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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a live look outside at san jose.. it's friday morning. good morning to you. we made it through the workweek. a live look outside of san jose. a beautiful morning. a beautiful morning nonetheless. >> just about. one more day. >> you can't leave right now. get up, get your coffee going. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we'll help you get out the door. >> as we look at what's going on, a little muggy outside. >> looks pretty good, though. it's going to be a hotter day. you'll feel the difference this afternoon. yesterday was so pleasant. today we will see the
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temperatures going up a few more degrees. partly cloudy. clear in the south bay. we are seeing some mostly clear skies in the north bay. temperatures cool there. a look at the highs this afternoon reaching up to 72 in oakland. 92 in antioch and san jose at 82 degrees. we'll talk about all of that in the forecast heading into the weekend coming up. mike is tracking a crash clearing in the east bay. >> we had a few small crashes that cleared quickly but this one leaves debris over westbound 80, willow. the on ramp may be affected by debris left over just as you head through the area heading to hercules. that on ramp for a few minutes until they clear the debris. another crash down through san pablo is not a major issue. it's over on the shoulder. your travel times clear and easy. 14 minutes from highway 4. i'll hand it back to you. >> happening today it could be the beginning of what is
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expected a to be contentious weekend. >> several rallies are planned in san francisco. today an anti-hate rally kicks off at city hall at noon. mayor ed lee, city leaders, saying it's meant to be a celebration of values, compassion, love and inclusiveness. later tonight advocates against hate will hold a digital light rally and digital at crissy field. no real candles are allowed there. >> many are expecting the volatile right-wing rally in san francisco. the national park service is laying out fences at crissy field where the rally is permitted to take place. san francisco will activate its office of emergency services to help monitor the situation. the public defender and his staff will be at the demonstration serving as legal observers. >> in light of what happened in charlottesville people want to
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be there to make sure they know what the law is. >> extra staff scheduled and put on call at general hospital. meantime in berkeley thousands of people are expected to take over city streets sunday in what could be another loud, violent shutdown. "today in the bay's" thom jensen has more on how the city is preparing. >> reporter: at a community meeting berkeley's police chief tells neighbors he's doing all he can to keep the peace this weekend. during recent protests violence has sometimes spilled over into nearby neighborhoods. >> i think people are concerned about the potential for violence and, of course, any violence is upsetting the city. >> reporter: the chief says he will not give specifics how his department is preparing for sunday's rally and counterprotest. he's hoping counterprotesters will stay away from civic center park where far right groups are expected to stage their rally. >> our responsibility is to plan thoroughly, to consider the worst case contingency and be ready to scale up or down our
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approach to manage whatever comes our way. >> reporter: the postal service is also hoping things will remain peaceful but it's also taking a drastic step. >> there are assets and we want to protect them. >> reporter: the postal service will remove 12 of its collection boxes in berkeley as well as another 50 in san francisco ahead of the weekend rallies and protests. >> the sanctity of the mail is very important to us. also the safety of our assets. so in combination we want to make sure the mail is safe and the collection boxes are well taken care of. >> reporter: thom jensen, nbc bay area news. stay with us for the latest on air and online. it's the top story on right now. our website, facebook and twitter feed are updating 24/7. the state of the urban shield trading program in the east bay will be decided today. the alameda county task force will vote on whether to continue
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this controversial training. activists say urban shield promotes the motivation of police. the alameda county sheriff's office started this ten years ago. the search continues for a man caught on camera attacking a woman in san francisco. it happened in the area caught on surveillance camera. that man approaches the woman and beats her. he then takes something from her hand and he tries to -- she tries to get up but then he comes back and attacks her again. people in the neighborhood are shocked by this. >> it's scary because i walk this block all the time. and i walk with my kids, i walk with my parents. sfpd are investigating this incident. we did some digging overnight and found a similar incident around the same time last year. here is a video of that. a man brutally attacks a woman and then walks away. this happened in pacific heights
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and still no arrest in the case. a follow-up now to a story we've been reporting here on "today in the bay." san jose state professor will not reach any classes this fall. a university investigation shows he sexually harassed a student while asking for a date. san jose state reinstated him and assigned him two classes to teach. student outrage followed forcing the university to cancel those classes. some students told us that was the right decision. >> as a female student i'm relieved at this point to hear those classes have -- are basically out of his hands. >> he remains part of the university but officials are still discussing the professor's future there. coming up, hot tickets for a cold attraction. where you can get your hands on the tickets for the ice cream museum. >> looking live at san jose, getting ready for a warm-up this weekend. we know that a lot of protests
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and rallies are planned. we're watching that. we also want to make sure you're ready for your weekend.
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good morning. i'm landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters. wall street could start the day in positive territory. stocks did fall yesterday, though, with the dow slipping for a second straight session. investors are awaiting speeches from two top central bankers
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today. fed chair janet yellen and draghi. the dow falling 28 points to 21,783. the nasdaq slipping seven to 6271. amazon will cut prices at whole foods once its purchase closes on monday. you can expect to see lower prices on items such as bananas, avocados, organic brown eggs, lean ground beef and almond butter. amazon will give prime members a special reward with discounts and store benefits. you'll be able to buy whole foods store brand products on amazon, amazon fresh and prime now. and shares of snap chat's parent company snap may be struggling amid stiff competition from facebook. there is someone aware the social media app is thriving. that's the younger users. a report shows that snap chat is the third most popular app among 18 to 24-year-olds, that's two spots ahead of instagram which
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is owned by facebook and trails only youtube and facebook. and still bigger with more than 400 million users while snap chat has 172 million. back over to you. >> we just got kari to join instagram. i can't wait to see her first post, kari. >> tickets for the museum of ice cream go on sale today and we expect them to go fast. the pop-up art installation is ready to go september 17th. it celebrates all things ice cream and has already made stops in los angeles and new york. >> it has been popular with celebrities thanks to its instagram worthy exhibits. the museum also had a presale on wednesday. the tickets sold out within an hour. you still have time. tickets go on sale at 9:00 a.m. all right. 4:41 right now. coming up hurricane harvey. the region is bracing itself. we're tracking the hurricane and
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so is kari hall. i just posted a new picture on instagram about hurricane harvey @karihallweather. in campbell today reaching into the low 80s this afternoon. more on that and the weekend forecast coming up next. and look over here. this is our dublin camera westbound 580 with all the headlights. that's your friday commute coming into the area. heading out a major crash that went on for hours last night.
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4:45 right now. you're watching "today in the bay" as we look out our window over emeryville there. you see a little bit of haze in the distance and some warm temperatures on tap. we'll check in with kari in a few minutes. and now a new video on the biggest storm to make landfall in the u.s. in over a decade. take a look at this plane full of storm chasers making its way into the eye of hurricane harvey and on the ground in texas residents are scrambling as the category 2 hurricane strengthened expected to make landfall along texas' gulf coast since late tonight and overnight a hospital sent a critically injured baby to ft. worth. these are live pictures of corpus christi where the city could see 105-mile-per-hour wind speeds and a powerful storm surge.
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harvey will be widespread. houston is expected to be dumped with 2 feet of rain. millions of people to be affected. i'm seeing like a category 3 landfall. >> the last one was hurricane katrina, and now we have some new things that the national hurricane center is putting into effect like the storm surge warning. and we are looking at now a category 2 hurricane. it's amazing just how much this has strengthened since yesterday morning when it was a tropical storm. and now we have wind speeds there 110 miles an hour. this could strengthen more before it makes landfall later on tonight and it will bring some wind speeds, the possibility over 120 miles an hour so that will be something to be watched and, unfortunately, this will not be moving. it could actually go back out over the gulf and strengthen again and make landfall somewhere else because of the setup of the atmosphere and it has the potential.
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in some parts of texas close to 30 inches of rain so it's not unreal the amount of devastation that we could see there. and we are going to start out this morning nice, calm, quiet weather. temperatures a little bit cooler in the mid to upper 50s. we're now at 50 degrees in the north bay, mostly clear skies. let's check out the high temperatures this afternoon reaching up to 88 degrees in morgan hills. it will be hotter than it was yesterday in san jose. 82 and 93 in concord. hayward up to 75 degrees and 63 today at half moon bay. san mateo will see a high of 75. the mission district with some mid-80s today in the north bay. we are starting out with mostly clear skies as you take a look outside and then look inside at the closet. a great day to grab the sunglasses and also some short
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sleeves. once again it will be hotter today than it was yesterday. as you look at that seven-day forecast we are going to have slightly warmer temperatures in san francisco reaching into the mid-70s. i know it's been a while and we have a lot more sunshine in the forecast, something that you've been missing out on while the inland areas are going to be sizzling. look at that. the hottest day on sunday up to 99 degrees. i'll have more on that. mike is updating two crashes. no worries. >> no major injuries but major damage to the first crash we're talking about. 101 at tully. another not far from 680. there's major damage done to the car but we're not talking about major injuries. everything is out of lanes here. a smooth drive on all these sensors. that's great stuff coming westbound into the area. i showed you the headlights coming out of the altamont pass. that's the slowing here. last night going on for hours we had a major crash heading eastbound toward 205 and the 580
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split that did tie things up until just before 3:00 in the morning. getting out of the area is fine. a smooth ride for any of these transit agencies and, note, we've been talking about the activity, a number of rallies going through the weekend. there are schedule changes for muni, for saturday and sunday patterns but today there may be some disruptions if any of the rallies get to be an issue as crowds gather on the streets. just track the updates from muni on the twitter called sfmta. no delays on the bay bridge. a smooth drive and ride across to san francisco. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening today the long-awaited commuter train finally gets rolling. the smart train begins full service today and the first train leaves the sonoma county station just before 1:00 this afternoon. service runs from the airport to san rafael. rides are free today and then half off until the end of labor day weekend. this is the first passenger
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train service in the north bay since 1958 and cost half a billion dollars to make it happen. 4:49. tomorrow the oakland fire department is holding a memorial service honoring one of its firefighters who was shot and killed in san jose. 30-year-old jake walter was killed last week in japan town after a music festival. investigators say that the entire ordeal was caught on surveillance camera. the motive is still not clear. tomorrow's memorial service will be at oakland scottish center. >> a growing concern over crime in doulores park. >> five teenagers have been arrested for stealing a bike from a man on wednesday afternoon. the victim ended up stabbing suspect. that person was not seriously hurt. we've been tracking major crimes in the park so far this year. earlier this month three people were injured in a shooting. during gay pride in june fights erupted where a man was stabbed
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and a woman hit in the head with a bottle. in may a group of young men attacked and stabbed another man. and there was another shooting in february. finally, last month, a large crowd of skateboarders took over and started illegally skateboarding down the hill. the skateboarder was injured when he collided with a police officer. officers will patrol the park on foot every day. an arrest warrant was issued in a frightening attack in the east bay. el cerrito police are looking for this man, mario hills. they say he tried to sexually assault a woman tuesday morning. the woman screamed, got the attention of neighbors, and the suspect took off. b.a.r.t. riders are being told to be cautious because investigators believe the suspect traveled to el cerrito on b.a.r.t. he's 28 years old. his last known address was in san francisco. 4:51. universal health care for all californians is what will be the focus of a series of hearings later this year in the state
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legislature. in may they approved the healthy california act that would replace insurance companies with a single pair system. the bill never made it to the assembly because the speaker believed it lacked key details including how costs would be covered. and, also, just hours after state lawmakers approved new waiting periods for recall elections governor brown yesterday signed the bill into law. critics say that the law helps democratic senator josh newman survive being recalled in orange county. republicans hope to hold the recall election this november but the new law likely means it won't happen until next year. a republican win in that recall would take away the super majority in the senate. 4:52 now and former president ronald reagan is going to be inducted into the labor department's hall of fame. the labor secretary made that announcement at ronald reagan presidential library museum in simi valley in southern california. reagan, a former actor, was also
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the president of the screen actor's guild in the '40s and '50s and led through three strikes to fight for better benefits. as u.s. president he fired striking air traffic controllers, banning them from government jobs for life and also decertifying their union. a lot of us like to root for the underdog. coming up, the big dig into the numbers for the mayweather/mcgregor fight. find out who vegas bookmakers may be rooting for this morning. but first, happening now, developing story out of russia. 14 people are dead after a bus carrying construction workers drove off a pier. the workers were building a pier for an oil company. about 24 were rescued by scuba divers. thousands of hiv patients may have had their status revealed. health insurer aetna sent out
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thousands of envelopes with results visible through its window. we will be back with more news. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. is building for one of boxing )s most hyped events in years - tomorr for fight fans anticipation is building for one of boxing's most i would say hyped events in years. tomorrow night floyd mayweather/conor mcgregor matchup. >> i will be watching that one. the casinos are nervous because the underdog mixed martial arts fighter defeats an undefeated mayweather bookmakers -- we looked at the betting action.
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there's an upset. they've been taking a whopping 7,000 bets on mcgregor whose odds opened at more than 10 to 1. for mayweather there's only been about 300 wagers. the average bet for mayweather is coming in at $4,000. in this case -- just $4,000. in this case you may have to bet big to win. wages for mcgregor are $425. new this morning six flags' magic mountain in southern california will be open every day of the year. in keeping its doors open daily, unlike disneyland prices are not going up at magic mountain. the park saw more than 3 million visitors last year up nearly 10% from the year before. >> i know you like roller coasters. >> the higher the better. coming up, a look at the
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weather. a muggy one, kari. it's going to be a good day to head to the beach. some perfect weather today, a nice cool start and a lot of sunshine. even in san francisco we'll talk about that coming up next. and we're talking about 101 through palo alto. look how easy that drive is. we'll talk about what's going on the other side of the bay. good friday morning..
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a live look outside in san francisco. ad lib good friday morning. a live look outside at san francisco. we see a fog blanket over the city this morning and it extends to other parts of the bay area as well making for a muggy start. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon today. >> and i'm marcus washington. as we start this friday or as we like to call it here fri-yay. >> i love it. >> a little tidbit to know this morning, a look at the fog in san francisco. yesterday the marine layer was like 2,000 feet deep so it has a hard time clearing up. today it is 1,000. you'll get sunshine earlier this morning and it's going to be a great day now as we take a live look outside in san jose, a few clouds here and there but mainly clear and our high temperature up to 82 degrees. it will be warmer than yesterday but not bad at all. palo alto 71 degrees.


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