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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 21, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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here on nbc bay area, the coverage kicks off at 5:00, but right now a lot going on including the looking for survivors in mexico. >> the death toll is 273 people in mexico, more than 2,000 people were hurt in tuesday's powerful 7.1 earthquake. so far 50 people have been rescued in mexico city alone. there are discussions this evening about bringing in heavy machinery for some more rescues. but the concern as you can imagine is that it would bring down buildings where people are still alive. >> it's a very delicate process. our own damion trujillo has more. how is it looking, damion? >> reporter: well, janelle, there was good news today as rescue crews saved the life of a little girl who was here in the last couple of days in mexico city. but there was no shortage of other trapped victims across town as desperation grows, the
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searches continue. in the community here, rescue crews worked hard in the ruins of a single building. the sound of sledge hammers and trucks often give way to silence. a fist in the air signalizing the need to be quiet, so rescue crews can potentially hear the words of a victim, or a trapped voice. >> we have the tools to go through credit. >> reporter: countless volunteers are bringing their own shovels, trying to help in any way they can. >> the rescue crews have been here for the last couple of days. this was once a five-story apartment complex. and right now it's been reduced to rubble. at the enrique school where teachers and children were trapped some good news today. volunteer coordinate says they rescued a little girl this morning. your reaction, the fact that you saved somebody today. >> yeah, it was awesome to save a life of a child today.
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>> reporter: a moment of victory that keeps hope alive. and in this city of 22 million, an army of volunteers continues its fight to find more survivors. the rest of mexico city seems to be returning to normal. this is main street. that is the angel of independence, behind me, this is a bustling city once again, visitors are here, conferences going on, and just close by, buildings were collapsed or condemned. >> trying to get back to normal, thank you, damion. this is a still image of one of those trouble spots in mexico city. the lower floor of the building gave way at a pancake, that is what happens in an earthquake with so-called soft story buildings. the city of mexico requires retrofits for these kind of buildings, but this area does not.
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one council woman is working to fix it. >> reporter: and the council member says this is something he has been working on for a while. and certainly the earthquake in mexico brings it into focus. having an ordinance that targets those buildings that may be more susceptible to damage in a big earthquake. the earthquake left a path of destruction. the marina district, perhaps one of the most glaring examples of soft story buildings unable to withstand an earthquake. san francisco has an ordinance regarding such buildings. >> san francisco has an ordinan ordinance issue. >> reporter: he says there are a number of jurisdictions that compiled and studied the issue but admits it comes with big challenges. >> i have been working on it for years now. >> reporter: this councilman has
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been working on the area and trying to get them retro fitted. >> it is tens of thousands of units, really, if we care about protecting our renters, it's not just about making sure we don't die in an earthquake and also the most important thing but also reducing the risk of displacement. >> reporter: he says they're working on the facilities and there should be an address to the cause. >> where are they going to live temporarily? where will they go, 10,000s of people, what will they do? it will be our katrina. and so we can't afford that. >> reporter: and he points out that there are grants available to help subsidize at least a portion of the cost. again, he hopes to bring this forward sometime early next year. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you, christie, on the heels of the earthquake in mexico, california lawmakers are
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looking to forecast the next big one here. what they want is a so-called rupture earthquake study. they need about $4,000 for the study. it looks into where the next earthquake could hit. the last to him california conducted such study was back in 2014. >> some developing political news. late this afternoon, north korea's leader, kim jong-un, firing back at president trump. this is a war of the words that is playing out across two continents. president trump today sitting with the leaders of south korea and japan announces an executive order that cuts off any country that gets goods or labor from north korea. what makes these sanctions even more severe, that china is on board. chi china is north korea's largest trading partner. >> it is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal rogue regime. >> reporter: mr. trump added
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china's agreement to the sanctions was unexpected after he spent months calling for the country to help pressure its colossal lose ally. now here is kim jong-un's response, saying that president trump will pay dearly, saying he will destroy him. saying i will definitely tame the deranged u.s. daughter with fire power. hurricane maria, ripping roofs off buildings, the wind and heavy rain bringsing down power lines. the power remains out for the entire island. many people won't get their electricity back for at least six months. >> at this moment there are people being rescued from their roofs. people being rescued from
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floods. >> flash flood warnings remain in effect. rescue operations are under way. so far one death is reported in puerto rico. but hurricane maria's total death toll is 17 people across the other islands. >> accusations of sex and booze, now legal troubles for a san francisco finance company. the ceo of a company called sofi quickly resigned last week after questionable business practices and out of control sexual behavior. a lawsuit now filed, nbc bay area's robert honda spoke with a former employee. robert she described it like a frat culture there. >> reporter: well, that is right, we met with that former employee at her attorney's home here in san francisco. she did seem nervous talking so publicly about the lawsuit she filed today against sofi, but also determined to speak up for herself as she put it and other women in a similar work situation.
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julie zamorra saw a light as an underwriter at sofi finance, the start-up grew to $4 billion finance company, under mike cagney, but she said he created an out of control working environment, from her supervisor. >> just the things that he told me really surprised me and blew me out of the water that he said those things to me. >> reporter: such as? >> the fact he was at a party with me was because he wanted to do sexy things with me. >> reporter: would you say it was happening with other employees? >> i know for a fact it was happening with other employees. >> reporter: he represents another employee, a male office manager who expressed concern about sexual harassment incident. >> normally they would come and say thank you, for lets us know it. instead they fired my charles, they're not concerned about fixing the problem, they want to
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hide it. >> perhaps speaking out will help other people also speak out about their experiences. >> reporter: now in a statement, sofi told us it can't comment about specific allegations but did say it takes sexual harassment seriouslily and is committed to creating a culture where employees thrive. we can't reach mr. cagney, but he has denied there was any inappropriate behavior. thanks, robert, from san francisco's most iconic attraction, they are seeing a spike in crimes, some against tourists, such as places like union square and fishermen's wharf, car break-ins are up, and in many cases the targets are tourists and the rental cars they're driving. norman yee is designating a specific unit to focus solely on
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property crime and make it less of a target for criminals. >> more recently when i filed this new data, i said this is ridiculous. we have to do something about it. we can't just sit here and do nothing. >> reporter: the new data shows there were 3,000 more car break-ins in san francisco than the first several months of this year, compared to last year. the legislation will be up for a vote in the next few weeks. okay, a big night for the 49ers. thursday night football. they host the rams tonight. you can see some of the players going through their pre-game drills. this is a live look right now inside levi stadium. the 49ers looking for their first win of the season, we'll have more on the pre-game and preview. but also it means it's a big night for traffic in the south bay and down the peninsula, this is a live look at the 101 off ramp near the great america parkway. so far traffic looking smooth. of course that 101 corridor from
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palo alto into san jose will be a bit sluggish. kickoff at 5:30. you can watch the game here, coverage beginning after the news cast. you can join us for a special edition of nbc bay area news in prime time after the game at 8:30 p.m. > rosh hashanah getting off to a difficult start, what some are doing turning an ugly act into something beautiful. plus, 3,000 russian-linked ads during the election season, what ceo mark suckzuckerberg is going to do with it. and currently 70 degrees, how many, we'll talk more about the forecast and more changes coming this way and even sierra snow. that is in about 15 minutes. out of mexico city.
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volunteers continue to sift we continue to follow the latest developments out of mexico city, volunteers continue to sift through rubble of collapsed structures looking for any survivors who still may be trapped since tuesday's earthquake. it really is an all hands on deck operation at these sites, not just search and rescue teams doing all the work. david trujillo is back, caught up with some of the volunteers earlier today. >> reporter: volunteers are forming a human chain, transporting some of the necessities, some of the goods from this location to other areas in mexico city where these goods are needed. there is medicine and water, it's an all-volunteer effort. and we have been live streaming the search and rescue efforts this afternoon. you can watch it for updates in mexico on our website. and take a look, fighting hate with messages of love. somebody spray-painted some
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hateful messages in a jewish temple. you can see on the right, they covered it up and encouraged people to write positive messages instead. this is happening on a holy day for jews, rosh hashanah. a very holy day. this is something terrible to be happening on this day. >> reporter: that is right, this is a special time for the jewish community as they celebrate one of their most important holidays. but it got off to a troubling start for the families who worship here. it's the time of renewal for the jewish community. but as members of oakland's temple sinai gather this morning to celebrate the jewish new year, rosh hashanah, they were greeted by words of hate painted on the side of their synagogue. temple members immediately
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covered the grandfathffiti with and people wrote messages of peace over the hate messages. >> love trumps hate, you know, we need to work as a community and love everybody. >> because this rises to a hate crime this is a felony, very serious. >> reporter: oakland police are looking through nearby surveillance video hoping to find clues. last month, another synagogue, temple israel was hit by vandals who threw rocks and shattered windows, later, there were hateful fliers on the sidewalk. >> it has become permissible. >> reporter: city crews painted over the hateful message this afternoon. but the hurt has not washed away. as the traditional blowing of the rams horn signalled repenting, temple members hope whoever is behind the vandalism will heed the call. >> the message of who is responsible is hurtful. >> reporter: the oakland mayor
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came by here this morning to show her support, both the city and the police department are saying they stand with the community against hate. a $2500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. and on the last full day of summer, take a look at 80 today, no change just yet, ski welcoming the colder weather, nice dusting, not enough to open the slopes yet. snow also fell in parts of yosemite, the park's high sierra webcam. they had to close the road for a while because of snowfall. >> and janelle may be the best skier in the nbc bay area news. she is just excited about the snow story. >> i want to see clips next time you go. >> cliffs?
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>> no clips. >> oh, i thought you meant me going off the cliffs. >> and on janelle, as she swishes down -- >> rolls down. >> they're looking at possibly seven inches at 7,000 feet and above. so -- >> and it's not even fall yet particularly. >> we're going to get there. and hopefully a sign of things to come. we're looking at potentially a la nina patternabbuilding in, s pattern could show us snowfall. a new cumulus clouds, otherwise beautiful for the big game on nbc bay area tonight. starting at 5:00, connekickoff 5:30, temperatures at 60 degrees so bring that jacket. any kind of showers have long left us, but again we're focusing on the sierra snow today where they actually got a little thunder snow happening from snow showers earlier.
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nothing in the way of lightning strikes right now, mainly we're seeing showers, mainly close to 7 inches, above 7,000 feet through tonight. snow level at 5500 feet, so be prepared for the slick conditions, we'll see a slight chance continuing in through friday as well. in terms of what is causing all the cold air, the trough of low pressure sitting across the west, i think it will be here for one more day, that means cold 40s for parts of the bay area tomorrow. also mild temperatures, get ready, hotter weather on the way and possibly some 90s on that extended forecast. so as we take you into tomorrow morning not everybody is going to start off in the 40s. for most of the day, south bay peninsula will be in the 50s. coldest location in the north bay, san francisco starts off 55, with a mix of sun and clouds. heading through the forecast tomorrow, temperatures warming up a couple of degrees, 3-7
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throughout the bay, nice in downtown san jose, 73, less windy throughout the east bay, 70 in concord, over towards hayward, 70 degrees, 70 in redwood city, and 65 in daly city, cooler on the northern side as we get the ocean breeze in place. embarcadero, 75, and on the extended forecast fall begins tomorrow at 1 1:02 p.m., saturd, sunday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, not a heat wave but we will get up to low 90s as we head into next week. i really think temperatures will be dropping off once we hit next friday's forecast. so eventually cooling down, no hundreds at this point, that is making everybody happy. >> you going to wax up your skis? >> not quite yet, summer not ready to go yet. >> and we talk about skiing and football, colin rush is here at
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the stadium. >> reporter: hey, guys, kickoff between the niners and rams about a half hour away. still pretty good seats. coming up, if you are a bargain shopper. (ad lib)
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the 49ers are at home tonight you can watch the big game right here on nbc bay area, niners and rams. >> thursday night football and there are plenty of good seats available. >> for cheap. >> let's bring in nbc's colin rush, at the stadium. hopefully everybody rushes this game, but we're not too hopeful about that. >> reporter: no, obviously they're still out tailgating right now. look at this. i'm on stub hub right now. but this is a $34 ticket. you want to pan up for me. these seats in section 419, 17th row, $34, if you guys are at home and want to come to the game you can get tickets right now. come on down, niners, rams, this should be a good one, the rams,
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favored win this thing, kyle shanahan looking for first win as a head coach. niners hope third time is the charm, players going in before they come out after the opening kick off. we'll be right back with reactions, live, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> we're looking for the love from the fans. >> and we'll tell you more after the break. investigation.
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==vo== two weeks after the menlo park company revealed it had 3-thousand ads -- created by fake accs a new move by first base today in the russian hacking allegations. they created fake accounts link to russia, ceo mark zuckerberg says he will now release the ads to congress. he says they are now actively working with the u.s. government. >> so today i want to share the steps that we're taking to protect election integrity and make sure that facebook is a force for good and democracy, and while the amount of problematic content that we
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found so far remains relatively small, any attempted interference is a serious issue. >> zuckerberg hinted the company may not be able to provide much information publicly saying this is a continuing federal investigation and it may limit what he can share. okay, we'll show you the changes in the forecast for the weekend next. did you know when you buy
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are you ready for thursday night football? a live look at levi stadium, the 49ers and rams ready to take the field right here on nbc bay area. the coverage begins just in a few seconds from now then join us for a special prime time edition on nbc bay area right after the game. >> and good thing it's not too hot. perfect night for the game. >> yeah, it's beautiful out there. with the forecast currently 68 out at levi stadium, and temperatures continuing through 68 at the game, temperatures warm up to mid-80s up to 92 by next weapons. i think by next friday we'll
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eventually see things cool down. >> okay, that is it, we're ready for football, sending you out live to levi stadium in santa clara. >> see you after the game. . >> you are looking live from san francisco, california, just up the road from where we're going to watch the rams and 49ers kick off week three on nfl network. . ♪ this is how legends are made. ♪ ♪ this is how legends are ma made ♪ ♪ this is how legends are made >>el


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