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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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nding overnight protection at a fraction of the cost. live, learn and get luvs and still a lot unanswered questions this morning more than 24 hours later and still a lot of unanswered questions this morning surrounding the massacre in las vegas. at least 59 people are dead and more than 500 others are hurt. the fbi continues to comb through toefd try to make some sense out of this tragedy. a live look at las vegas. as authorities look for answers, the nation is grieving. we will show you the overwhelming outpouring of emotions across the country on this tuesday morning. good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington. certainly, a lot of people are talking about what's going on in las vegas. we twoont get to what's happening here in the bay area. mike, you are tracking the san mateo bridge. it was shut down in both
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directions earlier, but that has changed. >> in the last half hour, that changes. highway 92 was completely closed in both directions. the eastbound direction opened earlier, now the west fire. there was a truck fire, a big rig. it took quite some time getting equipment there. as we look at the map, it was a rear axel of a big rig that caught on fire and ended up making its way over to the foster city side. the wider shoulder there. there's room to work. they were able to reopen two of the westbound lanes. the traffic is flowing smoothly. the dumbarton bridge is an option. we'll watch because we had a back up at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. two lanes are open, both directions are open and the bay bridge is an alternate for you. we will track this very closely. that is the commute westbound.
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we have the activity on the foster city side. the bridge is open. for now, over to kari hall. >> no weather issues this morning. nice and cool, clear skies. it is going to be a very nice day, once again. let's check out the high temperatures for the south bay. the upper 70s and lower 80s, very comfortable this afternoon. lower 80s for much of the inland area for the east bay and the peninsula, 80 degrees in palo alto. san francisco, mostly 60s and low 70s. the north bay reaching the low 80s. we'll talk about this and what's ahead the rest of the week coming up later. marcus and laura? . >> thank you. a tough story that continues to develop outside of las vegas. a live look at mandalay bay hotel after the mass shooting. here are the latest numbers on the tragedy. the death toll is 59. 527 people are hurt. authorities say the suspect had
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23 guns in his hotel room. police saw 19 additional weapons and thousands of bullets in his nevada home. no word on the possible motive. people lined up for hours to donate blood to help the victims. each person hurt or killed has a story and we are starting to learn about some of them. overnight, people gathered for memorials near the sight of the attack and across the country. this morning, we are taking a closer look at this tragedy. >> that first 911 call came in around 10:08 p.m. this is around the same time this video, now seen around the world was taken. some of the 22,000 concert goers are seen hiding or running for their lives. once authorities arrived on the scene, police say they had time to figure out where the shots were coming from. officers quickly discovered it was coming from an elevated floor of mandalay bay. they worked through the hotel
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until they reached the 32nd floor. they picked up the officers blowing off the door of the gunman's room. >> breach, breach, breach. >> one squad made it into the room, stephen paddock was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. that was about an hour after the first gunshot. >> police surrounded paddock's home in mesquite, nevada. there, they discovered 19 firearms. atf and homeland security agents continue to sift through evidence to get answers in this tragedy. paddock's brother, in orlando is suffering from the same disbelief. he shares his thoughts on the man he thought he knew. >> like an asteroid. there's no -- there was nothing
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to say he would do this kind of thing. >> he had no criminal record. friends say he enjoyed gambling, a licensed pilot and successful real estate owner. he recently provided a walker for his elderly mother. as we continue to search for missing loved ones is ongoing. >> the san francisco police department and tight knit community are desperate for news out of las vegas this morning. a police officer's wife is missing. her husband last saw her running for safety as he helped the wounded. gene elly as more. >> i think it's the worst thing possible. >> reporter: shock in navato. his neighbor is missing in las vegas. the mother of two was at the outdoor concert with her husband, a san francisco police officer. family members say the pair separated as he helped the wounded.
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>> partitioning with his wife and two or three other people he was down there with. there was a girl who was shot immediately next to him. he started to support and help her. >> that was the last time vinney saw his wife, stacy. she did not have a phone or id on her. neighbors are holding on to hope. >> maybe she's one of those and in the hospital and she hasn't been able to make the connection yet. >> all our thoughts are with that family to make sure she comes ohm safely and the children get to see their mom again. >> if you feel helpless, there are things you can do to help. money is pouring in. this is a look at the official gofundme page. the goal is $3.5 million. right now, $2 million has been raised. head to for more on how you can help.
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coming up on "today in the bay," the former head of equifax facing the heat. the fallout after millions of people had their personal data stolen. a huge conference in san francisco. the stars that will be at oracle word.
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good morning, i'm landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters.
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wall street could be set for new highs today. they all closed at record levels yesterday. it is driven by economic data and u.s. economic growth at the highest level since 2004. you want to look for reports on september autosales, it could get a bump of people replacing cars from hurricane irma and hurricane harvey. the nasdaq rise zing 20 to 6516. the former ceo of equifax will face lawmakers on capitol hill over the credit bureau's massive data breach. an independent review shows the affected consumers to 145 million. richard smith will tell congress they alerted them in march, fwu company did nothing. a new report suggests it could be a merry holiday shopping season.
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fewer job cuts and rising wages are giving people confidence to spend on gifts, trips and experiences. the average american is expected to spend $1200 during the holiday season. that's up 6% from last year. nearly 90 people say they plan to buy items in stores versus online. >> i don't know, i'm sticking to online, landon. >> you have to remember the little guy. >> thanks, landon. oracle open world conference continues today in san francisco. it opened sunday. 45,000 people are estimated to be attending. oracle ceo and executive chairman, larry ellison will be speaking today. not just tech ies speaking ther. california senator barbara boxer will be there. it runs through thursday. coming up on tod"today in t bay," kari is tracking the
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tuesday forecast. >> mostly clear skies. as we get a live look in san jose, we will start out in the low 50s. a cool start, but a beautiful afternoon, once again. we'll talk about what's coming up next. a live look at the bay bridge shows travel westbound. no problem. you might want to take it if you have a choice between this and san mateo. i'm sort it out, coming up. a new clue in the beating of a cal student. it's coming up next. you are watching "today in the bay."
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good tuesday morning to you as we take a live look out on fremont. people are on their way getting moved as we get ready. 4:45 right now. >> people are getting wazed. >> wazed? >> weighed. >> okay. let's move on to the forecast. >> it looks good this morning. we start with another morning like yesterday where our temperatures dipped quite a bit and we have mostly clear skies. as we get a look out there in san francisco, head out the door and it looks very nice and clear. a little bit of a breeze lingers from yesterday when the winds started to kick up and we had
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gusts up to 25 miles an hour. as you head out this morning, it's 54 degrees in san francisco and we have a temperature now in livermore, 46 degrees. it is cool there in the north bay and we are going to see those high temperatures reach to the low 80s by this afternoon. looking at some mid-80s for concord today. morgan hill, expect a high of 80 degrees and also 80 today in palo alto. we have this high fire danger and that's the reason for this red flag warning. that means we have low humidity, gusting winds and that means you shouldn't flick any cigarettes out the windows and be really careful burning anything because the wildfire danger will continue to be high. as you are getting dressed this morning, starting out in front of the closet, what kind of day is it? short sleeves and pants kind of day. it will be cool to start but the rest of the afternoon will be really nice. some of the events kicking off for fleet week, the ship tours
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today. that goes on from 10:00 to 2:00 this afternoon. it will be in the upper 50s and mostly sunny skies. it's going to be really nice for not only this, but the rest of the festivities going on for the rest of the week. san francisco, expect highs to reach the mid-70s by friday this weekend. also looking nice inland. it's going to start to heat up. the next couple days, not too bad. friday of the weekend, it is going to feel more like summer. we'll talk more about that. mike is checking in with the san mateo bridge. >> i am. we had so many changes the first half hour or the last half hour. things are sorting out. eastbound opened up, westbound now reopened but the earlier issue, which had the entire span closed, look at the map on the foster city side. it was a truck fire. the rear axel of the truck caught fire, started smoking badly. they were able to make it to the
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foster city side. that's where there's more shoulder space. they are waiting for the tow truck to get there. the westbound traffic is moving smoothly because of light traffic. we'll track it over the next half hour. the dumbarton bridge is clear. we have one of those lanes blocked on the san mateo bridge. you may want to avoid that bridge all together. the bay bridge is clear, you can use that to get toward the city side. you might want to just ride. 30 bart trains reported with no delays. they are adding more trains. no delays for agencies. a lot of activity. be careful. >> always busy around there. thank you, mike. music fans from around the world are remembering a rock icon. tom petty. ♪ and i'm free
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♪ free falling >> the song "free falling" one of nearly 30 hits singled by tom petty and his band, the heart breakers turned out over four decades. he recorded several solo albums and last week finished a 40th anniversary tour with the heartbreakers. he died monday after suffering cardiac arrest. family members confirmed the death last night after media reports started surfacing earlier in the day. tom petty was only 66 years old. the search continues for the suspects who brutally beat a student over the weekend. >> police are revealing this video. all three men beat the student in a dorm room. the attack was so bad, the student lost consciousness.
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he was taken to the hospital but since then, released. >> the jury continues in the kate steinle case. jurors started filling out questionnaires. 54-year-old jose garcia is accused of shooting and killing steinle. he was deported five times before. he was released from jail prior to the shooting. >> san jose catholic priest convicted of tax evasion is expected to be sentenced today. he was supposed to last month, but it is continuing today. he is looking at five years behind bars for pocketing donations and reporting the wrong income. he ran the vietnamese catholic center for two decades. the parking program has not changed much. today, transportation leaders will consider new limits. they are looking to overhaul the
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entire program. new limits could be added to numbers of permits issued. costs are also under review. right now, the annual parking fee is $128. in less than a week, the new express lanes will open along 680. the lane starts in dublin on the northbound side. expect lanes will run from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. next monday and the toll changes based on traffic. you will need the fast track flex pass to make sure you don't get charged. coming up on "today in the bay," paying too much for water. the south bay water district accused of overcharging customers. first, happening now, just in, australia has ended the search for mh-370, admitting the missing plane is almost
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good tuesday morning to you. it's 4:54. you are taking a live look, grainy look out on dublin this morning. >> we need to change the camera angle a little bit. as many as 2,000 leopard
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sharks have come on shore. it's spreading to other species. >> we look for answers and we have a preview right now. >> reporter: guys, good morning. these kind of unexplained shark deaths date back. this year is different. more species are washing up dead here and no one seems to know why. scientists tell us the deaths are largely isolated here in the bay. for now. >> i'm concerned whether this is going to spread. are we going to start seeing this up and down the coast of california. >> reporter: the answer is, we don't know. >> that's the scariest part. >> reporter: we join researchers to get a closer look at the sharks and learn about the creature suspected of killing those sharks and other species including fish that wind up on the dinner table.
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they have one scientist looking into the deaths, but much of his work is done out of his dining room. we'll tell you why and why the state isn't putting any money behind finding out what is killing so many sharks. that's tonight at 11:00. >> we look forward to that. 4:56. have you taken a closer look at your water bill? a water company is over charging you and the city. >> they say the california public utilities commission tell him there are overcharges happening. he is investigating. and the staff is supposed to present possible recommendations at the council meeting later this month. he heard from his constituents upset. >> what's been consistent is they talked about how they reduced their water usage during the drought and saw significant increase. i understand the correlation,
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but some of the numbers were surprising. >> we reached out to the company and we have not heard back. >> as we mentioned, water rates are going up in many parts of the bay area. san jose water raise zed rates nearly 4% in july. santa clara valley went almost 10% in may. east bay customers will see the rates increase 20% over the next two years. that was approved in july. coming up on "today in the bay," a cooler start to the bay area morning. looks like a very nice day this afternoon. warms up pretty nicely. in oakland, we start out with low 50s this morning. noon, we are at 68 degrees and 73 degrees at 4:00 today. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week. that's coming up next. right now, we are looking at the north bay. look, we have a lot of company for you, if you are traveling through san raef yale. here, the san mateo bridge, we are tracking that.
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i'll give you lane status, coming up. plus, tragedy in las vegas. the country comes to grips with the deadliest mass shooting in history. new details we are learning about the suspect this morning. for joining us.
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i )m marcus washington. good morning and thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, seconds before 5:00. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news this morning. fire on the san mateo bridge
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shut down the entire bridge in both directions this morning. let's start with mike inouye. things are back open now? >> they are. about 3:30. very, very concerned. the bridge is a critical connector. you can see how much traffic is flowing, yes, in both directions. both sides are open. there's a fire on the westbound side. that is the commute direction. the map is on the foster city side. that is an issue as folks are coming off the bridge. only one lane now, only the right lane is blocked. there's no smoke. the fire is out. traffic is flowing smoothly over from the hayward side. if you want to avoid the activity, if you are worried about what's going on as far as the build for the commute, the dumbarton bridge to the south, the 237 connector westbound or the bay bridge, all of those east to west connectors are open. the commute is early on. right now, we have bob redell out there. bob, you are on the s


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