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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we continue to monitor the devastating wildfires in the north bay. here are where things stand. there are at least ten confirmed deaths related to those destructive fires. seven in sonoma county tworks in napa and one in mand see know. >> there are 100 missing person reports. firefighters say this is likely because of spotty cell service in the area. 1500 structures are gone. cal fire admits that number is conservative. an estimated 20,000 people are forced out of their homes with evacuations extending. water notices have been sent for napa. here is a map of the four notable fires we are watching this morning. more than 60,000 acres charred, so far, in sonoma and napa counties. 30,000 acres burned in the so-called tubbs fire and 20,000
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acres scorched in the atlas fire near napa. >> let's turn to anser hassan at carson newman high school, one of the buildings devastated by that fire. >> reporter: they say 50% of the classrooms have been destroyed. let's show you one right here. this is the roof that collapsed on to this. if we look on this side, another portable. what you are seeing burned out, chairs and benches. here are before and after pictures of the school, which gives you an idea of how badly and how much of the campus has been destroyed. this is a small campus. this is a private school. the school's principal estimates up to 18 of the 35 classrooms have been destroyed. that includes the library, main office and portable classrooms. the challenge over the next few days will be to determine how much of the school is usable and to figure out where the rest of
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the students will go for class. in a statement, they said we are learning the impact of this devastating fire in our community. i urge everyone to make safety their top priority. you can see live pictures. this is one of the classrooms that was destroyed. looks like the roof collapsed half way on the back end of the room. still, fully intact here on the front end. some of the rival schools have been tweeting messages of support, encouragement for many students. marcus, homecoming was set to come up. looks like that will be pushed back as well. live in santa rosa, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> a lot of things will change for people. thank you. there are two major evacuation zones in sonoma. one is a big section of santa rosa, including roanoke park and the neighboring forestville. that borders mark west springs road to the north and includes
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fountain grove parkway in montecito heights area. a separate evacuation order east of annendale state park. >> two evacuations in sonoma county alone. according to the emergency management division, the majority have space available. cloverdale citrus fair, sonoma valley high school, petaluma and healdsburg and the fairgrounds. we have that list at >> pete suratos is where there are new evacuations coming up. pete? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, marcus. we are here in fairfield in solano county at the costco off green valley road. as i mentioned, essentially, you had different law enforcement meeting in this area before they carried out the evacuations,
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telling people to evacuate in this area. now, what i want to do is pull up a map showing where those evacuations took place. they evacuated people just north of rockville road and upper and west part of green valley road. that's the main area where they were carrying out those evacuations. they were doing that last night, going door-to-door, telling them to leave the area. the fire is on the border of napa and solano county. that is at the ridge area. at the top of the show, we showed that orange glow from the ridge area. that is where that fire is. that's a concern that it could go over that ridge and affect folks on this side. right now, they are doing structure protection at valley end lane. that's where we showed where that orange glow is, the fire on the napa county side and could jump to this side. when it comes to shelters, folks are told to go to solano
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community college. if that's an issue, go to allen whit parks an aquatics center where they have beds set up to take care of folks if there's issues getting into the solano community college in fairfield. we'll keep you up-to-date if there are changes as far as evacuations go and where we are going to keep an eye on the wind conditions here. that could be an issue as far as the fire jumping over the ridge. live in fairfield, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. we want to tell you about the school closers. suisun valley k-8. napa valley, santa rosa schools are state. sonoma state university. napa valley college canceled class zs, however the gym is used in the evacuation.
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these are some of the closures. the full list is on our website, >> if you have large animals and need a place to take them, there are several options for you. santa rosa fairgrounds, sonoma-marin fairgrounds, cloverdale citrus fair and napa county fairgrounds. we have new video in to share with you this morning. a horse being evacuated in solano county overnight, one of many. this is a parking lot where a woman took her horse while waiting for a horse trailer to pick her up and go to a different location. the horse is stressed because of all the activity, understandably, in the area. >> the activity, part of that was the wind we saw throughout the day yesterday. definitely a different scene today, kari. more calm, which is helping with the fight of the fire. >> right. right now at 5:06 we are tracking those wind speeds that calmed down significantly.
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right now, at 3-6 miles an hour and calm in many spots. as we go through the day, the winds coming out of the east-northeast, blowing the smoke to marin county and offshore. still an offshore breeze today. our humidity is much higher. that also helps as the humidity levels have increased to 50-60%. even some 70% of readings there, compared to the very dry air we had yesterday, the relative humidity was in the teens. as we check out the temperature trend for today, as firefighters try to get containment on some of those fires, here is a look at the temperature trend for napa county. starts out nice and cool, low 60s by 9:00 and warming up into the low 80s today. once again, those winds lower and the humidity higher. that is working in our favor as we head to mike now, a new closure for santa rosa. >> the fire fight, the big
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picture showing closures for alice peak and a new portion of highway 12, sonoma high way in santa rosa. they closed highway 12 heading past. that is because of fires as well. the fires continue to shift. i know we are talking highway 12 itself, but remember, we have all these neighborhoods that continue to have traffic control. avoid the area if you can at all. we need to let the emergency crews do their work. highway 37 and highway 101 past the same area are open. because of all the fire related activity, watch the traffic control flow through the area if you have to go there and watch for any signs alerting to changes. back to you. good advice, mike. thank you. we will continue breaking news coverage of the wildfires burning in the north bay after the break. head to our website,
5:09 am we'll have all the updates as well as those evacuations and closures. we'll be back on air, right after the break. north bay wildfires--
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let )s show you some video of te hilton hotel in santa rosa - continuing coverage of the north bay wildfires. let's show you video of the hilton hotel in santa rosa. we have been reporting about the hotel burnings since yesterday. this is video from overnight. the hotel burned for hours when firefighters say they had to move on because there was no
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chance of saving it. the situation has been dire. firefighters had to set up a command post at the k-mart parking lot on the west side of highway 101. the fire, which was burning on the east side jumped six lanes of the freeway, heading straight for the command center. here is what one firefighter told us. >> the k-mart parking lot. the pizza parlor is on fire. k-mart is like we have to get out of here. there's too much wind. too much fire. >> the neighborhood behind the hilton hotel, also destroyed. we are following breaking news out of san leandro where an amber alert has been issued to find a young girl. >> bob redell is live to explain what happened here. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura.
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this appears to be the second time this year that this mother has abducted her daughter. just before 12:30 of just after 12:30 this morning, chp issued an amber alert on behalf of the sheriffs office. this amber alert to be on the look outfor laquita davis and on the lookout for her daugt 67-year-old daughter, malayia. she believes she is in alameda county or contra costa county. malayia davis-booker, a 6-year-old african-american girl, last seen wearing a long sleeved navy blue and red dress. that is the last she was wearing when she was taken. her mother is laquita davis, african-american, 34 years old. she took her daughter in
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mid-july from her grandmother in berkeley. at the time, davis was homeless and did not have legal custody of her daughter. reporting live in san leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 5:14 right now. back to the wildfire coverage this morning. images into the news room from the goldengate chp. a photo from skyline park in napa county. helicopters were transitioning from rescue mode throughout the north bay. you can see what they had to deal with. the thick smoke from the fires that continue to burn. >> when you see that there, one thing you can say today is there is some relief when you think about good news. it's pretty good today, kari, when we were talking about fighting those conditions. >> right. the humidity has gone up. the winds have gone down. that is a definite plus as we start out this morning. it will still be very smokey
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today in the north bay. dangerous air quality. so, if you are going to be out there, please limit your time outside. even in the east bay peninsula, south bay, san francisco is going to be healthy. variable wind and, at times, there will be smoke drifting by. getting outside, once again, we advise you to limit your outdoor time. turn your air-conditioning on recirculate, if you can. wear a breathing mask if you have to go outside. if you feel nausea or coughing, seek medical attention. we have this information on let's look at what we are seeing as far as the wildfire this morning. we have new video coming in and we are going to continue to monitor those situations. looking at san francisco this morning, we are seeing a little bit of that smoke drifting by. so, that's going to be an issue. looks all clear as we get a view of san jose. you may be smelling little of
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that. we were out yesterday evening and could smell the smoke in the south bay. we start out with temperatures on the cool side for much of the bay area. in the mid to upper 50s, even upper 40s in the north bay with high temperatures this afternoon in santa rosa, to 81 degrees. we'll be up to 79 degrees in napa. oakland, 75 degrees and lower 80s from concord to livermore as well as morgan hill and san jose. san francisco, expect a high of 70 degrees. the seven day forecast for the north bay. the winds calming down today. the smoke still will be very thick in the air. then, by tomorrow, we will have a weak cold front moving in that will increase the wind. that will need to be monitored. the winds coming in at 10-20 miles an hour, then we will have the winds calming down just a bit for thursday and friday. the winds are expected to increase saturday and sunday. if we don't have major
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containment by then, we may have more issues with more spreading wildfires into the weekend. for san francisco, still smokey today. temperatures up to 70 degrees. cooler for the end of the week, then warming up a few degrees, in time for the weekend. inland areas, highs low 80s today and mid-70s for the rest of the week. it's going to be cooler than normal, then slightly warmer weekend ahead. we'll continue to monitor those wind speeds this morning. mike is tracking mass transit. a number of agencies in the north bay because of the fire related activity. sonoma county transit has no changes. looking toward smart train, limited service, no charge for the trains. they go along 101. i'll show you that in a second. great information. we have unlimited service for the area through santa rosa.
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all the fire related activity, don't plan on it being on a regular schedule. we have off ramps closed as we continue with the fire activity off the freeway. over here, highway 37 has remained open. that's good news. fire activity for the sears point fire. i's not enough to keep it closed. 128 and 121, 128 as well, closures there. we know about the ongoing situations. that's the reason for traffic disruptions in that area. as the fire starts to shift, we are watching smoke, but no closures. that's good news, we continue to track. over here, we have the closure for highway 101. walker road, a closure because this redwood complex fire that gets lost in the shuffle.
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there is a closure for highway 101 continuing since yesterday. that is a big deal up there. over here, a big deal, the bay bridge as well. anywhere south of the fires we showed you are showing a nice, easy drive. it's tuesday. the build is on in the cash lanes. we haven't forgotten about the regular commute. that is going on. so far, no disruptions. back to you. >> let's hope at least that cooperates. we have been following the fires. it's so hard to tell you lives were lost. ten confirmed deaths, so far. two in napa county. an elderly cupping were just unable to escape. this is a picture of 100-year-old charles and his 98-year-old wife, sarah. she was wheelchair bound. they had a caretaker, but she was barely able to get herself out in time, and not able to help the couple get out. the couple's son spoke to our jodi hernandez. >> the caregiver called and said
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there was fire ever where. the guys out on the street. before she knew it, the roof was caving in. it was very fast. very fast. you know, she went down to get my father and all the windows started to explode. smoke and heat and all that everywhere. just couldn't find him. >> charles is a world war ii veteran, loved his wife more than anything. his son finds peace knowing they died together. >> we will continue with this breaking news coverage of the wildfires burning in the north bay after the break. head to our website, there, you can find updates. we have those evacuations and closures posted. we'll be right back.
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as we continue to follow the wildfires burning in the north bay, we want to get updated on what's going on in certain areas. we have scott alonzo on the phone with us, the spokesperson with sonoma county. good morning to you. >> caller: thanks for having me. >> several evacuation centers are open. a few are at capacity? >> caller: that's right.
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28 evacuation centers in the county, 24 are open and four are at capacity. some are available for animals as well. >> that's good for people to know. of course they want to take those little family members with them as well. i would imagine you are prepared for the long haul. so many people that live outside of the area, but still here in the bay area, we want to know what we can do to help. what do you suggest? >> caller: yeah, thanks. a lot of folks are calling to volunteer. register online with the american red cross. the red cross is organizing all volunteer efforts for, not only in this county, but napa and solano counties impacted by the fires. >> have you all thought about, i know this is a day-to-day process because things change every day, how long will you keep the evacuation centers
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open? >> caller: i haven't heard any long term, but i imagine for a few days, absolutely. >> we have fires burning. it's a tough one. >> caller: correction. at least seven fires impacted the county. some fires are still ongoing. emergency personnel are up in the field responding. they are doing a great job. we are asking folks to stay put if they are in a safe place and to stay off the road to ensure our emergency personnel have complete access responding on the scene. >> if you are in a safe place, stay inside with all the smoke. there are mandatory evacuation orders in effect. >> caller: yeah, there are multiple evacuation orders in effect throughout santa rosa, forestville, up to cloverdale. yes, there are multiple areas under mandatory evacuation and we are asking the public if that was issued where they live to
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leave immediately and not return until that order has been lifted. >> has there been anything you have seen or a pattern that you want to get the word out to people to be mindful of something or to remind them of things to do? >> caller: yeah, i think it's really to be prepared in case of any emergency. have a to-go bag, water, essential documents and medication with you. if you need to leave immediately and make sure that you let your relatives know if you can't, in advance. we are getting calls for missing person reports, asking updates where their loved ones are. a lot of times, they may not have had a chance to notify anybody if they left. >> what do you tell people? is there a central call line? you keep track of people coming to shelters, right? >> caller: yeah. what happens is we have a public hot line, 707-565-3856.
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anyone can file a missing person report. we are getting calls from all over the country looking for relatives. our sheriff's office and deputies will investigate. >> let's hope they are reunited. there's been spotty cell service. thank you very much. we know you are so busy. we appreciate taking the time. >> caller: yes, thank you. we continue breaking coverage of the wildfires in the north bay after the break. we'll be right back. you could save energy
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i )m laura garcia. a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we continue to monitor the devastating wildfires in the north bay. here are where things stand. there are at least ten confirmed deaths related to the fires. seven in sonoma county, two in napa and one in mendocino county. >> there are 100 missing person reports. firefighters say this is likely because of spotty cell service in the area. 150 structures are now gone. this morning, estimated 20,000 people are forced out of their homes with evacuations expanding every hour. boil water notices for santa rosa and the silverado trail in napa. the more notable fires we are watching this morning, four of
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them. more than 60,000 acres charred, so far, in sonoma and napa county. 30,000 acres burned in the so-called tubbs fire and 20,000 in the atlas fire, close to napa. >> pete suratos is live where there are new evacuations this morning. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marcus. those evacuations extending south to the solano area. where we are standing, we are in fairfield. if folks are waking up this morning, noticing that the air is hazy from the smoke coming from napa county. in this parking lot, this costco parking lot, this is where crews met up before going door-to-door, evacuating people door-to-door because of this fire. this morning, we got a glimpse of the orange glow in the napa county area. from where we were standing on green valley road, you saw that orange glow on the napa county
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side. according to the sheriff's department, they are telling us that fire is on the border of the napa and solano county area in the ridge area. that's where they are keeping an eye on things. they have structure protection in place at valley end lane. that's where they are keeping an eye on this. the concern is the fire can jump over that ridge. as i mentioned, you have the sheriff's department, vallejo police and fairfield police going door-to-door evacuating people, getting them out of harms way in this fairfield area. they really don't know if this fire is going to reach this area. i want to pull up a map to show you where people were evacuated in fairfield west of suisun valley road. we are talking a few hundred homes or so according to solano county sheriff's department. as far as shelters go, livestock
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are being taken to the vallejo county fairgrounds and shelters at the solano community college as well as allen whit park. you can go to allen whit park if the community college, if there's overflow in that area. of course you are going to continue to keep an eye on these changes, specifically how close that fire is getting to this area. that's the main concern for folks who are watching in solano county, specifically in this fairfield area. back to you in the newsroom. >> sounds good. pete suratos out there for us. there's a main road shut down in santa rosa off old redwood highway. anser hassan has more on that. >> reporter: this is old redwood highway in santa rosa, a main road as you make your way through the city. completely black and thick smoke. you can see one of the issues has to do with downed power lines. it makes this road very dangerous. the power is likely to be turned
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off. you see tree branches, other debris. a scene of complete devastation. behind it, a burned out truck. it might be dark to see right now, but this is a turn off into a neighborhood. from our vantage point, it looks like it has been completely flattened. off to the side here, hot spot that is are burning. a strong smell of smoke and ashes. curfew is in place until after sunrise. police are stationed at off ramps and city streets to keep people out of the area. from the looks of it, this area had little assessment in part to the downed power lines. we have seen police traveling to keep people out. in santa rosa, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. very important to pay attention to those power lines that are down. in fact, power is out for a lot of people. more than 100,000 customers without it in sonoma and napa counties. pg&e can't start to get power
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restored to the area because the fires are still burning. officials say they started staging crews in the north bay to get to the problems quickly once firefighters give them the all clear. >> there's also multiple lines. firefighters let the flames reach the silverado road letting the roadblock the flames. here is how a man saved his home. >> didn't have power, so i had to hook a tractor up to the generator and rewire the house so i had water up there. i was able to save the house, but we lost the tank house. >> silverado trail has several wineries. we know the estate in napa has been destroyed. paradise ridge winery in santa rosa has also been destroyed. more of the damage with the fires still raging. it's too soon to tell the damage
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to the multiple billion dollar wine industry is going to sustain. >> i want to check in with kari hall right now. right now, you are monitoring those winds out there, which is a great concern to the firefighters. they have died down? >> they have. we start out this morning with mostly calm wind. we are seeing the highest winds in fairfield, which is about normal for this time of year. the arrows show the direction that that smoke will be carried as we go throughout the next several hours out of the east-northeast. that blows a lot of smoke off throughout the morning. we will have, at times, smoke drifting into the bay area because the winds are so light and variable. we have higher humidity, which is also a plus as they try to get containment on the wildfires this morning. the relative humidity, now in napa, close to 60 pkts. 62% in fairfield and 71% in
5:37 am
navato. that is great news this morning. as we go through the day, our temperatures start out cool, mostly in the upper 40s. now, we'll be in the low 50s and 60s as we go toward the 9:00 hour. it will warm up, into the upper 70s by early afternoon, eventually hitting 80 degrees by later today. those winds coming out of the east-northeast, will be at 5-10 miles an hour. the winds may be picking up tomorrow, which will be of great concern for cal fire as they will be monitoring those wind speeds and direction. i'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike is looking at closures in the north bay. >> yeah, i don't want folks to forget we have a lot of closures. anser hassan is up there and showed it. it is desolate. no lights or electricity. of course all the emergency work. keep that in mind as we tell you 101 is reopened through santa rosa for the morning commute. highway 37 reopened after yesterday. there's still fire going on in the sears point area.
5:38 am
watch for traffic control as well. i renewed all the closures to make sure you could read the map. watch what happens when i put them all on. we have all these bigger closures. that's why i have removed all the orange blocks from the roadway map to actually read where we are. let's move to where the closures continue to be a big factor. calistoga from 128, glen ellen off highway 12. the latest closure, this morning in molita. coming to napa. as pete has been talking, the fire pushing over to solano county. so far, i-80 is unaffected as far as traffic flow. it's fine there. that's i-80 in fairfield. let's not forget about the normal commute out of the san francisco area. we had a lot of storms for the bay bridge.
5:39 am
non-fire related activity. out of san francisco, it cleared. the back up is at the bay bridge toll plaza. the rest of the approach through the maze is good. i'll give you a closer look. before 5:30 t petering lights were turned on. you had the morning commute kicked in. we may see a dramatic change. the fire related closures and traffic flow on the north bay and the typical commute coming down, definitely going to hit the silicon valley coming from the east bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. images into the news room this morning. this is a photo just posted on twitter. it shows what is left of a home near santa rosa, courtesy of margaret. you can see a burned out car and nothing else. >> so sad. so many people, that's all they have to return to, if anything at all. >> time and time again. >> continuing breaking news coverage of the wildfire in the
5:40 am
north bay after the break. head to, we are posting updates. we have evacuations and closures posted. you can follow marcus and myself on twitter as we give out the latest information for you. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:42. we continue to follow the fires burning in the north bay. they are active. i want to check in with shawn,
5:43 am
joining us by phone. thank you so much. we know it is a busy, active time. the fire has grown in some areas, right? >> caller: right, in some areas. we are still working on different pockets. >> tell me about how you all are tackling this or if you all have started tackling and what is the plan for that? >> caller: as more resources are brought into this incident, as they are. certain areas will be assigned certain pieces of equipment and they will grid it out. looking at cooler weather, much cooler weather this morning, no wind, humidities are starting to ri rise. the weather is in our favor. >> you think today will give you a jump on things, even more? you have been working so hard. >> caller: resources have been there since day one when the fire took off. yesterday afternoon, much better day. for an example, the air base in
5:44 am
sacramento loaded 266 gallons of retardant in large aircraft for the atlas fire. we were able to get significant drops on the area as well. the tubbs fire started in calistoga and game over to santa rosa. >> the winds played a big factor in the spread. >> caller: right. >> what has become your biggest challenge, at this point? >> caller: at this point, so much devastation in property. i mean homes, businesses, commercial properties. it's a much different scenario than -- we need to go through each structure and make sure we get out all those hot spots. >> that's the interesting thing about this fire. it is so wide and several burning in so many areas.
5:45 am
you have vegetation, you have homes, you have businesses. i know a big concern for you is, of course, saving lives. >> caller: right. that is primary. also, back up more, we are looking at 15 major wildfires in the state of california right now from the oregon border to the mexican border, san diego. we have a fire burning over 3500 acres in anaheim. atlas is up to 25,000 acres. they are all significant. they all started in a short time frame. >> right. right. it's amazing to see. does that mean your resources, getting help from other parts of the state is stretched thin? are you getting enough of what you need in regards to help? >> we have the capability to get resources on the road immediately. i mean, we are talking within a matter of minutes, resources hitting in each direction. of course you have to have a
5:46 am
centralized area to monitor this and get the right resources for the different incidents. the national guard has been activated, i believe just the aircraft. we have troops on the ground as far as hand crews. i wouldn't be surprised to see those in a couple days. >> do you have new numbers when it comes to containment or acreage? >> caller: not at this time. we will in about a half hour. >> okay. >> even though at daybreak people want to go back to their homes to observe it. we told people not to do that. that might not be the safest thing to do. can you tell us why it's important not to return to a home that was destroyed by a fire hours ago. >> caller: that is well put. we want to get folks home. we can only imagine, i can only imagine, just your life turned upside down in a matter of minutes from this fire.
5:47 am
we need to provide your safety. that's not an excuse, that is a fact. we need to make sure pg&e, fire companies, utilities need to make sure their systems are mitigated. come in and make sure there's no hot spots that somebody could get hurt. say a tree burned, that fire in that tree will burn down, into the ground, into the root. the ashes will be at the top of the ground. you walk into that, you are going to step into that. if you go up, it could give you second degree burns. that's one example of what could happen. >> that's a good illustration. people don't think about those things. >> caller: they don't. you are right. hazard trees, hazard poles. there's many things we need to take care of prior to those folks going home. >> what about the need for your crews? are they working extensive shifts? >> caller: right now, they are, yes. i know they have been at it for
5:48 am
over 36 hours. 48. >> yeah, i heard, you know, one of the people out there fighting the fires, one of your crew teams saying we are drinking a lot of water. we are doing what we can. you have to keep going. you just keep going. >> caller: very well put. right. we need to watch out for each other as well. >> take care of yourself. >> caller: thank you. >> we know you are doing the best you can. these fires have been devastating and the fight continues this morning. sean mcqueen, thanks for joining us this morning. >> caller: thank you. >> thanks, sean. more than 100 residents have been listed as missing. >> a lot of people don't know where their family is. it's likely they just lost touch. >> as opposed to be bhimissing. cell phone service is really spotty in sonoma and napa county. people in shelters may not be able to tell them where they
5:49 am
are. sonoma fire and emergency services has a phone number you can register people as missing at 707-565-3856. as for that cell phone service, i have been talking with verizon and at&t all morning. both say they have emergency equipment ready to go. the problem is not so much the cell phone towers, as it is the power. power is out. at&t updated me within the hour saying their emergency crews are setting up temporary towers powered by generators. the mayor says cell phone is spotty in the town itself. text messaging is getting through largely. where voice will not, try text messaging, first. that may be the best way to get hold of loved ones. >> thank you very much. everybody wants to be reunited. i want to check in with our knbc reporter, john. he is pulling double duty, up in calistoga for us. good morning, john.
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>> reporter: good morning. i want to commend you guys, what you are doing for the viewers and all the information you are providing has been tremendous. particularly in this difficult time. i want to point out, we made a treacherous trip last night. there was one point we had to turn around. cal fire was explay into these area it's too dangerous. too many power lines are down. it's something we never experienced before. at one point, we had to turn around. i think it was petrified wood road. forgive me if i'm wrong about that. we had to turn around. too many power lines were down. it was too dangerous. that is a good example why you don't want to head into these closed off areas yet. this morning, waiting to see what the fire has done. as you heard from cal fire, inching 30,000 acres. once they can see what's down
5:51 am
below, we will know for sure how much the fire has grown. it has been a tremendous fire and heart breaking, too. we spent time in the coffey park neighborhood as you know, block by block andy home destroyed. some folks were making their way back and seeing it for the first time, standing in front of their homes in front of their own piece of paradise. this morning, it is a pile of rubble. it is bad stuff to see. in calistoga, we are on the silverado trail. some of the vineyards didn't fare so well. this one has done well. there's a lot to see and a lot to do. a lot of information to get to viewers at home to stay safe. >> right, exactly. a good point with the power lines, to proceed with caution. those are completely lost. thanks for coming up, john. we appreciate it. the fire hit so close to home for many of us.
5:52 am
friends, family. our own vicky nguyen grew up in santa rosa. her childhood neighborhood of mark west is safe, including the home where she grew up is just gone. merely memories now. her inlaws home is also destroyed, along with so many others. listen as she talks to the man who is there now. >> reporter: talk to us about this community for people who didn't grow up here like we did. tell us about santa rosa and what it is like. >> it's a strong community. everybody helps everybody. >> can't imagine. when it hits you, walking back to that rubble. the man says despite the tragedy, he will return. >> firefighters from across the bay area mobilized to help fight these flames. we caught up with crews from san francisco as they work into the town of glen ellen. this is southeast of santa rosa. the flames destroyed some homes and spared others. we spoke with a homeowner trying
5:53 am
to keep the fire at bay. >> my concern is that whole ridge goes up. we'll see. they may have a handle on it. >> those flames destroyed a playground outside dunbar elementary school. they stopped short of the building. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. you have been doing a great job of following the winds in the area, the temperature. hopefully things have calmed down. >> things are calming down this morning. you were talking glen ellen. this is the nuns fire to the southeast of santa rosa. the larger fire, the tubbs fire and the at lan fire that is spreading into solano county. a lot of things to monitor. also, the air quality is going to be very dangerous out there, unhealthy for the rest of the bay area. the winds are variable. at times, you may smell a lot of smoke, other times you may not. the winds will continue to shift today. if you are going to be outside, try to limit your outdoor
5:54 am
exposure, turn the air-conditioning on recirculate and wear a breathing mask. if you feel cautious or cough repeatedly, time to seek medical attention. we have this on as far as the temperatures today, it will be cool to start, higher humidity and calmer winds. the wind speed out of east-northeast at 5-10 miles an hour. it is expected to stay that way. high temperatures reaching the upper 70s. we are not seeing as much smoke reaching the bay, but you will see a layer of smoke as you look across the horizon. a live look in san jose, all clear this morning with temperatures starting out in the mid-50s. we have some cooler spots, some mid to upper 40s in the north bay. the santa rosa station is not upright now. we are looking at the high temperatures today, they will be reaching into the low 80s. low 80s for palo alto, san jose
5:55 am
and the tri-valley to the delta. as we head over to mike, updating the changes in the north bay. >> i want to start with the fire related activity. i have a crash that happened in front of one of our cameras. hang on to that as well. we are looking over here, transit agencies. many more open for business or at least partial business. sonoma county transit will not be running today. no service because of the many closures and emergency vehicles through area. avoid that area, if you can. we have limited service for the smart train. emergency service will be running free trains. they are limited coming down along highway 101, which we'll talk about in a second. that is coming through santa rosa. the city bus has no service today, that is not running. they had a saturday schedule for the city bus. transit coming into santa rosa. updates coming in. highway 101 continues to be open
5:56 am
as it was last night. highway 37 continues to be open as well. all these closures continue from napa. the latest closure was highway 12 through glen ellen. we had traffic control, now closure because of power lines down. john klemas was by petrified forest. highway 12, power lines down. highway 101 still closed because of the fire there. it's farther north than most of our viewers. farther here, i'm going end with this shot. the activity at the toll plaza, a number of flashing lights. sounds like two vehicles are involved in a crash. they are forcing traffic to the right lane. out of richland, we don't hear of major injuries. this just came in. we are tracking this anywhere south of the richmond san rafael
5:57 am
bridge. back to you. >> something to watch out for there. thank you, mike. we will continue the breaking news coverage of the wildfires burning in the north bay after the break. head over to there, you can find evacuations and closures posted. we'll be right back. house after house up in
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
house after house, up in flames. it's been an emotional 24 hours for communities in the north bay as families watch their belongings turn to ash. >> i have lived here for 26 years, raised my kids here. all our pictures are gone. everything. everything is gone. >> so far, there's no end in sight. wildfires in sonoma, napa and now solano counties continue to spread. we are live in the front lines of these destructive flames. nbc bay area's coverage on the north bay wildfires continue right now. some of the images are so hard to continue to see. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we go to monitor the devastation that is happening in the north bay with those wildfires. here are things stand at this


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