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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 14, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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deadly shooting on the southbound lanes of 880 in the east bay. >> that's right. want to check in with mike in a moment. first "today in the bay" live on the scene right now with the very latest. this is at lewaling, sharon? >> reporter: that's right. we have an update from the chp officer and he said this is where it all happened. he allowed us to come closer to the scene and what we know is that there were two cars involved. one car, let's take a look at video that we shot earlier today. you see left behind on highway 880 right now. and that is why this whole area is shut down. southbound on highway 880. what we know so far the chp officer just told us is that there was another vehicle that was a white vehicle that's all they have the description of the suspect vehicle with four people inside. one of the passengers shot at
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the driver inside the vehicle that is left behind here. still on highway 880. we are told that there's going to be an investigative unit coming in about an hour but for now they're saying the victim involved in this was transported to the hospital and no word yet on the extent of his injuries. live at 800 i'm sharon katsuda. >> thanks. mike, right now, you're really keeping tabs on this hot spot. >> major issue. nimitz freeway, a lot of folks even at this hour southbound. so you see all of the sensor backup here starting way back at san leandro. this will be a problem from oakland down in toward the san mateo bridge. one bit of information that it looks like from the maps and sharon is talking about, as well, looks like folks from the castro valley "y yts and southbound 880 may jump on the freeway just south of the closure. that's what it appears. i'm going to say why the traffic is moving smothly now and big
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rigs on eastbound 580 away from the bay bridge and change the traffic flow to and through the castro valley "y," as well. here 880 is a problem getting down toward the san mateo bridge. the rest of the bay moves very well and traffic moving smoothly including san jose with a closure and from time to time seen the sensors slowing and the police activity reopened northbound 87. should be all right traveling up. there was an earlier police incident. the south bay moves well. kari, a forecast for today? >> we do start out with a few clouds here and there getting a look at when's happening now in san jose. some mild temperatures and then as we head through the day, that's going to be cooler than it was yesterday with highs reaching into the mid-70s. livermore, 74 degrees for the high today and napa 77. san francisco reaching 62 degrees. santa rosa today at 80. i'll talk more about this coming up. laura and scott? >> thank you very much.
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let's get to the other breaking story. several people rushed to the hospital after a shooting at capital and story. >> kris sanchez joins us live at police headquarters. what information do you have, kris? >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and laura. at this point, san jose police are not saying a lot about the investigation but sounds like they might be searching for as many as six different suspects. let's show you the scene. right around 10:30 last night. in that neighborhood, as you said, vista glen court, a cul-de-sac with a dozen homes or so. neighbor there told us he seen a lot of folks coming and going in the last week at the very home across the street. the home where he heard the gun fire last night and family ducking for cover. >> they have a little 8-year-old sister and when she heard the gunshots she got really scared and the first instinct to hide behind the couch.
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>> reporter: now, we saw four people being loaded into ambulances there at the scene and san jose fire confirms this morning that, in fact, six people were injured badly enough to go to the hospital. we are in contact with san jose police. they're not releasing a lot of details at this point but we know with as many as potentially six suspects outstanding and no motive, you might be wondering if there's a public risk. we are asking for that information. we're pressing for that answer and as soon as we get it we'll get it to you. follow on twitter for developments, as well. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> kris will be on top of the story. you can look for the tweets and facebook posts. read the latest news at nbc bay meantime, the national story, shar slotsville, virginia, continues to be on edge. >> the man police say drove his car into a crowd at a white
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supremacist rally will go before a judge. many are calling it an act of domestic terrorism. jay gray is watching today's developments. >> reporter: good morning. just few hours much of the focus sheer? charlottesville to shift to the courthouse where the suspect james alex steel jr. expected to face a judge for the first time since the attack. the legal system like so many here searching for answers. flowers and candles. prayers and tears. many in this grieving city gathered late sunday pulled together by their heart ache to remember the 19 injured and 32-year-old heather higher killed in a horrific weekend attack. >> robbed his mother. didn't accomplish a thing with the hate. >> reporter: police say 20-year-old james alex field jr., accused of using a car as a
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weapon, plowing into a crowd of counter protesters clashing with white nationalists and neo- nazis in charlottesville. >> barrelled into the crowd sending bodies flying. >> reporter: and ripping this community apart. but don't mistake their pain for weakness here. >> what happened yesterday was a result of the charlottesville police officers refusing to do their job. >> reporter: sunday, as leader jason kesler blamed authorities for the violence. he was quickly drowned out by shouts that punched and chasing before police moved in. >> had an incredible amount of nerve to come in front of the people of charlottesville after the pain and suffering and terror that he brought on this community. >> reporter: a community where nerves are still on edge. as they search for healing and peace. fields jr. is scheduled to be arranged on charges including second-degree murder and held at a separate facility and will
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appear by a tell conference. jay gray, nbc news, virginia. >> coming up, live to berkeley with a report of a bay area man who lost his job because he attended this weekend's rally. we have that part of the story. meantime, 5:07. two people accused of shooting and killing a photographer in san francisco will be in court. you remember 71-year-old edward french was robbed, shot and killed in twin peaks last month. now, there are two suspects, fantasy dequire and lamont mims. they will be arraigned at 9:00 a.m. this morning. at 5:07, a follow-up now to a story we brought you friday morning. two stunt men that scaled the golden gate bridge face trespassing charges. investigators sent a report to the marin county district attorney recommending the misdemeanor charges. the request was for charges part
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of the lawsuit by the golden gate bridge district which is suing to stop the men from making money off of video they produced. happening today, cal train wants ideas on bike storage. they'll go around the peninsula through august 24th asking questions. this afternoon, at the station on james avenue in redwood city. that meeting starts at 4:30. also happening today, city council to review a small shuttle plan. it would add a route to the southern part of the city. questions remain over how the city would pay for it. the meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. today, move-in day at uc berkeley saying 7,000 students move in residents halls. the fall semester begins on wednesday, the first day of instruction is next week. still ahead this morning, a programming note for parents. "today" show launching a three-day series how to prepare kids for the financial future.
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watch for this. >> go get a job. north korea says it can attack guam within minutes. people in guam have a reaction to the latest rhetoric between the u.s. and north korea. packers going after hbo. the episodes of shows the hackers were able to steal.
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coming up on 5:12 now this monday morning. few clouds taking a live look outside at san jose on 101. already quite a few people up and out the door. let's go to the neighborhood of santa teresa. clouds in the morning and continue to see clouds mixing in with the sun through the day and look at how cool it will be. 78 degrees. that will be the coolest day of the week. we'll talk about a warm-up ahead in five minutes. over here, look at this travel time for the north bay. highway 37 has construction and it may be in place for another hour. likely getting picked up now and track that jam. and the closure over there in san leandro of course for the nimitz. >> thank you. mexican druglord el chapo guzman will appear in new york federal court. he wants to hire new lawyers in the drug trafficking case. a judge is expected to address
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questions about whether he can replace his public defense lawyers with private lawyers. concern to try to pay the new lawyers with the estimated $14 billion in drug profits. back now to a developing story this morning. people in guam still bracing for the possibility of an attack by north korea. early this morning, people in the u.s. territory held a peace demonstration. they say a lot of people are stressed about escalating tensions. >> we're trying to show the world that the people here are peace loving people and we don't want war here. we don't want to harm anyone in north korea. we don't want harm to come to us or anywhere else in the world. >> guam is a key outpost for the u.s. military. also new this morning, the hacking troubles continue for hbo as cyber thieves release even more future episodes online. yesterday hackers leaked stolen upcoming episodes of shows "curb your enthusiasm" and "insecure."
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the hackers also released an episode of the news and not aired yet. at 5:13 this morning, gas prices are going up. expect to pay more at the pump. plus, new way to get the groceries. >> landon dowdy joins us live. good morning. >> hi. good morning to you both. the's a new player in the online grocery game. aldi with insta-cart. a pilot program this month in los angeles, atlanta and dallas. with possible expansions to other cities. testing the waters to gauge demand. a report earlier this year reports spending could top $100 billion by 2025. and going to cost more to fill up the gas tank. the price of gas rose eight cents over three weeks and that's spike is mostly due to the rise in crude oil prices. in san francisco, gas is higher
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at $3.12 a gallon and while it's $3 in san jose. the current price is 23 cents higher than a year ago but still well below august of 2015. wall street could start the trading week with some strong gains. asian and european markets are higher today with investors pointing to easing geopolitical concerns. u.s. markets rose friday but the dow still had its second worst week of the year amid the tensions between the u.s. and north korea. you want to look for data on retail sales, housing and the consumer. back over to you. >> thank you. 5:15 right now. happening today, president trump expected the take on china. the president is set to sign an executive order to investigate china's trade practices. he's expected to ask his trade officer to probe alleged theft of american technology and patents. the president criticized china's
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trade policies with the united states. amazon cracking down on sellers hoping to take advantage of the eclipse. to view the eclipse on august 21st safely, you need special glasses. the wrong pair could cause damage from the lack of protection. amazon removed a number of listings out of caution. >> that can be frightening. >> really could. get the right one. travel warnings to prepare people for the eclipse as people drive out to see it in oregon. we're still a week out from the eclipse but advisories are posted. holiday level travel expected. population in the towns of the path like casper, wyoming, expected to see a rush of visitors. >> we are hoping everybody kind of takes a deep breath and understands there's going to be a lot of different people here from a lot of different areas. >> highway safety is a major concern for officials. asking anyone to travel and
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drive carefully. i'm headed to oregon for that. >> are you really? >> i am. i'm heading up saturday and get there in plenty of time. >> for sure. worried about folks on the road in the eclipse. >> panic and say i have to get there. >> you have a room? no problem? >> if you spend the right amount of money you don't have a problem. >> well no because sam was telling me they were looking and so many are booked up. >> yeah, yeah. still a few left if you're willing to pay. >> okay. >> two and a half minutes. two and a half minutes. >> let's just hope that the weather holds up on that. >> take a nap or something. >> everyone's really looking forward to, like, can you see how many clouds will we have? >> seven. >> will we be able to view it? as we start out this morning, yeah, you canty much see everything. we are seeing some mostly clear skies with a live look outside 62 degrees out the door and seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. let's get a look at what it
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feels like now heading out the door. santa rosa at 55 degrees. and it's 64 degrees now in san jose. let's go into these high temperatures this afternoon because it will be cooler today than it was over the weekend and this weekend was amazing. now, we are going to be up to 80 degrees in gill roy. over toward the east bay, 74 in livermore and oakland at 69 degrees. now, you may want to wear a jacket today. especially starting out now once the winds pick up and feels cool. belmont with a high of 70 degrees. mission district up to 64 and north bay up to 80 degrees in santa rosa. as we get a look at napa valley's forecast for today, heading there it's going to be a very nice one. starting out in the low 60s at 8:00. and then at 70 degrees for noon. 77 degrees at 4:00 today and it may be one of the last days before school starts and take the kids out hiking or to the parks. south bay, partly cloudy at 7:00
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in the morning. 59 degrees, slow rise in temperatures will make it into the low 70s with sometimes of sunshine and some gusty winds. really picking up this evening at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. and if you're going out golfing, might be a factor today. the wind gusts picking up at half moon bay. hitting the links into the low 60s an we'll have low visibility at times. thanks to the fog and the drizzle keeping temperatures cool in san francisco today. only reaching 62 degrees. little milder tomorrow. 65. we'll be up to 70 by the end of the week an inland areas seeing the temperatures quickly ramping up as we go through the week as school begins, definitely feel like summer by friday. and mike is still tracking that breaking news. >> that's right. breaking news affecting the commute. freeway closed, folks. overall, most of the commutes are fine but this is a critical one in the east bay. not the bay bridge. the bay bridge is fine, as well. anywhere north of the coliseum heading over toward that area,
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uninterrupted. it is the southbound side at 880 closed. nimitz is closed out of oakland. jammed up through san leandro. there's police activity. sharon katsuda is following that case. we have the freeway closed itself tying up the area and now the backup forming. we'll talk about ways to get around that. the blue line here, that's the route there. if you stay on the nimitz freeway, 50 minutes. we put in all the other routes and couple of alternates. purple and green routes along 580 eastbound and big rigs are allowed this morning and a change in traffic blow and saves 25 minutes across the areas including 92 off of 580 and castro valley y. check that waze system and the team, as well. we want to make sure to share that information with you. best way is joining the team. clicking on your name and then joining the team of nbc bay area
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wazers. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, is your workplace hostile? new numbers this morning looking at high stress in the office. the amount of people who say their workload is potentially hazardous. and right now on facebook, you need to skescape? we have stunning photos. be sure to like nbc bay area. take a look. share with your friend.
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welcome back to you on this monday morning as the sun comes up. we take a live look at san jose this morning. >> thanks so much for joining us. 5:24 right now. new this morning, marin county plan to shut down specialty health clinics is criticized by patients. clinics treat people with tuberculosis and other difficult diseases. under the plan patients from the clinics sent to marin community clinics. marin independent journal reports patients and activists believe the change results in low-quality care. america's nurses are stressed out. that's according to researchers at ball state university. the new study found 92% of the nurses moderate to very high stress levels. stress can affect job performance and reportedly take the toll on their health, as well. three quarters of the surveyed nurses said they got little
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sleep and they ate too much junk food. new this morning, nurses and another study says high stress affects almost all of the u.s. workforce. that study by harvard medical, ucla and the rand corporation. examined more than 3,000 workers. nearly 1 in 5 said they faced hostile environments at work including sexual raszment and bullying. close to 55% say their jobs have potentially hazardous conditions. less than half said the jobs had prospects for advancement in the career. well, for the bride and groom, a wedding is priceless. for the parents, a big price tag. >> parents of the bride and groom contribute about two thirds of the wedding budget. collectively, spending about $19,000 on average. the parents of the bride usually take on most of the burden. spending about 5,000 more than the groom's parents. that old tradition, i guess, right? >> i guess so. >> i got two boys. >> i had two girls.
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5:25 right now. new video, sea turtles crawling all over a beach in mexico to lay eggs. >> take a look. olive ridley turtles from the sea part egg laying. up to 200,000 turtles are expected to lay close to 15 million eggs. 10% will then hatch. >> helping them along there. a lot of eggs. coming up, fired after dmoning, the consequences of a man after he showed up to the white nationalist rally in charlottesville. breaking news to affect your commute. that's a shooting on 880 east bay. a live report on the scene. of course, turning to mike to let us know the impact on the morning rush hour.
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at 5:30, welcome to "today in the bay" on this very busy monday morning. we are working two breaking news stories at this hour. we bring them to you since on the air since 4:30 this morning. on the left, multiple people shot in a san jose neighborhood. >> and then take a look at the right-hand side, live pictures of major problems after an early morning shooting on 880 in san leandro. we have live team coverage on both. we start with sharon katsuda
5:30 am
talking to investigators on 880. sharon? >> reporter: well, here's the very latest. we just talked to the chp sergeant and he tells us it's going to take about three more hours to open highway 880 southbound here. you can still see several chp units behind me and there's actually the car you can see that far away. we can zoom in a little there. you can see the car with the doors open on the highway still and that's what's going to take some time to collect evidence and take the car off the highway. over to my left here you can see that there are cars being diverted down lewalling boulevard here. it's a traffic nightmare and getting into the morning work commute. and so, the chp officers at this time say they're still looking far suspect. some video we shot earlier today of the chp investigators taking a look at the evidence and the
5:31 am
bullet casings. officers say the driver of the car that's still on the highway right now was shot at by a passenger in another car. the chp investigative unit on the way and still searching for the suspect. >> at this point, we only have very minimal information. we are looking for a white passenger, suspect vehicle. we haven't confirmed the make or model at this point. we told four occupants. one of them was the shooter and a passenger. >> reporter: and the victim was taken to the hospital. we are still waiting to hear on his latest condition. reporting live on highway 880 in san lorenzo, sharon katsuda. >> thank you. new news. three more hours to open this freeway up. >> that's right. sharon just told us three more hours. southbound side of the entire artery right here coming down through oakland now backing up before you get to marina
5:32 am
boulevard and davis. this is a huge issue already in the morning and sharon said three more hours to reroute off of the freeway. that's going to jam up san lorenzo. i'll tell you right now, eastbound 580 is approved for big rigs so the traffic flow will be different and see larger vehicles slower moving vehicles through the area, as well. rippling around through the entire area and that again is critical for the morning commute. we'll track that as one major issue. the rest of the bay with a smooth flow traffic and better news with the bay bridge metering lights and should be turned on any second. aside from that, at least the maps are clear of rain. what do you have for the forecast? >> looks like we'll start out with a few clouds this morning and at least we have any major issues as far as the weather. it will be cooler this afternoon, as well. reaching 76 degrees in san jose. 78 degrees in concord. and we'll be in the upper 70s
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for that. san francisco 62 degrees so it's going to feel even cooler than it did over the weekend. we'll talk about when's ahead as we focus on the upcoming weekend forecast. that's in about seven minutes. thank you, kari. let's switch to the other breaking news story. the other shooting, unfortunately. at least four people were rushed to the hospital after a shooting near capital and story in san jose. this is video of the scene at vista glen court. happened around 10:30 last night. police as many as six suspects may be to blame. "today in the bay"'s kris sanchez is working the find out more and join us at 6:00 a.m. now to charlottesville, virginia, the scene of chaos and violence in the over the planned removal of a statue of robert e. lee where a car mowed down demonstrators, killing a woman and injuring several others. at the state capitol, hundreds of people taking to the streets.
5:34 am
they were heard chanting take down the monument. >> as for that driver, the alleged driver, the suspect behind the wheel of the car that killed the 32-year-old woman,ed to be formally charged today with second-degree murder. meantime, there is a bay area connection to all of this, as well. a local man is out of a job fired after pictures hit the internet of attendance at the white supremacist rally. >> pete is where the man worked. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. we're in front of the top dog restaurant in berkeley. and when you walk by the store this morning, an orange piece of paper right here on the window taped to the window saying that cole white, this employee we are talking about, no longer works at top dog. this comes after white's picture is shared cross the internet and identified as one of the white nationalists taking part in the rally in charlottesville,
5:35 am
virginia. let's show you the picture that made the rounds on social media. we have made the decision to blur out the face as wait to independently confirm if the man in that picture seen taking part in the white nationalist march on friday is the same cole white who worked here at this top dog. the business was slammed with calls and social yeah posts to fire white after the participation in the rally and the picture showing him here and resembles white and this morning we're learning that white goes by the nickname of based ric flair. berkeley police did not confirm if he was arrested or participated in this incident but here's what top dog customers are saying following his firing. >> top dog has always been politically outspoken and sticking to, you know, what they have always done. i think it's ridiculous. the guy flew out to virginia for the protest. >> i think it's really important to show as a statement that's not tolerated.
5:36 am
>> reporter: we're waiting to confirm with top dog this morning when they come in to see if that's the same cole white picture at the rally. you can see by that piece of orange paper taped to the front door that he is no longer employee here at top dog. we're live in berkeley. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. department of justice opened a civil rights investigation into the situation in virginia but people still want a stronger condemnation from the president. the car attack in charlottesville killed a woman, injured dozens. critics say president trump's response to the violence broad. vice president mike pence and other officials making the rounds on networks to further condemn the attack. >> dangerous fringe groups have no place in american public life and in the american debate and we condemn them strongest possible terms. >> national security adviser hr mcmaster said it meets the definition of domestic
5:37 am
terrorism. attorney general sessions will sit down for an interview this morning on "today" to discuss the violence in charlottesville and the charges the driver faces after that deadly crash. >> we have to get you out here and show you how things shaping up on the roadways. we have a huge issue for 880 southbound traveling through the area. my gosh, not video. southbound 880 is jammed up coming down from san leandro. getting the update of sharon. three hours until they expect it to clear so that's a huge issue for folks as you travel down out of san leandro and oakland now. we can see it from the oakland camera. 98, that's a good stretch there. the reason that the castro valley y is not more heavily impacted is you can transition out of the tri-ly and getting over toward hayward and the bridge via that route and eastbound 580 the best route to get around that and traveling from oakland to the san mateo bridge. the rest of the bay moves well
5:38 am
and bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights have been turned on. folks, traveling through the south bay, the earlier closure did also clear and that's much better news for the westbound highway 37 was an issue, as well. but that construction cleared so better news, as well. >> thank you very much, mike. all right. weekend weather coming off a really nice weekend across the bay area. >> fabulous. >> some people want some warmer temperatures so they can go to the beach or go swimming and, you know, summer's not all the way over. >> no. >> we will have warmer weather for saturday. what? >> i thought you some people would say like this but -- >> trying to make everybody happy here. >> there you go. >> hot again? that's what you're saying. >> pretty much. saturday's forecast as we'll still have the 60s along the coast. inland areas up to 89 degrees and wouldn't be surprised for
5:39 am
low 90s there, especially on sunday as we get a look at some of those temperatures that will be little bit cooler for the inland valleys. 75 degrees for the bay and the coast will be at 67 degrees. and i've been taking a look at this camera with electric blue hues over lake tahoe. we are starting to see light in the sky for the weekend looking at heavenly, planning to go there this weekend, heads up. might be some thunderstorms on sunday but otherwise we're looking at some very nice weather. and we'll also be looking ahead to events and let me know what you have going on this weekend and feature it at 5:38 and 6:38 and i'll have the temperature trends coming up. >> thanks. coming up, rallying behind one of their own. nurses in the east bay demonstrating to keep a fellow nurse in america. the fight over her deportation order.
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5:42 now. mostly clear start a live look outside in san jose. gorgeous start and seeing the sun rising in about another 40 minutes but looking at today's temperature trend for the neighborhood of evergreen, we will be in the mid-60s to start
5:43 am
and then look at the lunchtime temperature. 72 degrees. partly cloudy, breezy and cooler today than it was yesterday. we'll take a look at a warm-up on the for the work week. that's coming up at about 5:47. right now, this is the jammed, horrible jam for the east bay. and as we have just learned, will be the case for hours. southbound nimitz freeway is closed right here. interstate 880 is not moving well. south of the oakland, reroute and affect on the rest of the commute coming up. >> thank you very much. kari an mike. 5:43. health care work earls rallying to keep an oakland nurse and family in the united states. highland hospital nurse maria sanchez and her husband face deportation tomorrow. the sanchez family tried gaining legal status in the u.s. for 20 years. sanchez provides urgent care to cancer patients. senator feinstein is fighting to stop the deportation from happening. >> i pray to god that she can
5:44 am
have a lot of strength to continue to fight for as many immigrant families as she has been doing it through all this time. >> supporters of sanchez plan to gather in front of the highland hospital at noon to protest the deportation plan. new this morning, state lawmakers may act on a group of bills to tackle california's housing crisis. >> three bills to give the state ways to get cities and counties toly develop new housing. recent cities of berkeley and san francisco have tangled with the state government over housing projects and measures the cities rejected. new this morning, police say they're searching for who attacked a man. happened late friday night an just learning about it now. police say someone shot the man with a bb gun and hit him with a hockey stick and three suspects and the victim is released from the hospital. happening today, pg & e plans to install 1,000 feet of natural gas line across the city
5:45 am
working in east hillsdale boulevard between shell and foster city boulevards. part of a project to replace the existing gas line starts at 9:00 and could atraffic. happening now, fire continues to burn inside yosemite national park. within the last hour, we find out it's been 400 acres. so far, no evacuations have been ordered but park rangers do say they have alerted all nearby lo businesses. the blaze started around 2:00 on sunday. no word yet on a possible cause. firefighters said the wild fire in napa county on the last leg. cal fire said it's 95% contained. little more than 165 firefighters at the scene down from 300 before. one firefighter injured. but is expected to cover. that fire burned 114 achors but destroyed no structures. happening today, the downtown berkeley bart station will close. crews are renovating the
5:46 am
station's signature rotunda. the plan to replace the gas covering. the renovation lasts about six months and tied to a larger $7 million improvement project. it's 5:46. bart has thousands of extra clipper cards after overestimating how many people would want them for the warriors parade. the chronicle says bart spent $600,000 on 40,000 preloaded cards for the warrior championship parade but only sold about 1,000 of them leaving them with more than 38,000 unused cards. bart told the chronicle it's trying to sell them for future events. time, willie nelson says he's doing fine after cutting a show short in utah. >> willie's doing great, actually. we have to cut the show short. we wanted to thank you for coming out and make sure everybody gets home safe. what's that? we love willie, too! and willie loves you! >> salt lake city altitude
5:47 am
reportedly gave nelson breathing problems. the singer said he was doing better on twitter. can't wait to get on the road again. >> maybe a little less funk, as well. let's check big trouble in traffic. but beautiful ahead in the weather. >> looks really good to start out the week. cooler temperatures on the way for today and cooler than yesterday to make the plans to be outside and enjoy all of this nice weather before it heats up. we are taking a live look outside in palo alto this morning and ready for the schools to start today. here's a look at the school day forecast. i hope it's a great first day for you seeing clouds in the mix and at recess temperatures will be in the 60s with some breezy winds but overall it is looking like a very comfortable day and as we get a look at the 7-day forecast, the bottom of the screen, heating up several more degrees by the end of the week and starting out this week at 76 degrees high temperature in san jose and in morgan hill expect a high of 79 degrees.
5:48 am
east bay looking at 76 in danville and hayward up to 70 degrees so that will be very comfortable. and it will be at 70 for belmont for the high and the embarcadero today and mid to upper 70s for the north bay and santa rosa up to 80 degrees for the high. so as we take a live look outside, san jose, started, it will be a great day to grab a hat. will be windy and will have a hard time trying to keep the hair under control and a good day for some long sleeves, too. breaking out the shorts again for the end of the week. the you're heading out to the a's game this evening, maybe the last few days before your kids head back to school, the low 60s so make sure you have on something nice and warm and breezy. mostly cloudy and we may have spotty drizzle, as well. throughout the day in san jose, 8:00 at 62 degrees. and at noontime only 71 degrees. making it up to 75. it will not at all feel like the middle of summer so if you're
5:49 am
going out to santa cruz, the beaches today, expect it to only reach into the upper 60s for today and a few clouds mixing in with the sun. looking at san francisco today, 62 degrees will be the high with some drizzle happening at times. at any point today. and then we'll tart to see some warmer temperatures moving in, not only for san francisco but the inland areas. going from 75 degrees today to 90 on friday. so get ready for a much warmer weekend on the way. and mike's still tracking part of the closure in the nimitz freeway. >> that's right. partially closed. southbound direction. all lanes are blocked over there. we see that big red stretch south of oakland. the rest of the bay looks really pleasant. in fact, bearing benefit for folks to the san mateo bridge. if you don't have to travel through the closure. the closure's there breaking news sharon katsuda is following. southbound 880 jammed. folks are forces off the
5:50 am
highway. you're going to use 580. let's show you on the waz system. you can see the brake lights already right here. that's the bart to oakland airport wrap and there's the alternate on waze. 580 to get around the mess. past the castro valley y and 92 or a couple of options. welcome at the difference. blue route through the mess. over there. eastbound 580 an you will find the big rigs, as well. that's the alternate for hours. continue to use that throughout the morning. the waze system, i'm talking about. alternates and helping with timing. if not route, forecast how long it's going to take one spot to another and maybe plan your drive later in the morning so that's a benefit of nbc bay area wazers to get. back the you. >> thank you. coming up, a new push to close a decades old cold case.
5:51 am
we'll tell you about the reward in the investigation of a 17-year-old. first, happening now, breaking news out of the mexico. at least four people have been killed in acapulco. city's become a hot spot for mexico's rising drug violence. the shooting deaths come as mexico's violence reached new heights with more than 2,000 murders in june alone. the country's deadliest month in at least 20 years. plus, china says it is going to cut off imports of north korean coal, iron ore and other goods. this is going to start september 5th, part of u.n. sanctions imposed on the communist nation. we'll be back with more news in a few.
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5:54 am
welcome to your monday morning. a smooth ride in san jose. this is 101. but there are problems all over. we'll check in with mike in just a minute. 5:54 right now. new this morning, more than a decade later san francisco police reaching out to the public in hopes of solving a cold case. police say 11 years ago aubry abraska was shot and killed at intersection of grove and baker streets. abraska, 17 years old, sadly, case never solved and now the city is giving $250,000 reward
5:55 am
for any information to try to lead to an arrest. today aubry's mother will be at the corner he was killed and answering questions and handing fliers. she is there every single year on this day covering it today, as well. 5:55. the search for two missing hikers continues this morning in the sequoia national park. the man and woman missing more than a week. the national park service said they're from china. last seen sunday. they add attended a crystal cave tour in southern sierra nevada before they vanished with a reservation in yosemite national park the next day and never showed up. 5:55 happening now in southern california, crews continue to battle fast-moving flames in riverside county this morning. blaine fire started yesterday afternoon and already charred 1,000 ache rls. evacuations are ordered in effect this morning, 30% contained. happening today, mexican
5:56 am
drug lord and escape artist el chapo guzman will appear in a new york federal court. this morning he was transported to the federal courthouse in a high security motorcade you see here. guzman wants to hire new lawyers for the case. today a judge is expected to address questions whether he should be allowed to replace the lawyers with private lawyers and concern to try to pay them with the estimated $14 billion in drug money. vice president mike pence is in colombia in morning. part of a latin american trip. yesterday he met with the colombian president and discussed the crisis in venezuela. in a press conference, pence said the country's headed toward a dictatorship and said a peaceful solution to the unrest is possible. more than 100 venezuelans have been killed since april amid an economic collapse and food and medicine shortages in that country. happening today, here at home, congressman mike desaunier
5:57 am
will answer questions of health care, the budget and relations with north korea. happening at the pittsburgh senior center at 6:30. 5:57. san jose's housing department with a meeting today for a controversial housing program for the homeless. the city is trying to find new locations to create an emergency bridge housing community. one proposed location is near noble elementary school which is sparking concerns from parents. today the city expected to hold a meeting to address the concerns and answer questions about the project. this week school starts up for thousands of students in the bay area. today an assemblyman is expected to discuss what the state's going to do to combat chronic absences. only 17% of chronically absent kindergartners and first graders in california read proficiently by third grade. assemblyman thurmond is expected to discuss when's next for a $33
5:58 am
million bill signed into law late last year to combat the problem. he will be today in richmond. moan police are asking drivers to be extra careful as schools get back in session. high school students today. police want to remind everyone that young pedestrians and bicyclists might be using new routes to school and keep your eyes open. north bay commuters will have to continue waiting for smart transit service to begin. a federal review of the high-tech safety system is forcing a continued delay in the trains. the safety system installed for the first time on a colorado line last year but reportedly was not free. it could be the reason federal officials aren't signing off on the transit service launch. bizarre sight showing up along oregon's coast. millions of these sea creatures are popping up everywhere. something researchers have never
5:59 am
seen before. now scrambling to find out what is going on. the creatures kind of look like a lucent pickle and each one made up of hundreds of individual organisms. scientists say they're baffled. >> these are very rubbery and kind of an interesting feel. little bumps on them. >> like when's going on? why now? why are they here? >> scientists now say they'll send out research trips to find these creatures and why they are here. >> what they want. right? right now at 6:00, it's been a tough day in the bay area this morning so two breaking stories. a shooting shuts down lanes on a busy east bay freeway and live as officers continue to canvas 880 for answers. plus, traffic impacts. all about it. >> southbound 880 is closed. i don't want myself or family to have a fear to walk
6:00 am
outside. >> more breaking news, terrifying moments in a south bay neighborhood. multiple people hurt in a late-night shooting. as laura mentioned, for some kids, school is back in session. thousands head back to the books today. we have live look at san jose. meteorologist kari hall has your school week forecast coming up. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on this fine monday morning. i'm scott. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. first mike with an update on the breaking news. we are talking about i-880 southbound in san leandro. >> exactly. like you said, southbound side of the nimitz completely closed. traffic not going down there. this traffic flow is. this is coming off of the 238 interchange there and the castro valley y. folks are able to make this and the folks with the headlights are stopped up at lewallin


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