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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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gunfire. and it )s linked to an air bn right now at 11:00, a late night party ends in gun fire and it's linked to an air bnb rental. neighbors are now taking action and questioning the city's air bnb policy. good evening thanks for being with us i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. a rowdy party ends in gun fire and sends people running through what's normally a quiet and safe san francisco neighborhood. >> the city said it should never happen. sergio quintana is in san
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francisco with the details. >> reporter: a san francisco police captain say people came from across the bay area heights area for that house party. it ended up in a gang shoot out and now city leaders are saying they want to make sure it doesn't happen again. this is the site of the house party. >> what can be described as a gun battle on foot, in cars and around the neighborhood. >> reporter: two people were injured and rez debsidents want city to do something about the absentee owner. >> when it's turning into an unregulated party house, that is a dangerous city. >> the owner lives in balli, the house is listed as a long term rental.
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that's because air bnb pulled it from their platforms after the shootout. they said regulating of rentals should have stopped this from happening. >> had air bnb not prevented it. >> air bnb is slowly removing properties from the platform that is not registered with the city. >> reporter: they're working with the city attorney to see if there's any further legal action the city can take against the homeowner. i'm sergio quintana bay area news. >> thank you. people in the peninsula are outraged they weren't warned of a new store opening up. it's stirring up because that store sells gun. jean elle joins us with more.
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>> reporter: turner's outdoorsman plans to open its doors in carlos in november but a group of residents is asking the city council to step in and stop the store from opening. >> how does a shop that sells guns come into our community without anybody being aware of it. >> reporter: they showed up at the city council meeting this week, asking city leaders to stop an outdoors store that sells guns moving in. >> the last thing we need is more guns circulated. >> reporter: they learned about the store's plans on social media. >> if you go into any of the downtown areas, it's teemed with children. we want to make sure the shops that come in to reflect that. >> reporter: they ai say they need the police chief to confirm because it sells gun, but
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nothing to inform the residents. that may change after hearing from dozens of people who are opposed to a second gun retailer in town. the city council will require a special use permit and look into a temporary ban on new gun stores. outside king's swim academy, which is located in the same complex, reaction is mixed. >> as long as they follow the laws and the guns are kept safe and everyone has a background check, i don't really have a problem with it. >> reporter: some of our employees have gotten broken into, so just knowing there's a little bit of a crime that there's guns they might break in there and steal all the guns. >> reporter: the city of san carlos is expecting to hear from lots of people on both sides of this debate. at the next city council meeting the fate of the store could be decided. i did reach out to the company
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for its reaction, and have yet to hear back. thank you. we have new videos from the fire zone in the north bay. kaiser hospital in santa rosa has reopened. it was closed for more than two weeks as flames threatened the hospital. you might recall this video. the dramatic images we first showed you hours after the fire started. hospital staff spending about three hours evacuating patients. the hospital was filled with smoke and patients were transferred to other nearby locations. a warrior star playing with extra fire in his belly. clay thompson taking it to the rim to raise money for those displaced by the fire. cheryl hurd joins us. he is delivering on that promise? >> reporter: he did deliver. 22 points. that's $22,000, not bad for
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clay's first ever money making venture for fire victims. for the first time in two and a half weeks, sophie and those sitting next to her have something to cheer about. she along with five others here tonight lost their homes in the northern california wildfires. >> we've been moving for house to house. like friends' houses. >> reporter: tonight they got a break from reality. they are special guests of warriors superstar, clay thompson. >> it feels special. >> and gene rous. thompson is donating $1,000 a point during this three-game home stand. >> i know a lot of people in the north bay come to watch us play. a lot of them lost their homes and everything they had, even loved ones. i talked about wanting to be big in the community so this is a
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big step. >> reporter: one of his sponsors will match what he raises on the court. hundreds of others are pledging to match what he does. already some people have pledged some $250,000. >> it shows clay's commitment to community, awareness. i think all our guys do such a good job of being aware of helping other people around them. >> reporter: now, in fact, all of the players -- almost all of them give back to the community in one way or another, but this is big for thompson, he'll have a chance to do it again on friday and again on sunday. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, north bay bay area news. >> to top it off the warriors won the game. we have exclusive details in the kate steinle murder. we have received a video from the day of the shooting. it was shown to jurors today. it's from the fire boat minutes before the shooting.
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the green arrow you see it highlights a chair that the defendant, jose ines garcia zarate reportedly sat in. the defense argues several people were hovering around that chair. you can see the bodies there and they may have left the weapon used in the shooting. the point being it may cast doubt that he stole the gun from the car of a federal agent. >> we looked at that. we identified a grouping of six people gathered at that very seat, not in the general vicinity but at that seat. >> as the the video was shown, including the portion when the shooting occurred, people gasped. testimony continues tomorrow. we invite you to stay with us for our continuing coverage of the kate steinle trial. we are in court every day. you can follow us on twitter and nbcbayarea.c >> the presidential agenda this
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week, tax reform. on his list, unity. the president dismissed news of his recent feud with two republican senators, senator jeff flake slammed mr. trump during his retirement speech yesterday. since then he and mr. trump have gone back and forth in interviews. >> and on twitter. today mr. trump was positive. >> i think the republican party has a pretty good unity. >> that comes while the president works on tax reforms with republican senators. jeff flake told msnbc the party couldn't keep quiet any longer. but other senators like ted cruz said they continue to work on legislation. >> the search continues for two men targeting high end brothels across the bay area. the police released these
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suspects, three others were arrested in los angeles county. they say they're responsible for a string of violent crimes targeting these brothels and that includes a shooting last month, execution style. smart thinking by a third grader helped police con fi skate a gun on campus. police say it happened yesterday at twin creeks elementary school. a student took the gun out of his backpack and showed it to his friends. the san francisco schools did not pass the test. the district tested the drinking water at the schools and found three campuses had dangerous amounts of lead. west portal and malcolm x and
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san francisco international high school are now shut down. schools will be provided bottled water until the problem is fixed. >> reporter: where is that money going? fire victims in need, we investigate whether the red cross provided the aid the victims need. the brother of the las vegas shooter arrested. the very serious charges he's facing. >> cooling down to 69 in san jose but i'll talk about a larger cool down for the day time temperatures and what you want to see, that is rainfall. when we could get a return of bay area rain. my forecast at 11:19 tonight. kidnapping near redding.
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it appears to contradict the story of sherri papini.. there's new evidence in a high profile kidnapping near reading. it appears to contradict the organize story of sherry pa
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peany. last year she disapyred while jogging, then on thanksgiving a trucker found her. today investigators released fbi sketches of the two women she claim abducted and abused her. however, detectives say male and female dna was found on her clothing. >> i just went down there and found her phone, it has like hair ripped out of it in the headphones, so i'm freaking out someone grabbed her. >> investigators say her husband passed the polygraph test and was cleared in the case. they also said days before she disappeared she exchanged text messages with a man in michigan who she planned to meet when he
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came out west on business. detectives investigated that man and he was cleared as well. her kidnappers branded her, they did find one but did not say what the mark is. the brother of the las vegas shooter is in legal trouble of his own tonight. arrested in los angeles for child pornography. investigators say bruce path paddock had more than 600 images. they launch it had investigation after information found at a business he was squatting. they want to know if there are any more victims related to this case. the money has been flowing in, donors across america have given $7 million to the red cross to help fire victims but how much of that goes to the victims? and has the red cross learned from its response to the valley fire two years ago.
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>> reporter: we were at the valley fire in 2015 as the donations piled up and community members launched angry social media campaigns criticizing the efforts of the red cross. tonight we'll tell you what they've changed and how your donations will be spent to help the people of this disaster. >> nobody knew how big the fires were going to be. >> we toured the pop up warehouse space donated to the red cross with the region's ceo. there's 900 volunteers working each day across the north bay. still 3,000 people have signed a petition calling for the red cross to leave napa and some local volunteers in sonoma county said they were pushed away. they say they provided round the clock laundry services initially requested bid red cross one day and then refused the next.
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a miscommunication between the 2 $2.5 billion nonprofit and the local relief effort. >> i would rather they come in and ask what's needed and try to work with the community. >> two years ago, a facebook campaign complaining about the red cross went viral. the organization admitted it wasn't ready to shelter people for two weeks and wasn't ready to process donated goods. >> there are organizations that step up and are critical of the red cross. >> i know the reasons they want to help. it's a stressful environment. so i'm sure there's times where the wrong thing is said or the wrong decision, but we try to move quickly to adjust that. >> he said the red cross opened 18 shelters at the peak of this fire storm, now down to four
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shelter, the red cross is transitioning to provide financial help. >> 90 cents on every dollar will be used in support of this disaster. >> he says the 7 million donated so far will pay for debit cards for fire victims and medical equipment and funeral costs and go toward food, fuel supplies. >> what happens to the money once the initial response is done and the community moves to the rebuilding face. >> once the initial response costs are met, the remaining funds are used for long-term recover. >> what does that cover? >> that could to help with rental assistance, moving into a new home, mental health support or additional health needs. we've done grants to partner agencies. >> he says as a result of the valley fire, the red cross established a system to quickly train an influx of volunteers.
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12,000 people have signed up since the north bay fires ignited and many are already helping. the red cross also partnered with goodwill to take in donated goods instead of refusing them. an important note, if up your donation to help the victims of the north bay fire, you have to specify that or it goes to the statewide fire relief fund. i'm vicky nguyen. >> schools are preparing to reopen. today was another emotional day as teachers in piner high school started putting plans together while thinking of welcoming back students while many of them lost their homes. zoe miller lost her home and is renting a place now, but she did return to school. >> i went into my classroom today and i cried.
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i am really looking forward to going back. i want to see my students, my kids. >> the schools plan to have substitute teachers lined up in case returning teachers need a break. school is set to reopen friday and other schools are opening on monday as well. >> the silver lining is teachers understand how the students feel and the students understand how the teachers feel. >> they'll go through this together. jeff ranieri is with us. eventually rainfall in the long range forecast. a little bit before the rainfall, most notably, a drop in our temperatures. let's look at our micro climate forecast. thursday, no big issues, mostly clear, a little chilly. the south bay a clear and cool 60. san francisco just a little bit of ice litted cloud cover and 56. the chilliest right here for the
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north bay at 54. i'd like to cool things down quite a bit for tomorrow but it's not going to happen. we still have some warm air lingering and while we'll be at a record setting territory for most spots we're still 10 degrees above average 9 in downtown san jose and 92 in gill roy. for the east bay, anywhere from 89 to 90. and a little bit of a breeze puts it to 82 at oakland. the beaches still remaining mild. it's going to be nice at half moon bay at 76 and over towards redwood city we are at 87. san francisco still can't shake the 80s just yes. for firefighter still watching out for hot spots we have temperatures in the upper 80s from sonoma, santa rosa and napa. a lot of weather changes coming.
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i want to break down the top three changes coming our way. the first one begins to arrive tomorrow with the warm hair and area of high pressure, it's moving slowly off toward the south. that's going to make way for the area of high pressure to move off toward the east and take the heat with it when we hit sunday's forecast, and the fog moves in, dropping the temperatures 10 to 15 degrees. look for the big change sunday. as we push towards next week, it still looks like we could see some rainfall develop once he hit friday and saturday, november 3rd and 4th. we should say forecast models are disagreeing a bit on timing and intensity, but my best call, friday and saturday, with a half inch to one inch of rain. we need the rainfall, we're
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running a little bit of a deficit right now, not getting close to a drought but we're one inch behind in santa rosa and close to .35 behind in san jose. san francisco, 60s come back once we hit the upcoming weekend right into next wednesday's forecast. dry for halloween. you see the inland valleys we drop to 76 by sunday. and nice cool 70s through next week. >> that seems nice. still ahead, another slow down at the airport. be warned, beginning tomorrow, new screening rules for certain passengers. we have jimmy. jessica al bah is here, j.b. smooth, plus we have halloween times. we're blowing things up. do not change the channel. and happening now on our website, look at disney's new plans for anaheim, a 700-room
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hotel called the four diamond, it will be on the west end of disney with a direct rail to the theme park. back in a moment. new direction. tomorrow - a first look at tesla )s take on the semi. analysis from our scott mcgrew. plus: we start the weekend early every morning at 5:38 and 6:38. kari hall has the forecast for destinations across the region. see you in the morning! 4:30 to he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war. obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less.
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yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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coming to the u-s. the trump administration released a new round of g tougher security screenings ahead for flyers entering the u.s. the trump administration released a new round of regulations. the hand security screenings for electroni electronics. passengers may face interviews by airline employees that include u.s. citizens. that includes for everyone's flight entering the u.s. and they go into effect tomorrow. >> tesla, layoffs continue.
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tesla started letting workers go earlier this month at the same time it was ramping up its car production. that included 200 employees at solar city offices in roseville. some employees tell us tesla is releasing more workers than it announced. tesla reiterated it is based on annual performance reviews. should we check in with the warriors game tonight, also the world series. stay with us.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. final minutes of the warriors okay. a lot of screaming, a lot of cheering, all across the bay area tonight. the final minutes of the warriors game a little nerve wracking. >> usually at home it's cruise control but so far this season a test. clay thompson 1,000 bucks per point, there's two points there. he had 22 on the night, which is $22,000. the final minutes, the warriors make it a come back. they edge the rapt or thes 117-112. we had a nail biting finish at the world series, game 2 between the dodgers and astros.
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the stars were shining. who's that? justin timberlake. the model wife of verlander. and peton manning. it was clunch late in the game and george springer the game winner in the 11th. they beat la 11-6. back in a moment. ♪
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shall we talk about our weather tomorrow morning? >> why not. >> mostly clear, 50s and 60s to start. you can see by the afternoon still warm inland, 89. biggest change on sunday, 76. maybe rain next friday and saturday. >> the weekend is almost here. thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jessica alba -- j.b. smoove


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