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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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investigation, again, all lanes are open but pete suratos is out, you've been following it since the beginning of the show. this involves chp, i think that's why things took a little longer. >> reporter: that's right, mike, those lanes reopened roughly around 5:40 and according to chp we just talked to them off camera they're telling us that this involved only one patrol car and that patrol car was en route to help another unit on the freeway. behind me you see that the traffic is typical of this morning. let's show you the scene from this morning on the freeway when that patrol car essentially hit a center divider. the cause of that cash is unknown. we do know it shut down the freeway between whipple and woodside for a few hours, reopening in the past 20 minutes. as far as injuries to the officers, they are minor and they have been transported to a hospital, according to chp, but the cause of that crash is unknown and right now, guys, for commuters those lanes have been
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reopened. >> good news for morning commuters there. thank you, pete, for following that. 6:00 right now, live look at mind lay bay in las vegas this morning where the investigation into the mass shooting continues. the fbi said there are still no clues about what might have pushed a retired real estate investor and professional gambler to murder 58 people. >> a vigil was held last night in las vegas for the victims. 500 others were injured that that attack on sunday night. federal agents have been speaking with the gunman's girlfriend and she said she had no idea he was planning the attack. as investigators keep looking for a motive we are now learning more chilling details about that attack. today in the bay's jay gray live near the crime scene to bring us up to speed on the investigation. new new, jay? >> reporter: good morning, laura, good morning, marcus. yeah, a lot of new details coming out of this investigation as officers and agents try to piece together the gunman's life before the attack and for the
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first time now police saying at some point he may have had some help. >> heap your head down. go. >> reporter: four days after the massacre in las vegas the investigation is growing. >> more than 100 investigators have spent the last 72 hours combing through the life of 64-year-old stephen paddock to produce a profile of someone i will call disturbed and dangerous. >> reporter: there is new information this morning including this stunning revelation from sheriff joe lombardo. >> do you think this was all accomplished on his own? >> self value -- face value, you've got to make the assumption he had to have some step at some point. >> reporter: while police don't know where that help may have come from, the investigation has revealed a significant amount of explosives in paddock's car, thousands of rounds of unused ammunition in his hotel room. we also now know some of his
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guns apparently jammed during the attack. and while they won't say what it is, investigators do say there's evidence paddock expected to survive and us cape after the attack. federal agents have spentd hours talking about his girlfriend marilou danley and say she's cooperating fully with the investigation. she also shared a statement through her attorney. >> i am devastated by the death and injuries that have occurred and my prayers go out to the victims and their families. >> reporter: victims and families that like investigators continue to search for answers here. >> and in the days leading up to the attack paddock has spent some time with another woman, investigators would like to know who she is and speak with her. we also now know that he gambled for hours before locking his hotel room door and turning his weapons on the crowd below.
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a lot of questions still unanswered, laura, marcus. >> jay gray reporting there in las vegas. we will continue to follow this day by day progress of the investigation both on air and online for new details as they emerge we will post those updates on our website happening today it is a deadline for dreamers to renew their applications for daca, but it comes at a time when a lot of uncertainty about the future even of the program. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose this morning to explain what could happen to people who don't apply for daca. >> well, we did ask an immigration attorney about that, but we will mention that san jose the city was one of the first agencies or governmental bodies to sue the trump administration over the end of daca and despite that pressure and pressure from other avenues the deadline to renew those applications has not been extended. now, what has happened is that d.r.e.a.m.ers have taken to the
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streets to protest what they say is the end of daca. they are calling for action after coming out of the shadows to apply for that deferred action on childhood arrival that promise the protection against deportation and permission to work. now, the trump administration announced it would phase out the program last month and then told congress to take action to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers. today's deadline is for the 150,000 or so daca recipients whose status expires on or march march 5th of next year. we talked with that immigration attorney about whether some of the d.r.e.a.m.ers she's talking with are wondering whether it's worth of trouble or whether they're making themselves greater targets for deportation by renewing those daca applications. >> there is a lot of fear sometimes in the community. it's important to remember, yes, the government knows about your personal information, but i think it's worth it to have those two other years of let's
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say semi-protection and authorization to work in the united states. >> now, i posted a link on facebook and twitter to a "wall street journal" nbc news poll that shows that the majority of people want daca to continue and despite the fact that there is broad based support for continuing daca the snag here appears to be over how to make it happen, whether it can be a stand-alone bill or whether it is something that needs to be wrapped up in a whole comprehensive immigration reform bill. that remains to be seen. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." thanks so much, kris. 6:06 right now. new video to show you this morning, this is a boat fire in the san leandro bay on the alameda oakland border. broke out about 12:45 in the morning. fire officials say no one was on board, said it was abandoned, the cost guard is investigating. no word on a possible cause. new in morning, designing
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your own downtown, that's exactly what one east bay city is letting its people do. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us from livermore with a look at a pretty innovative approach. it's very interactive, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you. you might recall that popular video game sym city, the city of livermore needs whatever skills you acquired playing that game to help you figure out what to do with this eight acre plot of land in the heart of downtown. the city does have ideas on what to build on these two parcels located between first street and railroad avenue but the planning department would like your inn input as well. they have lumped an online tool that helps you come up with your own plan. with the click of a mouse you can choose where to place housing, hotel, office, retail and conference center space as well as parking and plazas. the tool lets you know how much your project would end up costing the city. >> we are looking to see are
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there themes behind what people are seeing. maybe people want open space in the heart of downtown. as people submit we will begin to capture that and also be able to see where they want it, what kind of retail do they want, where do they want that retail. maybe i will come up with an idea we have never thought of. >> a number of citizens have posted their ideas online if you want to see what your friends and neighbors have in mind. livermore is accepting feedback through the end of the month. the hope is to have a plan in place early next year with construction starting sometime in 2019. livermore tells us that the city of menlo park used a similar tool for one of its own projects. if you're interested in helping out the city in the east way, you can find the on line tool, we have linked it to our website at reporting in livermore, bob redell, "today in the bay." right now it's 6:08 and we have a chilly start but look at our high temperatures for this afternoon, it's going to warm up
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nicely so even though it's cold now look at our highs today reaching into the mid 80s from concord down to livermore down to morgan hill and up to napa. while oakland will see a high of 76 degrees today, san jose 82, we are looking at some low 70s for san francisco but a little bit warmer as we go into the weekend and early next week, we will feel more like summer for the inland valleys reaching up to the upper 80s starting tomorrow throughout early next week. heading over to mike now, a new crash in san jose. >> that's right, this is on 101 as well. the one in redwood city cleared, the traffic flow at speed there. the one in san jose is northbound, that is your commute direction coming through san jose. you saw from the speed sensors around the rest of the bay, no problem. here from about 680 up to just shy the oakland avenue your middle lane is blocked, that's the problem. we're hearing about a tow truck headed to the scene. the live shot will tell you what's going on. backups starting to form just
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before you get to 280 and 680 at the top of your screen. things are very slow up past oakland stretch of the bay shore freeway, that's the worst for silicon valley. back to you. 6:10. coming up next on "today in the bay," imagine being able to instantly understand 40 different languages, the new technology that can make it happen and how soon it will be available. >> and silicon valley social media companies get an invitation from the senate they probably can't ignore. we will fill you in when today in the bay continues.
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get a nice warm sweater before you take the dog out for a walk this morning. let's take a live look outside in san jose. it's a chilly start and let's go to the neighborhood of evergreen for the temperature trend for today late morning it's going to be in the mid 60s, quickly warming up into the low 80s today. maybe each for a short period of time you will have to turn on the air conditioning. we will talk about the likelihood of using your air conditioning a lot more for the weekend that's coming up in about five minutes. we are looking over here, this is a smooth easy drive, live view for redwood city southbound 101 all lanes reopened after the overnight crash and investigation there. we will show you the rest of your commute and slowing in san jose. 6:13. oakland leaders will talk about the city's latest round of pothole repairs. crews have been working for
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three weeks in what they're calling a mini blitz, that is aggressively knocking out the backlog of needed repairs. we are getting a look at google's new line of products. some of the coolest gadgets may be new wireless headphones, the pixel buds can tap into google assistant, they can translate up to 40 languages in realtime. the feature is activated when you say help me speak french, or any other language. headphones go on sale next month for $159. >> google has been invited to testify before the senate intelligence dme. this is about the presidential election. >> scott mcgrew, it's an invitation you don't turn down. >> you do not. google, twitter and facebook have all been invited to discuss their role in the russian attack on our election. most of the focus is on facebook. facebook says russians bought $100,000 worth of ads and facebook has turned copies of
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those ads over to the senate intelligence committee. now, that committee says it can't show us those ads, not to the public, not in the middle of an investigation, but it has no problem if facebook does. >> clearly if any of the social media platforms would like to do that we're fine with them doing it because we've already got scheduled an open hearing because we believe the american people deserve to hear firsthand. >> as for that open hearing, the senate intelligence committee says it will economy leaders from facebook, google and twitter set november 1st as the date. now, it is an invitation not a demand, though as laura points out those sorts of invitations carry a lot of weight. shortly after the committee said november 1st facebook announced it would make its quarterly report to investors on the very same day. that might make it difficult for executives like mark zuckerberg to attend the senate inquiry because they will be busy. the two leaders of the committee you saw say they are drafting a
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bipartisan law that would force social networks like facebook to reveal who buys political ads, the same way political ads on tv and radio from v. to explain their funding. another win for stocks on wednesday. now, we get the big jobs number tomorrow, but it's going to be a curious one because the data is going to be a mess. remember, we had a few hurricanes, didn't we? you don't hire in the middle of a hurricane. we do expect unemployment rates to stay about the same. the president this morning tweeting all about how excited he is about jobs. it will be interesting to see what he says tomorrow. if the jobs go down it's nobody's fault, it's the storm's fault, but we will see. >> one to watch. if you are in san francisco today get ready to hear some loud thunderous sounds in the sky. no need to panic about it, it's just the blue angels practicing. they're getting ready for their air show this weekend for fleet week. it's cool stuff to see them out.
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>> i know. it's kind of a bonus if you get to watch them practice, too. if you get to hear them break the sound barrier, that is the thing. >> yes. >> and the weather out there will be great. >> it's going to be really nice. we have had beautiful weather throughout the week that continues into the weekend. just a little warmer. if you've been waiting on warmer temperatures you've got it, but look at how cold it is this morning, it almost feels like winter, especially in the north bay. santa rosa you are at 40 degrees, napa, 44. a few spots in the north bay and valleys did i think into the upper 30s. oakland and san francisco it's 50 degrees, 51 degrees in san jose. let's get a look at these high temperatures today, just a little bit warmer than yesterday but still pleasant. our winds will be breezy coming out of the northwest at about 11 miles an hour throughout the day. mostly some low to mid 80s, concord today up to 86 degrees, oakland 76 degrees and for the peninsula 79 in san mateo,
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redwood city 81 degrees, 71 on the embarcadero and north bay and sonoma today expect a high of 84 degrees. now, as you're getting the kids out the door and ready for school this morning we have the chilliest temperatures in the north bay, santa rosa, you are still going to be in the 40s by the time you walk the kids to school in the next hour and then at recess they are going to have some slightly more comfortable temperatures but still most likely wearing long sleeves and then walking home from school it's going to be really nice in the upper 70s. getting out early in san francisco, going for a run it's going to be in the low to mid 50s, perfect jogging weather even throughout the afternoon as our highs reach into the upper 60s. if the kids have after school activities or football practice, something like that on the peninsula it's going to be in the upper 70s today after school. then heading into the weekend in san francisco some mid 70s in the forecast, still really nice into next week. while the inland areas will have some hot temperatures, especially for this time of year. we are going to be about 10
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degrees above where we should be for early october. and like you're still tracking that crash in san jose. >> i have two crashes, the second one just occurred and then both cleared. that's the good news, but the bad news is you still have slowing right there as i move away you can see that little bit in san jose. the rest of the bay looks great. frein sensors for most of the drivers, slowing rippling back to tully but clearing up as you approach the earlier crashes over at oakland road, both have cleared the roadway, that's why we see those speed sensors quickly recovering through a that i remember a i can't. the rest of the south bay plenty of options, 87, 85 as well through downtown, 85 up through saratoga and in toward cupertino no days, either. the erlg yer crash at the castro valley y did clear and we have good recovery now, that's how light traffic s we have recovery at the castro valley y after the earlier crash cleared there. slowing south 880 down through hayward toward the san mateo bridge, typical there.
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the bay bridge just about a half hour from highway 4 toward the toll plaza. it's full there. north bay see southbound 101 no problems through san rafael and it's an easy drive from novato down toward the richmond san rafael bridge. >> we like when you say easy drive. coming up next on "today in the bay," tracking down on distracted driving why some of the deck nolg designed to help the problem could be adding to the issue. her en rental car is towed because of something the rental car did. nbc bay area responds next. beautiful shot from downtown san jose - lit up with sharks on twitter kris sanchez posted a beautiful shot from downtown san jose. lit up in shark colors. >> mike just shared a post from megyn kelly, aisha curry will be on the show today.
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6:23 right now. nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman who lost a pricey personal item because she left it inside a rental car that was towed. >> that tow wasn't her fault. chris chmura is here to explain what happened. >> laura lynn tran rented a car from hertz. it took 11 days for her and hertz to find it, they discovered the car was impounded
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because the tags had expired. when laura lynn collected her belongings her $500 sunglasses were missing. she asked hertz to reimburse her, after all, the tow wasn't her fault. she says the rental car company said no. after a month of getting nowhere she asked us for help. we contacted hertz. as for the tow it told us the car's registration automatically renewed but it hadn't placed the stickers on the license plate. yes, your car can be towed then impounded if the kags are more than six months expired. back to the sunglasses, hertz reimbursed laura lynn $500. hertz offered laura listen its sincere apologies for the error and loss of her belongings. if you have a consumer complaint call us, 888-996-tips or log on to 6:24. new this morning when it comes to the risk of a housing bubble the bay area is better protected than most places that's the
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consent shus from the new study by the swiss financial services company ubs. the study looked at 20 global financial markets and found san francisco's housing market generally outpaced the economy over the past four decades but remained at a lower risk due to economic stability and silicon valley staying power. the study found toronto to be most at risk of a housing double. 6:25. some useful information this morning. you know that you could save hundreds of dollars by bundling auto and homeowner's polis po's this is including to insuran insurancequotes.c they found that you could save more than $500 a year by combining the policies with the same insurer. renters can save $80 by bundling auto and renters shoorinsurance. you could see a different quote when you are there for the best deal to get. research says new technology aimed at preventing traffic
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problems may be making it worse. >> aaa commissioned that study. researchers found drivers who use voice activated and touch between features to send a text or set up directions they were actually more distracted. up to 40 seconds. >> we are making what were relatively simple interactions more complex. the workload associated with these new systems is very high. >> the surprise here is that these are technologies built and marketed as making us safer and less distracted behind the wheel. >> researchers say auto makers need to be more thoughtful about the new technology being introduced to drivers. maybe drivers need to know when to turn it off. the reason transit officials are looking into building a tunnel through downtown san jose adds they work on that bart expansion. a chp cruiser crashes on a major bay area freeway, shutting it down for a few hours this
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wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. right now it's 6:30 we are off to another chilly start this morning. so cold and dark out there. there's the light. taking a live look outside from downtown san jose. things are going to warm up, though, come the weekend. that's not my department, we're going to leave that to kari hall.
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i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm washing news washington. >> we want to head over to kari to to get a look at the weather today. >> people are stepping out like i need to run back in and get a jacket. take a look at some of these temperatures right now, right now middle of the screen we're looking at the current temperature for the peninsula and all those read lights, 52 degrees, upper 40s in the tri-valley, 51 degrees, with he see patch kree fog returning in san francisco. let's get a look at those high temperatures for the next seven days it will be in the low 70s and mostly sunny skies, warming up just a bit, a warmer trend for the inland valleys. i will talk about the weekend forecast and events going on in seven minutes. mike has a shout out for san francisco. >> golden gate park, the freeways are moving pretty well, the speeds nothing unexpected. i do want to shout out in san francisco city streets just off the hapanhandle police activity fell and baker. trafficwise that's an area to avoid. we are looking at the traffic
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coming into the city, the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge all moving well, the backup on the east bay that's the bay bridge toll plaza. you see traffic backed up filling in all these lanes and the overcrossing and the berkeley curve coming of the maze a little tough. we will show you dublin, no problem for 580 westbound through and past the dublin interchange to the dublin grade. live now to las vegas where investigators are still looking for a possible motive in the deadly concert shooting. the death toll stands at 58 people. about 500 others were hurt. last night in las vegas people gathered for a candlelight vigil. federal agents have spent hours speaking with his girlfriend, she says she had no warning of any kind that he was planning this attack. >> and the latest on the investigation, police now say the gunman had to have some help at some point. police also say he may have had an escape plan, though he did ultimately take his own life. >> we want to go live to "today
6:32 am
in the bay's" jay gray live in las vegas this morning for us with a closer look into what the gunman did in the days and year leading up to the shooting. >> reporter: mark and laura, good to talk to you this morning. we know it had been about a year since he really started to accumulate a lot of weapons, rifles and ammunition, as well as explosives. so police looking at that cutoff, october of last year when things suddenly changed and he started buying all of these weapons as maybe some point that could help them determine a cause here. that's the real focus of the investigation right now, trying to find some sort of motive. we know that the days before the attack that he had spent some time with a woman not his girlfriend but someone else, police would like to find out who she is and talk with her, they don't believe that she was involved in carrying out the attack but they'd like to know anything that she may know. we also know that he gambled for hours before ultimately locking the door to his hotel suite and
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turning those weapons on to the crowd below. marcus, laura, a lot of things there still looking into all with the focus on trying to understand what allowed this to happen, what he was thinking at the time of the attack. >> so many people wondering that. we will continue to follow the day to day progress of this investigation both on air and online. as new details emerge we will post updates on our website we have live pictures to bring you from pennsylvania, some breaking news, take a look at these overhead shots. there is a standoff going on in bethlehem near philadelphia. we understand that has impacted students at a nearby school, they are under lockdown. police are looking for a suspected killer who reportedly had guns drawn. they were focusing on a pickup truck on thursday morning, you see all the squad cars out there now. now, the suspect in the truck is believed to be a gunman involved in a wednesday night deadly
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shooting of a man and injuring of the victim's wife. something we're keeping an eye on for you this morning. once again that is out of philadelphia. at 6:34 right now traffic flowing on the peninsula right now, a much different story from half an hour ago when all lanes of southbound 101 were shut down, a chp cruiser crashed about 3:00 in the morning. >> pete suratos was there first, he is live along 101 in redwood city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. those lanes have reopened on southbound 101 just between whipple and woodside in redwood city. as you mentioned, it was a much different story this morning when we got on scene at around 4:30 a.m. we will show you guys the video when we learned that a chp cruiser had got into a crash it was just that chp cruiser by itself, it crashed into the center dividinger of the freewa shutting it down for a few
6:35 am
hours. as far as the cause it's still unknown according to chp but that unit was en route to help out another unit, they were en route to it when they got into the crash. according to chp they say the injuries to the officers were minor and they have been transported to a hospital but right now as far as that investigation goes the cause of that crash is unknown but the good news for morning commuters is that these lanes have been reopened. we're live in redwood city, pete suratos for "today in the bay." 6:35 right now and new this morning one santa clara leader woke up extra early after a long night to talk about the end of weeknight concerts at levi stadium. ♪ >> you can hear the crowd more than coldplay but that's who was rocking out last night. coldplay also left -- they followed through on a promise to play past the 10:00 p.m. curfew. coldplay wrapped up just before 11:00. council member café wantanabe
6:36 am
lives nearby. she spoke about the weeknight concerts coming to an end there. >> money is not the important thing here right now, it's protecting the neighborhood. frankly, we have not been given, you know, appropriate data by the 49ers to say that this is exactly how much money is being made per concert. we have not seen that data. >> weeknight concerts at levi's will be put on indefinite hold due to the noise. wantanabe says coldplay will likely be fined $750 for that noise violation. 6:36. happening today a campus wide symposium to mark the birth of uc berkeley's free speech movement. it started on cal campus in 1964. the past year has seen a new free speech debate brewing at cal, we have seen fights and brawls between conservative groups and liberal protesters.
6:37 am
today's event will be a day of discussion on the history of the practice of free speech at cal and a look at how new media is transforming. after oversight committee to monitor the santa clara jail will start taking shape here. the board has been looking into creating the committee after the death of inmate michael tyree. the county's finance and government operations committee will consider establishing one. three jail deputies were convicted of beating tyree which eventually led to his death. turning to bart's plan to extend into downtown san jose, today santa clara valley transportation leaders will discuss the tunnel that's going to be built under downtown. this is part of bart's second phase of the project to san jose. it includes a five mile long subway tunnel that will start at the proposed allen rock station and run to the santa clara caltrain station near san jose airport. today officials will discuss how to dig that tunnel.
6:38 am
probably a shovel -- wait for that meeting. experts there. looking over toward the rest of the day, i'm the traffic expert and green is good and a lot of green showing up around the bay. the south bay doing not so bad. we had an earlier crash, two crashes at located hand road but now things are getting a chance to recover as traffic flows but it there is through silicon valley and the rest of the silicon valley. we're showing you tri-valley, the hayward as well. the commute direction for 680 and 880 through plez, hayward, no big surprises. i will show you the big travel time, the build to the top of your screen. the maze itself it's getting crowded, slow the reason for the slowing it's because all these cars are trying to go to one spot, the bay bridge toll plaza that's why -- to my house, exactly, because we have hot chocolate if you want it. very slow at the berkeley curve. >> it's the first morning i thought i may need a coat.
6:39 am
>> the warm up is coming this weekend. >> it will be warmer this weekend, that includes the morning temperatures, too. a lot of events going on and we have you covered. let's get a look at the overall view of what to expect around the bay area. on saturday the coast will be at 70 degrees, that may be a popular spot because the inland areas will start to feel a little bit more like summer, upper 80s there, more of the same on sunday, the bay at 80 degrees and nothing but sunshine all weekend long. you may be starting out the weekend at the hardly strictly bluegrass at golden gate park, it will be comfortable throughout that noon hour when the concert kicks off, warming up to the upper 70s, it will probably feel warmer than this. bring the sunblock and enjoy your time. as we also get a look at other events going on. in val low the waterfront weekend happening on saturday, during the middle of the day the temperatures reaching up to 84 degrees, but still really nice and then cooling down as we go
6:40 am
into the evening. by 7:00 we are at 71 degrees. if you're going to some of the fleet week festivities and watching the air show, it is the best thing to check out. you can be on the san francisco side, you can be in sausalito, you can be over in oakland, they fly over all of those areas. at the marina green area it will reach up to 70 degrees with mostly sunny skies. if you will be hitting the road heading to the sierra, lake tahoe will be in the low 70s but cooler on sunday and those morning temperatures are going to be cool, too, dipping near freezing. monterey will have beautiful weather for the weekend reaching into the low to mid 70s. and muir woods will have a free guided sunrise hike on sunday morning and it will be up to 76 degrees for the day. so bring something nice and warm, it will be comfortable throughout the afternoon. i appreciate everyone who sent me a message on facebook and twitter just saying, hey, i'm going to a he had withing, i'm going to this festival.
6:41 am
meteorologist kari hall sent me your weekend plans i will send you the forecast. >> got an octoberfest in my plans. thanks, kari. 6:41 coming up next on "today in the bay," information d.r.e.a.m.ers need to know about today's daca deadline even as the future of the program is in question. we ask an immigration lawyer if d.r.e.a.m.ers need to be worried about renewing their daca application. the president angrily tweeting about tillerson rumors, we will bring you up to speed. welling following the stocks as we do every morning, the dow up 11 points, but everyone is talking about the s&p 500, a record high on track for its longest winning streak since 1997. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a nice, clear start, but also some cool temperatures. let's check out the temperature trend for cupertino. a very chilly morning, only 50 degrees in the next hour, seeing those highs today make it into the upper 70s. another pleasant afternoon but it's going to be a warmer weekend ahead. we will talk about that and some things going on around the bay area coming up in five minutes. going on in the south bay, we have a building from 101, 85 and 280. we have a crash, we will show you where and i will give you the latest. 6:44. today is the deadline for about 150,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers to renew their application for daca. this is the last day that u.s.
6:45 am
citizenship and immigration services will accept renewal requests for deferred action for childhood arrival and work authorization. daca is designed to protect undocumented immigrants who were brought into the country illegally when they were children. the request must be properly filed and physically received by the agency. renewal requests that are granted will be valid for two years unless otherwise terminated or revoked. some d.r.e.a.m.ers worry that renewing their application will make themselves a greater target later on. we asked an immigration attorney what about that. >> there's a lot of fear sometimes in the community and it's important to remember, yes, the government knows about your personal information, but i think it's worth it to have those two other years of let's say semi-protection and authorization to work in the united states. >> and there is bipartisan
6:46 am
support for legislation that would protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers, but lawmakers have to figure out how it will work. at quarter to 7:00 to the unfolding crisis in puerto rico. right now more than 90% of the island still is without power. millions of people are struggling to recover and rebuild. the outlook sadly is grim. many are being told power will not return for months. if you are looking for a way to help, here is a chance, the academy school in berkeley is collecting donations all day today to send to the island. they are looking for portable cellphone chargers, first aid kits, baby food and batteries. you can drop off the items at the school until 4:00 today. 6:46. hillary clinton fans get ready. she will be in the bay area on friday. she made an appearance on "the tonight show" last night. tomorrow she's the keystone speaker at stanford for a conference on democratic values, later she will head to the books
6:47 am
inc. in van ness in san francisco for a signing of her new book "what happened." the president this morning is furiously denying reports his secretary of state wanted to quit. >> he calls it fake news. >> he does. nbc news, though, says it isn't fake. this morning "the new york times" is reporting the same thing. that rex tillerson has wanted to resign more than once. nbc reports tillerson first wanted to quit as he watched the president's speech to the boy scouts back in july, a speech so bizarre the boy scouts apologized. a speech that included a story about a cocktail party aboard a yacht and the president asking the boys, quote, who the hell wants to talk about politics before talking about politics. the president tweeted this morning rex tillerson never threatened to resign. this is fake news put out by nbc news. low news and reporting standards. no verification from me. nbc also reported tillerson
6:48 am
called the president a moron. president -- or tillerson, rather, denied that he ever wanted to resign. adds for the moron comment -- >> can you address the main head line of this story that you called the president a moron and if not where do you think these reports -- >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. i mean, this is what i don't understand about washington. again, you know, i'm not from this place, but the places i come from we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. >> the president's biggest problem is not who works for him but who doesn't work for him. despite the fact that republicans hold the senate, the president has nominated very few people to fill roles and has had fewer confirmed by the senate. as of this morning 168 key roles, compare that to obama, george w. bush, bill clinton and george h.w. bush and the president is significantly behind in the same timeline. >> we examine the president's tweets and executive orders and speeches every day right here on
6:49 am
"today in the bay." we'd love to hear from you, you can reach me on twitter i'm @scottmcgrew. if you have something good to say about someone you say is loudly and i'm saying laura garcia is a great woman and she has been honored with a great honor today to really be able to emcee something. >> i'm the emcee at this year's women of impact luncheon in san jose, not for me, though, it's to highlight all these other great women, it sponsors and highlights women who have really made great contributions to society and of course the world. it's organized by san jose's notre dame high school, it's happening at 11:30 this morning at the san jose convention center and it's sold out. all the money is going to go to stem programs for young programs at notre dame. science, technology, engineering, arts and math. the goal is to get more young girls into those subjects so it will be fun. go out and meet and greet and see folks. >> i'm just emceeing it. >> you can meet some role
6:50 am
models. >> i can learn a lot. i can learn a lot. >> what we want to learn about is the weather this weekend. >> it is cool as you get ready to head out the door and we will have a cool start. a warm afternoon so you have to be prepared for just about everything today. as we get a look at what it's going to feel like as you step out the door in the traels, only 49 degrees, a chilly start, mostly clear on the left side of the screen looking at the south bay the current temperature 51, also 51 looking at san francisco and a chilly 40 degrees now in the north bay, and then as we get a look at these high temperatures by this afternoon making it into the mid 80s for the interior valleys, the inner bay reaching into the mid 70s, down to 82 degrees for san jose and 71 degrees in san francisco. as we get a look at the outdoors and getting dressed for today we are going to have those temperatures that will make you want to put on a hat or something to keep you warm. as we go through the day you will be comfortable wearing some
6:51 am
pants as we will continue on with a day that will be nice and also sunny. as you're about to walk the kids to school this morning in oakland, school day forecast starts us out with temperatures in the low 50s, it will be 52 degrees, so you will want to hold your coffee and keep your hands warm. as the kids head out to recess today it will be in the mid 60s and walking home from school or going to that pickup line is going to be in the low 70s. the morning commute for the south bay starts out with low 50s as well, so laura said she turned on the seat warmers today, you may be doing the same, and then later on today opening the windows to put in fresh air. the kids may have outdoor activities, sunshine pleasant with pleasy winds and starting to cool down around 6:00. >> i wanted to give you a heads up about what's happening for our friends along the gulf coast. we will be tracking something now tropical storm nate has developed and it is well to the
6:52 am
south, very disorganized area of circulation, but over the next few days computer models take it over the yucatan peninsula and possibly into parts of the northern gulf coast over the next few days and that includes the new orleans area. so just make sure your friends and family in that area are prepared over the next several days. we are looking at temperatures that will in san francisco reach into the mid 70s, it's going to be really nice and then as we get a look at what's happening for the inland areas, warming up into the upper 80s over the next several days. mike, you have some sort of hazard for drivers in san francisco. >>est that the best description i can give. that's what i got from chp. some sort of hazard in the middle of the roadway. we will show you, overall the commute not really that bad, but we are looking at north 280 approaches highway 87, there may be a quick traffic break if this turns out to be anything of note. we do see the building, i do think traffic is slowing getting up toward the 87 interchange and coming past that 680, 101
6:53 am
interchange, do i take northbound 101 or 280, both are showing the slow down. the san mateo and dumbarton bridges both showing the build, a smooth drive once you get to the peninsula. getting over toward the bay bridge the upper east shore freeway and walnut creek interchange show the build typical for this time of day. from pa knoll towards san francisco that purple route takes you about an hour and 20 minutes, maybe more by the time you leave the roadway and get back through the backup that continues to build through the maze. let me show you this other route, less drama but more mileage, a little longer going across toward that north bay side, the drive into the city across the golden gate bridge also beautiful. you make your choice but that's a two toll drive. and plan out your route, make sure you remember right here, nbc bay area wazers, that's our team, your team if you join. back to you. coming up next, a quick look
6:54 am
at the top stories here on "today in the bay" including the ongoing investigation into the deadly las vegas mass shooting. the information we're expected to learn today from firefighters who responded to the massacre. but first happening now breaking news, a chemical weapons watchdog said traces of sarin gas was found after the attack in syria that injured 50, days later an attack killed near 100 people. syria has denied responsibility for those attacks. plus cover your kids even if they are up, turkish archeologists believe they may have discovered the remains of st. nicholas, he is the ledge that santa claus is based on. archeologists say his body was found beneath a church in his birthday in turkey.
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in the bay-- a live ok welcome back. before we head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> a live look at the mandalay bay in las vegas this morning. today we are expected to get a better understanding of the role the fire department played while responding to the deadly mass shooting there on sunday. clark county fire department will hold a news conference to talk about the response to the shooting. firefighters will show some of the tactical gear that firefighters wore and had on hand while responding to that shooting.
6:58 am
also today firefighters who were at the scene will talk about what they experienced during the shooting and in those hours that followed. coverage of the las vegas mass shooting continues next on the "today" show, a look at why police believe the gunman may have had help and what his girlfriend is revealing to investigators. and new this morning, a boat fire in san leandro bay, that's on the alameda/oakland border. that fire broke out around 12:45 a.m. fire officials say no one was on board, calling that boat abandoned. the coast guard is investigating. no word on a possible cause. now to a live look at downtown livermore this morning, it will look a lot different in the years ahead. right now the city is asking people to give design ideas for an empty eight acre lot between first street and railroad avenue. the planning department has launched a pretty cool on line tool, it let's you design your own space and see what it would cost. ultimately the city wants to add housing, office, parking and retail, they hope to get good ideas from the public and
6:59 am
construction could start in 2019. they are comparing it so the sim city game where you create a city which i think is really cool. >> my wife would worry because they have you raise a baby and she couldn't handle it, but she handled it in real life. >> you guys are doing okay. >> let's look at what's going on with the weather. a nice day today. >> yeah. >> a little warmer. >> a little warmer for the inland areas and still really cool this morning, but we're heading up to 71 degrees in san francisco and this weekend is looking really nice, inland areas will go from the low 80s today to upper 80s by tomorrow. >> looking good there. what about that morning commute. we have had some problems out there. >> we have. most of the big ones have cleared. i have a new crash reported in front of our oakland camera. the edge of the building may be blocking our view. i see traffic jamming northbound approaching 66 probably right next to the coliseum, one lane blocked, traffic moves, but slowly heading up toward the bay bridge where there is the backup. >> we will be back at 7:25 with
7:00 am
a local news update. >> don't forget to join us at 11:00 for nbc bay area news. it's thursday -- friday. >> friday eve. good morning. troubling questions. good morning, troubling question questio questions. >> you have to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> investigators suspect stephen paddock may have been an elaborate plan to escape after shooting. the gunman's girlfriend speaking out through her attorney. >> it never occurred to me anyway whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone. >> we're live with the latest on the deepening mystery. breaking overnight, u.s. special forces soldiers ambushed >> we will be back at 7:25 with in niger. three killed, two others wounded. we'll have the latest. pushing back. secretary of state rex tillerson takes on an nbc news report that


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