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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good saturday morning to you. it is 7:00 on the dot, and if that isn't the most beautiful way to start your weekend, i just don't know what is. our photographer giving us a live look from the embarcadero in san francisco, pier 7 looking toward the bay bridge on a gorgeous morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana is back from thailand and has a look at the microclimate forecast. fortunately you didn't bring any heat with you. >> i brought great weather. i'll take credit for the great weather. >> we'll give you that. >> we are expecting a little bit
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of a cooling trend, already feeling it in the bay area, which is nice, i think. i know i was talking to aaron, our production staff, and said it was hot this week. kira, was it hot this week? >> i was visiting my mother in l.a. and it was about 200 degrees. so, it's good to be back here. >> so then you're definitely going to like this. >> yeah. >> because we're already in the 50s now and look at that fog in san francisco. now, this fog is the culprit and marine layer is going to keep us nice and cool and it's going to stay cool throughout the day. coastal fog right now radar, 24-hour temperature change. look at that. in san francisco, more noticeable on the coastline, six degrees cooler, san jose, four degrees cooler and the temperature trend and san francisco, believe it or not, right behind that temperature graph is a shot of san francisco, just really foggy. it is 53 degrees right now and the temperatures are expected to climb into the 60s so that marine layer will burn off quite nicely by the mid-morning and the temperatures will climb into the upper 60s for san francisco and then we're looking at 70s
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and 80s for the most part but we have an even bigger drop in temperatures as we head into sunday and the workweek. i'll talk about rain chances. i know everybody's been talking about the rain chances this past week. i'll give you a closer look at that as well coming up in about 15 minutes. >> sounds good as we head into november. it should rain and cool down. it's very fitting. all right, vianey, thanks. now, to a violent friday night in san francisco. police are now investigating a quadruple shooting on philmore street. it happened just before 7:30 last night near golden gate avenue in the city's western edition neighborhood. police say four people were shot on a crowded sidewalk outside of a liquor store. bullets hit businesses and restaurants just a couple doors down from the police station. witnesses say people scattered and took cover when they heard the gunshots. >> quick fire, i thought. i couldn't tell if it was separate guns or if it was semisemiautomatic or an automatic but i was hoping it
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was fireworks. >> all four victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police say another gunshot victim walked into the hospital and they're trying to figure out whether that person was hit in the same shooting. officers have detained two possible suspects. an investigation is under way to determine what ignited a four-alarm fire in the south bay. flames engulfed a home as well as a number of cars and trailers in the east san jose foothills. you can see this massive cloud of thick black smoke in the sky. it happened around 4:00 yesterday, 80 firefighters were needed to battle this blaze. crews had trouble accessing the home because of all the debris. they needed to go through neighbors' yards to fight the fire. meanwhile, those neighbors were spraying down their own homes with yard and garden hoses. >> it started out with some smoke and then first explosion. and then flames got into the tree, got on to the house. and started shooting embers into the house next door. >> crews remained on the scene
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overnight to ensure there weren't any flare-ups. we are following developing news out of washington, d.c., arrests could be made on monday in the russia probe. a federal grand jury reportedly approved the first charges in the case being spear headed by special council robert mueller. at this point, it's not clear what they are. reportedly, anyone facing charges could be taken into custody as soon as monday. mueller, a former fbi director, is investigating russian meddling in last year's presidential election. new details now about the san francisco police officer who was run over when he was on duty. officer elia is making slow but steady progress according to a gofundme page. he suffered serious head trauma and doctors had to remove part of his skull to control the swelling in his brain. earlier this month, he was on a bicycle patrol when he was hit by a car driven by marquise johnson.
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johnson sped off and abandoned his car about a mile and a half away, prompting an hours-long manhunt before police arrested him. b.a.r.t. police are searching for this man, if you recognize him, he's believed to be behind offensive graffiti left at several b.a.r.t. stations. investigators say he drew swastikas and left racial slurs on the floor of the embarcadero station. police believe this same suspect also recently vandalized the san leonardo and mcarthur stations. well, we have some good news to report. nearly three weeks after the north bay fires broke out, the atlas fire, which destroyed close to 500 structures in napa and solano counties is now 100% contained. cal fire says the other fires should be fully contained by tuesday. a big step forward for hundreds of students and teachers in santa rosa. they rent back to school. colorful signs with supportive messages were put up around
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piner high school. piner was one of 12 santa rosa city schools reopening yesterday. the principal says about 80 students lost their homes. >> i didn't know how it was going to feel going to my classes and just knowing that when it was time to go home, i wasn't going to go to my old home. i'm going somewhere else. >> extra counselors were there to help the students and staff cope. across the district, about 70 staff members lost their homes as well. the bear fire in santa cruz county is now being called the work of an arsonist and this is the man whom sheriff's deputies say started it. marlon coy of bolder creek. the 400-acre fire started last week on bolder creek canyon road and that's where his girlfriend reportedly lived. investigators suspect he started the fire after a dispute with her. he was in custody when investigators determined he's the firebug arrested for
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allegedly looting during the fire. it was the end to a tense week for many local schools. five separate cases of students bringing guns to school. here's a map showing which schools were impacted, from san ramon to milpitas. the latest case we learned about friday, chaboya middle school in san jose. district leaders say a student brought an unloaded gun to school and showed it to a group of other students. in each case this week, police were alerted and no guns were fired. it is 7:07. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, it seems like fun and games, but now a local high school is having to answer questions about marshawn lynch practicing with them. plus, representative jackie speier reveals a 35-year-old secret her personal story of sexual assault on capitol hill.
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welcome back. it is 7:10 on your saturday morning. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge from pier 7 along the embarcadero in san francisco. clouds, some marine layer covering the bay there, nothing surprising, but a nice return to some cooler temperatures, vianey arana will be along in just a bit with even cooler temperatures for tomorrow. well, he went into beast mode at his alma mater, hitting the field with high school football players from oakland tech. this video of suspended running back marshawn lynch went viral and that's when trouble followed, trouble for the schools and the players and potentially the high school football coach who was not at last night's game. cheryl heard has the story. >> reporter: marshawn lynch is known to attend games to cheer his old high school on. on the sidelines of this homecoming match-up.
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if he was there, he didn't want to be seen. that's not unusual. what got lynch noticed earlier this week was this. his appearance at oakland tech's football practice. he posted it on his instagram account and it appears his presence got oakland tech's coach in trouble. >> well, i think the coach probably should have been a little more knowledgeable about what would get him into trouble and what was legal and what was not legal. >> reporter: the viral video got the attention of the oakland unified school district, which says lynch playing with current high school players is against the rules. >> it basically says that no one who is not a 9 through 12 student can participate in practice or competition. >> reporter: the district's athletic director met with oakland tech administration and says the appropriate action was taken. >> he wasn't out to hurt them. they weren't out to hurt him. i mean, he's worth a lot and it could have been either way, him getting hurt, and it wasn't that
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serious at all. >> sometimes you have to look away from certain things in order to say these young black men, black and brown men's lives. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. well, we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, banding together to rebuild. celebrities teaming up for a concert to raise money for local fire victims and how that money will help the north bay's future. cooler temperatures already across the bay area, and look at that fog overlooking woodside right now. we're at 54 degrees and yes, we have an even greater cooldown on the way. i'll break all the details down for you, coming up just after the break. stay with us.
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welcome back. here here's a live look outside. wow. clouds. just covering san francisco. but you can see the very tip of the brand-new sales force tower poking through the fog there as we look from san bruno mountain. that's actually quite lovely. it's like we're in a castle in the clouds.
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a long-standing member of congress who's from the bay area is the latest high-profile woman joining the me too campaign. representative jackie speier from the peninsula posted a video on social media telling her story of sexual assault in the workplace. she's now demanding changes in washington, d.c. she says the attack happened when she was an aide to a bay area congressman in the 1970s. >> i was working as a congressional staffer. the chief of staff held my face, kissed me, and stuck his tongue in my mouth. so, i know what it's like to keep these things hidden. >> congresswoman speier says it's time to expose such repulsive behavior and make it easier to report. now to a big honor for hillary clinton. the former secretary of state and presidential candidate was inducted into the international women's hall of fame. this is video from the ceremony in houston last night. other members of the
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international women's hall of fame include rosa parks and audrey hepburn. well, did you get your tickets just yet? the big show at at&t park. this is a live look, by the way. the show is november 9th. it will include medicalal ka, dave matthews and the grateful dead and they are all playing for free, all to raise money for the north bay fire victims. tickets went on sale today. "today in the bay's" scott budman has more from china basin. >> reporter: the need is great. the response will be loud. ♪ bands like metallica, dave matthews, and members of the grateful dead will come together for a concert november 9th to raise money for northern california fire victims. >> it is remarkable, the
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generosity that is bubbling up. >> reporter: daniel, ceo of san francisco's tipping point, is organizing the concert at at&t park. he says everyone involved is making sure all the money raised will go to those displaced by the fires. >> live nation is donating the fees on the tickets. another planet has donated their time and energy. the bands are donating. i mean, we are not paying a band to play this. >> reporter: the concert kicks off an effort called band together bay area, and it's getting a lot of tech support. >> the company involvement from our side came when we were watching this happen, you know, in our own backyard. >> reporter: local companies like twillio also stepping up with money and equipment. >> we want the communities that are impacted up there to really feel this bear hug from us, that we are here for a longer-term rebuilding effort. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. looks like the tickets went on sale for that yesterday. band together bay area. all right.
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let's check in with vianey arana with a look at our weekend forecast. it will be much kocooler, thank goodness. >> we're going to fall into a nice cooling trend, which means multiple days of cooler temperature, which will be a very nice change, especially considering we're in the time of year where we're supposed to be in the cooler temperatures. >> it's going to match the calendar. >> look at this shot of woodside. i want to show it to you again. i just want to show it because you can really see that marine layer hugging the mountain areas and it's at 54 degrees and it's this nice cloud cover, this nice marine layer that's keeping the bay area, especially the coastline, nice and cool. along that creek, looking beautiful with that sunrise. look at that. that's gorgeous. 53 degrees. and the temperatures right now are in the 40s and the 50s. santa rosa, most notably the coolest temperature right now at 43. napa, 44. oakland, 50. hayward, 53, and down in san jose, 56 degrees. but the temperatures will once again climb. today it is still going to be in
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the upper 70s and the 80s but at least we're on the right track. look at this 24-hour fog and temperature change. in hayward, six degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this hour. in san francisco, six degrees cooler. and in san jose, four degrees cooler than we were at this hour, so we're definitely seeing already a nice drop in the temperatures, and today, our temperatures will be in the upper 60s along the coastline and san francisco, expecting a high of 69 degrees. near half moon bay, 63, the oakland area will top out in the mid 70s at 75 and the north bay, 83 degrees, napa also expecting to hit those 80s and down near the south bay, san jose, a high of about 83 degrees so definitely a lot more comfortable and yes, there will be a great day to head to the beach, if you're heading up to santa cruz, expect to see a nice, clear in that marine layer by the mid-morning, we'll start seeing plenty of sunshine, upper 60s and 70s. however, if you are planning on heading to the beach, i do want to kind of bring up this matter
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because we're talking about dangerous waves this weekend, possible swell of about 6 to 11 feet with breakers between 15 to possibly 20 feet. so, definitely hazardous rip currents all along the coastline so you have to watch out for those sneaker waves and pay attention to any red flag warnings or yellow or green, usually posted up along the sand in the water. if you get caught in a rip current, don't try to swim against it. swim parallel to it. let's talk about that high pressure that brought all of that heat this past week and it's now going to make its exit. so we have that big "h." "h" is for high pressure and that made its exit moving east and now we're welcoming this nice foggy, breezy, dropping our temperatures down by 5 to 10 degrees by today and then even more by tomorrow. and then just looking ahead into friday, we've been talking about the possibility of rain chances all week long. we have this nice jet stream that moves in, this low pressure system and judging by the models, i was looking at some of the models and it's looking pretty promising as we head into friday and then carrying over
7:21 am
even into saturday and possibly sunday as well. so, definitely some good rain chances there. now, as we head into the sunday forecast, the temperatures begin to drop even more into the 60s along the coast and then look at this. by tuesday and wednesday, we start dropping down into the lower 60s. rain comes into play as we head into thursday night and friday morning. look at the drop in the temperatures. 86 degrees our high for today and by sunday, upper 70s and everyo even in land spots, down into the 60s by thursday and friday, good chances for rain but let's welcome that cooler trend that's already under way in the bay area. still ahead on "today in the bay," a local woman unknowingly raises money for the very thing that ends up saving her life. we'll explain as part of our bay area proud series next. believe in karma ...or that
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saying "what goes welcome back. there are plenty of people who
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believe in karma or that saying, what goes around comes around. if you do good in the world, good things will happen to you. well, a woman in santa cruz doesn't just believe that. she is living proof of it. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas explains in this morning's "bay area proud." >> reporter: sonya wasn't born in santa cruz. she moved there 25 years ago and it became her adopted hometown. she volunteered and gave to her community without asking anything in return. but did she receive something? oh, yeah. sonya bruner is back doing the things she love. >> can i go, like, straight? that's better. >> reporter: and is loving every moment of it. >> so happy to be on the water. >> reporter: with the help of friends, sonya recently got on a paddle board, in the roller rink, and on a dance floor. she is beyond thrilled to be any of these places, because just four months ago, this is where
7:25 am
sonya was. >> oh, my goodness. is this it? is this the end of my life? >> reporter: pinned in the driver's seat of her car after a drunk driver crossed the center line and slammed head-on into her. >> it turned out my diaphragm had been ruptured. my lung was collapsed. there were fractured all across my pelvis. three of the disks in my spain were fractured. >> reporter: sonya says she was stuck, in pain, struggling to breathe, for what, to her, felt like an eternity. until firefighters used the jaws of life to cut her out of the wreck. >> i'm so happy that you're still here. >> reporter: recovery has not been easy. but her community has her back. all these activities are a fund-raiser for sonya, payback, it would seem, for all the good she has done over the years for her community. >> this was the uniform i used to wear. >> reporter: like when her son joined the boy scouts. sonya threw herself into it,
7:26 am
chairing just about every committee, helping out with every event, like volunteering year after year for the local firefighters pancake breakfast fund-raiser. >> you know, put on our uniforms and go out and bus tables and serve people pancakes. >> reporter: which explains why a few days after the accident, when she saw a felton fire protection district facebook post about it, she had trouble breathing again. but for a good reason. >> it gave me goose bumps. it was just, wow. >> reporter: it was there she learned the jaws of life used to save her life had been purchased with money raised from those very same pancake breakfasts. >> who knew back then it would come back in that way. this is wonderful. >> reporter: so, among the long list of people she wants to thank for where she is today, she has got to include herself.
7:27 am
as for her recovery, she says it's only been a few weeks since she stopped having to walk with a cane, and as for her roller skating and paddle boarding, she can't wait to get back to both of those. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a wild night for the warriors. did you see it? draymond green, ejected. we'll show you what let to this altercation and who draymond is now blaming. plus -- >> reporter: coming up, while some say it's time school educate their educators about transgender issues. which schools are prepared and which ones are not? we investigate.
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welcome back. it is 7:29 on your saturday morning. taking a look outside. is that just -- >> that's a great shot. >> beautiful. it's funny, but it's gorgeous.
7:30 am
>> it's a blanket of pillows. >> clouds and fog and the top of the sales force tower peeking through in downtown san francisco. good thing it's there to change the skyline, because otherwise we wouldn't know what we were looking at. >> that's true. >> we really appreciate you joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microsoft climate forecast and by the looks of that, it's cool out. yeah, that's what's keeping us cool is that nice little blanket. it looks like a shot from when you're landing in the airplane, when you look from above. great shot. but if you guys have pictures, make sure you share them with us. i saw a couple of people posting fog photos on twitter, what it looked like this morning, what it looks like now. be careful, though, because it can get really dense when you're driving. >> there was no fog on my drive down and then all of a sudden, fog near the station here in san jose. weird morning. >> you got to be careful. for sure. >> i was careful. i'm here. >> yeah. we're looking for the south bay temperatures right now, 56
7:31 am
degrees, peninsula, 51, tri-valley, 52 degrees. and look at san francisco. that's a camera that's supposed to show the golden gate bridge, but right now, the fog is so dense, that you can't even see it. and that's what we're talking about when we say you got to be careful when you drive. keep both hands on the wheel. that visibility can be less than 1/4 of a mile in front of you, so got to be careful with the next couple of hours before that fog burns off by about 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. we'll start to see a change in the fog. but look at the temperatures. 63 degrees by 1:00. 2:00 p.m., 64 degrees in san francisco. and then the temperature trend in san jose also looking very nice. we're talking about 60s by 11:00 a.m. and then the temperatures start to climb into the 70s and if you notice in the icons for the weather, we start seeing a lot of that cloud cover really burn off by about 11:00 a.m. and then we welcome a lot of sunshine, so we'll still be on the warmer side for some areas but the good news is we've got a nice little cooling trend on the way and that is going to set us up for some more fall-like temperatures even as we head into the workweek.
7:32 am
>> stay tuned for that. vianey, thanks. this morning, san francisco police are investigating a violent friday night, a quadruple shooting. it happened just before 7:30 on fill more street near golden gate avenue in the city's western edition neighborhood. police say four people were shot on a crowded sidewalk outside of a liquor store. bullets hit businesses and restaurants just a few doors down from the police station. witnesses scrambled to take cover when they heard the gunshots. >> quick fire, i thought. i couldn't tell if it was separate guns or if it was semiautomatic or an automatic, but i was just hoping it was fireworks. >> all four victims were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. officers have detained two possible suspects. an investigation is under way to determine what ignited the 4-alarm fire in the south bay. flames engulfed a home. cars and trailers in the east san jose foothills yesterday
7:33 am
afternoon. you can see this massive cloud of thick black smoke in the air. 80 firefighters were needed to battle this blaze. crews had trouble reaching the home, though, because all of the debris around it. they needed to go through neighbors' yards to fight this fire. meanwhile, those neighbors were spraying down their own homes and yards with garden hoses. >> it started out with some smoke, and then first explosion. and then flames got into the trees. got on to the house. and started shooting embers into the house next door. >> crews stayed on the scene overnight to make sure that there weren't any flare-ups. we are following developing news out of washington, d.c. a federal grand jury has approved the first charges in the russia probe. this, of course, is spear headed by special council robert mueller. the charges are sealed under an order from a federal judge. at this point, it's not clear what the charges are. but we're told anyone facing charges could be taken into custody as soon as monday.
7:34 am
mueller, the former fbi director, is investigating russian meddling in last year's presidential election. the first sign of trouble in las vegas. mgm resorts has released audio of that security guard reporting the first shots the gunman fired that horrific night. >> hey, there are shots fired in 32-135. >> that is security guard jesus campos. that number, 32-135, is a reference to the gunman's hotel room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. campos was shot in the leg as he approached that room. and the body of the las vegas shooter is already at stanford, but this week, his brain will arrive on campus. an autopsy on stephen paddock's brain found no abnormalities but a stanford neuropathologist is going to take a second look. experts say examining a person's brain is not a perfect science.
7:35 am
>> somebody does such an outrageous act, you say, certain, they're crazy, or there's something funny going on. we ought to be able to figure it out. most of the time, we can't. >> the las vegas coroner revealed paddock's body was sent to stanford earlier this month. in related news, the starting line for the upcoming las vegas rock and roll marathon has been moved away from the site of the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. the november 12th race will instead start in front of the new york new york resort on the las vegas strip. that's about one mile north of last year's start near the mandalay bay. of course, the site of the october 1st shooting that killed 58 people. it is 7:35. still ahead on "today in the bay," it was fight night at oracle arena. draymond green with an early exit as the warriors try and mount a come-from-behind victory without him. we'll show you how it went next. arena.
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it )s the calm after the storm - welcome back. taking a live look outside at oracle arena. it is the calm after the storm. after a wild night versus the washington wizards. we have some pushing and shoving, some ejections, a lot happening at the warriors game last night. it was the legendry warriors former player and coach. he dressed the part. here's where it got ugly. second quarter, draymond green and bradley beal getting into it. both players were ejected from the game and you know what? that may have actually woken up the warriors. the dubs came back from an 18-point deficit, an emotional win on an emotional night. they beat the wizards 120-117. how about the world series now, game three in houston. j.j. watt throwing out the first patch. he, of course, is the football star who spear headed millions of dollars of donations for the houston victims of harvey. as for the game, the astros with
7:39 am
a solo home run but there was some controversy when he returned to the dugout where he appeared to make a racial gesture to dodgers pitcher darvish. darvish, who's japanese, says it was disrespectful. the baseball commissioner will meet with them today. the astros won 5-3. they take a 2-1 series win. never want to see that. there is much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, as more transgender students make their way to bay area classrooms, which schools are prepared and which ones are not? we investigate why some say it's time schools educate their educators about transgender issues. and the coastline waking up to some dense fog this morning. san francisco's temperature trend, climbing into the 60s, but we have an even bigger cooling trend on the way and yes, we're looking at rain ahead. i'll break that down for you coming up just after the break. stay with us.
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good morning. it's 7:41. i hope your saturday is off to a great start and we're seeing a lot of fog this morning, especially along the coastline but i want to show you this really cool shot of woodside because you can see that sunrise and look at that marine layer, all adorning the mountainside right now at 54 degrees, and we're seeing some great photos online, so if you have photos of the fog this morning, especially in san francisco where it's pretty dense, share them with us on twitter and facebook and instagram and any of those social media platforms at nbc bay area or you can share them with me. right now, the temperatures in oakland, 50 degrees, hayward, 53, san jose 56, san francisco 53, and in santa rosa and napa, we're waking up to 40s up there, so it's definitely on the chillier side. you may want to pack a light sweater but have no fear, we will be warming up and the cooling trend already under way thanks to that fog. that 24-hour temperature change this hayward is about six degrees cooler at this hour than
7:43 am
we were yesterday. in san francisco, six degrees cooler and more fog and marine layer moving in, so there's periods where it will clear out and we'll start seeing some patchy, dense fog which means if you're driving, you could hit a spot where you see dense fog. please be careful, keep both hands on the wheel and let's talk about today's highs, in san francisco, climbing into the upper 60s, 69 degrees, oakland a high of about 75, and concord, 86, livermore 84 and in san jose, upper 80s as well, 83 degrees and if you're heading out to the beach, it's going to be a great beach day. now in montgomeerrey, we are expecting breezy conditions, pair that with cooler temperatures, might be too chilly but the marine layer will clear out by 12:00. looking at 63 degrees and plenty of sunshine but there is a beach hazard in place and what that means is that we are expecting to see some pretty dangerous waves. we're talking about a very tall swell of about 6 to 11 feet with the possibility of seeing 15 to
7:44 am
20-foot break eers, which means yes, you got to watch out for those sneaker waves. remember never turn your back toward the ocean and this is in place for the entire coastline so expect to see that in place at least through tomorrow as we keep seeing those hazardous rip currents. now let's talk about why we're seeing the cooling trend and what changed from the temperatures that we saw earlier this week. well, we had that hot high pressure that really heated us up. high pressure. and then it kind of made its exit east and it's now finally moving off east and as that fog moves in, we're already seeing it hugging the coastline. that's what's kind of blanketing and keeping us cool, dropping our temperatures down to 5 to 10 degrees in some spots. now, just looking really far ahead as we head into friday and saturday, we're talking about the potential for some rain thanks to a low pressure system and this nice little jet stream that's going to come in. we have a good chance of seeing rain thursday night into friday,
7:45 am
saturday, and possibly even sunday. so, this might carry over into your weekend plans. once we get a little bit closer to the short-range models, i'll keep you posted in case you had any plans to have a party outside. let's talk about the next seven days. if you notice we're at about 69 degrees for today and we cool down even more by sunday. monday and tuesday, we really start dropping down into more seasonable temperatures right around this time of year. we're expecting to see some nice 70s in the forecast. 86 degrees for today and then we drop down to 78 and then really start dropping down by wednesday and thursday, when that system moves in, we're talking upper 60s in the inland spots, not san francisco, foekdlks, inland, an then we get that chance of seeing rain as we head into friday and possibly that will carry over into next weekend but this week is looking pretty good. we're talking about fall-like temperatures, finally, for the bay area. >> finally. just in time for halloween and november. >> no rain for halloween, which is great. >> really great. vianey, thanks. still ahead on "today in the bay," it's a story you will only
7:46 am
see on nbc bay area. our investigative unit takes a closer look at how bay area schools are preparing their staff for transgender students.
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welcome back at 7:48 on your saturday morning. clouds and fog blanketing pretty much the entire bay area this morning. this is a live look at downtown san jose. you're seeing the same things up in san francisco and across the
7:49 am
bay. we have cooler temperatures today, even cooler tomorrow as we look towards november. a number of school kids who openly identify as transgender is rising. in part because of new medical guidelines that allow trans kids to begin changing their bodies at younger ages. we broke that story back in may. well, now we look into which bay area schools are preparing their teachers for tranz issues and which schools are not. here's investigative reporter bigad shaban. >> reporter: they provide counseling to at least 550 transgender kids. the total number of trans students in the area is likely higher. we spent months collecting data from school districts across the bay area to find out how teachers are now adapting to a changing student body. cal's life has been filled with long and difficult journeys, but
7:50 am
running was one way to fit in. >> cross country was one of the only sports that the girls and the boys practiced at the same time and there was the same season. >> reporter: cal is transgender and identifies as a mix of male and female. but didn't know how to tell friends or teachers in high school. you felt alone? >> yeah. i felt alone. i felt scared. i felt i was in a really dark place. i would just cut myself under the desk because as weird as it sounds, cutting gave me a sense of control. >> reporter: what made it so challenging? >> a lot of times, teachers didn't know how to treat me respectfully. like, oh, man, are you going to, you know, change your genitals? that's not something you ask a high schooler. >> reporter: so as a student, you felt like you had to educate your educators. >> there was no training. teachers didn't have any training on how to deal with trans people. when you don't really have anyone at school respecting and
7:51 am
reassuri reassuring a really basic part of who you are, it's -- it's horrible. >> reporter: our investigation revealed gender training for educators varies widely. we surveyed the 20 largest school districts in the bay area. each told us they provide training on transgender issues to at least some of their staff. but only 13 districts offer that education to all of their teachers. at cupertino union and vacaville unified, training is only held if a transgender student is enrolled at school. >> by giving educators the language to understand the diversity of gender, it creates better conditions for our trans kids but it also creates better conditions for every kid. >> reporter: joel baum has traveled the country over the past decade teaching close to 30,000 educators about gender. >> i know i'm going to say the wrong thing. >> reporter: he's a former teacher in the bay area and lead
7:52 am
instructor with the group, gender spectrum. >> you would think that the only young people who have gender are trans and apparently they spend a lot of time going to the bathroom. >> reporter: he shed light on an evolving issue, from vocabulary. >> mtf, ftm, nonbinary and probably much more. >> reporter: to stereotypes. >> which color is the, quote, unquote, boy color? >> reporter: the teacher training here at fremont unified is a first for the district and it's in part thanks to cal who spent high school advocating for it. >> i was bullied in elementary school, called a he/she by peers and harassed in bathrooms from the time i was very, very young. >> reporter: what's at stake here? dr. kim lawless is the district's superintendent and started the new training. is there a danger on just staying silent on the issue? >> i think there's always a danger in staying silent. i really do stand by my belief that we are an educational institution and what we're doing is we're educating people about an issue that hasn't really been talked about. >> reporter: four of the bay
7:53 am
area's largest school districts told us training courses on transgender issues are not offered to teachers. the livermore district was the only one to agree to an interview. >> it's new to us and i will be the first one to say that this is an area in which i'm not an expert. >> reporter: chris is deputy superintendent. he says teachers can rely on administrators who are trained each year to support trans students throughout the district. >> gender biases and pronoun usage and things like that, those are things that we need to become more comfortable with. >> reporter: should that be taken as a sign that the district is in need of more education? >> yeah, i mean, i wouldn't -- if you asked me that question about anything, is the district in need of more training on anything, i would say yes. i do think it's necessary. i will say we haven't done that yet. >> reporter: do you think that's something you might consider in the future? >> absolutely. yeah. >> reporter: even as cal packs for college, the 18-year-old is still trying to unpack the emotional baggage of high school.
7:54 am
cal says educators need to stop running away and join others in moving forward with more training. >> all it really takes is a couple of people in your life to say, we got you. to not feel so alone. >> reporter: to find out if educators in your community receive training on transgender issues, just log on to our website and search for your school district. there you can learn what's being taught to teachers, staff, and students. that's all at bigad shaban for us this morning. if you have a story for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or visit our website. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, people who lost everything in the north bay fires surprised by a former nfl player bearing gifts for them. another bridge implosion this
7:55 am
7:56 am
morning in the bay.
7:57 am
just in to our news room, another bridge implosion this morning in the bay. caltrans just performed this demolition of three piers of the old eastern span of the bridge. the final scheduled implosions, two more piers. the last ones will come on the weekend of november 12th. caltrans expects the work to be completed one entire year ahead of schedule, saving taxpayers nearly $10 million. well, it's a hot commodity, preorders for the new apple iphone x flooded apple's website in the early morning hours friday. preorders sold out in just 15 minutes. the wait time for that new phone is now five to six weeks instead of the initial one to two-week estimate. production issues for the new face i.d. technology is reportedly to blame for the delay. the iphone x will also be available next friday in stores. you can bet there will be long lines in the bay area. and these shoes were made for giving. some young north bay fire
7:58 am
victims got a new set of football cleats yesterday, thanks to a group called shoes for kids. they heard some of the members of the peewee team, santa rosa stallions, lost their homes. well, former raiders looib jerry robinson is a member of the shoes for kids board, and also went to high school in santa rosa. >> the love the people have for each other for strangers they don't even know, and i'm glad to be a part of -- i'm glad to be a part of this. and the other thing is, you know, my heart goes out, gratitude for life for the firemen and the responders because they put their lives on the line and we really, truly appreciate that. >> well, after the fire, the group delivered shoes to all the kids at evacuation centers. that is the silver lining to all of this bad news. all of the good news that's come out of it. what a beautiful story. >> it is great. >> yeah. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and
7:59 am
11:00 and all day on we hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you next weekend in november. . symbol you know you're
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