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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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with fury. late tonight -- the biggest hurricane in texas in neary 50 years -- has made harvey is here with fury late tonight. the biggest hurricane in texas in nearly 50 years has made land fall. dangerous situation for everyone in this region. >> we're have been praying for quite a while, now. the eye to pass over. >> ten million people are impacted among those people that didn't evacuate, reporters trying to hold their ground. this is also impacting flights and gas prices across the
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country. the news at 11 clak starts right now. >> i'm jessica. we're have new pictures and video from the hurricane damage pouring into the newsroom. the city of rothsburg texas, hotel completely flooded. ten people have been treated for injuries since that storm blew ashore. some of the injuries coming after a roof of senior housing complex collapsed. the power of the storm intense. corpus christi carport blown away. this was before harvey even made land fall. here is more on the devastating storms. >> it's getting started, basically, those images show heavy damages. the hurricane is expected to linger for days catastrophic effects of the storm will last much longer. tonight images emerging of harvey's destruction from a dark coast of texas. parts of a high school reportedly collapsed, also,
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there one hotel is starting to flood, much of the power is knocked out. local officials say the damage is widespread. tonight hurricane harvey making land fall at 10:00 p.m. local time with an eye more than 15 miles wide. smashing on shore near corpus christi. >> look, it's that wind right there. not only is the -- the wind is whipping into a fraud. >> unleashing winds of 130 miles an hour and constant driving rain as people evacuate. >> i think it's going to be really bad. my whole street is probably going to be extremely flooded, under water. >> some areas expected to see three feet of water over moreover the next several days. vice president trump signed a disaster declaration immediately opening up federal funds and assistance in the strike zone. >> this is a hurricane that will inland and to hover. >> here in the bay area, concerned family members are on
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standby, as well. >> kept intensifying, i thought. i kept getting more and more nervous. >> the parents live on the coast near houston. they've had their home damaged from a tropical storm. this is a category 4 storm that's significant more serious. >> no more preparing, just surviving as harvey hits texas. >> here in the bay area, the red cross of northern california is on standby as rescue crews in the south. they expect to get the call for help, soon. nbc bay area news. >> not just this weekend. the storm likely to cause severe damage for many days. we're bring in our chief meteorologistist, you have been saying flooding can be the real problem here. >> it definitely is going to be. we're looking at possibly some 30 plus inches of rain fall as it likely will linger over the next five days. the remarkable thing about this storm system, three to four hours ago. it is still at a category three strength winds of 125 miles per
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hour. i have never seen a hurricane make land fall and still be able to hold up this strength that we're currently seeing. now at the current moment the eye of the storm is moving into central texas. corpus christi off to the rain. gusty winds and really continually getting nailed right now as this coast is going to have so much more damage that we're doing to be able to see as that sun rises for tomorrow. here is the thing, tomorrow as it moves inland, still a category 1 storm, 7:00 p.m. on saturday night. this storm likely could linger over texas for the next five days with that 10 to 30-inch rain fall average. coincidentally, last time a category storm made land fall was back in 2004. that was hurricane charlie which hit florida. we'll talk about bay area in about 15 minutes. >> jeff is covering many of these hurricanes. he's been tweeting updates through the night. twitter feed is good resource
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for breaking and developing news. our handle at nbc bay area. >> as we're mention to the top of this newscast. we're continue to get incredible pictures and new video into our newsroom, our coverage of hurricane harvey continues in just a few minutes. our other top stories tonight, alt-right has backed off. organizers in two bay area and political rallies have been cancelled. >> in san francisco, the planned rally for tomorrow is off, but here is the twist, the far right group now plans to meet at alamo square. this 11th hour change of plans has that neighborhood nervous. now, there are a lot of last minute changes. we're know this tomorrow and sunday will be fluid. >> nbc bay area tracking the changes from berkeley we're begin with jane elly in san francisco. what's the plan moving forward, now? >> reporter: well, jessica, tonight we're know that all those fences that went up over the field, that permit event
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tomorrow will be taken down. they expect it to be down by noon tomorrow. patriot prayer now says they're coming here to alamo square park. police officers are already here tonight. well, the department plans for the unexpected. >> san francisco and park police on patrol in alamo square park tonight afar right activists joey gibson announce on social media he is no longer planning to attend his permitted rally at christy field because of safety concerns. >> tomorrow really seems like a set up. it doesn't seem safe. a lot of people's lives are going to be in danger tomorrow. >> gibson has unpermitted event at alamo square park. the last-minute change has -- >> it's quite frankly with it being right here. >> same thing is going to happen here, that was going to happen there. it's just a different location. i hope everybody ends up being safe. >> well, neighbors worried the mayor of san francisco says he is skeptical of gibson's plan
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and intention. >> right now, we're don't know and we're don't trust what we're see in social media. >> they're going to cancel their rally tomorrow. >> at a community meeting in the marina to talk about safety concerns related to the protest and counter protest at the field, police chief william scott told residents he's planning for a fluid situation. >> there's no permit for this event. what's coming in the next five hours. we're can't jump around from event to event and be afraid to deal with whatever comes our way. we're have to be prepared for anything. >> police are still prepared to monitor. they'll also be at alamo square park. weapons at demonstrations will not be tolerated anywhere in san francisco. >> so at this point tho one knows for sure what will happen at the field or here in alamo square park tomorrow. but we're do know that counter demonstration. demonstrations aiming to send a message of love and inclusiveness are a go.
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reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> so now what's the plan in berkeley. let's go across the bay. tom jensen at the civic center park right near city hall. tom, no rally on sunday or so they say, what's the bottom line? >> reporter: well, the game plan here is that the rally organizer said that she's not actually cancelling the rally, here. she's asking for nobody else to show up. none of her supporters, she said she'll be here and she could face a huge force because of counter plo testers tell us they'll be out here in a big force no matter who shows up. >> amber cumming was unavailable for interview about her 11th hour announcement. she wants to rally so low. she tells me via e-mail she stands by her remarks from tuesday. >> i do not support white supremacy. they're not allowed. we're do not want racist people there. >> the organizers of the rally in berkeley said, she had been
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concerned about who might come to her event all week. >> we're do not want hateful people. we're do not want violent people there. >> today in a strange turn of events amber cummings asked supporters to stay away because liberal extremists, she said, have made the rally too dangerous. they'll show up in big numbers in san francisco and in berkeley regardless of the other ralliers do. >> how many show up, we're going to be there to say no. >> the groups by any means necessary and say they plan to drown out with the voices of thousands of their followers. >> we're have to go forward and continue until they're driven completely out of the bay area. off of our campuses and out of the white house. >> and berkeley police say that they also will be out here. they're out here earlier this week putting up these signs so they can control parking and the crowds all the way around the
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civic center park. they say they will still be out here with the huge force of officers and they'll -- if the situation changes tomorrow. we're live in berkeley, tom -- on sunday over the weekend, we're live at berkeley, tom jensen in the bay area. >> hard to keep on top of all of this. transit is detouring from downtown berkeley and surrounding areas on sunday. bart will continue to operate through the weekend. >> we're have new video into the newsroom. that is kyle chapman, known as the bay stickman. formerly charged for his role in the rally in berkeley last month. he ordered chapman to stay 300 yards from sunday's rally at civic center mark. chapman became a viral cessation with right wing supporters with the video emerged of him fighting at several rallies. we're invite you to stay with us through the weekend, the latest both berkeley and san francisco. by the way it is a top story on
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nbc bay on our web site. all of those great resources when news breaks, as well. well, just in, we're hearing from joe arpahoe, the former arizona sheriff pardoned tonight by president trump. >> well, i'm very happy. i have to thank the president of the united states for his pardon. as i say, he's a big friend, supporter of law enforcement. i think this is a bigger picture than just me. >> the controversial sheriff joe is off the hook after being convicted of intentionally disobeying a judge's order in its immigration case. mr. trump said, arpaio's life has been detected the public from crime and illegal immigration. the 85-year-old was due to serve prison time. ahead and update, we're have new video coming in of hurricane harvey slamming the texas coast coming in by the moment at this
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hour. and i'm meteorologist, i'll have the latest, plus dangerous heat for the bay area, where it hits, 103 degrees. that's 11:20 tonight. >> what is shown in the videos is extraordinarily distressing. >> more fall out from the disturbing video that show a cheer coach forcing his cheerleaders to do the splits. and getting to wine country just got a little easier. the new train that's connecting several north bay communities. breaking news:
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just after 1am in texas... huuircane harvey is hitting near rockport texas. ==anim== ==vo== thosnndfdds of people have just after 1:00 a.m. in texas, hurricane harvey you can see the live radar is hitting. thousands of people have been evacuated in the region, just the reporters now, really remaining in the eye of this storm. the national hurricane center is warning a 12-foot storm surges and warning of 40 inches of rain, 40 inches in some areas
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through wednesday. you can also expect gas prices in the entire country, including here in the bay area, to rise because of all the oil production that's in the gulf. >> developments overseas tonight, above in north korea. u.s. military officials confirm to nbc news, that three short range ballistic missiles were fired early saturday morning by north korea. missiles were launched into the sea of japan. commanders say two missiles failed to fly and blew up immediately. commanders say the missiles pose no threat to guam. >> meanwhile, another of the president's men out, national security advisers no longer a member of the trump administration. he told nbc news that he resigned the white house official said the opposite, that he didn't resign, but rather that he no longer works at the white house. gorka was one of the most vocal advocates for a strong stance against islam and pro-american foreign policy.
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sparks after a week of exit of chief strategist, steve bannon. >> a difficult rescue to bring an injured hang glider to safe. he crashed near blue rock spring. crews used rope to climb steep terrain to get to him. that man was air lifted to a hospital where he is in stable condition tonight. >> new details in a sexual assault case in the east bay. police have arrested this man, mario hill, someone spotted hill near a safe way in berkeley. investigators say that on tuesday he attacked a woman near her home. a cheerleading coach has been fired after that video surface of him forcing his cheerleaders into doing the splits. you want to warn you, you might find this video disturbing. it was taken by and shows several cheerleaders at high school in denver repeatedly
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being pushed an held down by that coach. the school superintendent says the decision not to fire williams was wrong. >> what is shown in the videos and extraordinary distressing. at that time the decision should have been made to terminate employment of coach williams and i believe to report what was observed on the video to the police. >> well, he has been fired now. he was also dismissed after another coach saw him using a similar technique a few years ago at a different high school in the denver area. >> well, the owner of a south bay gym well-known personal trainer is headed to prison. investigator unit was the first to uncover details. he was arrested last year for sexually assaulting 13-female victims while heading the wolfpack gym. one of the victims was a minor. he pleaded guilty of 14 counts of sexual assault and was sentenced to seven years in prison. >> commuters big crowds turned
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out to celebrate the first new rail service. it goes from santa rosa, to sanrafael. they waited to born the smart train. a 43-mile rail system with ten stops. they're expanding the service to include clover dale. it's help to reduce some of the traffic on 101, which can be brutal. >> yes. >> we're have made it to the weekend. jeff is back. a lot of extreme weather in texas, but we're have a big changes in our own backyard. >> it is going to be warming up this weekend, uncomfortably hot for a good section of the bay area. you're still going to be able to find comfortable weather in between. let's get micro climate weather forecast. we're want to start off with the next urgent thing. that's the heat advise that's in effect. areas that need to be highest alert for the hottest temperatures are in interior vallies of the north bay, east bay. and also for the south bay.
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>> we'll bring plenty of water and do not for any reason leave anyone inside of the car with windows rolled up and turned off they can go 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. more on that on the seven-day forecast by the screen. i want to dive right into what we're can expect tomorrow morning. a little bit of release. 64 in the south bay, patchy fog through the peninsula. a lot of sun in the try valley. san francisco does still have a little bit of fog early on but that fog will start to clear out. temperatures warming up in san francisco. let's take you to the micro climate forecast. you'll start to feel it here in the south bay. temperatures near record setting, especially here at 99. east san jose 94. for the east bay inland, alameda county, usually some of our hottest. the heat coming from the desert
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southwest. it's moving in from the east off to the west. it's going to be trapped back here, that's where we're have 103 in concord. 103 also in danville, got to remember drink plenty of water and take breaks. you know, make sure, again, to have that water. as far as peninsula go, 68 and over towards the city, warm 90 degrees. you can see temperatures for everyone here find what you want. up towards san francisco and to the north bay. warmest in napa at 96. dangerous for us, increased fire danger over towards texas we're have hurricane harvey which we've been tracking still remarkably, even though it made land fall three to four hours ago. wind at 145 miles per hour. the eye of the storm is well inland, but it still has so much of its strength. you can see corpus christi off to the south. it's really gotten raked over
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with the storm system and it's going to continue to push off towards the west for a little bit by tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. still a category one storm that is going to curve back and it may move into corpus christi yet again. and this storm, likely lingers for about five days over texas. ten to 20 inches of rain. it's about 30 inches. on our seven-day forecast. you can see temperatures in the 70s of san francisco next several days and for the inland vallies, 103 tomorrow. 102 on sunday. 90s all the way through next friday. dragging through those. 102, 103. >> nobody is happy. >> suffering from heat stroke when he says it. >> okay. >> thanks. >> okay, up next, why uber is making a u turn on its plan to expand in oakland. >> and we're have jimmy. >> hey, guys, kevin bacon is my
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guest tonight. jennifer, it is a great show. do not change the channel. happening now, the search is on for missing u.s. service member off the coast of yemen after helicopter crashed during a training mission. five others were rescued. back in a moment with more news. this is the new comfort food.
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backing out of oakland. =vo= san francisco-based uber confirmed today, it )s planning to sell the former sears building in downtown oakland. th confirming today it's planning to sell the former building in downtown oakland, the decision comes about two years after the company plotted for more than $120 million with the intention of staffing it with thousands of employees.
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uber now says, though, it's trying to save some money. well-known actor had some major plans for richmond. recognize him? that's wendell pierce. he wants to building housing and retail project. development more than 400 housing units, commercial space. it is disneyland for ice cream lovers and it's just sold out. tickets for the museum of ice cream sold out in two hours today. art installation is all about ice cream and arrives in san francis francisco. don't fret just yet, museum says it may add more dates in the future. >> you're going to go. >> up next, where did steph curry pop up today in the world, we'll tell you? >> and with who? >> stay with us. its called..."players weekend."
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each player gets to >> okay. there's a new thing in baseball, it's called player's weekend. >> it's really pretty cool. it says jessica, it will say jay. >> oh, i like it.
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>> something like that. >> the giants tonight in phoenix, all the guys have their nicknames on the back of their jerseys. >> what does that mean. >> hunter in swa he lee. it's right here on the bay area. r.b.i. double. >> panda. >> that's an easy one comes around to score, the giants cannot get the job done tonight. arizona wins this things 4-3. at the coliseum. that's khrush davis as in chris davis, this dude can crush it. two home runs on the evening. the as looking good tonight. they beat the rangers final score of 3-1. >> steph curry pushing out basketball for soccer ball overseas. remains the ceremonial first pick in france tonight. soccer team posted these photos on twitter, results between two mega money makers.
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and they're friend, you know, this is what i've heard. curry is the only american sports star that makes more than him per season and they hang. the other goes to the other game. they come back. >> we're back in a moment with updates on our weather and hurricane harvey. ♪
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it )s one of the fiercest hurricanes to hit the u-s in more than a decad and it )s pounding ow hurricane harvey lashing out, it's one of the fiercest hurricanes we're hit there. you can see it more than a decade. it's pounding on the texas gulf coast, unrelenting rain and wind. i want to show you a live look at texas and we'll bring it here, it's hit and miss. some cities right near each other, see all the rain. right now maybe some wind. >> it's usually on that northeastern quadrant of the storm where you get the heaviest rain and strongest wind and natural we're have seen down on the surface, winds hitting 115 miles per hour. it's going to be a lot of damage when you wake up tomorrow morning. it's still holding. even though it made land fall some three hours ago. the strength of it, it's persistent that's why we're
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think it will last for about the next five days with flooding rain on average. 30 inches for central texas right up to the coastline and this is going to be a storm system that, you know -- >> that's a long time to endure before you can start bringing people in to bring in emergency service. >> you're certainly right. this is going to be going on for weeks, months, recovery efforts. we're have the dangerous heat with us, 103 tomorrow. 102 on sunday and we're stay warm throughout much of next week. >> lots of water to hydrate. >> that's going to do it for us. we're made it to the weekend. enjoy. thank you. >> bye [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin bacon, jenna dewan-tatum,


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