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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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north bay wildfire victims. thousands come together for an emotional ceremony in day of remembrance for the wildfire victims. thousands come together for an emotional ceremony in santa rosa. the first criminal charges in the russia probe. the developments we're learning in that case. first, breaking news. a shelter in place after a suspect with a violent criminal past is holed up inside a home. the news at 5:00 starts,000. good evening. we begin with the breaking news in the east bay. a lot of police activity in a freemont neighborhood going on. it's centered around a home on darrow court. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is live near the scene.
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this has been going on for hours. what's the latest. >> reporter: it has. it's been going on for about eight hours. the command center is posted here along with paramedics right along the street. the home in question is around the corner. darrow court in a scul-de-sac. police are searching inside the home. they got a call from a woman who said she was the victim of doe messiah -- domestic violence. she was treated but not transported to the hospital. she's working with police officers. police evacuated two homes adjacent to victim's home. they say they don't want to take any chances. >> we know he has access to a firearm in the resident along with some ammunition. he also has a violent criminal history. we have had contact with him in the past.
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he has an outstanding warrant for a drug warrant. >> you're typical single family. usually very quiet. >> reporter: this stand -- he's attempted to make contact. they are inside the home. they actually were using a drone to see if they can contact the victim. we'll have an update on this story coming up in about 30 minutes. reporting live in freemont, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. follow up to a quadruple shooting in san francisco we first reported last night as breaking news at 11:00. police say they have made an arrest in the case. a 33-year-old man in custody. investigators are not providing anymore details than that.
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four people were shot about 7:30 last night at a crowded sidewalk outside a liquor store near golden gate avenue. fall four victims taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. now to the latest on wildfires that have ravaged northern california. destruction will be remembered forever. this morning california fire officials updated the number of build gts ings destroyed to 890. they have given out more than $6 million in aid. firefighters expect to have all the fires fully contained by tuesday. cal fire says wildfires have collectively burned 111,000 acres in napa and sonoma county. thousands joined in ceremony in santa rosa to remember the victims of north bay fires. some lost their homes. some lost their lives. the governor officially proclaimed today as day of remembrance for the victims.
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>> reporter: this was not only a good day to remember the victims but also to celebrate the strength of the communities affected by the fires. a bell for each of the 42 victims that lost their lives. most of the victims were from sonoma county. signs that the whole country is watching and standing with the victims. >> it's with humility and great sadness that our bring the condolences of our colleagues in the congress of the united states to all of you. >> we're going to make sure that we come back stronger than we were. >> reporter: the neighbors also heroes who worked to save one another thankful for each othe .
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and thank. for this event to remember and celebrate. >> it's been absolutely incredible. we're a strong community. it's brought us as neighbors closer together. there's zero doubt that we will all rebuild and be better for it. . >> reporter: she lives just down the road. she said her neighbor banged on the door to let her know to get out. it strongs not only how strong the communities are but the individual neighborhoods and how close they are after these fires. >> all right, tom. thank you very much. a live look at at&t park. it's going to be rocking come november 9th. a slew of act will be performing for the band together bay area benefit concert. it's going to benefit fire ravaged north bay communities.
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now to a developing story out of washington, d.c. on monday indictments are expected to be filed involving russian med ling. legal experts are weighing in on the possible charges and who could be indicted. >> sources tell nbc these indictments are coming out of a grand jury impanelled in d.c. we don't know who is named in the indictment or what the charges will be. one local legal expert weighs in on what will be most likely. it's been five months since robert mueller was tapped to head the russia probe.
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sources tell nbc the first indictments in that probe may be unsealed as early as monday. the big question on many minds is who might be the target. former san mateo prosecutor said it would be paul manafort whose ties to russia and eastern europe are well known. >> we know that federal law enforcement conducted a search warrant at his house. usually a search warrant is on icing on the case of an investigation. the investigation for that particular suspect is almost n conclu concluded. >> reporter: he expects the charges may be relatively minor and possibly not even related to the trump campaign because that's how prosecutors work in these cases. tonight president trump's attorney is telling the new york times he is not worried about whatever manafort had to say to investigators. thank you so much. the rest of the documents related to the assassination of
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president john kennedy are set to be release. he will be leasing all j.k.f. files with one exception. if the files have names and addresses of anyone still living, it may be redacted. the president said he wanted full disclosure to put all conspiracy theories to rest. defense secretary jim mattis said north korea's nuclear threat has accelerated. any use of weapons will be met with massive military response that's effect iive and overwhelming. he said he couldn't imagine the u.s. accepting north korea as a nuclear power. tensions have been building after a series of nuke her and
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missile tests by pyongyang. this just in, police in san carlos are looking for this man. the suspected jewelry thief. this man walked into a jewelry store yesterday, asked to look at a gold chain. be employee handed the gold chain to him and he took off. bolted from the store. police believe he got away on foot. they leased the surveillance aim js. he was wearing a distinct black t-shirt with a rose on it. warning for those living in san mateo county. there were two recent mountain lion sightings. both reports happened 10:00 last night. first was spotted along highway 35. the second in la honda. the mountain lions didn't seem aggressive but people should still be cautious. still ahead, even former presidents are not immune.
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the duty barack obama is scheduled to do next month. some unexpected turbulence. why an nba team flight is getting lots of buzz. still mid-80s inland. the seven-day forecast that brings together some rain and a big drop in temperatures. how it could impact the weekend and your halloween plans as we come right back. pl nationalists descended on two
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tennessee cities today, protesting refugee resettlement in that state. members of the so-called "white lis protesting refugee resettlement in that state. white lives matter were met by police officers and dozens of counter protesters who tried to drown out the messages of hate. the most dramatic played out in shelbiville, tennessee. counter protesters point out the refugees force to flee their home countries are victims and should be treated with love, not hate. >> they are conquerers. that's what we need to understand. most white people are handing them the keys to our country. >> nazi go home. >> police and national guard troops kept the groups largely separated. there was no violence reported. former president barack obama could soon be handed a
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much more pedestrian duty. after serving eight years in highest offense in the nation, obama has been summoned to serve jury duty next month in cook county, illinois. he doesn't know the exact date yet. the court will take extra security measures when the former president shows up to serve. more booms in the bay area. progress cal trans is making. we're watching fog move over san francisco. in the distance we're tracking not just the fog but storm producing clouds here offshore as we see major pattern shift ahead. rainmaking a come back when we come back in two minutes.
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another implosion of the old bay bridge. something about implosions, wefr h we've had a lot lately. i still love them. it took place this morning. the final scheduled implosion, this will be it, the weekend of november 12th. cal trans expects to work to be completed a year ahead of schedule. must have been quite a bird. a charter plane for the nba oklahoma city thunder hit some unexpected turbulence. stephen adams posted this photo on twitter. it happened as the team was flying overnight into chicago. a spokeswoman said crews are
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evaluating the situation and the damage was likely caused by a collision with a bird. with a bird. that's a big bird. >> it's a big bird. >> the plane landed safely at chicago. nobody hurt. the photos of the damage on social media, like that one, have gotten quite a bit of attention. a canada geese. >> those things are big. >> well, given the speed of the plane. >> much more calm here. s the week with the record heat that we had. now things are starting to transition back to cooling changes now. the fog makes a come back but the seven-day forecast has some significant changes as we move into the month of november. tiburon looks great. 72 degrees. the low clouds start creeping across the city. now down to 58 degrees. misty skies to follow tonight into tomorrow morning. dublin will reverse the numbers.
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85 still in tri-valley. much cooler than the last three days. right now in san jose, 74 degrees. a lot of mist and drizzle. ocean beach right now 58 degrees. you see be white water on the coast. we have beach hazard statement this weekend. it's a northwest swell up to 9 to 11 feet. watch out for stronger rip currents especially out around ocean beach and potential for sneaker waves. the on shore push of cooler marine air will be dropping temperatures into the 40s and 50s. as we head toward 11:00, evening plans should include a light jacket. it should be in the 70s and 80s. we'll see things cooling quickly. inland, 40s to low 50s will start the day. patches of low clouds across the bay and drizzle on the coast to start off your sunday morning. for sunday afternoon,
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temperatures trending a bit downwards. you'll see mid-70s around san jose. upper 70s south of downtown. pleasanton near 80. that's down from the mid to upper 80s. breezy to wrap up the weekend. 60s for most of the peninsula. downtown san francisco high of 62 degrees. if you take up towards the north bay in the mid-70s, wind picking up out of the southwest from 5 to 10 miles an hour. the changes we'll see as we move forward will not impact halloween. this is a look at your tuesday. look pretty good. it's going to be cooler. we'll have clearing skies and temperatures dropping to the 40s and 50s as we head to wednesday morning. october finishes on a dry note. we'll see return chances of rain and potentially a lot of sierra sth snow. watch as the ridge of high pressure responsible for the heat. cold systems drops off the gulf of alaska. we should see signs of rain as early as friday. the main event for the return to
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rain looks to be around this time next weekend. if you have plans next weekend, keep a close eye on the forecast saturday into sunday. you see the cooler air that follows and see how it could bring potentially in terms of snow in the sierra measured by several feet. that's possible. look at the time stamp there. that's next saturday and next sunday. nine kilometer resolution. a pretty high resolution. as everything applies to the forecast, five to seven days out subject to change. now the impact on the sfdeven-d forecast. san francisco early year this week was in 70s and 80s. temperatures staying in the low 60s. then things begin to change even more by friday and saturday. out of the 80s and 90s. the highs in the low 70s. we wrap up there on tuesday, the month of october with halloween. should be just fine for trick or
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treat. thursday and friday big changes as many places inland were in mid-80s for highs. it's possible highs only in the 50s. we've gone from summer, to winter just like that. >> i see online they are getting first significant snowstorm in minnesota. i was thinking those poor people. here it comes next week. >> it's purpole snow that you hd goes nicely with your tie. still ahead, a local woman unknowingly helped raise money for the very thing that saved her life. it's part of our bay area proud series.
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saying "what goes around comes around." if you do good he there are plenty of people who believe in karma or that saying what goes around, comes around. if you do good things in the world, good things will happen to you. a woman in santa cruz doesn't just believe that, she's living proof. >> she moved there 25 years ago and it became her adopted hometown. she volunteer and gave to her community without asking anything in return. did she receive something? oh, yeah.
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s sonya is back doing the somethings she love and is loving every moment of it. >> i'm so happy to be on the water. >> with the help of friends, she got on a paddle board, in the roller rink and on the dance floor. she is beyond thrilled to be any of these places because just four months ago, this is where sonya was. >> oh, my goodness. this is it. is this the end of my life? >> reporter: pinned in the driver seat of her car after a drunk driver crossed the center line and slammed head on into her. >> it turned out my diaphragm had been ruptured, my lung was collapsed. it was fractures all across my pelvis. three of the disks on my spine was fractured. >> reporter: she said she was stuck in pain, struggling to breathe for, what to her, felt like an eternity until firefighters used a jaws of life
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to get her out. recovery has not been easy but sonya's community has her back. all these activities are a fund-raiser for sonya, pay back for all the good she has done over the years for her community. >> this the the uniform i used to wear. >> reporter: like when her son joined the boy scouts. she threw herself into it helping out with every event like volunteering year after year for the local firefighters pancake breakfast fund-raiser. >> put on our uniforms and go out and bus tables and serve people pancakes. >> reporter: which explains why a few days after the accident when she saw a post about it, she had trouble breathing again but for a good reason. >> it gave me goose bumps. it was wow. >> reporter: it was there she learned the jaws of life used to
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save her life had been purchased with money raised from those very same pancake breakfast. >> who knew back then it would come back this that way. >> reporter: among the long list of people sonya wants to thank for where she is today. >> all right. >> reporter: she has got to include herself.recovery, it's been a few weeks since she stopped having to walk with cane. as for her roller skating and paddle boarding, she can't wait to get back to both of those. wow. still ahead at 5:00. we continue to follow breaking news where a police standoff is shutting down an entire neighborhood. we'll have an update from the scene, next. honoring the victims of the north bay wildfires. an emotional ceremony in the fire zone today. breaking news in the east bay --
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a police standoff in a quiet fremont neighborhood. good evening i break news in the east bay. a police standoff in a quiet fremont neighborhood. thanks for joining us. some neighbors forced to evacuate as man with a violent history is believed to be holed up inside a home. the swat team has entered the home using a drone. it's happening at a home on darrow court. that's where cheryl hurd is live now. what's the latest out there? >> reporter: as you can see, the street is still blocked off. police aren't taking any chances. the bottom line is they don't know if the domestic violence suspect is still inside the home.


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