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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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street just minutes before the attack. >> walked it just six minutes prior. i was going to catch a cab to meet a friend. and it was in a span of four minutes. >> reporter: this is the latest in a string of terrorist attacks. i want to give you a closer look at that route that that van took. it started on a busy square that attracts a lot of tourist. it went down lass ramblas, which is a pedestrian walkway. it came to a stop of a popular food market. >> tense moments for a bay area woman studying abroad.
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christy smith is live with her story. >> reporter: she found herself having to take cover with other people. we also heard from traveler's within the area on. she shared dramatic cell phone video. first sirens and then workers in a nearby shop. >> finally told us that a van had run into lass ramblas street. >> reporter: people started running and taking cover. >> i ran into the bakery where they let me in and there was a couple of us, about 20 of us hiding. it sounded like someone had seen
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a person with a gun. but also after a ton of people were just reacting to all of the cars and ambulances coming by. >> reporter: she says workers tried to cover the windows and the shop was quiet as some wept. these recent graduates had visited a number of cities and left three days before the attack. they said they didn't notice tight security. >> not really. the most security i felt was either in london or paris. >> reporter: some sort of
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security incident at the eiffel tower and they said they learned about the events here in charlottesville. >> thank you. barcelona you might know is near to the heart of many athletes. >> an attack on one is an attack on all and it was just unfortunate living in a world today where there is a lot of people being hostile and a lot of an animosity. >> the eiffel tower was gone dark tonight in vremembrance. >> a break in a hayward murder case. police now know who gunned down
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a father as he was pushed a baby in a stroller. these three are now facing murder charges. 29-year-old danielle del toro was killed by them. his wife told us he was trying to leave a gang. >> last month that air canada jet nearly landed on a runway filled with other jets waiting to takeoff. >> reporter: first of all, passengers won't notice any major changes to them. this is going to be happening behind the scene to make sure passengers can have a safe flight. it has been more than a month since the jet flew within
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50 feet of the plane waiting to take off. >> hopefully prevents this from happening again. >> reporter: pilots will no longer be allowed to use only a visual approach. instead pilots will have to use their instruments. there will be two air traffic controllers working at all types at night until the late night arrival rush is over. the faa is also testing a new radar system. and that technology could eventually be rolled out at sfo. >> cutting edge technology for sfo to be put in place. >> reporter: to ensure they will have more safe flights. these changes are immediate. we are live at sfo rick boone.
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thank you. a tow truck driver recovering this evening. after another driver pulled over and opened fire. the towed vehicle was blocking traffic when the gunman pulled occupy and shot that driver. >> maybe because they weren't traveling as fast as normal so that they could be safe, it may have created some congestion on the city streets. but that is certainly no reason to shoot somebody. >> yeah, apparent case of road rage. the driver is expected to driver and the suspect is described at his late 20. stay away. the rally is set for at mlk
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park. it is being called no to markism in america. stay away and do not plan alternative events. a counterprotest that was already scheduled at uc berkeley for earlier that day. confederate statute are a debate. charlottesville started as a protest over the removal of general robert e. lee. for many the statue is a symbol of racism others disagree. >> it is up to the people if they want to take it down. i have no problem with it.
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>> lexington kentucky is bracing for protest as two statues are scheduled to be taken down. >> apple is pledging $2 million to human rights group to help lead the fight against hate. removing them from internet search engines and preventing some websites from registering at all. >> we don't think they violate someone's rights by denying them service. but we want them to exercise that power very sparingly and for transapparently. >> our coverage continues. we will show you how right wing groups are getting around this. paying the price, the new
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problem for the two men who scaled the golden gate bridge and made this video about it. >> get can ready for the solar eclipse. from excitement to concern. that story is coming up. right now, we are seeing temperatures close to 80 in san jose. but as we approach the weekend, we have signs that 90s could make a comeback. how long this could last. it all unfolded in livermore...
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bla. s== a home up in flame and a man shot dead by police. it all unfolded last night in livermore. you can hear the gunfire there and that is what people heard in the sun valley mobile home estates. a number started challenging people to fight. he started firing shot gun and made suicidal. he set his home on fire and he didn't obey police commands. that man was alone at the time but neighbors say he lived there with his wife and dog.
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this was part of our breaking news coverage at 11:00. two people died and both are minors. the deadly collision happened near 55th. the free climb signify going to cost them. two teenagers who filmed themselves climbing on the golden gate bridge. this is a video back in april. both were from wisconsin. they are expected to appear in a marin county court next month. they face up to a year in jail. for the first time in nearly 40 years. a total solar eclipse for most of the country. a lot of people around here will be watching. we will get 75% of it. it happens on monday. a lot of preparations are
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happening. joining us from danville. kim, what is everybody doing. >> reporter: people are doing a lot of things. pg&e is saying don't worry, it will not be a case. peej pg&e is counting on other technology to keep it going. a rare look at the intricate power system and this is where workers will closely monitor the situation. when at the eclipse's peak, it will knock out 75% on the bay area solar power no one is expected to lose power and if you are a solar customer, pg&e doesn't expect you to see a big
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hike in your bill. compare solar usage during the eclipse to alternative power you would use on a cloudy day. for schools the solar eclipse is an educational dojackpot. the entire body at this middle school will make solar eclipse -- >> you can see a lot of it. >> when i have something like this that is happening in the universe to show them, that only adds to the excitement of both my students and myself for the world of science. >> reporter: now i know over how some of these schools were paying for these glasses. at loss seros they used money
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specifically at the science department. >> good information. i want those glasses though. that is the real deal. stay with us for our continuing coverage of the eclipse on air and online. right now on our website, you can learn more on how you can safely watch a big school and my son's elementary school has glasses. >> the kids do. but the grownups want glasses too. and hopefully the weather will be good. >> let's go to school on monday. >> the weather right now, a close look hour by hour. let's take you to the view. we will have some low clouds near the coast. this thing starts at 9:01.
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75% of the ecleps. partly cloudy skies around the coast. as things begin to wrap up as we approach 11:00 to 11:30. fingers crossed. now right now, we have a typical summer day outside. around walnut creek, mid-80s. 85 degrees in livermore. and we are seeing a typical spread of temperatures. 60s, and your 70s. giants baseball right here. taking on the phillys and temperatures cooling in the low 60s. 15 to 25 miles per hour but our valley location also begin to see the temperatures make a run at low 90s for friday after. not too chilly outside. just a light jacket will be
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fine. as low clouds make a come back for tomorrow's commute. mostly sunny clouds inland. and low clouds around the coast. perhaps low 90s inland for your friday afternoon. 89 degrees in morgan hill. low 90s returning to concord and antioch. still seventies around oakland. highs in the mid-60s and friday afternoon looks pretty nice for santa rosea. 82 in napa. friday, saturday, likely to be the warmest days for the seven-day forecast. san francisco for the weekend, clear the shelter weekend.
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the weather looks picture perfect. mid-80s inland. eclipse on monday and the weather should be just find. trending a bit cooler next week. >> we are teaming up with animal shelters across the weekend to find new homes. >> garvin thomas with a special lake canine version of area proud. >> the humans in this case are michelle dunn and sue reel. two women who are now bonded for life in a couple of ways. michelle dunn is a woman in the
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habit of rescuing things. her new puppy archie in a long line of them. you only have to follow that string back a few months. and you will discover michelle's greatest rescue. she learned about archie from a facebook post by suzanne real. sue just rescued him and wanted to find a home for his brother. sue had been wanting to rescue a dog from a long time. >> for two years i had been watching my kidneys fail. >> if i was in that situation, i would want someone to do the
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same for me. >> reporter: at the time, the two didn't know each other. but a facebook post by sue asking for help made its way to michelle through an unlikely series of connection. >> michelle is the girlfriend of the younger brother of my boyfriend's best friend from the 80s. >> reporter: not long after seeing sue's post, michelle sent her a message. >> something along the lines of hey, sue, you don't know me, but i am at the hospital seeing if i am a match for kidneys. >> reporter: the two women bonded by a shared organ and now by rescued puppies. a great act can sometimes have
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greater results. >> well she never would have had this wonderful dog she loved if she hadn't donated a kidney. saving lives comes full circle rightly. >> wow. >> did you follow that? >> brother's best friend -- what was it again? >> they don't know each other. she donates the kidney to another one and later on there, is the puppy connection. >> and i summed it up one way. one woman says i have -- >> thanks so much, garvin. >> it is this saturday so jump in and join us if you would like. for more information on this event, go to our website and you can find a participating shelter right next to your neighborhood. >> dozens of bay area families get a digital surprise and we
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are going to show you next. -- no white house for the
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warriors. kevin durant says he )ll skip te visit to the white house if he )s invited. his teammates have expressed similar opinions. kevin durant saying he will skip the visit to the white house if he is invited. his teammates have expressed similar opinions. after the barcelona terror attack today police have asked not to share pictures of those hurt. we have an update next.
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we have some breaking news in barcelona. police in spain say they have shot and killed several people south of barcelona linked to the terrorist attack. police say that officers are in a sea side resort town. they called on people in the town not to go out in the street. the police troops have killed four people and injured another. the reports also say the police suspected they were planning an attack in that small seaside
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town just hours after the van swerved into the crowd and killing 13 people. today we took steps to change that. david al co-hen visited nbc area to give computers to dozens of family today. >> the internet is such a transformative technology and it has the potential to equalize access to education, health care, vocational opportunities and news and information and opportunity. >> he also handed out more laptops. this program has helped 4 million people over the last four years. we will be right back.
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we were talking about come cast internet essentials and i got to be part of that this afternoon. by the way comcast owns nbc bay
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area. >> giants night. begins at 7:00. tune in. tonight, deadly terror attack. isis claims responsibility after a van plows into pedestrians killing over a dozen in a popular tourist destination. suspects now under arrest. tonight, the latest from barcelona. ripped apart. the warning from president trump. removing confederate statues is damaging american culture, he says. but it comes amid growing calls for more to go including in the halls of congress. also, the online hate crackdown. can tech giants win their growing war to stop white supremacists from spreading their message on the internet? eclipse fever. the last-minute dash to find the one thing you and your family need to see the event of the


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