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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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warning has been issued. even more danger in the multiple fire zones. we are also standing by, about to hear from the sheriff of sonoma county with key updates. let's start with the latest. the death toll has risen to 35. more than half of victims are sonoma county. now the most recent evacuation order was issued late today near healdsburg, another spot of concern is the oakville area near a wintry in napa county. here is a map of all the fires. the largest is still the atlas. the tubbs fire you see in the middle of the skren has caused the most destruction. primarily in the santa rosa area. the nuns fire near glen ellen has merged into two others. the atlas fire has scorched 48,000 acres. and crews have it 27% contained. the tubbs fire, nearly 35,000 acres. it is 25% contained. and the nuns fire, several fires
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merging now into one, 44,000 acres, crews have it only 5% contained at this time. >> we are looking live now in santa rosa. as we mentioned we are awaiting the briefing from the sheriff. we will break into coverage when i begins to talk. he has yet to address the podium we he steps ford we will cut in. let's begin with rabbit handa near oakville with the latest. robert clarify. you are in napa county which we thought it was primarily just the atlas fire. it is the nuns fire approaching where you are. >> reporter: that's right. we are at what cuesed to be called the nuns fire now the central district fire because of the merging of the fires. from this area you can see this fire is spreading fast. in fact cal fire told us we will have to leave this scene soon, the next few hours. you can see which. the fire above napa is now a valuey of thick smoke and flames
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endevelop. ing everything in the path. we will come back with the update as soon as we can. we foe you have a press conference you need to to go to update information. >> the sonoma county sheriff speaking. we are listening in live from santa rosa. >> 235 still outstanding. we made a couple more recoveries we're up to 19 fatalities now. the most important point of this particular press briefing is that this is still a very dangerous event. i'm finding a lot of people asking questions about why they can't go into homes and why they can't go back appear pg&e is turning on power. at&t putting up phone service. a lot of people don't understand the issues and which they can't get back in homes. please stay out of the evac zones, stay out of the burned areas. it's dangerous. they're expecting wind tonight a lot of preparations are going into keeping people safe. we started to evacuating the
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area north of healdsburg. this is a very dangerous event. in light of that in talking to people we see so many who weren't affected by the fire don't understand the danger of the fire. i'll tell you myself i saw some video footage from it and couldn't believe how fast it was and what was going on. so today what i want to do is actually show footage what our deputies went through on sunday night into monday morning. the first four hours of the fire. we put together some footage from that of what they were doing on mark west road in the santa rosa area and the mark west area. sochl of the rescues and evacuation -- they really tell the story of how dangerous and how difficult the event was. i got to get -- i got to get people to understand that this is a dangerous event. it's not over. stay away from the houses. and understand the severity of what this fire can do. so first warning is there is a couple of graphic language parts in this tape. if you are running live they are
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not cut. you will hear them on that tape. that's the warning. we are streaming it on facebook live and not cut out the graphic language. so it's really not appropriate for children if you're watching on facebook live. but it's absolutely human very real and very honest and very transparent. we are showing it like it is. so with that said i'm going to ask them to start the tape i'll answer questions i'll answer question base the tape and everything else. we'll move to that. >> okay that's rob giordano from the sheriffs department. he is releasing now what you are seeing in the right side of the screen the video from the first few hours of the response. we are turning down the audio of that based on his request because there is some bad language there. so what you are seeing now newly released video live at this moment from the initial response on sunday night from the sheriffs department as sheriff
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giordano was saying as we look in the video, in the mark west road area of santa rosa. he wanted to show the community what the sheriff's deputies and first responders were dealing with, how dangerous the situation is if the first few hours. >> in the overnight hours of sunday night. he wanted to show how dangerous, how difficult the terrain is. and this danger far from over. firefighters still dealing with the treacherous conditions. he also mentioned this was in the mark west road area, an area decimated by the wildfires, the tubbs fire, which is now 25% contained. the sheriff before tossing to this video also said the death toll has ris 199sonoma county now 19. so a total of deaths of 36 overall for the north bay wildfires. again we are showing you the video. but we have to keep the video down because there is profanity in the video because they were coming across very dangerous
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situations, very active situation something they have never seen before in lives many of the firefighters. >> we are watching this with you. because this is being released to the general public right now as we speak. this is in the midst of the news conference. and that mark west area of santa rosa if you can picture if you're familiar with santa rosa or if you're not this is right along 101, one of the three primary communities severely damaged, at least early on sunday night. we talked about coffey park this is mark west also fountaingrove parkway,right to the east of 101 am i correct. >> yes this is the same area where safari west is near mark west vings. safari west is is in the fire zone, a popular animal wild life park. a lot of families go there. but the wild life is spared even though in the midst of the zone. this is mark west just north of santa rosa, east of 101.
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one of the main areas decimated by the tubbs fire overnight on sunday. still very active, 35,000 acres now, only 25% contained. the sheriff did say earlier today they made a lot of progress containing the fire. they made aggressive steps today to contain the fire because they know they'll be dealing with the red flag warning tonight and wind gusting possibly up to 40-mile-per-hour. they really wanted to get the containment lines dug in with bulldozers, hand crews, and they were very successful at doing that. and they are hoping that will prevent the fire from spreading anymore. >> as we watch in it's chilling to see. essentially this is body cam footage from sheriff's deputies. you can see through the windshield to the left and right what this deputy is driving through. this is in the late hours of sand night when this fire first exploded through santa rosa. and again if you are tuning in
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just now this is footage being released simultaneously from this news conference. we have access to it of the first response there. you can see the sparks and the flames and the which the sheriff haste deputy is turning left and right, trying to avoid the danger for himself there as he goes through the neighborhoods. and letting the all sound -- letting everyone know again we turned down the audio here based on the recommendation of the sheriff because of the some profanity. you can understand these deputies wondering what's going on at this time because very few people had the warning of what was happening there sunday night. >> while watching the video we want to let you know the new mandatory evacuation order in sonoma county. this is happening east of the healdsburg area on highway 28 from guysers road to chalk hill road. there are vineyards in that area. that's a mandatory evacuation if
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you're that area now. this is the alexander valley area. the will have is asking anybody this that area to leave right away, asap. the fire is fast approaching. this is the pocket fire in northern sonoma county, one of several fires burning in sonoma county at this hour. the cause of the fires still unknown. and it's under investigation. and the sheriff also mentioned just about ten minutes ago that there are 235 people still outstanding in the missing persons report. originally there were about 1,300. they have located 1,100 of the peoplen a lot of people just couldn't get in contact because of the poor cell service and downed power lines and no electricity. but 235 people remaining outstanding. the sheriff's department has assigned 45 people from the department including 30 detectives to just focus on finding the outstanding people. and they're in the communities right now looking for the
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people. sheriff now talking. after this video let's listen in. >> minutes of clips from the hours he was up -- there are 15 other deputies up there doing the same thing. i personally listened to the radio the entire time and heard the radio traffic. it just never stopped. i need people to understand stay out if the fire blows up it's very dangerous. with that -- let me add this. this is streaming on facebook in about 15 minutes. you'll be able to pick it up off there if you don't have it. and then i'll answer questions. [. >> i know there are injuries. i don't know how many. that night a couple people were transported to burn centers. [ inaudible question ]. >> sorry i don't know where that was. [ inaudible question ].
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>> so the question was, there was a report that there were one of the bodies located from the journeys end trailer park. >> yeah. >> our search team spent a while there today that could actually be it. i'm sorry. >> how was the search team coping? you know, it's a difficult job. but it's what they do. they do it all the time. and i said this before. and it's very interesting to me having done this jb a lot of years. it's hard work. it's difficultwork. but it's rewarding in the respect that you realize you are doing something really important for families. you take some prid in that piece of it and that balances out some of that. but it truly takes an emotional toll on you. yes, actually -- the question was about the safety for the workers in the environments. obviously a lot of danger is out there. what they're -- there is actually a lot of hazmat concern they are suiting up using hazmat
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protective gear to do this. in fires a they're checking for safety they're using hazmat gear to get in. these people this is what they do. we use search and rescue people. not that this that search fires all the time but this is not unusual for them. [ inaudible question ]. >> no we have not looked at all the video. i have spoken to many of the deputies kamg up the hill their eyes were red and burning. the intensity was unbelievable. i had a deputy come off mark west saying i've never seen a fire move like that process. we had to get off the hill and/or we were getting burned up. you could see the intensity and what he saw. i've never been in a fire look that. the look on his face i don't want to be there. [ inaudible question ]. >> that was early. the fact the story i'm telling
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the unt fountaingrove was burning at about the same time. kind of all at once. [ inaudible question ] zbloonchts. >> they were still doing it in different areas. the actual rescue and evac in the entire mark west area went on several hours. it's a big area. they were reaching out further and further. so that little quip of tape goes on for hours if you're able to listen the radio traffic for hours. because they keep moving the evacuation area up. [ inaudible question ]. >> i'm -- i'm very, very happy they're still safe. that's a difficult thing to do. i'm told in story. there was a deputy stuck at mark west lodge. >> we were listening live to sheriff rob giordano now in sonoma county. notable updates. we will continue streaming the news conference live on the website, we are posting the video he just released of the body cam video from the initial response sunday night.
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we will turn that around and post it to our own twitter and facebook feeds. you can find it there. but again the news conference will continue to stream live and get more information to you. essentially the sheriff saying the death toll has ris ton 36. more than 235 people still unaccounted for. we will continue coverage online but for now moving forward. >> out of the 3619 in sonoma county alone. we are checking in with the chief meteorologist jeff ranieri monitoring the fire, the zones and the air quality. what are you seeing right now? and we have a red flag warning right now in effect. >> that's the biggest thing we are tracking. you can almost hear it in the official's voices. they are nervous about what could be happening heading into tomorrow morning. we have more gusty winds in the forecast. new red flag fire warning in effect for all the north bay as generally wind gust 20 to 40-mile-per-hour possibly a few higher gusts than that in the hills. this also remains in effect for the east by and also for the south by.
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winds right now not extremely bad, only 3 to about 6-mile-per-hour coming out of the northwest heading towards the south and east. but things will be picking up. not that bad at 11:00 tonight as you can see only 5 to 11-mile-per-hour. it's at 4:00 in the morning when the likely start to see the winds pick up with 20 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. we could see winds continue to remain gusty all the way into the early afternoon hours for tomorrow. so, again, 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. when the winds pick up. and that's when you are under the highest fire danger. i want to put it in perspective real quick. this is why they are so nervous as the fire agencies and the local officials. the tubbs fire produced the most dajt in santa rosa stretches 14 miles along. and look at this look how close to downtown santa rosa and hitting that with that northeastly wind. we could see more embers into downtown santa rosa. they are doing everything they
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can to strengthen the southern fire lines so hopefully it doesn't spread if the winds gust up we'll have more updates throughout the hour. >> we will check back. >> amidst all the stories of loss we learn more about the acts of heroism from a neighbor in the committees mated coffey park area of santa rosa. >> garvin thomas caught up with him today. joins us live in santa rosa with his story. garvin. >> reporter: janelle we have seen it here all woke. you have seen it on tv as well. amid all the devastation you see things inexplicably didn't burn like a child's playhouse or a vehicle. well in story is about 6 homes that didn't burn. but for that, there is an explanation. every fire, no matter how big, has to stop somewhere. once the flames died down in santa rosa there was going to be a house that burned next to one
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that didn't. it could be due to wind or weather. >> i went to the neighbor. i said it's time to go. >> but on randen way. >> i'm like okay hold this wall that's done. >> it was due to wayne. >> i was spraying over the top of this guy's house. >> wayne sims is the hero of what's left of his neighborhood. half a dozen homes that still stand because wayne stood up to the fire as sunday night burned into monday morning. in a picture of wayne a neighbor snapped on his way out to safety. at first it was just wayne and a garden hose. but then a couple of firefighters showed up. >> he they asked me are you a fireman? i said i am today. >> they handed wayne a bigger hose and he went to work protecting his and his neighbor's homes. he says he now understands why it's called a fire fight. >> just yelling at it like, you know i can't tell what you i said, but. >> you were yelling at the fire.
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>> absolutely i was -- i was fighting the fire. i mean, i understand the terms now to that extent, you know. >> wearing a helmet given to him by his berry a retired new york firefighter wayne saved what he could and now regrets what he couldn't. >> i wanted to be everywhere. but i was limited to what i could do at that time. >> as for his neighbors, well, words hardly do justice to their gratitude. >> no, there really isn't. how can i repay him? how could you? he risked his life? how much -- it's an amazing thing. >> am i proud of that? absolutely. you know. do i recommend it to people to do that? no. you know? >> santa rosa, garvin thomas nbc bay area news. >> back to something developing before our eyes in the oakville area right near no the vineyards we were talking about robert
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hand an two fires blending together. >> napa and atlas fires surrounding robert handa live above all the fires with a bird's-eye view. what are you seeing. >> reporter: that's pretty much the way you should put it. it's spread sog fast. we've been watching it grow from here. cal fire told us we are going to have to move from here in a couple of hours. you can kind of see why. the fire above napa south of oakville at this mountain a thick valley of smoke and flames enveloping everything. >> i am hosing my house down and hoping for the best. >> the area known as the nuns fire has too much fuel and steep terrain for cal fire to go at it directly and too much smoke for all-out air attack. so fire crews are removing trees and vegetation while plouring up bulldozer lines around the fire and trying to make anything such as homes a little less susceptible to burning. >> we are the wetting down
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structures that could be affected. anything that has open eaves like there, can be a potential for fire. so like this shed, you know if it crosses that shed is probably going to go. >> it was relatively easy to see why it was hard for crews to keep up with the fire. we kept running into patches where the flames jumped out ahead of the firefighters. they couldn't keep up. >> it drives the fire quickly down slope and then we have long raining spotting, are where ember kafrts goes starting fires smaller fires ahead of the main fire. >> along the road here they are watching the same things. >> you know it's burning because of of how dark it is. it's close. it's getting close. i heard there is high winds tonight. so that's not good. >> are you staying here tonight. >> no, no we're going to leave. it's not worth it. >> reporter: now that wind is a real concern. cal fire says it can't even use the low flying horks because of all the smoke.
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so ground crews equipped with bulldozers are going to keep surround going around the clock. >> thank you, robert. more five coverage coming up. we go into commercial break. with this new video just in from the sonoma county released moments ago from first responders in the mark west neighborhood of santa rosa. going on scene for the first time seeing the dangerous and difficult fire storm in santa rosa.
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welcome back to the breaking news coverage. what you are looking at here if you are just tuning in newly released body cam footage of sonoma county sheriff's deputies op the night of the fire. sunday night you can see them frantically trying to evacuate people and really trying to assess what is happening. if you notice we turned down the audio level because of what's going on. there is profanity in the tapes. we are releasing the video and posting it on the facebook and website as well at nbc bay specifically janelle jumping in here this was the mark west neighborhood east of 101 right in santa rosa i know you were looking at victims here. >> i looked at the list of the victims where they were from where they passed away. and a good portion have already counted about 6 or 7 out of the 19 from that neighborhood. mark west with crystal drive all
6:25 pm
that area northeast of santa rosa east of 101 you can see how dangerous the situation and how fast it spread. >> you can see the deputy assessing the situation as the flames come in. in the mark west neighborhood on sunday night newly released body cam footedage. they have compiled several clips about five minutes worth that the sheriff just released here. >> so frantic. you can see more online. in the meenlt we got more information a bay area data scientist create add new tool to figure out if a home was zrid in the fire storm. the interactive maps combine satellite images in santa rosa and open source westbound tool called map box the red is vegetation the gray is burned structures. robin kraft got the idea after wanting to help family and friends find out if homes or workplaces were standing. the map went viral almost immediately. >> it's hard to get reliable information. i was in the same boat wondering
6:26 pm
about my dad and sister. and so i just thought it was such a relief to be able to see exactly what is devastatesed and what's not. even though it's horrible knowing what was is a huge relief. >> he says his family was relieved to find out what they were looking for did not burn. and he says he will continue to update this map and in the days ahead as new data becomes available. if you want to see it for yourself we have it on our website, we post to do right on the front page we'll be right back with more news.
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more than a hundred californians are opening their homes to evacuaees. on our website we )ve shared well happening now more than 100 californians opening homes to evacuees. on the website we shared a public google document where volunteers add names to this list. and it continues to grow. the sonoma county sheriff ended the briefing we saw live. we post-ed clips from the briefing and the body cam footage just released. on the website. ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪
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search. tonight the death toll sono right now at 6:30, grizzly discoveries during a grim search. tonight the death toll rises in sonoma county as crews search through the decimated neighborhoods. firefighters continue to fight the flames but crews still searching for missing. >> tonight the sheriffs department announced that 19 people have been killed by the
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fires in sonoma county. most from the santa rosa area. where we find jodi hernandez she is with the deputies as they search what did you find? >> reporter: i'll tell you crews have been searching neighborhoods like this trying to find victims. tonight as you mentioned the sonoma county sheriff confirmed the discovery of one more victim here in santa rosa. but the alameda county sheriff tells me that crews have actually located the bodies of as many as five more victims. the alameda county sheriffs department is responsible for recovering. he space his team will be out tomorrow morning to recover those victims. hopefully bringing closure to more families. search and recovery teams from four different counties spent the day scouring the yourny's end mobile home park looking for victims. >> we had reports from two missing in this park. we had crews of 50 search and
6:31 pm
rescue people out of four teams four different counties out of those two missing we were able to find one body. >> at least 250 people remain missing. recovery teams are doing all they can to find them. the aviation crews are using drones to take footage of the burned out areas and are on the look out for remains. >> trying to sort out where the highest concentration of reports are. sometimes it's apartment buildings. sometimes that's houses where people knew people were at. and if we can get in there and locate people we want to get people closure in that area. >> reporter: we are back here live again. the sonoma county sheriff just gave us an updated figure. he says they now have 235 missing person reports. that's down from 250. so that is good news. again, the alameda county sheriff telling me that they have located the bodies of as
6:32 pm
many as 5 more victims. they'll be out tomorrow morning hoping to recover the remains. reporting live in santa rosa, jodi hernandez, nbc barnds. >> okay, jodi thank you. we also want to pass along new information just into us as well. an active day tomorrow politically at well pl governor jerry brown is coming to sonoma as well as both senators diane feinstein and cam i willa harris. we are waiting to update that all three governors brown and and the senators will be here in sonoma county. >> let's get a check of the forecast with jeff and the red flag warning in effect right now until tomorrow. >> and that's right. i want to give you the latest on what we are watching right now. the bottom line on the forecast. 11:00 p.m. tonight a little bit breezy 5 to 15-mile-per-hour really picks up saturday morning, 5 to 1:00 p.m. 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. winds could gust 15 to 40-mile-per-hour. you got to watch out because embers could fly to the south very fast. we still have rain in the
6:33 pm
forecast next week. this is the main reason why officials are concerned. look at the atlas fire. over 48,000 acres burn. it stretches from 22 miles. look at the communities just off to the west. oakville, yountville and napa with the way the wind is setting up coming from the north and east, winds 20 to 40-mile-per-hour could blow embers right into the napa valley. that is the big concern as we head throughout tomorrow morning and that fire could therefore spread. you have to listen to the mandatory evacuations. i think we will see winds calming down sunday and monday. only 5 to 10-mile-per-hour. better air quality tuesday and wednesday. look at this. potentially rainfall by next thursday and friday. .19 inches to a quarter inch at least at this point. more updates coming up. >> thank you. for some people in santa rosa many people in santa rosa this is what they came to. they came back to their homes for the first time today.
6:34 pm
>> nbc bay area bigad shaban joins us in the parker hill is that near the fountaingrove golf club there? >> reporter: yeah, we're in the parker hill community here in santa rosa, raj. this neighborhood is completely unrecognizable. the walls you can see have collapsed. but most turned to ash when the fire came rushing through. now in nearby napa ellen lindberg came home to a pile of rubble. her home completely destroyed. it was actually the first time ellen came back to her property since fleeing late sunday night. she says when she left she had nothing but the clothes on her back. her belongings all gone. >> all our videotapes of our kids being born, of their first communion, our wedding. it's gone. it's mind boggling it looks like as you can see it looks like
6:35 pm
armageddon. we are lucky to get out. we are luckier than most of the neighbors. >> ellen says it's paining her to think how long it might take for so many of the communities to recover. and for those families who actually lost loved ones she wonders if emotionally they ever will. guys. >> bigad, thank you. further north here people in mendocino county are being hit hard as well. bigad we'll get back to you in a few minutes. we're talking about mendocino county now. entire neighborhoods and businesses wiped out by the wildfires. bay area reporter shows us what people are returning home to today joe. >> wow. there are times in life when words and sentences fail. >> wow. >> one of the times was today. when jonathon frye visited his home on this road in redwood valley for the first time since the fire monday. >> these are the windows that blew out.
6:36 pm
ka boom. i had a house here. and then my boys had a small house here. >> like most of the neighbors frye had little to come home to an. >> pretty much a loss, everything. yeah. i didn't have insurance. on this place. but -- wow. >> reporter: all this week fires spread destruction across the counties. 10 people dead, 250 homes destroyed, businesses damaged or wiped out. >> what did burn was the office, bottling area. >> the frye winery california's first certified organic winonary suffered major damage in the fire storm. some of paul's vineyards some did not. >> the think willie thing is people got out that's the important thing. >> despite the damage frye said his family was pressing on shipping out bottled wine and preparing to harvest the rest. >> we have been doing this for nonstop for 37 years here. and we'll continue to go.
6:37 pm
>> even as frye was getting back to work helicopters continued air drops on the nearby potters valley fire. >> okay. >> as for the rest of the valley, there was plenty of damage and few words to describe it. nbc bay area news. >> the damage is so widespread. a lot of people dealing with the hazardous air quality. our consumer team responds to fire victims. we'll go live to one of the evacuation centers where our consumer investigator is handing out safety masks. back in a moment. we are the generation that had it all.
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we are the generation that had the music and the moves. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children.
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visit the last team to lose four games in a row by three points or less. the niners would love to put an end to the trend with the win in washington on sunday. >> at some point we have to take the bull by the horns and execute and take it on our own accord and do it. that's the thing. i don't think you know we look at it like where do we rank talentwise. i don't like at it that way. i know what our record says it is. that matters. i know how we feel as far as what we're capable of doing.
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within the past 30 minutes sonoma county )s sheriff i want to give you an update now on the fires around the area. within the past 30 minutes if you were watching you heard the sonoma county sheriff on air announcing there are now 19 victims in his county alone and at least 235 people are still unaccounted for. just minutes ago we learned that governor brown, senators feinstein and harris will be visiting the burn area tomorrow. what you are looking at here is that newly released body cam footage from parts of santa rosa and sunday night from the first responders assessing initially the damage trying to get people out of there. and unfortunately in this park in the mark west area of santa rosa there were several people who died in this area where you see the body cam footage. >> amid all this destruction and deadly devastation, the north bay symbols of solidarity and
6:41 pm
resilience posters popping up throughout the zone like this that says the love in the air is thicker than the smoke. and look at this. the police badge all that a retired santa rosa police officer has left after flames destroyed his home. many officers and firefighters lost homes in the fires. and inspiring symbol of home. old groer hanging from a charred tree. the american flag promising better days ahead in the community at the start of an uphill battle to heal and rebuild. >> up next we check in with our forecast. jeff is standing by kinning coverage on the north by.
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a very productive day but a potentially dangerous night. firefighters making incredible
6:44 pm
progress on containing the fires today. but they are worried about a current red flag warning. wind gusts of possibly 40-mile-per-hour. firefighters say they are worried about embers flying up and catching other parts on fire. we are checking in with jeff ranieri in a bit. >> as we have been showing you throughout the week there are evacuation centers across the burn zone set up to help the thousands of evacuees. >> dozens and dozens and chris chumara our consumer investigator is live at napa valley college. a lot of people needing help there. >> reporter: yes, 391 people are spending the night here, janelle. we are set up in the parking lot because we know that there is a need for beyond this napa valley college campus. we are set up out here handing out the critical n o n-95 masks. you can see here fewer than a thousand left. we bought 280 oh we bought them in the south bay and worked with
6:45 pm
retailers and wholesale suppliers to get them to us. because up in the north bay they were difficult to come by and in some cases there were stores charging upwards of $11 for one of these things that usually go for shh 1 or $2. earlier we wandered around trying to hand them out person to person because not everyone is here at the shelter. >> thank you very much. >> we met with napa residents at police checkpoints as they waited to check on homes. very smoky silverado trails evacuees concerned about property but also about the smoke. the hard to find masks were a welcome sight even if they have to return to shelters and hotels another night. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. we have been staying in a hotel in fairfield for -- ever since. >> how has the air been. >> horrible.
6:46 pm
>> later we were able to work out way north where we distributed some masks to people returning to little or nothing. that mask is little solace but still essential in the ash covered area. we met the exhausted cal fire crew that took a bag of masks to distribute. even swapped the masks for angie. alicia rather attending to the appointed route despite the fire and smoke. we are here in the parking lot of napa valley college, here until 8:00 p.m. we welcome you to come out just off the main road just off the main zbrans drive by and we will hand them that's our colleague from telemundo. she is here to help out answer questions in spanish i'm here to answer questions in english. back to you in the studio. >> we got you covered. >> thank you so much, chris. the coverage continues online. this is a great resource. because there is so much information and updates coming
6:47 pm
in. we are doing the best to keep you updated on the television side. but 24/7 you can access wp burn areas be updates from the sheriff and school closures and air quality checks. >> let's talk about the atlas fire burning in napa and solano. . . the icon i house there no more. >> known for sweeping views, hex a gone house. here is how it looked before the 13,000 square foot home sitting atop twin sisters road. it's iconic in that area. and now the glass house this is what it looks like today. firefighters did their best to save it. the owner tells us he does plan to rebuild. >> tourism is a life blood for san francisco. but this week visitors get an unhealthy does of bad air quality from the haze and is smoke from the fires. >> you can see the cloud settled over the city today. we want to know any impact to
6:48 pm
visitors' plans we have half the folks we say we talked to bothered by the smoke just like the locals. >> i've been mehling it every time we come out. it's in my eyes making my eyes burn. >> we were walking around and i can really feel it in my lungs. >> are you toughing it out or 11 early. >> we're tough people from nebraska are tough. >> they want to see san francisco. a lot of them told us they were going to tough it out. hoping it gets better in the days ahead. let's find out if it will with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> we will have to wait until tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week to really see some marked relief. as we have been talking about even whoa you get some blue sky it's the par particulate matter it's the fine parcels that you can't see and that you're breathing in affecting eyes and lungs and making you feel miserable. tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next we can marked differences. i have to tell you guy was the
6:49 pm
current forecast we have building in i am just as anxious and as nervous as the firefighters and the residents living here up into the north bay. because we know what could be building in terms of that weather forecast. we will lay it out for you on the update. i want to get you the latest here on what we see with the five active fires. right now the this fire 100% partrick fire over 12,000 acres only 18% kantd. atlas fire over 48,000 acres 27% contained. the adobe nuns and norbaum fire combined together over 44,000 acres at 5% containment tubbs fire, 44,000 acre he is 5% condition and pocket fire 5% contained. yes we made headway but we find ourselves on the cusp of another wind event. we'll show you to you a lot tonight it's the forecasted wind speeds. not bad at 11:00.
6:50 pm
two to 11-mile-per-hour winds building out of the north and east. we watch the time bar once we hit 4:00 in the morning 20 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts, especially across napa county. we'll likely see the potential of 20 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts heading through 1:00 p.m. saturday. 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. that's the time zone of the gusty winds that could make this fire spread. and then eventually as we push it ahead into saturday evening we'll start to see things slacken up. what i want to do now is focus on the top three largest fires how this gusty wind could spread the fires. tubbs fire which impacted santa rosa, major devastation. and we know of all of the deaths northeast wind 0 to 40 could push more ember noose downtown santa rosa. stay on alert for potentially more evacuations. second fire, is the adobe nuns and norbaum.
6:51 pm
you can see the zone. northeast wind 20 to 40 could push embers into sonoma. stay on alert in sonoma. over to the atlas fire, northeast wednesday 20 to 40 could push it towards oakville some of the embers. and of course yountville and napa a as well. napa valley on high alert. you can see the populated areas we are concerned about. temperatures warm up tomorrow with dry wind with low to mid-80s on the extended for example good news tuesday and wednesday of next week improved air quality. the best news coming our way chance of rain by next thursday. and also friday's forecast and cooler 60s. trace amounts to maybe a quarter inch with the rain potential. again, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning that's when the wind kicks up. >> if we can make it through this weekend that would be great news thank you, jeff. a well-known sports venue now turned into an emergency shelter. we will take you there next. we're the generation that had it all.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
we're the generation that had the music and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where no one had walked before, like no one had walked before, and, boy, did we know how to fly. we're the generation that had a dream and broke down walls. we came together to feed the world's children.
6:54 pm
we came together to protect them. and in this dangerous world, we have to keep on saving them, protecting them, caring for them even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll remember the children who desperately need our help, and we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit of the team. our big sports story today. a notable shake-up with the 49ers. they released really the heart and soul of the team. that's nofr o bowman on the left. the veteran is linebacker out.
6:55 pm
this is on practice on wednesday chat wg head coach kyle shanahanen. according to a statement from the 49ers he was released last night. it was a mutual agreement to so he can go to any team in the league of his own choice. the 0 and 449ers looking for the first one playing inwork on sunday. >> one of the notable venues in bay area transformed into a shelter. the raceway. it opened the 50 acre rv lot. >> more people showing pup hundreds of people started arriving on wednesday. this is the scene now. and it continues to get more populated as the weekend goes through. dozens of rvs families arriving in cars and pitching tents. this is usually festival when the nascar races come. but it's just a safe haven with a little better air quality than the areas they are coming from. and really it's all free for the families. also the raceway is asking for cash donations we have that link on the website.
6:56 pm
>> where you at? where you at? >>. this is heart pounding dramatic video. showing the extreme danger of first responders faced in the fire zone late sunday night. body cam video released by the sonoma county sheriff in the past hour a couple being rescued from their home in the mark west neighborhood. most barely escaped in time. others tragically will did not make it. overrun by the flames. firefighters say they have neefr seen this before. >> unbelievable. you don't know which to go because of the flames everywhere. awful. >> they released the video for two reasons to show what the fires did. but also heed the warnings if your neighborhood is being evacuate sfwlood we are showing more in the extended coverage coming up at 7:00. our extended live coverage
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
contnues here at 7 o )clock. good evening and thanks for joining us. i )m raj mathai. and i )m janelle wang. heartpounding video ..dramatic video ... just released in the past hour of the snoma county sheirff .. on night 1 of the fire storm. bodycam video ... showing the terifying moments .. adn


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