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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> i feel like it is cheese and i can eat it. >> reporter: there was a scientific side to all of this sky gazing. >> i am glad so many people are interested in astronomy and science. >> reporter: and with nasa satellite feed broadcasting the eclipse inside as it passed through our country, people with glasses camera and smart phones. >> click in there and have that pointed towards the eclipse. >> reporter: all got a chance to see history. thanks to satellite and weather balloons that were sent up throughout the day. reporting live in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news.
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>> this one here in san francisco, best place to catch a glimpse, of course you got to get on the rooftop. on the street level, the mid morning commute for many people came to a stand still. these drivers pulled off the road in costa county. the chp tweeted this, really, people. the kids this was a real time science lab. even the parents were invited on to campus. a last minute change for this school in danville. the principal said the kids were going to be inside the auditorium. but that didn't go over too well and with the parents and the
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school was able to get glasses for all students and the blacktop was crowded. >> not everyone who wanted to see the eclipse got to. this is the scene at martin luther king elementary in oakland. they got to learn about the science in the classroom and watch nasa's live feed. >> i am very happy right now. i am very excited. >> she is very optimistic. another one come anything the next decade. another look for another bay area viewpoint. using a filtered camera as it moved across the sky. our chief meteorologist is here. jeff. >> we did have our typical fog pattern setting up this morning, but luckily it did start to push
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back for parts of the bay area. in terms of what we kpernsed today, it was the first time we had seen a coast to coast eclipse in 99 years. the next time it will be in 2024. and goes from texas to maine. in 245, it will last six minutes on august 12th. the pass of that will take the total eclipse towards redding and push it down towards mime -- miami, florida. much more on our website. you can click on our home page to watch raw video.
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hip-hop, raps and violence. today, another example involving a bay area rapper. his name is keek the sneak. jodi hernandez is in richmond for us with the latest. >> reporter: police say this is the second time this year the popular bay area rap star has been targeted. tonight he is in stable condition. based on what they have uncovered in the investigation so far, this was absolutely targeted. bay area keek the sneak may have a loyal following but somebody targeted the rap artist during an early morning shooting in richmond. >> shot multiple times upper
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body. >> reporter: at about 5:30 this morning. they found charles williams, keekda sneak. >> everything is safe, it just appears to be tartgeted. >> he is somebody that brought something to the table. >> reporter: fans say they are rattled. place say it is not the first time keek da sneak survived a shoot anything january. fans are hoping he survives this one too. >> a lot of hate going on. we need to come together and do better. >> reporter: now police say they
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are reviewing surveillance video for clues. he is in stable conditions but please continue to pray. i am jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. police in barcelona say they gunned down the man who drove the van. killing 13 people and leaving more than 100 injured. one american was killed. police tracked younes abouyaaqoub. four other suspected suspect the related to the crash are in custody. turning to the white house, in less than an hour president trump will address the nation about his vision for the longest
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war. blayne alexander with the preview. >> reporter: president trump will be giving that prime time address not from here at the white house but rather fort meyer that is in arlington, virginia. president trump will now officially be owning the war that has now spanned 16 years. what is next for america's longest war? tonight president trump set to announce a path forward for the war in afghanistan. on the campaign trail, then candidate trump called the war a waste of money. >> we could have rebuilt our country twice. produced only more terrorism, more death, more suffering. >> reporter: now president trump expected to announce a plan to send more troops into afghanistan. as many as 4,000. the decision coming after a weakened huddle with top advisers. >> once he announces what the
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tragedy is, can get more precise on afghanistan troop levels. >> reporter: right now more than 8400 u.s. troops in afghanistan. since the war began, more than 2300 american personnel have been killed. yet the country still is a safe haven for terrorist. >> what you are going to see tonight is as good as it will give and it ought to keep us in stable plight so we don't see the entire graphic turn red. >> reporter: president trump considering the best way forward in a war that has now spanned three presidencies. and today president trump is expected to lay out broader goals rather than specific troop numbers. those numbers, janelle, will likely come at a later date. >> thanks so some blayne. much more on the president's up
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coming speech and what it means for the country and our military, coming up at 5:30. as we first reported last week, the defense filed a motion to seal all pretrial motions. but today a judge rejected the motion. revealing the public has a right to the information. including arguments and how to refer to people and objects. steinle was killed while walking with her father on san francisco pier 14. >> we should be calling people -- we should be referring to people and referring to weapons as people refer them to be in the natural environment. >> these are the sorts of requests that the public would
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not have known about. attorneys say opening remarks in this case are a few weeks a way. a free ride is what typically bart offers to police officers. but cracking down on the program. the perk only applies to full time officers licensed to carry a gun. bart revoked passes for 140 officers who didn't equal for them. the passes have to be renewed in person every year. we will tell you about the steps being taken to protect the city and the first amendment. dem lation of the old bay bridge is moving forward and why the job may be done sooner than expected. i am meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. our chances in getting rain drops. the new update at 5:19 tonight. didn )t go well.
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the city of berkeley is once again gearing up for a sho well we have seen this bofr and it didn't go well. the city of berkeley is gearing up for a show down. this weekend an alt-right show down is planned.
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nbc bay area thom jensen joins us in berkeley. this is a dangerous balance. >> reporter: we just learned late this afternoon, the mayor, congresswoman bashrbara lee. telling the groups they are not welcome in berkeley. but they will not be banned. because berkeley supports free speech even if they don't agree with their speech. >> it is a danger that keeps some berkeley residents at home when alt-right demonstrate on the streets. students are also concerned about what had happen this weekend and later in september when two controversial alt-right speakers say they will be on campus. that includes milo yiannopoulos
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speaking event was called off before it even started. when a group began throwing rocks and bricks. >> there is a thing as too far left and too far right. i don't know. i think it is going to be dangerous on campus during that time. >> reporter: still, the university says it will allow all speech on campus even if it is filled with hate. >> the best disinfectant is sunlight. >> reporter: berkeley's mayor says the alt-right groups who suspects will be there but will not be turned away if they are peaceful. >> we can't dictate based on the content of speech. >> reporter: the city and the campus say they are spending the money that it will take to keep
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police and security forces at these events to keep the peace. they say anybody who starts violence or promotes violence will be arrested and prosecuted. >> thank you. mounting pressure on the mounting park service to deny a rally. the park services gave approval for a rally at crissy field. the fear is that the rally could draw the same kind of violence as in charlottesville. looks the remainder of the old bay bridge is coming down fast faster chan expected. cal trance announcing the dates. the dates will be beginning labor day weekend and should last through november. cal trans says it should finish
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a year ahead of schedule. and that year ahead should taxpayer 10 million bucks. investigators oregon. crashed about a mile from the madr madras airport in oregon. officials have not confirmed that the man was the one flying the plane. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. back to our eclipse. with are did you watch it today. a rare combination of history, science and energy and among the popular spots is the explore torium. people had their glasses in hand. using cameras or low tech old fashion shoe boxes and inside
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the museum there was a live feed of the sun surface. >> this is something we talk about all the time so for them, they understand that it is a big deal. >> we've been watching these videos for a while now and it is cool to see it in person. >> it was cool to see. the event drummed up thousands of people. it brought out the best in san francisco. nbc bay area's sam brock will show us that part of the story. local classroom's expanded today. got outside of the classroom and onto the field. at presentation high school in san jose everybody poured out to view the eclipse. marianne favro is more on today's big lesson in the sky. >> reporter: today they got
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outside for a science lesson that outshined any lecture. it was a view to remember. >> it looks like a banana. >> reporter: banana, orange, cookie. no matter how the students at presentation high school describe it, they did agree on one thing. the school provided the students special viewing glasses and gave them a chance to step outside the classroom to watch and marvel. the first time it has traveled the entire country since 1918. >> you can see the shadow of the moon over the sun. >> reporter: it was definitely a teachable moment. >> i usually teach about eclipses in the spring and we switched it because of the natural laboratory today.
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>> reporter: if only for a couple of minutes, a different perspective. some of the students we talked with today were so excited about what they saw that they are already planning the next eclipse in the year 2024. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> so we can book our travel now. >> the interstate 5 was packed with people heading up to oregon. now let's go ahead and get a look at some more of this eclipse information in case you missed this earlier. and as marryian said, the first coast to coast eclipse in the last 99 years. the next total eclipse will be
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april 8th 2024. and in 245, northern california will experience the total eclipse. and it could last six minutes based on the current forecast. august 12th of 245. mark your calendars. tracking thunderstorms right now off towards the east. related to sierra activity. seeing some get close to the south bay right now. we can see some make its way towards the eastern fridges of contra costa and alameda county. near san martin and morgan hill. current forecast models show by about 6:30 in the evening that is where we can see more of this
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activity moving its way. as far as tomorrow morning's forecast goes most of the region under the cloud coverage. fog for the peninsula and for the tri-valley, sun. for the north bay, that is the one spot where we could still have thunderstorms real close by. so marin, napa, sonoma countys watch out for tomorrow morning maybe thunderstorms strike close towards you. in terms of tomorrow, temperatures do warm up. could be a night day. 86 towards gilroy. contra costa, alameda county, 87 in pleasanton and throughout the peninsula 64 in half moon bay. plenty of sunshine. throughout the north bay, 75 in
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mill valley and 81 expected. 69 degrees by saturday. for the inland valleys, see things heat up to 93 by saturday and 94 on sunday. no 100s. down to 91 by next monday's forecast. okay. you guys, we are going to be around for that next one in the 40s. >> i was counting. i hope i am still around. >> we can do it. >> eat healthy and exercise. >> sense -- sensory friendly clothes. who are these people?
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join energy upgrade california and do your thing. to look at, but it comes with a cost. happening now on our facebook page, that solar eclipse impressive to look at. one estimate is employers will lose 700 million bucks because a lack of productivity. more than 6,000 pets were adopted across the country. we shared pictures of the happy dogs and cats. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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national park flared up over the weekend -- causing a new round of evacuations, ==take vo== the so-called "south fork fire" a sub born fire in yosemite national park. fire crews say erratic winds. right now the fire has burned over 3400 ache eres. today target launched a line of sensory sensitive apparel. shirts made with heat transferred labels. the pants are designed with flat seams. back in a moment. we have lot happening this
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evening. in 30 minutes, president trump will deliver a there is a lot happening this evening. in about 30 minutes from now, president trump will deliver a prime time address. he will be addressing the nation from fort myers.
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we will bring you live coverage. that is on our 6:00 news cast. >> hope to see you then. tonight, a nation captivated by a historic event in the sky. >> oh, my gosh. i just wish it could just last forever. >> day suddenly turns to night as a spectacular solar eclipse mesmerizes millions from coast to coast. disaster at sea. another crash involving a u.s. navy destroyer in the pacific. ten american sailors missing. war plan. president trump addresses the nation on america's mission in afghanistan. are more troops headed into harm's way? courthouse ambush. a gunman opens fire on a judge. the judge firing back and survives. tonight, the suspect's connection to a case that made national headlines. and under pressure. doctors sound the alarm about a silent condition hitting a growing number of kids.


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