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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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death and destruction -- felt by millions. tonight, the desperation is mounting in mexico ---as is the right now at 11:00, death and destruction felt by millions. the desperation is mounting in mexico as is the death count. the search for survivors continues after a devastating earthquake. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. there is a lot of new
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information coming in. mexico's president, matt nieto sa -- enrique pena nieto says that at least 20 children were found in an elementary school. and 200 people have been confirmed dead after the earthquake. 22 million people live in the metro area of mexico city. most of the buildings are not earthquake safe. we have team coverage beginning with nbc bay area's ian cole. >> knocking out power to 4.5 million people. and the region trying to salvage what they have left as people there and here in the bay area are searching for loved ones. rescue crews search through crumbled buildings after learning at least 20 children were found dead at a school.
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38 others are missing. at least 20 buildings collapsed. some just seconds after the shaking stopped. downtown high raises shaking back and forth. people say it smells like gas all over the city as gas lines ignited. dozens are dead tonight. this is less than two weeks after an 8.1 magnitude quake that killed at least 90 people. this earthquake was felt far away. >> translator: so much destruction in their area. >> olga lives in san jose and says there is not much left of her niece's home. tonight the husband taking this video inside. [ speaking foreign language ]. saying it's the last time he will walk through his house in mexico. >> my sister crying, was saying
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the house is falling, the house is falling. >> reporter: tonight flores is waiting to hear from other family members. >> the city looks like as if it were at war. >> reporter: she and millions more hoping tomorrow will bring answers and healing. as mexico moved into survival mode dozens of people from the bay area were lucky enough to head home. tonight they are home and recounting frightening moments. you talked to people as they arrived at sfo? >> reporter: we talked to the first passengers who made it back to the bay area, leaving behind all that death and destruction. many of them telling me they are happy to be home and alive. >> i come back. thank you, jesus. >> reporter: this woman's husband was anxious to leave the airport. he is aware of the death and
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destruction he and others left behind in mexico city. >> i opened up the window and all the planes on the runway were bouncing. >> reporter: passengers on board united flight 718 were bounced barnd the earthquake before the plane left the ground. >> we were still boarding and -- you know, and -- just suddenly the plane start shaking. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: one passenger started recording thinking there was a collision on the runway. >> a lot of things were falling. people were crying. >> reporter: the passengers got off the plane and had to wait in the airport for two hours. >> everything was closed. no food, to nothing. >> reporter: a homecoming for these passengers and an uncertain pilgrimage for others trying to get a flight back home. >> i've been working with so many co-workers, everybody, at least for me, everybody is safe which is good.
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>> reporter: as you can see, the counter is now closed. there was a flight scheduled to take off from here around 11:00 tonight. that flight has been scheduled to take off at 2:00 a.m. reporti reporting live at sfo, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a soccer match at azteca stadium was cancelled tonight. the raiders are scheduled to play in mexico city two months. plan "b" is to move that game to the oakland coliseum. the raiders tweeting out thoughts and prayers for the people of mexico city. the quake was so powerful that our seismograph recorded
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the quake. this is 32 years to the day that another powerful and deadly earthquake hit mexico. this is video of that day from 1985 in mexico city. the earthquake measured 8.1 and killed more than 10,000 people and thousands of others were also hurt. we invite you to stay with us with continuing coverage of the quake on air and online. it is the top story on our website. also facebook and twitter pages are updated 24/7. and damian trujillo is heading to mexico city and will be reporting live from the earthquake zone beginning tomorrow. while this is happening we have another natural disaster in the caribbean. hurricane maria. the category 5 storm is hours away from making landfall in puerto rico. on the right side of your screen you see video from san juan with the wind picking up. and this video into our newsroom.
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transformers in the distance blowing as the storm beginning to roll ashore. jeff ranieri is with us with more. what's the big difference between irma and maria. >> the wind field is growing in size. that's the grim reality that a lot of folks are facing right now. 165 miles an hour right at the center of the storm in the eye of the hurricane. a loescloser look shows the win going 60 miles from the center. puerto rico will begin to feel also the hurricane-force winds in a few hours. where does it head after this? it will continue over puerto rico to the north of the dominican republic on thursday. then it gets close to the bahamas on saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, the atlantic sea board would likely miss a direct hit but we could
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see winds of 60 miles an hour. we'll be watching it closely on there could be an island-wide power and communication blackout that lasts for days in puerto rico. the governor warning puerto rican to evacuate or die. some left san juan just before the airport shut down and arrived in miami late today. >> i evacuated on the royal caribbean cruise ship that picked us up and took us to san juan. i made it out just before the bad news that's coming from the hurricane maria, a category 5. >> and that hurricane is coming quickly. many people loading up on gas before the hurricane makes landfall. jeff has been tweeting updates on hurricane maria throughout the night. the twitter feed is a great source for breaking news. new at 11:00, graffiti has police stepping up patrols.
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hateful graffiti was written in permanent black marker. the rear windows were smashed while parked at canyon middle school. the remarks on the van targeted jewish and african-american communities number suspects but the sheriff's department has increased patrols around all castro valley schools. chp officers mourning the loss of one of their own, hit and killed on his way to work. he was a 12-year veteran and worked for the chp and for san jose for several years. he was riding his motorcycle to a scene in san martine when a driver in a truck veered into his lane, hitting and killing him. neither alcohol or drugs appear to be a factor in that accident. rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.
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>> strong words from president trump as he dlelivers his first address to the u.n. general assembly. from belitling kim jong-un to threatening the country, mr. trump is make his intentions widely known. >> the united states has great strength and patient. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> and at that moment it was met with a lot of gasps inside the room. president trump said he would always put america first and encourages other world leaders to put their respective countries first as well. we spoke with a stanford professor about this strategy. >> he may have wanted to scare kim jong off with the statement but i don't it will back him
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off. >> north korea's delegation walked out leaving a low-level official in the second row of the room. several organizations are banding together for a march before free speech week on the cal campus. it's planned for this saturday one day before the event kicks off. free speech week has been organized by milo ye. big trouble at a south bay restaurant. n newizations of the manager at this joy poechipotle. and the troubled millennium tower. city leaders are anxious to hear from one man. changes in the weather wednesday. we are tracking the possibility of rain.
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my forecast is at 11:20 tonight. the feds are stepping in on
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behalf of a former south bay chipotle emoy new at 11:00 tonight, the feds are stepping in on behalf of a former south bay chipotle employee who says he was sexually harassed by a female manager. this happened at the chipotle on north capital avenue in san jose. the former manager at that store repeatedly groped a 22-year-old employee and made sexual comments. the complaint says that she posted a sex board in her office. after the man complained, he was locked in a walk in freezer and the harassment continued. >> pretty sexually charged work environment. and you know, no one should have to work in an environment like that. >> this is the second lawsuit
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involving sexual harassment at the same location. the company is not commenting but says it took appropriate action when it received the reports of harassment. a sheriff's deputy is fired for leaving the gun in the trunk of a rental car that was stolen over the weekend. this is the second time in two weeks that a member of law enforcement had a weapon stolen after a car break in. last week, another weapon was stolen from a san francisco police officer was used in a murder. a teenaged boy is likely to be expelled from school. he was caught with a handgun on campus. it happened this morning in richmond. police took the 16-year-old boy into custody after confiscating the gun. it didn't go off and there were no injuries. why the boy brought the gun to school is being investigated. the school has a zero tolerance policy for guns on campus.
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and the back and forth continues the day the beach was ordered to be opened to the public. members of the state assembly created a bill which creates a fund to buy the land and claim it under the power of eminent domain. the governor would have until mid october to sign the bill. feel the bern. bernie sanders will be in san francisco on friday. the vermont senator will be at a nurse's convention to promote his health care plans called medicare for all. it offers federally run insurance. the designer of the millennium tower has been subpoenaed to testify. >> here's investigative reporter --
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>> reporter: the engineer of record on the project has a lot of questions to answer. >> reporter: the city supervisor is talk about derek ruda of desimone. the towers have sunk some 17 inches and for his letter vouching for the building after the city learned about the sinking problem back in 2009. >> hopefully he has answers that here to for no one has been able to answer. >> reporter: the designer has not commented publicly to date and had no comment tuesday. homeowners suing the development just suffered a setback. the judge dismissed nearly all the allegations as too vague but
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said they could amend their claims to be more specific. the homeowners lawyer downplayed the judge's ruling. the court has asked for clarification on certain claims and the homeowners association will provide the requested clarifications promptly. but a lawyer who is monitoring the case says the ruling could be a far more difficult legal hurdle. >> given what's in the order i have my doubts but other attorneys may have a different take on it. i do know that the order threw out the bulk of the complain. >> dotson welcomes the questioning of the engineer. >> he is a person who should be called in and held accountable. nbc bay area news. the engineer is expected to appear before a committee as soon as next month. if you have a tip for our
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investigative unit, give us a call. or you can send us an e-mail. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have changing weather. it's cooling off. we thought fall was here and it's going to be summer again. >> up and down temperatures the next couple days. tomorrow morning the possibility of a few showers. and we have a lot here. i wanted to give you this bird's eye perspective. over the next seven days there will be a lot of ups and downs. tomorrow we're looking at a trough of low pressure to move through that brings a chance of isolated showers. a second trough will bring a reinforcing shot of cool air and morning lows on friday down into the 40s. hold on here, just giving you this look ahead here, next tuesday, possibly more heat and 90s returning inland. we'll get another look in the seven-day forecast but i want to head back into the chance for
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showers tomorrow. 99% of the rainfall is going to stay to the north. the biggest change for us on wednesday morning will be the increased cloud cover throughout the bay. marin and napa with a stray shower and drizzle in the south bay peninsula. on the microclimate forecast, tomorrow morning, a slight chance for the south bay and 60 degrees. and we're looking overcast in the tri-valley. san francisco a few drops and 57. i want to take you back to the futurecast. it's not so simple. as we advance this through the afternoon hours we'll have a hard time getting rid of the cloud cover. it will be more of a partly sunny sky and we may hold on to a slight possibility of a stray shower in the south bay and santa cruz mountains. we'll have the doppler radar fired up and you can track more on our app. just check it out.
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it's a super cool resource. the temperatures will be cooler. in the south bay, 73 in san jose and breezy. winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 tomorrow. in the east bay, 74 in concord. in oakland, a cool 69 degrees. as you head up to the northern peninsula we are dropping down to 66 in daly city. san francisco as cool as 63 in the outer sunset. and the gustiest location, winds at 21 miles an hour and topping out at 74 in sonoma. on the extended forecast, san francisco with 60s through saturday and it warms up sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures in the mid- to upper-70s. for the inland valleys down to 73 on thursday. fall begins on friday. and then watch this. we warm back up as we head into early next week like we talked about, monday, 88 and by
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tuesday, 90 degrees. now behafore i send it back to u guys tonight. if you are headed to the sierra on thursday, interstate 80 there is a possibility of snowfall. a little bit. a dusting. so thursday. >> this really? >> be ready for that. >> here we come with winter before we get to fall. up next, the unusual problem that firefighters on the peninsula faced. what made it so difficult to knock down these flames. and we have jimmy. >> kevin james is here. we're having a frat fall competition. and a lip sync conversation with demi lovato. the search continues for survivors in mexico city and will continue through the night. they've updated the death toll. 226 people have died.
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we'll be tweeting updates and new video. and on our home page, a third man has been taken into custody in london after the subway terror attack. none of them have been identified. we're back in a minute. morning drive. kari and i )ll keep "tracking hurricane maria" overnight. see some of the first images from puerto rico - as the monster storm slams the u.s. territory. marcus/gfx join us tomorrow for )today in the bay ) - starting at 4:30. well well well, what have we here?
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the body of "kathy miramontes", was du i new technology could help crack a cold case that dates back to 1928. the body of a woman was dumped in the fremont district. police say dna testing has given them new evidence to work with. and new interviews indicate the death could be tied to the sale
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or use of drugs. lots of stuff. that's what firefighters say made this job so difficult. this was a look from our sky ranger. you can see the home on fleetwood drive packed with various items. some might call it junk which made it nearly impossible to access this home when it caught on fire. the person who lives there says he was out shopping when the fire ignited. new legislation to pump the brakes on car burglaries in san francisco. the board of supervisors to remove rental stickers and bar codes from rental cars, making them less of a target. more than 20,000 burglaries between january and june. one of the strangest plays we've ever seen in baseball and it will make you smile. we think. stay with us. oh, you brought butch.
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to the ballpark, you )re bound o see something new. they say that every time you go to the ballpark you are bound to see something new. >> that's true. and tonight we saw something new. the giants and rockies. here's the play of the night. hunter pence with a two-run
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homer. but watch carefully. that's johnny cuedo. everyone is smiling. might be some sort of record. drama in the bottom of the ninth. pence the hero again. a bases loaded sacrifice fly. not the most exciting game winner but it's a game winner. they still rush the field at a slow jog. the giants beat the rockies, 4-3. one of the most talked about players right now is matt olson. he has hit a home run in five straight game and the first rookie to hit 15 home runs in a 21-game span. >> impressive. >> jed lowrie hits a grand slam. the a's come back to beat the tigers, 9-8. a big week for football. the 49ers hosting the l.a. rams on thursday. and the raiders heading to
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washington for sunday night football. >> two big games. >> we're back what is happening in mexico city. before we go tonight, we want to
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give you a final update of what )s happening in mexico city.. we just recieved new viof before we go we want to update you on what is happening in mexico city. this is a frantic rescue effort at a school that collapsed this afternoon in that 7.1 magnitude earthquake. this is what we know. at least 20 children did die when the building came down. 226 people are confirmed dead at this point. you can see there, the rescue, the frantic rescue trying to get the children out. we are updating our social media platform around the clock. and damian trujillo is on his way to mexico and he'll have more for us tomorrow. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests, kevin james, ilana glazer, musical guest


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