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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i )m vicky for the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. >> i'm raj mathai. in just a few hours, ed mayor lee will return to city hall. it's a day of public morning. ed lee spent decades serving the people of san francisco and now thousands are expected to pay their respects. jean elle joins us t at city hall with some of the details.
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>> reporter: mayor ed lee's body is expected to arye here at 7:00 tomorrow morning. an honor guard will carry him in, doors open to the public at 8:00. thousands are expected to come and say good-bye. >> i'm going to miss him. >> city workerer robert row salless stands outside crying. he said he will miss the mayor's warmth and respect he gave people. >> he'll have your back. thank you for polishing in the basement. >> reporter: the mayor will return to city hall tomorrow morning in a hearse. his closed coffin with lie in repose from 8:00 to 7:00. thousands are expected. >> i've gotten text messages and phone calls from people all over the world. >> reporter: at a wrapping party at the african american art and culture center tonight, the acting mayor says the city's
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first chinese american mayor impacted people from all walks of life. >> the fact that so many people are expected to come shows how many people appreciated him. >> reporter: the fire department will display a flag outside city haul. while there's a lot to plan, lee's passing is personal said the chief. >> my family has met him. he welcomed us to the city when we first got here. it's tough for everybody. >> reporter: the mayor's office is asking people to line up here at the polk street entrance and to leave flowers here at this growing memorial. everyone will have to pass through security, so expect the line to move slowly. it should be quite an emotional event tomorrow. thank you jean. as jean mentioned the viewing is open to the public. you can see the closed coffin beginning at 8:00 a.m. until
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7:00 p.m. and then sunday a celebration of his life at 3:00 in the afternoon. we invite you to stay with us throughout the weekend as people pay their respects. a man was swimming in the bay when he was bit inn by a sea lion. plenty of people on boats and on shore witnessed that attack. >> reporter: for san franciscoans who love a chill in the bay, a development that has nothing do with icy waters. >> i saw a sailboat with a wounded swimmer on it. they were waving at me to not go out there. there was a coast guard vessel there, too. >> police say fortuitous for the
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swimmers that they called the coast guard after a sea lion charged a man. >> the boat saved his life. they had rented the boat for the day, i believe, and they were on their way back. >> reporter: the sailors single handedly delivered the man to marine unit police for care. where officer rider applied a tourniquet to the man's arm. >> i looked him him. he looked at me and charge med. of course, i swam across the top of the water like you wouldn't believe. >> it's happened like two times the past two days. one guy told us that he was bleeding, he got bumped like five times by the sea lions. >> after the attack, members of swim clubs were back at it. taking notice but still practicing their favorite past
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time. >> reporter: i suppose to some swimmers today who told me nibbles from sea lions are normal, but what happened today is not normal. some speculated mating season would cause this, but it's not mating season. the swimmer is in the hospital in stable condition. the ongoing thomas fire in ventura county has taken a tragic turn. 32 corry inland vall'verson was fighting the blaze. this afternoon it was a somber scene as fire crews and law enforcement led a presession. his body was taken away in a hearse. thousands of firefighters remain on the front lines there. the thomas fire is now the fourth largest fire in state history. back here in the bay area our fire danger is about to increase.
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it's mid december but very dry. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us. what are you seeing in the next 48 hours. >> i think the fire danger is highest once we hit saturday's forecast. we're tracking a cold front off to the north. it's dry, and it is going to increase the wind. the newly issued advisory is in effect from friday night into sunday morning. in terms of the wind i don't see things increasing until 10:00 p.m. on friday. but what i'm concerned about is saturday morning through saturday afternoon, winds 20 to 50 miles an hour could take down tree limbs and keeping the fire threat on the increase. so overall, highest number one danger would be in the hills above 1,000 feet with the winds possibly up to 50 miles per hour. humidity 5 to 15%. and then we get less wind down here on sunday.
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i have details on when we could see a few showers in the bay area my update at 11:19 tonight. as the wind picks up, keep an eye on jeff's facebook and twitter pages. you can follow him his handle@jeff ranieri. >> a grand jury indictment today against a man killing a san jose woman known as ms. flow. they say the men beat her death in a home invasion last year. two were dietindicted, the girlfriends and mother are also accused of harboring them. two men have been ordered to stand trial in the ghost ship warehouse. a judge said there's sufficient evidence that derick almena and max harris are to blame for the
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fire that killed 36 evidence. the judge said there's strong evidence that the men played a role in a management of a death trap and are legally responsible for the lives lost. the trial should begin next summer. more money raised tonight for the north bay fire vier vsus the red hot chilly pepper have raised a donation. >> reporter: this concert certainly helps. the red hot chilli peppers didn't just headline a concert that raised $5 million for north bay fire relief effort. >> i think it's so magical and amazing. i just love that they're doing that. they're like one of my favorite bands. >> she's here with some of their family, at the moment they're
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staying with extended family because their home in red valley is gone. people at the concert don't just share a love for music, they share a need to help their family, friends and neighbors who are still struggling. >> i went up over thanksgiving and she showed me all the devastation that happened there. >> his sister was evacuated from santa rosa and lost her home. this concert is the second in a series of benefits since the fire. >> reporter: this event was conceived after the first concert with metallica in november. the artists performed for free. a third benefit concert in under works. now so far tipping points, which is the organization that was put together to spearhead these concerts, they've raised $30 million, they say 100% of
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all ticket sales will go to organizations that are helping north bay communities rebuild. reporting live, i'm sergio quintana nbc bay area news. it was a lot of really bad memories. >> emotions overflowing in a bay area courtroom. a brand new fire weather watch has been issued. we'll have a closer look at the wind in your micro climate at 11:19. the first night of the last je die, the great length some "star wars" fans are going to get seats at tonight's premier.
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light rail. it happened on first and component in north san jose -- new at 11:00, a deadly crash involving a vta light rail. look at it happened on first and component. this is north san jose.
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a pedestrians was struck. he was then rushed to a local hospital where he later died. this is the second deadly light rail crash involving a pedestrians this week. >> not guilty. tonight 31-year-old jimmy barlow is a free man. and that has left one family stunned and disappointed. today a military judge ruled on the case of the coast guard petties officer accused of child endajerment in the death of his daughter. tonight our exclusive interview with the family of 3-year-old eden lynch just moments after they learned the news. >> right now the family is pretty much in shock. we weren't expecting -- we really weren't expecting this. kind of like we relived a lot of really bad memories. the outcome wasn't acceptable. >> emotions overflowing.
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even her grandma says the not guilty verdict brings back the pain of loosing eden all over again. >> you would expect somebody should be held responsible when the death is a homicide. and i thought this was going to do it for us. >> eden's mother erika left the courtroom sobbing after the judge announced the verdict. prosecutors said jimmy barlow, her father, failed to provide care for her. they presented text messages between jimmy and his girlfriend, now his wife, holly, who was taking care of her. prosecutors said holly was taking care of eden. and due to injuries suffered while in holly's care, jimmy should have taken care of his daughter. the defense argued that he was an inexperienced father who
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trust trusted holly. they say the government failed to prove he could have foreseen or prevented her death. >> it wasn't surprising at all. i'm grateful justice was done. >> bar low's defense attorney said his client is relieved. >> what is it they would say happened to eden. >> an accident. they loved eden to death. >> this verdict comes six long years after eden's death. now jimmy's wife faces one charge for failing to get care for eden. the barlows have declined to be interviewed. if you have a store for our investigative unit, call or visit our website. another twist in the kate steinle case.
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jose ines garcia zarate's defense attorney has filed an appeal. the public defender said they filed a new trial for his conviction for being a flown in possession of a gun. they believe proper instructions were not given on issues of mow men tear possession of a weapon. the way we all use the internet may be changing. the fcc voted to end net neutrality. here's what it means. the set of rules put in place during the obama administration, has been overturned. many fear that internet service providers will be able to restrict access to the internet and charge more money for access. >> the fcc's repeal of the net neutrality rules threaten our ability to communicate vital information to county residents, medical health providers and
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some in poses a threat to the public health of our community. >> the reaction from silicone valley was swift. netflix says it's disappointed and we should mention comcast is the owner of this tv station. >> "the last jedi" is here. the question is do you have tickets? the highly anticipated "star wars" blockbuster had fans lining up all day and all night to see the film. lets bring in ian cull who has the lucky assignment. save us some seats for the midnight showing here. >> and some popcorn. >> reporter: there are so many excited people. we showed you the lines beforehand, a lot of fans we've talked to tonight they're in the wave of second showings tonight. many fans said they waited their entire lives to find out what
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happened to their favorite character. feeling the force, long-time fans awaiting the second film in the "star wars" trilogy. and the return of luke skywalker to a main role. one fan took a vacation day to be the first in line by 9:00 this morning. >> for this episode we're going to see what luke does and what color his light saber is going to be. >> meaning if luke is still good or turned bad. >> i'm really hoping it's the green one from episode six. if it turns red, i will trooi cry very loudly. >> this is the outfit they wear from "force awakens". >> reporter: dressing up in cost tomb is something they did. >> dressing up is something i've wanted to do. >> the true jedi may be at the jim in san jose. they're screening the movie with
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70 millimeter i max film, the only one on the west coast. >> it came in 45 different reels. they put 12 hours putting it together. >> all to bring the fans back to the familiar, ecstatic feeling. >> reporter: if you're looking for a good review, the george lucas told the hollywood reporter he thought the film was, quote, beautifully made. i'll see you at the midnight showing. back to you. >> you asked for popcorn, we asked for tickets. >> butt erred popcorn. a good night to be inside, nice and warm, right? >> thank you, e jae >> thank you, e ja ian by the w. >> you need to get onboard. >> take it away jeff. as we head to the friday
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forecast, it's going to start off cold. the other thing we want to bring your attention to is a brand new fire weather watch. this is something that should not be happening this time of the year but we are unusually dry and we've had the warm temperatures lately. winds going to kick up especially saturday. that's when we want you to be on alert to look out for the potentially gusty winds that could spread a fire fast if one was to start. it's up for the northeast and also the south bay hills. we'll pinpoint the winds better in about a minute and a half. we'll start off cold in the tri valley, 36, and 40 in the peninsula. have your jacket out. you'll be good to go. north bay at 33, san francisco at 45 degrees. as we head into your friday, not going to be quite as mild. we'll see high clouds for the afternoon. you might not need the sunglasses quite as much once we
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hit the afternoon hours. 64 expected in downtown san jose. a little bit cooler weather in oakland at 58 degrees. vallejo at 60. partly sunny skies for the peninsula and 64 in redwood city. also dropping in san francisco down to 59 in the outer sunset and through the north bay, 64 in napa, 62 in mill valley and 57 in point rays. so most of the day, not too gusty. we have to wait until the late evening hours for things to pick up. once we hit 11:30 at night, it's 10 to 5227 miles per hour, beginning to pick up out of the north. then saturday morning, 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts on average. the problem we're getting into is it's going to stay windy right through the evening hours. so windy all day on saturday. tree limbs could come down and that fire danger is going to be
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high. as we head through sunday morning we'll see the winds relax. it's really a one-day event for us, as you'll see here. on saturday. but sunday, breezy. and a slight chance of showers on thursday's forecast. as winter begins officially. we'll see temperatures remaining in the 60s for the day time highs. the city looks beautiful behind you. >> gorgeous back there. still ahead, surfs up like never before. the announcement made about maveri maverick. >> we have jimmy. >> kevin hart is my guest tonight. plus music from hallie, signfiel sign felled, it's a great show. happening now, a robbery at the walgreens pharmacy in
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el-cerrito. police say two men entered the store and took pills. the search is on for those two suspects. year? the question employers soon (won )t be able to ask.... it may mean more money for you. plus: a national honor for a local police department )s special officer. the story you )ll only see on... )today in the bay )
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hospital in a hurry. uber was not involved in the study and said uber should not be a substitute for medical professionals. the wipe out competition is finally a go. the world surf league purchased the rights to the event. the window for the contest, the world famous contest, is between january 3rd and february 28th, whenever surf's up really and for the first time ever, women will be competing. maverick's off the coast near half moon bay. up next kevin durant kissing someone court side we'll show you who and why. side we'll showu who and why. ♪
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the first time our solar system is tied for having the most planets, nasa and google announcing the discovery of an eighth planet today. scientists say it's unlikely that life exists on the plant because its average temperature is about 800 degrees. >> a little warm. >> they haven't seen the plants because they're too far away. instead they record their shadows as they orbit in front of the sun. thanks for joining us at 11:00. have a great day everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin hart, hailee steinfeld,


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