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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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next. >> this friday morning, october 20th. good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. the rain is a welcome sight, but makes for tough driving. >> it is moving out of here, so the conditions will be improving. it is nice to get the rain during the overnight hours as most people are not out there to deal with it. into the weekend, much more dry conditions. this looks good now as we still see the sheen of the wet roads as we look at the golden gate bridge. the rain moved on. there's a slight chance we could see spotty, light rain as we look to the north of us. there's still lingering rain as another disturbance moves through, but mostly passes to the north. we'll talk about the rain and the north bay wildfires. that's coming up. mike is checking in at the bay bridge. >> flashing lights. travel through the area, no incidents to report. no slowing on the span.
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i showed just before the commercial, a couple cars waiting on the side. there was not a problem that happens before 5:00. they are waiting for the metering pricing to change. that's a no-no. never pull over unless there's an emergency in the area. to the map, a smooth drive. no one pulling over in the maze or out of the north bay. that's great news. a smooth flow of traffic. the overnight rains and slick roadways. be careful, grease and oil may be on the road. so far, traffic flows smoothly. back to you. >> thank you, mike. new this morning, video from the north bay showing the much needed rain falling in santa rosa. bay area firefighters have been waiting for this wet weather since the fires started. wile containment numbers are up, this will give crews a bigger upper hand in fighting the flames. 42 people died. thousands of buildings destroyed since the fire started last week. >> to the north bay, the rain is helping fire crews further
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south. the bear fire is still burning in the santa cruz mountains and continues to threaten homes. >> bob redell is live in the santa cruz mountains with more on the fire fight there. bob, when talking rain in the santa cruz mountains, the concern is mudslides. not likely for that to happen at this point. >> reporter: not something they are talking about here. good morning to you, kris and marcus. the weather over the past 24 hours helping firefighters put out the bear fire that's been burning there in the santa cruz mountains. behind me, this area got a good dousing of rain. this video, new into the newsroom overnight. right now, the bear fire, according to cal fire is 35% contained, burned 328 acres. cal fire expects full containment by tuesday. there are some areas that remain evacuated. however, other neighborhoods have been reopened. residents off skyline boulevard
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and south of bear creek road were allowed to go back home. those living along bear creek canyon road, deer creek road, they are still under evacuation orders. the bear fire has been very dangerous for firefighters because of the steep terrain. seven firefighters were hurt, including andy goodson with the santa clara unit. you can see a picture cal fire put on facebook. goodson is being treated at itu at stanford medical center when he tumbled 50 feet. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. new this morning, we are taking a closer look at the losses from the fire. $1 billion is just the early estimate, according to the california insurance commissioner. much of that loss in sonoma county where more than 5,000
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homes and buildings were destroyed. again, these are very early numbers. the commissioner expects the number will go up. new this morning, video of an overnight tow truck crash in dublin. it is not as bad as it looks is what i'm trying to say. the truck crashes through the fencing that separates the freeway and bart rails. the smcement fell on the tracks and caused a closure as crews were cleaning that up. right now, bart says they did clean it up. no damage to the rail. the trains are running through dublin. developing in d.c. this morning, a budget proposal is headed to the white house or rather to the house. the senate passed it late last night. >> the controversy cal condolence call is in the headlines. now the chief of staff is weighing in. >> reporter: exactly, marcus and kris. in fact, when he walked into the
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white house briefing room, you could hear a pin drop. he gave the most emotional defense of president donald trump that we have seen to date. >> thanks a lot. >> reporter: general john kelly lost his son to a land mine and knows the pain of a gold star family. he defended president donald trump from accusations by congresswoman fredricka wilson, that the president was insensitive. >> i was stunned when i came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted at what i saw a member of congress doing. >> reporter: the congresswoman not backing down yesterday. >> why should i walk back comments when everyone in the car heard the same thing. walk back to where? to where? where do you walk back the truth? >> reporter: other members of congress frus raitted by the lack of details to how american
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troops walked into an ambush killing four soldiers. following the controversy added to others. president george w. bush took steps to criticize the sitting president without personally naming him. >> bigotry is emboldened. politics more vulnerable to conspiracy theories. step up and provide moral leadership to the nation. >> reporter: lost in the debate is a vote in the senate to pass a budget for 2018. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. we are learning the last two prototypes for president trump's wall is going up in san diego. six are upstanding side by side. they have until october 26 to finish. no word on when the final will be selected or who is going to pay for it. president trump says mexico will pay for the wall. mexico's president says it's not going to happen.
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the murder case of a beloved south bay woman goes back to court. miss flow, as she was known to neighbors was beaten to death during a home robbery. the 88-year-old pillar of the east san jose community was hit in her own home. two men, including her 19-year-old neighbor face murder charges. three other suspects were arrested in connection. all five are expected to enter their plea. right now, 5:07, we head out the door to cooler temperatures and also wet roads. may also have some of the leaves pulled off the trees after we had that quick moving rain overnight. the rain has now moved out of here. as we look at the high temperatures today, it is a much cooler afternoon with highs only in the upper 60s for the south bay. san jose, 67. also 67 as we move toward the east bay and concord. oakland today, 62 degrees and some breezy winds coming from the north about 10 miles per
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hour. daly city, a high of 59 degrees and san francisco, upper 50s to lower 60s in the north bay. highs in sonoma reaching 66 degrees. as we are looking back at the rain we had mostly a quarter inch, but we'll take a closer look at the totals coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking how it looks as you head out for your commute. >> that's right. we have wet roads. you talked about the rain. snow in the see area. we got confirmation from our buddy, brian hickey. slush on i-80. no restrictions to south lake tahoe. here, we are looking at a smooth drive for the speed sensors. the south bay, standing water, a puddle reporting coming through the downtown area in san jose. traffic flows smoothly. the off ramp, someone didn't make the curve. watch those speeds. over here, these speeds are great. watch the travel times.
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they are going to grow, but no delays through the tri-valley. it's a good start. back to you. >> thank you, mike. somebody is going to remind you to down load the nbc bay area smartphone app. it will send push alerts. i got one on my work phone and personal phone this morning. >> they work nicely. >> it did. five minutes away. awesome. put the hood on. here is what's coming up next on "today in the bay." new privacy concerns over smart watches. the reason the device on your kids wrist is prompting a warning. car pool canceled. the popular way to get around san francisco has been idled. we'll bring you up to speed when "today in the bay" continues.
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good friday morning. at 5:12, we have seen the rain come and gone. still a slight chance there may be a lingering shower or two. taking a live look outside in san jose, clearing. as we go through the neighborhood of campbell, clearing skies today. look at these temperatures only reaching into the 60s today. this time of year, we should be in the mid-70s. we'll talk about the weekend
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when we warm up in about five minutes. about eight minutes is how long it takes to get from navato to the richmond san rafael bridge. 101, 37 is a smooth bit of traffic. wet roads may be a concern. police are questioning two men in connection with a deadly carjacking. 46-year-old james figueroa was killed yesterday morning in fron front of his own home. he was hit by his own pick-up truck by a carjacker. they found a car found during his killing. that led to a pursuit. officers were able to arrest two men in that car. right now, the suspects are in pursuit. 5:13. happening today, steve bannon will be in california. the controversial breitbart editor and white house chief strategist it was keynote speaker at a falcon
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investigation in anaheim. this morning, two arrests and reports of some violence during protests outside a white nationalist speech at the university of florida. florida declared a state of emergency to brace for his visit on thursday. at times, his speech was drown out by boos from the crowd. parents, new this morning, smart watches for kids can be putting nem in danger. seven consumer groups are asking the trade commission to investigate the product. the groups say research shows hackers can access those watches and track your children. here is susan grant with consumer federation of america. >> a stranger, someone you don't know, could be using the watch to follow your kid around, to communicate with your kid. >> the three smart watch makers that sell in the u.s. and were tested to be vulnerable to hacking are teeny tell, care app
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and se tracker. they say the product is secure. they say their product is secure. the other two companies have not responded to the allegations. tell your kids not to give their personal information. >> absolutely. >> even if they have a choice. a private bus system, chair yat will not be running in san francisco this morning. >> they temporarily shut the transportation company down. scott mcgrew has been trying to figure this out. >> good morning. they run private buses. anyone can ride them for a few dollars more than muni. they are quicker, cleaner, get to where you want to go because you don't have to follow long routes like city buses. they were shut down thursday afternoon by the public utilities over concerns about the safety of the vehicle. they use ford vans exclusively and chariot is owned by ford.
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john mccain introduced a bill to require social networks and other internet entities to disclose who is paying for political ads on their site the way tv ads have to disclose it. it comes after facebook, google and twitter have been examining how they were taken advantage of by russians. silicon valley has been able to avoid government regulations. that's why they have been so successful. the russian ad controversy could be the thing that opens the door to far more oversight from washington. executives know that. sheryl sandburg went to washington to lobby for facebook, then said she wants it senate intelligence committee to release the facebook ads they are investigating. release them to the public. the senate intelligence committee says that's fine if they want to release the ad. here is the senators in charge.
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>> clearly, if any social media platforms would like to do that, we are fine with them doing it because we have already got scheduled an open hearing because we believe the american people deserve to hear firsthand. >> bottom line, you have two sides saying release the ads, the other side says release the ads. so far, nobody is releasing the ads. we are hoping we are going to see the ads. there's a november 1st hearing. then we, the public, the voters affected by this get to see the ads. >> will we get to see them before the public sees them? >> hopefully everybody sees them at the same time. >> thank you, scott. the world series is almost here. baseball fans in california may still be celebrating this morning. >> i knew we were going to do it. i waited for a long time. >> the dodgers fans took to the streets of los angeles. the game was actually in
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chicago. the dodgers won the pennant in 11-1 against the cubs. this is the first world series trip for the dodgers since 1988. l.a. will play either the yankees or astros. >> i'm hoping for the astros. >> you are. >> chicago, not so happy. >> i bet. >> dodgers all day with that one. looking at the forecast this morning, you are stepping out the door. it feels cooler and you can see the remnants of the rain that we had overnight. everything is still kind of wet. that may include your car. so, as you drive this morning, we are still looking at a lot of the rain to the east with a few spotty light showers lingering behind showing the light rain across the south bay. as we look farther to the north, there's a cluster of showers moving through eureka and ukiah. this could move into northern sonoma county within the next couple hours.
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as we look at the wind speeds, it will start out with breezy conditions at about 10-15 miles per hour. maybe a little higher in a few spots, coming from the northwest. the rest of the morning, the winds start to calm down today. it stays mostly light, into the afternoon and evening. stepping out to upper 40s right now in santa rosa, 52 degrees in napa. 56 degrees in san jose and looking at the high temperatures this afternoon, reaching into the upper 60s. normally, for this time of year, we are up to 74 degrees. so, we are not close to that as of today. things change quickly for the weekend. antioch and danville, a high of 68 degrees. fremont, 65 today. san mateo looking at 63 for the high. half-moon bay at 59. san francisco, upper 50s to lower 60s and the north bay up to 67 degrees today in napa. going through that morning commute in the east bay, you may have to crank up the heater.
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clearing, but slick on the roads. temperatures in the low 50s, then, as you head out, it is going to be fairly cool. throughout the day, for oakland, looking at the school day forecast, expect the temperatures to rise to 60 degrees by 1:00 as you walk home. we talked about what's happening in the sierra. here is a live look at squaw creek. 33 degrees with light snow. beautiful and the potential of 2-4 inches of snow for the rest of today, then it clears out. we are going to be clearing out as well. san francisco, low 60s today. warming up a bit for the weekend. much more early next week. upper 60s inland today to upper 80s by tuesday. still major changes on the way. mike says make it look easy on the wet roads. >> make it look easy because the traffic is light. take it easy. lower those speeds because there might be grease and oil making things slick. bring your change over 80 and the sierra. we have change required.
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over here, closer to home, much easier. you can see the green patches here. they might indicate wet roadways. we know you are going to have them. the live cameras over the bay show the sheen on the roadway. slowing coming through the tri-valley. that's great stuff. i want to show you live cameras. turn toward the dublin bart station. kris talked about a crash involving a tow truck and cement debris. we'll take you to waze. light traffic out of pittsburgh. the purple line is the fastest one sticking to the corner instead of cutting it. waze will show you the best route and the major highways are a best bet. nbc bay area wazers at the bottom of the screen is your best bet. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. coming up, teens and sleep. a big increase since the 1990s.
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the new technology researcher are blaming. after a disaster like this, do you have to take the insurance company's first offer? the answer is no. i'm chris chmura. i'll show you how when nbc bay area responds, next. you could save energy by living off the grid.
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completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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some insurance companies move into the north bay to assist with wildfire damage and claim the paperwork is moving fast. >> consumer investigator, chris
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chmura says moving too quickly might shortchange yourself. chris has this important forethought. >> reporter: if you are filing an insurance claim after a dizster like this, there is no rush to take the first offer from the insurance company. they will send an adjuster who assesses how much the home and contents are worth. if you disagree, you don't have to accept it. you have the opportunity to hire a public adjuster. they come to the remains of the home and provide an assessment of how much the home and belongings are worth. compare it and begin to negotiate. it's your right under california law. if you have a complaint call 888-996-tips or online at 5:25 now. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco reviewed a case to overturn california's 145-year-old law
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that criminalizes prostitution. it was filed by a cincinnati lawyer representing three former prostitutes and disabled man who wants to be a client. the court in oakland dismissed the case last year. during questioning yesterday, a judge asked why is it illegal to sell something that is legal to give away. the lawyers say the 1872 law protects women against sex trafficking and violence. research out of california that validates what parents already know, teenagers don't get enough sleep. researchers compared the sleep patterns of adolescents over 25 years. 40% of today's teens sleep less than seven hours a night. researchers suggest smartphones are to blame for the trend. the more time they spent online, the less sleep they got. limiting smartphone use to two hour as day leaves enough time for proper sleep.
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make them charge it in the kitchen. coming up, another item banned from flights. the reason some officials want to keep laptops off planes completely. >> reporter: firefighters on the bear fire get a boost from overnight rain. the time line for full containment of this fire. you are watching "today in the bay."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. mother nature giving some much-needeli right now at 5:30, overnight rain. mother nature giving much needed
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relief in the north bay as crews still work to put out wildfires that ravages so many lives. >> the mountains not left out. heavy rain fell over the bear fire that sent people fleeing homes. this morning, crews are on the zone across the burn zone. the rain is having an impact on the roadways as well. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. thank you for joining us this friday morning. let's go to meteorologist kari hall that has been tracking the wet conditions. >> we are still looking at the rain moving to the south and east out of the bay area. a slight chance to see lingering light showers as we get a closer look at what's happening in the east bay hills. rain moving through there. also, as you get a look north of san jose, rain right there on 880. watching out for that, also rain that's moving in from the north that may be clipping northern sonoma county.
5:31 am
extra rain would help out with those wildfires in the north bay, which in many spots measure a quarter inch of rain. as it moves to the east, we see things drying out. heading out the door, temperatures low to mid-50s for much of the bay area. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend coming up in seven minutes. mike is taking a look at the wet roads as well. >> you showed the rain on the radar. 880 through fremont. you can see the water on the roadway. a spray as folks drive by. we'll look at the maps. right around this area, again, we are talking slick roadways as the rain traveled in the bay. that may be an issue for transition ramps. i will show you the toll plaza. most of the sensors are green, except here. the metering lights got turned on a couple minutes later than monday through thursday. it's friday light but it's still the bay bridge toll plaza.
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back to you. >> thank you, mike. the bear fire in the south is burning in the santa cruz mountains and continues to burn homes. >> bob redell is live in the santa cruz mountains with more on the fire fight there that continues. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you kris and marcus. as you look at the past 24 hours, the weather has been cooperating more. yesterday, cooler temps. last night, a good dumping of rain. you can see the scene on the road here at this chp check point. it's still wet out here. this video from overnight when the rain was falling. cal fire tells us the bear fire is 35% contained. it's burned 320 acres. they expect to have full containment. 100% perimeter around the fire by tuesday. some areas remain evacuated. however, other areas remain open. yesterday, residents who live off skyline boulevard and areas south of bear creek road were
5:33 am
allowed to go home. bear creek canyon road, rons and dons road are still under mandatory evacuation. the bears fire has been dangerous for firefighters because of the steep terrain. as we have been reporting this week, seven firefighters have been hurt, including andy goodson. take a look at your tv screen. cal fire posted a picture of andy and fellow firefighters on facebook. goodson is being treated at the icu unit at stanford medical unit. he tumbled 50 feet earlier this week on the front lines of the fire. he is expected to be okay. reporting live here in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right. glad to see he is smiling after he took that fall. thank you, bob. new this morning, video from the north bay showing that much needed rainfalling in santa rosa. bay area firefighters have been waiting for the wet weather
5:34 am
since the fire started. while containment numbers are up, it gives crews a bigger upper hand to fight the flames. 42 people died in the fire. thousands of buildings were destroyed. meantime, more santa rosa residents will be allowed back in their neighborhoods later this morning, but there are restrictions. >> pete suratos is live in the coffey park neighborhood. pete, how are officials organizing to make sure residents stay safe? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. we are positioned off hopper avenue. th that's where we are talking about the controlled entry for residents. they will be able to go back to coffey park. that's one of three areas allowed as far as the controlled entry goes. the donees are lined up here. they are going to line up around 10:00 a.m. i want to show you
5:35 am
important information for residents as for as when they return. of course you will need to be a resident to return to one of the three areas, orchard park, journey's end of coffey park. you need an entry pass by providing a drivers license, state id or valid photo id. saturday, the mobile home parks will be released back to the property owners. coffey park will remain a controlled entry area. sunday, coffey park will be open for public access. as i showed you at the start of the live report, the cones are lined up as people are getting ready to re-enter the neighborhoods to salvage what is left. we have seen that scene plenty of times the past week. they will be able to go back in at 10:00 a.m. live in santa rosa, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. last night's rain is expected to help crews make progress on the wildfires. these are the latest containment
5:36 am
numbers. they are good. cal fire expects the numbers will continue to grow today. the tubbs fire, 92% containment. atlas, 86%. the rest are over 80% contained. happening today, the hit and run suspect accused of critically injuring a san francisco bicycle police officer is expected in court. meanwhile, there are encouraging signs the officer's condition is starting to improve. san francisco's chief says that the 32-year-old officer is still in critical condition but should eventually recover from injuries. friends say he attends law school, drums in a band and teaches martial arts. >> willing to show people new techniques or knowledge or spar with them and generally is just like a cool person to have on the mat. >> he was patrolling on a bike and he was ran over trying to
5:37 am
leave a crime scene. johnson will answer to attempted murder along with other charges. new this morning, the u.s. government wants laptops banned from checked luggage on international flightings. overnight, we looked through a document filed by the federal aviation administration and the faa says tests show a laptop's rechargeable battery can overheat and start fires. the faa is not calling for the ban on domestic flights, however. the u.s. already banned laptops in the cabins of planes coming from ten middle eastern airports for security reasons. folks, we are looking at the roadways. a smooth drive. the overnight rain leaves slick conditions, so be careful. standing water for downtown san jose. a large puddle was reported overnight. they are notes out there. see the green highlighting in patches. we talked about the rogue weather. as we look out here, no delays
5:38 am
for the transit agencies. take it easy on a friday and ride along with company, share the music. looking toward the bay bridge, we have to share that roadway. the circle to the bay bridge toll plaza, you have a back up because it is the bay bridge toll plaza and the approach getting there, no problem. look at 880 from richmond to the bay bridge. 80 to tahoe, talking about the snow that kari forecast for us. >> oh, yeah. when you say share the museic, does that mean blast it? you may do that. it is friday, you are headed to work and excited for the weekend. the weekend forecast looks spectacular. inland, mid-70s and upper 60s. 71 for the bay. sunday, gets warmer. mid-80s for the inland spots.
5:39 am
the bay 78 degrees and 67 for the coast. if you are heading out to some of the pumpkin farms, maybe half-moon bay tomorrow, it is going to start out cool. many of the pumpkin farms there opens at 9:00. it will be 53 degrees. so, wear nice, warm sweaters. i know the kids like to wear costumes there. great weather for that. upper 60s with sunshine throughout the day. napa valley, a lot of vineyards are open saying come spend your money. upper 60s today. tomorrow, 72 degrees and perfect weather on sunday with a high of 80. yes, we talked about the chain requirements up for the sierra. here is a live look outside at the resort at squaw creek and squaw valley. still snowing, a high temperature today of 36 degrees then look at how it warms up each day this weekend. by sunday, it's in the mid-60s. that snow will not last that
5:40 am
long. get there and enjoy it. yosemite, light snow flurries and melting for the rest of the weekend. saturday, 52 degrees and great hiking weather sunday. 62 degrees. monterey, it's going to be in the 60s all weekend long. also breezy, morning temperatures chilly, dropping down to the upper 40s by tomorrow morning. then, if you are going to muir woods, low 60s today. upper 60s tomorrow and then for sunday, expect those high temperatures in the low 70s. let me know what you are doing this weekend. hit me up on facebook or twitter and i'll send you the forecast for that spot you are headed to for if there's a special event let me know and i may feature it here coming up at 6:38. kris and marcus? >> thank you very much. the dam that's costing more than expected. the high cost after parts of the dam failed and caused the evacwax of thousands.
5:41 am
the controversy over condolence calls continues. we'll tell you about it when we continue.
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5:43 am
right now at 5:43, a live look at treasure island looking at the bay bridge in san francisco after an early morning rain, we wake up to lingering clouds and clearing skies looking pretty good there. livermore is going to be cool.
5:44 am
make sure the kids are nice and bundled up. lower 50s. low 60s for today. we'll talk about a warm up ahead in the forecast in five minutes. >> here is a nice look at fremont from our skycam. 880 southbound, a good amount of traffic. there's slick roadways. i'm going to show you a different angel of the roadway. >> have we mentioned, it was raining last night? it was a very, very good thing for firefighters and all affected by the rain. this is new video from overnight as the rain was falling on 880 in oakland, making for wet roadways out there. new details, confusion over the renaming of justin herman plaza. everyone thought it was a done deal. now, the name won't change. they voted to remove the name by a 4-3 vote. a commissioner that approved it was not there. the city attorney's office moved
5:45 am
to invalidate the vote. a new vote for next month. the cost to repair the oroville dam. heavy rain caused a hole and sparked fears of massive flooding and that cause zed mass evacuations. state water leaders say the repair costs nearly doubled from the estimates of $275 million. crews hope to finish pouring the concrete on the main run by the end of the month. 5:45. in a new angry tweet from the president is pulling attention away from one of the biggest supporters this morning. >> scott mcgrew, the white house managed to take the high ground on the controversy over the condolence call. >> threw it away this morning. thursday, the white house chief of staff, john kelly, who, remember lost his own son in the iraq war told americans, all americans to stop politicizing gold star families. >> then he said, how do you make
5:46 am
these calls? if you are not in the family, if you have never worn the uniform, if you have never been in combat, you can't even imagine how to make that call. i think he bravely does make those calls. >> it was an emotional speech. i encourage you to watch all of it. it was just what the white house needed to put the condolence call issue behind it. but, late last night, the president tweeted the fake news is going crazy with whacky congresswoman wilson "d," on a personal call and gave a total lion content. the president is talking about fredricka wilson. the president may not have known she was on the call, but the johnson family certainly did. she was in the car with the family as they drove to pick up sergeant johnson's body when the president's call came through and the family put it on speakerphone. there's a reasonable point to be made. the calls are personal and
5:47 am
should not be talked about by any politician on either side, speakerphone or not. chief of staff kelly was putting an end to it before the president's tweet last night. in the news of government, the senate passed the framework of a budget. it's one step closer to the promised tax cuts. we don't know the full details on the cuts. we cover the president every morning, tweets, speeches and comments. >> thank you, scott. new video this morning. we have been talking rain here. check out the first real snow of the season in the see area. it might look like it did at the height of winter, there's still an inch of snow this morning in kingvail. some places will get up to eight inches of snow. drivers this morning, are required to have chains if you plan to travel over the summit on interstate 80. mike will remind you of that as
5:48 am
well. sthak >> that's right. >> it's beautiful. >> it's beautiful if you have 20 bucks for those guys. >> now i have to get chains. >> highway 50 is clear heading to south lake tahoe. >> you know, one time we brought our chains and realize zd they didn't fit. >> did you need them? >> yeah. really did. it was scary. >> it's a bummer. >> make sure you are prepared if you are going to the sierra. >> you were. >> kind of. we are prepared for the rain. now that it moved on, we have wet roads this morning. allow extra time to get to work to drive a little more slowly. it is really going to help out with the fire fight in the north bay. let's take a look at how much rain we had in some spots where you can see the fire icon. it gives you the general area where we were tracking the main wildfires the past several days. santa rosa, a quarter inch of
5:49 am
rain and st. helena, close to a quarter inch of rain there. a tenth of an inch in sonoma. fairly light amounts, then mill valley, closer to a half inch of rain there. for the south bay, near the bear fire, a measured rain of .14. so, it was a little bit of a soaking. not close to where we shall be. morgan hill, a tenth inch of rain. san francisco, the rainfall totals were under a tenth of an inch for spots around the city. most of the rain moved on and is producing the snow for the sierra. as we look at another cluster of a lingering disturbance to the north of us that could bring in spotty, light rain. for the most part, the rain tapered off. the south bay, spotty sprinkles posz zab possible for the next hour or two. a live look outside in san jose. getting ready this morning and
5:50 am
it's a good day to wear something that will keep you nice and warm. because it is a cool start, we don't warm up that much. a jacket is a necessity today. ladies, thumbs up for the boots today. it is fall. it's going to feel like fall. you may not have many opportunities like this over the next several days. it's going to heat up. definitely boot weather. this is what i'm talking ant. san francisco, low 60s today. upper 70s by tuesday. we'll be back to the sandals and flip-flops. upper 60s today for the inland valleys and the upper 80s by tuesday of next week. a lot of dry weather in the forecast as it warms up. mike has a note about the wet roadways. >> we haven't had rain for a while. a lot of grease and oil on the roadways. we warn about this on the first rain after the break, extra slick conditions possible even though the rain is not a factor on the windshield. the roadways are moving well. friday, a lighter flow of traffic. we see the subtle change from green to yellow and orange here,
5:51 am
which means slower spooeds. no red zones in hayward. it's a nice drive. the san mateo bridge, some rain on the roadways there. wet roads as we look at the shot from allen. our photographer, off south 880, you can stee glow and droplets on the lens. now, look at waze. as we know the light traffic flow, oakland to san francisco, the purple route takes you across the bay bridge, just under 40 minutes, no problem there. all the way down, slowing in hayward. 20 minutes longer across 92. plan your route. it will change before you leave. change to our team, nbc bay area waze wazers. find your route. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, we investigate how the state failed to provide
5:52 am
clean drinking water to every resident. the driver of a big rig involved in a tour bus crash that killed 13 near palm springs is being charged. prosecutors say that driver fell asleep while the big rig was in traffic. celebration in syria after they retake raqqah. they are cautioning the clearing operations would continue saying some 100 militants may be hiding out in the city. we'll be back in two minutes with more news. taking a live look outside from
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5:55 am
our san rafael camera.. so welcome back. looking live from the camera in san rafael where the rain drops fell on the roadways and the fire zones this morning. we are going check in with meteorologist kari hall to see what we can expect in a few minutes. a peninsula police dog is recovering this morning after deputies say a suspect choked him during an encounter. sheriff's deputy say they confronted 39-year-old thomas williams at his home. he was wanted for a felony weapons violation. he refused to allow deputies into the home. they released crash the k-9. he fought the police dog, choking him and eventually they
5:56 am
intervened and freed crash. the k-9 is expected to be okay. a substitute teacher is accused of duct taping the mouths of elementary students. it happened in a fifth grade classroom at maxdale. three other students put duct tape over their own mouths. all 13 students were sent to the school nurse for observation before being sent back to class. >> they are all fine. it could have been a dangerous situation. that's the type of thing that could make a child sick or cause other problems. it was an interesting thing to do and not something we would ever tolerate. >> as for that substitute teacher, she was immediately removed from the classroom and bared from the campus. no word on if she will face charges. 40% of lgbt workers feel
5:57 am
bullied in the office. the poll included more than 3,000 full-time workers. many lgbt employees say they were falsely accused of mistakes they didn't make or picked on for appearance. 1 in 5 says bullying caused problems with their health. how about a selfie with the credit card application. the bank could ask you for a picture. they are launching a platform to allow banks to integrate biometrics into the approval process for credit card applications and payments. that could include your fingerprint, face or voice. so, if you applied for a credit card on your smartphone, you could be asked to take a selfie, picture of your drivers license or passport for verification. check your fridge. trader joes is recalling the salad blend mix because of listeria concerns. it was sold in stores nationwide
5:58 am
with the best before date code of october 14th, 15th and 16th. so far, no illnesses reported and all products have been removed from store shelves. researchers say an outbreak of tree killing disease of sudden oak death helped spread the wildfires in the north bay. a study released this morning found 37% of the trees sampled in the fire ravaged sonoma county area were infected by the disease. that is a major increase compared to two years ago. the area's hardest hit by the disease, cloverdale, santa rosa and glen ellen. it turns out environmental plus is killing more people every year than wars, natural disaster and hunger combined. that is according to to a study released by the medical journal. one out of six premature deaths in the world in 2015 could be
5:59 am
attributed to disease from toxic exposure. the financial costs from pollution related deaths, sickness and welfare is equally massive. it caused $4.6 trillion in annual losses. five years ago, state lawmakers decided every citizen has the right to clean, affordable drinking water. >> we have been tracking this study and there are communities where that is not happening. >> millions of your tax dollars have gone to build treatment systems to clean up the contaminated water around the state. we found even when the state pays for the facilities, many poor communities can't afford to maintain and run those facilities. they are sitting there empty and idle. take, for instance, the community of lanare in east fresno county. they had a water treatment plant built there 12 years ago. it's moth balled because local water customers don't have the
6:00 am
money to run it. meantime, residents can't drink the water because it has the highest levels of arsenic in it in the state. we found 1 million people living throughout california who have drinking water that officials say is unsafe to drink. we went to sacramento to confront state leaders of why this is happening and what they are going to do about it. see their answers and the full report online or later tonight at 6:00. nbc bay area news. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit call 888-996-tips or an e-mail. a slick commute. the first storm of fall coming and going. the streets remain wet. what to expect before you hit the roadways this morning. dousing the flames. this round of rain could be the last firefighters need to fh


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