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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 6, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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changing my hair color changed everything. nutrisse. nourished hair... better color. ad lib live picture--- san jose it is friday morning and we are inching closer to the weekend. taking a live look outside, downtown san jose, a very nice start to our friday morning. looking forward to the weekend already. is it too early to say that? 4:30 in the morning. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. >> it starts out nice and clear and cool this morning. it's going to be a nice day, but a little warmer than it has been. our warming trend will be under way this afternoon, looking at the high temperatures in the south bay, a few clouds reaching 90 degrees. we are getting ready for that. it's going back to summer. walnut creek, 88 degrees.
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peninsula, mid-80s. daily city, 72 with 70s in san francisco. the north bay looking at upper 80s as well. we'll talk more about this coming up. mike is looking out the altamont corridor. >> here is extra slowing. a crash closing the off ramp for the time being. no major injuries. a big rig is involved as well. again, we are not hearing about major injuries, a lighter flow out of the area. getting over toward the bay bridge, smoothing with no delays here. i'll come back with another report. >> thank you, mike. the latest out of las vegas. this is a live picture of mandalay bay. investigators trying to understand why gunman, stephen
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paddock shot down and killed concert goers. 58 are dead. we are learning more about the investigation. this is paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley. she said he had mental health issues and lie in bed crying, oh, my god. meantime, an electronic scan from his home pulled. he searched for information on lollapalooza, a summer concert in chicago. he reserved a room but never showed up. >> paddock had another target while shooting. bullet holes were found 2000 feet away at the las vegas airport. it's unclear if it was targeted or if they ricocheted. >> we have more on that and more about the gunman's past that led him to las vegas. >> reporter: new information at the airport, two rifle rounds
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hit a 43,000 barrel fuel tank sunday. it was partially full. one round penetrated this tank. it was never in danger of exploding. we don't know if the tanks were an intended target. the names of all 58 people he killed were released. 36 women and 22 men. the oldest, 67 years old and the youngest, just 20. funerals and memorials for some of the victims including officer charleston hartfield of the pd. he drove from chicago to the strip placing 58 crosses in front of the iconic las vegas sign as the investigation continues. new video shows the horror and heroism the night of the shooting, recorded by a county employee. he took half a dozen injured to the hospital. investigators revealing 1600 rounds of ammunition and explosives were found in the
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shooter's car, leaving them to question if he had an escape plan and possibly assistance. >> he had to have some help at some point. >> reporter: before the attack, he research other venues, he booked a room in chicago but never checked in. still, no concrete answers in what led the gunman to open fire sunday night. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> we'll stay on top of what is next in the investigation, both on air and online. for instant coverage and more on how the nation is remembering the victims, head to our website, >> it's 4:34. new this morning, authorities say one person is hurt after a bad crash in fremont. this happened just before 11:00 last night near the tesla warehouse. fremont police say a pick-up truck slammed into a big rig turning into the facility. the truck driver was hospitalize
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zed. they expect him to survive. the search continues this morning for a man police are calling a skirt keeper. police say he secretly took pictures up a woman's skirt on september 17th. surveillance video shows him following his victim, waiting until she bent over, running up and snapping a picture. store employees told the woman what happened. >> she quickly walked into target, not knowing the male followed her. when she was contacted by loss prevention, she knew who they were speaking about. >> officers say it's important to stay individual lent. here is another look at the suspect. if you recognize him, call police. the man who took police on a wild chase last week is expected in court today. we brought live, breaking coverage of the chase as it happened. he stole a car in alameda, led officers on a high-speed chase through the east bay, abandoning that car, then got into this
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white convertible, forcing the driver to keep going. the driver pulled over. the suspect eventually surrendered to police. people visiting the cliffs are urged to be careful after a woman fell to her death. >> the woman fell 300 feet. it appears the woman was alone. it's not clear exactly what happened. there are signs along the trails warning people to stay away from the edge. >> i have seen them come with rescue dogs, but never a human being. >> the cliff looks safe while you are on them, but from the beach below, you can see the cliffs eroding. once again, be careful while walking along that route. happening today, we hope to learn about cryptic and frightening comments from president trump. here is what he said. >> you know what this represents? maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president?
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>> you'll find out. >> the calm before the storm. when asked what he meant, he said you'll find out. the president not answering after repeated attempts. the context to what he means. we have reporters at the white house. we are watching twitter to see if the president updates those strange remarks this morning. coming up next on "today in the bay," getting students excited to work in manufacturing. that's the goal today. it is manufacturing day. we are going to tell you what one bay area county is doing to get people involved. >> the peninsula and the rest of the bay area slowly wakes up. we have much more news ahead. you are watching "today in the bay."
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. nightmare f o welcome back to you, a massage could be relaxing, but it certainly turned into a nightmare for one bay area woman who turned to our investigative unit. >> vicky nguyen joins us with what happened after she started asking questions. >> good morning. we learned of sexual assault complaints of ma sass therapists. she says hers physically abused her and touched her inappropriately. we went to the mtc who is certified to oversee the massage
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therapists. they did not make information about complaints or arrests public. she was sent racy photos on social media. it took two years and another complaint before they suspended his license. see our full report and learn how you can check to see if your massage therapist is secertifie at . >> give us a call, 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to us. switching gears. it is manufacturing day in america. a day to get young people excited about careers in the industry. some 250 high school students in contra costa will visit modern manufacturing facilities. three morgan hill manufacturing facilities hoping their doors for tours.
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high schools will be there. cool. coming up, kari is tracking the friday weekend forecast. >> looks good. starting out on the cool side, but warming up today. as we get a live look outside in san jose, let's break it down to santa teresa at 56 degrees. look at the temperatures later on this afternoon, going from cool to warm. we'll talk about the weekend ahead, coming up next. mike tease we'll talk about the north bay here. we have quite a few folks trying to get down through san rafael without a delay. we have a delay in east bay, walnut creek, pleasant hill, your report coming up. plus, more than a dozen people dead and hundreds infected. when will california's hepatitis a outbreak end? you are watching "today in the bay."
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good morning, i'm courtney reagan at cnbc headquarters. wall street is on watch for the job reports. the data will reflect the hurricanes in texas and florida. if you see weakness, that's largely why. stocks rose with the s&p 500 index up. notable because that's the longest winning streak we have seen in four years for the index. the dow closing 22,775. the nasdaq adding 50 points to
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6585. costco is facing off with amazon in the grocery business. the warehouse club operator launched two delivery options. 500 nonperishable items for deliveries over 75 bucks. fresh groceries for same-day delivery. costco is the third largest grocery retailer after walmart and kroger. netflix is raising fees. they depend on their own original content you can only see on netflix. they allow streaming on two devices at a time, going up a dollar. the plan offers streaming on four devices in hi-def is going up by $2 to $13.99. the basic plan sticks at $7.99 a month. back to you. >> just in time for stranger things.
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>> i haven't watched the first season of that. >> i have not. >> streaming things. >> the thing is, this weekend we are going to want to get out and about. >> yeah, it's going to be a great weekend. it's going to be hard to stay inside and catch up on those shows. getting out the door, 51 degrees in the tri-valley. we are looking live at pleasanton, now, the east bay, a view from emeryville at 49 degrees. the north bay, another chilly start with temperatures now at 44. let's get a look at our high temperatures for this afternoon, reaching up to 78 degrees in oakland, 73 degrees in san francisco and mid-80s for palo alto. in san jose, a high of 87 degrees. so, as we are getting started this morning, standing in front of the clos set, getting ready, it's a good idea to make sure you have a jacket. also some short sleeve for later on today. you'll take off the jacket, want
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something more comfortable. because of all the sunshine, a good day for sunglasses and sandals, too. it's a mix of everything, but so is this weather, starting with cool temperatures and warming up. now, it's fleet week and the air show will be today. you have probably seen those planes flying by overhead practicing. you can see the real deal today starting at noon at 68 degrees at the marina green and upper 60s today. really comfortable with all that sunshine. a heads up if you are traveling. here is a look at tropical storm nate. it's looking tropical. moving toward the yucatan peninsula, closer to cozumel. we have tropical storm warnings in effect for the next several days. this is moving to the gulf, taking aims on new orleans as a tropical storm, possibly a category 1 hurricane between saturday night and early sunday morning. this weekend, a lot of people in
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that region will be getting ready for another tropical system and then it moves off toward the north and east. we are looking at temperatures in the low to mid-70s over the next several days in san francisco. up to 77 degrees on monday. inland areas, going to feel like summer, starting today. upper 80s, then next week, the temperatures coming back down, closer to average for fall than what we should be feeling this time of year. mike, you are saying they are still fixing the road in pleasant hill? >> the border there, they have been doing early morning or overnight i should say, paving work. the red sensors show up for this stretch of 680 from monument to sleeve. it turns from red to yellow. speeds are improving. they may be picking up the roadwork. the last few days, it lasted until about 5:36.
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that was tough for the commute. being friday, we see the road crews clearing a tad early. they might want to get their start on the weekend. i think we all do. getting toward the bay bridge, no delay. just that one section of pleasant hill for south of 680. here, 680 is rough in pleasanton. a crash blocking one lane west 580 near grant line road. it's causing slowing in the area. a nice flow of traffic on the roadways and the rails out of pleasanton and dublin. no delays. a great option getting into and through the city for fleet week. the hepatitis a outbreak in santa cruz, l.a. and san diego counties are a concern. the outbreak that killed 17 people could linger a year or more. people can carry the illness without showing symptoms. the illness affected 500 people
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across the state since november. it started in the homeless community. all the deaths and majority expected are in san diego. 70 cases have been reported in santa cruz. the hot weather means ticks and mosquitos will continue to thrive into the fall. they forecast insect activity. rodents will be in high numbers this fall as well. 4:51. today, oakland breaks ground on much needed affordable housing. it is in partnership with bart. it will include 110 units. it will be built on a bart parking lot near the coliseum station. half of the units will be rented at below market rate. an app that might make cyber bullying easier. it is a way to get honest feedback from co-workers and friends. it lets users send anonymous
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messages to you. at least one person says that's a bad idea. >> that leaves room for lots and lots of problems. an minty is a license to be mean. >> when we see this cruelty online, we have to step up and step in and start saying, hey, this isn't right. >> some students fighting back with a trend called cyber encouragement. they create pages to spread positive comments. a mancariing 90 pounds of water left princeton, new jersey to walk across america. >> his journey ends today at the golden gate bridge. he is doing this to raise awareness about water issues many people are facing across the world. it comes to an end about noon today. at that point, he would have walked more than 3,000 miles. he has a gofundme page as well if you would like to donate to the cause z. coming up on "today in the bay," how much money the unified
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school district college savings program actually saved. we'll break down the numbers. plus nbc bay area responds. >> our team is saving money. i'm chris chmura. we respond, next. first, happening now, a smelly robbery. fremont police looking for two suspect that is grabbed more than 80 bottles of designer fragrances then assaulted the store manager when confronted. it happened at the fremont hub. the nobel peace price just awarded. goichb a group to abolish nuclear weapons. they hope to draw attention to the consequences.
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point-one million dollars to welcome back. our team nbc bay area responds returned $1.1 million to consumers like you. >> consumer investigators chris chmura has cases he closed this week. >> good morning. ye yeah, that exact total is $1.15 million. we hit that number solving problems of all dollar amounts. here is three from this week. a man in cupertino needed help with license tabs. a woman needed help disputing medical bills of $153. we won. a san francisco women is set to be paid $1100 for damage to her car from a delivery truck. she got nowhere asking herself but we got her the $1100 it will
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take to fix her car. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, 888-996-tips or i hope you have a great weekend. >> we hope you do, too. thanks. happening today, san francisco unified celebrating the success of student college savings program. >> each kindergartener getting $50 to help with the savings account. it started in 2011. it was the first program in the country. coming up on "today in the bay," we check in with your weather. kari? >> we start this morning busy in fremont. grab the jacket, another cool start to the morning. 56 degrees, riseing into the mid-80s later today. we'll talk about what's ahead with weekend events, next. here, we have a lot going on here in the dublin area and the dublin grade at the top of the screen.
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things are moving smoothly past 680. we'll check on the slow stretch through pleasant hills. >> watch the skies and water today. fleet week in full swing. watch for the events and the security to keep people safe. a live look outside from our
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a live look outside from our emeryville camera.. and, happy friday morning to you. a live look outside from our emeryville camera. now would be the time to get on the road, it looks like.
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good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington took the day off. >> he sure did. maybe he's sleeping in. i'm laura garcia. maybe he's on the road. okay, let's check the forecast with kari. >> it looks good starting this morning. itis been cool the past several mornings. today, no different. then as we go into the weekend, temperatures are warming up. as you get kids ready for school, the morning is mid- 50s at 7:00. a lot of sunshine and a touch warmer by the time they get out of school, looking at lower 80s. forecast for san francisco -- i'll have more on that coming up. mike is still talking about a slow drive-through present hills. >> 5:00 on a friday, the south bay and upper peninsula, no delays or problems.


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