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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 29, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside -- bay bridge -- from embarcedaro sf it's 7:00. that's the bay bridge from our cameras in san francisco. just a little bit of fog is at the top of the bridge there. thanks for waking up with us this sunday morning, i'm vicky nguyen with vianey arana. look at the microclimate forecast. things have taken a cooldown. >> they have, in a good way. >> it's like fall. >> we want to feel that way, bring out the hot chocolate and that good stuff. we will see the return of fog but not like yesterday morning. yesterday was bad in spots. an overall cloudy day? san francisco. mostly cloudy skies. the temperatures are on the
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chillier side. san francisco, 54 degrees. mountainview, 56. a look at the north bay, santa rosa, 49 degrees. you are going to feel the cooler temperatures. yesterday, we dropped by a bit but still on the warm side. today, not so much. san francisco is going to stick to the lower 60s. but, at least the skies will clear out by 1:00 and then in san jose, only upper 60s, low 70s. the temperatures are only going to keep decreasing in terms of coolness, which is good for the workweek ahead. i'll break down what you can expect on halloween day. i know a lot of people are wondering, trick or treaters, all that good stuff. i'll have a breakdown of that in about 15 minutes and talk about the chance of rain. you have to stick around. >> hard to believe we were in the 90s, now 60s and 70s. thank you. a bizarre incident involving
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oakland a's player for pointing gun at a woman. it happened last night. the alleged victim was a food delivery person. police booked him on aggravated assault with a weapon. he made news in september when he became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem as a sign of protest against racial injustice. one man is in the hospital and another on the run after a stabbing in san francisco outside the bart station at eddie street. a suspect description has yet to be released. the search is on this morning for a dangerous criminal following a stand off. police released this picture of the suspect.
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thomas could be armed and he has a criminal past thchlt starpted with a report of domestic violence off south central avenue and 880 in fremont. normally a quiet neighborhood. the female victim said he was inside the home when police arrived. some neighbors were evacuated or told to shelter in place as a precaution. >> all these cop cars out here. that made us go out and look. we went out to look. the cop says get back in. we stayed inside for a while. we were looking out our windows and said we have to leave, we have errands to do. they said you can go or stay, but you have to make up your mind. >> the all clear was eight hours after the incident. no sign of the suspect. police are asking people to keep a lookout for him. he is wanted for domestic battery and a felon for
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ammunition and drugs. looters arrested for looting. they were tipped off by a neighbor who reported two suspicious people carrying a large tv. the neighbor wrote down the license plate of the suspect's car. quick thinking there. eventually officers found the suspect, a 29-year-old man and 22-year-old woman from the monterey area. it was an emotional day in the fire zone. the governor declared an official day of remembrance for the fire victims and they gathered in honor of those lost and to thank first responders. cheryl hurd reports. >> reporter: as new video shows clean up in santa rosa's hardest hit, coffey park community, 89 structures have been destroyed in the fires that ravaged
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california. most in sonoma county and most of the 42 people killed by the devastating fires. today, those victims remembered in an emotional ceremony in santa rosa. the governor declared a day of remembrance for the fire victims. >> absolutely incredible, but we are a strong community and it brought us, as neighbors, closer together. >> reporter: firefighters, police and other first responders were honored for their brooavery. nancy pelosi toured some of the areas hardest hit by the fires. >> sadness that i bring condolences of our colleagues from the congress of the united states to all of you. >> reporter: words of comfort for many struggling to get on their feet. >> brings the community together as a whole. we need to move forward. >> reporter: in santa rosa,
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cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. survivors of the fire are receiving unexpected help from las vegas. the clark county school district collected items to help people impacted by hurricane harvey. they only sent one truckload to texas. it's not clear why but they have now gone to sonoma county. if you are looking for ways to help, go to our website, there's an entire section voted to volunteer and donation opportunities. neo-nazi's protested refugee resettlement in that state. members of the so-called white lives matter rallies were met by dozens of police officers and larger groups of counter protesters. rally organizers have seen refugees as invaders taking over. >> they are conquerers.
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that's the thing we need to understand. they are here. most white people are handed the keys to our country. >> police and national guard troops kept the groups largely separated. some confrontation got heated, but no violence reported. much more ahead. coming up, the first criminal charges in the russia probe. nbc news confirms special counsel will have an indictment tomorrow. students facing student loans were supposed to get a break. the trump administration could be changing that plan. which students are affected.
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it is 7:09. another live look at the bay bridge lit up so beautiful. that's a view from the embarcadero there. a developing story out of
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washington d.c. where indictments are expected to be filed. legal experts are weighing in on the possible charges and who could be indicted. we have the story. >> reporter: as early as monday, we could learn who is the subject of the indictment with the rush probe. robert mueller has been looking into whether anyone in the trump campaign colluded with russia in disrupting the 2016 election. one expert believes a target could be paul manafort with well-known business ties to russia and europe. >> we know that federal law enforcement conducted a search warrant at his house. usually the search warrant is the icing on the cake of an investigation. it indicates the investigation to that subject is almost concluded. >> reporter: they will be
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surprise first-degr surprised if the charging are not connected to it. >> it will contain minor charges, probably things not even directly related to the trump campaign. the reason for that is that you can bring in a small fish on relatively minor charges and have trem leverage as a prosecutor to flip this personing. >> reporter: a smaller fish to get to a bigger one is the pattern mueller is following. don't expect to hear much more for a while. that is usually when the plea bargaining begins. >> who is next? johnson says it could be trump's former national security a adviser, michael flynn. the president is not worried about anything his former aides may have told investigators. still ahead, coming up, an
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nba team's overnight flight hit by unexpected turbulence. the fog is starting to roll in. here is a shot. you can see the blanket over the mountains, 54 degrees and cooler temperatures. yes, i have a complete breakdown of what you can expect for halloween in a bit. stick around.
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okay, let's take another look at the bay bridge. it looks so pretty lit up there. we are talking about a serious cooldown. if you thought yesterday was cool, we are getting into fall temperatures. vianey arana will be by in a moment to explain what is ahead with the halloween forecast. another obama era policy is being reconsidered under the trump administration. this time, it is loan forgiveness for students defrauded by for profit
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colleges. it is not clear how many students would be affected. president trump paid $25 million this year to settle fraud charges against trump university. a star of the hit netflix show, "stranger things" was sent back to london yesterday. police say they denied charlie entry into the u.s. after trace amounts of cocaine were found in his luggage. drug dogs sniffed it out. he was soon on his way back to england. he missed the show's premier but was not arrested and no charges filed. a charter plane for the oklahoma city thunder hit tu turbulence yesterday. the photos have gone viral. it happened as the team was flying overnight into chicago. a delta spokeswoman says the crew is evaluating the situation and it was likely caused by a bird strike.
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it landed safely at midway. no one was hurt. the photos have gotten a lot of attention. a new trap cal storm is gaining strength headed toward florida. you are looking at satellite imagery at the tropical storm. south florida is already getting hit. a possible tornado touched down in boynton, north of miami. take a look at this video, strong winds in west palm beach. south florida could see six inches of rain through tonight. things are much milder here. let's check in with vianey arana. we are seeing a cooldown. seeing pumpkin carving. >> time to get into the halloween spirit. >> it will be. i know a lot of people are heading out to pumpkin patches. the weather is going to be nice,
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but you are going to want to pack a sweater, especially if you are out late at night. the temperatures dropping. i know that means yes, my costume is going to cover it up. a give and take. walnut creek, we can see the cloud cover and the marine layer deepen and seeing the fog. we stau dense fog earlier. now, it's rolling in and going to carry on further inland. 51 degrees in walnut creek. take a quick check of the temperatures in san francisco. 54 degrees. hayward 55. oakland, 54. napa, 53. santa rosa, 49. the overnight lows are going to get colder for the upcoming workweek. we have a different change in the weather pattern. today, we see a foggy breeze return. that's going to drop the temperatures down, 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday. yesterday, i mentioned we were starting the cooling trend. today, you are going to feel it. as we begin to see the fog rolling in, that's going to
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bring with it a cooler, colder and wetter week ahead. yes, we are also talking about the chance of seeing rain as we head into friday. now, the models seem like they are more in agreement and lining up nicely. that's going to set us up for a system thursday night to friday and bring this jet stream carrying with it rain into friday. even saturday, possibly sunday. if you have plans to be out next weekend or a party planned, you may want to be paying attention to week as we get closer to thursday and friday because, of course, the rain totals right now, not sure. east san jose, 78 for today. yesterday, we were in the 80s. today, no 80s in sight. all upper 60s and lower 70s. morgan hill, 78. san jose, 75 degrees. east bay, concord, 77. walnut creek, 77 as well. danville, 78. these are usually the hotter spots. today, they stick to the 70s.
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along the peninsula, look how chilly it gets. it's dropping the temperatures down. half-moon bay, topping out in the upper 50s. san mateo, 65. san francisco, yesterday we saw upper 60s, today, lower end of the 60 range. embarcadero, high of 62, expect to see a camby nation of clouds kicking in. the north bay topping out into those 70s. not a lot of people are going to be at the beach, be if you are, please be careful. we are expecting to see a hazard in place through 9:00 p.m. we have the possibility of seeing a strong swell. let's talk about halloween. i know people are wondering is it going to rain or be cold? the temperatures are just right, but on the cooler end. we are going to start at 5:00 p.m. breezy at times, between 10-20 miles per hour, especially
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along the coastline. keep that in mind. 67 for inland areas. by 7:00, we'll stick to the 60s. right around this time, when people go trick or treating, it will be on the chillier end of the spectrum. i think a jacket or nice coat will be needed. the next seven days, halloween, look at that drop in temperatures. we go from the mid-60s to the lower end of the 60s and stick around in the 60s. thursday, we see that cloud cover rolling in. that's going to set us up for that friday and saturday of rain, not just in san francisco, but inland areas. monday, halloween day, expect a breezy, cooler day across the entire bay area. at least no rain for tomorrow. that is until friday. >> thank you so much. you are watching "today in the bay." straight ahead -- >> people that live their lives in service of others are often genuinely happier than other
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people. >> hunting for happiness. the silicon valley ceo journey that will make the bay area proud. ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage.
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chase. but one of the area )s most successful ceo )s... starts silicon valley moved at warp speed. one of the most successful ceos starts each day slowing things down. it's part of the journey to find happiness, a journey that has taken him half way around the world. garvin thomas has this morning's bay area proud. >> he started a company and oversimplified description is they help other companies keep employees happy. it's not by chance. it's at the root of his professional and charitable work. >> how do you bring back pieces of it? >> reporter: over the past 20 years, jim barnett has run a variety of ventures. still, no matter where jim
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works, his day starts in the exact same way. >> monday through friday, i get up every morning and meditate from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning. >> reporter: it was the result jim said as a quest to find happiness. he long ago learned where not to find itd. >> early in my career, i worked for really successful people that were not happy at all. inside, at a young age, happiness wasn't necessarily material success or promotions. >> reporter: glint is a platform that helps track employee's engagement with an eye on helping the bottom line. while the work is professionally gratifying, jim knew there was more to his happiness mission. >> i realized that people that live their lives in the service of others are often genuinely happier than other people. >> reporter: which is how jim
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and his wife, ann, found themselves here. founding a residence in the southeast asian nation of myanmar for those living with hiv and aids. >> aids is a problem because not only is there not great health care, but often people with hiv or living with aids are shunned by the community. >> the facility houses 40 people with another building just added. they help pregnant women with hiv deliver healthy babies and others get healthy enough to re-enter society. jim says he already witnessed numerous stories of lives saved and turned around. further proof, he believes, thinking of others first can do wonders for yourself. >> to see the impact you can have on someone's life being helpful is gratifying. >> reporter: jim says he and his wife travel to southeast asia a few years ago looking for
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opportunities to help when they discovered the one in myanmar. once you know exactly what you want to do, there's no stopping. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. "today in the bay" is back after this short break. coming up, tesla ceo, elon musk showing his next big idea that could be a game changer. a store tells him he is no longer allowed to return items even with a receipt. it could happen to you. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next.
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good morning. welcome to today until the bay sunday. take a live look outside there. that's the bay bridge there. wow! how much the fog has come down in the past 28 minutes. 57 degrees outside. cooler this morning for your start. thanks for waking up with us this sunday. i'm vicky nguyen standing by with vianey arana with a look at the rest of the microclimate
7:29 am
forecast for the weekend and the week ahead, including halloween. it is feeling more like fall. >> it is. i like bringing out the candles and cozy blankets. >> yeah, the kids were asking for hot chocolate yesterday morning. >> kids know. you are going to be able to get a break from using the ac and the high bills. you are going to be able to crack a window open to get the cool, overnight breeze. walnut creek, you can't see the mountains at this point. 51 degrees and the fog is rolling in. the marine layer is deepening the next couple hours. further inland as well. that's a fairly cloudy start to our monday morning. san francisco, 54 degrees. san jose, 57 now. napa area, expect to see chilly overnight. we are talking the possibility of seeing early morning drizzle. that can mean frosty mornings. we are expecting to see the
7:30 am
breeze drop. bigger changes for the start of the workweek. i will break that down for you. we are talking rain in the forecast. i know, i know, rain again. i'll let you know about halloween as well. is it going to fall on halloween? you'll want to stick around. >> definitely. thanks. breaking news overnight now. a person died in a fire in a san francisco neighborhood. it happened just before 4:30 this morning at a home near mt. davidson. the fire has been knocked down. it is now under investigation. no other homes were damaged. breaking overnight, the arrest of oakland a's player, bruce maxwell. he pointed a gun at a woman last night. the alleged victim was a female food delivery driver. it's unclear what led up to the incident. police booked him on charges of aggravated assault of a deadly weapon. the a's catcher made national
7:31 am
news when he became the first major league baseball player to kneel as a sign of protest against racial injustice. one man in the hospital, another on the run from police after a stabbing outside the bart station at eddie street. the victim was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police have not released a suspect description. a neighborhood under siege for eight hours as fremont police search for a man accused in a domestic violence incident. officers are warning people to be on the lookout. here is a photo of thomas beltran. he could be armed. a report of domestic violence at central avenue near 880 in fremont. his girlfriend called saying he hurt her. they thought he was in the home, so they set up a barricade. some neighbors were told to
7:32 am
evacuate, others to shelter in place as a precaution. >> seeing all the cop cars out here made us go look. we looked. the cops said get back in. we stayed inside. we were looking out our windows and we said we have to leave, we have errands to do. they said you can go or stay, but you have to make up your mind. >> the all clear was called yesterday evening, eight hours after it began. no sign of the suspect. police are asking people to keep a lookout for beltran, wanted for domestic battery and a felon in possession of drugs. a move comes after a shooting in august and concerns of a growing crime problem in the park. cameras have been installed. a visible one at the tennis cart. a follow up to a quadruple shooting in san francisco on friday night. police have made an arrest.
7:33 am
a 33-year-old man is now in custody. investigators are not providing more details at this time. four people were shot at 7:30 on fillmore street near golden gate avenue. all four victims were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. nbc bay area responds to a man who says a well known store blacklisted him. he called chris chmura. we have the problem and the fix. >> this shopper says he is fiercely committed to best buy, but that loyalty meant nothing when the computer called him a cheat. if it plugs in, he probably bought it at one store, best buy where he's an elite plus member of the rewards program.
7:34 am
i had to ask what that means. >> i do a lot of shopping there and spend a lot of money there. >> reporter: at least $3500 per year, according to best buy. he was stung when he tried to return an adapter within the 45 day window. it took 45 minutes telling him he wasn't welcome in the return line. >> when i was up, my name was blacklisted from returning stuff. i was freaking out. i didn't make a lot of returns, so i thought someone stole my identity. >> they scanned his license and said he was prohibited from returning things. >> i was getting the run around and getting frustrated. >> he called us. we reviewed the return policy and found at the bottom a section that says we use a third party to help prevent losses by detecting improper returns. we called best buy for more
7:35 am
detail. it told us third party is the retail equation. it is a southern california company that gathers stores info about shoppers from their license and analyzes that data to stop fraudulent returns. it didn't respond to our request for an interview. the automated system is in place at 34,000 stores and rejects 1% of returns. how? how often you return things? by dollar value? what 1% is rejected? they don't say. they call out people that feel sick or spending sprees. it labels them bulimic shoppers and returnaholic. are you? >> no. the last thing i returned was a cell phone case for the note 7. that was blowing up.
7:36 am
so, we were ordered to return all items we bought to the place we bought them. >> reporter: he isn't the first blacklisted shopper we met. >> i was shocked. >> we introduced you to jen, amazon banned her for life because she exceeded a limit on returns. >> i said what doo you mean i'm banned from amazon. how is that possible. >> in 2015, the national retail federation estimated return fraud and abuse cost retailers between $9 billion and $15 billion. they declined to participate in the story. he insists he is not part of that problem, but caught anyway. >> i was really fierce with them that's why icon tacted you guys. >> after we got involved, they credited him for the adapter he wasn't allowed to return. the store said we are pleased to work with hichl to resolve the
7:37 am
issue. be aware of return policies posted online, in store and on their receipt. he says best buy also told him he is welcome in the return line again. he is not expecting anymore returns or purchases. >> best buy is not the only place to go buy electronics. >> california law requires them to post their return policy for all shoppers to see, we wonder if they selectively enforce a more restrictive policy on shoppers like him. they didn't respond to the question. the san francisco d.a., however, is looking into it for us. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, 888-996-tips or online at >> good information as always. this could be a big let down. shoppers might not get their hands on the apple iphone x until next year. a phone was available for preorder on friday with a scheduled delivery for november
7:38 am
3rd. apple says customers will have to wait until december. experts are skeptical. they say the high demand for the phone is why customers shouldn't expect to see them until february. we are getting our first glimpse of the tunnel elon musk is building under los angeles. he posted this picture on his twitter feed. so far the boring tunnel is 500 feet long. in a few months, it is expected to be two miles long. that's just the beginning. the goal is to test whether tunnels can transport people and goods across the area, well known for having serious traffic issues. controversial comments for the houston texans owner could lead to a meeting between nfl players and the league. he told other owners, we can't have the inmates running the prison in regards to players kneeling. they are proposing to meet with league representatives.
7:39 am
former 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick has been invited. a statement from the player's coalition said many are troubled by the comment. nfl leaders have yet to respond. still ahead on today in the bay, an astros player accused of making a racially insensitive gesture. plus, a bay area native steals the show in game four.
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tonight. the warriors going for their 4th straight -- a live look outside oracle arena will be rocking tonlight. the warriors going for their next win. the game is at 5:30. a dramatic world series, last night no different. the houston astros were looking to take a three games to one lead. it was tied 1-1 through seven.
7:42 am
in the ninth, peterson broke it open with a three-run blast. dodgers win it, 6-2. the series is tied at two games to two. an astros player has been suspended after making a racially insensitive gesture during friday's game. punishment won't start until after the world series. he will be suspended without pay for the first five games of the 2018 season. he hit a home run during the second inning of friday night's game. afterward, he was caught on camera pulling up the corners of his eyes. many took it as a jab at the pitcher's japanese heritage. he apologized through an interpreter and posted an apology on twitter. building up to the olympics, the women's alpine skiing season opened yesterday in austria. all eyes were on 33-year-old lindsay vaughan and her return to action in the giant slalom.
7:43 am
the top 30 advance to the second run. the overall alpine champion finished fifth in the slalom. a mistake cost the 22-year-old a trip to the podium. the next three months will determine the medal favorite in south korea. garvin thomas will be there to bring you coverage of the 2018 olympics. we are just 103 days away now until the opening ceremony. there is much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, paying at the pump. drivers in california will see gas taxes go upstarting on wednesday. larry joins us to explain why. that's next. be going up on wednesday,
7:44 am
7:45 am
november first. not your income taxes -- but it's not april, but your taxes will be going up on wednesday, november 1st. not your income taxes, but gasoline taxes for all california drivers. here to explain where the money
7:46 am
will go, larry. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> why now? >> why ever, right? we never want to see taxes go up, but the fact of the matter is gasoline taxes in california just haven't kept up with the cost of maintaining the state's roads, highways, streets, bridges, you name it. the state has a backlog of, get this, $130 billion, that's with a "b" in repair and replacement. that backlog is growing every year and we are paying a price. california roads cost each driver $844 a year nearly twice what they pay in other states. >> the damage caused to their cars? >> alignments and nails in tires. >> how far are the taxes going to go? >> it's a good start, no question about that. last april, the legislature
7:47 am
passed a law designed to spend $5.2 billion per year for ten years to better maintain california's beat up roads with most money coming from higher gasoline taxes. the law will last ten years bringing $52 billion into the state's transportation coughers. now, like all gasoline taxes, there's confusion here. the new funds will be directed only to roads, highways and bridges, that's it. since 2002, california law restricted the use of gasoline taxes for transportation. the new funds won't solve the problem entirely, they are going to go a long way toward making at least a down payment. >> it says it translates to 12 cents a gallon. are drivers going to see that hike, whatever the price is, another 12 cents? >> that's about right. they will in california, which currently ranks seventh in the
7:48 am
gasoline collection. with this change, the state will become number one, that's right, another number one. the highest gasoline taxed state in the union. consider this. something here, gasoline taxes have not been increased in 23 years. meanwhile, cars get much better gas mileage today than 23 years ago, which led to reduced gasoline purchases and fewer transportation taxes. also, there are more cars on the road today than in the past, generating greater use and more wear and tear on the roads. in 1990, there were 22 million automobiles on california roads. as of january this year, there were more than 25 million automobiles. that's a jump of 11%. so, the combination of more cars, better gas mileage, all these things haven't bode well for california roads and drivers. that's the increase in gasoline
7:49 am
tax. >> california being number one in so many ways, they are already one of the most taxed states in the union. how do you think the drivers are going to react to this increase? >> not well. not well. most people won't think about it until wednesday or the first time after that when they fill their tanks. in southern california, resistance is already in motion. opponents of the gas tax organized a recall campaign against new democratic senators who voted for the bill. his mistake, i guess. he won by a hair giving opponents hope they can recall him and elect the republican, which, by the way, would end the two-thirds democratic majority that made it possible. that would be an up hill fight since the state's history. only four legislatures have been recalled back to 1850. but, opponents have another effort in the works. they are attempting to qualify a
7:50 am
referendum for the 2018 ballot which would end the gas tax. there are things in the works. >> things in the works. how likely are they to happen? >> we'll get a sense of that wednesday. that's when the tax is put in place, removing it downstream will be difficult. not impossible, but difficult. it's a boot line thing here. are the voters willing to pay more to get better roads? most of the legislatures and governor believe they will, but we'll have to see what the voters think down the road. >> sure. it's been 23 years. thank you for your time this morning. stay with us, still ahead on "today in the bay," a halloween tradition comes to a south bay cemetery. we take you to this weekend's day of the dead celebration. the fog has rolled in. a live look over san francisco. you can't see the golden gate bridge. cooler temperatures making an
7:51 am
appearance. i'll have a breakdown of the halloween forecast after the break. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. good morning, it's 7:53. you are going to need something warm today whether it's a warm cup of coffee or a cozy sweater. a gorgeous look over woodside. we have the marine layer and sunrise. 55 degrees. the temperatures are on the cooler side. they have been cool for the past couple days. look at this thick, heavy, dense
7:54 am
fog over the golden gate bridge. you can't even see it. this is a live look over san francisco. this is helping us cool down in temperatures. if you are driving, keep most hands on the wheel and be careful. the visibility is limited. here is a look at that fog. it's moving inland. yesterday, it kind of stuck to the coastline. today, we expect to see the fog through hayward, suniville and san jose. right now, the temperatures in the 40s in the north bay and santa rosa. san francisco 54. the coastline in the 50s. the south bay into the mid to upper 50s. let's talk about the changes ahead. we have the foggy breeze that is moving in, we are seeing that dense fog kick in. that's dropping the temperatures nicely. yesterday, we started the cooling trend. today is more noticeable in terms of the temperatures. kind of looking ahead to next friday, this is what we are
7:55 am
tracking in terms of rain. we are talking about a colder and wetter workweek ahead. we have this system moving in. the jet stream is going to kick in nicely thursday night to friday. that's going to bring the chance of seeing rain on friday, saturday and sunday and bringing the chance of sierra snow. i'm going to break it down in a bit. let's talk act the temperatures. san jose, mid-70s, 75 degrees. east san hoe, upper 70s. check out these warmer inland spots, concord, a hotter spot at 77. walnut creek, 77. oakland only climbing into the 60s. cooler today. the peninsula remains in the 60s for half-moon bay. san francisco, no 70s for today, only low 60s in the forecast. the north bay will be in the upper 70s. of course we have this beach hazard in place because of the chance of seeing high swell. let's talk about the estimated rain. this is all the way from friday,
7:56 am
saturday, sunday. we have a good chance of seeing over an inch of rain through the north bay areas and down through san jose, in that rain shadow. a good chance of rain, but also snow. look at the snow that is going to fall in lake tahoe area, anywhere between 12-18 inches of snow in some spots, especially for the higher elevation area. if you have plans to be out, check out the road conditions before you head out. let's talk about halloween. everybody is anticipating and waiting for it. by 7:00, we are talking temperatures in the 50s and 60s. if you are going to take the kids out trick or treating early on, pack a light sweater or jacket. i know it means covering up your costume. by 9:00, 54 degrees. by 11:00, 12:00, this is when the party animals are out. be safe. don't drink and drive. the temperatures will be in the 50s and 40s. we are talking patchy clouds.
7:57 am
the seven day, i had halloween on monday. i guess i need a second cup of coffee, i know it's on tuesday. expect to keep the breezy conditions through halloween. >> don't worry, the most important people are the kids. they know the difference. we know it's tuesday. you are going to like this story. day of the dead celebrated yesterday in san jose. this is one of mexico's traditional holidays. an ancient event when the living commute with the dead in a happy celebration of life and honor of ancestors that passed away. face painting for kids and lots of food. we are going to have amazing costumes. >> i remember celebrating that when i was younger. always a great celebration. >> beautifully decorated
7:58 am
skeletons. thanks for making us part of your morning. sunday night football night in america. have a great sunday, guys.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, a momentous week in the history of the republican party. two establishment republican senators say they have had enough of president trump. bob corker of tennessee. >> you would think he would aspire to be the president of the united states and act like a president of the united states. >> and jeff flake of arizona. we must stop pretending that the degradation of our politics are normal. they are not normal. >> both are now leaving the senate and their republican colleagues make it clear it's president trump's party now. >> we have actually great unity in the republican party. >> my guests this morning, republican senator rob portman of ohio on the gop divide. anden


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