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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 6, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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ahead. if you didn't wake up early enough to catch the rain, you might still get a chance at some lingering showers over the next couple hours. live look at the doppler radar. the majority of that system is off to the east, so it was coming down from the north but now the majority of it is sitting just south of the bay area. we can expect to still continue to see the possibility of lingering showers, especially for the santa cruz mountains and the monterey area. right now, though, one thing you will notice, it's not very cold outside. especially in the san francisco and the south bay area, even inland in concord, 50 degrees. now, the north bay, typically waking up to colder temperatures, 39 in santa rosa, 40s overall but it looks like we are expecting a mainly clear and cool afternoon once that system moves out. i should say, partly clear. look at the temperature trend as we head into the afternoon. by 12:00, we're talking upper 50s eventually into the 60s and we are expecting to be cooler but i do have a look ahead at that atmospheric river so tune in because we have a lot of rain on the way. >> we need it. this is great. stay tuned for that.
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vianey, thanks. well, it was a night of tears and drama on the ice and some bad blood off of the ice. we are live at the u.s. figure skating championships in san jose where the women's olympic team was just announced. the team includes fremont native cocai karen chen along with mirai nagasu and bradie tennell. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas has our exclusive coverage. you were at that announcement this morning. take us through it. >> reporter: well, kira, figure skating has a reputation for having a lot of drama attached to it and throughout this u.s. championship, that has been no exception, leading right up to that announcement this morning. of course, the focus around here is on karen chen, who came in third in the figure skating in the competition, which didn't necessarily guarantee her a spot on the olympic team. she did not know about that until 11:30 last night. she said she got a text message letting her know she was being
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nominated to the u.s. team. she said she literally screamed at the moment. her mom was in the room with her and she said she was just -- tears started flowing. it was something she has dreamed about ever since she was a little girl. here's what she had to say about making the olympic team on the "today" show this morning. >> i'm just so ready to soak in the experience and to just enjoy it all since it's my first time. >> i think we have a great shot. we're all very strong, and we've got this. >> reporter: okay, now, of course, let's talk about some of the controversy that always seems to come with this. it involved the woman who finished in fourth place, ashley wagner, perhaps the most famous of the skaters going into this competition. her scores weren't there, and after the program, she -- frankly, she ripped the judges, saying she was furious, thinking they did not score her as well as she should have been scored, and she deserved to be on the
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team. we're going to share more about what she said coming up at 7:30 this morning, but of course, i had to ask karen about that this morning, about what she thought, and karen very diplomatically said she thought she did everything she could, and she deserved to be where she is. of course, another bit of information we learned from karen, after she skated last night, was the fact that she had been sick after the short competition on wednesday. she said she went to bed and she couldn't sleep and she came down with a virus that had her in bed for much of the die before tay competition, so she was very proud of herself that she was able to get up the energy to do the free skate. talking to her this morning, getting up early for "the today show" announcement, she is basically exhausted this morning. >> yeah, i can imagine. and she should be proud of herself, like you said, for resting and still making it on the olympic team after being sick. just incredible. garvin, thanks for that.
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we'll check in with you again at 7:30. and garvin did make our olympic team. he's headed to the south korea for the u.s., for us, you can follow his reports nightly on nbc bay area. he'll also be posting behind the scenes videos and photos on our social media sites. new this morning, san francisco will begin selling recreational marijuana. the state issued licenses to a handful of city dispensaries just last night. that means sales to adults 21 and older will begin in just a few hours from now. store operators say they're anticipating getting a lot of new customers. one shop in the mission, medithrive, tells us they're stocked up and fully staffed. >> we did the best that we could with funds that we have and relationships that we have to make sure we have enough inventory for everybody. >> recreational marijuana became legal in california january 1st, but the san francisco board of supervisors didn't approve regulations for sales until last month so that postponed sales of recreational pot in the city.
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at this point, seven san francisco dispensaries are licensed by the state. several more are awaiting approval. the man acquitted of killing kate steinle was sentenced yesterday to three years in prison for possession of a gun. that is the only charge the jury found him guilty of in november. the undocumented immigrant received the maximum three-year sentence, which he had already served awaiting trial. but he's not a free man. garcia now faces federal charges of illegal weapon possession and that could land him in prison for ten years. he'll find out next week. his legal team is gearing up for that fight as well as working to appeal this conviction. acting san francisco mayor london breed officially announced she wants that job permanently. breed announced yesterday she will run for mayor in the june election. because she was president of the sf board of supervisors, breed became acting mayor after mayor ed lee's unexpected death last month.
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>> i decided that after careful consideration, and just taking all of the things that i've been thinking about over the years and the work that i've done in the city, that, yes, i'm going to do it. i'm going to run for mayor. and i'm excited. >> yesterday, breed spoke with reporters at a community clean-up at a san francisco playground. she says she felt inspired since becoming acting mayor. breed joins a very crowded field, including former state senator mark leno, supervisor jane kim, and former supervisor angela alioto. whose father was mayor. city attorney dennis herrera also is considering a run, along with assemblyman david chiu. the special election is june 5th. a san jose man is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a teacher inside her classroom. 23-year-old andrew walked on to the campus at harker middle school tuesday morning, assaulted and robbed a teacher inside her classroom as she
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prepared for the day. about an hour before students would arrive to school. >> the victim said that the suspect walked into the classroom where she was alone, locked the door, and turned off the lights. >> he lives about a half a mile from the school. he was arrested thursday night in san francisco after police say he had cut his hair and tried to disguise himself. the vallejo man who pleaded guilty to starting a fire that killed his son and ex-girlfriend will never get out of prison. he's been sentenced to two consecutive life terms. he was spared the death penalty when he admitted to splashing gas on the victims during a domestic dispute and then lighting the room on fire. it happened in 2016. his son was just five years old. at 7:07, we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, "fire and fury," the controversial tell-all book about the trump white house is sold out everywhere but we have a look at what's inside.
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welcome back. it's 7:10 on your saturday morning. wow. fog covering the toll plaza on the bay bridge. the eastern span as we head out to the first weekend of 2018. that's not looking very promising, but vianey arana says we have a pretty dry weekend ahead. enjoy it while it lasts, because rain is headed our way this coming workweek. well, the book was released four days early, but getting your hands on a copy is the real challenge. "fire and fury" is hard to come by, sold out just about everywhere you look. but "today in the bay's" sergio quintana has more on the tell-all book all about the trump white house. >> reporter: there they are, copies of "fire and fury" by
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journalist michael wolff. you can see they're wrapped and ready to go to customers that reserved each one chblt >> it's been quite hectic with the phone calls coming in. the reservations for the book, we had 63 this morning at 9:00 and we are currently out. >> reporter: this is not the only place that's sold out. books across the koush asouth b down to santa cruz are sold out and on back order. when's the last time you had a run on a book like this? >> probably "harry potter." >> reporter: much of what author michael wolff documents has already been covered by several news agencies by nbc bay area political analyst larry gersen says this book brings it all together in one digestible package. >> the president's idiosyncrasies, for example, the power struggles, the extent to which there may have been conspiracy, obstruction of justice questions. people don't like to throw those things out directly but this book puts all of those things together.
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>> reporter: some of the more explosive excerpts have already flooded social media. adam schiff has even tweeted out a request for someone quoted in the book to testify before the u.s. house intelligence committee. the white house has pushed back. president donald trump tweeted, saying it was full of lies, misrepresentations, and sources that don't exist. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> well, at 7:12, we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up. >> i believe so. >> san francisco's 911 dispatch was flooded with phone calls following the earthquake. now an important message to the public. and we've got that fog rolling on in, in san francisco. yeah, expect to see that patchy fog become a little bit more dense. we're still tracking the possibility of lingering showers off to the south but looking forward to the atmosphere river. i'll have more details after the break.
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welcome back.
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it's almost 7:15 on this first saturday of 2018. clouds covering the bay as we look at the transamerica pyramid in san francisco. it will be pretty dry this weekend, and vianey arana says we should enjoy it while it lasts, because we have big rain headed our way. someone this morning is $450 million richer, and that someone bought a mega millions ticket in florida with the lucky numbers 28, 30, 39, 59, 70, and the mega number 10. that luck, though, reached someone in the bay area in daly city. that person bought a ticket here at the 7 eleven on geler avenue. they got five out of the six numbers, winning $1.8 million. >> that's very good. so, yeah. i'm kind of speechless right now. it's crazy i'm excited for the person who won. >> we know we're not winners here. now to the powerball. that drawing is tonight.
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it's worth $570 million and it's growing. some new insight now into the earthquake that rattled the bay area early thursday morning, not surprisingly, 911 was inundated with calls. >> was that an earthquake? >> san francisco emergency operators received 120 calls in the first hour after the quake. typically around that time, they'd get about 15 calls. the issue here is that most of those calls were simply people asking if there had been an earthquake. city officials are urging san francisco residents to call 311 in the future to find out if there was, indeed, a quake. 911 is for true emergencies. all right. now to the deep freeze. temperatures are plunging across much of the east. last night, slowing efforts to clean up from thursday's powerful blizzard. those along the coast have an especially tough road to recovery because of the record storm surge. the blast of arctic air has more than 120 million americans under
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windchill watches, warnings, and advisories for this weekend. >> very cold. this goes right through you. >> the worst thing that you can have following a storm like this is extremely low temperatures. >> the bright spot in all of this, if there is one, is there are far fewer power outages than anticipated, meaning most people should at least have heat during this brutal weekend. at 7:17, now is a good time to check in with vianey arana for our weekend forecast. looking at that sure makes us thankful we don't live in boston anymore. >> right? and they're actually expecting possibly even a colder morning tomorrow, so they're not in the clear just yet. yeah. as far as us, though, we're only expecting a cool afternoon and our temperatures are actually warmer in the mornings than they were -- supposed to be. so, we're on the warmer side of this storm system that we saw move in, bring a little bit of rain earlier this week, but it's a warmer system, and that's also why the sierra didn't really get to see the benefits of any snow
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from this system. but right now, if you're waking up, one thing you're going to notice rolling in is a little bit more of that cloud cover and yes, the fog. 52 degrees in the peninsula. south bay 54 at this hour. tri-valley, 49 degrees, and look at san francisco. really showcasing that early morning fog, expected to roll in pretty dense in the east bay as well at 50 degrees and there goes my north bay camera. there is also fog in the north bay. now, as far as the rain goes, we saw that cold front move in overnight, and now we have two interacting systems so what's happening is we're seeing the majority of that rain that kind of lingered overnight and into the early morning hours kind of now further off to the south. you can see it here on our live radar. san jose got a little bit more rain. i saw some driving into work this morning. santa cruz and the monterey area still seeing some of those showers but you can see this system kind of trek out of the area off toward the modesto area and the stockton area. what can you expect over the next couple hours? if you notice, fast forwarding through that early morning fog once it burns off by about 5:30
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p.m., the a.m. lingering showers will burn off nicely and all that will be left behind is mostly clear skies and cooler afternoon temperatures. so, by the afternoon, all is looking well. looking ahead toward sunday, also looking equally as gorgeous, so sunday's going to be a great day, but we do have some big changes on the way and it's on the form of an atmospheric river. let's talk about your microclimate highs for today. san jose will be reaching a high of 60 degrees, east san jose, 59, milpitas, 57 and for the east bay, upper 50s and 60s so a little bit cooler than what we saw earlier this week. some parts even reached the 70s. in san jose, they did see a 70 high on thursday. now, along the peninsula, 55 degrees for daly city, san francisco also expected to see upper 50s and for the north bay, upper 50s, and lower 60s. let's talk about that atmospheric river. a quick look at the outlook, you can see by 10:30 t majority of the storm system makes its exit from the bay area.
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if i fast forward through monday, that early morning commute on monday is going to be an absolute mess. please be careful. this is a good time to get your tires checked. and of course those windshield wipers because it is going to be a complete washout on monday, even into tuesday, so it's going to be two days of atmospheric river really brings its way in, anywhere from 1 to inches 2 inc rain is expected by the time the storm makes its exit. in addition to the rain, we are expecting this to be a wind event so expect to be under a microclimate weather alert, gusts between 20 to 40 miles per hour as we head into the start of the workweek. so really enjoy this monday, because it's going to be a messy commute out there. >> good warning, vianey. it is 7:20. still ahead on "today in the bay," making money on marijuana without growing it. how new start-ups are benefitting from recreational marijuana now being legal in california. with the legalization of
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recreational marijua.. welcome back. california ushers in 2018 with the legalization of recreational marijuana and billions of dollars are on the line. all sorts of businesses are springing up and some entrepreneurs from tech to beauty to food are coming up with other pot start-ups that don't rely on growing nor selling the plant itself. nbc's jacob soboroff explains. >> reporter: with cannabis now legalized in california, lines like this one are forming at dispensaries all over the state. but businesses are now starting to spring up that do a lot more than just sell people weed to smoke. it looks like you guys probably have, what, 100 drivers in the field right now. >> usually on a day like this, there's 100 to 200 drivers. >> reporter: it turns out to operator a marijuana start-up, you don't need any pot. >> users download our app and then shop and then delivery
7:24 am
driver will arrive on average in around 20 po 30 minutes. >> reporter: a weed delivery app and someone will show up to wherever you are within 20 minutes. >> this is our command center here, where we're manning all of the operations. so on average, we do about a delivery every ten seconds throughout the entire state. >> reporter: eaze is one of hundreds of new pot businesses hoping california's move from medical to recreational pot will pay off. they're backed by $50 million in venture capital. what'd you do before you were working with eaze. >> an operations supervisor for u.p.s. >> reporter: what are the parallels? >> parallels is number one the customer. you always want to make sure the customer is having a great experience, no matter what. >> reporter: when you left your job at u.p.s. and you told your friends and family i'm getting into the marijuana delivery business, what'd they say? >> they thinking about i was crazy but after this, i don't think they will. >> reporter: as we were talking across the street, there is a u.p.s. delivery truck. there's two of them right there. do you see a day when there's going to be eaze delivery trucks of that size driving around the
7:25 am
state of california? >> definitely. >> reporter: in san francisco, scott peabody and monica operate a cannabis catering business from her house and post their recipes online. >> this is the crushed cannabis that i have. put in there and it's been simmering in here for about four hours already. >> reporter: the amount that you use depends on how high you want to get? >> yep. >> reporter: monica and scott hope to capitalize both on legal pot and the growing ranks of foodies. >> with california where we have so much innovation and so much a focus on food, i think we're going to see tons of cannabis-related cuisine. >> usually, it was cookies and brownies but how many of those can you eat? if you want to incorporate it into your daily life, it should extend some more healthy options. >> reporter: are we going to see jamba juice with cannabis one day? >>ed love that. >> reporter: in los angeles, you can get a legal manicure, pedicure that doesn't get you high but incorporates cbd oil, a compound in cannabis. i, of course, had to try one.
7:26 am
here we go. no turning back now. what do most people say to you about getting this? >> very relaxing. >> reporter: very relaxing. that was pretty good, actually. some of the salon's regular customers were curious about the treatment i got. can i ask you a question? do you smoke pot? >> no. >> reporter: so would you do this even though you don't smoke pot? >> yes, because yes. i like the tingly feeling. >> reporter: you like the tingly feeling. in california's booming legal marijuana economy, there's something for anyone who's interested, at least for now. >> that was jacob soboroff reporting. california already has received hundreds of applications for new cannabis-related businesses, but one challenge is, if and when these companies make money, is where can they keep it? so far, less than 5% of federally chartered banks will do business with them because marijuana is still illegal nationwide. it is just shy of 7:27. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, from jail guard to prison inmates themselves, three
7:27 am
santa clara county deputies learned their fate for beating an inmate to death. we have an exclusive interview with the victim's sister. also, a former news anchor takes over the miss america pageant. the changes she'd like to make to empower women.
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welcome back. it's 7:29 on your saturday morning. the first saturday of 2018, we're taking a live look outside at cloudy skies over san rafael. looks nice, though, you know? no pouring rain, even though we need the rain. we're -- we'll take a nice break from it and enjoy a fairly dry weekend while it lasts. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast, and i say while it lasts because -- >> it's coming. >> you say come monday -- >> it's going to be a washout. so start breaking out the rain boots, the umbrellas, check your vehicles for safety, the tires, all of that. now right now, the thing that we're starting to notice the most, if you're just now waking up, good morning.
7:30 am
and you know, you probably need the overnight rain but the lingering showers are now far off to the south of us, so you know, still expect to see some rain in monterey but that system is moving east. what you're going to notice this morning now is the fog starting to roll in. you can see it really, really there in san francisco. 51 degrees right now. east bay, 49. and north bay at 39 degrees. but i want to show you a travel comparison. if you are planning to travel this weekend, look at where we are compared to the rest of the nation. now, in portland and seattle, in the 40s, which is actually where we're typically supposed to be at in some parts here in the bay area, but if you know the east coast is really dealing with that biting cold. i mean, look at cleveland. 10 degrees. and even in chicago, 14 degrees, but that doesn't even incorporate the windchill, which is below. so, you know, yes, kira, we're very lucky that we live in california. now, we do have some big changes for us in the bay area, all in the form of atmospheric river. we've got much-needed rain on the way but it's going to be a
7:31 am
lot. so you need to tune in, in the next 15 minutes. >> we hear that and go rain, dangerous driving, but that map of the country gives us good perspective. vianey, thanks. now to a night of big drama on and off the ice at the u.s. figure skating championships in san jose, where the women's olympic team was announced. the team includes fremont native karen chen, mirai nagasu, and bradie tennell. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas is live at the s.a.p. center with our exclusive coverage from inside. garvin, you not only have the olympic team announcement from this morning but you have an interview with the shoe-in who didn't make the team. >> reporter: that's right. and let's start with the good news, and the good news for us in the bay area, of course, is that karen chen is going to the olympic games, the fremont native, she finished third in last night's competition. it made the performance -- the performance made even more remarkable by the fact she told us later that she had a virus
7:32 am
and she was so sick, she could barely get out of bed the day before, but she rallied, and she put it out all on the ice and she made the olympic team. now, to the controversy you were talking about. ashley wagner, perhaps the most famous of the skaters last night, the face of the sport in the country, well, she skated and came off the ice and didn't feel like the judges had scored her properly. particularly her artistic or the component side of the program, not so much the technical. she thought in both the short program and the long program, she didn't get the scores she deserved. she walked off the ice. she was very upset. here's what she had to say just moments after coming off the ice last night. >> i'm furious. i am absolutely furious. i know when i go and i lay it down and i absolutely left one jump on the table, but for me to put out two programs that i did at this competition, as solid as i skate and had to get those scores, i am furious, and i think deservedly so.
7:33 am
i am a performer, and that second mark is just not there, and you know, i am absolutely okay with them being strict on my rotations. that's what i think the u.s. figure skating should demand on their judges but you know, it needs to be across the board. and i don't necessarily feel like it's been that way at this event, so we'll see how things pan out. >> reporter: now, with this competition, of course, the first three don't automatically get into the olympics so there was a chance up until the announcement this morning that ashley wagner would have been put on the team, and that would have bumped karen chen off, but a of course that didn't happen and karen chen is going to go to pyeongcha pyeongchang. she told us she got a text message at 11:30 last night letting her know she had been nominated to the team. she said she immediately screamed with her mother in the room, and burst into tears. she said this is the culmination, this is everything she had dreamed about for years, all coming true in that moment. okay. so, what does she do now?
7:34 am
the first thing karen is going to do is get some sleep. it was a late night, and an early morning, but then she's got to start thinking about how she's going to train for the next month because she has a very big performance coming up in february in south korea. >> she deserves that rest, garvin. thanks so much for that report. and garvin, by the way, is headed to south korea for us. you can follow his reports nightly right here on nbc bay area. he'll also be posting behind the scenes photos and videos to all of our social media pages. in other news now this morning, san francisco will begin selling recreational marijuana. the state issued licenses to a handful of city dispensaries just last night. so, sales to adults 21 and older will begin in just a few hours this morning. store operators say they're anticipating getting a lot of new customers. one shop in the mission, medithrive, tells us they're stocked up and fully staffed. >> we definitely did the best that we could with the funds that we had and the relationships that we had.
7:35 am
to make sure that we have enough inventory for everybody. >> recreational marijuana, of course, became legal in our state on january 1st, but the san francisco board of supervisors didn't approve regulations for sales until last month. so, that postponed sales in the city until january 5th. yesterday. at this point, seven city dispensaries are licensed by the state. several more are awaiting approval. now to a story we've been following for years. the beating death of michael caught national attention back in 2015. not only did the case lead to murder charges against three county deputies but also triggered a series of investigations that changed how the jail was operated. "today in the bay" has an exclusive interview with michael's sister. >> reporter: the three accused santa clara county jail deputies were together in court in june last year when they were convicted of murdering a mentally ill inmate, and they were together again when the
7:36 am
judge sentenced them to the maximum sentence of 15 years to life in state prison. >> this sentence is a just sentence. it protects and serves our community. >> reporter: that was also the sentiment of his sister, shannon, who came to the bay area in september 2015 to claim her brother's ashes a month after he was killed. she made reference to it during a victim statement read by prosecutor matt braker when she was emotionally devastated, knowing ashes were all she had left of her brother. shannon couldn't get to the bay area because of the east coast snowstorms but i talked to her by phone about today's sentencing. >> i have some relief. it doesn't bring him back. it doesn't change anything. but it's justice for him. >> reporter: sheriff laurie smith expressed sympathy to all families involved and said, michael tyree's legacy will include how jails operate. >> i think it's an improved system. i think jails around the nation are paying attention to what's happening in santa clara county
7:37 am
and the progress that we're making. i think it will be a legacy of transformation. >> reporter: shannon says she hopes so. >> could have a chance of saving other lives in jails. and you know, that would be something for michael's death to have that kind of meaning. >> reporter: robert honda, nbc bay area news. officials in yosemite says this man is missing. his overdue rental car was found at camp four. we don't know where he's from, but if you have seen this man, you're urged to call park officials. big changes are coming to the miss america competition. that is the message, at least, from gretchen carlson, the new chairwoman of the organization's board. carlson, who was, by the way, named miss america in 1989, took over this week after e-mails ridiculing former miss americas came to light, and forced ceo sam haskell to step down. in an interview yesterday morning, carlson said she plans to make the miss america
7:38 am
organization all about empowering women. she went on to say, "some of the women who were allegedly maligned in those appalling e-mails are now running the place. it's a form of justice." at 7:38, still ahead on "today in the bay," the raiders are getting their man. we'll tell you the details of the record-setting contract that's bringing jon gruden back to the bay area. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices
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jon gruden will be flying welcome back. chucky is back in silver and black. jon gruden will be flying into town this weekend. several reports say he will be finalizing his deal with the raiders on monday and then gruden will be formerly reintroduced as head coach on tuesday. he, of course, coached the raiders from 1998 to 2001 before the late al davis traded him to the buccaneers. but get this. gruden's reportedly getting a ten-year contract worth roughly $100 million. he will replace jack del rio who was fired last weekend.
7:41 am
and now to warriors star kevin durant giving big money to his alma mater, kd is donating $3 million to ut austin in honor of the donation the main entrance to the school's pavilion will be named the kevin durant texas basketball center. durant went to the university of texas for just one year before jumping to the nba. very generous. there is much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, did a nurse silence an alarm, a warning that could have saved this man's life? the unusual criminal investigation into a well-known bay area hospital. as that rain begins to make its exit, we've got a few lingering clouds left behind and that fog is starting to roll in. but just looking ahead, we're tracking big rain on the way towards the bay area. i'll have all the details coming up just after the break. stay with us.
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good morning. it is 7:43. as you wake up, you're going to notice it's not that cold but if
7:44 am
you're waking up in san francisco, one thing you'll see outside of your window is this fog really rolling in. you can see a single drop right there on the camera. we've got the majority of the rain that moved in overnight, again, with the system kind of shying away from the bay area now and as that begins to make its exit, we'll see some pretty nice clearing skies by the afternoon. current architecturtemperatures north bay, 39 degrees, and oakland area at 47. san jose, 54. so we're actually nice and mild, on the warmer side of things waking up. but our overall highs will be topping out on the cooler side today. a live look at the doppler radar. if you were up nice and early this morning, you probably saw some of those lingering showers in san jose and san francisco. you can see the majority of the system has finally trekked its way out and is now further off to the east. stockton and modesto area, can still expect to see some lingering showers along with monterey, at least through the 9:00, 10:00 a.m. hour. but for the rest of the bay area, once that rain makes its exit, it will leave behind some
7:45 am
fairly nice skies and cooler temperatures. here's the reason why. san jose is expected to top out at about 60 degrees this morning. milpitas, 57. cupertino, 59. out towards the east bay, similar conditions as well. a high of 57 for oakland and in antioch, 60 degrees. along the coastline, we will definitely keep the cloudiness a little bit longer than the rest of the bay area so expect to see that cloud cover into the early afternoon as well. half moon bay, 56 degrees as we head toward san francisco, embarcadero 54. so what are we expecting in terms of the rain? we saw the couple of systems move in earlier this week and brought a little bit of rain. but now we're tracking an atmospheric river. you can see the rain outlook. if you pay attention to the timeline up here, this storm was on the warmer side of things, the sierra didn't really see much snow from this. by about 9:30 on sunday, clear out quite nicely so sunday is probably going to be your best day to be outside. not expecting any rain. but look at monday. right into those overnight hours into early monday morning, that
7:46 am
commute is going to be an absolute mess. we're expecting some pretty heavy downpours throughout the entire bay area that will carry over into tuesday. if you notice, this system is expected to bring another great chance of seeing some snow as well in the lake tahoe and the sierra mountains so remember, keep in mind, you definitely want to take some extra time if you're heading out to work early on monday and tuesday. over the next couple of days, we'll see the chance of that rain but the biggest impact is going to be monday and tuesday. and anywhere between 1 to 2 inches of rain and yes it's also going to be a possible wind event. as we head into monday, heavy rain with gusts between 20 and 40 miles per hour. but the good thing is it's saturday, we still have one more day before that rain really hits the bay area. >> all right, we'll enjoy that day while we have it, and we'll enjoy the rain while we get it. vianey, thanks. 7:46 right now. still ahead on "today in the bay," the action by a bay area nurse that one family says cost a loved one his life.
7:47 am
was it a crime? we investigate next. monday - reaction to the golden globes... the first award )s shw since the )me too ) movement began. all eyes on hollywood. monday, reaction to the golden globes, the first awards show since the me too movement began. >> and overnight, updates to the
7:48 am
forecast as i track what could be a strong storm early in the week. >> that's monday on "today in the bay," 4:30 to 7:00. on a hospital medical device...
7:49 am
leading to the death of eer did a nurse silence an alarm on a hospital medical device leading to the death of an elderly patient? that's what investigators are trying to figure out. nbc bay area has learned the unusual criminal investigation is unfolding at the kaiser foundation hospital in san francisco. investigative unit reporter jackson van der veken has more.
7:50 am
>> reporter: 86-year-old quay quach died here in the intensive care unit at kaiser foundation hospital in san francisco in late 2015. prosecutors want to know if how he was treated was a crime. >> there are some questions surrounding his death, and we're going to get the answers to that. >> reporter: we've learned that investigators recently seized kaiser hospital records in the death of quach who led his family to daly city when they fled vietnam four decades ago. >> the way that he went, you know, it's just -- it just tore my family apart. they're just heartbroken. >> reporter: grandson kevin tran was with other family at quach's bedside that night while he was being treated for kidney failure and a heart attack. >> he was fully conscious, and we asked, how are you feeling? are you feeling better? and he said yes. >> reporter: but a state public health investigation found that later that night, the tube
7:51 am
2350 feeding blood back into quach's body came loose. an alarm sounded but family members told investigators the nurse simply silenced it without checking further. tran and his sister said there was a pool of blood on the bed and the line was disconnected. >> she was witnessed, you know, a beloved family member just die right in front of you, and i -- of course i saw it too. and it's like, i had to try to keep it together because no one else was. everyone was breaking down and crying. >> you have to be outraged. why? >> reporter: the family's attorney, william weiss, says the dialysis machine data indicates the alarm sounded for 13 seconds before it was silenced. the nurse told state health investigators she did not hear any alarm. state officials fined kaiser $47,000 for quach's death, and nearly $12,000 for not reporting it.
7:52 am
weiss said that failure allowed key evidence to be destroyed, like quach's dialysis tubes. did you think of this as a cover-up? >> absolutely. it is a cover-up. why would she tell the state that no alarm went off? why would kaiser have those parts thrown away and put the machine back to use? i mean, it sound like a cover-up to me. >> if no one reports it, then the department of public health is not likely to find out about it. >> reporter: lisa mcgifrt, who tracks patient death cases nationwide, says a criminal probe of a death like this is highly unusual. >> we have talked to patients and their families around the country who have taken their case to the police. most of them have been turned away. >> reporter: kaiser turned down our request for an interview but told us in a statement it has recently revamped training and care protocols. we sincerely regret that this incident occurred and extend our sympathy to the family involved.
7:53 am
while such a case is rare, we take full responsibility for the provision of safe quality care to our patients." quach had hoped to join family in a hill top house being built in brisbane, but work on that dream home is now on hold. >> it's tough enough seeing a loved one die, but it's worse when that loved one was such an influence on your life. you know, he was the type of guy i grew up, you know, i wanted to be just like him when i'm 80 years old. >> reporter: as the criminal probe continues, the family is seeking damage through an arbitration case with kaiser. nbc bay area news. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or visit our website, it is 7:53. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, it's our "clear the shelters" segment featuring our
7:54 am
friends from pets in need. we will introduce you to brewster next. this guy is in a hurry. uh, i was in a hurry this morning. barely had time for breakfast. music sting: crave van! hey guys. try my country scrambler plate, with jimmy dean sausage, homestyle potatoes and scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, ham and cheese. part of my brunchfast menu.
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part of the brunchfast menu. this morning -- some special guests from pe welcome back to you. it is our "clear the shelters" segment this morning. our special guests from pets in need are here. volunteer coordinator alex and foster coordinator amanda hardy are here with brewster. he is so cute. i know i say that every week. he is ready for a new home. i have to say, we got a photo of him, you know, you always e-mail us the photos of the animals before they come in. and he just looks like a little muppet. he's so adorable. he's a one-year-old schnauzer and poodle mix. amanda, tell me about him. he seems well behaved. >> yeah, he is. he's a really well behaved boy. he's really sweet. >> yeah. >> very affectionate. >> yeah. i actually offered to have him sit in my lap during the interview because he was so friendly. sometimes the pets are skittish
7:57 am
around the cameras and the lights and there's a lot going on here in the studio, but he's pretty chill. what kind of family -- what kind of home would be good for him? >> i would say just a family that's willing to train him. he is one year old so he does need a little bit of training in order to be a good home companion. >> will he grow much? >> probably a little bit more, but we don't expect much more. >> well, he is just adorable. i do hope he gets a forever home in the new year here. and speaking of the new year, great segue, right? alexa, you have a lot of ideas for people who have a new year's resolution to perhaps volunteer more. >> definitely. and we actually schedule out general orientations all the way out through the fall, every month, so everyone, they're on our website so it's easy to get involved and during these orientations, we go through all the job opportunities and what it's like to volunteer at the shelter, give you a tour, get to
7:58 am
meet some of our animals. >> yeah. >> it's a really great way to give back. >> you have, like, hiking groups. >> yes. >> play groups. >> exactly. >> all sorts of things. >> especially with our dogs, we have hiking buddy group, they do mutt strut, which is walking around in downtown areas. we have play groups that happen in our backyards so we do a lot of fun stuff with our pups. >> so not necessarily like they're working in the shelter. they can take the dogs out. >> definitely. we love that. >> and have a lot of fun. well, that's good to know. so, if any of you are interested in brewster or in volunteering as a new year's resolution, be sure to head to i always love the pets you bring in, but usually they're sitting on your lap so at least this time i can play with him. again, head to, amanda and alexa and brewster, thanks so much for coming in. thank you for making us a part of your morning. we have a special broadcast at 4:30 and we'll have more local news for you tonight right after the game and again at 11:00 p.m.
7:59 am
be sure to stay up to date call day on and i will see you back here tomorrow morning. announcer: when you see this symbol you know you're
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