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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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cash crop. >> yes, jessica. this dispensary received local approval late last night and within the past hour they received this permit allowing them to be one of the first in san francisco to sell both medicinal and adult use marijuana. it's been decades in the making for the city by the bay. legal recreational marijuana sales are hours away. >> we will probably have pretty long lines. >> reporter: last night san francisco gave the okay to the apotting care yum apotting. >> the castro here in san francisco is the neighbors where the modern movement for marijuana legalization started. it's very meaningful for us to open our doors to entire community here. >> reporter: san francisco is admittedly a little late. several bay area cities opened on the first. the city officials approved
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regulations in december and are completing inspections on some 31 applications. these are the first to pass. >> we 30 some applications before the city was ready to give approval. they were in the system, just waiting on the last official piece of paper here with the approval locations. >> san jose currently has 16 shops selling marijuana. oakland with eight. but here there is no worry about being late to the party. >> we're still looking forward to tomorrow's celebration. >> reporter: now five of the seven locations have received state approval. two are still waiting for one of these. tonight statewide there is 142 stories able to sell recreation almarijuana. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> baying night, ian. thank you. eepen has been following this throughout the day. he tweeted this afternoon listing the seven locations expecting to get the green light to sell the recreation
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almarijuana. for updates you can follow him on twitter. showers across the bay tonight on and off all day. it's been rainy. that makes conditions on the road a little difficult. the storm that was quieting down. but more rain is coming our way. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. and how is the weekend looking on this friday night? do we dare about asking about monday and tuesday. >> we have a lot on the table the next seven days. this weekend will carve out some sunshine. it looks zeents parts of saturday and sunday. right now we have left over wet weather. we have the southerly moisture tap moving in high pressure. humidity milder temperatures today. a closer look at the doppler radar and satellite combined. we have spotty showers still across napa a sonoma and out-and-outville off to the north and east. the spot impacting traffic the most tonight is from san francisco down to redwood city. heading to the north appear east through san leandro by 6:28 tonight. san ramon excuse me by 6:51.
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we are tracking wetter weather next week with the atmospheric river. i'll let you know how much rain 6:19 tonight. >> there is a great way to track the atmospheric river yourself as it moves in. you can download the nbc bay area app. free and you can monitor the weather changes on the go. a long-term systemic failure. that's what a group of independent consultants says led to the spillway failure and crisis at the orville dam last winter. >> the findings ecowhat our investigative unit uncovered after spending six months looking into the safety issues. senior investigative reporter stephen stoch ins joust with the report. >> the forensic team spent much of the past year lookingt( into the root cause of the spillway failure there in orville. here it is, the team's final 584-page final report. and in report puts much of the blame on bad design and poor construction out at the dam,
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while much of the rest of the blame is aimed at the culture, at the department of water resources as well as federal regulators. the report also raises many of the same issues we uncovered in our reporting. after six months examining records, talking to industry and outside engineering experts and even touring the spillway construction site, our investigation in september uncovered safety issues not just with the spillway but with the entire orville dam itself. issues like cracks in the headworks or flood control outlet and cracking trunion rods. department insiders who talked to us said dwr was overlooking problems that need serious attention. >> and they're not addressing issues that have been raised, pointed out, documented in previous division safety and dam inspection reports. they have a tendency to try and reduce maintainens costs by
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doing things themselves and not getting adequate technical help. >> now new details revealed by the independent forensic team reinforce concerns raised by state insiders. some of the problems cited, the state department of water resources has been quote overconfident and complacent regarding the integrity of the civil infrastructure. dwr dam safety culture was quote immature during the spillway crisis. the report also says the state went against the advice of civil engineering and geological experts in some of thejf key decision making during the incident. dwr says it takes the findings of the forensic team quote very seriously. it says evaluation of the dam safety program was underway. but it will now convene experts to quote digest the findings and recommendations from the report and identify tangible actions in response. now if you want to read the full 584-page report you can go to the website,
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investigate. we also have our earlier reporting all there. just go to the website. >> thank you very good reporting there. after allegedly sexually assaulting a teacher inside her classroom a san jose man is behind bars. sj p. d. says this 23-year-old walked onto the campus at harker middle school tuesday morning, assaulted and then robbed a teacher. >> the victim said that the suspect walked into the classroom where she was alone, locked the door and turned off the lights. >> the man lives about a half mile from the school. harker arrested last night? san francisco after police say he had cut his hair trying to zis guys himself. >> the man accused of planning a killing spree at san francisco pier 39 appeared in court today. cameras not allowed inside the federal courthouse where the 26-year-old everett jameson had the preliminary hearing. the man you see there is jameson's father leaving the courthouse. jameson who is from modesto pled not guilty to attempting to
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provide material support to foreign trert terrorists. a second terror charge. according to u.s. attorney indictment though jameson planned to use home made pipe bombs to fumble people onto pier 39 on christmas day so that he could shoot them. jameson was arrested after reportedly speaking about his plans with an undercover agent. about the beltway to the bay area "fire and fury" hit book stores andkindle. the tell-call is the white house is controversial and hard to get already the number one seller on amazon. nbc bay area anser hassan joins news danville. one of the stores might have copies remaining, anser. >> yeah, raj, we made dozens of calls to try and get a copy. "fire and fury." all the stores sold out. we tracked a few down here. but we weren't the only ones people came from across the east bay trying to get a copy. >> i missed out on the harry
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potters. and i really wanted to have this right away. >> this woman drove from concard to danville, the only place she could find a copy of "fire and fury." >> i want to learn more about the possible obstruction of justice, the background material on it. and russia investigation and just more about the president's behavior. >> good i'm going to let you know your book is in. came in early. >> the countertop said this book store piled with books that came in this morning and already reserved for customers who have been calling since yesterday says the owner. >> this is getting a lot of attention. >> columnist michael wolff says the book is based on 200 readers he promises readers access to the administration like never before. often for traying president trump as struggling with basic governance. . it may be a best seller but has big critics many point to facts
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and tactics they claim highlight errors in the book. >> "fire and fury" obviously not that because i'll get enough of what i need on tv and on comedy central. >> beverly long bought the book but admits she likely won't learn anything new fop her her it's about staying informed. >> i want to know -- i have to know. that's it. i wanted to know. >> reporter: many of the stores say that he ran out of books because they weren't ready for the early release pushed up a week because of a lawsuit threatened by president trump. more stores say they should be stocked up tomorrow. reporting live in danville, anser hassan, nbc bay area news. >> thank you anser. well the spuns is over. she is in tp acting san francisco mayor london breed said she wants that job permanently breed announced she will run for mayor in the june peeks. president of the board of supervisor she was appointed temporary mayor after ed lee's sudden death last month. >> i decided that after careful consideration and just taking
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all of the things that i've been thinking about over the years and the work that i've done in the city, that yes i'm going to do it. i'm going to run for mayor. and i'm excited. >> breed made the announcement during a community cleanup as a frist playground. she joins a crowded field already. including mark leno and former supervisor angela alt yoeta. . and david shu. >> the gruden regime part 2. the raider nation is buzzing. john gruden is back in black. the raiders will formally reintroduce him as head coach next tuesday. he was with the raiders from 98 through 2001 before the late al davis traded him to the buccaneers. the raiders organization was never the same after that. but here is the skinny. cokesing gruden back to the east bay was not cheap. he is reportedly get ago a
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10-year contract worth about $$100 million. that's unheard of for any coach in any sport any country. john gruden has been the highest paid espn analyst will replace jack del rio. >> the man firing the gun killing skate o kate steinle, why i lost his argument but will not serve a day in prison. >> and a big name is out of the trials in san jose. polina nunds pulls out of the figure skating championships. our live coverage continues from the shark tank next. and showers across across right now. tins to emeryville at 6:48 tonight. we track when the sunshine returns. and also two inches of rain next week. full details in eight minutes. today )s jose ines g
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well, legal blows on the local level. accusations of meddling on the federal. . today jose garcia zarate had lab of everything. the man initially charged with killing kate steinle. today sentenced to the maximum of three years in jail on his one conviction, the weapons charge. nbc bay area sam brock covered the case from the beginning and not much of a surprise today. >> reporter: jess, good evening. this is exactly how you thought it would go.
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few legal experts expected the judge to grant a brand-new trial on the conviction in the case. but he is met with time served and it's far from the final word. >> literally he is holding an object he does not not know what it is. >> expect an paerl any day from matt gonzalez in the public defender office of the only conviction, felon in possession of a weapon. an orange jump suit clad zarate received the maximum sentence of three years even as his lawyers opined the jurors weren't instructed on the concept of temporary possession. >> you heard over and over this was a form of transitory won't even say possession. it was transier to. and a form of defense. >> if they found transi torey the possession mr. zarate would have been acquitted. the same legal issues will arrive in the federal court. >> to federal court we go. the district attorney didn't want to difficult into details. >> it's a separate track we're
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not engaging inlp any conversatn or second guess what the federal government would do. >> but his counterpart on the public defender side had no reservation. >> this case has been a tremendous tragedy. but what has compounded it is the fact that we have a president and attorney general who are really pitting in the face of justice. >> twin charges against zarate, possession of a weapon by a felon and possession by undocumented immigrant come backed by the oval office and will be challenged in federal court. >> and everything that trump had said with regard to this case and generically he said with regard to immigrants. >> reporter: now he says he will file a motion to dismiss next week on the grounds of vin dikt i have prosecution. i will say the state charges don't affect the federal charges except the jurors will know that garcia zarate had been convicted on the same charge.
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reporting live from san francisco, sam brock. >> what happens next after court? zarate returned to the san francisco jail. he will stay there until federal marshals pick him up. the marshals take him to a federal detention center in alameda county where he will face the separate federal charges. he is scheduled to appear in federal court early next week. okay. it is not what her hometown hoped to hear. the local favorite is out of the u.s. figure skating championship in san jose. >> a big deal no olympic foss polina edmunds. late today she price the skating world when she dropped out. she was supposed to be on the ice. garvin thomas joins us with the exclusive interview. and this might be the end of the career. what did she have to to say. >> i asked her that particular question. it's a bit early to answer that. right now let's talk about where she is tonight. we said the short program she
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skated on wednesday she skated killeenly. she was happy with it. her fans, the experts said it was terrific for her. left her in seventh position after the short skate going into the free skate are skate. . but at practice it this morning it went wrong. polina says he was practicing the types of jumps, different jumps she would perform in the longer program and felt a shooting pain in her foot. she notified u.s. figure skating just this afternoon that she was withdrawing from the competition. this is an injury polina has been battling for two years now. and to come back now was the worst possible time. >> it's pretty terrible honestly. and it's superdisappointing. ÷ of all to be happening in the trials. so, yeah. >> reporter: what that means is there is now just one bay area figure skate we are a shot to
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make the women's olympic team. she has a good chance. karen chen sits in third, the free skate is underway as we speak and karen is expected to skate at about 7:30. the second to last skater to skate tonight. so come on back here at 11:00 and we will tell you how that went and we'll give you more of what we heard from polina today. raj and jess. >> thank you very much garvin. you should know gash isn't headed to south korea to cover the lirpices. . follow his reports on nbc bay area. he will post exclusive video and photos on the social many sites. let's bring in jeff ranieri talking about the olympics that's fun in a few weeks and right now this weekend. first and foremost about the weather. we have rainfall right now. eventually clearing out over the weekend. we have sun coming for saturday and sunday. good news. get ready for a big storm starting off next week. as we take you right now into the doppler radar and satellite
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we know a lot of you are maybe heading out tonight. we still have lingering rainfall. we'll take to you the biggest zone we're tracking right there in downtown san francisco. and moving into mill valley as well. off to the north and east through richmond at 6:49. san pablo, 6:5 a. and continueual rainfall into here at 7:09. in terms of tomorrow's forecast i think by 6:30 in the morning we still have wet weather for the east bay and south bay. starting to dry out the north bay. but as we head to 9:30 in the morning on saturday most of the bay area will start to clear on out. and then by 1:00 p.m. on saturday we do get sunnier skies building in. a nice day heading throughout saturday afternoon. let's get to you the extended forecast we'll talk more about what's coming next week. monday storm system arrives by all accounts everything continues to put the most rainfall on monday and tuesday.
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we could see winds 20 to 40-mile-per-hour on monday. also windy on tuesday. overall totals 1 to 2 inches in the two day period. and drying out wednesday and thursday and friday. coming up at 6:48 i'll have more specifics on the impacts this storm could bring us here. and some of the flooding issueses we may see again at 6:48 tonight. >> see you then. still to come another film maker facing sex allegations mm women pointing fingers at the director of the oscar winning movie "crashes" the changes this actress would like to make to empower women.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do.
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the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) a "human trafficing" investigation in san rafael leads to an arrest for pimping. happening now, human trafficking investigation in sand rafael leads to an arrest for pitchering. the investigators say an 18-year-old woman the man brought her there to work as a prostitutes. officers arrested him in a parking lot. one of the women who accused of failed senate candidate roy moore had her house burned to the ground. investigators suspect arson. haggis of rape or sexual
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misconduct. new at 6:00, four women are now accusing oscar winning film maker paul hagess of rape or sexual misconduct. a publicist charged him with rape. came forwa
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with similarer oh one woman says she was forced to perform orl sex. he is denying the accusations. he is known for the writing the screen plays to million dollar baby and crash. >> big changes to the miss america competition. the gretchen carson who was named miss america in 1989 tonga over this weeks and ridicule attention of former miss americas came to light and stepped litership to step down. in the interview carlson former anchor and stanford grassed says she plans to make the miss america organization about empowering women. she went on to say some of the women allegedly maliened in the emails are running the place. it's a form of justice. still to come at 6:00 from jail guards to prison inmates, three santa clara deputies, three deputies learned their fate for the beating death of an inmate. we have an exclusive interview
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with the victim's sister. i believe so. >> panic what it sounded like at 911 dispatch center in the moments after yesterday's earthquake. >> you're team is tackling problems. i'm consumer investigator chris clarm. we have the six figures we returned in 2017 plus a strong start to 2018. nbc bay area responds np next.
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the family of a murdered inmate-- speaking exclusively to us right now at 6:30, crime and punish. the family of a murdered inmate speaking exclusively to us about the sentence for the three santa clara county jail deputies who killed him. now this is a story wove been following for years, the beating death of michael tyree. >> not only did it lead to murder charges against the deputies but a series of investigations came about that changed how the jail operated. nbc bay area robert handa has the exclusive interview with michael tyree's sister. robert. >> reporter: that's right. it was a very emotional day hear here at the hall of justice and across the country where the family hoping appear waiting for justice for a long time. the three accused santa clara county jail deputies were together in court in june last year when convicted of murdering a mentally ill inmate michael tyree. and they were together again today when the judge sentenced
6:30 pm
jereh will you be ray matthew farris and rafael rolled riggs to 15 years to life in the prison. >> this is a juft sentence. it protects and serves our community. >> reporter: that was the sentiment of tyree's sister who came to the bay area in 2015 to claim her brother's ashes a month after he was kill. she made reference to it during a statement red by the prosecutor when she was emotionally devastated knowing the ashes were all she had left. she couldn't get to the bay area because of the east coast snowstorms but you talked about the sentencing. >> reporter: today i have some relief. it doesn't bring him back. it doesn't change anything. but it -- but it's justice for him. >> the sheriff expressed sympathy to all families involved and said michael tyree's legacy will include how jails operate. >> i think it's an improved system. jails around the nation are paying togs what's happening in
6:31 pm
santa clara county and the progress we are making. i think it will be a legacy of transformation. >> shannon says she hopes so. >> could have a chance of saving other lives in jails. and you know, that would be something for michael's death to have that meaning. >> reporter: now, the former deputies can still appeal. so there could be legal fights in the future. and the correctional system will remain under scrutiny. but the county considering citizen oversight of the jail. robert handa nbc bay area news. >> thank you robert. president trump it is at camp david tonight with weekend meetings with congressional leaders. before leaving washington the washington made a statement to waiting reporters but took no questions. the questions surrounded the new book "fire and fury" which features scathing quotes from former adviser steve bannon opinion the president fired back denying speaking to the book's author michael wolff. in a today show exclusive i he
6:32 pm
states he spoke with trump and questions whether the president is fit for the office. >> not only is he helping me sell books but helping me prove the point of the book. this is extraordinary. that a president of the united states would try to stop the publication of a book. >> the white house is facing another round of allegations tonight. "the new york times" reports an angry president trump ordered a white house lawyer to try and stop attorney general jeff sessions from rekuzing himself from the russia investigation. the white house vehemently denies the allegations. sessions incidentally was not invited on that camp david trip this weekend. >> we are learning today the fbi has been investigating the clinton foundation for months. president trump and some republicans in congress have been calling for prosecutors to scrutinize the former president's foundation singles the election. in 2016. the investigation is kfed to the years when hillary clinton was secretary of state and is focused on whether she traded political favors for foundation
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donations. earlier inquiries found no evidence of wrong doing but today it was revealed that justice department reopened the investigation. several months ago. . a spokesman for the that foundation calls it quote, politicly motivated. >> san francisco police say they have arrested the bad santa. earlier this week officers released this video that shows that man wearing a santa hat walking down eddie street in the tenderloin. he pulse out a handgun and shoots into a car. in the video. police say they identified the shooter at a 27-year-old from fairland. estes arrested yesterday in the bay view. originally officers didn't know who was in the car. but they say they have identified the target and the person was injured. a san francisco neighborhood getting back to normal after a man barricaded himself inside a home. this is what it looked like this morning on 29th in the sunset district. lots of cops and the street shut down. the standoff started at midnight
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when a person walking by was threatened. when officers arrived he ran into the home. at 7:30 this morning the man attacked a negotiator. officers use add non-lethal ds to take him into custody. >> here is one way to get the stolen car back you spot the alleged thief living driving. this man was arrested recently. police say they got a call this week have a man who spotted kim driving his stolen land revolver. the suv disappeared last month. officers later saw kim driving this stolen land revolver on highway 237 right in mountain view. promptly pulled over and is now in the county jail. new at 6:00 tonight no surprise that yesterday's earthquake rattled lots of nerves but also clogged up the local 911 emergency line. >> was that an earthquake? >> i believe so. >> sinchts san francisco's 911 emergency operators say they received 120 calls in the first hour after the quake. normally they get about 15 at
6:35 pm
that time. the issues is that most of the calls were people asking if there had been an earthquake. city officials are urging people to call 311 in the future unless they have a emergency or suffered damage. yesterday's magnitude 4.4 quake hit at 2:30 in the morning centered in berkeley but felt as far away as 150 miles. no reports of any significant damage. okay they might be some of the busiest people in the newsroom. our consumer team responds to frustrated viewers every day. >> consumer investigator chris chumara tracks enemy in the database and after looking at the numbers. he concluded 2017 was a great year for the consumer team, chris. >> and our viewers especially. usually on fridays we recap just one week of success stories. but today why don't we go ahead and look at an entire year. of fighting for the little guy. in 2017 we logged a grand total of $4479 calls for help which
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averages about 18 complaints per workday. we got the most calls in january of last year. the least in december. but still even in december 239 of them when everybody was on vacation. next we worned which area is calling most often for help. we plotted the kaults on one map. the big circumstance the the more calls we get from there. we got a concentration down in the south bay. bun but you know we got people everywhere really asking for our help. and often we deliver in 2017 i'm happy to report we returned $$782,180 to viewers that brings the grand total liens launching in mid-2016 to $1.25 million saved. we are committed to saving more in 2018. and we've had a strong start. we have already saved shelby scott and lori a collective $10,000 after closing their cases just this week. maybe we can help you. please call us.
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1-888-996-tips, or visit us online at have great weekend guys. >> thank you, chris. just ahead here at 6:00, a chip issue leaving billions of devices vulnerable. the silicon valley company that's blamed for this big problem. and the most decorated figure skater in american history wsh michelle quan joins us shortly to talk about her legacy and the olympic skating trials taking place now in san jose. okay mcdonald's. i see your one, two and three dollar deals. tell you what, i'll raise you five.
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introducing value jack's way. five great ways to save. like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. that's value jack's way.
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like jack's one-of-a-kind breakfast pockets for $2 each. three of jack's famous tacos and a small drink for $3! or a classic bonus jack combo for $5! it's like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. the problem involves anoe we want to continue coverage now of the new vulnerability to the iphone and other apple products. the problem involves another silicon valley company. intel. while no customers have been impacted the iphones and ipads flaws. apple release add patch for the safari web browser to guard against the bugs. it's traced to intel chips.
6:40 pm
santa clara based intel is facing lawsuit in three dates irnlts a jobs report disappointing. u.s. employers added 148,000 jobs in december. however many economists were expecting the number higher around 180,000. unemployment rate remained unchanged to be the third straight month at 4.1%. most of the newly created jobs were in health care construction and manufacturing. jeopardy is on hiatus. the host of the famous game show is recovering from brain surgery. he had blood clots removed recently. the 77-year-old says he hopes to restum erasume tapes quote very soon and that he expects to make a full recover. david leiterman booked a heavyweight guest, barack obama. he will join for the debut the netflix series next friday. leiterman's other guests pakistanpy education active it
6:41 pm
process. howard stern and jay-z. according to netflix each hourlong feature features a lengthy conversation between leiterman and the guest. the shore explores topics away from the studio. >> amazing lineup beginning next month. wow. jeff is with us now. talking about the rain. um-hum. >> still raining outside. >> we have a little bit of rain guys. if you're headed out this evening in san francisco over the next hour, do expect the wet weather. keep the umbrellas handy. we are tracking how much more of this is left for saturday and more on the stronger storm next week. this is a big night...
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6:43 pm
the ladies are on t i okay. there it is. a live look at the shark tank. this is a huge night in skating. it is the ladies that are back on the ice tonight as the long program for the u.s. national skating championship. >> we told you earlier in the newscasts that polina edmunds suddenly withdrew from the
6:44 pm
competition with a foot injury. not only not going to south korea for the olympics but possibly the skating career might be over. she is still a opportunity at santa clara university. we wish her well to come back. we're talking more about the olympics and skating championships in a few minutes. we're in fact joined by michelle quan in a few minutes. >> she is the most decorated in women's skating. but let's talk about the lotto. growing to a head two big drawings. and raj and i are convinced we're winning. >> back at work on monday even if we win. the power ball jackpot is at $570 million. the megamillion at $450 million. the odds of winning either astronomically low but that doesn't stop the big dreamers from dreaming big. >> buy all my kids houses. >> paying off student debt. all my tuition and other people's tuition as well.
6:45 pm
>> half it to those who need it. >> how very sweet. this is only when we all think in our minds what would we do np the megamillion is setfare about 8:00 tonight you still got time while the power ball. the power ball drawing is tomorrow night. are you feeling lucky. >> if i win i will go ahead and buy you two new houses. >> oh. >> you better put your -- put your good mojo on me eye i like that if i won i would do all the home projects i still have left to do with it. >> we're recording all of this are we not? it's going to happen. >> it's legal on record. >> we got to treat you so well. >> if i win you guys get whatever you want how is that. >> notice raj is giving us nothing. >> i'm not going to win if i do i will take care of everyone. >> of course you guys would. >> we have wet weather across the bay area if you you are headed out we want to wind chill
6:46 pm
out for slick spots on the roadways. friday in san francisco it's always popular in san francisco. you can see the high definition lens rain drops right now and the roadways are wet. temperatures in the 50s with rain drops all the which through the early morning hours. so what about finally starting to clear out? i think iently on saturday, yes, we get sunshine in here. but at least for the start of saturday morning be prepared through 9:00 in the morning for maybe hit and miss showers. the best chance down in the south bay. also right here for the peninsula and the temperatures in the low 50s. towards san francisco we begin with 59 and look for ample of 49 in the east bay. a little bumpy tomorrow morning. nothing major in terms of wet weather. then pushing ahead towards increased sunshine saturday. really nice day after all the clouds this week. and that on again, off again rainfall. and here is a little tip. you're going to want to enjoy it. get outside because we have the stronger storm on the way next we can. more in a second. temperatures dropping a few
6:47 pm
degrees for saturday. 57 in milpitas. 58 in morgan hill. feels like a nice crisp winter day outside. 57 for oakland. 61 in concord. and 58 towards livermore. the peninsula also sunshine right up against the coastline. 58 in redwood city. san francisco sunny skies and 5 in the ingleside and marina at 58. the north bay, maybe headed to napa or sonoma. 59 in sonoma and 61 expected in napa. sunny for the afternoon saturday. also great for most of sunday process. by sunday night the next storm starts to arrive. we'll show you this next map and look at the pacific. that's where the big change is comings are coming from. pushing into monday morning all of this out here that green is rainfall part of the atmospheric river basically a copious amount of moisture of rainfall, all
6:48 pm
pushing right into california. so we do think we'll be under a microclimate weather alert for monday and tuesday. rainfall potentials, widespread for the bay area 1 to 2 inches. winds 20 to 40-mile-per-hour. we could have mudslide in the fire zone, big concern. and isolated flooding where the drainage on streets is not the best. watch out in the typical area that is flood. clearing out wednesday, thursday and friday if for the inland valleys cooler next week. nice weekend, monday and tuesday take the umbrella. good to go. >> okay. >> are you ready to talk to a legend. >> of course. >> ready for this. this is good. like the super bowl of american figure skating. >> it is. >> we have gotten to speak all week with the current skaters. and the legends of figure skating. >> and now we have the most decorated figure skater in american history nine u.s. championships, 5 world championships. joining us now in michelle quan, michelle you've known those nerves.
6:49 pm
you've known what it's like. now you're of an icon an ambassador at the event tonight. >> reporter: well, so exciting to be in san joseú for the national championships. this is where the olympic team will be named going to pyeongchang, korea. and skating is going on it's the six-month warmup and six more ladies and we'll see how they skate. very exciting. >> i think we followed you around the world competing. he we saw you and instagram you can still skate would you jump back in. >> do it tonight. >> you know it was a bet between my sister and i about being able to at 37 years old to do a triple jump. and i said okay i do a lot of yoga. i work out like crazy. i think i can do it. she said can you do it before 2018? and sure enough after many, many falls, i was able to land a triple toe.
6:50 pm
i think that's something to say that at 37 years old you can still do a triple jump. >> that is impressive. you know let's talk about the polina edmunds. because she is leaving the competition today, will not be going obviously will not have the opportunity to make the team. how dispinpointing does that to be to work that hard and have the injury that prevents you from making the team. >> it's extremely disappointing for any athlete to go through injuries. she has worked so hard to get to this point, to be at the national championships. the year that you qualify for the olympic games. and to pull out after a short program, i'm sure it's devastating. for athletes tonight it's like -- the mentality is that they've trained so hard, blood sweat and tears. i hope that the skaters can skate their very best. >> michelle quan, the ledge aerd michelle quan thanks for joining
6:51 pm
us. great to have you back in town now. >> you go with that triple toe. >> thank you so much. >> so good. >> nice to see her again. just ahead at 6:00 she is dominating tennis matches and acing tests. we introduce to you the globe trotting tennis star from the south bay. she )s headed to stanford in the
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
fall -- but fir we might have a new star in the bay area. she is headed to stanford in the fall but first business to attend you down under. >> colin resch introduces to a rising star in the tennis world from sunnyvale. >> reporter: to coned on the world stage at the junior level you need to hit all the shots. clearly as i found out first hand. she can hit all the shots. >> i think my ground strokes are dominant. i'm an aggressive player and a lot of girls can't handle thes pace. i have a bit of innovator in the game. i don't play one style. i like angles and drop shots and slices. i kind of -- i mix it up. i thinkky play with these girls for sure. >> she is referring to the best junior tennis players in the world. she is one of them. currently ranked 107th shed leaves for melbourne january 8th to play two tournament, the
6:55 pm
second being the australian champion junior championships. >> there is a little bit more nerves because you don't want to travel all that way to have a not great result. but i'm really excited for it. >> based on results in melbourne, she could in aus for three woks. what about schooling? she does it from home through a private international online program. >> it's impossible. this is the only way to have the flexibility to travel and do school at the same time. >> it's been beneficial in november the sunnyvale resident was accepted to stanford where she will join the women's tennis team this fall. >> stanford has been the dream because it's so close -- it's in the backyard. >> as exciting as that chapter in her life will be, right now she can't wait to get a glimpse into what her life could become after stamford. >> i'm excited to be playing the same place as the pro. see them walking back and like i'm here too.
6:56 pm
>> olen resch, nbc bay area. >> she is good. >> she has to remember us little people when she goes big time. earlier we told you joan gruden is about to be back in black. >> expected to be named the raiders head coach second time on tuesday. a reported $$100 million contract. also details on a whoer big money local sports figure. warrior star k.d. is doaning $3 million to the alma mater, university of texas in honor of big donation the main entrance of the school pavillion will be named. >> kerch durant basketball center. >> the kevin durant basketball center. by the way, k.d. went to the university of texas in austin for one year before being drafted to the nba. >> when i win the lotto again i'm naming this building the jessica aguirre building. >> you will have your big name there on the building. >> so we can keep working in this beautiful establishment. >> will you -- thanks for joining us here at 6:00.
6:57 pm
have a great evening.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
now on "extra." alex trebek's top secret brain surgery. >> i want to thank all of you for your concern. >> the jeopardy host revealing his medical emergency and how he's doing today. khloe kardashian tell all about becoming a mom. >> if it is a girl -- >> why she says tristan will be the perfect dad and how she's watching her weight. >> i am still working out. >> and surprise news she's breakng to renee. inside the new book about the trumps, packed with explosive claims about their marriage. >> shawn spicer coming out and


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