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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 2, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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social media of earlier coverage of people scrambling away from the concert last night at around 10:00 p.m. now today here is some new video of the police raids about 80 miles northeast of las vegas where he stand right now. the home of stephen paddock. it's right in the town of mesquite, nevada. it's a retirement community and they found a lot of weapons inside of his home. you can see local and federal agents raiding that home. 18 firearms in addition to those found here. they're also investigating his prior addresses his prior residences in reno, nevada and possibly even in idaho. there is such a connection here in las vegas of course with everyone here. but so many paem from the bay area are also here are for the jason aldean concert and the country music festival but around town it's been remarkable to see the outpouring of support. unfortunately we covered these types from san bernadino to orlando and we see the communities as well just like we see in las vegas right now
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responding and helping people in need. around town what you are looking at just long lines, the blood centers, people showed up at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a.m. this morning to donate blood, wait in line 3 to 40 hours we expect to see the line continue throughout the evening and into tonight. now also with me here in las vegas is nbc bay area cheryl hurd, covering the local people here and there are many who witnessed this tragedy -- this tragedy right here at the mandalay bay hotel let's bring in cheryl joins from us city hall. cheryl. >> reporter: raj a ridgel is starting right now. as you can see people are still coming in big numbers. earlier today i spoke with several survivors. as you might imagine all are having a tough time dealing with the reality of the shooting. >> it sounded like fire crackers top, tap, tap.
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>> maybe 0 seconds. we were confused you don't know what's happening. >> a matter of moments c.j. lee figured it out it wasn't fireworks. zblurch the music stopped and you heard it again. that's when everyone ducked for cover. >> lee came if the music festival with 20 friends. they were sitting 60 feet from the stage when bullets started flying over their heads. >> i think i saw kevin next to me drop first. >> three of their friends were wounded. >> i don't remember like if we spoke. i just remember making eye contact with one of my girlfriends she just said run. >> it was a stampede. matthewing running in a woman today she doesn't know if she was dead or alive. >> before i got up and ran i saw a woman laying on the ground. i -- i believe she was deceased. >> in afternoon several of the friends turned to each other for
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comfort as they tried to process the massacre. >> this was just pure chaos and it just didn't stop. so i'm just going to zoum that it's an act of terror because the world we live in right now. >> reporter: now lee told me tonight that he doesn't think of himself as a hero. but he did manage to pick up a woman who had brekeen her leg and carry her to safety. now as far as inth @(t&háhp &hc% concerned people are continuing to come. we have no idea how long it will last. raj, back to you. >> reporter: okay, cheryl hurd a few miles from where we are near the mandalay bay hotel thank you for the reporting we will see you later on through the evening. coming up we went to the family reunification center at the las vegas convention center and sadly there are so many families coming from around the country waiting for word for their loved ones. unfortunately at this .24 hours later nearly 24 hours later they might get the worst possible news that their family members, loved ones have died in this
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tragedy. but we will take you inside that family reunification center and talk to some of the families there from california and here in las vegas coming up later in this newscasts. guys back to you. >> it must be terrifying there. okay raj we'll check back in about 7 minutes thank you. >> also holding breath and hoping for good news right now san francisco police officer is trying to track down his which have. stacey of novato. after the ta were separated in the middle of the chaos in las vegas. nbc bay area sam brock traveled to novato where the family lived and i understand they got separated as the officers was trying to save someone else. >> jessica, he was trying to help a gunshot victim get to the hospital when he was separated from his which have. we're getting to more of the details of that in just a moment. but first not far from where we are standing in and out novato. the family family and friend getting to comforting each other and just waiting for any word taufl as to whether or not their loved one stacey is okay.
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now i spoke with the god mother of her two kids earlier today. she told me she was trying to shield them from the news coverage of this. she has been caring for the kids since stacey and the husband went to las vegas for the concert for the last several days. this is what stacey looks like she is a stylist here in downtown in novato. she has been there for many years. again, that is a look at her picture provided by her brother-in-law. and that is our primary source of information about what happened to brother-in-law al who left this morning to try to help the husband track stacey down. and here is what happened according to al. the couple was at the concert with friends last night when bullets rang out. he told me her husband vinny shepherded his wife and friends they were with to a nearby partition or scaffolding to try to protect them from what what was happening high pressure when a woman nearby struck by a bullets. he helped that woman into a pickup truck on the way to hospital. but that's when he separated
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from the wife and friends and that is the last time osaw her. >> a complication and it's complicated by the fact she did not have the cell phone she left it home did not want it lose it. she did not have her id.p i berry held her id for safe keeping. >> this is another picture of stacey. you'll find it on the website in novato. she described as having a radiant personality and years of experience as a master stylist. now as we mentioned sfacy did not have her cell phone on her. when i was speaking with her berry in law i asked her doesn't she know her husband' cell phone by heart he said yes she is don't and that's what concerns them the most is the fact that they have not received a phone call from stacey given the fact that she probably would be able to get in touch if she could. i should add right now that access to hospitals and treej right now is restricted. literally right now her husband is sitting in a hotel room
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waiting for more information from the hospitals and treej centers as they go through and try to help and identify victims. our thoughts and prayers with her entire family right now. reporting live in downtown novato back to you. >> hopefully she is okay and will be reunited soon with the family. thank you. you are looking at the two windows the shooter used to fire at the crowds. the windows are in two separate rooms but one large suite. here another overview perspective from google earth. you can see the hotel here the shooter location around the corner and the grounds are diagonally, about 3 football fields. many people at the concert were from here in the bay area and some returned home with tales of terror and heroism. jodi hernandez spoke to several people randing at oakland airport. and jodi they nub in disbelief still. >> reporter: they definitely are.
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many were just simple too updates to talk. all of them incredibly shaken. danny captured the sound of gunfire on his cell phone. as he and his family ducked for cover. >> falling on the ground, hitting the ground. people noticed people falling in front of them. there was a cop in front of my brother that got shot. >> in the chaos the family found themselves separate as their daughter ran one way and they another. >> we were in lockdown in and she was hiding under a semi truck out in the parking lot of the venue so she wouldn't get hit by the bullets. >> war. war yeah, it was a nightmare. >> the faces of those arriving back to the bay area from las vegas said it all. their stories of survival still sinking in. most still in[m15 shock. >> people by us in thes face,
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chess, hands bodies every. >> where i fell and a gentleman picked me up and said you're okay keep running the poor families of the people who lost loved once or people fighting for their lives. and it's just such a sad, sad thing. >> susan oliverway was at the festival with a group of girlfriends. she says they were having the time of their lives before they found themselves literally running for their livers. i asked susan what was going on through her mind as she was running. ship she was praying she wouldn't be shot in the back. everybody i talked to iróáq"ibly relieved to be back home. many said they couldn't wait to get home and hug loved ones. reporting live in oakland i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> it truly is unfathomable. thank you jodi. 72 minutes that's how long it took from the first 911 cull
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until officers made into the shooter's hotel room. we know the first call came in at 10:08 p.m. the frantic search began to figure out where that braj of gunfire was come from. police determined it was coming from the mandalay bay hotel. >> mandalay bay. halfway up i see the shots coming from mandalay bay. halfway up. >> on certain began on the 29th floor then at 10:24 officers made their way up to the 32nd floor. two minutes later they found a security guard is not in the leg outside of room 32135. a woot with sweeping views of the festival below. >> outside the suspect door i need everybody in that hallway to be aware of it and get back. >> at 11:20 police heard blasting the door off the proom where he was found dead along with his menacing arsenal of weapons. tonight we are looking into the
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history of the shooter. who is he? you're looking at new video of a home linked to paddock in san francisco. it's not the only thing our unit uncovered about the background. vicki is here with the what she found. >> jessica the information about stephen paddock is coming from different states including california. we learned this is not his family's first brush with crime. family members say stephen paddock retired in mess key nevada in a from a court reporter as an accountant. but last night the 64-year-old spent tens of thousands of dollars gambling. he gambled more than 20 and $30,000 in a single day. a licensed hunterer and fisherman. he had a pilot license and owned two planes. he grou up in sun valley. he says the 90-year-old mother
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is stunned. >> there is no church. there is no religion there is no politics. there is no anything. my brother just killed 50 plus people. how does that affect me? i'm a little -- yeah i got this headaches right now. >> public records show paddock moved frequently with addresses in arkansas, nevada and texas. the san francisco housing authority says a listing linked to paddock from march of 2008 at this apartment and. hey street appears to be incorrect. they have no record of him living here. we learned his father benjamin pad ork robbed three banks in 1960. he skapd from a prison landing him on the fbi wanted list. he was a diagnosed cycle path. now his son is dead from apparent suicide after carrying out the country as deadliest mass shooting. investigators are searching his home in the nevada golfing and retirement kplunt. we just learned two nevada gun stores say they sold guns to him
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and he passed all required background checks. now coming up after nbc nightlily news i'll stake a closer look at the life he lived with his give goifr, a high stakes casino hostest who left the country before the shooting. vicki thank you. raj mathai we continue live coverage here in las vegas. coming up next we're checking in with some of the families waiting to hear word from their loved ones who were at this concert last night. stay with us. >> and then preparing for a busy weekend in san francisco, we're showing you the safety steps being taken in the wake of in vegas shooting. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri a red flag fire warning in effect for the bay area. we'll talk about the gusty winds in the forecast at 5:20 tonight.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear.
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but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) of the shooting massacre in las vegas. 59 people -- including the shoot a we're going back to breaking news of the shooting massacre? las vegas, 59 people, including the gunman dead. and 527 injured in the deadliest mass shooting in american history. >> police say the gunman stephen paddock had almost 18 perhaps 20 rifles in the roe tell room when he opened fire at the people below attending the concert. raj joins us in las vegas leading the coverage there. raj you've had a chance to see where the families are. this has to be a heart breaking and harrowing time for them.
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>> that is the most heart breaking part of this story. as we speak, people are flooding into las vegas driving in and flying in. many of these people coming into town are families waiting for word from loved ones. the loved ones at the concert last night. we are we are along the strip you can see the mandalay bay hotel about three and a half miles away is the convention center let's take threw. that's where we spent part of the afternoon. that's heart breaking. what's happening at the convention center they have sun is the shut it count for conferences and plead it on the family reunification center. families coming in from around the country are coming here for word from the red cross, from the fbi, and from the las vegas officials about what's happening with their loved ones. sadly when we were inside one of the families had just received word that their son had died. now inside there is food, clothing, there is just a lot of counselors, grief counselors.
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there are comfort pods pappen. and outside of the building volunteers making arrangements of flowers. there is a lot of support in las vegas. in fact we spoke with one of the fathers right outside. >> there is families in there that don't know if the dad is ariff or husband is alive. we need to find that information and get the gap closed as quickly as we can. >> that's whapg right now. so many families waiting for word if the loved ones survived or which hospital they've been transported to. that is a gut wrenching time for so many here. we have more coming up in the newscasts and then again for the extended newscasts at 6:30. jessica janelle back two. >> okay, range. >> president trump called the mass shooting an act of pure evil. outside the white house he and the vice president led a moment of silence today. [ bell tolling ]. >> ke nation aegs capital the
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house of representative observed a moment of silence for the victims with, flags there around around the country flying at half staff. former arizona congresswoman who survived a shot in the dead during a mass shooting renewed the crawl for the gun cell. the president said now is not the time for politics. >> in moments of tragedy and horror, american comes together and one. and it always has. >> the president and first lady will travel to las vegas on wednesday to meet with first responders and victims of the mass shooting. now when the house held a moment of silence today representative jackie speier defiantly wakd out the california congresswoman had long pushed to close loop holes in gun control laws. . >> where do most people buy them
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now? online for us not to do something as simple as that suggests to me that the nra runs this building. >> congresswoman speier also a survivor of a shooting massacre in 1978 as a congressional aid he was shot five times outside of jones town. she says until congress gets guts gun laws won't be dressed. >>. people from all over the country are doing what they can go to help victims. including a gofundme page. it's reached more than $2 million. that money will be used for relief and financial aid or the victims and families. if you're interested in donating we have posted the information is at and we have heard so many horrible things about the hanous crime and seen so many stories of people helping out. this is one way those removed
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from it can help out and try to ease their pain just a little. >> right people want to do something. this gofundme page is a good way to do it. we want to get the check of the forecast we have increased fire danger. >> dry wind out of the northeast keeping the fire danger high heading through the next 36 hours. let's take you to a to the microclimate forecast and talk about the change that we're dealing with that's increasing the win. it's this that you have of low west. and not only helping to increase the wind but also bringing us cool to mild weather throughout the week. it primarily here across the bay area i think the biggest thing well notice into tomorrow morning are the chilly temperatures to start. i'll have more on that in a second. you can see the wind for tomorrow coming from the northeast 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. be aware of that. in terms of the temperatures make sure to have the jacket as you begin tuesday. 52 for the south by. down to 49 in the tri-valley. also looking at numbers as low as 46 degrees in the north by. mostly clear in san francisco.
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and 53. as we head throughout the day temperatures remain warm here for the interior valleys, 84 in concord, 83 antioch, 78 in san jose. cooler 66 in half moon bay. 71 in san francisco. extended forecast in sf has it warming up friday, saturday and sunday, 70s. inland valleys increases up to the upper 80s friday, saturday, sunday as well. so we're flipping it back to summer. tufrmts once again more look at the seven day forecast coming up later tonight. >> we'll show you how san francisco is preparing for a potential catastrophe.
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are coming together to help victims of the las vegas happening now on the website, heroes in the chaos. how people are coming together to help victims of the las vegas shooting, from giving plood to giving money. you can see all the ways you can help on on the twitter feed more bad news for residents of prook. the governor says about a quarter of thexd country should have power back on next month. more news in a moment. earthqauke drill...
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but when doctors, nurses, sailors and marines set up an emergency field hospital in san it was supposed to be an earthquake drill but when doctors sailors and marine set2. the exercise meant how to respond to catastrophic event. the fleet week done to prepare for the absolute worst. nbc bay area mark mathews is at the driel. >> we are inside a tent set up to handle light to moderate injuries. >> this would be not for the most severe patients. >> the trauma operating rooms and critical care are in the other tents. the marine officer cannot help smiling as he tells me how quickly they can be setup. >> we can make that -- we've done it in 26 minutes. >> get ago trauma victim to medical care within 60 minutes is the consent decree to survival. trauma teams call it the golden hour. >> you krp in that hour high
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chance to survive whatever issue that they're hurt. >> but in mass shootings like las vegas, the military's rapped response would not be nearly fast enough. and marines need 96 hours to get people and equipment deployed. >> that's a reality. but i don't think it's an unreal assumption that we would need help five days out after a catastrophic sfleerk that was mark reporting when we come back raj mathai will check back in one more time from las vegas. stay with us.
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good evening again, i'm raj mathai, coming to you live from las vegas right near the mandalay bay hotel. we showed you in the newscasts about with what happened last night. the hotel right there. the gunman stephen paddock shot across the street into the area where the concert was taking place. we'll are have more on the 6:30 newscasts as well as what the mayor of las vegas is telling everyone here. guys back to you. >> okay raj thank you. stay with nbc bay area. coming up a one-hour edition of nightly news with lester holt who continues the coverage from the las vegas. >> and our team of reporters will be back at 6:30 for a special 1-hour edition of nbc
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news. join us for those stories. the loss and tales of incredible heroism coming out of las vegas. >> back at 6:30. nightly news is next. breaking news tonight. the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. at least 59 dead, over 500 wounded as a sniper opens fire from a smashed-out hotel window window high above a country music festival, unleashing a massacre on the vegas strip. first responders on a frantic mission to find the gunman. survivors describing scenes of sheer terror. >> bullets flying everywhere. everybody running. it was really, really bad. >> tonight a baffling mystery. why did he do it? what we've learned about the gunman and his massive arsenal. we have it all covered including extraordinary acts of heroism in a field of horror. "nightly news" begins right now.


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