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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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26 new inches of rain within the past 24 hours. the city of beaumont unrecognizable. most of this town is now under water. there are thousands of new evacuations and rescues and the death toll is rising. a dive team located a family who died trapped in that white van, that van was finally pulled from the flood waters. another heartbreaking day we have team coverage of the aftermath of hurricane harvey. we begin with damian trujillo who joins us live in houston t with the details. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is what rescue volunteer haves been having to wade through. this is waist deep water. if you go further down this street, it's deeper. this neighborhood is called the memorial community of houston here. the folks here thought they were in the clear because nothing had happened until last night. the water started rising here and then today, these mass evacuations, it was another day
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of evacuations today. >> behind you. this is bad here. >> reporter: this is how jimmy spent his last four days maneuvering his boat through a neighborhood. looking for people who need his help. >> way to go on rescuing everybody. >> reporter: the nearby buffalo bio gave way this morning adding one more problem for already overwhelmed residents. >> going around the cars isn't too bad. it's the current. >> reporter: everywhere you look in this community 15 minutes from downtown houston, you see signs of despair and anguish. one common factor among those being rescued from the elderly to the children. >> it is rough. we got my 88-year-old mother out. >> we'll be okay. thank you. >> this is is unreal. it feels like a dream. >> the sawer family spent yesterday helping others. today they needed to be rescued along with their three children.
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>> two feet of water on the first floor and they all had some tears. >> reporter: tonight, they are shaken but safe. >> watch your feet, please. the armada of volunteers. there are first responders out here and federal agents. we caught dea afwenlts and u.s. marshals here patrolling this area. make sure that the looting is not occurring here. as far as a curfew, a number of arrests, zero. the mayor says everybody seems to be cooperating. we are live in houston, texas. damian trujillo. >> thank you. damian has been working tirelessly on social media. earlier today he was periscoping from the streets of houston. you can see the big trucks, the military trucks going through there. he's been tweeting updates, pictures and video. you can follow him on twitter at
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news damian. he'll rejoin us in 20 minutes. take a look at this time lapse video that shows a garage in houston. watch as the water starts flooding the garage. it keeps getting higher and higher. flood waters started sweeping in sunday morning after ten hours. the car is swallowed in water. the water has since reseeded. as we first reported last night, bay area technology is playing a big role in the hurricane harvey rescue efforts. we heard about more examples. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. hoping to find the flood victims. you're absolutely right. the number of people needing help in these areas are huge rescue crews have been turning to technology like drones fientding victims for help. cameras based on drones. and with help from google maps, maps like this one, that show literally where individual people need help. maps like these have been viewed
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according to google more than 2 million times and saved lives. this new drone video shot by university of houston student and california native shows eerie scenes of flooding around houston. this map courtesy of google maps shows how many people in the houston area requested help from rescuers. >> this has become one of the prime ways for people to say, listen, i'm here, i need help. >> reporter: san jose state associate professor matt says it's technology like this that is changing the way rescue crews work. >> you know, the first responders are totally overwhelmed in trying to find people and now twitter, facebook, interactive maps that say i'm here and this is what the situation is, it's revolutionizing the search and rescue business. >> reporter: software that turns rescue requests into dots on a map. similar to tweets that get sent around until they reach the
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proper authorities. >> tweets, retweets, it goes viral. this is where the viral stuff is good. >> reporter: bringing people together in the face of tragedy. here is another map. this shows in large scale where people were sheltered as of tuesday. want to bring in a second map to show where the number of people sheltered jumped today. the number of shelters increasing in several cities as the need continues to grow. janelle, back to you. >> thanks, scott. i'll take it from here. we talk about that map there. we want to give you live pictures overlooking houston. this is a live pick cuture from nbc chopper in texas. you can see the damage. it's just after 7:00 p.m. texas time and if you've been reading up on texas, they are used to flooding but nothing like we've seen this week. the rain is gone for now, but that damage and recovery will continue for days and years. again, these are live pictures in houston, texas.
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our coverage is not over. i nbc miguel almaguer has exclusive video with the navy. you can see that story on "nightly news" and the growing risk to public health while many hospitals remain shut down. lester holt joins us with nightly news in about 25 minutes. >> brace yourselves, get ready for days of dangerous heat. a live look at walnut creek where the temperatures are low 90s. blue skies are cranking up and the heat wave is moving in. jeff ranieri is tracking how fast temperatures will ramp up tomorrow. jeff? >> and it's all due to this area of high pressure across the desert that will set us up for a six-day heat wave. the hot and dry air will move into the east bay. we have warm low 90s from  concord down through livermore and a cool 64 in san francisco but the fog is becoming a lot less at this current moment. in terms of tomorrow, i want to
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focus in on the interior valleys of the east bay, that's where it will be the hottest. 65 at 6:00 a.m. and not too bad. once we hit 80, fast warming up to 80. 1:00 p.m. 97 and 3:00 p.m. dangerous at 103. excessive heat warning will go into place by friday as temperatures could hit 110. we'll talk more about that thisd and how long it lasts. >> thanks so much, jeff. you can keep track of the heat wave as it moves in. download the nbc bay area app to get the personalized forecast. a violent gang busted, thanks in part to this surveillance video. take a look. east bay police able to connect these men seen here to crimes in several local cities including fremont and richmond. nbc jodi hernandez has inside details of the 18-month long sting. jodi? >> reporter: raj, police say it's not just the number of crimes but the level of violence
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involved that sets this apart. they say it didn't seem to matter to the suspect whether their victims cooperated or not. they say part of the motive was to instill fear. police say this surveillance video of a free month home invasion helped them solve a crime spree after recognizing members as a richmond gang, a task force began connecting them to countless other crimes across the bay area. >> their violence marked some of the most agreeingoworst crimina >> reporter: members of the gang are responsible for more than two dozen crimes in 12 east bay cities including the shooting of a school board member and the killing of 26-year-old melvin james of richmond who was shot some 18 times in front of his 85-year-old grandmother. >> i really miss my grandson.
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>> reporter: she says her grandson just helped her inside with the groceries when he was gunned down in front of their house last august. she held him as he took his last breath. >> raised his head up and told him how much i loved him. >> reporter: tonight, seven suspects are behind bars while another is still at large. police hope their reign of terror is over. >> at least eight vehicles were proven dangerous, deadly, gun-toting gun members are out of the equation. that's a good thing. >> reporter: so far, the men have been connected to more than two dozen crimes, but this is still an active investigation and we are told they could be linked to even more. reporting live from the richmond police department, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that is a big bust. thank you. we have new details about that tragic hit and run involving a high-ranking u.c.
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berkeley official. police say they arrested the driver. chief counsel chris patty has been biking on the shoulder of highway 116 on sunday. that's when a bmw hit him and didn't stop. but the license plate of that car fell off at the point of impact. the evidence and witnesses led police to jonathan ritter. ritter was arrested yesterday. the bart station back open after the san francisco bomb squad investigated a suspicious package today. this is video from the sky ranger. police swarming the station. it all started after 1:00 this afternoon. the package was on the concourse level. police issued a shelter in place for that area, market and powell and traffic was recruited. they gave the all clear at 3:30. in word on what that package contained. up next here at 5:00, boaters to the rescue. the unusual call that led to a rescue near alcatraz. new change to the forecast
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now possibly as hot as 110 degrees. i have full details on the heat wave plus the top five ways you can stay cool if you don't have air conditioning. that's at 5:20 tonight.
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we have an important update in buitte county.
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john was arrested yesterday. cal fire says he started a campfire outside of an official site. that fire grew to 2500 ache res overnight and destroyed homes. >> a cold case is heating up. a renewed investigation into the suspicious death. the coroner ruled it a homicide but nobody was charged for years. senior investigative reporter vi vicki nguyen started digging. >> raj, one look at eden's face and you can see why her family called her the light of their lives. after she died, her mother and grandparents hope for swift justice within the care of two people during her last days, her father, jimmy barlow and his girlfriend holy. they said eden's death was an accident telling authorities she had fallen down several concrete steps outside her home, but the coroner ruled her death a homicide. after nearly six years of waiting for the alameda county
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d.a. to take action, the lynch family asked us to investigate. the d.a. couldn't comment and neither would holly. excuse me, holly, we're with nbc bay area. do you know what happened to eden? did you have anything to do with eden's death? do you believe the account from holly and jimmy about what happened to eden? >> i don't. her falling down stairs? i don't. absolutely not. why didn't you take her to the hospital that day? >> jimmy's attorney said holly nor jimmy did anything harmful to cause eden's death but new action from the district attorney. at 6:00, we'll take you inside the cold case and show you the evidence investigators had from the beginning. join us tonight. >> we look forward to the report. trying to apply friendly pressure on state lawmakers, mayors from across california linked up today in sacramento.
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their goal to nudge the state legislature into finally approving a plan for affordable housing. nbc sam brock was there and he has more. >> when we have significant numbers of working families living in their cars, we have a crisis. >> reporter: california mayors flexed their political muscle thursday calling on the state legislature to address a problem that has crushed workers from the bay to the southern tip of the state. a dirth of affordable housing. time for the state to pony up. >> a permanent source we can draw from and the most expensive course will be low income housing and that's where i think there is commitment. >> reporter: how deep will they dig for funds? the housing package on the table includes a $4 billion bond measure that would go to the ballot in 2018 and a real estate recording fee that would tack $75 or more on to some
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transactions but not on home sales. >> it does not affect anyone that tries to buy a house for the first time. it affects people trying to take part in real estate. >> reporter: mark schwartz estimates the measures could create 50 to 70,000 units in the next five years across california but only if cities get smarter about streamlining housing projects, another part of the master plan. >> housing costs money and services. we need everyone to bear the responsibility for building housing and share the responsibility. >> reporter: now san jose mayor sam referring to all of the money that some cities, san jose, san francisco and oakland have spent on affordable housing in recent years. part of this housing we're talking about requires cities or would require cities to report what they have actually done and potentially threatens to take away state transportation funding. reporting live, sam brock, back
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to you in the studio. >> thank you. you see sam brock in san francisco, there is no fog and that's usually indicating things are about to heat up. >> starting to clear at the coastline with the hot, dry air building in as we've been mentioning this heat wave is starting to build and tomorrow you're definitely going to notice the temperatures ramping up as we get a look at the micro climate forecast. high pressure that will stick around for the next six days and it's not going to budge. really pushing hot weather, also all the way up into portland, as well. now in advance of this, we do have a red flag fire warning that's been issued for hills above 1,000 feet. you know who you are if you live above 1,000 feet for the next three days with low humidity returning and winds out of the west and also eventually out of the east five to 15 miles per hour. it's not barbecuing or out hiking. stay away from that. in terms of tomorrow morning's
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forecast, starting off relatively comfortable. 66 in the south bay and clear and patchy clouds for the peninsula and try valley not too bad. san francisco, 57 and not much fog and back towards the east bay 60 degrees. as we hit about the noon hour, temperatures on a fast clip here throughout the bay area. you'll notice it in the south bay, especially down towards gilroy. 102 degrees, downtown san jose, cooler with a slight bay breeze and 92. hottest weather throughout the valleys are the east bay, the added component to push temperatures up is this dry wind out of the north about six miles per hour. 106 concord and 105 livermore and 106 in danville. for the peninsula, 90 redwood city and mild 73. san francisco getting in on the warmth up to 77 in the mission and for the north bay, we go as hot as 99 in navado.
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i'll spend time on the extended forecast. first, a lot of moving parts. tomorrow the warmup. friday 86 keeping those 80s all the way through sunday and notice this, thunderstorms near as we head through sunday's forecast. it looks like a slight chance right now but again most of it should stay away and that continues into labor day and you can see temperatures eventually dropping off. warm for standards. for the inland valleys, heat wave ramps up tomorrow. 106. hottest day of summer is friday, 110. saturday just about as hot with 109. thunderstorms near sunday into monday and then eventually the heat wave breaks as we head throughout wednesday. so in terms of ways to stay cool, if you don't have a.c., number one way is to head to the beach with 70s and 80s through the upcoming weekend. number two go to the movies, number three a shopping mall. number four, check out a cooling center and number five, probably my favorite, call a friend with
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a.c. and bring them something to eat. >> hello, raj. >> yeah. >> you're my new friend. >> we'll be okay and check on the elderly, too. catch up with everybody fast. >> for sure. our director also has a.c. >> come over to eva and raj's house. >> we'll be there. some relief. thank you so much. >> thanks. up next, we'll go back to texas right now. a little after 7:00 p.m. the rain is done for now in houston but what next? damian trujillo rejoins us.
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mccain is coming back to the senate. he's been undergoing chemo therapy for brain cancer. in a statement he says he looks forward to continuing his work. on our website, you can see
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images from texas in the wake of hurricane harvey and find out how you can help the thousands of flood victims. we have more news in two minutes. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. we have new video now from that flood zone in texas. this was a look from the nbc chopper. really a flyover from houston toward galveston. that's about a 60-mile stretch and yes, that flood zone is
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expanding. nbc damian trujillo rejoins us now from texas with more. damian? >> reporter: what's responsible for the flooding is called the buffalo bio. all that flood water is coming off of the street of this community just west, again, of downtown houston. this is is only ten minutes from downtown houston and these cars are risking it by trekking through it. some of these sections have been closed off. people worried about what might be next. communities might be dry today and tomorrow this is what they will be in the midst of. medical personnel from travis air force base shipped out today. the team of six specializes in critical care air transport. the team is doctors, nurses, medical technicians that move patients who can't be transported any other way. the crew is expected to be gone for up to 45 days. >> we'll be packing them with
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sleeping bags to make sure they have sleeping bags available to them if we can't find facilities. >> we're planning for the worst but hoping for good conditions for our people while they are there. >> an additional 60 people are on stand by at travis. another rescue to show you, this time it's a bobcat. a baby bobcat. we'll show you next. coñ(
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coming up a at 6:00 a wrinkle to a beach. the deadline that can remove the gate and let surfers walk on martin's beach. that story at 6:00. >> counting their blessings, a couple boaters owe a big thank you to the fellow bay sailors after a water rescue last night. the boat, two men were sailing in ended up on the rocks at alcatraz island. one of the men ended up in the water, the other clinging to the rocks. an emergency call went out and a nearby charter boat called the bay wolf responded rescuing one man and directing the coast guard to the other. both were not hurt. the bay wolf captain says he only did what he hopes any other boater would do, help when a call comes in. a hit and run victim is getting a lot of medical attention and social media
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attention. yesterday the chp tweeted out this photo of a bobcat we showed you yesterday where he was found near the town of crockett oncoming sky way unable to walk. now bob, as they have referred to him as, has a diagnosis from the vet at walnut creek's wildlife experience. bob has a broken pelvis and will likely need surgery. anxious animal lovers are tweeting support and of course, we'll keep you posted on bob's recovery. >> hope he makes a full recovery. >> yeah. let's get a check of the forecast and the heat wave, dangerous heat wave. >> ramps up tomorrow. 106. hottest is friday with 110. saturday similar 109. isolated thunderstorms sunday and monday and closely watching the doppler and eventually the heat wave breaks throughout wednesday. the warm air also makes it to the coast. unusually warm for san francisco especially friday, saturday and sunday. we'll have a closer look at 6:00. >> both coming over to my house
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with the air conditioning. >> thank you for the invite, raj. so sweet. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. see you back at 6:00. >> good night, folks. air lift. where in the sky as desperate flood victims are rescued from new flood zones as harvey makes another landfall. also, the death toll swells. confirming the worst fears. and now concerns about the ripple effectf health risks after the storm. hard sale, president trump hits the road talking taxes, but what's the plan and what will it mean for your money? mixed signals after north korea's new threat president trump says talking is not the answer, but tonight his own defense secretary is saying something very different. and remembering diana, princess kate's symbolic gesture on the eve of a tragic an


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