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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 12, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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presi right now at 11:00, president trump firing back. reporters asking if president trump is a racist after he allegedly used the word we can't say here to describe haiti and african-american nations. the president denies the accusations but he's still facing a pushback. good morning and thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. so clearly somebody here is lying, either it's the congressman who attended that white house meeting on immigration or it's the president himself. they're telling two very different stories this morning. >> yeah, the president says he never used a profane slur. those who attended that meeting say he did. scott mcgrew is here to sort it out all. >> good morning to you, let us assure parents, kris and marcus, we're not going to repeat that
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pro infant. it was an awful thing to say. the president says it never happened. dick durbin, the democratic senator from illinois, was there at the meeting. >> as senator graham made his presentation, the president interrupted him several times with questions. and in the course of his comments said things which were hate-filled, vile and racist. you've seen the comments in the press. i've not read one of them that s inaccurate. to no surprise, the president tweeted this morning denying he used those terms. it is not true. he said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly. >> republican jeff flake who was not in the room but said he talked to several people backs up senator durbin's account of what happened. at first the white house didn't deny it, but this morning the president denied it.
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he said the languaged use at the daca meeting was this was not the language used. the other never said anything derogatory about haitians. about two hours ago, president trump signed a document marking martin luther king jr. day. he did not address the controversy while he was surrounded by supporters and he did not answer reporters' questions as he walked out of the room, but it was so ironic to see people shouting at an mlk event, mr. president, are you a racist? now just news this morning, an american ambassador to panama resigned, saying he could no longer serve under the trump presidency because he was honor bound to resign. we have done a lig digging. he actually resigned before the president's comments for the same reasons, you know, but before the president's comments. >> do you know his political leaning? was he appointed by president trump? >> he was appointed by president obama. he was a former marine corps officer and an eagle scout. so we assume he's a good man. >> all right. thank you very much, scott.
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we know we'll be hearing more about this. scott is always keeping tabs on the president every morning on "today in the bay" scott recaps the president's latest tweets and doings. scott wants to hear what you think. you can tweet him @scottmcgrew. turning to your microclimb forecast. a look at the nice and dry weekend that we have ahead of us. >> yeah, here is a live look at the bay bridge, richmond, the fog, though, is still sticking around. we're wondering how long it's going to be sticking around, vianey. >> it was probably our leading story in terms of weather this morning. we can still see it over san francisco. let's take a nice look at the fog and visibility. we're still seeing pretty dense fog in san francisco, about 4 miles, san car low down to 9 miles. we can expect to keep a majority of this fog around for at least one or two hours into the midafternoon. we'll start to see that finally burn off. in terms of the temperatures, they've been fairly mild for the most part.
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san francisco at 51 degrees right now, oakland near 51 and san jose about 5 degrees. overall, though, or day should be face. you can see the fog in san jose and that temperature trend does show a very nice climb in san jose into those 60s with a combination of some sun and some clouds. we are very dry today. we are expect today dedry through the weekend but also tracking another chance of rain. i'm talk about that coming up in just a bit. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, vianey. back to the developing story in montecito were people are dealing with the deadly aftermath of mudslides. search teams and cleanup crews are facing another challenging day. destroyed entire neighborhoods as people returned to their homes just reduced to the foundation. >> people think of water like a river. you wouldn't last two seconds. it's a blender of huge 50-foot logs and five foot by five foot
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boulders grinding. >> the number of people confirmed dead is holding steady at 17. the number of people missing is down from 43 to 5. nbc's anousha rasta is in montecito, i understand that most of montecito right now is under a mandatory evacuation. >> reporter: marcus, that is correct. in fact, the montecito fire department tells us that 75% of montecito is under a mandatory evacuation order. that's because this area is being considered a disaster zone. now even though crews are making significant progress clearing the roadways, there is no water, no gas and very limited electricity in the area. so if you are choosing to stay behind, even if your home was not damaged by the mud sloweds, you will not have those resources. it is like living in a ghost town here. most of these businesses, if not all of them, are completely closed. this is considered montecito's downtown area. the only activity that we're seeing is cleanup down the road
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there at the famous montecito inn, that famous hotel. they are busy cleaning up that hotel. we've seen a lot of law enforcement officers. this is the same area that was impacted by the thomas fires and now after these mudslides officials are urging folks to leave the area because they're telling us this situation is not going to get better any time soon. that is the latest from montecito, reporting live in mont seat, oh anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. >> it does look like a ghost town. be safe out there, anousha. all right. our coverage of this story continues on air. coming up at 11:30, we will show you more of the devastation. if you can't to hear more from our victims, you can go to you can find a lot information about what's going on as well as the recovery efforts underway right now. this is being called one of the worst flu seasons in a decade. maybe you know somebody who has already had it.
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local hospitals are trying to stay prepared for a potential influx of patientlies. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us live from seton medical center. pete, you talked with the chief nursing officer there. can you tell us what the hospital is seeing so far? >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. well, you know what, it's busy like we're seeing at many hospitals right now because of this flu season but right here at seton medical center, they're saying they're seeing a 10% increase compared to last year when it comes to the flu cases. when it comes to folks coming in with the flu, it's not who you would think. >> this time we're seeing a lot of patients under the age of 65 being affected by it 40 and 50-year-olds and 20 and 30-year-olds. that's unusual and being admitted to the hospital for it. >> reporter: hitting all populations. some interesting stuff there from the chief nursing officer. he said that 10% increase is a combination of respiratory complaints and flu illnesses.
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as a result they're making sure they're staffed correctly, even bringing in more travel nurses here to help out at the seton medical center. more than two dozen deaths in california when it comes to the flu. 5 deaths reported locally in the bay area. flu prevention, get that flu vaccine if you can. also avoid handshakes and hugs. make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, drink plenty of fluds, the last point, stay home if you are sick. also those are just some of the tips. they're saying not to rub your nose or eyes. those are things that go without saying. hopefully folks will use these prevention tips so they don't catch the flu. the center for disease control expects this flu season to last another two months. we're live in daly city, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right. pete, thank you so much for that one. new at 11:00 for you, we're learning about an alarm new research that says inappropriate ads were appearing in kids' games available in the google
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play store. the san carlos-based firm said it told google about the findings and google has already fixed the problems. here is what the firm says checkpoint found. it says a malicious code inflexed the google play store, hid inside nearly 70 kids' games which have been downloaded millions of times. inappropriate ads to display. researchers say that also made devices vulnerable to other attacks. this morning, a google spokesperson told us that we removed the apps from play, disabled the developer's account and will continue to show strong warnings to anyone who has installed them. we appreciate checkpoint's work to help keep users safe. coming up, flames break out at a south bay apartment complex in the middle of the night. we'll show you what's left behind and we're hear from one resident who barely escaped those flames. plus, in the showroom. the exclusive tesla model 3 is already for a test drive. the only place you can find one.
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well, would you look at this? this was an explosive fire that lit up a south bay apartment complex leaving more than a dozen people without a place to stay in the middle of the night. we brought you live coverage here on "today in the bay" as it was happen. it was in south san jose on rancho droifb off capital expressway. nbc bay area's bob redell was there talking with some of the folks who made it out just in the nick of time. >> reporter: sadly this fire displaced 16 people, including five children who are all going to have to find a temporary place to live until their homes are rebuilt here. you can see this fire destroyed at least what looks like a couple of units and damaged the other ones to the extent they've become uninhabitable. the result of a fire that started around 12:30 this morning on the 100 block of rancho drive in san jose. the fire department tells us this is the kind of incident that really scares them. taking a look at this video, when they arrived on the scene,
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a section was already involved on both floors. firefighters immediately went into rescue mode to make sure everyone got out okay, which they did, including kathy nguyen, her husband and two young sons. >> everything is gone. everything whatever you're supposed to have in the house is gone right now. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> start beginning. just wait until and then we leave and then we buy everything again. that's all we can do. >> reporter: you're safe, though. >> yes. >> reporter: the responding firefighters called for a second and eventually third alarm for backup to help put this out. knockdown took about an hour. the fire department doesn't know what caused this fire. they do know it started in one of the units on the left end of the building behind me. i did speak to a number of residents. they're not sure of the cause either, but a come believe it might have started outside balcony or patio. the red cross was here helping
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them displaced and giving them a moment until they get a more permanent place to live. reporting here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. and the opening bell there at the new york stock exchange as you can see right now, the dow is up nearly 200 points. the s&p 500 and nasdaq both reach high records today. well, a big day for tesla and tesla enthusiasts. its much hyped model 3 finally rolls into showrooms today for the first time. starting at 10:00 this morning, folks started showing up to look at one of them up close. some folks are even hoping to test drive it. this is happening at the palo alto showroom, the only spot in all of the bay area you can get your hands on one. tesla's los angeles showroom will also have one, but that's it. that's it for now. the cars sell for around $35,000. until now folks have been ordering them sight unseen. by the way, we should mention
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that tesla is way behind in delivering those cars. and last we heard, some of those cars were being assembled by hand. a follow-up for you now, b.a.r.t. officials say they need more time to test service in the south bay. reports this morning that the transportation officials say they need six months to test the tracks. but b.a.r.t. officials say they can't start until at least march because vta is still doing tests. service from the warms springs to berryessa stations is supposed to start in june. the mavericks surf contest could be a go this monday. sources say the world surf league is deciding whether the waves will be good enough at pillar point near half moon bay. they are eyeing the martin luther king holiday as the day to kick off that event and the decision could come as early as today. we have been watching on social media for sure. we have been reporting to you that the world surf league purchased the rights to hold that surf contest after the previous organizers declared
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bankruptcy. we started out very cloudy this morning but it looks like it's going to shift to a nice sunny day. hopefully for that big event. >> no kidding. we're trying to shove the fog and clouds up. not working yet. >> you know what? we're actually tracking our next chance of rain on that monday. yeah. our weather models. but that also kicks up the waves. so it might be a nice combination of waves kicking up. we're going to have to keep a close eye on the models for that as well. still seeing some of that fog in some spots. look at the camera right here in san rafael. very foggy. this is one of our foggier cameras. all morning the drivers have had to deal with the limited to no visibility in some areas but we will eventually start to see some of this burn off. we have the high pressure that is dominating the forecast and that's what's been keeping us on the warmer side, especially starting out in the morning, been in the 40s and 50s. san francisco at 51 degrees, san jose 55, napa also about 51 degrees. nice and mild in terms of the fog and visibility.
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san francisco and oakland still dealing with limited visibility. down to a half a mile in oakland. and in napa, santa rosa it's cleared out just a bit at about 10 miles in santa rosa. concord still seeing that dense fog, same for livermore and even in san jose as well. as far as your microclimate highs for today, well, as i mention, we do have that high pressure. that's what's going to keep us nice and dry, even through the weekend. our overall highs for today will actually be slightly warmer than where we should be at this time of year. san jose expected a high of 66. milpitas, 65. oakland, 60 degrees. walnut creek, 67. along the peninsula, upper 50s. lower 60s. san francisco embarcadero also seeing a very foggy morning. now as soon as these temperatures begin to warm up, we do have the rain outlook for the next several days. as i mentioned, we were tracking the arrival of that next storm system. it looks like we'll stay dry through the weekend. monday and tuesday,' are
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tracking this low pressure system that is expect today bring a good amount of rain but it doesn't look as intense as the last one. when we look at our rain totals jumping ahead, starting off finally to be on track in terms of the rainy season, but estimated rain totals, just over 1/2 inch for the south bay. about 1/2 in to over an inch near ukiah, santa rosa and for san francisco. so as of right now, the that next storm rain chance does arrive as early as monday. through the weekend, though, you may nottis we start to see an increase in the temperatures. all again, thanks to that high pressure. monday and tuesday we start to see a drop in the temperatures again. 70 in inland spots to about 65 and then eventually 58 with the arrival of that system as we head into the start of the work week. this weekend is going to be a good one. make sure you head out and enjoy a very nice saturday and sunday but also a lovely friday. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, vianey. are you a david letterman fan? >> way back. >> don't worry, he's back on tv.
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this time on netflix and he has a special guest. >> he's got a biblical beard, you know? do you have a staff? >> the beard is something people talk about. well, look at the former "late night" show host. the new show and the question that he had for president obama, remembering the last time he cried. but first, happening now, energy giant bp is paying $102 million settlement for overcharging californians for natural gas. that story just posted on bp says it still believes it met the terms of its contract with the state but wants to avoid more legal costs. and the midterm elections are later this year. right now, a cyber security firm says russian hackers are actively seeking out the groundwork for a spying campaign against the u.s. senate. the firm says these hackers are so busy trying to gather the e-mails of america's political
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elites. we're coming back right after the break. and back to tracking our next chance for rain. kari dissects the newest weather models coming in overnight. plus: "rocking" the south bay. the small art projects popping up, and how you can get involved. )today in the bay ) - monday - 4:30 to 7. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you.
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television comeback -- a new show debuting on well, now to david letterman's big television comeback. a new show debuting on netflix today. >> letterman's first guest doesn't get much bigger than a former president. here is nbc's willie geist. >> ladies and gentlemen, my next guest, the 44th president of the
11:23 am
united states of america, barack obama! >> reporter: a highly anticipated blast from the past. former president barack obama making his first talk show appearance since leaving office. on david letterman's new netflix series "my next guest needs no trucks." >> he's got this biblical beard, you know. do you have a staff? >> i'm regarded -- >> reporter: the former "late show" host coming out of retirement to profile a lineup of familiar faces. starting with obama who opened up his transition from president back to private citizen. >> i think there was a sense that i had run the race, i had completed it, i was proud of the work that we had done and that i was ready for the next stage. >> reporter: from sleeping in to vacationing in the british virgin islands, president obama talking about his life after the white house. that includes sending his oldest
11:24 am
daughter malia off to college. a moment he tells letterman that had him sobbing and misting for weeks. >> i held it together in front of malia, and then when we drove away, you know, secret service is in the front and they're just looking ahead. they're pretending that they can't hear me in the back. you know -- >> reporter: the hour-long interview offers a rare glimpse into president obama's personal life but he does talk politics. he didn't specifically mention his successor president trump, instead, the former commander in chief saying he believes social media and personalized news sources have caused divisiveness among americans. >> if you watch fox news, you are living on a different planet. [ laughter ] >> than you are if you, you know, listen to npr. >> reporter: president obama also reflecting on his time in office, telling letterman he wishes he would have acted less presidential and more relatable.
11:25 am
>> we're nre not for the constitution, there would be michelle. no, no, no, no, no. >> reporter: and a strong reaction when audience seemed to think the president was talking about the possibility of another obama white house. >> you guys are misunderstanding me. what i'm saying is i'm prevented from running again by the constitution. but even if it were not for that amendment, michelle would leave me. >> we'll be watching. so keeping mayor ed lee's legacy alive here at home, there is a new proposal in san francisco to rename an historic park in his honor. dozens of people turned out for a meeting about improving portsmouth square in china town. this is the first meeting about the park since mayor lee passed away from a heart attack last month. acting mayor london breed announced plans to begin renaming the park in lee's
11:26 am
honor. a lot of folks at that meeting say they support the idea. >> this is exactly how our park should be used, by the people who live in these communities. they depend on this place. this is their social -- this is their living room, you know, like coming together. >> mayor ed lee held a lot of public events there, the san francisco recreation and park department, though, would have to approve the name change. well, coming up, those deadly mudslides have devastated montecito and santa barbara county. a look at what's left behind as searches for survivors turn into recovery efforts. plus, an inside look at america's nuclear arsenal. we'll meet the group of women in charge of the most dangerous weapons in the world. hey, folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. go to your waze app and in the bottom corner there is going to be a magnifying glass. you click on that and then your name at the top. that's your profile.
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scroll down to see teams and pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community. that's how we help each other out. we'll get back to you right after this break. search teams and cleanup
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crews are facing another difficult day in montecito. mudslides have claimed at lea search teams and cleanup crews are really facing another difficult day in montecito. mudslides have claimed at least 17 lives and destroyed entire neighborhoods. >> all at once. the latest official count of missing people is still at five. now the number has been changing a lot since this all started. nbc's steve patterson reports from santa barbara county. >> reporter: here in montecito, destruction as far as the eye can see. there are cars pulverized, homes that have completely been ripped apart. this is now a critical juncture in the effort to save anybody who may be trapped underneath rubble in this deadly storm that
11:30 am
started earlier this week. now crews are worried about this effort turning from rescue to recovery. upwards of 40 people may be trapped somewhere. the mandatory evacuations have stretched to uncover this entire town. people worried about people hampering recovery efforts. a race against time as crews work day and night to try to save lives. steve patterson, nbc news. >> while those crews look to save lives, this driver was looking to stay alive. this was a wild ride for a couple that experienced it in burbank this week. a fire truck camera captured that video of that small car going down that river of mud. the driver says he and his girlfriend were already evacuated on tuesday when they heard a rush of water and their car got caught up in it. it was carried all the way down the hill. >> there were no brakes. no steering. and as you go down the hill, it was the creek that the water was going to settle in and the road
11:31 am
back up. luckily i got a footing and ground with my tires. >> believe it or not, nobody was injured and amazingly the car sustained no damage, marcus. >> a final plan to identify places in california most at risk for wildfires is being put on hold. that's the word this morning from the press democrat. california public utilities commission has already a map put together. the plan was due sunday but regulators want more feedback. now they have until july. it will help guide electric companies by identifying high-risk areas. utilities will have to meet higher standards to maintain equipment and clear vegetation. there are multiple lawsuits alleging that the neglected power equipment sparked the north bay wildfires. for the second time in new days, the faa is talking about a miscommunication at sfo that could have been disastrous. the latest case was a go-round involving a delta airplane coming in a little too close to a plane taking off.
11:32 am
the faa says this was a routine go around and experts tell us that the passengers were never in danger. here is the sfo animation showing that delta flight as it attempted to land on wednesday night while a jetblue flight took off on a perpendicular runway. those planes were roughly a mile apart with a 200-foot difference in altitude. but passengers tell us they could tell something was unusual. >> suddenly we noticed that the flight pulled up really fast and, you know, all the engines working and that. so it was really scary and i said, oh, what is happening here? >> this is at least the fourth incident at sfo involving missed signals. last july, an heir canada plane almost landed on a taxiway where plans were sitting. in october, air canada pilots repeatedly ignored a go-around order and landed their plane anyway. an air mexico plane landed --
11:33 am
almost landed on the wrong runway. lock at the this picture here. that thing on top of the hood of that car is a fuel cap from an airplane that fell off and nearly hit a driver. it happened in newport beach in december. that united airlines flight had just taken off from john wayne airport in orange county when that fuel cap fell from the sky. the driver said it sliced the hood of his car. you can see that for yourself. it almost went through the windshield. the federal aviation administration is investigating zblvlg . changes could be coming to who gets to see police body cameras in san francisco. officers involved in deadly shootings can watch video from any officer before speaking with investigators, but the examiner reports the police chief wants to change that policy. officers would only be able to look at their own body camera before speaking with investigators. the proposal is still under review. scary moments in a north bay neighborhood. a nearly eight-hour standoff is
11:34 am
in sonoma county came to an end last night. this was the scene earlier as the neighborhood was in lockdown. santa rosa police say the suspect was taken into custody just after 8:00 following an armed robbery at a liquor store on tuesday. everyone was back at home safely this morning. happening today, authorities will gather in the south bay to educate educators on responding to the unimaginable. they'll hold an active shooter training session meant to prepare teachers for potentially dangerous on-campus incidents. that event is being held by the santa clara county office of education. it is an unwelcomed surprise. another swimmer bitten by a sea lion at san francisco's aquatic park. this is bite number four. nbc 4's jean elle spoke with the swimmer attacked and has that story. >> i never scared them, they never scared me. >> reporter: irene chan says she has no idea why a sea lion bit her during her morning swim at aquatic part. the 55-year-old says at first
11:35 am
she thought it was a joke. >> i think something around me because it holds my knee. you feel the teeth hold, but not a serious bite, just hold you. >> reporter: she says the sea lion bit her knee, tugged on her and then let go. the bite broke the skin on the front and back of her leg. tonight, chan is feeling lucky it didn't cause more damage and so many people were nearby to help. >> i called for help and she was swimming next to me and making sure i'm okay. i didn't feel it but at the almost end i feel it and then i stopped kicking. >> reporter: chan is the fourth swimmer bit by a sea lion in aquatic park in less than two months. the south end rowing club member says she's been diving in for a predawn swim for ten years and once her doctor gives her the okay, she'll be back in the water. >> it's a lot of fun there,
11:36 am
swimming in the cold water is a lot of fun there. >> she's a brave lady. jean elle reporting there. she is limping a little bit, you can understand why, you saw the bandage. she is in great spirits. signs warning the swimmers about the danger are posted by but the beach and cove remain open. >> this is something that the sea lions need to look out for. recent discovery of a rare and venomous sea snake has scientists worried about what it mooengs means for the pacific ocean not to mention sea lion safety. you can see that is a yellow-bellied sea snake. those are typically found in warm water locations like the indi indian or central america. researchers say they found one in the sand in newport beach. this marks just the fifth such discovery ever in california and the third over the past three years, raising concerns about warming waters. president trump is scheduled to have a physical. it will be his first medical
11:37 am
checkup since taking office. the president's official physician will form that physical. the white house says the doctor will release a brief statement after the exam. they say there will be a news conference next week where the doctor will take reporters' questions. new details. for years, many american have paid little attention to the inner workings of our nuclear arsenal, but the latest confrontation with north korea has a lot of folks rethinking our capability. the u.s. controls a massive nuclear arsenal and the us air force let nbc's stephanie gosk inside one of the key outposts at the center of our nuclear program and for the first time, the very special all-female unit awaiting that call. >> reporter: passing through the sweeping farmlands of north dakota, it's possible not to realize that here buried beneath the ground is part of the most delve stating nuclear arsenal in the world, operating by u.s. air force base minot.
11:38 am
with tensions on the rise, the air force invited us to take a look around. a slow cargo elevated drops 80 feet down. our guide opening the first of two blast doors. >> these doors are made of concrete and rebar. they're eight tons each and have, here since the '70s when they built this place. >> reporter: on the other side is what's called a launch control center. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for roughly 40 years. by an all-female alert team. the first of its kinds at minot. these two captains both in their 20s situating for the call from the president. >> that message has to come from who -- >> from potus. >> if we get a message, we will absolutely -- if it's authentic, we will also key turn on it. >> reporter: this launch center is connect today ten
11:39 am
intercontinental ballistic missiles. 60 feet tall, 79,000 pounds. it can go 0 to 15,000 miles an hour in less than a minute, seven times faster than a speeding bullet. the payload much more powerful than the bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki. >> that's what we make sure to use is the message authentic. so we have a series that we compare what's ever in the box to what message we get. if they match, it means that it's an authentic order from the president. >> reporter: you each have your own padlock? it looks like something you would use on a gym locker. this doesn't look high-tech to me. >> a lot of this is analog. it's not hackable. >> it looks straight out of "war games." when stuff breaks down, do you have trouble finding parts? >> that is a problem sometimes. we had a couple of parts that
11:40 am
needed to come from the smithsonian because they don't manufacture them anymore. >> reporter: air force has been lobbying for years to replace their equipment and that is slowly happening. commercially filled computer systems are too unsafe. everything has to be specifically developed. >> you are capable at any given moment to launch the most destructive weapon known to mankind. do you spend a lot of time thinking about that? >> we obviously get screened in the beginning. they ask you the question, if you are given the order to key turn, would you be able to do it? >> if i'm being ordered to key turn, that means somebody out there is more than willing to destroy everything that we live for here in the united states. >> reporter: being the first all-female alert team is not something they think about often. >> it doesn't feel unique to me. and i think most women, especially women here, we want to be valid for being good at our jobs. >> reporter: while underground with all that time on their hands, they do a lot of reading and tv watching.
11:41 am
>> do you ever watch the "today" show. >> of course we watch. >> every day, right? you watch every day. >> absolutely. >> are you lying to me right now? >> no, i'm not lying to you. when they first told me they were coming down, i was like can they send kathie lee and hoda and have them bring wine? that would be great. >> stephanie gosk reporting there. now i want to tell you more about the alert team. they cannot drink at all 24 hours before their shift. they're also responsible for monitoring their own emotional well-being, something called the personal reliability program. if something traumatic happens in their lives like a death or a breakup, they have to report it and may have to take some time off before going back to their job. coming up, we're tracking that weekend forecast. looking good? >> it's looking pred good. nice and dry for the most part. a live look outside. we're still seeing that fog across the entire bay area but we are tracking the chance of rain, how that could affect your
11:42 am
plans heading into the work week. details coming up in just a bit. stay with us.
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nbc bay area responds. to a san jose man who says p-g-&-e owed him five grand, but it well, nbc bay area responds to a san jose man who says that pg&e owed him five grand but wouldn't fully pay it up. >> that is a lot of money. so he asked our consumer
11:45 am
investigator chris chmura and our team for help. >> vince says pg&e wanted to remove some trees from his property and he said, okay, but vince says when the power companies sent out a crew to remove the tree, they broke his electric gate. vince got an estimate to fix the gate and it was, brace yourself, a5,300. but he says pg&e went ahead and offered to pay part of it, yeah, $4100. still there is a $1,200 gap right there. vince turned to us for help with the leftover money. we contacted pg&e and it reimbursed vince the full $5,300. in a statement, the power company said, we apologize for the inconvenience. th this incident has caused. when they come asking access to your yard, we recommend documenting the process with photos in case you encounter trouble like vince did. if you have a chuck schumer complaint, call us, 1-888-996-tips or log on to
11:46 am >> all right. well, we're starting to see a little blue in our cameras. san bruno mountain here. and vianey, you have a look at the city scape. >> the lowe like fog there. some pretty nice lou clouds. that makes for our cameras, but not nice if you're driving in it. we're going to see dry conditions. it will make for a great day to be outside. once we see the fog burn off, this shot here over san francisco. the camera right behind kris as well. but another look at san francisco. now we are expecting to see that fog and visibility get a lot better within the next couple of hours, but oakland still dealing with just under a half a mile of visibility. concord down to two miles. in san jose, down to about four miles. so once that burns off, the temperatures have been mild all morning long, we will remain on the mild side but slightly warmer in some areas. current conditions in napa, 51
11:47 am
degrees, oakland at 51 degrees as well and san jose 55 degrees. our microclimate highs, a little bit of this cloud action going on through the evening hours, but we'll start to see more sun out there. san jose will eventually climb to about 66 degrees. east san jose, 64, milpitas, 65. a combination of the upper 50s and 60s in walnut creek at 67, concord 65. along the coastline, upper 50s. half moon bay a high of 59. embarcadero 59. mission topping out at about 60 degrees and the north bay will also have a nice combination of 50s and 60s. now the rain outlook, we aren't tracking any systems heading into the weekend but looking ahead at our models into monday and tuesday, you can see the arrival of another storm system that is expect today bring a good amount of rain. if i take you through this timeline as we look ahead towards wednesday, a very cloud andy wednesday and on thursday
11:48 am
another storm system is expect today make its arrival. next week it's looking like a very rainy work week ahead. as far as estimated rain totals, this storm isn't looking like it's going to be as much as the last storm was in terms of rain totals. you can see just over a half an inch in some areas. just over 1 inch in fairfield, santa rosa, san francisco. down here, the south bay a little close to a half in in those spots. not as wet the last storm, but you can see by the seven-day, a lot of changes ahead. warm up heading into saturday and sunday thanks to the high pressure. then on monday, the storm system swoops in just in time for mlk day. monday, we see a drop in temperatures. you can see on wednesday and into thursday we've got a cloudy wednesday and then a second storm system is expect today make its arrival as early as thursday it so we're looking out for two systems as we head into the next work week, but if you are in town for the weekend or your family's in town, you're going to enjoy a very nice dry
11:49 am
weekend in the bay area, which is always great news. i'll send things back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, vianey. coming up, going for gold again. we talked to an olympic champion about what she's doing to help others. sfx: tinny headphone music
11:50 am
sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st,
11:51 am
so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. the winter olympics are fast approaching and it is coming down to the wire for tho l 28 days and counting, the winter olympics are fast approaching and it's coming down to the wire for those looking to qualify. >> one south lake tahoe gold medalist is looking to compete in her fourth winter games, but as successful as she has been, she has never forgotten about her humble roots. nbc bay area's garvin thomas joins us now with her humanitarian efforts. ♪ >> reporter: when hannah looks back on her childhood in rural vermont, support is a word that comes to mind. hannah says her parents were always supportive of her sporting dreams.
11:52 am
emotionally, that is. financially, well, hannah says that really wasn't possible. >> no, we were definitely, like, tight on the budget growing up. did mowing of the lawns all summer and i worked at a few different restaurants when i was young. and then it was like, well, i want to go and, and snowboard so i don't have to do this anymore. >> reporter: and do well hannah did. winning a gold medal in snowboard half pipe at the 2006 games in italy. instead of reaping the financial benefits of her success for herself, hannah remembered and honored a promise she had made years ago. >> it was always like if i ever make it big, i'm going to give back as much as i can. >> reporter: so hannah proceeded to donate all of her witnessinn for five years to charity. >> so yesterday was our first day out in the field.
11:53 am
>> reporter: she started hannah's goal, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to a village in contain yeah and then travelled there so see the results firsthand. >> it's amazing. is really is life-changing, you know? and it makes you realize all the little problems we have here when we stress about this and that, it's like, this is really nothing. it's not a problem. like, think about the kids in africa who have to walk 20 miles to go get a jug of clean water, like, that will change your perspective. >> reporter: which is not to say that hannah doesn't think snowboarding matters anymore. she knows the only reason she gets to do those things is because she is so good at this. hannah has her sights on earning a spot on the team for pyeongchang. winning the gold and once again sharing the rewards. >> i love it when they give back. >> never forget where you come from and never forget who you are. >> perfectly said.
11:54 am
we'll be right back. hey, folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. let's go to your waze app on iphone or android. in the bottom corner there is going to be a magnifying glass. click on that and then your name at the top. that's your profile. scroll down to see teams and pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community. that's how we help each other out. we'll get back to you right after this break. just watch - as a truck takes
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
out an inflatable finiin we leave you wig this incredible moment caught on camera. that is a truck taking out an inflatable finish line at an australian cycling race. it happened in the middle of the race. you can see the cyclists there ahead of the truck, too. the bestander throws her hands up in disbelief. the reporter was taping part of her story. they got it back up quickly but we're questioning why it was on the route in the first place. that could have been disastrous. >> okay. a quick look at weather. >> we are seeing nice weather to go cycling. if you want to go out there in the bay area, it will be pretty good. in terms of the weather condition and temperatures mild up in the upper 50s, lower 630s and expect a warm-up as we go into the weekend. 70s into sunday. >> you'll be walking like this. >> on sunday. >> have a great day. we'll see you next week. ha
11:58 am
11:59 am
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. so, i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon! >> that says it all. >> i still get goose bumps. >> what a way to kick off the week. that got us uplifted and empowered. oprah giving that great speech. >> happy rose friday. >> great to see -- look at our great panel here. >> yes. >> a lot to get plugged into. analise and audra from celebrity page tv, always great to see you. >> let's talk about


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