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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington took the day off. >> he sure did. maybe he's sleeping in. i'm laura garcia. maybe he's on the road. okay, let's check the forecast with kari. >> it looks good starting this morning. itis been cool the past several mornings. today, no different. then as we go into the weekend, temperatures are warming up. as you get kids ready for school, the morning is mid- 50s at 7:00. a lot of sunshine and a touch warmer by the time they get out of school, looking at lower 80s. forecast for san francisco -- i'll have more on that coming up. mike is still talking about a slow drive-through present hills. >> 5:00 on a friday, the south bay and upper peninsula, no delays or problems. over here, we have much less,
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but we have some slowing, southbound. 680 from 242 down. walnut creek, traffic is slowing nicely. they did pick up one section of the road work. it looks like it's easy. no delays for any of your approaches. very clear by the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:01. continues coverage on the las vegas massacre. days after the shooting, the nation is still in shock after what happened. this morning, a line of cross zs near the welcome to las vegas sign to remember the 58 lives violently taken. each cross displaying the name and photo of the victims, as well as a heart. investigators digging into the life of the mass shooter. still many unanswered questions, including what drove stephen paddock to open fire on thousands of concert goers. "today in the bay's" jay gray
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has been there since before the shots were fired. he joins us now with the investigation and where it stands. jay? >> reporter: good morning, scott. good morning, laura. this investigation is expanding. federal agents getting a lot more information from the cell phones and laptops that they have recovered from the gunman. they are also getting insight from those who knew stephen paddock best. fi [ gunfire ] >> reporter: -- for ten minutes, along the vegas strip, turning this outdoor concert into a killing field. this is what it looks like almost a week later, still an active crime scene as investigators search for evidence and an answer to the nagging questions, why. >> something happened in his head that he knew two weeks ago. no longer the guy that did that.
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>> stephen paddock's girlfriend marilou danley said he had mental health issues and would cry out, oh my god. they don't know of mental or physical problems that may have triggered the rampage. paddock searched for information on lollapalooza, a summer music festival in chicago. agents say he reserved rooms in a hotel that overlooked the concert park, but never showed up. he researched events at hotels near boston's fenway park. he may have thought of carrying it out before the slaughter along the vegas strip. you know, the fbi is still pulling information from 12 cell phones or laptop computers they have recovered at part of the investigation here. scott? laura? >> still so devastating to think
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about. 5:03. thank you, jay. here at home, people gathered at the cal campus to mourn the victims of the massacre. ♪ >> students and teachers standing shoulder-to-shoulder honoring the 58 people killed. many shared their own experiences with gun violence, including a campus minister whose daughter attended uc santa barbara when six people were killed in 2014. >> there is that terrible 15 minutes when i didn't know where my daughter was. >> a student advocate was there as well, offering students counseling and encouragement. our coverage continues online at you will find the latest out of las vegas as well as out of washington. we posted a story from republican lawmakers looking at spots. a las vegas gunman used. they used them to fire like automatic weapons. happening today, san
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francisco is promising tight security for the start of the most anticipated events of the year. hardly strictly bluegrass festival gets under way at noon. the festival drives a half million people. san francisco police plan to staff more patrol officers and police units on hand. an assault unit and tactical team. another big event ramping up security is fleet week. the blue angels will have their first practice run of the season. >> bob redell is live with what to expect at this popular event. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you scott and laura. a wonderful photo-optunety. you have a view of the golden gate bridge at 11:00. the fleet week military ships will sail underneath that span in what is known as the parade of ships. that is at 11:00 this morning.
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the largest vessel out there is the lhd-4 amphibious ship with a flight set for helicopters. as well as the winnipeg from the canadian navy. the ships will be available starting tomorrow, running through monday, 9:00 to 4:00 each day at piers 35 and 1517. 9:00 to 4:00, saturdays, sunday and money. the winnipeg is only open until noon on sunday. when the parade of ships ends at noon, it is time for the air show. that's today. the navy's blue angels, seen here during the practice run. the airport showing off the f-22 raptor. team oracle sends up a spy plane
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and the canadian snow birds. you can see the show from along the embarcadero. from treasure island, it's not as crowded. fleet week air show is today, tomorrow, sunday, noon to 4:00 each day. we tracked over 1 million people to show up around the bay. expect sf to be crowded this weekend, especially if the weather is nice. organizers tell us security overall will be stepped up in light of what happens in las vegas. live from vista point, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. nbc bay area has you covered for fleet week. you can find a list of all the hitches bob was talking about and the opening times throughout the weekend on happening now, the search is on for a man accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint on bart. police say this man robbed a woman riding a fremont bound train in september. police say he pointed a handgun
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at women and snatched her purse. he got off at the south hayward station. he's been seen near 81st avenue in oakland. a data breach involving student's personal information. a road's website posted names, gpas and classes for students. information for sophomores, juniors and seen yours was late. trying to figure out how much of the information is legitimate. some has been verified. a major expansion for tesla. they are leasing office space in fremont. kris sanchez is live with job that is could come with it. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking enough office space for about 1,000 employees which would be good news for fremont. these are the properties we are talking about here. two office buildings on dumbarton circle according to alameda records.
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200,000 square feet total. on the map, there's 11 miles from the tesla factory off 880 where we are this morning and not far from the palo alto headquarters. the factory already employs a lot of folks in fremont. the story broke following a paper trail from readying those buildings for use. we were intrigued and reached out to tesla and the development firm, but we haven't heard back. we will keep trying this morning. the good news is more jobs here at tesla mean more money for the local economy. the bad news, as we reported in a couple weeks, this stretch of i-880 is the worst commute in the bay area. with the good comes, perhaps a little not so good. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. right now at 5:09, we start out looking at the north bay morning commute out of the north bay and heading south.
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we are going to have a very chilly morning. here is a look at that range in the temperatures starting in the mid-40s, but then look at later on today as you go out for lunch, in the low 70s and 80 degrees heading up to 87 degrees in santa rosa. concord, expect a high of 90 degrees there and upper 80s in livermore, morgan hill and antioch. san jose, a high of 87 degrees. in san francisco, 73. we will look at today's temperature trend for san jose in about four minutes. mike is checking in at the altamont corridor. >> i am. we had that crash going on off westbound 580. you can see north, south, east and west moving around the bay. toward greenville road, we had that crash, closing the off ramp temporarily, but going on for a half hour. west 580 doesn't suffer a lot. toward livermore, it's a smooth drive for most viewers over there. a nice drive off the carquinez
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bridge. south 680 recovering, all lanes clear from the overnight paving work. that's great stuff for 680. on the peninsula, a quick check to show you the volume. palo alto, very light. easily managed for the bay free ware. >> thanks, mike. new details we are learning about a data breach at a popular grocery chain and the impact it's having here in the bay area. video released the footage just discovered of the late singer, salina.
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another chilly morning right now at 5:14. all clear skies across the bay area as we take a live look outside in san jose. let's go to the neighborhood of evergreen with temperatures in the low 60s. at 9:00 this morning, looking at the highs rising to the mid-80s. it is going to be warmer today and for the weekend. we'll talk about that weekend forecast coming up at about 5:19. look at the drive times. they are great getting to the east shore freeway. no problems. the paving work cleared all delay out of walnut creek. >> mike, thank you. details about the impacted data breach that whole foods had on the area. eight local locations are involved. people who used in-store restaurants and tap rooms may have had their credit card information exposed.
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the main check-out registers were not affected. stores in cupertino, dublin, santa clara and walnut creek were hit. two stores in san francisco, also hit. if you are wondering what it costs to build a modern day spaceship, we have the answer for you. the megacampus in cupertino. the site called build zoom claims to have obtained the permits, including the construction costs. it cost $427 million. another $179 million wept to steve jobs theater where last month's iphone unveiling was. the total was $1.1 billion. apple, so far, is not commenting. more business and tech news, bing watching, netflix is going to cost you more. >> courtney reagan is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> hi, good morning to you both.
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wall street will watch the monthly jobs reports. economists believe it will impact the hurricanes in texas and florida. it's a large reason why. stocks rose yesterday, the s&p up for eight straight days, the longest winning streak in four years. the dow clowing up 113 points to 22,775. the nasdaq adding 60 to 6585. costco is facing amazon. the warehouse club operator launched two delivery methods. nonperishable items for two-day delivery. they have a choice of 1700 items, including fresh groceries for same-day delivery. costco is the third largest grocery retailer after walmart and kroger in the u.s.
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netflix relies on its own content. it's expensive, so they are passing the cost on to us. it's going up by $1 to $10.99 a month. hi-def is going up $2 to $13.99. the basic plan is sticking at $7.99 a month. back to you. >> thanks. this morning, we are seeing rare video of singer salina near the end of her tragically short life. the footage comes from video camera donated from the smithsonian. it was at a music festival in april of 1994. her manager killed her less than a year later. the gang from "will and grace" were on last night.
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today, the actress getting recognition. she'll receive a star on the hollywood paulk of fame. it is the 2,620th star on that sidewalk. if you watch "will and grace" every thursday night here on nbc bay area. >> cool. i went through universal studios last night to see where they are shooting now, "will and grace." >> you should have made a cameo. >> i didn't get to go on to the set. we rode by the building. cool to see. something you may be catching up on this weekend. we are going to have nice weather to make it really hard to stay inside. we are going to be warming up, but at least this morning, it is feeling cool and we will have more of these cool mornings over the next several days. that's great news, especially if you don't have air-conditioning as the temperatures heat up. fairfield, napa, 44 degrees. 51 in oakland, 54 in san francisco and palo alto.
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we are going to see those high temperatures reaching the upper 80s to near 90 degrees in a few spots. we are back to summer, even though we are in the middle of fall right now. 78 degrees in oakland. 87 in san jose and half-moon bay, not bad, 71 degrees. if you are going out for an early morning jog in san jose, around sunrise, 55 degrees. it will feel nice, warming up through the day, around noon, it is going to be 79 degrees. then, if you are going hiking in the east bay, a lot of active people around the bay area. of course, we will have some great weather for that. starting out with cold temperatures in morning in the east bay, then by 10:00, 67 degrees, the best time to get out. look at how warm it will be at 2:00 this afternoon. if you are going to spend the weekend in napa valley, it is going to be really warm. upper 80s today and mostly sunny skies throughout the weekend. we did talk about the cool mornings staying with us.
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we are going to see that in san francisco as well. high temperature mid-70s. the wide range in temperatures from morning to afternoon. you have to be prepared for a little bit of everything. upper 80s today and tomorrow, then starting to cool down a few degrees for the start of next week. a great start to your friday commute. >> it is, kari. it's friday, so that's a great thing. we are looking at a light drive. we expect that this time of day. we have slowing in pleasant hill and walnut creek, slowing cleared from the overnight paving work. that's great news and earlier than we saw the last few days. the bay bridge toll plaza, no major delays. the transit agencies report no delays, bart included and muni, a great, great one to take through town. fleet week, a lot of folks in town for the activities. keep that in mind getting through the area. golden gate bridge, we have the dublin area where 580 shows a
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smooth drive. as the altamont pass, closed for a crash. it's taking time. so far, the traffic is flowing nicely here. the golden gate bridge, no fog right now. hopefully that means later on we can see the blue angels without a problem. i'm talking about how nice traffic is now. back to you. >> nice that you find it nice, thank you. paying for a roof over your head. p people in the bay area who are renting. how that compares to other parts of nation. >> if you want another check of weather and traffic, follow us on twitter. you are watching "today in the bay."
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. the wife of the man killed is recovering and will soon be a deadly rock slide at yosemite. the wife of the man killed is recovering and will soon be heading home. lucy and andrew foster climbed el capitan. andrew died shielding lucy when the rock slide started. she was in critical condition but is making progress. the hepatitis a outbreak not going away anytime soon. it actually killed 17 people and could linger for more than a
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year. that's because doctors say people can carry the illness without showing any symptoms. the contagious liver damaging illness affected 500 people since november. it started in the homeless community. all the deaths and majority of those infected are in san diego. 70 cases have been reported in santa cruz. more people are renting in the bay area. part of a change in lifestyle that's become a trend. we look at the research for the furman center overnight showing the people in the bay area who rent instead of own has grown 5% in the last decade. researchers speculate on the reasons. many say saving for a down payment is difficult. millennials seem to prefer renting as opposed to home ownership because it's easier to pick up. people use airbnb to rent places to others, now have to register with the city and pay taxes like a hotel does z. that change took effect on
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thursday. it costs $100 to register and a $50 renewal every year. san francisco has a new recycling program. paper cups, plastic bags are among the others you can include. black waste bins will go down in size. the changes starting in the sunset and go to the rest of the city over the next couple years. the search for an alleged peeper. the man accused of taking pictures up a woman's skirt and the advice officers are giving to other women. >> reporter: bart will soon be removing material from a popular station that is potentially hazardous. i'll explain what that material is and why they are removing it. >> i bet i know. first a live look at san jose. you are watching "today in the bay."
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it is friday morning. we want to take a peek outside. beautiful downtown los gatos this morning. a nice spot, especially on the weekend. a nice breakfast place is there that i like. good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington got his weekend off to an early start. let's check in on the weekend weather. kari, good morning. >> good morning. warmer temperatures on the way, even though we have a really chilly start this morning. once again, we have low to
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mid-40s as you head out the door in the north bay. oakland, 51 degrees and 52 in san jose. let's check out san francisco's high temperatures for the next seven days. we'll be in the mid-70s throughout the weekend and early next week as well. for the inland areas, it's going to feel more like summer between today and tomorrow and starting to cool down with strong winds on sunday. we will talk about what's happening this weekend. that's coming up in about seven minutes. talking about a change at the bay bridge. >> surprise. the bay bridge metering lights are on, even on a friday. but look, this is the friday difference, traffic is moving. that means a lighter flow of traffic. look at the map, no delays getting there. the north bay shows no delays on the sensors getting across the golden gate bridge. the south bay, a smooth flow of traffic as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. take you to the latest developments out of las vegas.
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you are looking at a live picture of mandalay bay hotel where gunman stephen paddock shot down concert goers. 58 people were killed. we are learning more information about the investigation. paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley shedding light of what may have been going on in the gunman's head. meanwhile, fbi pulled things from his home. he searched on lollapalooza. >> jay gray has what we are learning about the gunman's past and the past that led him to las vegas. jay? >> reporter: hey there, laura, scott. we know they are looking over 12 cell phones or laptops they have recovered in this investigation. really learning about how he planned this thing out, if you will. we know that he had made reservations at a hotel in chicago this summer, one that
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overlooked grant park where they were holding the lollapalooza music festival. he never checked in there. we know if the fbi review of computers, he did a search trying to uncover events and hotels near the fenway park in boston. so, it's apparent to investigators he was targeting a large crowd. he wanted to carry out this attack on a large crowd. why las vegas? he frequented this area often. he would come and spend days gambling. he had a home in reno and a home in mesquite, nevada. he would be here often and was a professional gambler. he lived with someone, marilou danley, as you talked about. she was in the philippines when the attack went off. she is back and talking and cooperating with not only federal agents, but also with police here and we do know that she told them, she feels like he
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had mental and physical problems. he would lay in bed for days moaning and screaming, saying why god, why god. that's something they are definitely interested in and pursuing. >> a lot of people still want answers. hope they get some. thank you, jay. more details on that investigation. authorities looking into stephen paddock had another target while shooting. they found bullet holes 2,000 feet away in fuel tanks at the airport. it's unclear if they were targeted or if the bullets ricocheted. officials say it was never in danger of exploding. we are going to stay on top of what is next in the investigation on air and online. for instant coverage and more on how the nation is remembering the victims, you can always head to our website, it's 5:33. new this morning, authorities say one person hurt after a crash in fremont. it happened before 11:00 last night on cato road near the tesla warehouse.
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a pick up truck slammed into a big rig. the driver of the pickup was hospitalized. looking to add additions to a station. >> they are going to have to remove material that could be hazardous. pete suratos is live at the bart station with what it could mean for commuters this morning. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you scott and laura. bart, as you mentioned, is going to be removing things from areas as they install ceilings and panels at the station. bart is saying asbestos has not been a hazard as far as using this station because it hasn't been disturbed or removed, at least up until this point. that removal process is going to start on monday, at three locations in the middle of the station. it will be done when the station is closed. you are going to see a
5:35 am
protective enclosure. bart is taking precautions to make sure folks are safe and informing them about the removal process. bart says passengers have nothing to fear at this point regarding it, it's common practice to remove asbestos from older buildings, we spoke with passengers to get their take. >> if it's dangerous to the public, get it out. >> it's happening. if i'm unaware of this and walking through certain places, people should know. >> reporter: bart recently removed asbestos and lead paint from eight station this is summer. they said there weren't issues on that front. a special filtering system will be placed here to ensure the air at the station is clean. we'll have safety monitors. bart officials tell me the work,
5:36 am
the removal process could take a couple weeks. pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, pete. it is 5:36. the search continues for a man san mateo police are calling a skirt peeker. he secretly took pictures up a woman's skirt at the bridge point park way on september 17th. this surveillance video shows him following his victim, waiting until she bent over and running up to snap a picture. store employees told the woman what happened. >> she quickly walked into target, not knowing the male followed her. she was contacted by loss prevention, she knew who they were speaking about. >> officers say it is important to stay individual lent. here is another look at the suspect. if you recognize him, call police. the man who took police on a wild chase last week is expected in court today. we brought you live, breaking coverage of that, as it happened. matthew stole a car in alameda.
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he led officers on a high-speed chase, then got into this white convertible. we track ld it using the sky ranger. it kept the driver driving for a long time. the driver eventually pulled over, the suspect surrendered to police. a 90-year-old man was killed after he was hit by a car in san francisco. it happened just as he was about to step on to the sidewalk. his death marks the third in that spot in a matter of weeks. he was walking home wednesday evening when a driver crossed into the intersection seconds after a light turned green, hitting him. he had not made it all the way across the intersection. he died a few hours later. this happened at fell and baker. the area is dangerous for pedestrians. >> i'm in the center section, too. if you don't get in, you have to wait until the next light.
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if there was a dedicated turn signal, it would be safer. >> the driver did stop. she was questioned by police. so far, no charges have been filed. 5:38. people visiting the cliffs in san francisco are being urged, be careful after a woman fell to her death. it happened yesterday afternoon. the woman fell 300 feet. investigators say it appears the woman was alone. it's not clear exactly what happened. there are signs along the trails warning walkers to stay away from the edge. yesterday's death shocked many regular visitors. >> i have seen them come with rescue dogs, but never a human being. >> the cliffs look safe when you are on them. from the beach below, you can see the cliffside eroding. be careful along that route. a three-week blip through a pair of potholes. the crews have been working overtime to patch up thousands of potholes. the department of transportation
5:39 am
says they repaired more than 18,000 this year. that's more than they did all of last year. >> we keep making them. a lot of folks are making them. we are looking here and no major slowing. that's great news to start your friday off. 5:39. slowing toward the dublin interchange. this area is improving at isabel. we had a let of slowing earlier. it's clear heading toward castro valley. i want to show you the travel times across the bridges. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. the metering lights are on there. a live look, will show you the san mateo bridge. this is highway 92. no problem getting to highway 101. ime guessing there is going to be more traffic as it has day builds, heading to the coast, the beach. >> showing your muscles. >> there you go.
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>> a good weekend? >> yes. but a big heads up about the beach this weekend. very high risk of rip currents and sneaker waves. we'll have that concern for a lot of people because temperatures inland will be heating up. or you may be heading out to the fleet week air show. it will be on fleet, right? the temperatures will be in the upper 60s today. no worries about fog this year. that is great. a lot of sunshine. then, for tomorrow, the coast will be in the mid-70s. the bay at 82 degrees. inland areas will see those high temperatures in the upper 80s. cooler on sunday, but it's going to be windy as those temperatures start to drop. the coast will be at 73 degrees and the bay at 77. then, for tomorrow, the hardly strictly bluegrass happening in golden gate park as the temperatures reach the mid-70s, all of that sunshine may feel warmer than this. heads up to bring the sunscreen
5:41 am
and something to give you shade as well. you may be heading to vallejo waterfront weekend. that's going on all day tomorrow with those temperatures reaching near 80 degrees. doesn't look like we'll get there, but we will have some very comfortable weather with mostly clear skies. if you are hitting the road, here is a live look at squaw valley and the resort. upper 60s. the morning temperatures dropping below freezing. heading to l.a. this weekend, warm today and tomorrow. but, then a little lower on sunday, most likely as you are heading back home. relaxing in carmel valley this weekend. again, warm today, but cooler for the end of the weekend. let me know what you are doing. you may see it here at 6:38. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. >> thanks, kari. 5:41 now. the new affordable housing project going up near the bart station. the calm before the storm says the president. an ominous message as he talked
5:42 am
to military leaders.
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it's 5:44 with a clear start as we look outside in san jose. it will stay clear as we go through the afternoon. cool morning temperatures, a warmer afternoon. already, as we go toward the 9:00 hour, we'll start to see those temperatures warming up. look at these temperatures for the afternoon in willow glen, 84
5:45 am
degrees at 3:00. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in about five minutes. looking over here, this is 580 through dublin. the good news, whatever slowing or was causing it is cleared without a problem. a nice drive here. we are going talk about what else is going on as we get closer to the bay. >> thank you, mike. news just in, the latest monthly unemployment numbers. u.s. lost 33,000 jobs in september. we have not seen a negative number in the jobs report in nearly a decade. the forecast gain of 90,000. what happened? job loss blamed on the hurricane that hit texas and florida. good news, the u.s. unemployment fell from 4.4% to 4.2%. it's the lowest since february, 2001. today, breaking ground on much needed affordable housing. it's in partnership with bart. it will include 110 units.
5:46 am
it will be built on a bart parking lot. half of the units will be rented as below market rate. happening today, we are hoping to learn more about a cryptic and frightening comment from president trump. >> here is what he said last night during a photo shoot with military leaders. >> you know what this represents? maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what storm mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> the president didn't answer repeated attempts from reporters to get him to clarify. nothing leading up to the words so we have no clear context. we have reporters at the white house and watching twitter as he regularly tweets in the morning. meantime, the justice department is changing another obama era policy applying to transgender people. laws protecting workers from discrimination do not apply to
5:47 am
transgender workers. the justice department says the obama administration overstepped boundaries with that policy. it's up to congress to decide to whom the laws apply. former secretary of state and democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, will be in the bay area today. she is the keynote speaker at a stanford university. happening today, san francisco unified celebrating the success to student's college saving program. each kindergartener gets $50 for a college savings account. parents add to that. it started in 2011. it was the first program in the country. we looked at the numbers overnight. today, 26,000 students are in that program. families contributed over $2 million to their children's account. it brings it to nearly $5 million.
5:48 am
a man carrying laundry across america. >> the journey ends today at the golden gate for a great cause. he's doing it to raise awareness of water issues. the journey comes to an end around noon today. he will have walked 3000 miles. he has a gofundme page if you have an extra dollar or two to donate to that cause. >> everyone finds themselves in a jam, even the king of saudi arabia. the king, descending an escalator and it suddenly becomes air. he proceeded to walk the remaining steps. no worse for the wear. golden escalator. >> i'd like to be carried down. >> you are lighter.
5:49 am
>> i said i'd like to. all right. we have a look at the forecast. if you are staying in the bay area, it is going to be nice. >> it is going to be nice. warmer weekend ahead. some people were hoping to get a last beach weekend in. looks like you have it. we are starting out with cool temperatures through the morning hours. look at how cold it is in the tri-valley. 49 degrees and the south bay at 52 degrees. right in the middle of the screen, san francisco at 55, while in the north bay, it's 42 degrees starting out your morning. if you probably are getting another heavy coat this morning, we are going to see those high temperatures making it into the mid-80s today, even upper 80s. check out gilroy today. you will feel that high temperature of 90 degrees, 90 in danville. in oakland, a high of 78 degrees. we'll have mid-80s for much of the peninsula. daily city, 72 degrees.
5:50 am
72 in ingleside. north bay in the upper 80s this afternoon. it will be windy, those winds picking up at 15-20 miles an hour. getting dressed today, it will be a day for layers. it is cold to start. you need a jacket, then under that short sleeves. later on this afternoon, the temperatures making it into the 80s, once again. you will need the sunglasses with all that sunshine and perhaps sandals, too. it's a mix of everything. we have such a wide range of temperatures that call for that. as you get the kids out of school or getting them out for school in the morning, it will be in the low 50s. then seeing those highs reaching the mid-70s. wanted to give you an update on what is happening. if you are traveling, we have a tropical storm we are monitoring, moving closer to cozumel, this moving to the gulf of mexico. if you have friends and family in new orleans, they will be watching for this and preparing over the next several days. if you are traveling, keep an eye on this for much of the east
5:51 am
coast. i'll have more updates on that. let's heads over to mike and looking at the typical commute pattern. >> for friday, a lighter build. san jose, nothing big. a little for 101. this is the castro valley and hayward area. a tiny build. there are cars out there, trust me. a nice, smooth flow of traffic. over here, bay point toward concord, highway 4, nothing tragic. bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. you have the back ups. no problems getting there. we are almost at 20 minutes from highway 4 to the slowing berkeley curve. a smooth drive as we look at transit agencies. no problems. a little slowing for highway 37 and a quick look at the freeway itself. 101 through san rafael, a nice, smooth drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, we investigate.
5:52 am
>> i was very aware since it's a massage, there's no witness or video tape. >> a bay area woman says her relaxing massage turned into a nightmare. i'm vicky nguyen. we investigate how massage therapists continue to practice. a frag rant robbery. fremont police are looking for two suspects that grabbed 80 bottles of fragrances and confronted the manager when it happened. the nobel prize just awarded, given to a group, the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. this is the peace prize. it hopes to draw attention to the consequences of nuclear weapons. we'll be back. stick around.
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welcome back to you. it's 5:55 on your friday morning. a live look outside from san francisco. we are off to a cool and clear start for the morning. it will start heating up as we head into the weekend. kari hall has a full look at the forecast in a few minutes. a nightmare for a bay area woman. she turned to our investigative unit after her complaints went nowhere. >> vicky nguyen joins us with
5:56 am
what happened after she started asking questions. >> good morning. we learned sexual assault complaints from massage therapists have been going up. this woman wasn't the only victim of a massage therapist she says physically abused her and touched her inappropriately. mtc was set up to oversee the 52,000 massage therapists. they did not make information about complaints or arrests public. she sent the police report along with racy photos her therapist posted to social media. it took two years and another woman's complaint before they suspended his license. see the full report and how to check if your massage therapist is certified at . >> thanks.
5:57 am
if you have a story, give us a call, 888-996-tips or e-mail to the unit at a new app that could make cyber bullying seizier. the app is built to get honest feedback from co-workers and friends by sending anonymous messages. at least one person says that's a bad idea. >> that leaves room for lots and lots of problems because an minty is a license to be mean. >> when we see this cruelty online, we have to step up and step in and start saying, hey, this isn't right. >> some students fighting back with a trend called cyber encouragement. itis pages to spread positive comments about their peers. summer's unusually hot weather means ticks and mosquitos will continue to thrive into the fall. an industry group studies weather conditions and forecast insect activities.
5:58 am
apparently, it's not just bugs, rodents will be in higher numbers this fall. >> that's great. starting today, you can get free vaccine's for hepatitis a and the flu. the health services hosting that event in response to the hepatitis a outbreak we have been telling you ability. it starts at 1:00 in the afternoon at 330 ellis street on the first floor. there were reports of seasonal cases and outbreaks of the flu. the worst of the flu season is yet to come. there is good news. the current vaccine protects against the majority of the strains seen this year. it's manufacturing day in america. a day to get young people excited about careers in that industry. some 250 students in contra costa county will be at
5:59 am
facilities. students from central high school will be there. both events will start at 8:30 this morning. you can channel your inner pirate today. the tall ship's lady washington arrives in the bay area today for the blue angels and fleet week event. you can watch the blue angels perform from the deck. they will be over at jacqueline square until october 15th. over the years, lady washington has made appearances in several movies and tv shows, including "pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl." >> right now at 6:00, searching for a motive. the lead investigators are chasing as they figure out what led up to a las vegas mass shooting. the steps police are taking to make sure everybody is safe this weekend. fleet week is ramping up.
6:00 am
the major events taking place this weekend as thousands of people get ready to descend on san francisco. "today in the bay" continues right now. get out there and enjoy it. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington this morning. let's get a check of the weekend forecast with kari. >> it looks good. a lot of people are keeping a close eye on it because there are so many outdoor festivities and celebrations going on. and weddings, too. we are going to have beautiful weather. low to mid-70s for the weekend. a few more degrees early next wik. inland areas are going to feel like summer. it cools off next week. we'll talk more about this coming up. >> you know, that doesn't sound super exciting, but i want to show you the fast track lanes. sometimes we see the cash lanes moving. any movement is great at this time,


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