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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 3, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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obstetric tand the photographs, chilling photographs of the crime scene, the actual room on the 32nd floor where he took away so many lives. you see the crime tape. there is guns on the floor. and that's the door that was busted down by the s.w.a.t. team on sunday night at approximately 11:20 p.m. here in las vegas. federal agents have been canvassing room and floor ever since. we also learned that he wired his own surveillance system in terms of surveillance cameras inside and outside of his room. he had a camera actually on a food cart outside his door so he could see people approaching the door. he really thought this plan through. and took away all the lives. we are learning about compelling new information about a 62-year-old girlfriend, a new photo from a family dinner that they all shared in the philippines. this is mary lou danley, the girlfriend with him in the
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pictures. within the past two weeks he wired $100 to the philippines. we know that mary rou danley is currently visiting the philippines but is returning home to las vegas tomorrow. she obviously is a crucial piece in the investigation. we talked a lot about the investigation and the criminal activity bup there is also so much learning we're learning with the victims among the 58 dead. three women from the bay area. and this one is get wrefrmging. . they all are. we'll start with michelle vo from san jose. graduated from independence high school in 2003. 31 years old. back in independence she was a student body vice president. after high school and after college she went on to work at synopsis at the high tech firm in mountain view. most recently at new york life insurance in southern california and to aperson from friends and family what we hear is that her
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personality and smile simply lights up a room. on a personal levelly say my wife work at synopsis at that time where michelle vo worked there. we have a lot of friends that are close with michelle vo. so our deepest condolences and our hearts go out to the family as well. with us here in las vegas is also nbc bay area cheryl hurd and not just the people that per i should here but also some of the survivors. cheryl you actually have good news through all this. take it away. >> reporter: i do. but for the nurse and doctors inside and the people being treated all of these stories are so incredible. i talked to a woman who was on a girl's trip and she has a story of survival irene leaving the hospital the first time she and her best friend here wearing sunglasses at the music festival when the gunfire rang out.
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jennifer was shot in the face. >> first time they went anywhere by themselves together and something like this happened. >> they were enjoying the music close to the stage when she was hit. >> we had help by a woman napd heather she had back surgery she. a gentleman stopped his name is richard. and he stopped and he had a van. he pulled her into his van. >> jennifer and irene were rushed to the trauma center. the university medical center is treating the vast majority of injured. the doctor can't talk about specific patients but he says his staff has been dealing with overwhelming injury. >> we had blunt traumas from people falling or getting run over trying to escape the situation. >> a situation that will take this family a lifetime to process. >> yeah, so many people we
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didn't know but they helped us. >> they saved you guys. >> yes. >> now these two friends are from southern california. i have a story of one more person and it's really interesting. and that's coming up at 6:00. raj, back to you. >> okay, cheryl. cheryl hurd also here with us in las vegas. there are some remarkable stories coming out of this. the next time you visit las vegas things might be changing when you check into the hotel room. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. but for now send it back to you terry and janelle in studio. >> thanks, raj. as raj mentioned three of the deceased are from the bay area including michelle vo. we also learned more about the two other women. earlier this afternoon it was confirmed that 57-year-old denise cohen lost had he live. she went to california high school in san ramon. the novato family got the knews they threaded. missing wife and mother stacee etcheber was confirmed as one of
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the victims. sam brock has been following the story since yesterday. and sam her husband, a san francisco police officer and fellow officers flew to vegas only to get the horrible news today. >> horrible news janelle. and everyone i spoke with today who knew stacee. every conversation heart breaking. they talked about how loving and passion knit, a talented horse woman. now later today there is a vigil at the school there. at the front lawn people will be out here to honor stacee as the tragedy touches the community. with the passing of beloved mother, wife, daughter and friend, stacee etcheber, come hugs of solidarity and a window in the unforgotable personality. >> stacee had a love for horses, she had a stable down the block here. she shared her horses with kids. she loved the outdoors. she was a vivacious tough as
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nails person. >> she was one of the people that lights up the room or arena however you want to look at it. walk in her presence was known. >> karen's relationship with stacee dates back more than a decade. the two crossed paths or hooves at the novato horseman. when they met neither had kids. now they both have families. >> ebrahspecially as a parent t things hit you harder. you have your own kids. you can't imagine something like that happening. the san francisco police officers association set up a gofundme page for the family. flanked by members of the law enforcement community this morning process. stacee's brother-in-law had a message to the two children. >> we love you very much. your dad loves you very much. >> reporter: he also went and to mention that the san francisco police department and the poa stand behind them as well. that was al etcheber right there talking about the fact that he
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believes his sister in law went back into the scene after her husband instructed her to leave because he thinks she was just trying to help people while she was out there. we do not have details at this point as to how she was injured. reporting live from novato. sam brock. >> heart breaking. thank you, some. we are get ago clearer picture of what happened that night sunday night. the first call to 911 came in at 10:08. we learned the shooter stephen paddock fired bullets into the crowd nine straight minutes. 300 yards away, across the vegas strip in at suite at the mandalay bay. officers paired up with hotel security to pinpoint where he was at 109:24 they closed in on the room. >> on the suspects door. i need everybody in that hafl way to be aware and get back. >> then at 11:20 police heard
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blafrting the door off the room where he was found dead along with his arsenal of weapons. at 11:58 report he is down. >> las vegas officials are thanking the public for the outpouring of support, tweets cents out by the city of las vegas. clark county and the tourism bureau each with the hashtag vegas strong. >> things like changing the next time you visit las vegas. this is all about how you check into the hotel here on the strip. that story coming up next. plus president trump cuts his trip to puerto rico short. the request he made of the island's governor before he left. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, a clear and cool 66 in san francisco right now. we'll tell you where it dips down to 40 degrees tomorrow morning. forecast at 5:20 tonight. tonight, new security measures
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another live look right now at the mandalay bay casino in las vegas ton. new security measures already being implemented at hotels on and near the strip as authorities vou to learn more from in deadly attack. >> let's rejoin raj mathai. he is in las vegas with that part of the story toll us about the changes on the way, raj. >> it could be coming quick to a lot of hotels right now just one hotel. they do this in various
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international hotels some in hong kong and mumbai but it could be coming to america specifically las vegas. on the other end of the strip from where i am today was day two of the new security implementation. essentially it's like airport style security. you can see long lines just getting into the wynn whether you are staying there or not to stay at the hotel you need to go through security. that could be coming to the other major hotels in las vegas. there are different lines across the city, not just hotel lines. but lines of volunteers, loading donations of food, water, of pizza, sandwiches, everything to help the blood centers. these are the blood donation centers. we have heard a lot in the last 48 hours about the outpouring of support. just a few hours ago we were at the local blood center. and again booked overflows with people who wanted to give back. >> i don't feel like it's even
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doing enough. this is just the biggest gesture i can think to do right now. if i could do more i would. this is -- this feels small. too small for the victims and the families. >> that is theresa one of the blood donors we chat the with. she lives in phoenix but felt compelled to donate blood to victims. back on the strip news we are receiving a few minutes ago police officers moved the live location a few feet because they said they're about to reopen the boulevard which is really good news for this city. just to try to get back to some sort of normalcy. guys, back to you. >> raj, thank you so much. you can also follow updates from raj on twitter that includes the tweet about one of the victims, michelle vo after he broke the story live on "today in the bay" this morning. our handle is at nbc bay area. the south bay family in
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morning this evening after discovering 32-year-old michelle vo was one of the victims in the mass shooting in las vegas. raj was talking about it earlier. she grew up in san jose. graduated from independence high school and independence high school is where we find marianne favro right now with reaction from family and michelle's best friend. marianne. >> reporter: michelle vo was student body vice president here at independence high school. she graduated in 2003. and today her friends and family told me she loved golfed and music. and they describe her as self-less and adventurous. >> she tweet thd photo of concert in las vegas to her sisters not knowing it would be her last photo. minutes later shot to death. 32-year-old was incredibly ig î,óá levels of kindness just by being around her.
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you became a better person because of her. without even if heing it. >> michelle graduated from independence high school in san jose where she was active in performing arts. she later graduated from uc davis. that's where she they became best friends. >> every day she strives to be the best she can be. every -- everything that she does sme gives it her best. >> before moving to southern california michelle worked as of an executive assistant at synopsis in the south bay. >> she was venergetic. >> tonight friends and family say they're in disbelief that the woman who gave so much of her life to others had her own cut short. concert in las vegas. kody robertson. and after she was shot he tried
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to shield her lifted her over a barricade on to a stranger's truck to seek medical attention. her family told me that they went to vegas and they hugged kody ands thanked him for trying to help michelle reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you marianne. the stress on family and friends still trying to find missing loved ones is just -- just so terrifying. it's unfaith maniable. some going from hospital to hospital frustrated to tears by the confusion and lack of answers. >> i'm just very angry. angry that i had to race my kids to vegas and see this. i'm sorry. >> fortunately her friend was among several patients discharged from the hospital today. several hundreds injured victims scattered among four different care facilities causing some confusion. well stories of heroism
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emerge after the massacre, including two security guards who pushed their way through the confusion toward the stage to help evacuated people. >> i think he grabbed a wheel barreiro at one point. i grabbed a trash can that we were putting people in. >> lester holt speaks with these two security guards tonight on nbc nightly news" a as he anchors live from las vegas coming up in 15 minutes. president trump cut short the visit to puerto rico today. leaving of an hour earlier than scheduled. when he was there he met with residents. he raised some eyebrows by joking that hurricane maria's expense has thrown the federal budget out of whack. some were insulted when he likened the hurricane to a real catastrophe like karnta which had a higher death toll he asked the governor to confirm the loss of life. >> 16 people certified. 16 people versus in the thousands. >> well karnta death toll was
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actually less than 2,000. president president briefly greeted the san juan mayor who had slammed the aid response as too slow but the president lavishly praised the governor for not playing pictures. 20 nurses took off to puerto rico. they vorted to workings there two weeks traveling at the request of the mayor and saying they're helping out any way they're asked to. one of the nurse's jobs will be giving breaks to those working nonstop since the hurricane struck last month. >> the massive data breach at yahoo bigger than previously thought. the company clarifying all of the 3 billion users were impacted. that's triple the initial estimate announced last year. yahoo announced today it's notified all the user accounts, the breach took place back in august of 2013. the investigation indicates that stolen information includes passwords, credit card data and other bank account information.
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>> jeff ranieri here now and the red flag warning is going out. >> exactly looking at less wind through the next 24 hours. the focus starts to shift to the cold temperatures for tomorrow. as we look koser at the microcloimt we see down in the south bay it is very comfortable right now. moviely clear skies and checking in with 73. relatively dry air. 29% humidity. and then notice by 11:00 tonight we're down to a chilly 59 degrees under moetly clear skies. all of the cold temperatures in the morning we had lately and the clear conditions it's all due to the area of low pressure diving down across the west. it still looks like we're stuck with it the next two days helping to drag down the chillier air. most importantly the morning hours brings us to the 40s. we'll get a closer look at the cold temperatures tomorrow. everyone is really impacted in the interior vafls, down to 45 in sand martin.
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46 in livermore. 42 in napa. 41 in petaluma. find the jackets now and be ready for tomorrow. it's one of the mornings especially in petaluma and napa where you need to dress in layers. not quite as cold in san francisco. because the bay and ocean retains a little bit of heat and helps to key cities near the coast and bay a little bit warmer. in terms of what we expect through tomorrow morning mostly clear from the tri-valley towards the south bay. and again the coldest average in the temperatures here in the north bay at 44. heading through the day tomorrow you'll be able to rid the jacket, plenty of warming. down in the south bay perfect temperatures for october. 79 in san jose, 77 in cupertino and warmer 80 in morgan hill. the east bay not quite as windy. 84 in concord. 79 vallejo and oakland 72. peninsula, redwood city looking nice. 76. 69 for the mission, 67 in the
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embarcadero. the north day 79 in soont rosa. 75 in mill valley. san francisco warms up. i pushed it to 73 friday. we keep that low 70s trend into sunday. no rainfall still for the next seven days. for the inland valleys going warm up to 88 by friday. upper 80s through the weekend and temperatures level off next tuesday's forecast process. the one thing the weather is great for guys is fleet week, friday, saturday and sunday. the air show down at the green. looking at near 70 and clear skies. looks nice. >> hang out with a million of your closest friends. >> it will be so much fun though thank you. >> a crucial deadline for daca. it's coming up quick. the rush to get a renewal and time is running out. bill through the house,
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happening now republicans have pushed a bill through the house outlaw aing moet late term abortions. senate democrats have enough votes to kill it with fill buster. >> postponing the 2017 term for from seeger's vertebrae. but he hopes to be back on the road soon. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark.
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daca permits. time is running out for so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers to renew daca permits. the delinquent two days away. talking about thursday the day after tomorrow. the renewals need to be sent to the u.s. citizenship and immigration office. which means they need to be in mail by tonight. at the latest. the daca program started back in 2012 under president obama. and gave kids brought to the u.s. illegally the ability to apply for renewable two-year work permit if they met the eligibility requirements. >> as many as 2,000 leopard sharks washed up in the bay area over the past few months. whatever is killing them is proceeding to other species. bigad slabben looks for answers. >> they unexplained shark deaths date back five decades here in california. but this year is different.
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more species are washing up dead here. and no one knows why. scientisting tell us they believe the deaths are largely isolated in the bay. >> i'm concerned whether it's going to spread. we don't want to see this up and down the coast. >> the answer is to that is we don't no he. >> that's the scareyest part. >> we join researcher off the coast to get a closer look at the sharks and we'll tell but the tiny creature suspected of killing those sharks and other species. including fish that often wind up on your dinner table. the california does have one scientist looking into the deaths. but much of his work is done out of his dining room. we'll tell you why. and we'll explain why the state says it isn't putting any money behind finding out what's killing so many sharks. tonight at 11:00. >> thanks bigad. >> raj joins us one more time we we come back.
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in the shadows of the mandalay bay hotel. yesterday they established a gofundme page for the victims of the shooting here. right now at last check a few minutes ago -- you can look at it with me.
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$4.2 million. the goal was to raise 4.5 million but you can imagine they'll succeed the goal in 24 hours they raised a lot of money to help victims and families here np that's going to do it we'll see you on the 6:00 newscasts. >> raj, thank you. >> well a moving message today from a tv host who found it hard to be funny after the las vegas mass shooting. >> you just saw it about an hour ago. ellen began with the show not with jokes but honesty. >> it's easy to lose hope but we cannot do that. we cannot do that. there is a lot more good in the world than there is bad. and i continue to believe that. >> ellen ran a videos of the heroes she featured on the show after efr over the past year reinforcing the message there is good. >> amazesing how many comedians are taking the time to be
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serious. >> very respectful. more on the coverage coming up at 6:00. lester holt is negligence with nightly news from las vegas. tonight, a deepening mystery after the massacre here in las vegas. why did he do it? as we see inside the killer's hotel room, chilling new details on his arsenal, the device used to modify the guns, hidden cameras he set up and big money he sent overseas shortly before committing mass murder. tonight police say the girlfriend ia person of interest. what did she know? also the heros in the crowd. >> she was crying and just keep talking to her so we knew she was conscious. i'll never forget her face, ever. >> emotional stories emerge. plus president trump in puerto rico after a public war of words.


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