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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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they are providing all of the resources available of the federal government, to help us in this endeavor. and you have the clark county chairman. he has been instrumental and getting us information from the first responders. as we hit 9:00 east coast time on this monday morning, we want to welcome some viewers who may be just joining this special edition of "today" show on this monday morning, where we are covering the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history, in las vegas, nevada, 10:00 or so, local time there. 50 -- more than 50 people have been killed by a shooter in a hotel room, 32 stories above a music concert taking place. we've been listening to joseph lombardo, the clark county sheriff over the district of las vegas, nevada. >> -- other than distraught person, intending to cause mass
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casualty. before we label with that, it will be a matter of process. >> have you found any information at this point to give insight on to what that motive was? >> we have not. we have not located items in that room or in his house at this point. >> were there verbal -- >> yes, ma'am. it was a matter of normal practice. when we use a dynamic entry. >> was there anything else in the hotel room that made you think, aside from the number of weapons, that made you think he had been there for a while? >> no. we have information, he's been there since the 28th of september. so, i have no idea, whether he prevented the housekeepers from entering the room or not. that's a matter of continued investigation. thank you very much. we'll provide you an update probably in the next two hours. thank you. >> that was sheriff joe lomba o
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lombardo, updating the media with their information. this is the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 50 people lost their lives last night at this concert. more than 400 transported to hospitals in the area. we're learning more. the suspect, stephen paddock, had been in the hotel since saturday, september 28th. we had been reporting about the woman, earlier in the day, called a person of interest. former roommate or companion, marilou danley. she has been found, apparently out of the country. and the sheriff believes they do not believe she had anything to do with this. that closes that piece of information at the moment. >> another thing that joe lombardo just said that jumped out at me. there were ten rifles in that room. we talked about the fact it could be easier with a suitcase or a duffel bag or a golf bag. ten rifles?
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>> sounds like multiple bags, right? maybe looking to see if there's an accomplice. this is early in the investigation. there will be a lot more to come, in terms of trying to fold out what this guy was doing prior to this incident. ten rifles is an awful lot. it will stop him from having to reload. he may be reaching down, picking up another weapon. >> as we listen to sheriff lombardo. another thing jumped out at me. he's composed and professional. and law enforcement lives were lost. an off-duty officer was killed going to the concert. take me forward in the next hours and days. where do the responsibilities in this investigation, separate between the fbi, which he mentioned, and the sheriff's department and local police? >> you saw the scene of the collaboration. it is in las vegas. he is the principal law enforcement office. fbi is there to assist.
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attorney general to assist on the investigation. but absent is a declared act of terrorism that would bring in the fbi. he will be the lead entity. his demeanor, compliments to joe. calm, reassuring, informative. this is the late northwest a series of press events he's doing. he's keeping a lot in. had officers injured, lost. the trauma of this, all credit to him, for -- he's dealing with a lot. at this juncture. >> i want to correct something he said. he said the suspect checked in on the 28th of september. that would be last thursday. five days ago. not on saturday, which is what i had said. another thing, as we go to steve patterson. it sounded like the sheriff was saying they are still trying to help people evacuate the scene. this was eight hours ago. and people are hiding, not sure,
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if it's safe to come out. >> reporter: eight hours ago. we're at the scene where we've been solid seeing police activity all throughout the night. obviously, you see it now. police have broken down largely this scene. we continue to see victims come through here. they've been released to their hotels in this area, after police had a clampdown and kept most of the properties on lockdown. in doing that, we have been talking to some of the people, who describe a bloodbath app that concert. and there's awful stories of survival. this morning, las vegas is on lockdown after a gunman opened fire at a popular outdoor country music festival. ♪ it happened just moments after country music superstar jason aldean took the stage, at the route 91 harvest music festival. machine gunfire, possibly from
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an automatic weapon, erupting into a crowd of fans. ♪ [ gunfire ] >> reporter: at first, concertgoers thought it was a firework show. but when the gunfire kept going in the crowd, confusion turned to panic. concertgoers running for their lives. others running for cover. the bullets raining down for more than an hour. >> they cut the music. someone said drop. and everyone dropped. and everyone got up and they said run. and everyone started to stamp e stampeding and charging. we tried to run this way. and the same thing happened. and we hid in a bush for like an hour. >> reporter: police s.w.a.t. teams tracked the shooter to the mandalay bejo tell. >> we are in fight of the
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suspect's room. we need to pop and see if we get any response from this guy. to see if he's in here or if he moved somewhere else. >> all units on the 32nd floor, s.w.a.t. has explosive breach. everybody move back. >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: law enforcement forces tell nbc news, the gunman has been identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock. >> we're confident but not 100% sure we have located the female person of interest. so, i want the people to feel confident and calm in that aspect. >> reporter: again, victims coming out of there, describing a terrible scene. blood everywhere. one victim said she had to use bodies as cover. had to play dead. another woman hid in a bush for upwards of an hour, terrified of what was going on outside.
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these stories continued to come out, as police lift the scene, as they go into, now, the investigation phase in this horrific shooting. back to you. >> steve patterson at the scene for us. thank you, steve. >> all right. let's go to pete williams, our justice correspondent, with more information. pete? >> well, a couple of important points to note. first of all, the sheriff did resolve this whole issue, at least for the moment, of the woman, marilou danley. earlier this morning, as a matter of fact, i believe in the first news conference that the sheriff had after the shooting, he asked for the public help in finding her. we know she was living with stephen paddock in mesquite, neva nevada. they put this picture out. but now, saying she was not in the country. they saw them together in the hotel before the shooting. clearly, that's not the case. at least it wasn't the case in the few days leading up to the shooting. he also said he may -- paddock
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may have used her i.d. in checking in to the hotel. so, that's something that we're going to have to nail down, too. in any event, at the time of the shooting, she was outside the country. and they believe she was not involved in the shooting. clearly, they want to talk to her to see what she knew about stephen paddock and what was going on in his mind leading up. secondly, while they are going through the hotel room very carefully now, checking the providence of the weapons, when and where did he obtain them, the sheriff did resolve the question about how paddock died. the sheriff said he shot himself. stephen paddock had bought some handguns. he had handguns with him. that's possibly how he ended his life, in addition to the ten
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rifles that were with him in the room. just now undergoing the search of mesquite. we were understanding that search was under way. and the police were at the house quickly after the shooting. they didn't enter it until they got the search warrant. once they got the warrant, they began the process of putting in robots to make sure there's no explosives or boobie traps in the house. it would not be the first time a person commits a mass crime, with a pretty good idea they're not going to make it home and leaves an explosive in the house. they're going to go through the house carefully to see if there's anything there. and they can get into the house and search through whatever may be in the house that would shed some light on this. but the sheriff did say there was nothing in the room and nothing in the cars they have found to indicate why he did this. >> what's interesting, too, pete. the sheriff said in that news
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conference, paddock checked into the hotel on the 28th, last thursday. this is a three-day festival. he would have had that vantage point the last few nights to check it out and see how he might mount his attack. now, we know he chose to do so on the final night, when the headliner, jason aldean, was playing. >> if that's what he did. we still don't know if he intended to shoot that location when he checked into the hotel. it would seem likely, when he checked into the hotel, he was going to do this mass shooting, because he had so much firepower with him. >> he could have made several trips in and out of that room. he didn't have to bring ten weapons in at one time. we heard from his brother, familiar with las vegas. he liked to go there. he liked to gamble. he liked to see the shows. he was familiar with the city. as you say, savannah, looking
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down for four or five days, he is familiar with that venue, as well. miguel almaguer is at university medical center, where many of the wounded are being operated on and treated. what can you tell us? >> reporter: matt, at least 104 people have been brought to this university medical center. it's the only level i trauma center. and at this hour, several are literally on the operating tables, as doctors across this region have on verged here, trying to save lives. family and friends have slowly started to trickle their way here. no more victims have been brought here over the last couple hours. it appears that everyone that needs help, is getting help. there's been over 400 victims. 104 of them at the university medal center. again, 12 people we are told on the operating tables at this hour. it's a fluid situation for those fighting for their lives, matt. >> miguel, thanks. and the nature of those injuries
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must be horrific. you describe the firepower this man had. you said something interesting, shawn. you said, there's a big difference between finding shelter and finding cover. >> you call concealment and cover. cover is something that will protect you from a round. concealment is not. one of the guests earlier talked about hiding behind a tent or people going into port-a-pot port-a-potties. they might conceal you from a shooter that is looking for you. but when it's indiscriminate fire, they're going to give you concealment, not protect you. those trying to get behind vehicles or concrete barriers, they might be safer. but the high-velocity rounds are made to penetrate and cause as much damage as possible. >> we're back with one witness' dramatic account of what he saw at that concert. first, on this monday morning, these messages.
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we're continuing to cover the worst shooting in u.s. history. 50 people have lost their lives. more than 200 injured. some 400 people transported to hospitals. these are some of the images we're seeing. some 22,000 people packed into on outdoor concert plaza. a gunman opened fire and unleashed unspeakable coarnage n the people below. one of the people there was buzz braina brainard. he is a sirius/xm host. and we asked him what he saw. >> we were on stage for the entire festival. we had just left. jason aldean was performing. we're in the artist tent area right offstage. and nobody knew what it was. it was the last day of a three-day festival. the last act. we thought maybe it was
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fireworks. it took a couple of rounds for anybody to really do anything. then, we heard a rumor it was possibly some power lines. everybody moved out of the tent. by the time we realized it was gunshots, it was -- we were pretty much -- everybody hiding under the tour buses, the artist tour buses, backstage. we were there for a while. and you heard the rounds going. there would be a pause and start again. i don't know if it was law enforcement or civilians, but someone tried to move everyone out. everyone in the backstage area. we had run across the actual stage of route 91 and joined the mass exodus of all of the concertgoers. it was just chaos. you know, people on the ground. some, you can see some were injured. some were just getting trampled. people were running as fast and as far away as they could, as quickly as they could. >> buzz, can you estimate how long, from when you first heard
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the noise -- i know you didn't know they were gunshots right then and there. until the gunfire stopped, about how long that went on? how long this shooting was going on? >> well, it's so hard to tell. we felt it was maybe five minutes or so. we ran and you start to think, where are safe places? everybody disburred. we had a large crew. some of us separated. everybody ended up at a different hotel. and it seemed like it calmed down. i'm at the tropicana now. and they have us at the convention center on lockdown. we were all staying at the mandalay pabay. we're not going back there anytime soon. >> take me to the venue. you were on stage for much of the festival. what's the viewing area size
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here? are we talking 100 yards by 100 yards? something bigger? smaller? were you able to see where most of the victims were? were they close to the stage? were they in the backside? i know mandalay bay is to the right of the concert stage. do you have any information about that? >> here's what's bizarre. our rooms were in mandalay bay. my room was on the 23rd floor. we didn't realize the shots were coming from there. but i had, on a couple of occasions, looked down from my room and could see the entire festival grounds. where my room was situated, close to where the shots were coming from, you could see everything. you could see where all of the patrons were. basically, a parking lot that was set up with a stage and a few tents and a bunch of country music fans. >> buzz, do you have any idea
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how many people were at that concert as jason aldean was performing? >> i was talking to my co-workers. we were on that stage. with jason aldean. you couldn't see the end of the sea of people from that stage. just thousands and thousands of people. you couldn't see the end of the crowd. >> buzz, thank you very much for your information. we're glad you're safe. >> thank you. thank you. >> our conversation a little earlier with an eyewitness. >> he was just saying that place was packed. we know 22,000 people were watching that concert when the shooter opened fire. peter alexander is at the white house, where the president is being updated on this investigation. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, that's exactly right. the president being updated, first, by his chief of staff, general john kelly, early this morning. updates continue throughout the day. we've heard from the white house
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press secretary. it is expected the president will deliver public remarks, some time over the course of this morning. no time or where in the white house those remarks will be delivered from. we expect to hear from president trump early this morning. in the wake of the shooting, only a matter of miles from here, in alexandria, virginia, where steve scalise was shot. he said that americans are strongest when they come together for the common good. and we heard from him this morning. warmest condolences and sympathies. mike pence, also praising the first spobder responders. spending his condolences to the victims, as well. recognized for this president, this is the worst mass shooting in american history. but this is a president who has only been tested in moments like this, a few times.
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he's spoken after charlottesville. spoke after the shooting in alexandria, virginia. all eyes will be on president trump to heal today, begin the healing process, given the tragedy that's taken place. during the course of the campaign, after one of the shootings that took place in 2015, in oregon, the president said, he didn't expect he would be able to halt all of the shootings. he said, there were millions and millions, in his words, sick people out there. and now, the president is staring at one of the mass shootings, from a different vantage point, inside this white house. matt and savannah? >> peter, thank you so much. we are joined by tom brokaw and shawn henry, a special fbi agent. we are trying to get our heads around what happened here. tom, you mentioned, all the time at the "today" show, you coughed one mass shooting. unfortunately, it's become a way of life.
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>> that was in egypt, when president sadat was shot. i think some obvious things we need to know more about. what kind of weapons did he have? where did he get them? when we listened to the rounds being fired, it was on full auto. that's supposed to be an illegal weapon for a civilian. that's going to be an important part of this postshooting discussion we have to have in this country, what's available. the last 20 years or so, the enormous amount of weapons that are available to people, for whatever reason, they can walk into the store, get a quick check and can buy something, that's a modified weapon. that's a discussion we have to have. and where are we at this stage in our lives in this civilized country that we're accustomed to hear about mass shootings. whether it's columbine or sandy hook.
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there's been many more shootings in these mass shootings than the terrorist attacks. >> that's such a valid point, tom. we put a graphic up of some of the other mass shootings. the most horrific mass shootings in this country. and you look at that graphic, orlando, that was 49 people. and it shouldn't be that way. we should -- these things should be seared in our minds. they should be numbers intolerable to everyone. mass shooting is defined as four people. and those happen almost every day in this country. >> they do happen every day, as a matter of fact, matt. you look at the number of people who are wounded in gun shooting accidents or killed in accidental shooting, five or six every day, going on like that across the country. we need to have that debate. i speak as a sportsman who has guns.
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i spent time in the west. i grew up in south dakota. the first thing i got when i was 12 years old, was a rifle. but there was not this mayhem going on at that time. everybody knew and had a course to learn how to shoot safely. went out with your father. now, it's explode aid cross the country, we're not always stunned when we hear there's been another mass shooting. >> tom costello has been looking into this. it's difficult for security to prevent, when you're talking about somebody that goes into a hotel and shoots from above. how do you prevent something like that? >> listen. we seem to ask this question after every one of the mass shootings. we talk to security professionals and top law enforcement professionals in the country. everything is a soft target. the soft target can be a
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shopping mall, the theater in auro aurora, colorado. more soft targets. unless you want to live in an armed camp,on this monday morni in a moment - we will return to national coverage of the deadliest mass shooting in u-s welcome to "today in the bay." in a moment, we will return to the national coverage of the massive deadly shooting in las vegas. >> it happened at a music festival on the vegas ship. the san jose shark plays a game there last night. they tweeted they left las vegas following that game. a family member of the nbc bay area employee is in las vegas. meredith rich was staying on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. that is the same floor of the same hotel where the suspect carried out the carnage. she heard rapid gunfire and soon after, police went room-to-room, including hers. >> after a while, there was a
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lot more commotion and a lot of yelling in the hallway. i quickly heard that it was police and they were saying they were going to force entry and be prepared to show your hands. so, i emerged from the bathroom and i was standing there with my hands up. they quickly told me to drop to the floor, which i did. i looked up and there were 20 guns pointed at me. i was terrified, by myself in a hotel room, not knowing what was going on, just hearing chaos. >> rich was there for a convention. she says other workers used a work group chat to tell people to stay in their rooms. let's take a moment to tell you about the local weather and traffic as well this morning. >> mike joins us shortly. first, we want to head over to kari. >> we are starting out with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. mostly clear skies as you get
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ready to head out the door. grab a jacket. it's 60 degrees in the peninsula and mostly 60s for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay with a mostly clear start. we are heading into the upper 70s and low 80s today, up to 81 degrees in morgan hill. for the east bay, looking at mostly low 80s. for the inner bay, oakland, 77 degrees and 75 in fremont. for the peninsula, redwood city, a high of 77 degrees and daily city, a high of 65 degrees. san francisco will reach into the upper 60s for the most part. the mission district will be warmer, up to 70 degrees today. the north bay, in the lower 80s by this afternoon. santa rosa, expect a high of 82 degrees. it's going to be windy today with low humidity, sustained winds at 10-25 miles an hour. there could be higher gusts, all of these areas shaded in red, that's where we will have the highest fire danger for the inland hills.
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so, no outdoor burning is recommended. the next several days, the temperatures reaching into the upper 60s in san francisco and then the 70s for the end of the week. look at friday, that's the warmest day, up to 75 degrees. while the inland valleys will continue to heat up as we go toward the weekend. mike is now tracking a crash on the san mateo bridge. >> on the incline of the commute. that's why you see all these brake lights up to mid, way up there. it sounds like one lane is blocked. the bridge crew may have arrived and have to block more lanes as they take care of things. we'll update things on twitter throughout the map. we are following this slower drive across san mateo bridge. dumbarton is an easier drive. northbound, as you expect is slower. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> we will continue making calls
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and covering local perspectives on the deadly las vegas shooting. >> go to for continuing local coverage. we are going take you back live to the "today" show for the latest on this breaking story. good morning. back more with a special edition of "today." a mass shooting in this country. and investigators are trying to put the pieces together this morning. a gunman opened fire on an outdoor country music festival. happened in las vegas last night, about 10:00 local time. the sheriff released information and numbers moments ago. more than 50 people died. more than 400 people streetreat area hospitals. more than 22,000 people in attendance of the concert. >> some of the people being treated in surgery, at a level i trauma center, not far from
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where the shooting took place. the death toll could rise. the gunman, he's being identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock. the sheriff said he was dead when officers entered his room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort. there were earlier reports he was shot by police. but we know he took his own life, prior to the police breaching his door. nbc news spoke to paddock's brother, who describes him as retired. a guy who enjoyed visiting las vegas. liked to gamble. familiar with its hotels. liked the shows in this city. >> starting to figure out who this person was. that shooting scene is just adjacent to the las vegas airport. overnight, all flights in and out of mccarran international were halted as this investigation was under way and trying to get a handle on what's happening. >> nbc's joe fryer is in las
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vegas for us. take it away. >> reporter: we're in lockdown. we're in a four seasons hotel. this is in the mandalay bay tower. it takes up a few floors high up. part of mandalay bay is below us and part is to my left right now. we're on the 38th floor. the 32nd floor, just six floors below us, where authorities say the gunman was opening fire on the crowd down below. as daylight comes out, we're not going to zoom in too much because we're trying to get an idea of what the scene looks like. looking wide, this is where the country music festival was taking place down below. 22,000 people were in this space last night, listening to jason aldean perform. he was the headliner for this show. it was packed. shoulder-to-shoulder, the whole area was filled, when authorities say the gunman st t started opening fire six floors
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below here. for a lot of people, there was nowhere to run. as you mentioned, the airport is located just to the right over here, near mandalay bay. and the airport, we've seen some flights taking off, in the last 15, 20 minutes. we know the airport is work at some level right now, getting back to normal for a while last night. it was late last night. it was shut down. one of the runways goes over where we are right now. looking back to the left, they have closed down the area surrounding where the concert took place. only fire trucks, police vehicles and earlier a lot of ambulances in this area. police will be processing this crime scene. it will take a good deal of time to collect evidence and look through everything and whatever it is. and now, a normally bustling area. no matter the time of day. no matter what hour it is, it's pretty much quiet with the
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exception of law enforcement, doing their job right now. savannah and matt? >> joe, thank you very much. another location that's vital to this investigation, is about an hour or so away, from downtown las vegas. that's the town of mesquite, nevada, where the gunman lived. pete williams telling us that investigators have just begun to carry out a search there. we had some video a second ago. but we understand there's police activity at the end of that road. however, you can't just go in and search a location that was lived in by a suspect like this. you don't know if he booby trapped that location. expecting investigators to go there. >> that's right. law enforcement will do a slow clear. very methodical. they'll do a lot of looking from the outside. they'll talk to people in the area about what they might have scene because of that important point. there might be explosives or
6:35 am
other incendiary devices. >> do they send a robot in? bomb-sniffing dogs. >> sometimes a camera, under a door, thaw window, to get a visual. they may use a robot to make entry into back rooms. may well use canines. completely different from a d dynamic entry, what they did to get into that room on the 32nd floor. >> they have a person known to be associated with the shooter, marilou danley. now, if they do know where she is, and they can start to talk to her, she might provide valuable information about what might be in that residence. >> human beings will be a vital source of intelligence in this matter. talking to people who have been associated with him. and people watching him move in and out over the prior weeks. >> i think state of mind.
6:36 am
main street of mesquite, everybody knew who he was. did he have aberrant behavior? where did he get all of the guns stockpiled? was he a guy that likes to go on the countryside and shoot? become a better marksman of some kind? i think of the population ofs e mesqui mesquite, there will be forensic work to determine who he was before he committed this act, and how that will help us understand other people like that in communities, i think will be an important element ashgsz wel, as well. they're some distance from the home. not just las vegas, but mesquite, nevada, the center of the investigation. >> the local authorities are the lead law enforcement agency in this matter. we heard the sheriff talking earlier. but the federal authorities will have a big role in assisting.
6:37 am
atf, to track all of the weapons. every one of the weapons is likely to have a serial number. to transmit its origin and how it was transmitted. >> don't worry about that. that's how you get the information. >> it's from nbc, i have to tell you. the fbi will be looking to look at the rounds, where they were coming from, the trajectory. >> let's talk about something else. you brought this point up a while ago, shawn. now we know who the shooter was, now we know where he lived, with all of the cameras in place, with license plate recognition, with the cameras on the roadways leading into las vegas, with the cameras in the lobby of that hotel, on the elevator, we're going to get a video record of every moment when he got to the hotel. >> they will have four or five days of activity. they'll be able to track who he
6:38 am
might have met with. how many times did he go down to the vehicle to bring up a suitcase? they'll be able to track all of that. that will be an important part of the investigation. >> one part that is interesting to find out, did he go there knowing the country music festival going on? or did he check in and it was there? also, the airport is right there. we don't know what he was planning. but it wasn't good when he has a hotel room stocked with weapons. >> he's there for nefarious purposes. was it to shoot up the strip? was it for something else? >> walked into a crowded casino. >> all those targets are soft targets. this is the world we live in now. the video cameras. law enforcement talking to people in these venues is important to identify these things before they become catastrophic. >> i want to find out more about
6:39 am
the victims of the shooting. nbc's miguel almaguer is at the university center in las vegas. you have something new to share? >> reporter: good morning. this is where the critically injured were brought. about 400 people were wounded in this incident. at least 50 fatalities. of the 104 people brought here, four have died. 12 are suffering from critical injuries. many undergoing operations at the hour. they're asking for blood donations, not only this hospital, but at medical centers across the city. many of the victims have been seen by doctors but undergoing operations. we're told doctors from across the region were brought in here to umc, because it's the number one trauma center in this area. it's a fluid situation, as doctors continue to work on many of those with the critical injuries. >> you have to think of the
6:40 am
first responders. tom mentioned this a while ago. if you're a paramedic or part of an ambulance crew and you get the call to rush this concert venue, and you get there, it took several minutes before they brought the shooter under control. and so, your job is to respond to people who have been hurt. but there's still bullets flying through the air. >> reporter: correct. some of the most serious injuries were caused by the gunshots. and many people were struggling to find any sort of cover. you have first responders pouring in. as people start to pour out and the gunshots are ringing out across the area. several police officers, on-duty and off-duty police officers were at this event. they were injured. one lost their life. the first responders coming in were under fire, matt. >> miguel, stay right there. we want to bring tom costello in
6:41 am
this conversation. >> reporter: i spent time covering firefighters across the country. you will notice the firefighters are wearing flak jackets. bullet-proof vests. many have helmets. these are tactical weapons -- tactical assault protective clothing that many fire departments across the country have given the medics. the front line firefighters and medics because they are every day concerned about a mass shooting. we have our firefighters wearing bullet-proof vests and creating special fire department, paramedic, tactical s.w.a.t. like teams because they need to responsibility. they need to be prepared. i'm from littleton, colorado. and i can tell you, the littleton fire department, organized that kind of response medical s.w.a.t.-type team of
6:42 am
columbine. that's spread across the country. you now see this is the reality we live in 2017. it's not just police departments that are ready for this kind of mass casualty event and drill regularly. it's also our fire departments. >>s this no such thing as a minor gunshot wound. but it's a traumatic event. not only physically but emotionally, as well. people who are described as being critically wounded, are fighting for their lives. this is a trauma beyond our ability to describe it. it's not just confined what happened in las vegas. it's a trauma for the country, going on at this moment. and all of the people who have relatives involved, wondering if they can safely go to a rock concert or a big gathering. >> a sobering thought.
6:43 am
shawn shared this with a look a second ago. as tom was talking about the first responders wearing their kevlar vests, you looked at me and said -- >> if this is a military round, that will go through a vest. those vests are meant for small arms. not military grade ammunition. >> we should mention the president is expected to address this tragedy and speak from the white house. 10:30 eastern time. we'll have live coverage when that takes place. >> can we go back to pete williams? do you have anything to add? >> a couple of things. you showed a picture of mesquite, nevada. it's a small community. a community of about 18,000. obviously, they are well aware of what happened here. the police will be wanting to talk to people in mesquite, who
6:44 am
knew stephen paddock, as they begin to develop a picture of what goes on here. was he the kind of person who would plan something like this? it's clear he committed suicide before they stormed the room. we've seen this happen before in mass shootings. it happened in sandy hook. it's happened elsewhere, that the gunman who take part in these or commit these atrocities, they don't want to be captured. they don't want to die in a shoot-out with police and they end up killing themselves. it's an ending to the trablg d s tragedies that we have seen before. that part is not unusual. the other circumstances, certainly are. but the authorities there are massing outside the house. they've been outside the house. it's been 8 1/2 hours since this happened. and almost immediately, once the police got into the room and
6:45 am
they looked in the wallet of stephen paddock. they found his i.d. and immediately began to look at what cars were registered to him. they found those now. what was his home address? where was he living? they dispatched local authorities to that address, quickly, to keep an eye on the house. they've been asking a judge to get them a search warrant. now, they're doing what is unfortunately has become another routine thing in these situations of somebody who is going to commit suicide, you want to make sure they haven't rigged their home with explosives. it has happened in the past. they've got explosive detective robots. going through the house carefully to make sure it's safe for them to go in and carry out a search to find clues in that house. authorities tell us that nothing they found in the hotel room, in the cars, apparently the brief conversation, with marilou
6:46 am
danley, the woman living with him in mesquite and was outside the country when the shooting happened, nothing she said shed any light on what the motive for this. why was he thinking about this? nothing they have found sheds light on that whatsoever on that question. >> they talked to marilou danley. at nbc news, we've spoke on the his brother. neither one, apparently, has said, okay, we had a problem here. let me tell you why this happen. let me tell you what's been brewing. both sources and law enforcement, are painting a picture of a guy that nobody thought was going to do this. >> right. i'm sure as the hours go by, we'll begin to get an answer to that question. i think it's likely. i wouldn't say, it wouldn't be the first time, when there's a crime like this, if i can use that expression, like this, a
6:47 am
mass shooting, when we never know ultimately the answer. those are the exceptions. we'll get an indication in the time to come. the las vegas had no idea. they said in the las vegas journal, he had no idea. it's like an asteroid just fell on the family. >> yeah. i think the brother told our producer, they were at a loss how this happened. we will continue to follow that, of course. hallie jackson is at the white house. we learned, hallie, the president will address the nation and speak on this at about 10:30 eastern time. 45 minutes from now. what do you have? >> reporter: he'll be in the diplomatic room, addressing the country. in arguably, the worst attack in his administration so far, on u.s. soil. you have the death toll. 50 people killed. 400-plus, sent to the hospital. in past instances, we saw the
6:48 am
president come out over the baseball shooting, that happened here in washington. he addressed the country after the charlottesville incident. this is different. we expect to see the president in about 45 minutes at the white house. we know he has been briefed. he was briefed by john kelly. his department of homeland security, elaine duke, who is working on the crisis in puerto rico, also working on this. keeping the president updated. the president tweeted earlier today, that his warmest condolences and sympathies are with the victims and families of what he called the terrible las vegas shooting. and we know the president is continuing to get monitored here at the white house. he's canceled at least one event that had been on his schedule. we think that will remain fluid throughout the day. he was set to meet with the prime minister of thailand. that is still supposed to happen. we will continue to monitor. in about 40, 45 minutes from now, we expect to see president
6:49 am
trump make remarks to the country about this. >> hallie, thank you very much. let's check in with forbes riley, at the mandalay bay hotel at the time of the shooting. forbes, good morning to you. what did you see? >> not only what did i see. but i'm standing here. i'm on the 48th floor of mandalay bay. i can see the mandalay bay sign to my left. the strip ahead of me. and below of us, is where the concert was. we're on the balcony, taking photos. we thought we were taking fireworks. nobody was noticing because it got loud. and the girl shooting the pictures of me, a video of what happened. she's looking at the concert, saying, i think there's people on the ground. and you have a moment of going, no. and there were people strewn everywhere. and we thought, that can't be real. and the shooter was literally -- i'm not going to -- i can point to where his hotel room was and
6:50 am
i thought, we all ran inside. there's been 120 of us still here. we're here all night. sleeping on the floor of the foundation room. but the s.w.a.t. team came in with giant machine guns. and we're thinking, there's a gunman here. i raced behind a potted flower and thought, this is it. it was the good guys. but that was before they got him on the 32nd floor. >> you said you looked down and saw people strewn on the ground and somebody said, people are down there. did the music drown out the gunfire? >> you have never heard anything like this. it sounded like fireworks. you hear it. that's not a gunfire. i've never heard this in my life. >> and you said at some point, you noticed the smoke coming out of the -- what we now know is the 32nd floor of the mandalay
6:51 am
bay hotel. when did you realize the shooter was in the hotel? >> we didn't. the reports we were getting, that there were up to 30 shooters. the bellagio had a bomb in it. and there was no news. we went to twitter. people reporting on twitter about what happened. we did not realize what we were watching was a gunman at all. >> any indication, forbes, when you might be released? when that area might come out of lockdown status? >> no. there is no food up here. there was coffee and french fries. but the street below me is completely blocked off. there's no traffic out there at all. and obviously, it's bizarre. just -- the eerie thing is, i'm looking out my left side, and 11:00 on the clock, mandalay bay is there and you can see his
6:52 am
room from where i'm standing. >> did his room have a balcony? do you have a good vantage point? >> he had to have shot out the window. there are no balconies. most of the windows in all of las vegas don't open. >> that's what we understood. >> did you know anyone down at the concert, forbes? >> no, i don't. one of the gentlemen here did. and his friend was shot and killed. i'm a television presenter and here with "shark tank" and we had just broken up this party. two of our party got in the car just before this happened. and the guys went downstairs. and they're in the basement right now, all night long. they went down to play bopoker. it was horrified when we heard that two were killed. this is so hurtful. we're all in shock. >> can only imagine.
6:53 am
forbes, glad you're okay. sure they're difficult hours. but really appreciate you calling. >> we might walk down the 46 flights of stairs. it's bizarre that i have a vantage point to see exactly what's happening. i don't want to be morbid, if i walk out to the balcony, i they don't let us, you can look down on the concert field. >> best not to look and get that vantage point. forbes, thank you for calling in. we appreciate it. looking at live video. this is the scene of the mandalay bay. it looks like what we're seeing, in the center of your screen, left of center, is a window that is no longer there. not with the typical reflection that you see of the other windows. that, we believe, is the 32nd floor. that's is room where the gunman opened fire. the window, obviously, blown out, as he unloaded magazine
6:54 am
after magazine, on the crowd below. >> we heard, there aren't balconies in these hotels. the windows don't open. when up against the weapon of the power and caliber we understand this one is, it's no match. and we know he had a cache of weapons inside that hotel room. the sheriff said more than ten weapons, in addition to what he was shooting with. and pete williams reporting he had purchased two handguns. and we know he took his own life, before police busted through the door and stopped the carnage. >> the first reaction from people there, that can't be gunfire. that has to be fireworks. >> especially at a concert, in las vegas. this is a party city. it's where people are there to have a good time. and the type of thing they expect to see in here. fireworks, lots of loud sounds. flashi ining lights. that's what you expect.
6:55 am
and the chaos caused there. we see when we saw jason aldean on stage. he was on stage continuing his concert, while the shots are ringing out. i'm listening to the soundtrack here. it sounds like the soundtrack of "saving private ryan." >> you have to remember his perspective. he's on a stage that was almost just ahead of where the gunfire was coming from. it was coming from behind and over the shoulder of the stage. >> my point is that with everything that's going on, all that music, people don't know what's happening. it is a surreal moment when you can't imagine what's happening. and when you do realize what's happening, your first thought is, it can't be. >> so terrifying. the people didn't know which direction it was coming. didn't know where to run. even if they did, there wasn't much in the way of shelter. shawn, stay with us. we continue to cover the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. we're back in a moment, after a check of your local news. on thi
6:56 am
in a moment - we will return to national coverage of the welcome to "today in the bay" on this monday morning. in a moment, we will return to national coverage of the massive shooting. president trump is planning to address the nation at 7:30 this morning. the rampage happened at a music festival in las vegas. the sharks played a preseason game last night. shark's employees tweeted they returned last night. a family member of the nbc bay area was in las vegas. meredith rich was staying on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. that is the same floor of the same hotel where the suspect carried tout carnage. rich heard that rapid gunfire.
6:57 am
>> just getting back into my room after a long day of work when i heard some rapid loud noises. i wasn't quite sure what to expect or what that might be. there was a lot of running down the hallway on my floor. a lot of noise, a lot of hustle and bustle. so, i immediately went into the bathroom and took cover. >> after that half hour of being in her room, she heard a loud explosion, which she believes was police breaking through the suspects door. rich was hiding in her bathroom, during most of it. at 6:57, a moment to talk about the local weather and traffic. >> mike joins us shortly. first a look at the forecast with kari. >> a beautiful start to the day as we take a live look outside in san francisco. also in san jose, mostly sunny skies. looki looking at the high temperatures
6:58 am
by this afternoon, the upper 70s in san jose. 79 in palo alto. napa, a high of 82 degrees. san francisco, up to 68. we have a high fire danger today, especially for the inland hills where our winds will be gusting up to, possibly, 50 miles an hour today. we expect that also in the delta. that includes most of salah know county and the north bay hills where we will have low humidity, so outdoor burning is not recommended. throughout the school day, checking out the temperature trend for san jose, 56 degrees this morning and a cool start, but warming up to more comfortable weather as we go through the day. san francisco reaching the upper 60s today and tomorrow and then it will be warming up as we go through the rest of the week, low to mid-70s. by the end of the week, inland areas, expect the temperatures to go from upper 70s to upper 90s by the weekend. prepare for another wave of summer-like weather.
6:59 am
we head over to mike now, tracking two crashes on the east shore freeway. [ inaudible ] >> berkeley and albany. >> we can't hear you. >> there he is. >> there you go. a big traffic jam because of a crash at ashlee. that was a major problem. fortunately, the traffic is easing in. we have the bay bridge back up, getting recovery. also, the same thing for the san mateo bridge. the crash cleared from the incline. that is moving well, but more traffic for the dumbarton bridge. nothing dramatic. the south bay itself, starts through san jose, getting congested. 87 continuing just like last week with the early slowing that is heavier than we see during the summer. this is the fall traffic kicking in through san jose and the rest of silicon valley. back to you. >> thank you. >> we will continue making calls
7:00 am
and covering the local perspective of this deadly shooting. >> head to for local coverage as well. now, back to the "today" show for the latest on this breaking story. good morning. breaking news. a gunman opens fire in an outdoor concert in las vegas. more than 50 people kill and 400 others wounded. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. the gunman is 32 floors up at the mandalay bay resort firing down on a terrified crowd. the shooter is stephen paddock. >> he killed himself prior to the entry. in excess of 10 rifles. >> describing moments of pure panic. >> there were shots going everywhere. there were dead people everywhere. >> two guys were carrying a girl


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