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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to fine the survivors. at least 119 people have been killed. and many more are still missing. these are some more of the latest pictures, digging out of the rubble on toppled buildings here. 22 million people live in the metro area of the mexico city. many of the buildings in the capital are not rert fitted or earthquake safe. people running out of office buildings, out of restaurants, fleeing from schools. the mexico city airport remains shut down. and several hospitals have been evacuated. millions of people are left without power. that could be the case for many more days. >> now the epicenter of the 7.19 magnitude quake as you can see on this map is 80 miles from mexico city. but for the people living in mexico city it felt like a direct hit. we have team coverage on this developing story we begin with damian trujillo joining us live at the mexico consulate in san
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jose. damian what are you hearing there >> reporter: peek i spoke with today told me they feel numb after watching the images from mexico city for the kept consequencele general here in san jose this is personal. >> the images are surreal, similar to the big earthquake in 1985, 32 years to the day. >> it's horrible. >> the mexican consul general spent the day trying to reach mexico city for direction. at the same time this woman tried to reach her own mother. >> it's very moving to see what's happening in mexico. my family is there so far we don't have news of my mom. so it's a scarey time. >> tall buildings reduced to rubble in this city of 22 million. there are reports of survivors trapped under tons of concrete and communications systems are virtually non-existent.
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>> ms. perez has been trying to reach her family in mexico but can't get through. this taco vendor says he used facebook messager to find out if his family was okay. other bay area families are also using the messaging service to reach loved ones. the mexican consulate is trying to help reach family members. they are asking for calm and praising those already rushing to help. >> there is mexican people helping each other in many ways, with their bare hands they are taking the stones out of the buildings collapsed. >> reporter: in the last half hour i've been communicating with a cousin of mine in mexico city via facebook messenger. she tells me everyone is okay. but tonight everyone is
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terrified. if you're trying to reach somebody in mexico city the consulate says you should call an 800 number. the number is on the website, live in south san jose. damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> good reason to be terrified irchlts pass you heard damian say in comes 32 years to the day after the other powerful earthquake hit mexico. s in video of that day back in 1985. that earthquake measured 8.1 and killed more than 10,000 people. and thousands of others were hurt as well. a lot has changed since that day including social media, giving up upclose and immediate look into the frightful moments as the earthquake hit. . paula hernandez sending us this video here showing a ceiling partially collapsing inside of mexico city office. another video we received shows the frantic seconds while the earth shook. as you can imagine so much destruction broken glass and cracked walls some of it here.
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we continue to update in story on the facebook page you can see more pictures and videos. the quake was so powerful our graph at nbc bay area record thd image we made it larger so so you could see it clearly. this happened at 11:15 california time. >> it's a sobering reality but scientists believe there is a 98% that a 6.0 or larger quake will rattle the bay area between now and the next 30 years. bigad shaban is here to a explain what it means for thousands of bridges across the state. we remember what happened earlier. >> there were 25,000 bridges in california, more than 3,000 actually have been retrofitted to protect us all. but some of the improvements happened decades ago. as we discovered some need to be upgraded again. last year we found out that 171 bridges across the state still need to be retrofitted to
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withstand the next big earthquake. the state plans to upgrade 35 bridges across the state by 2020. now to find out what designs work best in california scientists are constantly studying earthquakes from around the world. and guys, that will now include the massive earthquake that just devastatesed parts of mexico. >> okay thank you bigad. good information. we also want to let you know that damian trujillo is heading to mexico city tonight. he will be reporting live from the earthquake zone starting tomorrow morning. so look for his live reports. we are following developing news in san jose. police trying to get someone out of a home. these are live pictures now from this scene. this is on west sand carlos street. there was a family disturbance. man got into an argument with a woman and started destroying the house. the woman did get out but her son is still in there. no one has been hurt so far. but police say that person does have a mental health issue. and has not been taking
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medication. we will bring you update as soon as it books available. scarey moments on campus. a schoolwood lockdown in the east bay after a student brought a gun to school. he is in custody this evening and has been expelled. nbc bay area thom jensen joins us from the high school in richmond. what happened. >> reporter: raj, students tell me they were scared. they don't expect something like this here. they say the phone call came from the front office to the teachers. next thing they know they were told to hide unthe devgs and waited in the dark while they monitored this on social media talking about a possible shooter in their school. >> i was afraid. he had a gun and all that. >> this 15-year-old says he and his classmates were to go to lunch when the call came into the classroom from the office. a possible gunman in the school. >> they told the students get under the desks and close everything, close the lielts and get the kurtens down. >> he began monitoring what
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happened on snapchat in the dark under his desk until a half hour, 45 minutes later when one student said the 16-year-old was arrested and police found the gun he brought to school. a west contra costa unified school district spokesman said the arrest went off without a hatch once the police arrived. >> they quickly located the student and took the student into located and located the weaponen. >> marcus walton says this is the first time he remembers a student arrestwood a gun at the high school. >> we have done a lot of work over the last years trying to create a culture where the students feel safe. >> reporter: and students did tell me that they feel safe here at the school. they folate like that -- believed this was the lockdown was just a drill at first until any monitored this on social media and saw the chat about it. then they realized it was real and they were scared. as raj said, jess, this student who has not been named a
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16-year-old boy has been expelled. live in richmond, thom jensen, nbc bay area. >> thank you, thom. a u.n. stunner gasped from the floor of the united nations today as president trump's harsh threat against north korea. >> the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> the president then went on to refer to the leader kim jong un as rocketman, saying he was on a suicide mission for himself and his regime. president trump also scolding at times as he called for major change to the united nations and repeated his promise to put america first. that wasn't the only message for the u.n. what he had he had to say about the iron iran nuclear deal that's coming up. paying the consequences for breaking the rules. and the san francisco sheriff's deputy no longer with the the
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department one day after we reported his we weapon was stolen. a member of local law enforcement had a stolen during a car break-in, the latestants incident on the edge of the design district over the we could. a spoke person a tells us that the sheriff considers weapon storage a matter of great concern and is reminding staff about it once again. just last week nbc bay area confirmed another weapon stolen from a san francisco police officer was used in a murder. chp officers are mourning the loss of one of their own. an officer hit and killed on his way to work. the accident happened early this morning in sand martin. chp officer james brannic was ride riding his motorcycle when the driver of a truck meandered into his lane hitting and killing him. investigators say the driver stopped and did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 44-year-old brannic was on his way to work at a commercial chp
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vehicle inspection facility in sand martin. he was a chp officer for 12 years and worked several years in san jose as well. >> it's a some ber mood here today. there are a lot of guy that is work here in this office that worked closely with him. there are a lot of guys in the office that he trained, that he was a field training officer for, so it's -- today a bit of shock. >> in order to honor officer brannic motorcycle officers lined up outside the inspection facility where the flag now flies at half staff. no hate in berkeley. several organizations are banning together for a march before-free speech week on the cal kafrmz. they call it the no hate in berkeley community march. it's planned for this saturday one day before the four-day event kicks off of free speech week. free speech week was organized by controversial former breitbart editor mill of yiannopoulos. the group say they plan to wind
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through berkeley this saturday. berkeley police are preparing for free speech week as well. yiannopoulos put it together after the university cancelled an earlier speech this year after protests outside turned violent. an unusual problem for firefighters on the peninsula. we'll show you what made it tough to knock down flames. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking the chance of a few showers by home torng. details on that and when this sierra could get a little bit of snowfall. 6:20 tonight. another robot on its way to silicon valley. i'm scott budman with the k-7. all about safety and security. we'll give you the specs when you'll see it coming up.
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of mexico city... new information just came into our newsroom in the past few i want to update you on the dwefg story out of mexico city. we just received new information into the newsroom. sadly the death toll is up. now to 139 people dead. wove been showing the horrific terrifying pictures. this one you can see people pouring out of the office building just about as the building is about to collapse. as many other building did. the 7.1 magnitude quake was centered about 80 miles from mexico city. we will have an update. here at home a whole lot of stuff that's what firefighters say made this job so difficult
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in sand bruno. a look from the nbc bay area sky ranger. you can see the phone on fleetwood drive packed with items that made it nearly impossible to access. nbc bay area joins us in the neighborhood and what's the reaction from the neighbors there? >> reporter: they've been worried raj, more than a decade. knew the crews just arrived here to board the house up. i want to show you first what the firefighters were up against. look inside the window. you can see how high all the stuff is stacked up. also the attic appears packed as well. firefighters had to be aggressive because the homes are close together. and there are trees out back. this is cell phone video, a neighbor shot not longer long after the fire began time to pay it didn't take firefighters long to realize they needed back up and fast. there was fire inside the home and attic but they couldn't get to it. >> there was a lot of items stacked throughout the house and on the side of the house we had
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issues getting to the front and side of the house. >> and that was just the beginning. look at these shots from nbc bay area sky ranger. the backyard is also packed. neighbors who didn't want to be shone on camera told us all the stuff had been building up for years. >> i've been walking by about the last 15 years. and it's always been a junk pile there. the backyard is full of junk, garage, washers dryers shall refrigerator hot tub, microwave, two vans in front, a brown and green one they're completely full. >> he is a nice man. we've talked to him several times. but he just has a hording problem. >> were you worried about this happening. >> yeah. >> it took dozens of firefighters more than an hour to knock down the blaze. >> i feel sorry for the man. it's sad. it is sad. >> it's just too bad. everything is a loss.
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>> reporter: now the house is red tagged tonight as being unsafe. we're told the cause of the fire all of that is under investigation. i should tell you i spoke to the homeowner just a little while. he didn't want to talk on camera. he told me he is heart broken fearing he lost the two cats and they did not survive the fire. we're live in sand bruno. nbc bay area news. did you hear about this k.d. comes clean in warrior superstar made headlines today at the annual tech crunch convention in san francisco. he admitted he crossed the line using twitter. kd. was supposed to talk about the ventures in the tech world. instead heeneded up explaining recent activity on twitter. he recently tweet add phones to a question ask him why he really left oklahoma city. ins response he made some disparjing remarks about his former team and head coach. today, he apologized. >> i don't regret clapping back at anybody or talking to my fans ob twitter. i do regret using my former
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coach's name and former organization i played for. that was childish, i'd on theic all those words i regret that. >> k.d. went on to say i plans on scaling back social media use. by the way warrior media day is this friday. training camp is about to open. yes, the season starts up again, our colin resch will be there. you've seen them. maybe you've even taken a selfie with one. we talking about robot security guards. they patrol parking lots, malls, working for $7 an hour occasionally getting into trouble. now there are more robots to keep us safe, made in kill zone convalley. business and tech reporter scott bud many got a the first look. hes the story from a company making those bots. >> reporter: well the rumors are true, more robots are coming to silicon valley and beyond. this is the latest security robot from night scope.
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you have heard of them before. you may remember this model. that's the k-5, been around a pew years. the new version is called the k-7. all electric, all autonomous, built for patrolling much wider areas. >> unveiled for you. >> the wraps are off. the latest security robot. this one comes with four wheels. >> so you're in uncharted territory, right. >> it's made to roam large areas after three years of seeing this guy patrol shopping malls night scope is brarmging out. >> this is intended to handle difficult terrain. think of gravel, tirt, sand, curbs, hot poles. >> for the most part the robots have been a welcome sight for consumers. >> i was built in silicon valley i was a k-3. >> but after a k-5 knocked down a child while patrolling a shopping center night scope admits the bots are still
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learning on the job. >> we'll continue to have things happen out in the field. it's a new technology and we're going to continue to iter eight our way to the most robust solution. but if we're not out in the field interact wg humans you're never learning. >> learning and patrolling with new additions to the family. >> for a little extra perspective i'm 6 feet tall this robot is nearly 5 feet tall. they say at first they'll cap the speed at miles an hour but it can go faster coming to a mall near new 2018. in mounen view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. does it escort you places can you get a ride. >> like a robot uber. >> exactly combine that very interesting. >> jeff is with us now a another gorgeous fall afternoon. >> i know. and temperatures dropping a few more degree heading into tomorrow's forecast. but a couple other changes coming our way getting a look. right now outside you can see it is clear from our high definition camera in san jose.
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currently 75 droegs after a high of 77. we're dropping down to cool 60s over the next several hours. the big change is rainfall off to the north oregon and washington. and extreme northern california stealing the rainfall. we will see clouds from this tomorrow morning but a slight chance we could get a spotty shower across the bay area. it's more of a better chance of drizzle at the immediate coastline. the thing to remember is it's not as sunny for tomorrow. and cloud cover for the amp for more a partly sunny sky. temperatures school in response to the cloud cover. that means across the east bay 76 in livermore. that's it. 73 in san jose. 66 in san francisco. and 74 expected in santa rosa. >>en on the extended forecast temperatures drop more. inland valleys averaging 73. put it on pause for a second with temperatures dropping a few more degrees it's meaning up across the sierra a chance of
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dusting of one inch at 7,000 feet. thursday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. don't get caught off guard if you're traveling. head back to the 7-day forecast do notice temperatures warm up this weekend. low to mid-80s inland. possibly up to 90 heading into next tuesday. we'll have a longer look at this plus the track of hurricane maria and that's all coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> we'll see you then tonight. thank you jeff. is it too pricey to stay in a new report detailing how many people in the bay area have considered leaving town. we continue to monitor that 7.1
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magnitude quake in mexico. the death toll, steadily rising. happening now we continue to monitor the 7.1 magnitude ekern in mexico near mexico city. the death toll rising, right now 139 people and many missing. we have updates on the twitter beige. new information on the brush fire more the lawrence livermore lab. still no word on the cause. back in a moment. stay with us. want to know just how bad
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california )s housing crisis has become? more than half of the state )s voters have considered being okay you want to know how the housing crisis has become. more than half of the state's voters have considered moving because of it. according to a new study by uc berkeley 48% of the state's registered voters describe the issue as extremely serious. now in that bay area the number jumps to 65%. the poll also found that 51% of
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bay area residents have considered relocating to a less expensive area. san francisco and san jose top the list as the state's two most expensive cities to live in. and that's followed by los angeles, san diego and long beach. new at 6:00, a former chief judge at the state public utility commission is now agendasing former bosses of firing for blow attention the whistle on the agency's bad behavior in. in the past few years they have face add series of state and federal investigations in into alleged back door communications between regulators and the utilities they regulate. especially pg&e. xpuc chief karen has lodged an pale with the state earnle board chamg she was zpised for racial bias and for cooperate wg the official corruption probe. >> we must also continue to speak out that's why i'm in trouble you know because i talked back. i speak out. i stand up.
6:27 pm
and i'm going to continue to do it. [ applause ] here is the response in the statement today the puc says it will vigorously defend the termination sayings he was dismissed for cause. allege and skaulg her claims baseless. bowled words from president trump after u.n. and not just directed at north korea. the other nation he is calling out, at the general assembly. also we're getting now new images from mexico. we have an update on the deadly powerful earthquake that rocked the capital. the images are sobering, and
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heartbreaking. that 7.1 earthquake near mexico city -- sent peo well it's a wake up call for us in the bay area. when we see the images of what's happening in mexico they are sobering and heart breaking. the 7.1 earthquake in mexico city sent people running for their lives. in happened around 11:00 a.m. california time, around 1:00 p.m. in mexico city. the screams filled the streets of the capital as buildings broke apart. buildings that didn't collapse swayed across the sky line of one of the world's biggest cities. you see the mcdonald's there as well. plumes of dust rising from where structured stood. within the past 30 minutes the death toll has grown to 139 people and it's expected to rise. mexico uses an early warning system for earthquaking but today there was none. >> because the soil in mexico
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city amplifies the shaking by 100 or more they get a lot of damage from far away earthquakes. >> the epicenter was roughly 80 miles southeast of mexico city. earlier this month more than 100 people died in an 8.1 quake in southern mexico. we should add damian trujillo is heading to mexico city to report. he will be he had hadding out ton a reporting from the earthquake zone tomorrow. >> we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> a sober being and ominous warning aimed at north korea. president trump delivers his first address to the united nationss general assembly. and the president's bold speech is getting mixed reactions from around the world. jaebl wang has the latest developments and joins us. >> jessica president trump spoke in front of 193 nations threatening to wipe one of them off the map. . the president got the attention of world leaders by blasting the iran nuclear deal.
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>> billions and billions of dollars. >> speaking before the united nations general assembly president trump issued his toughest most direct threat to north korea yet. >> the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend itself or allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. >> the president trying to light a fire under other world leaders to step up and issued a controversial threat to end the iran nuclear deal. >> it's an embarrassment to the united states. and i don't think you've heard the last of it, believe me. >> his tone scolding at times. president trump called for changes to the u.n. and repeated its promise to put america first. >> we can no longer be taken advantage of. or enter into a one-sided deal where the united states gets nothing in return.
6:33 pm
>> supporters and critics quick to respond. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling the speech bold and courageous. >> others say the strategy of nations looking out for themselves is a dangerous move. >> he is talking about going back to the 19th cently. >> lafayette at a luncheon the president took a softer ton and called the u.n. the best forum to discuss problems. >> let's give this as a toast to the potential -- the great, great potential of the united nations. thank you all for being here. thank you very much. >> as for north korea, much of the delegation wasn't even in the room to hear president trump's tough speech. the group decided to boycott his speech, walking out before he started talking. leaving only a junior diplomat behind. jessica. >> okay thank you janelle. all eyes on the atlantic tonight where two big storms are in play. jose and maria. and we're looking at satellite imagery of maria, a category 5
6:34 pm
hurricane barreling toward puerto rico. now ultimately maria's path might depend on what hurricane jose does. as jose lingers up the eastern sea board maria is set to slam the virgin islands and puerto rico. both areas recently hit by hurricane irma. puerto rico officials wore maria's arrival could bring unprecedented devastation. most residents are without power or water interest. it's not clear whether maria will hit the u.s. mainland. but in virginiaary they're not taking chances tying down anything that could blow away in a hurricane. >> if we haven't learned anything else from this year this season that you need to to be prepared. >> forecastsers tell us if jose stays in place churning off shore it could divert maria away from the u.s. mainland. meanwhile jose is triggering flooding in coastal new jersey and heavy surf in new england. the search continues for the suspected thief on b.a.r.t.
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thanks to surveillance photos. detectives released the photos of the zrauberry blond woman wearing sunglasses. they believe she handed to note to another woman over the weekend on a bafrt train demanding her wallet while claiming two guns were pointed at her. new technology could be the key to cracking a cold case, this time a murder in the east bay from 1982. the body of cathiy was dumped in the niles districts. the mother of two from union city had been booten to death tp police say dna testing has given new evidence. new interviews with possible suspects family and friends indicate that the death could be tied to the sale or use of drugs. san diego deadly hepatitis outbreak is spreading. last night we told but 69 cases reported in santa krusz. this morning los angeles reported ten cases of the exact strain. in all three places the outbreaks begin in concentrated areas in homeless encamp mts.
6:36 pm
nbc bay area mark mathews is at a homeless encampment. how big is the problem here in the bay area? >> reporter: as you know, hepatitis can kill and most commonly transmitted from the fecal matter of an infected person to the mouth of the decease's next victim and at homeless camps where there is only limited access to bathrooms, hepatitis a is find ago foothold. at this homeless camp under the 101 freeway cal rans transcrew and they clean up drug needles and human waste once a week. theylandland tell us they are using bleach to wash down sidewalks. >> because there is hepatitis going around. >> in san diego they are setting up portable hand wash station was 420 casance 16 deaths. san diego county wants every food service worker at every restaurant vaccinated for
6:37 pm
hepatitis a. tourists are avoiding downtown for freer o fear of being exposed. >> it's scarey. >> well hepa is very contagious. >> the public health nurse is vaccinating people at this homeless shelter in the dog patch neighborhood staffers are lining up. >> just to be on the safe side. >> they say it's easy to combat if vaccinated and easy to contract if exposed. >> people not washing hands touching door knobs, putting food in mouths, smoking cigarettes. >> above the homeless camp louis randall walks his dog and complains about the stench right below him. >> human feces and urn. >> the city refuses to clean out the camp. people living in the act say they should act to help them. >> they would put portable bathrooms around the camp sites like these because we're human too we use the restroom.
6:38 pm
>>. >> reporter: here in san francisco health officials are relies on vaccinations while they couldn't give me numbers of the vaccinations it's clear there are a great many more homeless people who have not been vaccinated than those who have. nbc bay area news. a new car from a san jose man after engine problems but the man is not satisfied. the reason he called our consumer investigative center. that's next. how about this, magic johnson coming to the defense of warrior star draymond green. we'll explain why. president trump , members have
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
sent lettsr to 49-other sta four days after california's assembly voted to censure president trump. members sent letters to 49 other states to join them asking in denouncing the rnlt's words after the violence in charlottesville. the as you is president trump's response to the rally where he
6:41 pm
said many sides were so to proclaim. they say the group was protests neonazis but repeated both sides to blame. friday he is censure vote make california the first state to support the effort underway in the house of represent he was led by minority leader nance pelosi. >> a touch of magic for draymond green. magic johnson could be a key witness in the civil lawsuit against the warrior star. all stemming from an altercation last year. formerly michigan state football player and biancaa williams filed a lawsuit accusing greenes bullying and assault outside of a popular bar outside of lansing. the couple's attorney has subpoenaed former laker star magic johnson. magic who a mentor of greene actually tweeted he talked to draymond about that incident. the prosecuting attorney is interested in what was said during the conversation. a new report claims nearly half of the teams in the nba
6:42 pm
lost money last season but the warriors well they're not one of them. in fact the warriors had the second highest net income after revenue sharing bringing in $91 million. the lakers are the only team to make more money. that money rises in the near future after the team moves into the sparkling water front chase center in 2019. and as the warriors rework its tv deal with our sister station nbc sports bay area. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. we see the changes in the weather again. fall is creeping closer >> a couple days away begins on friday. and temperatures down toopd. a live look here in berkeley. lots of sunshine. 72 for the high. right now 70 and 60s over the next couple hours. talking about a shoir chance coming our way. and also hurricane maria and the path. >> a vehicle is bought back but what about the upgrade the owner paid for they're left out cht
6:43 pm
deal. nbc bay area responds next.
6:44 pm
our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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in mexico city.. the head of mexico )s national civil defense agency says the we want to give you an update of what's happening in mexico. it's almost 9:00 there. the head of mexico's national civil defense agency says the death toll from the 7.19 magnitude quake reached 139. you can see thousands of people running onto the streets as building literally crumble. right now the desperate search continues for people who may be buried alive. it's getting to be nighttime so the search will be more difficult. you can stay up to date on the social media platform including nbc bay and we have one of our reporters headed there. dame a yan trujillo. >> the video looks eerie. nbc bay area had had responds to a man who had serious problems with brand new jeep and the dealer replace to
6:46 pm
do. chris chumara joins with us the rest of the story. >> they're never simple. thomas rods bought a new jeep bab in 2015 you within days the check engine light came on the long story short he says that jeep was in and out of service several times over the next months. jeep finally offered to replace it with a brand new vehicle. now, jeep couldn't find a 2015. so it gave him a 2016. that's great news right. but thomas had one request. he had paid for some upfwrads to the first jeep. and he wanted jeep to install the same upgrades on the new one or reimburse him. thomas says the company agreed. however, it never happened. so he finally turned to us for help we contacted jeep and it agreed to reimburse thomas $270 oh that's the amount he paid for the upgrades as well as rental cars he needed while his first jeep was in for service. in a statement the company told uls it took extraordinaries teps to bring it to an amicable
6:47 pm
solution and it also waived fees thomas was responsible for. wepts to know any time you got an agreement like that you want to get it in writing. you want to write to us you go to nbc bay or you will ka us the old facinged way, 1-888-996-tips. any time you go in for that you need to to have something on paper that says you get abc. >> has to be detailed. >> don't leave until you get it gloo thank you chris. >> well how about in front tier airlines is stepping up the game in san jose. fronts tier adding flights to atlanta, cincinnati and colorado springs all from sjc, a total of 550 destinations and here is the deal. pay attention now. front tier says it's holding a ticket sale the next couple of day was fairs under $40. >> where are we going again. >> wow. >> i guess denver or colorado springs. >> those are nice places. >> atlanta. >> all right. >> i'm down. >> you ready. >> less than $40. we'll get chris to verify it's a
6:48 pm
deal. >> bliefld and just stick a pin on the map. >> take us away, jeff. >> you know why would you want to leave, the weather is finally cooling down some of the most comfortable weather we have seen since the end of may. now, i want to give you the overall perspective of what's coming our way the next seven tais. we certainly have a lot of fl. t changes notice temperatures we have two areas of upper low pressure in the next we can. that brings chance of spotty showers. then another one by friday morning and that could drop temperatures to cold 40s to start. and here is the other thing. hang on with me here. by next weeks this hot area of high pressure could surge back in and bring us 90s back to the interior valleys. so we are not done with some of this summer heat just yet. as we get into tomorrow morning and the possibility of showers what i want to show you here is by 5:30 the heaviest rainfall
6:49 pm
remains to the north. by 8:30 in the morning it's a slight chance. primarily the cloud cover will be the biggest difference. there will be a better chance of drizzle at the immediate coat line. in terms of tomorrow morning we start with clouds. 60 in the south bay. spotty drizzle. and back to the tri-valley 59. a decent chance of a few drops in san francisco and 5 degrees. i want to bring it back to the future cost o cast just to show you as we head through the afternoon tomorrow we'll have a hard time shaking cloud cover. it's more of a partly sunny skies. the sun tries to emerge by 0ur9 in the afternoon. overall, with the next system moving in temperatures drop a couple more degrees tomorrow. that leaves us at 73 in san jose. still staying breezy heading through the microclimate. winds out of the northwest 0 to 20. for the east bay no 80s, no 90s, we're looking good here in
6:50 pm
concord at 74 degrees. that's typically hottest. over towards oakland 69. 73 in palo alto. taly city, 66. san francisco comes in with chilly 64 along the embarcadero. look for some of the breezeiest conditions here in the north bay. winds out of the west at 21-mile-per-hour and 74 in sonoma. now let's bring you out to hurricane maria. this continues to push right towards the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. we think it's getting there late tonight through tomorrow morning. winds of 165-mile-per-hour. there is going to be quite a bit of devastation in both of those locations. then this moves near the bahamas by saturday and sunday. it does not look like a u.s. landfall. but by next monday and tuesday we could see wind gust along the atlantic seaboard up to 60-mile-per-hour. tracking that at the bing thing to notice on the extended forecast, 70s by next
6:51 pm
sunday, monday and tuesday for san francisco. in the inland valleys things warm up as well. by next monday 88. by next tuesday 90. it's not a heat wave. but it goes to show you even though fall arrives at 1:02 on friday. we may get warmer werth >> we'll take that any day of the week. >> one of the warrior chief architects get a special honor. colin resch shares the advice that bob meyer passed along to students. vista high school
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
okay. it was bob meyers day at montha vista high school. the warrior general manager and two time executive of the year. he returned to campus today with some bling. here is nbc bay area colin resch. >> reporter: how many can say their high school dedicated a day to them? better yet it was accompanied by a tee shirt in their likeness? bob meyers? he was the recipient of both today. >> tee shirt the tee shirt thing has me all screwed up too. i don't know what to make us that. >> his parents do.
6:55 pm
you see him on a tee shirt is that as weird for you as it is for him. >> i don't know that he'll ever wear it too much you outside of his house but he knows it was made he appreciates the thought. >> we want to present with you the black plaque and appreciate you come today sfl as a parent i would think this might be one of the proudest moments. >> it is. he hags accomplished a lot. >> his accomplishments would bear that outs in five and a half year as the warriors gm he helped guide the franchise to three finals appearances two of which resulted in nba championships and voted the league's top executive twice in that span. his message to the roughly 200 students who saturdays him anything is possible. >> maybe you give the students a chance to see whatever their goals are you can make it happen. >> his underlying theme how do you want to be perceived by others? >> the most important thing you have right now, the number one thing that you own right now in your life is your name.
6:56 pm
>> coming here today is not for me it's the students. this is for them. and so hopefully you know if it's one kid that kind of benefits from it or follows a path that he may not have followed that's cool to feel like you impacted someone. >> in danville, colin resch. >> big day there for sthur. for basketball, football it's a big week for football on nbc bay area. first 49ers versus the l.a. rams on thursday. coverage begins at 5:00. and the raiders go to washington for sunday night football. funny, right here on nbc bay area we have so many fun things going on. >> you don't need to leave the couch. you can just sit on your couch twach it the next several days. >> perfect. >> and the weather will be nice. >> temperatures in the 70s through friday, then we hit possibly back up to 90 next tuesday. hold on not done with the heat yet. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00 have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:57 pm
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now on "extra" -- new video of kevin hart facing the cameras today. >> why is she standing by him as new details break. who is the woman on the video and who tried to shake kevin down? bill o'reilly versus matt lauer. their explosive new tv face-off. >> don't be sarcastic. sterling k. brown flashing a six pack and a shiny new emmy on the set of "this is us." all new picks ands go yip after tv's gig night. and a.j. is in lon


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