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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you can see it on our satell see a . right now at 11:00, the first storm of fall. you can see it on our satellite radar. the rain is moving into the the bay area right now. welcome news for firefighters and people suffering the unhealthy air we've all been breathing. good evening i'm janel wang sitting in for raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. it's certainly a big change in the weather that could give firefighters a boost. let's get right to jeff ranieri,
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who's been tracking the storm wenchts eve had reports of heavier rainfall in santa rosa. it's all about the cold front moving into portions of marine, in any capaci napa and sonoma county. we're going to continue to add to the totals in the next two to three hours. doppler radar shows up in the north bay we're seeing light to moderate rain. it will continue to move into sonoma by 11:43, napa by 11:45. and another batch headed to san francisco downtown by 11:29. we're tracking the rain through early tomorrow morning. we'll have a full look at 11:20 tonight. >> as rain falls in the bay area
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and snow in the see ya rar you can follow jeff on his twitter account. a double tragedy this month a woman survived the deadly masker in las vegas only to have the fire burn down her home. cheryl hurd joins us with this story. cheryl, this is unbelievable. >> reporter: yes, it is. as you can see, the rain you've been talking about is coming down pretty hard. that's great news for firefighters but bad news for folks who have to deal with things like this. the woman who lives here is definitely a survivor because she's had to deal with two tragedies. during the las vegas shooting her life flashed before her eyes. >> i was running as fast as i could down las vegas boulevard. >> two days after returning to her santa rosa home after that
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horrific vegas mas sacre, her home went up in flame. >> this hurts. >> reporter: pain that may not be understood. >> there has to be a stop. that's all i kept thinking, where's the end. >> reporter: the beginning of her double tragedy started with a lay over in vegas. she found herself listening to the concert on the strip when shots rang out, she didn't know where the shops were coming from. >> i ended up in the casino, made my way out, made it to the hotel room. >> reporter: traumatized she came to santa rosa only to see her home burn. as she sifts through the ashes she has positive thoughts like the fact her parents got out of the home alive. >> they got out.
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>> reporter: she spends evenings looking for family haeirlooms. >> i'm trying to figure out what's the next step. >> reporter: the answer to that question won't come easy. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> there was a meeting by cal fire and fema which brought hundreds to santa rosa tonight. how to move forward after the fire was the topic. fema and santa rosa leaders addressed two biggest concerns, how do i clean the debris and when can i start to rebuild? >> this is a disaster and it's going to take months and months. we'll be here months and months to help this through. >> the thing that makes me emotional is the support from everyone around. >> everyone in the building lost their home or suffered significant damage. sadly answers to their questions won't come overnight. a lot of attention is coming
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to the cleanup, beginning with the removal of toxic debris. what can they expect and when will it be safe to move things around and start rebuilding. you can watch the full report on the website firefighters continue to make progress on the fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. it's 35% contained. peop living on skyline boulevard were allowed to return home today. >> i'm so grateful for the firefighters. they did an amazing job and we're excited to get home. >> officials say cooler temperatures have allowed fire officials to get the upper hand. two men who be may connected to a car jacking that may be
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related to the death of a man this morning have been arrested. sergio quintana is live outside the police department. what do we know? >> we know the two men were taken into custody a few hours ago. the detectives involved have been arriving at the sheriff's station after wrapping up the arrest scene. they arrested two men who may be connected to the death of 46-year-old james figueroa. according to deputies he spotted the men stealing his truck this morning at about 5:30, the person managed to get control of his truck and ran him down in front of his home. he later died of his injury. this evening at 6:00 p.m. a couple sheriff's detectives were doing follow ups and started a vehicle that may have been at the car jacking scene. the driver of the car sped off. detectives chased them. the car crashed in oakland, the
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two men inside were arrested for the pure suit. but detectives believe they may be connected to the fatal car jacking. figueroa was a father of two children. i talked to a former coworker this evening she describes him as a proud father and very generous to his friends and family. i did manage to talk briefly to one of the detectives who was wrapping up the scene. he tells me they have not yet asked those two men in custody about any potential involvement in this car jacking, but that is obviously going to be the next face of their investigation. reporting live, i'm sergio quintana nbc bay area news. >> thanks. we are learning more about the san francisco police officer who was critically injured after being run over by a suspect. he was a 32-year-old man who chose to work in the tender loin
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district. we're live with jean elle on how he's doing. jean. >> reporter: police say the officer's condition is improving since yesterday but he is still in critical condition. we are learning he is a man of many talents and passions and perhaps most importantly he is a fighter. >> i really hope he gets better and pulls through. >> reporter: people from many communities are pulling for san francisco police officer luintankle. he's known as being a kind competitor. >> he's willing to share his knowledge or spar with people. generally he's a cool person to have on the matt. >> police say as johnson was trying to escape the scene yesterday he ran over the officer. he was on bicycle patrol. he's listed in critical condition. >> this family is very positive
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and he's doing better today than yesterday. so that is a tremendous sign for us that we have hope and we're going to be by his side. >> he was awarded the police department's purple heart in 2015 for putting himself in harm's way to save lives. he's a drummer in a band and attending law school. his wife works at mission high school. they say fellow officers and the city family is struggling as he fights for his life in icu. >> our heart goes out to him and his wife who's also a public servant in our school. they are truly a public service family. >> reporter: while many families -- communities rally around this family, the suspect is expected in court tomorrow. he is charged with attempted murder. reporting live jean elle, nbc bay area news. as we head into the rainy
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season, preparations are under way in the south bay to prevent any disasters, particularly like the one san jose experienced last year. this is what it looked like in coyote creek in february. a series of community meetings is being held in san jose to discuss flood preparedness. one of the meetings took place. >> we're here to show them the development of the flood watch website which describes what level the creek is. so our engineers and the city's team have worked together to develop thresholds that would require a response. >> a third meeting is scheduled for next week. new at 11:00, a live look at capitol hill where a step was made to the president's tax plan. it allows for 1.5 trillion in tax reform. this is setting the stage to
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overhaul the u.s. tax code for the first time in three decades. the bill heads to the house where they are expected to consider this version without having to negotiate a compromised bill. much needed rain moving into the bay area now. plus details on snow. the forecast at 11:20 tonight. this issue isn't knew. we've known about it and decided to turn the other way. >> turn the other way while nearly a million californians live without drinking water. tonight we investigate how the state failed in its promise to provide affordable, clean drinking water to every resident.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. capture by assaulting a k-9 officer. new at 11:00, a wanted suspect fights to avoid capture by assaulting a k-9 officers.
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deputies were trying to arrest thomas williams outside of his house but he ran inside and that's when they sent dog crash inside the home. police say he thought the dog and began choking him. deputies intervened and they quickly put the suspect in handcuffs. crash is okay. police say a student at the all girl's catholic school in concord saying she had been assaulted last month on campus. police say one of the suspects is a student at the all boy's school across the street. students are in custody. a veteran oakland firefighter has been picked to lead the department. darin white will be the new fire chief. he's an oakland native who spent 20 years with the department. he's been an interim chief for
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the last nine months. water too contaminated to drink but no money to clean it up. that's the reality for hundreds of california communities. >> steven joins us with with what he found. what did you find? >> five years ago, state lawmakers said every citizen had a right to clean affordable drinking water. since then millions of tax dollars have gone to build systems to clean the contaminated water. but we found that even if the state pays for them, many poor communities simply can't afford to maintain and run them. every month the delivery man brings bottled water paid for by taxpayers to the 600 residents living in this rural town in east fresno county.
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their water since 2002 has contained the highest levels of arsenic in the united states. you can see an example of that here, a $1.3 million treatment plan that can clean arsenic and other impurities out of water. >> translator: initially it looked like a good idea and a good plan. >> within six months of goiting online, it was moth balls. while the grant built the cost of building the plant, there was no money to maintain the plant. >> translator: even if the community wanted to we can't afford to treat the water. >> 12 years after completion this plant sits idle. >> translator: the operation of the plant led the community into significant debt weer paying off today. >> they can't drink the water. >> veronica is cofounder and director for the leadership council of accountability.
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>> this serves as a reminder of what could be there and isn't because so many people have failed. >> it represents poor communities throughout the central valley. communities forgotten by the rest of the california. >> we've known about this and decided to turn the other way. >> our investigation found more than 300 communities serving a total of one million people in situation similar toly nars. that includes 129 systems with high levels of arsenic. more than 100 with nitrates. like lemar many communities couldn't afford to run a treatment plant. how is this possible? >> it's seen as a local thing. >> the communities which can't afford to run their own treatment systems are the
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biggest chall eng to getting save affordable drinking water to california. >> i think it's money. if the legislature can come up with a way to do that we'll be off to the races. >> why hasn't that happened before now? >> i think sometimes you get to it when you get to it. >> so we went to state senator bill manning of caramel. his solution, senate bill 623 which would provide state funding to run water systems in small rural communities. a bill paid for by adding $1 to every customer's water bill. >> i think it shows that the probable is unstainable. it's a human rights issue. by coming together we have a solution. >> has the legislature failed in its promise to deliver that because we have these communities that still can't.
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>> in retrospect one could say we failed because we didn't achieve it yet. i tend to look forward and as an optimist we're in a position now to do that. >> his proposed bill has broad support. but right now the bill remains stuck in the assembly rules committee in sacramento. meantime, work has gun on a new well that the state hopes will deliver clean fresh water by 2018. and nearly 1 million other residents still live with undrinkable water in their communities. >> thank you. if you have a story for stephen or anyone in the investigative unit call 1-888-996-tips. we haven't said this in a along time. it's raining jeff. >> i know. it's so nice. i walked outside tonight and stood there for a second.
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it feels great. a lot of reports in across the north bay and east bay this evening. you'll see on the doppler radar some of the heavier pockets currently across marine, napa and sonoma countys again coming down at a decent clip this hour and also coming down throughout the peninsula. in terms of of that rainfall, you can see the batch of wet weather from santa rosa. continuing through napa at 11:55 tonight. take you to the south, san francisco getting in on the heavier rainfall right now, that's going to move to oakland once he hit 11:57 this evening. where do we go from what we're dealing with right now and what does it mean for tomorrow mo morning's community. you'll see the bulk of the activity shifts down toward san jose by 1:00 in the morning. we think it'll hold here until
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about 3:00 in the morning and then once we hit 6:00 for the early morning commute, rainfall moves out and we're left with lingering cloud coverage. we're looking at an average here of about a quarter inch in santa rosa, we could have higher totals for the higher elevations in the north bay. fantastic news for the firefighters that are still fighting those multiple fires up into the north bay. what about the morning forecast, the rainfall move gs out we're left with cloud cover and temperatures starting out in the 50s. east bay begins with 52 and overnight and clouds in san francisco and 53. i think we'll have sunshine building once we hit the afternoon tomorrow. the big thing to remember you have to find that thing called a jacket. we haven't had to wear at least a light jacket throughout the day in a long time. you see day time highs topping
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out at 65 in santa rosa, and 67 in san jose. sierra snow, interstate 80, 1 to 3 inches on average. go to the highest level we could hit 6 inches here. so watch out for slick roads as we head into friday morning. extended forecast, watch out for warmer weather once we hit tuesday, back up to 79 degrees. a lot of this roller coaster pattern lately and the inland valleys, fire danger returns next monday, tuesday and wednesday. a drooi dry northeast wind is going to keep firefighters on watch. >> the legacy of robin williams. the famous faces that gathered for an event in san francisco tonight. >> reese witherspoon is here for a brand new trivia game.
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music from u 2. do not goaway. . happening now, president trump is preparing to meet with the u.n. secretary general at the white house. one thing on the issue reform of the 193 member organization. we just posted the story on our home page nbc another hospital set to reopen ... almost 2 weeks after he rain moves in, i )ll be tracking it while you sleep . to prepare you for your day. join us (tomorrow ( ... 4:30 to 7 on "today in the bay." ♪
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disappeared in the water at ocean beach. search crews have called off operations for the night. the ordeal began this afternoon still no sign of a man who went missing in the waters of ocean beach. the search began this afternoon after the fire department received a report of a man fully
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clothed in the water fully dressed. the national park service is dropping the fight to require leashes for dogs. they said it would protect wild life and keep people safer. that means there will be no leash rules in the golden gate recreational area. stars were out tonight at the 5th annual fund-raiser to bring change to mind. a nonprofit that helps end the stigma of mental illness. crystal and williams, as you may know were super close friends. actress glen close founded the organization. a wild night in the rain at the coliseum, sports up next. tonight.
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the raiders came into tonight )s battle with division rival kansas city needing a win... and they got it!!! well, it was rocking in the coliseum tonight the raiders came in needing a win and they got it. >> we have all the highlights from the game. >> reporter: week seven but must win time four straight losses in kansas city here it was a
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must-win game. derek carr was taken down. marshawn lynch runs off the bench to protect peters, then pushes a prech that's an injection. tying touchdown, hold everything review it he's down at the one. next play, a touchdown or is it? then after two penalties on kc rb playing with no time on the clock, carr to crab tree. it's good, raiders win it 31 to 30. >> the excitement of being in that position is something that i just -- i just can't get enough of. >> kind of lost in all of this, the play of navar row bowman, led the team with 11 tackles. >> big win, big smiles all
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around. >> we have a win. back in a moment.
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it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california. raiders celebrated santa ros honoring a local hero during the third quarter of the
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raiders. wayne sims and his friends saved six homes in coffey park. he downplayed his role and said he thanked the efforts of the firefighters, cal fire and local departments. but don't be fooled, that man was a rock star. >> they were probably so happy to see the rain falling down tonight. >> gift from above literally 1:00 through 4:00 a.m. is the best chance for the rain to hold on. it'll be cool a high of 67. >> thanks, jeff. good night folks. we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- reese witherspoon. bono and the edge. musical guu2


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