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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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san francisco. four people, rushed to the hospital, after a shooting on a . right now at 11:00, breaking news out of san francisco. four people rushed to the hospital after a shooting along a crowded sidewalk. good evening everyone, thanks for joining us i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. a violent night in the city. this happened near the sfpd northern substation on fillmore people scattering and taking cover when they heard the gun shots. jean elle is on the scene with
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the latest. >> reporter: someone shot four people on this sidewalk tonight during the busy dinner hour. the sidewalk is wet because restaurant workers hosed off pools of blood. look at the wall, you can see bullet holes from the shooting. restaurant workers say bloodied shooting victims came in looking for help while other people streamed inside in panic trying to get out of the line of fire. police and paramedics respond to a chaotic scene. someone shot four people on a crowded sidewalk outside a liquor store and restaurant just a few doors down from the northern district police station. >> about 7:25, officers heard gun shots, came out to investigate, they found four victims who have been shot. >> witnesses who don't want to talk on camera say it looked like a man in a hoodie was
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walking down the street randomly shooting people. police say two people of interest are in custody. neighbors say they heard several shots. >> quick fire, i thought. i couldn't tell if it was separate guns or if it was a semiautomatic or an automatic. i was just hoping it was fireworks. >> reporter: paramedics took all four victims to the hospital, another individual walked into the hospital. they're trying to find out if that's connected to the fillmore street violence. it has neighbors concerned. >> it's sad when someone gets hurt. >> reporter: police say four people shot here, looking into a possibly fifth viegt victim. >> jean did start tweeting updates the moment she arrived at the scene, you can follow her for the late opening statement this story and other breaking
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news stories. >> a south bay home and a number of cars and trailers were engulfed in flames. tonight the flames have died down but the investigation is just starting to heat up. ian cull is live at the scene. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: arson investigators are on scene tonight to try to determine the cause -- the property behind us here still smoldering, that fire spread so quickly it had neighbors and the surrounding homes jumping into action to get each other out of here quickly. >> it was just total chaos in a matter of 20 minutes. >> reporter: flames ripped through this home just afterf( 4:00, thick black smoke seen throughout the south bay. the house surrounded by cars and rvs and propane tanks. >> it started with smoke and
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then explosion and flames got onto the tree and then the house. >> some neighbors sprayed down their homes and brush with garden hoses. kim went door to door evacuating her neighbor, who then helped save another neighbor's cat. >> i was able to get her cat. that was hard. our cats are in our jeep. >> she has asthma and had to be treated at the scene, but she's okay tonight. 84 firefighters battled the blaze. they had trouble accessing the flames because of the debris. >> all the hazard with the smoke blowing around sometimes the hazards are hard to see so we're >%klung to get close to the fir so we can put it out, trying to be vigilant about any potential dangers. tonight crews continue to monitor the smolders house as
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investigators try to determine how the fire sparked in the first place. neighbors were worried about the dogs that lived in the home. the fire department tells us late tonight that those dogs escaped safely, along with the homeowner. thank you. obviously still very active where you are.@" we're also following developing news in washington d.c. a federal grand jury has approved the first charges of the mueller special council investigation. the charges are sealed by a federal judge at this point. it's not clear what the charges are. it's reported that anyone facing the charges could be taken into custody as soon as monday. new details about the sfpd police officer who was run down when he was on duty. a gofundme page says the officer
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is making slow but steady progress. he suffered a serious head injury. the doctors had to remove part of his skull to help with swelling in his brain. he was struck by a car driven by johnson, who drove off and abanned the car, prompting an hour's-long man hunt. police are looking for this man who's supposed to be behind offensive graffiti. police believe the same suspect also vandalized glen park and macarthur's station as well. >> nearly three weeks after the fires broke out the atlas fire is now 100% contained. cal fire saying the other fires in the area should be fully
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contained by next tuesday. also today a big step forward for%ñfñ hundreds of san rosa students and teachers they went back to school. signs with supportive messages were put up. the principal says about 80 student lost their homes. >> i didn't know how it was going to feel going to my classes and just knowing that when it was time to go home i wasn't going to go to my old home. i'm going somewhere else. >> it was just one of the money who lost their homes. extra counselors were on hand today to help those students and staff cope if needed. across the district about 70 staff members lost their homes as well. he went beast mode at his alma mater. this video of suspended running back, marshawn lynch went viral
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and that's when the trouble followed. trouble for the schools, players and the high school football coach who was not at tonight's game. cheryl hurd joins us from castle mont high. >> reporter: sources tell us the coach was suspended but it's unclear whether his suspension -- marshawn lynch is known to attend games to cheer his old high school on. he was expected to be on the sidelines of this homecoming matchup. if he was there, he didn't want to be seen. that's not unusual. what got lynch noticed earlier this week was this. his appearance at oakland tech's football practice. account and it appears his presence got the coach in trouble. >> i think the coach probably should have been a little more knowledgeable about what would
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get him into trouble and what was legal and not legal. >> reporter: the viral video got the attention of the oakland unified school district which says lynch playing with current high school players is against the rules. >> it basically says that no one who's not a 9-12 student can participant in practice or competition. the district's athletic director met with the administration and says the appropriate action was taken. >> he wasn't out to hurt them, he wasnthey weren't out to hurt. >> sometimes you have to look around to certain things in order to save these young black and brown men's lives. >> reporter: right now it is unclear whether lynch violated any rules with the nfl. he's on unsuspension with the league. we tried to reach out to the raiders, they were unavailable for comment. >> the raiders playing in
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buffalo this weekend without marshawn lynch. it's the end of a tense week for local schools five separate cases of students bringing guns to school. here's a map showing which schools were impacted. we're talking elementary, middle and high school. the latest case we we learned about today. chaboya middle school. they say a stubt brought a gun to school yesterday and showed it to students. in each case police were alerted and no shots fired. >> the bare fire now being called the work of an arson nis and this is the man they say started it, marlon dale coy the 400 acre fire started last week, that's where coy's girlfriend reportedly lives. investigators suspect he started the fire after a dispute between them. coy was in custody when investigators determined he was
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a fire bug. arrested for looting during that same fire. did you see it? still ahead we're going to talk about this. the wiled night for the warriors in oakland. draymond green gets ejected. we'll show you what led to the altercation and who draymond is blaming. >> a store tells him he's no longer allowed to return items, even with a receipt. it could happen to you. nbc bay area responds next. >> i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri fog is back at the immediate coastline. that's on going to cool our weekend temperatures, plus details on our next chance of rain at 11:20 tonight. >> our recent investigation uncovered the flight of u.s. military veterans. >> and now governor brown
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recently granted clemency to departed veterans. new at 11:
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the first sign of trouble in las vegas. tonight, "m-g-m resorts" has released audio of that security new at 11:00, the first sign of trouble in las vegas. tonight mgm resorts have released audio of the security guard reporting the first gun shots of the tragedy that night.
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you're hearing the voice of security guard jesus campos. that's the reference to the gunman's hotel room on the 32nd floor. campos was shot in the leg as he approached that room. >> the body of the las vegas shooter is at stanford university. next week his brain will arrive on campus. an autopsy on his brain found no abnormalities but a neurorow pathologist is going to take a second look. experts say examining a person's brain is not a perfect science. >> if someone does an outrageous act you say they're crazy or there's something going on. we ought to be able to figure it out. >> the las vegas coroner revealed his body was sent to stanford earlier this month. >> the rock and roll marathon has been moved away from the
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sight of the first shooting in modern history. it will start in front of the new york new york resort, which ãlast year's start near mandalay bay. tonight nbc bay area responds. a man says a store blacklisted him. >> he called their consumer investigator. we're joined now with what the problem and the fix is. >> the shopper says he was fiercely committed to best buy. but that loyaltity meant nothing when that computer called him a cheat. if it plugs in, hung dang probably bought it at one store, best buy. where he's an elite plus member of its rewards program. i had to ask what elite plus
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means? >> i do a lot of shopping there and spend a lot of money there. >> at least $3,500. so he was stunned when he tried to return an $8 adapter within his 45-day window. >> it should have taken 30 seconds. >> and was told he wasn't welcome in the return line. >> when i was up they said my account or my name was blacklisted from returning stuff. i was freaking out because i didn't make a lot of returns. so i thought someone had stolen my identity. >> they scanned his license and the computer said he was prohibited from returning merchandise. he wanted answers. >> i was getting the run around and getting frustrated. >> he called us. we returned the policy and said we use a third party to help prevent losses by detecting improper returns. we called best buy for more details. it told us that third party is a
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company called retail equation. that's who flagged hung's name. it's a southern california company that gathers information from their licenses and analyzes that data to stop fraudulent returns. the website says its system in in place at 34,000 stores and rejects just one% of the returns. but how? what 1% is rejected? the company doesn't say. but it does call out people that feel sick, or dishonest. it labels them bu lee mick shoppers or return-aholics. >> the last thing i returned was in november a cell phone case for the note 7 that was blowing up. so we were ordered to return all
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items that we bought to the place we bought them. >> hung isn't the first blacklisted shopper we've met. >> i was shocked -- >> last summer we introduced you to jen. amazon banned her for life because she competed an unpublicized limit on returns. >> what do you mean i'm banned from amazon? how is that possible. >> in 2015, the the national retail fred ration estimated that return fraud and abuse cost retailers between 9 and $15 billion. the retail federation declined to participate in this story. rt of that problem but he was caught in a dragnet anyway. >> i was fierce with them, that's why i contacted you guys. >> after we got involved best buy credited his account for the óq to return.
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we advise all customers to be aware of of our return policies, which are posted online, in store and on their reset. they also told him he's welcome in the return line again. but he's not expecting more returns or purchases. >> i'm done. best buy is not the only play to buy electronics. >> since california law requires them towdé show their return policy, the attorney general didn't respond to our question, the san francisco da is looking into it for us. if you have a consumer complaint call us or reach us online. >> chris is the busiest guy in our news room. answering those phone calls. >> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. nice weekend ahead? >> yes, temperatures finally dropping off as fog is building on the coastline. let's get you to your micro
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climate weather. you should be happy to see this, that thick fog rolling into san francisco and a little bit of a drizzle. we'll stay with these mid 50s into tomorrow morning. that is the biggest impact as we head into saturday morning. as you ág''re getting plans rea, expect fog at the immediate coastline. and san francisco holding onto the fog and drizzle as well. the the north bay is down to a chilly 48 degrees, don't forget your jacket. so with that fog it will help temperatures to drop off tomorrow. but some of the interior valleys still a warm day. down to san jose 82. 85 in morgan hill. for the east bay, 78 in vi lay low, 86 in concord. where we'll notice the biggest
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differences is up near the immediate coastline, 61 compared to the upper 70s and low 80s we had earlier this week. i have adjusted temperatures in san francisco based on the fog pattern we're seeing right now so it looks like 60s. and for the north bay 59 in point reyes tomorrow and napa a warm 82. i think temperatures will drop a few more degrees once we hit sunday. that's due to the fact that the onshore colder breeze is going to get stronger. so we think a cool down as we head to sunday. beyond this, the next change in the forecast i know everybody is excited about is the potential for some rainfall. forecast models are still agreeing that the storm will happen and also on the timing, friday and saturday, november 3rd and 4th. there's still disagreement in terms of the overall total of the storms. so it looks like a moderate
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strength storm system, rain a half inch to one inch. win gusts 15 to 25 miles per hour. and sierra snow is likely, 6 inches, possible a foot. so we would be under a microclimate weather alert. temperatures staying in the 60s for san francisco all the way through the next seven days. halloween dry at this point, but bundle up, we'll have 50s for the trick or treaters. for the inland vales we drop to 78 on sunday, 72 on tuesday. and check it out. i know by friday, down to 66 with the possibility of rain. i know folks are÷c÷p saying i' trying to focus on the weekend, why do we have to talk about next week? we need that rain so bad. we hope it comes here. >> we are. happy friday to you, jeff. add hall of fame induct tee
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to her resume. >> we have dennis leery and thank you notes. do not change the channel. happening now on our website a not so sweet news and report, a study by ucsf and california department of healthjwi shows a increase in led specifically in imported candy. university students in the bay area with second thoughts about the night before. vending machines on more california campuses selling the )morning after pill ). when you join us monday morning when you join us monday morning ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars.
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join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. congress -- who )s from the bay area -- is the latest high- profile woman joining the "me too" campaign. along standing member of congress from the bay area is the latest high profile woman joining the me too campaign. posted a video o
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social media telling her story of sexual assault in the work place and demanding changes. she said the attack happened when she was an aid to leo ryan back in the 1970s. >> i was working as a congressional staffer. the chief of staff held my face, kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. >> she said it's time to expose such behavior and make it easier to report. a big honor for hillary clinton, secretary of state inducted into the international women's hall of fame. this is video from the ceremony tonight. up next, maybe the most emotional night of the season for the warriors so far. we'll tell you about the near brawl. stay with us.
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oh, you yeah!ht butch. (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. shoving. and ejections. a lot happening at the warriors okay. it was a little dicey. there was some pushing, shoving, there was an ejection. a lot happening. >> there was. things started out peacefully at the oracle to want. a sellout cloud. it was a tribute to al addle, he
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dressed the part. this is what everyone is buzzing about. you heard draymond green and bradley biel going toe to toe, get tangled up under the rim, it then leads to a minor altercati altercation, but both players get ejected. draymond says the nba is out to get hem. they got the game going again and the warriors awoke. an 18-point come back. the warriors win an emotional game. they beat the wizards 120-117. the world series tonight game 3 in houston. j.j. watts throwing out the first pitch. he was spearheading the donations for the houston flood victims. as for the games. the astros with the solo home
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run. but there's troef when he returned to the dug out. dar vis, said it is disrespectful. meet with him tomorrow night. the astros win and take a 2-1 series lead.
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rgiving... some young north bay fire victims -- got a new set of football cleats today. thanks to a group called "shoes these shoes were made for giving. some north bay fire victims get a surprise from shoes for kids. they showed up and gave out some shoes. >> that's nice to see. frmg very nice. >> we finally made to it friday. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> we' eel see you next week. 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests, denis leary, 2 chainz, musical guest, 2 chainz


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