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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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conference from the lashing county sheriff. we'll bring you the upas soon as it begins. here is the newest video in the newsroom. fbi investigators combing through debris at the festival grounds. as you can see the see the field littered with chairs shoes and personal items. >> tonight the first look inside the hotel room where the shooter opened fire. the pictures show the assault rifle he used. the crime scene tape there. the food cart he set up outside the room on that cart a surveillance camera to alert him as officers closed in. >> they're saying this is premeditated. also new tonight, the candid pictures of the shooter stephen paddock posted to facebook. showing him and his girlfriend sharing a traditional philippine owe mel. >> we have a team of the reporters bringing you last. raj mathai bringing you the
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latest live. >> we will continue to following the details of the investigation that will unravel throughout the next few weeks and perhaps several months. what will last forever, a lift now is all the victims that died here and even the people who were injured here in las vegas. let's start with someone from the south bay. her name is michelle vo abpeople, friends and family call her simply the guiding light. she walked into a room and lit it up with personality and smile. this is a photo that she tweeted herself from that country music festival 48 hours ago just minutes before she was shot and killed. her brother-in-law describes her as incredibly self-less and inadvertant outs she worked at synopsis where coworkers say she was hard working and energetic. >> beautiful in all ways, physically mentally emotionally. just someone doing all the right things to be the american dream
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to live that american dream. >> she was everything you wanted to be. as far as just being a good person. she had all of that. >> very difficult for everyone involved. michelle vo grew up in san jose, graduated from independence high school. independence high school in 2003. she was a student body vice president there. she was a shooting star in high school and continued her development into her career after she left synopsis in the silicon value recently working at new york life insurance as an agent in southern california. not just michelle vo there were two other women from the bay area who we confirmed the identities among them denise a san ramon native, 57 years old she lived in santa barbara but visiting the bay area next yeek for the 40-year class reunion she went to high school in san
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ramon. ironically also a graduate from california high school, stas rey etcheber, a mother of two, married to a san francisco police department police officer that family lives in novato. our hearts go out to stacee etcheber and denise and michelle, among the 58 people lives taken here in las vegas. also with us here just a few miles away is nbc bay area cherld hurd. and it's just not story base people who died. it's also about the people who lived and surviving, people walking out of the hospital. cheryl joins from us the university medical center a few miles away. cheryl. >> reporter: that's right, raj. people have been come in and out of in hospital all day long with flowers and balloons. 40 to 50 people have been discharged so far. at the height of all this 104 people admitted. nbc talked with one person recovering tonight who has an
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incredible story. >> i was watching jason aldean. out of no where i kind of just felt like a pop. >> an interview from the hospital bed at university medical center, taylor planing to "the today show" of a that guthrie what happened sunday night. >> it was hurting a little bit. and i looked down. and there was a bunch of blood. >> he survived with the help of well trained doctors at the medical center. the only trauma i center in the region. >> of the vast majority of our injuries were penetrating injuries from gunshot. we had a few blunt trauma from people running or falling over. >> irene and her best friend jennifer were on the first ever girl's trip. irene helped her friend survive. >> she couldn't walk. we had help from a woman neighborhood helder she had a
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wheelchair. backup we pushed her on there. a gentleman stopped named richard. he stopped he had a van. he pulled her into the van. >> it the first time they went anywhere by themselves together and something like this happens. >> reporter: the family from southern california believed their friend jennifer will survive. she was shot in the face pan will require a lot of plastic surgery. now the taylor injury o interview can be seen in the sbriert on "the today show" early tomorrow morning. raj back to you. okay cheryl hurd reporting just a few miles away we university medical center. what we want to do now is send it over to the live news conference speging more information about the investigation. let's send it to the undersheriff here in las vegas. >> in that room, investigating, we're getting close to the completion of the processing the site.
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we have a significant amount of time left there as well. however the southbound portion of las vegas boulevard is now completelily open. we are also working diligently as we speak -- i believe we just opened up two of the northbound lanes and the completion of the northbound lanes should occur sometime this evening. so bearing in mind that the investigation is dynamic, ongoing, continuing -- and i don't have a lot of answers for you yet -- and clearly understanding that nobody wants answers to why more than the police and the victim's families. but we have a responsibility to get it right. and so that's why it's going to take time. that's why we're going to take that time. however, there is some i guess at best interesting reporting about how long the shooting lasted and how long it took us to get into the room. the first question is how long did the actual shooting last? i'm prepared to give you some information on that. and the first call came into the
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dispatch center at 10:08 p.m. at shots being fired. the suspect i can tell you that we know now he fired off and on for somewhere between nine and 11 minutes. we know that the suspect fired over a dozen or so volleys we know the firing by the suspect ceased at 10:19. i want to you think about that. the first minute the police are aware of shots being fired at 10:08 and it stopss(írñ that's a remarkable response by the police department. also, another question that came up, how long was it before the s.w.a.t. team entered the suspect's room? somebody said you heard it's 72 minutes and woi so long? as i just mentioned to you, as the sheriff mentioned previously in the briefing, we had patrol officers actually working another event at the mandalay
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bay. who took it upon themselves to form a team and enter the stair well-well again ascending the floors and evacuating guests. the s.w.a.t. team had to arrive first at the mandalay bay before they could take action. there was a heroic security guard i mentioned earlier who was shot during the search for the suspect. that security guard went up to the room. he was advancing towards the room when the suspect fired through the door at the security guard and struck him. he was able to provide additional information to the police. on exactly which room that we were looking at. . however at that time it's important to note that the shooting had stopped. we're considering it a barricade at that point because it's no longer active shooter. we're not hearing further shots. the floors had been evacuated of the guests. the suspect was now isolated and contained within a room. at the point that the s.w.a.t. team made the decision based on when it was appropriate to
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enter. i want to make it clear, again, to you, that while there was that slight delay, the putback was no longer firing into the crowd. there was a question about the validity of the crime scene photos somebody had leaked. i can confirm those are in fact photos from inside of the room. they're in fact photos of our suspect. and as the sheriff mentioned previously we have all opened up an internal investigation to determine the source who, the leaks of the photos to the public. you asked what we found in the sheriff's -- or in the suspect's room and the sheriff spoke a little bit about cameras being located. to clarify, there were two cameras located in the hallway so that the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room. and there was another camera placed inside the hotel room door peep hole so he could see down the hallway.
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at this point you had a number of questions about the weapons and then2(b(sac from the atf to right jill schneider will provide a statement to you but not take any questions. >> good evening. i'm special agent in charge jill schneider of atf san francisco field. >> okay you are now listening to the undersheriff here in clark county responsible for las vegas and overseeing the entire operation. a few take aways in the update we were listening live here watching in. the investigation is dynamic and ongoing. no conclusive evidence just yet on the motive. but dynamic and ongoing. they did want to clarify the time line. that has been a big issue here. 10:08 they received the calls. the firing lasted by stephen paddock 9 to 11 minutes and stopped at 10:19. the first smots at 10:08,
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stopped at 10:19. they did say there was a heroic security guard shot through the door of the hotel. we also want to say about 45 minutes ago president trump tweeted his praise for the las vegas police department. the president will be here in las vegas tomorrow. send it back to you in studio. terry and janelle. >> this investigation will take time. we'll check back in later. thank you range. coverage on the dwefrlg story is continuing online. we are posting the latest information, latest video including what a hayward man captured moments after the gunfire broke out. still to come, the show must go on. we are live at shore line amp theater as people get ready to and i the first big concert assembles the las vegas massacre. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures dropping. right now in the in the low sifts inland. but close to 40 degree tomorrow morning coming up at 6:20 tonight.
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good evening again from las vegas. i'm raj mathai. within the past three or four minutes there is good news here. as you look over my shoulder this is the strip, the world famous las vegas boulevard. it just reopened. in front of nanosecondlea bay where the shooting occurred. the strip just reopened after being closed for 48 hours since the shooting sunday night.
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across down we are also checking at the big local hospital here. the university medical center. it's the only level i trauma center in the state of nevada. and here are the updates we received today. we were there today talking with the hospital staff. 12 people remain in critical condition. two teenagers are being treated there. they were at the skrert sunday night, in stable condition. now the victims and their families are all at this hospital. >> it's not easy to be a friend or a loved one of somebody who is in the hospital. they need to it exact same amount of care. are they sleeping, eating taking care of themselves because there will be a long road of recovery ahead for the patients. we want to make sure the family members will be well enough to take care of them once they get home. >> that is a key point it's not just victims but family members and friends not just here in las vegas but around the country and around the world. that's going to do it for now we'll see you later in the newscasts. we'll talk how the hotel las
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vegas hotels are changing. checking in might be different. >> we'll check in with you in a bit, raj. tonight in the bay area kicks off a series of big big skerds o concerts. a sold out show for imagine dragons. >> crowds are showing up. scott budman is live outside there. is everybody agreeing with the notion that the show must go on. >> yeah, absolutely. good way to put it terry. we talked to a lot of people showing up. and they say yes they are thinking about kwhapd in las vegas. but they also tell us since they're here they want to clear their mind and have a good time as people arrived at shore line with family and friends for the show, they were thinking about safety. >> i'd be lying if i didn't say it was in the back of my mind. >> but for this family who came early from livermore to meet imagine dragons, the show has to go on with precautions in place. >> each of us has id so if something happened we are separated we all have id.
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if not our phone so we can be identified at any time. >> speaking of caution, mountain view police department says security will as always be tight. >> but i know we went out earlier and have another meeting to ensure that every precaution is taking o taken possible in terms of securing the venue. >> the family says they're glad to hear it, also saying they're ready to have a good time. >> so i just think that you know you got to keep that feeling alive and you can't focus on the negative. you just got to support the band and keep going. >> if you stop doing what you would naturally do then they win. so you want to take reasonably precautions. but you know in the end you -- you need to go on with your life. >> reporter: all right the concert starts here in about an hour. an even bigger show comes to town tomorrow night. when cold play is set to play levi stadium. i talked earlier to levi officials. they say the stewart there is tight as well process.
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they also expect concertgoers to have fun. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. flowers candles and notes among the tributes fans leaving for rocker tom petty on the hollywood walk of fame. petty and his band the heartbreaks were honored with the star in 1999. he died yesterday after sufrpg a heart attack. the shock reporter 66 years old. his album is selling to well could crack the top ten by the enof the week. so many great songs from that man over 30, 40 years. >> for sure let's get a check of the forecast now. we were talking about the red flag warning yesterday. but it's leaving. >> fading away but the gusty winds from the drier normal direction. the big focus is the cold temperatures. get the jackets out and get ready. tomorrow morning as you'll be able to see in the forecast dipping down to 47 degrees for the average in the tri-valley.
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peninsula 55 and the south bay at 41 under mostly clear skies. coldest average is north bay at 44. at 6:48 i'll have a what spots will get close to 40. a little bit milder in the east bay there and san francisco by the bay as the ocean helps to retain a little bit of heat. that's way the temperatures won't drop down quite as cold. through tomorrow forecast warming by the afternoon. still beautiful in antioch at 83. livermore 80. san jose 79. san francisco 68 and santa rosa 79. beautiful afternoon. a low back at the interior valley forecast on the seven-day we warm up by friday to 88 degrees. still keeping with the trend of upper 80s saturday and sunday. then eventually we'll see things starting to drop off by next tuesday. but no rainfall just yet on the 7-day forecast. so it's still early in the rain
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season. i'd say right now enjoy the next seven day is looking great. if you're head headhooding toward the weekend we know a lot of you might be visiting for fleet week. nearly perfect weather out there at marina green clear skies for excellent visibility of the air show friday saturday and sunday. and temperatures in marina fwreen near 70 degrees for the early afternoon. we'll have a longer look at the 7-day coming up. right now head to break and more news after this. the governor of puerto rico,
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updating the death toll in the
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wake of hurricane maria. happening now, the governor of puerto rico updating the death toll in the wake of hurricane mary. it has been increase four-door 16 to 34 pch the governor made that announcement following president trump's visit today. on her facebook page we look at whether the shooting in las vegas is kbaking the tourism even as the strip opens to traffic for the first time since sunday night. at stanford health care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts.
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if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. back to the las vegas massacre. survivors of the shooting are returning home to the bay area. and many are just struggling to try to get back to normal life. jodi hernandez spoke with several people trying to cope with what happened and trying to figure out how to move forward. >> reporter: janelle, i talked to several survivors today, including one from here in vallejo. after all they just went through they're having a very difficult
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time trying to get back to the routine of daily life. >> i want to just get back to normal. and in a normal routine. but i'm in the sure what that is now. and what is normal now for me. >> ms. blickly of vallejo can't stop thinking of the chaos she survived in las vegas. blakely flew back to the bay area with her girlfriends yesterday. still running on the adrenalin that kicked in when the gunfire erupted >> we just want it to go away. we want it to be. >> i'm a little shaky. i haven't slept in like 30 hours. >> she survived with the help of strangers who drove her to safety. >> i seen some headlights and i ran to the car. i said please take mow with me. please. >> it's like being thrown into a war zone without a gun. >> brentwood native danielle can't stop reliving the
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nightmare either. the uc irvine student watching from the front row when the shots rang out. she took cell phone video as she and the crowd got on the ground. a. >> we're on the ground. what she thought as she escaped will be with her forever. >> as of right now it's just trying to cope with it now. and let it sink if. >> the college student from brentwood i lonically is a psychology major. she says she did attend a class today on human stress. something unfortunately she is now an expert on. reporting live from vallejo nbc bay area news. it's worse than we thought. yahoo! confirmed the massive security breach in 2013 affected every user, 3 billion users. the company now part of verizon
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recently obtained new intelligence about the massive breach last december. yahoo! initially disclosed 1 billion accounts impacted. they now say all 3 billion accounts were likely accretaed. yahoo! directly notified impacted users to take action. >> wells fargo executives in hot seat again over the thousands of unauthorized accounts opened up by employees. we investigate by the company is pushing back on lawmakers and fighting a federal order involving a california bank manager. raj mathai we continue coverage in las vegas within the last few months with we obtained new police body cam video from the nice of the massacre. we have a statement from the shooter's family. coming up next. stay with us. the las vegas metro police
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released this new video in the past 10 mines right now at 6:30, the las vegas metro police department released the new video in the past ten minutes. body cam video from the shooting on it you could here officers trying to figure out where the gunshots are coming from. a new disturbing look inside the night of the las vegas shooting massacre. >> we also learn the gunman had a total of 47 firearms both in his hotel room and two homes. we continue coverage with raj mathai. more on that body cam video. came out in the last ten
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minutes, raj. >> yeah, terry all happening within the last 5 or ten minutes. a lot coming our way. we also have a statement from the shooter's family. let's start with the body cam video just now released by the las vegas police department. and really you can see the confusion of what was going on. in our time line like the police department was just telling us, this is about 10:08 p.m. on sunday night. they're trying to determine where the shots are coming from. there is 20,000 people watching the country music concert. the police not sure if it's ground level gunfire or coming from above. eventually a few minutes later they realize it's from the 32nd floor of the hotel. there is a another clip that shows similar scenes of people leaving and confused about where to go. this is new body cam video come in released by the las vegas police department. we also want to show you the
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statement released just also a short while ago from the shooter's family. and that's stephen paddock. the statement reads in part, there is just no way to express our shock, devastation and sorrow for all the victims and their families, unimaginable loss. again that's part of the statement released by the family of stephen paddock, 64 years old. at one point he was an irs agent but in 1970s and 1980s. he ends up killing 58 people here in las vegas. now, speaking of las vegas and moving forward how will it change? it's already beginning to change when when it comes to checking into the hotel. >> the distinctive sky line with all the high rise hotels might look the same but down below things are changing before our eyes. this is day 2 of a new security procedure at the five-star wynn hotel, essentially airport style screening. and that means long lines just
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to get inside. there is another line in las vegas. this assembly line of volunteers. distributing the water, pizza, snacks and sandwiches. here is why. inside is the blood center. a record amount of doaners continue to wait patiently to help the victims and the local hospitals. the blood and love are flowing. >> i don't feel like it's even doing enough. this is just the biggest gesture i can think to do right now. if i could do more i would. this is- this feels small. too small for the victims and the families. >> so many people here uniting in las vegas. the same could bed said of people uniting in the bay area let's bring in nbc bay area sam brock joins from us novato where a special night is about to get under way. sam. >> reporter: raj, good evening. that is exactly right. right now local time about 6:35
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or so. at 7:00 tonight there is going to be a vigil to honor one of the victims ever the las vegas shootings that would be stacee etcheber in novato. behind me you have several people a couple dozen gathered with candles and flowers. an entire police metro kad has come from sf p. d. several officers as well. stacee touched so many lives here in the community. so many you talk to the family abfriends and community leaders all saying they are reeling from the loss of a beautiful soul. in commemorating the life of stacee etcheber words may not suffice. her berry in law al points to her likely actions. the night she was innovated from her husband a san francisco police officers in las vegas. >> when the shooting occurred it was about helping others. when my brother went out to help others and put her in safety and told her to not to run out she
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ran out and helped other sfleem people say she was many things besides self-less. a shining light that brightened a room. and a scintillating presence as a novato horseman. >> a talented horse woman really. she was really talented with a horse, a lot more so than people we used to ride with. she just had something special i would say more than the other people. >> karen met stacee years ago when neither woman had children. now a mother of two herself karen is trying to come to terms with the last 48 hours. >> i don't know if it ever will sink in. even just the whole ooents event itself but just the fact that she is gone i don't know. >> stacee's memory lives on both through the memorial fund founded by the law enforcement community and the legacy of her love felt dearly by those in her life. and to quote al etcheber, stacee
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is very fiery, she drives the truck, drives the boat. she pulse the horse trailer. she is a cowgirl. reporting live from snoft o, some brock. >> sam, very nice. san ramon, novato appear mill valley she will be remembered in a big way. so many emotional stories about the victims back to you in the bay area. >> raj, thanks very much. stay with us for the latest developing story we'll check back with raj on the newscasts later on. we'll update the platforms 24-7. other news a grilling on capitol hill a year after revelations that wells fargo employees opened thousands unthorsoned accounts. >> they are demanding the ouster of wells fargo you executives. liz. >> wells fargo ceo is pushing back against senators in d.c.
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while closer to home the bank is pushing back upon a branch manager who says he was fired for speaking up. it's a scandal that rocked the country. wells fargo employees fraudulently opening 3.5 million accounts to meet aggressive sales goals. >> members of the committee. >> the man at the top, new ceo tim sloan says the company is making changes. but elizabeth warren says sloan needs to go. >> at best you were incompetent. as worst you were complicit and either way you should be fired. >> hundreds of whistle blowers say they were fired for raising red flags about the fake accounts. dozens of the employees complained about retaliation to the department of labor's whistle blower protection program. last year we spoke to the attorney representing a former bank manager. she case her case was pending with the labor department more than five years. >> i gave them a date and a
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time. never heard back. >> we learned the government finallied wrapped the investigation finding the summer that wells fargo unthe justly fired her. the labor department ordered the company to immediately rereinstate her with back pay and damages. but we also learned wells fargo is now fighting that order. saying the manager was terminated because of misconduct unrelated to whistle blowing. the company says employees raised concerns about how she treated them and is requesting a hearing so investigators can interview the witnesses. wells fargo says at the end of the process kwhafr the outcome it will comply. the bank manager attorney sells us he believes the move is an attempt to drag out the case even further. janelle. >> okay liz thank you so much for the update. if auf story for the investigative unit give us a call, 1-888-996-tips, you can also send us an email to the you know at the president tours storm damaged puerto rico. his messages to the people there about how things could be worse. storm-damaged puerto rico was
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"terrific," and told reporters he heard only "tha y president trump says his tour of storm damaged puerto rico was terrific and he told reporters he heard only thank yous from victims. he met with residents by raising eyebrows that the puerto rico expense ha had thrown the puerto rico out of whack budget. he compared it to karnta saying it was a real catastrophe with a higher death toll. i asked the governor to confirm the loss of life there. >> 16 people certified. 16 people versus in the thousands. >> and within the last hour puerto rico's governor updated the death toll to 34. that's the confirmed number. they have not reached the outlying areas of island. >> speaking of puerto rico. 20 local nurses took off for puerto rico. this trip is no vacation. members of the rn response
6:41 pm
network they volunteered to help out on the island two weeks. helping out any way they can. traveling at the request of the san juan mayor. >> as a registered nurse as a grandmother and mother it's the humane thing to do. i volunteered before. and seeing those pictures, the desperation it's the least i could do. >> they should get a warm welcome for a lot of reasons one of the most important jobs will be giving breaks to health workers treating patients nonstop since the hurricane hit puerto rico that was a little over a week ago. >> a lot of people helping out. >> let's get a check of the forecast. nice day but so cold last night. >> sfr chippy. blanket weather maybe the heater clicking on a little bit. a look right now a nice rebound you want to 79 in walnut creek. midnight downtown to 59. i'll tell you who drops near 40 to near 40 degrees coming up in
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5 minutes. >> raj mathai we continue coverage here from the strip in las vegas. we are just getting new information within the past few minutes from the atf about the gunman arsenal, what he did to modify his weapons. stay with us.
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jason aldean is now speaking coming to you again from las vegas. new information from the atf about the shooter, what was found indian tside the hotel ro. how he carried out the attack. also new information about the girlfriend. let's start with the body cam video released about 25 minutes ago. showed it to you earlier. this is from the police body cam on sunday night around 10:08 p.m. as soon as the gunfire erupted. here is what we know. what they're telling us, the federal officials is stephen paddock up there on the 32nd floor attached devices to his
6:45 pm
weapons, allowing his rifles to mimic fully automatic gunfire. as of this juncture that is completely legal. so he was following the law in terms of the equipment he was receiving. also new, they recovered 47 firearms from three locations. firearms from here at the hotel, firearms from his home in mesquite about 80 miles north. and also firearms from his home in reno, nevada. so in northern nevada. two developments, how he modified the rifles. and now the fogeltanz is 47 firearms. also as you see now the body cam video released by the officers. we should also note the girlfriend. 62-year-old a mary lou danley. getting compelling information about her. this is a new photo from a family dinner in the philippines. within the last two weeks we are learning that paddock the shooter wired money to the philippines, $100,000. we also know that mary lou danley is visiting the philippines right now with you is expected to return here to
6:46 pm
las vegas tomorrow. so tomorrow is a big day not only politicly but also for the investigation. mary lou danley arriving in las vegas. investigators will be talking to her and politicly speaking president trump expected to arrive here in las vegas around 9:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will be here as well. guys sending it back to you. >> okay, raj thank you. jason aldean is speaking are speaking out after the deadly attack. the country singer on stage when stephen paddock opened fire on the crowd. >> he post-ed the following on facebook. something has changed in this country and in this world lately that is scarey to see. the world is becoming the kiep of place i am afraid to raise my children in. the singer is specking his third child with his wife. aldean went on to say we are humans and americans time to start acting like it and standing together as one. >> speaking of kids explaining the tragedy can be tough
6:47 pm
specifically if you're trying to talk to children about it. we posted the five things to remember when talking to family about in shooting. you can find that on the website, jeff ranieri here now and you mentioned moment ago you were going to say who is getting close to 40. are you going to tell us now or later. >> got to wait a little bit. i will tell you the north bay will be one of the coldest, napa, sonoma county. all about the big chill heading into tomorrow morning forecast. tonight i want to start off with a look where we are so far when it comes to the rainfall season as we flip the calendar over to october. so many of us including me we can't wait for rainfall. and as you'll see in october we run a little bit of deficit but not bad. anywhere from 0.04 to 0.07. well it's frustrating we have a storm system across the west but
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sitting over the lapped. so it's dry. no rainfall from this. with you the counterclockwise flow continues to drag down chillier air mainly impacting morning temperatures. let's look at where the numbers are close to 40. you need the jackets up in the north bay. the number one chill here. 41 in petaluma. 42 in napa. 46 in livermore. also redwood city down to 47 degrees. not wit quite as cold in san francisco and cities near the bay because the ocean temperatures help keep it -- retain heat. and therefore any city mere the bay or immediate coastline is a little bit warmer. in terms of sky conditions it's mostly clear. no problems in the tri-valley back to the south bay. and again the coldest average across the north bay with 44 degrees. heading true the day tomorrow. plenty of warming in the forecast. it's boueautiful in the afterno. cupertino, 7. east san jose 81.
6:49 pm
morgan hill 80. east bay, fire danger has decreased. not as much wint. out of the northwest at 6-mile-per-hour. notice the humidity feels dry. down to 20%. 83 in antioch. 82 in walnut creek and 76 in hayward. afternoon in the peninsula, sunny skies in half moon at 66. back to palo alto 79. san francisco you have 65 in the morina near the golden gate. and back to the mission milder at 69. for the north day 75 mill valley. 7879 in sonoma. extended forecast shows warmer weather building in. no storm systems next seven days. stay with the trend of low 70s all the way through next tuesday's forecast. enjoy it now. because we should start to see some storm systems definitely by the end of the month and hopefully into november. with how things typically play out. and for the inland valleys we
6:50 pm
have pushed it up to 88 on friday, holding with upper 80s through the upcoming weekend then drop it down to 82. now there is always a lot of interest in the long range forecast. no storm systems but there is a 60% chan of la nina i've been bringing it up a lot to remind folks. pan if it comes through it could mean above average rain. we'll be all over it for you. >> great. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. what went wrong? the giants brain trust begins to dissect a disappointing season. really disappointing. got to figure out what to do different next year. coming up in sports.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible
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morning... a year removed from making the playoffs the giants tied detroit the giants front office held the year end news conference. >> yes a year reo removed from taking the playoffs. they tide for the worst record in major league baseball. 64 wins and 98 losses. the vice president of baseball operations brian sab yan may have summed it up best. >> we had a last place season that can happen. just like you have a lost year in life. but we're not last place people and we're not a last place
6:54 pm
organization. so to the questions earlier, this isn't a blow it up or rebuild. it's a reset. what it's going to take how that goes from where we finished to being competitive to a playoff team, that's incumbent upon all of us to figure out. >> well, giants start to rebuild with the draft. going to have the second overall pick. next year. we're back to the las vegas shooting and there's been a constant -- it's been a constant day of developments, a lot of things unfolding. >> tomorrow prufrpt will be there arriving in las vegas check in one more time with raj. he has been leading the coverage. raj. >> yes talk about a constant day of developments. really it's been a constant 20 or 35 minutes so much released to us and so much in terms of information and time lines. what we learned a short while ago is really the response time for las vegas police officers to rush up, identify the shooter, he was coming from, then rush up
6:55 pm
to the 32nd floor and stop that shooting. the shooting started at 10:08 p.m. on sunday night, end the at 109:19. about 11 minutes of shooting. a swift response by the pd. president trump tweeting this. it's a miracle how fast the metropolitan police were able to find the departmented shooter and stop him. president trump at the white house tonight after visiting puerto rico. he will be here about 9:30 a.m. in las vegas tomorrow. we will be here covering the visit. send it back to you in the bay area. >> okay, raj. thank you. and before we go we want to remember the 58 people killed in the las vegas shooting. they were from all over the world. mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. the youngest victims in high school and college. many victims also on a weekend get away with a friend. all at the concert to enjoy a night of country music and amidst the stories of horror there are countless stories of
6:56 pm
love and self-lessness. >> that would include this paramedic dawn, both from oregon both treated wounded staerngs as the bullets rained down nearby. the strangers they saved are calling the couple superheros. >> a lot of heroes in the tragedy. of course we will follow this all night long. you can keep up to date on the website, before we go one last final check of the forecasts. >> it's cold to start tomorrow. down in the low to mid-40s through the interior valleys of northeast and south bay. 82 by the afternoon. warmer friday, saturday and sunday upper 80s. no rain the next seven days. while this forecasts looks good san francisco pushing to the sefrts which would be great news for fleet week if anyone is heading out. >> great weather for the great even. thank you for joining us. >> we will be back here at 11:00. with raj. good night, folks.
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♪ extra extra >> now on "extra" -- a chilling new angle no one's of the vegas massacre. just floors above the shooter on the rooftop of the mandalay bay. >> where the shooter was firing from. >> the kind of thick that makes you want to give up. >> jimmy kimmel, jimmy fallon. from hollywood to nashville, the emotional celebrity call to action as new details are revealed. >> he had a $30,000 a day


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