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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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caught fire. this is the firefighters beating back the flames. there's a lot of debris in the backyard they've been doing a good job of protecting homes. >> propane tanks cars trailers and boats. we saw it all all. even if you're not near the fire. you're likely to see in the south bay the thick black smoke can be seen for miles. let's take you live to the sky ranger. and this is the dramatic difference. crews have the upper hand. mostly with white smoke. firefighters have successfully protected the surrounding homes. nbc bay area sergio quintana has been watching it unfold. and joins us now from the ground level. a big difference from an hour ago. >> reporter: a big difference. the firefighters worked quickly. this was a four alarm fire we're told. about 100 firefighters mobilized out here. let me show you right now there is still a pretty consist -- persistent plume of smoke. but firefighters have a good handle on it.
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let's show you the video of the way it looked out here. there were two immediate concerns. four fire crews, the first concern was the intensity of the fire burning cars and other vehicles in the backyard of this property. and unfortunately burning cars mean petroleum products and chemicals a toxic mix. the safety of residents next door was the second concern. neighbors went door to take are door to make sure people were not home. one of the neighbors tells us the owner of the property that went up in flames is out of the country. >> it happened all in a matter of maybe 15 minutes, the explosion. it started out with some smoke. then a first explosion. and then flames into the trees ob onto to the house and started shooting embers into the house next door. >> reporter: when we arrived we could hear some popping of what firefighters say may have been propane tanks. fire crews were able to contain the fire to one single property.
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but embers did reach nearby homes and flames damaged fences at adjacent properties. there were some people examined for smoke inhalgs one woman told us she suffers from asthma so wanted to be checked out just to be safe. as for the start of the fire what potentially caused that is under investigation. reporting live in san jose, sergio quintia, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a lot of homes in the area a couple of elementary schools even a notable islamic center, the evergreen islamic center. the thick black smoke you can see for miles. we spread up the camera here. jeff as 5:00 we were talking about the toxins going into the air very damaging to a lot of people. >> and the good news is the wint is also a little bit less as we check with the current. at 10-mile-per-hour last in our. now at 5. so relatively light winds for firefighters on the fire at klein road and pleasant acres drive. the way the wind is blowing taking the smoke from the fire
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and pushing towards the south. i'm giving you a closer look at some of the streets and neighborhoods that still may smell the smoke throughout tonight. and you should just remain alert. mill burn street, marlow ave, timberlake ave, cedar dale drive. and more crest drive. any of the streets listed here you're in the vicinity to smell the smoke throughout the night. it looks like the firefighters are cigarette ago handle on it so hopefully we won't have to worry about embers from this. as we wind it up you can see the smoke more white at this hour a good sign from the sky camera network. >> thanks jeff. of course we'll keep an eye on the fire. we're jupting the digital platform was the information. there you can find raw video and images of the flames. a major development now in the bear fire near los gatos pop police say this man is an arsonist accused of starting the
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fire. he was already in custody, arrested for looting. during that fire. less than two weeks ago. nbc bay area robert handa joins us near the place where the fire started. robert. >> reporter: well, earlier when the fire started investigators say they were already looking for the suspect, coy, for possibly loot ago home. he was caught riding a bicycle wearing clothes and carrying about $15,000 worth of jewelry that had been stolen. after that more fingers began pointing at him. it took ten days for firefighters to cane the bear fire. now investigators say they believe they know who started. 54-year-old-year-old marlon dale coy of boulder creek is in custody on arson charges and was rearrested because he was in jail for allegedly loot ago home the day after the fire started. the earlier arrest helped lead investigators to coy who had been seen with several so-called associates in the diane'sway and
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boulder creek cran onfire area where they lived. the associates pointed the finger at coy. >> they witnessed marlon coy lighting this fire, a fire which spread and then became bigger and caused what we are now calling the bear fire. >> mr. coy denied actually starting the fire. and as far as the motivate is concerned it was reported to us he had a dispute with someone on the property. >> the dispute was with coy's girlfriend who own the property. >> i want him to rot in jail. >> do you know him. >> no, no. >> do you know of that property where it started. >> yeah, there's been all the slimbe balls have been living there for years. >> reporter: coy is expected to be in court early next week to face numerous arson related as well as looting charges. now, at this point investigators aren't saying how coy allegedly started the for her and say they
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are looking for witnesses. but at this point he is still the only suspect. live in boulder creek, robbed handa, fwharnz. >> thank you robert. a troubling trend for the fifth time this week a student brought a gun to a local school. i'll show you a map where all the schools are. this new case we are learning about is a middle school in san jose. district leaders say the student brought the unloaded gun to school yesterday and showed it to students. administers were told and called police. officers arrived before anything happened. new at 6:00 looking into the mind of a killer. the brain of the man who opened fire at the concert in las vegas will arrive in the bay area next week. the nevada cornerer is shipping the brain of stephen pad okay to the stanford university. damian trujillo spoke to the doctor in charge of that examination. >> reporter: the dr. is a renowned neuropathologies at
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stanford. the brain arrives next week and he will look for signs of abnormality and perhaps provide answers. did stephen pad okay have anger issues? did he suffer from a sort of neurological decease that led him to fire on the las vegas concert crowd almost a month ago? knows are some of the answers stanford neuropathologist dr. vogel will try to answer. he is not allowed to talk to reporters but did confirm that the brain arrives next week. >> the brain will be fixed in formedle hide and whatever pieces it is. there is probably a gurnt wound there which can do a lot of druks and make the examination difficult. >> via skype we spoke with a chicago doctor who wrote a back on neuropathology. >> if there is something inside the brain when you make a slide or section it there may be areas that have the behavioral
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consequence zbrs. >> but this dr. warn it's not a perfect science and sometimes the brain doesn't reveal much about the mental state of the perpetrate sfwreer whoa you say somebody does an outrageous act you say certainly they're crazy or something is funny is going on. we ought to be able to figure it out. most of the time we can't. >> next week dr. vogel will see if stephen pad okay's brain provides answers. dr. listma says there should be a rerj registry of brains of all mass murders to see if there moua might be a common thread that could prevent future massacres. >> thank you damian. the deadly and devastating wine country fires are not even out yet. but pg&e and is already lobbying hard to see customers not shareholders pay fines and other costs. no liability has been found on the fires yet but pg&e and is ordered to preserve all potential evidence for any future investigation. the bay area news group reports the utility has appealed to
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state regulators at the public utility existing or the puc. pg&e climes the growing wildfire richk and growing insurance market create unfair burden for power companies. >> did you get your tickets, the big show at at&t park as we look live is november 9th, metallica, dave brougts and the grateful dead playing for free to raise money for the north bay fire victims. tickets went on sale today. the scott budman joins us at china base within the behind the scenes story. scott. crr(t&háhp &hc >> reporter: raj, it came ñ5=yquickly. we have the tech companies come onboard, the fund raisers, the san francisco giants and of course the bands all getting together to raise money to help fire victims. the need is great. the response will be loud.
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>> bands like metallica, dave mathews, and members of the grateful dead will come together for a concert november 9th to raise money for northern california fire victims. >>s it remarkable, the generosity that has been bubbling up. >> daniel lury san francisco's tipping point is organizing the concert at at&t park. he says everyone involved is making sure all the money raised goes to those displaced by the fires. >> live nation is donating the fees on the tickets. another planet has donated time and energy. the bands are donating, i mean we are not pay ago band to play. >> the concert kicks off the effort called band together day area and it's getting tech support sfr the company involvement from our side came when we watched it happen in our
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own backyard. >> local companies like twil flt io stepping one money and equipment. >> we want the communities impacted to feel this bear hug from us. that we are here for a longer term rebuilding effort. >> speaking of feeling good, the organizers tell me 15% of the tickets, the front row tickets will be given away to first responders and volunteers who helped during the fire. reporting live from at&t park scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that should be a special, special night thank you, scott. there are tickets still available. we post-ed the link make it ez on the website,, just click on the get your tickets tab. coming up, the treatment could come with the trick, the candy local researchers say you should be avoiding this halloween. i'm tracking the conditions on that fire in east san jose. plus much needed rain likely on the way when this could arrive. at 6:20 tonight. it seemed like fun and games at the time.
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but tonight a local high school is having to answer questions about marshawn lynch and his surprise visit to football practice.
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for five straight kbams the 49ers had one foot inside victory door. then this past sunday the cowboys slammed the door in their face. no time to feel sorry for themselves, the 6-1 eagles await this sunday in philadelphia. >> it's a long season. and so you can't- dsh can't dread on the previous week too long. you can learn from it from the mistakes. and improve on it. the following week. and you know it sucks but i think this group is mature enough to move on. and continue to get better.
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♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ did not. suspended oakland raider marshawn lynch suid well the kids and parents loved it. state high school officials did not. suspended oakland raider marshawn lynch suited and practiced with football players at his alma mater oakland tech
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high and the video went practice viral. turns out going beast mode with the school quad is a no no. jodi hernandez joins us live with more in oklahoma. that's a bummer for the kids. >> reporter: jessica, it is, the kids are disappointed over the whole thing. the oakland tech are gearing up to take on the castle month high school tonight. but it's not the game. it's the highly unusual practice that took place earlier in the woke that has players, parents and the league abuzz. you're looking at video of oakland raiders running back marshawn lynch practicing with students at his alma mater, oakland tech high school. while serving a one week suspension from the nfl. video of the former student turned nfl star's visit went viral this woke on social media. >> it's inspiring they were excited to have him come. and a lot of people went to practice because they were like
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oh marshawn is practicing with us. it's like that's -- that's encouragement for them to reach their goal. >> but not everyone is cheering. turns out it's against league rules for adults to practice with high schoolers. >> we met with the oklahoma tech administration and took appropriate action based on the vials. >> california intersclaftic commissioner and oakland unified athletic director alphones o powell says the administrator in charge made a mistake and it's been dealt with. but he says they appreciate lynch staying involved at oakland tech. >> yeah, i don't think he meant any harm being out there. he was just trying to create a positive experience for the kids. but there are rules in place. and we to reinforce the rule. >> come back and visit. come back and support our system. because you know, he -- you inspire a lot of people. >> reporter: now we tried to reach out to marshawn lynch but did he not respond. rumor is he may be at tonight's football game.
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one person noticeably absent tonight, the oakland tech football coach. >> reporting live in oakland jodi hernandez. >> no good deed goes unpunished? >> our coverage continues at, you'll fine the entire video of marshawn lynch practicing the players at oakland tech. an athlete uprising part of it here in the bay area. many players condemning a controversial comment from the owner of the houstonian plm bob mcnary said we can't have the quote the inmates running the prison. >> the phrases angered a lot of athletes across several sports. >> i wouldn't personal want to play for someone who viewed me as an inmate. i haven't done nothing in my life to be a inmate. >> mcnar released an apology saying he never went meant to offend anyone with a figure of
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peach. i would never our characterize our players or league that which. i apologize to anyone offended >> new at 6:00 tonight a san francisco prosecutor detained and asked if he joined a terrorist group. the federal run in revealing -- he is revealing in the "new york times." the deputy chief of staff at san francisco da office alex bast ondetailed that exchange in an op-ed published today. bast onis of armenian yan did he scent was interrogated as he returned from armenia this month. agents asked him if he trade to sneak into turkey or join isis the u.s. border protection said in part occasionally cbp may inconvenience law-abiding persons in our effort to detect deter and mitigate threats to the homeland caused by a view individuals involved in illicit activities. we rely on the patience and cooperation of travel tors ensure effective protect.
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>> bast onwho called the agents astoundingly ignorant. >> not so sweet news heading into hal went. a study by the ucsf and the california department of health shows a spike in lead contaminated food alert particularly candy. the lead aalerts kpoeded ee colie and boch lymph kban. they are subjected to strict health card but manufacturers to india and china red flags were raised. the countries make up nearly 80% of the warnings. >> don't buy imported candy because you never know where it comes from what kind ever contamination they may have. >> we get our candy from the largest distributing company in -- in the u.s. and just bow everything in here i believe everything in here is made in america. >> check where the candy comes
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from. candy experts stress that just because the candy issed made abroad doesn't mean it's dangerous. >> let's go to jeff ranieri, celebrating the weekend. >> yes, we are, really nice heading throughout saturday and sunday. temperatures starting to dr. platz and eventually next week possibility of rainfall still in the mix. let's look at the microclimate forecast. we have an eye on the smoke from the fire in east san jose. a lot less smoke now. firefighters getting a handle on it. the temperatures continue to drop pb down to cooler 60s by 10:00 p.m. as the firefighters likely still be on the lines watching out for any kind of issues. heading into tomorrow's forecast temperatures drop off a few more degrees. still above average though. but still a lot better here in santa rosa at 83. 84 in antioch. 83 in san jose. 69 in san francisco and colder 63 in half moon bay. if you are looking for something to do this weekend to get halloween kicked off, well this one may test your limits.
6:21 pm
in case you haven't heard win chester the mystery house is doing candle light tours through halloween. if you are headed out mostly clear skies temperatures in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees. on the extended forecast you see numbers continue to drop by sunday to 78 draegs. then we have 73 monday. really enjoyable. drien on hal wasn't to are tuesday at 72. and then numbers drop into the 60s by next thursday and friday. with that potential of rainfall. so friday as that storm rolls in we could see a quarter inch of rain. looks like by the following saturday we may get another half inch to 3/4s. we will detail it at 6:48. stick around we'll be wak right after the break.
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i got it over! more transparent. the company is now requiring advertisers to reveal their happening now fischer announcing a new plan to make political adds for transparent. the company is requiring advertise tors reveal correct name and location. that story on our home page. on our twitter feed as we mentioned, free trick or treating at the spooky win chester mystery house. the event begins tomorrow and running through halloween. a
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it happens a lot across the bay area. artists and art spaces forced out by a rising rent. >> but a colorful san francisco art museum forced out is actually defying the odds by
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coming back. nbc bay area gives us a peek. >> the many seens of fisherman war of seems like characteristic tours of the city by the bay. it seems fitting that a art goated to the characters is has ha home. >> since 1984 the cartoon museum has devoted to walls to all manner of cartoons. >> we do comic strips, comic books. political cartoons a drawing with or without words, that's cartoon. >> but two years ago the museum found it couldn't afford the walls in the long-term mission street home. >> what they're paying down there is a astronomical we can't afford it. >> the museum lost space.
6:26 pm
the executive director wondered if it was time to turn the page. >> i met with the board we said do we want to keep doing this, try it? why not? >>. >> reporter: but after a long search the non-profit landed here in aacquatic park with a front row view of the way bay. >>s in about a right spot. >> reporter: the doors to this all right spot open to the public this saturday. >> we are excited to get back to showing ajer cartoon art. it's one of the most accessible art forms. it's easy to access. it's easy to understand. >> this week the museum threw itself a preopening party with cartoonist like this. >> see kids coming into the museum and seeing comics on the wall knowing it's a valid art form fills me with happiness. >> some people are aware of comics as reading material but maybe not art. >> reporter: with many art
6:27 pm
spaced forced out by the survival survival has become it's own form of art which makes the museum another colorful character in a place that appreciates one. nbc bay area news. getting back to class dozen of students who lost homes in the north bay wildfires try to get back to normal. and it's a police training drill. but critics say it's a myth which has cost of lives of thousands of citizens unnecessarily. stephen stock coming up we investigate the reality between the threats to police officers from suspects carrying knives and other sharp objects.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know
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that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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north bay wildfires broke out -- many students in n right now at 6:30, an emotional return for the first time since the north bay wildfires broke out, many students in sonoma county hit the books in class. it's a big step for the students and teachers, back to school in october of all times. >> yeah the first day wasn't what happens next. let's bring in kristy smith from piner high school in santa rosa. >> reporter: it was back to jesus martinez says it was quiet but he is glad to be back. >> the teachers guided us through the day but it was quiet. >> he does not lose his home but says friends do. the principal says roughly 80 students lost homes in the fire.
6:31 pm
>> i didn't know how it was feeling to go to classes and just knowing when it was time to go home i wasn't going to go to my old home. i'm going somewhere else. >> reporter: today teacher took it slow allowing the kids a chance to be with friends and teacher and classmates. >> you try to make sure students know they're safe and you're glad they returned. >> reporter: there were counselors and sport services available. in the tais ahead the staff will try to get a sense of what the kids need. >> schools are place of learning but before that they're human places. >> reporter: piner is one of 13 santa rosa city schools reopening today. kids weren't the only ones impacted. across the district 70 staff lost homes too. today one message we heard about sticking together. >> i'm like there for them. if they need anything i'll tell them i'm here for you. >> that was kristy smith reporting. a live look at at&t park.
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it's beautiful. and there are tickets available for that benefit concert on november 9th pl. metallica g-eazy and the remaining members of the grateful dead will perform waiving usual fee pps the proceeds go to fire victims. tickets went on sale this morning. we posted the link on our website,, get your tickets tab. well we investigate a training drill meant to save lives of police officers. but it may be causing unnecessary deaths of thousands of americans 37. senior investigative remember reporter stephen stock has uncovered question about the practice. >> reporter: in police training academies it's called the 21-foot rule. it's been taught for decades to help officers safely deal with subjects armed with an knife or sharp object. but we discovered it's never been tested scientifically until
6:33 pm
now. >> drop it. >> this cell phone video caused an up roar in the beau. >> it shows mario woods hold ago knife and refusing to put if down. >> the five san francisco plofrts who shot and killed him were cleared to return to work although the internal and da investigation continues two years raert. because the officers said they feared for the safety they could be legally justified in shooting woods even though he didn't have a gun. at a firing raining in corona california dr. martinle y and his teammates are studying what happens with when suspects with knives. >> ten feet. >> a form san jose police officer now criminal nolgs he dmants which the san francisco police officers may have had reason to be concerned. >> in the past year martinle y has run 100ss of tests with a variety of officer skill sets
6:34 pm
from rookie cops all the way to navy seals. >> his research shows how quickly a suspect with a knife can close the gap on an officer even from 20 or 30 feet away. >> the 21-foot rule has been taut taught to law enforcement officers throughout the country since the 1980s ever since a salt lake city police officers demonstrated that a suspect armed with a knife or edged weapon could from 21 feet away be on top of an officer with a holstered weapon in 1.5 seconds or less. barenyly enough time for that officer to draw and fire. instead martenly should slow down and stay further away from suspects. he warns shooting the attacker even in the chest may not stop him. >> unless that suspects bleeds out or hit directly in the brain that person can continue to attack you for two or three minutes and kill you. >> that might be true in theory. but in reality on the streets across america where an average of 56,000 police officers are
6:35 pm
assaulted every year, the numbers show that fatal knife attacks like this on police officers just do not happen. >> the 21-foot rule exists only as an urban legend. >> uc berkeley law school professor reviewed six years of data, 275 direct enkoupters between police officers and citizens armed with knives or sharp objects. >> the threat that the police officer faces is not a threat to the police officer's life. >> disciplering has written a book about the data which shows similar data for police officers in europe. >> the number of cases we found of somebody with a visible weapon charging at a police officer actually killing the police officer in the united states was zero. >> and law enforcement data back him up according to the fbi out of the 509 total police officers killed during the last ten years
6:36 pm
in america only 2 died from knife attacks. and those two attacks occurred in close quarters not from 20 feet away. the national law enforcement officers memorial data report that 12 officers died from knife attacks over the past ten years all but two of those took place in prison or jail, also close quarters. and there was not a single case of a knife wielding attacker rushing and killing an officer from a distance. >> should the 21-foot rule be done away with? >> if i were a police chief, i would erase it from the weapons training manual today. >> we surveyed 50 different police agencies here in bay area. three agencies told us they continue to teach the 21-foot rule in training. nine others teach it as a concept. >> we do teach it as a concept. >> sergeant here serves as a training director at the san francisco police academy. >> this is the safe distance you
6:37 pm
need under a certain skill set. >> after we shared the data the sergeant insisted that suspects with knives could pose a real threat to officers on the street. >> you would concede the fact you know and data shows certainly influences how you teach going forward. >> yeah, yeah. do -- i i want to take that chance to be those two guys? i don't know. are we taking the steps in the right direction as a law enforcement agency? we are in san francisco. >> throughout drop the machete. >> though steps include teefrpg the principles from the ron's research reminding officer to slow down create distance and create cover when dealing with armed suspects. >> doing stuff to minimize astray. >> drop the knife drop the knife. >> you're finding the 21 foot rool is a myth. >> it is. >> for a while new martinlely has called for a different focus on in training. >> we can teach officers new skills by this research and
6:38 pm
especially watching videos such as yours we can save some lives. >> reporter: now professor disciplering says between 150 and 165 citizens each year carrying if i mays or other sharp objects are killed by police here in the u.s. that's more than 5,000 deaths nationwide over the last three decades. our data shows that here in the bay area 30 people wielding if i mays or other sharp objects have been killed by police officers since 2001. raj, jessica. >> thank you stephen. >> if you have a story or idea for the investigative unit or stephen specifically you can call him at 1-888-996-tips or visit the website,,/we investigate. >> up next at 6:00 a fire bomb. the latest on an arson investigation as a local kfc.
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all.
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imagine what we can do for you. a suspicious fire gutted this kfc around 4-30am. this is near take a look. foul play in san jose. a kfc on fire.
6:41 pm
a suspicious fire. gutted this kfc around 40 a.m. near croply and north capital on the milpitas border. a witness to the vrgs they saw someone throw something through the window before the fire started. thankfully no one inside at the time. they were pulling drivers over but they weren't police officers. overnight sand leonardo o police detained a carful of teenage resist for impersonating offers. a ford crown victoria similar to the one used by police. they use add make shift siren to get a driver to pull over. when the very young fake officers started approaching, the driver new something just wasn't right. >> the victim noticed that the person getting out of the car actually was wearing like a sweat shirt with a hood. the person put the hood up over his head. the victim at that point
6:42 pm
realized that this was not a police officer. >> a hoody police officer? no. the victim quickly drove away shaken but safe. at least three of the teen in the crown vic victoria under 18 including the driver. >> teenagers doing their thing. jeff ranieri with us now. we have made it to friday. >> i know took a while. >> and it's been a busy afternoon. trackth the fire in the east san jose. winds not that string right now out of the north at 6:00. i'll track what the firefighters facing ton. and when rain returns. a store tells him he is no longer allowed to return items even with a receipt. and it could happen to you. i'm consumer investigator chris chumara. nbc bay area responds next. cheat.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
the storean nbc bay area responds to a san jose man who says a national mcmahon labeled him a cheat. >> the store band him from returning merchandise. he called us our consumer investigator for some help. here is chris chumara. >> reporter: he was frustrated because he couldn't get answers. mr. dang's home has a wall of pricey electronics, behinding he is a loyal best buy shopper. yet best buy denied him a small $8 refund even though the date was within the return period and he had the receipt. >> when i was up they said my account or my name was blacklisted from returning stuff. be and i was freaking out because i -- i didn't make a lot of lurns at best buy i thought someone stole my identity. >> we reviewed the return policy and found at the very bottom a section that says we use a third party to help prevent losses by detecting improper returns. next we contacted the store's home office.
6:46 pm
best buy then credited him $8 and allowed him to resume returning merchandise. in a statement it said we are pleased we were able to work with mr. dang to resolve the issue. we advise all customers to be aware of our purn return policies post-ed online in store and on the receipts. but what about that third party best buy uses? who is that middle man? and what do they know about you? coming up tonight at 11:00 we will answer those questions. we'll also explain why they label some shoppers bolemic. please send us your complaints at orp call us at 1-888-996-tips. see you at 11:00. get them kwhiel they're hot, the apple iphone x flooded apple. they sold out the preorders in 17 minutes. the wait time for the new phone is now 5 to six weeks instead of the initial two to three-week
6:47 pm
estimate. the long wait time is reportedly because of production issues for its face id technology. the iphone x or x whatever you call it will be available next friday in apple stores. >> i think it's gone up to 5. >> i have a six. >> i got to catch up. are you ready for snow? is that snow, jeff. >> it looks like. >> a little there. mount rose opening near lake tahoe. only enough snow for one trail to open. probably the bunny slope. but it's a start. we are hoping fo epic season like last. >> it looks more like ice skating. >> looks like a mistake. >> but they are smart. getting the press for it. and we still have the storm on the way next week. they're good to go. >> you're smiling we trust you. >> we could get nearly a foot of snow if everything stays on track throughout the storm for next week. i'll have full details coming up. but the sky raerm network right
6:48 pm
now, we have been tracking the fire in east san jose. firefighters getting a handle on that. we have full coverage at i want to bring you to the conditions that we're currently under in san jose. it's still a mild 80 degrees. humid hawaiity low at 31%. but you'll see cooler 60s arriving by 10:00 p.m. you can read about east san jose. heading through tomorrow morning forecast the biggest change is the fog building back near the immediate coastline not superthick but certainly a big change and cool 50s from the south bay towards the trivalue. this will bring in patchy fog with 54. cold in the north bay down to 48. with the fog building back at the coast it's helping temperatures cool down. a few more degrees for saturday. still warm though. i mean this past week really has been a way out of whack for october. 82 in cupertino. 85 in east san jose and 87
6:49 pm
gilroy. 84 in livermore under skun issy skies. 79 in vallejo. and 70 in oakland. a sign of the fog and the difference in temperatures at the immediate coastline. we had upper 70s and low 80s in half moon bay earlier. tomorrow down to chilly 63. redwood city at 81. san francisco seeing numbers drop down 71 in the mission and cooler 65 in the outer sunset. throughout throughout the north day 60 in point rays coldest and the warmest napa at 83. so numbers down a little bit for tomorrow. we're seeing another change by sunday. with the fogkind of giving us a reinforcing shot at cooling air. dropping 5 to 10 degrees. and still the rainfall next week. and the good news is now today both long range forecast models align with the possibility of rain, the timing and also how much we could get.
6:50 pm
it's continuing to boost confidence that this event will happen. so here is how we know it right now. this is my best forecast on this event. it will be a moderate strength storm. average rain a half inch to one inch. winds 15 to 5-mile-per-hour. and sierra snow likely. could see 6 inches to a foot at this time. we'll be under the microclimate weather alert if everything stays on track. full coverage at and on cable channel three or 11 whichever channel you watch us on. on the extended forecast san francisco stays in the 60s seven days. again try on a halloween and in case tuning in just now rain on friday. you can see the inland valleys also dra on halloween. and nonthe chance of rain friday. 86 tomorrow. 66 heading into the end of next week's forecast. >> a heck of a saturday tomorrow. >> i'm actually looking forward to the one after that. >> the rainy one. >> that sounds nice. >> only a weather man would say
6:51 pm
that. >> i like it too thanks, jeff. running like no other team in school history. the bay area women's cross country team is setting a bunch of records. colin resch joins us next. tiger woods avoids jail time.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
he pleaded guilty today to reckless driving. in may, the former stanford
6:54 pm
star was found -- asleep -- behind the wheel -- onoa well tiger woods avoids jail time. he pleaded guilty to reckless driving in may you might remember the former stanford star was found asleep behind the wheel on a palm beach county road in florida. this is the dash cam when they woke him up. according to a toxicology report he had five drugs in his system. no clog. he agreed to 12 months of probation and entering a diversion program for first time dui offenders. the reckless driving will be expunged if the 41-year-old completes the program. >> the women's cross country team as usf quietly blossomed to one of the elite programs in the story. >> sharing their story now thanks in part to a lot of international runners. they speak a lot of different languages. here is nbc colin resch. >> the west coast conference cross country championship held for women and men here at metropolitan gol lengths in san
6:55 pm
leandro on the women's side a don nating performance by the u is sf. >> we wanted to go out hard and you know that's how the races usually go at the national level. this was a good chance to practice today. >> senior charlotte taylor the reigning champion set the pace teammates followed. the fourth ranked team in the nation placed sixth in the top ten winning the title with relative ease. >> this year we just trained altogether we see each other in the workouts every day we know we are strong. today we did the same as we do every day. and it turns out other girls couldn't keep up with us. >> this is a six-conference championship forehead coach helen lehman winters based on the ranking it's the best team ever. based on this result a team to be reckoned with at next month
6:56 pm
ncaa championship in louisville. >> we think we're as good as any team. >> we're good and we have more to give this is just the beginning. >> just the beginning for this team and just the beginning for a program that's been trending in this direction. >> we don't think this is a once in a lifetime thing. we believe we can be competitive on the national level every year. and i think our team believes that as well. >> in san leandro colin resch. >> they are impressive. >> very impressive. >> now everyone knows the secret. >> the secret revealed. >> all right. jeff one last week on friday night. what a gorgeous sunset again. >> i know, so nice. jess this one is for. something to do this week, candle light tours win chester mystery house clear and cool. keepio your eyes rain next friday. >> your favorite holiday. >> it is. >> thanks for joining us on friday night.
6:57 pm
>> see you at 11:00 bye bi.
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