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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 7, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> al: on the right there the general manager of the kansas city chiefs. he has got a situation he has to think of because they have taken eric berry to the locker room on a cart. that is bad news obviously for kansas city. eric murray, number 21. you saw the second year safety out of minnesota coming in. berry has been covering gronkowski tonight will tom go that way now. he is hit from behind as he throws and goes deep down the field. contact there but all incidental and no flag. brady barely got it away. third down and 17. michele, what do you know? >> michele: it is an achilles injury for eric berry. being carted off was not a good sign. >> al: a really bad sign. they stood him up in the commercial break. you said you don't take a guy
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off in a cart with a cramp. >> cris: when you saw him flexing the heel i was afraid of that. >> al: third and 17. brady going deep down the field and it is broken up. what a play by terrance mitchell, intended for cooks. fourth and 17. brady goes deep twice on second and long and third and long and can't connect. >> cris: mitchell looks like he is beaten. it is a good throw, over the top and waves and misses with the first arm and strips down with the second. unbelievable. >> al: what a play. ryan allen gets the kick away. they have deanthony thomas to run it back. fields at the 29. gets around the corner. turns it into a nice run back all the way out to the 47 yard line with 4:15. a flag is down now back at the 30.
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already 14 accepted penalties against kansas city tonight. normally in a place where you are going to get illegal contact. >> referee: during the return, illegal block in the back, receiving team number 51. ten-yard penalty from the spot of the foul. first down. >> al: frank zombo. costly night for both teams. hightower out with an injury and danny amendola with a knee and now we will have to find out about berry. now they are looking at peters. their all-pro corner rubbing his calf. a war of attrition here on opening night here in new england. on a cool night, basically 60 degrees right now. no wind. >> cris: you are so afraid to play these guys because you don't want to get them hurt in preseason. but opening day or opening night. it will be worse on sunday
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because you have to deal a lot more with the heat. >> al: so new england in a situation where they will start to think about taking their time-outs on defense. they have three plus the two-minute warning. here is the rookie, hunt. hunt down the sideline. kareem hunt being chased and will be forced out of bounds by mccourty who saves the touchdown. you can't make this stuff up. the guy that never fumbled in toledo. never. fumbles in his first carry. off to the races tonight. 140 rushing yards on 14 attempts. >> cris: watch these tight ends blocking on the edge. down, down, around and a great block on the outside by kelce to get the edge. and what kind of debut for kareem hunt. here comes kelce out in front. in space. we talked about it earlier. malcolm butler on the ground. gives you the fist up sign.
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there you go. >> al: handoff to west. west breaks free and into the end zone he goes for a touchdown. charcandrick west. >> al: that is 535 yards tonight against matt patricia's defense. >> cris: it is not a defense right now. that is the problem. they have a lot of different moving parts. and there is just confusion. great block in there on van noy. and back-to-back runs like that against the new england patriots. this is not new england's defense. >> al: not even close. santos. gets ready to make it a 14-point game. >> cris: remember what kansas city did to them in kansas city. >> al: absolutely.
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well, that was in 2014. they killed them on a monday night to send the patriots to a 2-2 record. meanwhile we will finish that in a second as we go back to the replay here of west. >> cris: yeah. witzman up here on the second level on van noy. once they had that there was nobody left in there. for the new england patriots, you always hear about doing your job, right. for a defense that means that you have this gap. you have this gap. you have this responsibility. you have this responsibility. when dont'a hightower gets hurt and you have people moving around, you don't know. marsh is in for five days. they don't know the defense yet. >> al: bill belichick has been a head coach in his 23rd year, five in cleveland. 18th year. this is the most yardage against
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a belichick team ever. tied for the most points he allowed. and we still have 4:00 to play. >> cris: i was going to say. people in atlanta will tell you that it is not over. >> al: dion lewis. he gets smothered. 15 yard line. they are full of life. these chiefs are going to come in here. 3:56 to go. they come out with a victory. wouldn't that be something. hunt. >> cris: fumbled on the first carry of his career and from that moment on he has been inspired. catching the ball. running the ball. dragging people into the end zone. some debut for the rookie, kareem hunt. >> al: from the 14 yard line. brady now. trying to get something going in a hurry. instead they knock him down at
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the 5 yard line. do you remember the game in 2014, i think it was week 4. a monday night game in kansas city. the chiefs destroyed the patriots. we get here the next week for a sunday night game against cincinnati and they are going crazy. brady almost gets sacked in the end zone. the ball has to come out. >> cris: completely. it has to be completely out of the end zone. if one tip of the ball is on the line as he goes down. justin houston is starting to look an awful like justin houston. >> al: kansas city now with three sacks. third and 24. brady dumps one. talking about the game in 14. they get killed. we come in to new england.
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the papers are going crazy. talk radio is going wild. what are they talking about. brady might be finished. give garoppolo a chance. belichick lost his magic. >> cris: and can we trust belichick anymore. there were crazy headlines. >> al: it was wild. that is the game after the game in the press conference when belichick said we are on to cincinnati. we are on to cincinnati. come in here the following week and they destroyed the bengals. >> al: allen with the punt. out of bounds at about the 45 yard line. here are some of the headlines. we came in there that week. you talk about the sky falling. down and out. bad to worse. no win. brady can't turn it around without support. crossroad. getting harder to trust bill. yeah, okay.
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even tom's doubt showing. what happened that year? they only won two super bowls since then. >> cris: i always think that for this organization they set their roster. they figure out who is going to play where and who is going to do what in september. they coach them up and they roll. this is a long way from over for the new england patriots. >> al: this is hunt again. you know what may be over very shortly, all of the talk about a perfect season. >> cris: ah. >> al: think about that. took about 3 1/2 hours. >> cris: you never know, they night start it for kansas city now. >> al: alex smith meanwhile, a night of nights. >> cris: come in on the road, all of the conversations about the guy they drafted to replace you. and you pitch nearly a perfect game. for alex smith, this is what i liked the best. he did not take anything off of that throw. he wanted the touchdown out of it. the same thing with this one to
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hunt. right on the button. the catch and the run and the celebration. good for you alex smith. >> al: new england took a time-out. will hunt add to his total? yes, he will. new england figures to take their second time-out and they do. 145 yards on the ground. 98 in receptions tonight for hunt. that is 243 yards from scrimmage. >> cris: i can remember when i played for the bengals. one year they drafted a wide receiver, eddie brown. i said that is great. balance things out. whatever. next year they drafted another wide receiver in the first round, mcgee. i am like wait a minute. this is not so good. i think for alex smith he had one of those moments too. i have already gone through this with colin kaepernick and company in san francisco.
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now you are drafting this guy and basically telling me you don't want me to do it and a guy that throws it down the field. >> al: third and five. a whistle before the snap. too many men on the field i think for new england. >> referee: 12 men, defense. five-yard penalty. still third down. >> cris: there is not a natural leader in the middle of the defense that we are so used to seeing. je'rod mayo over the years, hightower. we have seen really strong figures in there. and right now they are trying to figure out what that is. third and one. that will be a first down. that will take a good part of the clock away. kareem hunt with the full workload tonight. 17 carries.
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5 receptions. that makes it a first down. that will take us to the two-minute warning. and this place has emptied out. you don't see that very often. you only see it when they are routing the opposition. different story tonight. two minutes left. kansas city 42, new england 27.
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>> al: stay tuned for michele on the field with the stars of the game. i have a feeling alex smith might be a part of that. cris will look to see what we have ahead in less than 72 hours when the giants and cowboys open up their season on sunday night. >> cris: give credit to andy reid. even though they drafted patrick mahomes, they still from day one said alex smith is our quarterback. i know mahomes is playing well in the preseason. alex smith is our quarterback. that meant a lot to alex smith. and he appreciated the fact that hey, what he said is that
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everybody knows what is going on. i had plenty of conversations with patrick mahomes about this is what it will be. there will be a transition. when the transition takes place that will be the question if alex smith is playing like this. >> al: early victory formation. you lose spencer ware which gave hunt a chance. they also got rid of the one really deep threat that they had last year, jeremy maclin. you know he is the one guy that goes down the field. everybody thought the same dink and dunk stuff. alex smith morphed into something else tonight. kansas city chiefs coming in. a pretty stunning upset. >> cris: there is good news with that guy right there. when justin houston is right,
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what did he have 27 sacks a year ago. 22 sacks. then he has been in and out of the lineup. injuries. trying to come back last year. he is a difference maker. not just the sacks. the way that he played the edge on the run plays out there. he is a difference maker. >> al: well, that will wrap it up as the clock will expire for tom brady. 16 of 36 with 267 tonight, no touchdowns. no picks. gronkowski caught only two. great mutual respect between those guys. coached a few games in their times. and for alex smith, 80%. 2
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368 yards, 4 touchdowns. 537 yards of offense for the chiefs. coming up next volkswagen postgame report after these messages.
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here. new en taking down the defend super bowl champions nbc. welcom into our postgame. winnin championships. it's to bring in our gang and we open with our nfl analys he has four super bowl rings and we have our 49ers insider. raider insider scott bare. let's start with you. how great is it to have football back in the bay area? >> it's fantastic. when look at the raiders going to the playoffs last year,
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you have the injury. with derek carr, it was frustr but they're back and they signed some great players. lynch, being the guy that is offens you ha the shanahan era. and the john lynch era. they'r things around. but now you have the raiders are locked and loaded ready to go. >>right. let's start with the 49ers. you ha new lynch-shanahan erabeginning. how are things different under these guys and they're new in their positions? there this is dysfunction they'v with the 49ers. wls kyle shanahan, it's a proven nfl system that he's bringing in here. he have that last year. there was no sustainable with
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that system. or the defensive system. he has offensive coordi nine years. his system works. under silver and black this is a team with heightened expect how are they responding? >> jim, head coach jack del rio does such a good job of keeping his players locked in, creating that level of tunnel vision footba i'm the outside expect and be a better team considering how difficult this schedule is. number strength of schedule and in the entire league. these guys are ready for it. >> a lot of people expecting a fun nfl season.
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but willñi theyçó respond as mus theñi expectations are there fo them? it tough. m cf1 o team? we'll focus on the silver aof black when we cont postga that's after the thursday night the winners. the niners have a new head coach a mix of key contraibutors. we'll dive deep on the 49ers as our newscast starts in about ten here's we're working on. millio of people are leaving florid what is being done as hurricane irma i approaching and the shooti the miami airport which prompted even more panic. also what happened to san franci union square tonigh street were shut down after someth dangling from the hilton hotel.
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12 1/2 wins expected. greenbay, seattle, pittsburgh 10 1/2, raiders won 12 games last year. to this year it's 9 1/2. challe get to the super welcom into the sports postga let's start with the raiders. give me a strength. what do you like about this raider team? >> what i like about them on offens is the tight end positi collid is playing better. they brought in free agency so i like them on offense. i think that's going to make the offens a lot more dynamic.
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candid from last year derek he can only do his job if that offens holds strong for him for the running game. the interior line may be the best in the entire national footba league. donald penn is back ready to take a full work load against tennes they show up. >> every team has something to work on. scott, let's start with you on where weakness for this team? >> i j think there is too cornercore. they don't know what's going to happen you ha david on one side. you connolly who has been banged up, not quite ready. shawn smith, t.j. carry didn't have a great preseason. able to address the linebacker positi i linebacker for a lot of years. i believe they're very important to defenses. and lee, i think, had an average presea so we'll see how it goes.
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so corey james is a guy that playedwell. he is injury prone right now. togeth we what the chiefs did to last year 12 wins. vegas 9 1/2 this year. give me a win total. >> i think they're 10 plus @ me. they do what they did last year. and a lot of that has to do, jimmy the powerful offense that thave. >>right. how about you, scott? team, just the afc west is loaded we what kansas city can do.
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win for the 49ers. so anything at four is a nice little increase. you double last year. all right. let's bring in matt, our 49ers inside throug the preseason. we'll same question. give me a strength on a team lot. where the area of strength? >> you asked me for one, i'll give you. seven. young front seven and with bowman and foster as linebacker core that, is a strength. the biggest strength i think is kyle shanahan can game plan. doesn' any pro bowl player he has a lot of options. goodwi hyde. he is game planning, he it can that plays to kyle shanahan's
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streng trance formation and personnel a couple weaknesses in. you might have to give me more >> i give you two. and on the offensive side, it's the guards. the 49ers added tomlinson late in theseason. he's not yet a starter. probab take him long to they have to get that run game going. the guard spot is iffy. robins has talent. johnso has talent. they'runproven. they can give up plays in the passingame. >> we were at training camp and i to 49ers fans that had higher expectations. >> i think they're going to win six. team than it was last year. a better managed. they'r going to be competitive.
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there were a lot of game last year where they show up for it and know they're going to lose. i think beginning sunday when caroli comes to the stadium, they figure to be competitive and they're going to win some games. six is probably a little bit on anythi less than five i think but if you see them get six they'r on the righ path. year shows a tremendous four. that is hard to do in the nation league. >> all right, matt, thank you one bay area club has high hopes for 2017. a super bowl. what crazier things have happen we'll get our experts super bowl
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the safety shield technologies. innova that excites. how this innovation for you? 5:19 left. first and goal at the 4. chiefs ahead by one. and kareem hunt, that's innova chiefs go on to a victory. surpri some. not to everyone. you ar surprised with this? >> going to be getting into predictions. i don't want to give you a spoile alert. i think the chiefs are a very alex s was able to get the ball downfield. we always knew he could dink and change things going. how this change the raider they look at this game and they have to be somewhat surprised.
9:48 pm
and they lost four straight games to andy reeds chiefs. and we saw kansas city a lot of track stars on that side of the ball. going to be tough to defendñr ay reed and jack del rio. always a good rivalry. >> all right. predic the nfl kio ostd season. but we want to know who's going to win the super bowl? that's what it's all about. super lii in minneapolis if februa they'r in 13 rnlg form. seahaw have the best odds. vegas has raiders at 14-1. what heck? you never know. strang things have happened. who going to the super bowl? >> dallas or green bay are any nfc. the afc, two of the teams
9:49 pm
tonigh will be in the hunt and the oakland raiders. and my order is new england, chiefs and the raiders. but the raiders have to step up like we just talked about. they h to be able to beat the chiefs in their own division. and they're going to be playing new en in mexico city. they'l quite a test this it to be the top two. patrio and seahawks. i just think that seattle's defens they're always motiva really in with thomas back and chancellor and defense but think there is enough firepo russell wilson to score points to make them a very difficult out. time to alert the spoiler. >> yeah, remember super bowl i? >> i do. >> you invite me to your
9:50 pm
and it was the packers beating the chiefs. i hoped you will invite me this year. >> okay. >> that we can watch that one so i'm saying in this -- i said this before this game that the chiefs beat the patriots in theafc championship game. i think it's aaron rodgers turn to win another one, to put anothe on his resume. >> if you recall, super bowl i wasn't called super bowl i. champi you know how? >> tell us. >> lamar hunt with the ball. >> daughter. it was one of the hard balls being a toy ball bouncing it around it is super ball. a super ball. >> let's make it a super bowl. >> that is kind of informa else other than right here. season raider have heightened xpkt tagtss good reason. and 49ers, i think fans
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have to watch this year. they have not been competitive but they have been fun in the presea offens
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thank for joining us. >> we want to give you a quick look at our headlines. a lot happening at this hour. that includes hurricane irma. the biggest fears from foreca coming true. irma is destroying the caribb flushe from their homes. about hour ago the national weathe issued the first hurric warning for south florid they expect a direct hit to make matterworse, there was a shooti at miami iment national airpor earlier this evening. the terminals are now secured though as people are fleeing town. irma is located right now. north dominican republic and passin theñi turks and caicos we began with our chief meteor let's talk about that, what now >> it really does look it. it made a westerly shift today. and that is bad news not only
9:54 pm
florid fromçó orlando into dayton beach. you ca see how massive it contin to be in size hitting the turks and caicos eye lanldz now. we seen the wind decrease a little bit. curren at 155 miles per hour. storm n terms of florida, it is just south of miami saturd 8:00 p.m. with a miami. then it moves up through central florid winds of 115 miles per hour b sunday at 8:00 p.m. so in terms of south florida and what we know about what could happen again, a land fall someti early sunday ñrmorning. winds around 150 miles per hour. moves in from key west to miami as mngsed. storm surge of at least ten feet along the coast. rain 10 to 20 inches. the thing that mak storm so extremely dangerous is the hurric field stretches out some 75 miles from the center of the storm. so even if people aren't living right where it makes landçó fal a lot of florida is going to be
9:55 pm
impact this system on the >> yes, they're going to be feelin a lot of that wind. all right. thank you. our weather reporter just landed twitte way from the airpor to the hotel. her stop is to make sure up for herself and crew on suppli bear. this actually what we're two days the storm. i was talking to a family earlie they w looking for canned foods. it is much out of the store. those things that the man behind camera is having a bottle water, gallons of water. we're going to go hunt that down. >> she'll need to assist on their own. they'l to get the suppli she's to start bringing us live reports from south florida beginntomorrow. they'l updagt the facebook
9:56 pm
and twitter page with photog videos along the way. the way. a and rescue team return today from texas. florid here is nbc bay area's reporter. >> it was a happy homecoming for return ten days helping victim hurricane harvey. >> it's fantastic to be home. you know, it's -- you know, as and we all want to really is a lot of work. you you can see from this aerial view warton, texas, from a new valuable tool the task force drone. >> didn't know the streets or the town. and we didn't know the effects of the flooding.
9:57 pm
we learned on how to navigate throug flooded areas with submer and trash and logs and things that we ran into. repair equipment for hurric irma. >> we don't know when. dwoenl know where. and we don't know if we're flying driving, or combination of that right now. but we know it's going to >> you don't understand just the magnit until you get there and see it. >> and as can you see, the equipm vehicles are loaded and ready to head out tonigh they get the word. >>okay, thank you, robert. we're tracking every move irma makes. you ca it yourself on our websit click on the top story box and scroll down to the map.
9:58 pm
speeds and and i both really know what this storm is going to do. before >> and parents live in florida. irma have friends or early sunday morning, 155 mile-per-hour wind down into south florida. then it hits daytona beach and orland foreca up. >> going to do it for this on this abbreviated version of our headlines.
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