nightclub with nba star blake griffin. cookie and lucious dropping spoiler after spoiler about the


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