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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 27, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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you're just so brave. we didn't want to open the front door. we didn't know how bad it was. if more water was just going to come in. >> right now at 11:00, it might be getting worse in these next few hours. thousands of people tracked in texas amidst warnings harvey could be as devastating as katrina. >> we want to send a united message against hate. >> thousands of counter protesters and dozens of fights in berkeley. but was it a relative success for the berkeley police department? we're live on-the-scene. enthuse at 11:00 starts fright now. good evening, and thank you for joining us. >> let's get you caught up on the latest and what's happening. yesterday it was san francisco.
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today take a look. berkeley, thousands of people with multiple messages and different agendas. some came to spread hate, and they were met with violence. this is civil center park right near berkeley high school. there were confrontations andats times they got violent. berkeley police choosing not to stay back and instead used force to take control. tis is a different strategy than what we've seen from other protests. >> even after organizers called off the rally in berkeley today, counter protesters show said up from all across the bay area, thousands of them. we have a look at the many sides that came to be heard today. most were peaceful, but some determined to cause trouble. >> reporter: well, the vast majority of the people who did come to berkeley say they wanted to show a united front against what they thought was an alt right group that was going to be
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coming here to berkeley for a demonstration. those who came had to setup away from cisc center park because the city banned any organized events there. they had a wide range of reasons to come together. >> well, i'm jewish, and i was absolutely sickened by what happened in charlottesville. >> we're a very diverse group, but we want to bow able to send a united message against hate. >> reporter: this was with a loud and peaceful group. they marched with large banners and signs and even had a drum corp. but as they got closer to center civil park, trouble arrived. people with bands and hoodies, joined in. a very small support group of people who supported president donald trump joined in. first they were surrounded by
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protesters and then literally run out of the park. joe gibson was roughed ufand chased by a large group. his friends who didn't want to be identified said they are not white supremeicists. they just want their views to be heard as well. >> these cities claim to betallrupt and accepting, then they should be accepting of ever wn's opinions. >> according to berkeley police six people were hurt, two people arrested for felony assault and 11 others arrested for trying to bring banned items into the park. the berkeley police say they made a couple of big changes. first, they called in lots of police officers from around the surrounding jurisdictions early in the day. another thing they did is actually encircle the park here with rails to prevent cars or any kind of vehicles from being used as a weapon. that's something they learned from charlottesville.
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reporting live from berkeley. >> okay, ask those tackical moves did pay off. it wasn't just one location. throughout the afternoon, several confrontations took place. and police chose to set the tone early. about 4,000 demonstrators throughout the day. as we just mentioned 13 total ares. several officers using physical force. you can see here. relatively speaking this was a success in terms of how it all shook down for berkeley pd. no major injuries and no marriage property damage. >> we did see some smoke in the street. and even as the smoke dispersed, our team witnessed some confrontations. some words were exchanged. we someone with a make america hat getting stomped. >> and the day started peaceful with protesters simply shouting
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at each other. >> as the day wore on, we did see some verbal arguments escalating into physical fights. you see people there throwing punches in the crowd. one man in a black mask uses a stick to beat another person. they did arrest two people for assault. ? >> and among the primary concerns during all these protests, the arrival of anti-fa. they prompted a lot of the violence as well. >> we're posting all of our coverage on our website as well as our facebook and twitter accounts. you can see our team's unique perspecti perspective. she told nbc bay area police arrested her with no warning. and this video, a woman crying saying she was separated from her service dog and then taken into custody by people. and then a group of people
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burning a blue lives matter flag. it was ins in response to support police along with the black lives matter movement. we're following developing news in texas. first responders will be working through the night rescuing people and pets from hurricane harvey's flooding. houston is flooded, and the smaller coastal cities of texas slammed by all this rain as well. millions of people have been impacted and evacuated. and this rain will continue for several more days. this is eerily similar to what we saw in 2005 during hurricane katrina. you can see it here from a drone. this is the town of rockport, texas. as for houston, this is the fourth largest city, and it's being battered. >> reporter: national guard trucks full of evacuees are trying to make their ways through roads that look like
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rivers. not knowing the city, the troops have having trouble delivering evacuees to the city. frustrated, cold families are now out in the element. these are the victims of harvey. we are in a kayak and then a dump truck and these trucks. it's been hard on the pets and the children. >> reporter: many coming in from other states and other cities, they're unfamiliar with houston. neighborhoods like this one are submerged. folks who were still dry during the day tried as best they could to save their homes with what little they had. >> that's why i've done this. and so far i've been praying,
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and it looks like it's working. >> reporter: saving their families, too. scooping out the water from her car after scooping out her children from her window. with belongings washed away, it's all about saving what's truly valuable, each other's lives. >> we didn't want to open the door, more water coming in. >> we have new video out of southern texas tonight. post hurricane flooding is d displacing more animals and people. take a look at this large herd of cows. animals ininstinctatively seek higher ground from floods and other natural disasters. we continue our team coverage with mariany fabro now. we've been watching the dramatic rescues all day. these firefighters are badly
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needed. >> reporter: yes, they certainly are. and i can tell you this morning they received a call from texas leaders at 6:00 a.m. and by 6:00 tonight, they were called off onto the road heading to texas to help flood victim. and this is the very first time they've been asked to deploy since hurricane katrina. with many neighborhoods submerged rescuers in houston saying they can't keep up with the calls for help. their boats can omhold so many flood victims. water is taking thousands to higher ground. which is why these bay area firefighters are answering the call for help. this afternoon this urban search and rescue task force quickly packed up boats, gear, and generators in menlopark rushing ahead to flad waters in texas. >> i estimate they put these
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guys in the worst location because that's where you want them. so wherever the deepest waters are, that's the spots for these guys. >> thursday lots of moving water there. >> reporter: 14 firefighters trained in swift water rescue are responding. they say with a few firefighters leaving from each department, each bay area city will still have enough staffing for emergencies. this team is following on the heels of a rescue team from oakland. >> oakland went out of a type 1 heavy, which means they said 80 personnel, doctors, engineers, search dogs. >> reporter: they are planning to driv in shifts to make it to texas in 26 hours. heading into heavy rains and devastating floodsing, hoping to stay dry. the task force is also bringing along drones so they can help look for any flood victims.
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now, as we mentioned, some of the team members here have also helped out during hurricane katrina rescuing victims. they say they've learned a lot from that experience, and they're hoping it will help thoem now as they head to texas. reporting live in menlo park, mariany fabro. >> and they're driving at this hour. dangerously hot, and tomorrow if you could believe it, could be hotter. here's a live look now where it's finally cooling off. could we hit 107 tomorrow? >> yeah, or parts at 110. tropical storm harvey bringing flash flood warnings throughout houston. and you can see these band of rains and 2 to 3 inches per hour already making a tough situation
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worse over night tonight. what's interesting about the storm it's going to move back out over the water. likely not gaining much in wind strength, but it will bring in another likely burst of rain of 20 to 30 inches possible just east of houston to the texas louisiana border. 27 inches of rain has fallen so far. so storm totals here could get 40 to 50 inches of rain. back to the bay area, 80 degrees outside for trivalley. excessive heat warning for east bay valley. where temperatures can approach 110. but even around the bay tomorrow on the east shore, some could be approaching above 107 degrees. >> it is a hot august, at least the end of it. you can keep track of this heat even when we're not on the air. you can download our flee nbc
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bay area app. a smoky situation. this is new video tonight of a fire that broke out this afternoon. it started just after 1:00. it burned 18 acres. the hot weather helped fuel the flames. >> so when this fire got established, it immediately got outside the lines and made it difficult to control. that coupled with the wind pushed it up the hill and we ended up 15 to 20 acres. >> it is now contained. no injuries are reported. it happened at 5:00 p.m. around 5:00 p.m. around the amazon play grpd. when officers around they found the victim near lisbon street. he was sent to the hospital where he later died. investigators say the suspect
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and victim did no knowefe p each other, but no other details were released. shortly before 3:00 p.m. an underground equipment failure on charles street caused that outage. well, still to come here at 11:00, president trump via twitter making comments about all that flooding in texas. but that wasn't his only tweet. plus the search to find the ceo for uber. someone new is taking the wheel. and a long time mayor in the east bay is stepping down from office for what he posted on facebook. we'll explain.
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a new leader at the helm. uber has chosen expedia executive as the new ceo. the uber board managed to keep his candidacy a secret during its weekendlong decision process. he announced he was backing out setting off rumors that hewitt packard ceo whitman would be chosen for the job. uber has been out of a ceo for
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two months. watch what you post on facebook. you've heard that before. the mayor of piedmont is officially out of office. the comments were read alouds during a city council meeting last week. one council member said the post showed a lack of moral and -- the u.s. navy says the bodies of all ten missing sailors from the "uss john mccain" has now been recovered. the aurally morning crash was the second involving a navy destroyer in just two months. after the mccain zptd, the
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commander of that fleet was relieved of duty. the navy says it is still investigating what led to the crash. he's on the move. president trump will visit texas on tuesday to visit the flood zone. he tweeted today praising the coordination between the federal, state where and local government saying the effort was going well. >> reporter: late today president trump returned to the white house from camp david where he held a second video link conference with senior officials planning the federal government response. but the president did not respond to shouted questions about the storm. >> mr. president, what do you need to do by going to texas? >> reporter: instead he let social media do the talking with a burst of tweets. and in just four words appeared to frame the scope of this crisis. major rescue operations
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underway. good news is that we have great talent on the ground. a more urge want even dire tone came from fema administrate brock long. >> we are deep into the dire situation of helping people be rescued through swift water. swift water rescue, search and rescue. >> reporter: the homeland security advisor says the trump administration expects the worse is still to come. >> what we're focusing on now is saving lives and rightly so. >> reporter: the president's attention also drawn away to the wall mexico will pay for and missouri that i won by a lot. the president said he will be going to texas but wants to avoid causing disruption. >> and that was kelly o'donald reporting. a decision from president trump is expected soon regarding the fate of the dreamers. these were the children brought into the country illegally.
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people on both sides of the issue are bracing for the possibility mr. trump will stop issuing new work permits under the docca or or childhood work program. it give them the ability to work legally in the u.s. today white house officials said there was no announcement on the issue and the president continues to wrestle with the decision. our meteorologist is back with us as we head back into monday. and i got got air-conditioning in my house about a month ago. >> that's good timing. >> for livermore, you'd expect livermore to pea pretty hot this time of year. but 20 degrees above average, that was the case today? 107 today in livermore. conquered similar temperatures, a high of 105.
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san jose, downtown approaching the upper 90s. so pick your areas northeast and south away from the bay temperatures generally about 15 to 20 degrees above average. and it's taking some time to cool down except san francisco an exception to the rule. 64, confidentable at the moment. but check out livermore. still 80 degrees here at 11:00. and tomorrow, very likely some of our east bay valleys will wake up to temperatures in the upper 60s and 70s to start the morning. and without strong winds to push out the air pollution, we have the worst air quality setting up in the east bay and south bay. so for kids heading back to school, you're going to want that extra water, stay hydrated and cut back on some of some out door activities at least tomorrow afternoon. should be better air quality and
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we hope slightly cooler air temperatures during the week. nothing really showing inland as we head towards tomorrow morning. morning temperatures around the bay in the 50s. there you see how some valleys will be approaching the upper 60s starting to take tomorrow morning. for the south bay, similar spread of temperatures we saw today. we'll see mid to upper 90s around san jose. now, the trivalley headsing up towards conquered and antioch, heading up to walnut creek, 105, 107 possible. excessive heat warning for the hills and our east bay valley tomorrow. upper 80s, close to 90 degrees. notice how things get comfortably cooler where there's still a west wind at 15 in san
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francisco. in the north bay 80s around maybe down towards belvedere. so strong high pressure holding on through tomorrow. and then wednesday the sea breeze tries to make a good come back, but high pressure builds behind that sls. looks like it's going to be warming up again as we head towards thursday and friday. wednesday probably the coolest day of the week. but we'll put that in quotes, coolest. low 90s. >> jacket weather on wednesday. bundle up in that cool weather. >> now that you have that air conditioner you'll need that sweater. still to come here at 11:00, yoga, pilates and theft. a man is accused of taking some things from a lot of local fitness centers. we'll tell you where.
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comes to all the rallies in berkeley today well, there are many logistics and flash points to address when it comes to all the rallies that took place across berkeley today. but there's also a message whether you agree or not. it is that message that prompted thousands of people to show up. >> reporter: along oxford street a large crowd came out early of what was called the bay area rally against hate. >> it may have been
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well-intentioned but -- >> reporter: went ahead anyway after rally plans changed. a diverse group with different reasons for standing up in this political climate. >> i was absolutely sickened by what happened in charlottesville. and i just could not -- i had some friends who didn't want me to come because i'm hold older and didn't want me to get hurt. but i just promised them if there was any sign of violence, i would leave. >> the news that arpaio was pardoned. i know this was someone who broke the law and was pardoned. >> reporter: carrying signs against hate and promoting unity. >> for more unique coverage on this story and other news as it breaks, follow us on twitter. our handle is@nbc bay area.
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well, that cheer coach at the controversial center of a video, says he's now taking a break from coaching. that wept viral. here it is cheerleaders in a high school from denver shows several of girls repeatedly held down doing splits and one of the girls repeating for him to stop repeatedly. on facebook the former coach writes it is unfair to me to teach, mentor or perform with this press situation. please know in my absence i will be working diligently to reflect upon the criticism of my training and teaching methods. by the way, the assistant coach and principal of that high school in denver have also been put on leave. >> a man accused of stealing wallets and phones while people were doing yoga was aretsed.
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christopher newton was identified in surveillance video at a fitness studio. walnut police telgs they tracked him to anticipate ocon friday and arrested him on three warpts. he signed up for classes in order to swipe people's belongings while they worked out. officers along the san diego border were curious when they saw a lot of people crowded around the fence. after a closer look they noticed a hole from the fence that stretch stretched into taiwana. >> netflix took over a dispensary to sell a
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marijuana -- all right, did you see it, the niners are vikings. the 49ers, they look look good. fallin smith joins us ♪
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vikings... earlier tonight right here on nbc bay area the 49ers played a very exciting game against the vikings. we were all watching. >> we saw the new players with a lot of promise. and the country got to see the 49ers new assistant coach. >> he is the first openly guy coach in the national football league. >> this was something we first reported last week. she's the first openly guy coach in any of the four major sports in the u.s. joined this summer as an intern, and she did so well they gave her a full time job. she's an offensive assistant
11:34 pm
that works with the wide receiver. >> before every nfl game all eyes are on the side lines. last season kneeling during the national anthem. but reed said he would not continue to protest. well, that changed tonight. a couple of teammates where their hands on his shoulders. first player of the game. watch out for first round draft pick ruben. wow, looks good to me. foster had a game high tackle in the first half and then got a glimpse of the offense. gwen, 46 yard touch down. 49ers up 7-0. second quarter, threads the needle. hits carlos for a 24-yard score. 49ers up 14.
11:35 pm
helped engineer a late come back and a late game. 32. 31. >> we got an offense and thought we did a good job from what i remember, a thought of good downs early which allowed us to stay on the field. defense got that three and out quick to start, which changed momentum early. and was happy with the guys. to the silver and black, the raiders lost to the dow boys last night. but when carr left the game, the raiders had the lead. finished with a reign of 41.3, ridiculous. in his preseason game he was 20
11:36 pm
of 26 for 244 yards and four touch down and passed a rating with a 128.9. so i think it's safe to say that carr is ready for the season. >> yeah, i'm definitely locked ip. i started off too amped up. the last two years i've done a good job of settling myself down. i get so excited. i forgot to calm myself down before the game because you're back out there, playing. this is a live game, all that. we're trying to dress rehearsal thing, and i had to calm back down after that first try. but after that, just a few tweaks. giants looking to avoid a sweep against the diamond backs.
11:37 pm
the bull pen left it all up. the orange and black were down 2-0 going into the eighth. and that's when things got out of hand. they gave up nine earned runs in the inning. let's just say it was ugly. the giants get swept. they lose 3-0. oakland had a power surmg in the second. matt olson, see you later takes him deep for a two-way bomb. chapman adios. oakland would go onto add five more runs and beat the rangers 5-3. that's it for sports. more news after the break. while houston is now seeing
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flooding on an unprecedented scale, flooding is not uncommon t while houston is now seeing flooding on an unprecedented scale, flooding is not actually not uncommon there. >> it's a long standing problem, in fact. we take a look at why this is happening. >> reporter: in the nation's fourth larnlest city, floods are a way of life. >> pretty scary. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: in 2015 a memorial day flood racked up almost $500,000 billion in damages. so why is the bayou city so vulnerable? not only is it low lying with many creeks and river wheres, the mecho area's has explode. one study found the houston area has added 25% more pavement replacing wetlands that could absorb water with concrete covered suburbia. >> the human development is what's really driving and kpar baiting flood losses over time.
11:40 pm
>> reporter: the professor says this was the view today from his front door. he spent years researching houston floods, and says the recent increase in their severity is mostly a man-made problem. >> we're adding about 100,000 more people a year. and with those people which parking lots, rooftops, pavement. and that makes it more difficult for the water to drain slowly and into the bayous and into the bay. >> reporter: houston is unique than any other city in that it has no zoning laws. chuck blank has lived in this neighborhood for 20 years, and he says he's never seen rising water like this. >> we've got too much concrete, i think, is what part of the problem is. the water doesn't have anyplace to go when something like this happens. >> that was dave gutierrez reporting.
11:41 pm
roughly 15 boats sank after it rammed the boats into the the marina causing them to go under. one man with two boats docked at the marina came out to survey and realized one of his boats was sunk. >> i've pretty much lost this boat. so about a $20,000 boat. not a little loss. >> some of the vessels were houseboats leaving people who lived on them with nothing. >> as we mentioned, more rain is coming into texas and the houston area as we speak. president trump has been active in his response. he's sending federal money, yes he'll be going to texas on tuesday. today president trump returned to the white house from camp david. his fema chief promises the mistakes from the past namely the katrina in new orleans will
11:42 pm
not be repeated. >> we'll implement national policies as well and doing inspections we need. so we're setting up and gearing up for the next couple of years. >> former fema chief michael brown who was in charge during katrina says these natural disasters can make-or-break a presidency. there's a warning tonight about a fake national guard number. the message is making its way around social media whereby but it's fake. it says the national guard is heading to texas and provides a number to call if you need help. turns out that number is actually for an insurance company based in texas. stay with us. we'll be back after this short break.
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the world are in the nevada desert. it's opening night of burning man. 68,000 people from around the world are in the nevada desert right now. this year one of the main art displays has a connection to this year drought. >> reporter: if a tree dies in the forest, then is it unnoticed? what about 1 million trees? that's the staggering estimate of trees killed by the stag
11:46 pm
beetles during the drought. most of the trees that crews have hauled off are burned unceremoniously from power plants. but in a lot in west oakland, dead trees are finding new life. an army of volunteers is busy hammering, drilling, arranging. >> this is one of our pedestals. >> reporter: building the annual temple for the burning man arts festival. >> this year the temple is special because it's being built entirely from lumber from beetle kill wood. >> reporter: they delired 300 logs and donated them to the temple crew. and oakland mill cut them into 3,000 boards. >> once a tree is dead it's actually not suitable for commercial lumber production. >> reporter: but for temporary temple in the desert, this wood,
11:47 pm
perfect. >> i think this is beautiful way to use the wood. >> reporter: the stacks of bond rosa pine bear blue stains from the beetle infes station. >> this is tiny fraction of what's there. >> reporter: the crews are assemblying it in oakland before hauling it out to the nevada desert. >> the temple is one of the primary structures builtt burning man. it serves as a center for people to leave memories of people who have been lost. >> reporter: this year they will also pay homage to the millions of trees killed in the drought. >> it gives almost an outlet for the forest to be remembered and memorialized. >> reporter: while the dna is sustainable use for a discarded material, there is the fact that the temple will be ultimately be burned. >> so we are ultimately adding carbon dioxide. but this wood would be burped
11:48 pm
anyway. >> pretty cool to see. well, the end of the softball scenes capped off with a lot of happy players today. hundreds of special olympic athletes competing in walnut creek. the special olimics sending us this video. athletes of all ages playing and competing and showing off their skills to earn some medals. that was probably the best event of the day. >> yeah, fantastic. but very hot. lots of water and sunscreen out there for hem. >> walnut creek let's give you the forecast. day side tomorrow and look out quickly. those temperatures will climb mid-90s by noon tomorrow soaring close to 100 degrees by 3:00. we think eventually probably close to 106, 107 for your monday. so walnut creek in the worst of our heat warnings.
11:49 pm
some places around antioch and livermore could be as close to 110 degrees tomorrow. obviously enhanced fire danger. as you drop closer to the inner bay notice how through the east shore, north bay valleys, under the heat advisory through tomorrow evening. though twrsh thank goodness it's ending monday evening. we think by tuesday we'll see cooler temperatures. right now the only place you'll probably find some relief, san francisco 64 degrees. highs tomorrow in the 70s. ask still upper 70s, close to 80 degrees. another thing to contend with is our air quality. worst of the ozone concentrations will be in the east bay and south bay locations, which coinsides of strong, high pressure warming, sinking dry air on top. traps the air pollution below. so not only our air temperatures
11:50 pm
climbing, with not a lot of wind to push it out, air quality also suffers. telephonerarily mid-week it begins to weaken just slightly enough to allow the beginnings of a sea breeze. temperatures drop a little bit. but as that forecast shows at the bottom of the screen, high pressure builds back again. so what we'll likely find temperatures cooling as much as 10 to 15 degrees on wednesday and rebounding back on friday. very likely at least 90s and 100 degree temperatures by the end of the workweeksuch so let's look at the morning temperatures. you'll see there, 50s and 60s. just the immediate coast where you'll see some patchy low clouds and fog. we do think the hottest spots obviously trivalley heading up to conquered, antioch and breptward tomorrow.
11:51 pm
mostly 80s around the peninsula. still likely in the 90s tomorrow. mid-70s. san francisco still just fine there. and for the north bay highs 90s into the 100 degrees. tuesday, wednesday, should bring some cooling into the innorth bay valleys. second half of the week you see those temperatures climbing as we approach next weekend. and for the valley that minds a cool down that will drop temperatures slightly by wednesday, no 80s in that seven-day forecast. upper 90s again as we start next week. >> and everyone in livermore is going to eheading for coast. >> thanks so much. stay with us. alone...
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the box office saw one of its wor s if you didn't head to movies this weekend, you are not alone. the am box office saw one of its worst showings in 16 years. for some who did head out, most decided to see the hitman's bodyguard. the film featuring ryan reynolds and samuel l. jackson earned $10 million. annabelle creation and the leap rouped out the top three. how about the robot fighting in beijing? robot enthusiasts spent the day crashing and tackling rival robots. more than 300 teams were competing in all this. exhibitors also showcased their work. pretty cool stuff. china as you might know is one of the largest markets in industrial robots with growing demands for these kind of products. >> and so fun to watch.
11:55 pm
these kids love watching these machines take on each other. still to come, normally a predator this hawk found itself in a vulnerable spot when harvey hit. ad of hurric food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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houston... a lot of people moved to higher ground ahead of hurricane okay, the struggle is very real in houston. it's not just all the people that are moving to higher ground but also some wildlife like this hawk. take a look. >> he just kind of hopped on in and doesn't want to leave. not sure what to make of it. >> just check out the depression on that bird. taxi driver posted this video of the hawk that swooped into his car on friday. he tried to get the hawk out, but as you can see there he's not going anywhere.
11:58 pm
but he ends up taking the hawk home, rides out the storm and ends up giving him the name sarmgant hurricane harvey. he gives him some raw chicken until the wildlife officials came came and picked him up and got him situated. >> one bright spot in this. >> thanks for joining us on this sunday night. have a good week and a good night.
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