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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 16, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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support and love for a 16- year old bay area boy. love for 16-year-old bay and i'm marcus washington. fir "today in the bay." we spok is live at college ends. park high in pleasant hill. a s
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and offered additional for st around and got his head hit on . >> he's social and goo as i men.
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however, it is still s $500,000 see ryan, but he can't take as hill, bob riddell, nbc turning to microclimate osephas
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weather forecast coming a live look outside. san francisco on the left -- and san jose on the right. meteorologist kari hall has more on the timeline. kari -- a chp officer is hurt in the line a live look at san rafael. we are dry in the bay area. we have some clouds rolling by and our high temperatures headed into the low 60s, even some mid-60s. it's going to be a fairly
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pleasant day, and you'll want to make sure you do take in these warmer temperatures, because with these next storm systems will come some much colder temperatures. we'll talk about those temperatures and how much rain we could get, the time line of the incoming storms as well, that's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> sounds good. we'll look forward to it. thank you very much. chp officers hurt in the line of duty are now learning more about the driver who officers say started a chain reaction crash that led to the officer being in the hospital. nbc bay area's pete suratos is live at the headquarters this morning. you just spoke with the chp. do we know how the officer is doing? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, laura. i just spoke with chp not too long ago and they tell me that officer martin lenway will be in surgery at some point today for those injuries to the lower half of his body. they say it appears he may have broken both legs as a result of this accident. but they are sharing this
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picture of officer lenway during better times, on the facebook page on the contra costa page during the fourth of july event. he's worked for the decision for nine years. as i mentioned, both legs could be broken as a result of this accident. the scene from highway 4 it happened on the eastbound side of highway four near the port chicago exit. he was in the center divide with his parked motorcycle helping two motorists in a non-injury accident. they were driving a pickup truck and lexus. he's helping them and erratic driver of a chevy trailblazer who police say was driving under the influence comes speeding up the center divide hitting his motorcycle and proceeds to hit the pickup truck, pinning the officer to the ground. miraculously he maneuvers out from under the truck on his own and calls dispatch for help.
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here's brandon correa who says by the grace of god they're lucky officer lenway is still with us. >> at the bottom line of it, it's all avoidable. 100%, this person got behind the wheel impaired, whether it's alcohol or any drug that impairs you, got behind the wheel, made the decision to drive, and nearly killed one of our chp officers. >> we're looking at a mug shot of that accused driver, tammy walker of pittsburgh, who faces a long list of charges that include two counts of felony dui, vehicular reckless driving, assault on a peace officer, and also driving on a suspended license for a prior dui conviction. as i mentioned, officer lenway will be in surgery for his injuries, that accused driver is in custody at the martinez detention facility. we're live in martinez, pete suratos, "nbc bay area news." in just a few hours, a man accused of killing a chp officer
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on christmas eve will be formally charged. 22-year-old mohammad abar ali was allegedly speeding while drunk and on drugs, when he slammed into the back of a patrol car on 880 in hayward. he is scheduled to be arraigned at 2:00 today. chp officer andrew camelleri died in that crash, a married father of three. the kids saved from torture-like conditions in southern california are in good spirits. here's what we know about the horrifying discovery. police in parris, california, say the mother and father held their 13 children captive in the home, some of the children were found shackled and starving. the teenage daughter escaped on sunday and alerted authorities. the parents were arrested and booked and charged of torture and child endangerment. within the past hour a doctor gave an update on the medical needs of the children. >> the long-term needs of these kids are going to be the psychological and psychiatric
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needs due to the prolonged periods of starvation, and maltreatment. >> officials say the kids are in stable condition. our coverage of this story continues at 11:30. hear from people in the community who say that they were shocked at this discovery. breaking political news, "new york times" reporting special counsel robert mueller subpoenaed steve bannon to appear in front of a grand jury. >> scott mcgrew, he was one of the most important allies of the president. >> the ceo of his campaign, white house strategist as well. there's steve bannon right there, he went from close adviser to arch enemy after he was fired and then started making trouble for donald trump. now this breaking news, bannon will go before the grand jury. the first that we know of to go before the grand jury. this morning, bannon appeared in front of the house intelligence committee behind closed doors. this is one of several committees investigating the
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russians interference with our election. cory lewandowski the president's former campaign manager, told the press he's been asked to testify again of russia. we saw the testimony of the secretary of the department of homeland security, talk about immigration and daca and the wall. what made this particularly interesting is one of the senators that's questioning her is dick durbin from illinois. both durbin and nielsen were in that meeting together, when the president called africa a profane word. durbin says he heard the president say it, so the obvious question is, what did she hear? >> you said on fox news that the president used strong language. what was that strong language? >> let's see, strong language, there was -- apologies i don't remember a specific word. what i was struck with frankly as i'm sure you were as well was
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just the general profanity that was used in the room by almost everyone. >> did you hear me use profanity? >> no, sir. >> she remembers the profanity but not the actual profane word. the government shuts down in three days unless democrats and republicans can agree on a budget. the democrats won't move until there's movement on daca and the president won't move until congress pays for the wall. the dow up 41 points, making records this morning, it has been only 12 days since it broke 25,000 mark. it actually hit 26,000 this morning, so a lot of people on wall street excited this morning. >> yes, it was quite the open. new at 11:00, rock on. the daily line-up four the bottlerock music festival has been announced. friday may 25th, muse and the chainsmokers will perform. the killer, snoop doggg and billy idol play on saturday.
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bruno mars closes out on sunday. tickets go on sale tomorrow. bottlerock of course helped in napa. >> bruno mars i like that. >> i love the killers. coming up, one bank is trying to be equaling the move by citibank to fix the gender pay gap. and north korea, the high profile meeting going on right now to prevent a nuclear war. you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax.
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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welcome back. new details now on a story we've been following for years. plan to add housing in downtown san jose is moving forward. developers are planning to build a seven story residential complex near the corner of julian and stockton streets. by the proposed google village where the tech giant wants to build offices right by the station. the paper reports the new apartment complex would have nearly 250 units that would also be retail space. city officials recently approved a permit to develop the site. happening today, transportation leaders in san francisco will vote today on a
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new pilot program to limit parking permits. if approved, it would cover a small section where the majority of of the residents agreed to be part of the trial run. the visitors have to pay to park. each household limited to two permits with the max of one per person. the city currently allows up to four permits per household. citigroup will increase pay for women and minorities to bridge the pay gap in the u.s., uk and germany. the company is the first major u.s. bank to respond to a push by shareholders to disclose its gender pay gap. citi conducted a survey in those three countries and found women and minorities are paid 99% of what men and non-minorities make, a smaller gap than in the overall workforce. citi hasn't provided figures on average salaries. happening today, we expect a lively debate over proposed changes to oversight of the san jose police department. tonight the city council will study the independent police auditor system. the office started back in 1993.
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the critics have long complained that the auditor can only make suggestions, but not demand changes. "the mercury news" is reporting on a possible expansion. the paper says the council could give the auditor power to hold the department accountable. another change, allowing a review of complaints filed by officers and staff. there is talk of allowing review of all use-of-force cases. the council could also give the independent police auditor access to body-worn camera video. the police department and the union may push back. the discussion is scheduled for 6:00 tonight. four people are filing a claim against cal and the city of berkeley, arguing police did not adequately protect them when tensions boiled over during a protest last year. they're holding the news conference right now. that protest in february was sparked by the appearance of controversial conservative blogger milo iannopoulous.
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their attorneys plan to talk about a lawsuit on campus later on this morning. the school has notti issued a comment. a developing story on the north korean nuclear threat. the u.s. and canada are hosting officials in vancouver to discuss next steps. nbc's andrea mitchell reports from vancouver. >> reporter: 18 countries plus the u.s. and canada represented here, but they did not invite china or russia. russia has already blasted back. china's president talked to president trump on monday, and they're also not happy about the fact that they are excluded and that these meetings are being held to try to increase the pressure on north korea to agree to denuclearization, something the north has said they will never agree to. south korea and north korea meanwhile are having their own meetings to discuss the olympics, and how to deescalate the crisis and even share cultural exchanges during the
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olympics, even have a joint north and south korea women's hockey team. so a lot to be discussed today, as secretary of state rex tillerson and his canadian counterpart try to find a diplomatic way out, but just in case, of course, they're keeping the pressure on defense secretary mattis was here last night, briefing all of them on military preparations, and two b-52 bombers landed in guam to just drive home that point. back to you. >> andrea mitchell reporting there. happened again, another missile mistakenly warned, this time in japan. broadcaster apologizing after a news alert went out on its website and app saying north korea appears to have fired a missile. the correction was issued five minutes after the initial report. this comes just days after a false alarm in hawaii sent people into a panic over the weekend. that correction took nearly 40 minutes to make. sierra businesses are starting to feel the pinch from
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a less than stellar snow season. first snow is expected later this week but right now ski resorts are relying on snow making. over the holiday weekend,crowde about half the runs open but the resort spokesman says there is still time for a turnaround. >> we've had the opportunity to groom every inch of the snow we have now and with that snow coming in we'll continue to drop ropes and expand terrain. >> as much snow has fallen so far this year at squall valley, last year at this time, squall had 281 inches. some hotels in sierra say bookings are down more than 50%. >> gosh, we got to get that snow up there. there's nothing like gliding on it. we'll see some storms coming our way. one passed through this morning but it wasn't a huge one. >> no and i don't think we got a lot of snow out of the rain that moved through the bay area this morning. we are going to have cooler temperatures and lowering snow
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levels and that's the key over the next few days. that's what we need with some chilly temperatures that will be moving in. so as we get a look at this storm system moving in right now, we can see a lot of the clouds and the rain that we had this morning has since moved out of the bay area. so here's a live look outside in san rafael, and it's still foggy in parts of the bay area, and it takes a while for this fog to clear out, so that's been causing some low visibility, and much cooler temperatures in some parts of the bay area. that's what we'll have to watch as we go into the next couple of days, and looking live once again in san jose, we've got the sunshine that is trying to come through those clouds, only expect some peeks of sunshine as we go through the day. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen and we will have some low 60s over the next couple of days, before it cools off. our high temperature today in napa 61 degrees, and livermore will be up to 63 degrees, and we are going to see some dry
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weather and a lot of clouds, and then the rain moves in by thursday afternoon. starting from north to south, it will spread across the bay area, and we'll have some scattered showers, rounds of rain off and on through at least friday. saturday all clear for all of your outdoor activities and then on sunday, the next round of rain moves in, and that will also bring in some gustier winds, some cooler temperatures and we'll see snow levels dropping. look at the areas that have blue, that's where we could have some snow and i think mt. st. helena may also get some snow and that's something we haven't seen yet a lot of so far this season, and even mt. hamilton could have some snow early next week, as we see still some moisture moving in, and some rounds of rain for much of the bay area. this shows how much rain we could see. the first round of rain moves in and over the next seven days will have the potential for all of these areas shaded in blue to get up to 1.25 inches, but in parts of the bay area we get
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some higher amounts, where those heavier downpours come through. for the north bay, we could have up to two inches of rain, but it may be even more, and as we get a live look outside, yosemite and the sierra looks good. even though we have hey light amounts of snow and they've been making snow, we're only for the central sierra 29% of normal. statewide our snowpack is only about 25% of average. look at what one computer model is posting as far as how much snow we could see over the next seven days, and it's posting and showing the potential of feet of snow, 58 inches of snow at kingvaeil and boreal mountain there could be more but it's promising to see that we are going to have a significant snow, and the winter storm watches are already up, even out in advance of this. now, as we look at the bay area, temperatures are going to be really cool.
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only some low 50s, and once again for your weekend, saturday is your dry day. i'll talk more about that and what you may be going, where you may be going and what you may be doing this weekend. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> getting snow boots if you're headed there i suppose. thanks. coming up, a thrilling trip that went horribly wrong. popular south bay coach presumed dead after a freak accident. but first, happening now, the mormon church has a new president, russell nelson will take over for thomas monson who died earlier this month. he is the 17th president of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. is bitcoin becoming mainstream in mark cuban says his team the mavericks will let people buy tickets using bitcoin instead of real money. kim kardashian has a new baby. the reality television star says the surrogate she and kanye west used gave birth early monday morning. it is a girl, the couple's third child. don't know the name just yet. i'm sure it will be unique.
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we'll be right back after this break. for 4-thousand dollars that she says she was not responsible for. our consumer unit responds. a bay area woman is bilked for $4,000 she says she was not responsible for. our consumer unit responds. plus a break from the rain but the storms are not over. we update the forecast for you overnight. >> "today in the bay" 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. a former team doctor for usa
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gymnastics is facing his accusers in court. welcome back, everyone. this morning a former team doctor for usa gymnastics is facing his accusers in court. the sentencing hearing could take days because so many victims are speaking out. many female gym napss have come forward to say that larry nassar sexually abused them.
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simone biles, all i raisman and others, 140 accusers. a south bay community is mourning after tyler nee, a tennis coach at archbishop midi was involved in a sky diving accident in new zealand. his death sending shock waves throughout the school. nbc bay area is in san jose with reaction. >> reporter: friends say he was full of energy with a great attitude, someone you always want to be around, and adventurous. his latest adventure took him to new zealand. last wednesday he was sky diving in tandem there was an accident, they landed in a lake, became separated and nee wasn't seen again. the 27-year-old is presumed dead. >> at first it was stunned silence, trying to process the information. >> reporter: brian eagleson is the athletic director at the high school where nee coached
11:27 am
girl's and boy's tennis since 2013. >> his personality is infectious. he makes the kids comfortable and makes you want to be a part of the tennis program. >> reporter: nee coached at player capital which runs tennis programs on the peninsula. lorenzo correa was nee's good friend who coached alongside him for five years. >> oh, man, an amazing person. >> reporter: he says tyler was great with kids and during summer camp would spend his lunch helping them track down pokemon go. >> the kids with the app, tyler, can we please walk around the park? tyler out of the goodness of his heart would walk with them to try to get the pokemon. yeah, that's just who he was. >> reporter: now tonight, that bright personality lost, leaving a hole in the community that knew tyler nee the best. >> he's going to be sorely missed. our kids loved him and so our hearts and prayers go out to the family. >> reporter: in san jose, ian cole, "nbc bay area news." >> ian tells us that tyler nee's parents flew out to new zealand
11:28 am
last night. the family is hoping to bring his body back to the bay area. >> so sad there. coming up, a disturbing story out of southern california. parents accused of shackling and starving their 13 kids. what we're learning about the investigation. hey folks, before get to break i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application, leverage the power of us all and google. go to your waze app and in the bottom corner a magnifying glass, click on that and click at your name at the top, that's your profile. scroll down to see teams and pick be innic bay areas wazers. join the community and help each other out. we'll get back to you, right after this break. sfx: tinny headphone music
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they held their 13 il a horrible discovery in southern california. mother and father were arrested
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after authorities say they held their 13 children captive in their home. some of those kids were found restrained, and starving. >> it's a story making national headlines, and shocking many people. nbc's christine kim has more. >> reporter: this is a shock to those living in this neighborhood. this is a story that caught the attention of people nationwide and is especially disturbing for those who know the parents, david and louise turpin. all 13 siblings from 2 to 29 years old are now in hospitals being treated after sheriffs deputies found several of them shackled to their beds with chains and locks, and held in dark, smelly conditions in their perris home. they were pale and appeared to be malnourished. the parents were arrested sunday after the couple's 17-year-old daughter called them saying she had escaped from her home, claiming her 12 brothers and sisters were held captive by her parents. we spoke to a las vegas wedding
11:32 am
owe fishant who married the two in 2011. he didn't notice anything abnormal. he says the children were quiet but smiled a lot and telds uslse was shocked to see what happened. >> nothing is unusual except there was a lot of them. they were very well behaved, quiet. >> reporter: all the children are now under child and adult protective services. both parents face torture and child endangerment charges, bail set at $9 million each. they're expected to appear in court on thursday. reporting from perris, california, i'm christine kim, nbc news. authorities in the north bay are investigating a shooting, it happened a little before 8:00 last night, near cook school park south of highway 12 in santa rosa. 17-year-old was shot but managed to drive to a nearby medical center for treatment. his injuries were not life-threatening and police are providing no further details. this morning, officers across the bay area on the lookout for a man who at the center of a child chase that ended in the south bay.
11:33 am
the pursuit began in san francisco and ended by a sunnyvale golf course. the suspect was in a stolen truck and crashed. before officers began their pursuit, the owner of the truck says he was chasing the driver first. spotted his truck on 101 and called 911 while his friend recorded the video. when the chp tried to stop the suspect, he drove on to 237, the wrong way, and crashed a truck near the golf course. officers never got him. he took off and is still on the loose. developing now, we have brand new information about how four officers are doing. they were shot during a manhunt early this morning in south carolina. authorities say one officer is critically hurt. we don't have specific details on the continue of the others. the injured officers have been undergoing surgery. the shooting happened after officers responded to a domestic violence call. the suspect took off and later opened fire, while on the run. eventually the gunman was shot and taken into custody.
11:34 am
flu season is certainly hitting the bay area very hard. since october, more than 40 californians under the age of 65 have died. the most recent victim a mother of three from san jose. nbc bay area's laura malpert has more. >> she was into everything. she wanted to do everything. >> reporter: jim collins chokes back tears while remembering his girlfriend, katie oxley thomas. >> she wanted to see everybody that was close to her succeed, and she did what she could to help them. >> reporter: katie, a 40-year-old mother of three, started feeling sick around new year's day. on january 2nd, she went to an urgent care. >> but they sent her home and said you have the flu. >> reporter: collin says the next night she got worse so he took her to a hospital, where a doctor ordered an x-ray that showed a chest infection. >> he says i think she has pneumonia. >> katie never got better. >> from the time i took her to the hospital to the time she passed was about 18 hours. >> reporter: ruth rivera with
11:35 am
action urgent care says they've been packed with flu patients of all ages. . >> the season started early and the strain going around is a little more virulent and i this i that combination is just spreading like wildfire. >> reporter: the official cause of death was sepsis and wonders if an injury last summer put her at higher for the flu. >> i'd love to blame someone but i don't know. i was ignorant to the fact of how deadly the flu was. i just thought it was just the flu. >> reporter: reporting from san jose, laura malpert, "nbc bay area news." today we're hoping to get a better understanding of president trump's health. he had his first physical while in office last week. today his doctor is scheduled to brief reporters and take questions. last week in a statement the doctor said the president is healthy. there have been questions about the president's mental health.
11:36 am
scott mcgrew reports we expect the doctor to say mental health was not part of the exam. continuing coverage of the deadly mudslides near santa barbara the rare shutdown of highway 101 will last at least another week. it's still muddy and dangerous out there. crews are working 24/7 to remove those boulders, trees, and crushed cars from the freeway. the water receded enough to allow workers to begin scraping away mud from the asphalt. this stems from last week's mudslide that killed 20 people. four people are still missing this morning. this morning, we are seeing the moments that led to a car going airborne and then crashing into the second floor of a southern california dental office. this is a look at the aftermath of that crash on your screen. now let's go to the dash cam video from a transit authority vehicle. you can see the car, watch it, it just takes off, flies across the street and eventually, there it is, it slams into the building. the car was going too fast when it hit a raised median and flew into the air.
11:37 am
the car caught fire after it crashed into the building. the driver admitted to using narcotics and was taken to the hospital along with a passenger, but get this, for minor injuries. terrifying moments at a 7-eleven store. driver plowed right through the doors just before 9:00 last night at the location on winchester and david. police say the driver, mistook the brake for the gas pedal and crashed right into the store. she's going to be okay. fortunately, no one else was hurt. in an interview with "vogue" magazine, serena williams revealed she dealt with a medical scare after giving birth to her daughter. >> she's warning more women about the dangers of blood clots. >> reporter: in a revealing cover story in "vogue" magazine, serena becameis with baby alexis olympia shares her harrowing ordeal. >> how are you doing, olympia? >> reporter: she says holding her baby the first time was an amazing feeling but the next
11:38 am
day, everything went bad. serena had trouble breathing. she knew it was a sign of blood clots she had suffered before, so she guided her doctors on thousand save her life. >> just this idea somebody like her could experience such a severe complication is i think really upsetting to many people and will bring more attention to this issue. >> reporter: every year, 50,000 women suffer complications during pregnancy. 700 die. black women are three to four times more likely than white women, in part because of higher risk factors, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. today, serena posted on facebook, "i hope my story can inspire a conversation that gets us to close this gap." 31-year-old senisia died giving birth to her second child when her heart stopped after a c-section. >> i'm broken inside, i'm broken. knowing how much his mama loves
11:39 am
him and she's not here. >> for me it's unacceptable. >> reporter: doctors say serena's story is a cushionary tale. so the point being, know your body. >> she knew what was wrong, kept going at it and that's a really important thing that we all play a role in advocating for ourselves within the health care system. >> reporter: tonight, serena williams, who raised the game for women in tennis, now hopes to raise the standard of care during one of life's best moments. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >> precious. coming up, we're tracking another rainstorm. >> enjoy the break now. you're still going to have some peeks of sunshine, a lot of clouds and mild everyone it tours. willow glen reaching into the mid-60s today, not bad and tomorrow more of the same, but thursday, that's when we get that rain and i'll talk about it, coming up next. >> look at this long line right here. these people are not waiting for the newest iphone. so what are they lined up for?
11:40 am
we'll tell you what kept them out all night for days, coming up.
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a new reservation system begins today. happening today big changes if you plan to visit muir woods. parking and shuttle reservations will be required. the parking fee is $8, and will
11:43 am
go up every two years. the shuttle fee will be three bucks. parking officials say that large crowds of traffic congestion led to the move. you'll be able to make reservations online. if you're not already waiting in one line in san francisco, you may be too late. this is video shot this morning. more than 100 people are lined up outside the levi's store at san francisco's westfield mall. some have been there since sunday. they are waiting for the chance to purchase a special limited edition air jordan shoe, sewn together with levi's denim. many we spoke to say they have no plans to wear the shoes. some plan to resell them for a handsome profit. >> they go for about $1,000 at some point. bottom dollar $700 but here if you're waiting in line only $200. >> those air jordan levi 4s go on sale tomorrow, sold at about 70 stores nationwide. each store will only have about 150 pairs of shoes.
11:44 am
surfers awaiting the green light for the maverick surf competition. >> there are big waves this week on the coast but not big enough. organizers were hoping to start the event today but had to delay it. the new date hang ten is at the end of the week, despite some news of that, some surfers are hitting the waters to practice. >> not too many people. i thought everybody would be here practicing for the contest but not too many people and just a bunch of friends. everybody's laughing out there, having a great time. >> they're thrilled to have the competition back after it was sidelined last year. it means keeping staff on call to come into work. >> pretty big waves out there. hopefully they can announce the start. >> yes, but it's going to be really cold by the weekend, in between those storm systems. so our next round of big waves may come with some really cold air, but i guess they're fine with that. >> wet suits. >> so we're looking right now at
11:45 am
the first round of rain that moved in, and it was a fairly weak one. it was as expected and really didn't hit all of the bay area, seeing some scattered showers, but panned out as expected with some rain for the north bay and parts of the east bay, and now we're just left with the clouds, but there will be some peeks of sunshine trying to come through. live look from at&t park in san francisco, and look now in fremont, a little bit of a breeze there, but the roads are dry. we are able to stay dry there as well this morning, even with that first wave of that storm system that did pass. and look at our temperatures for our highs today, up to 64 degrees in san jose, even behind the system it will stay mild. 60 degrees in oakland and antioch and 61 degrees in palo alto. if you want to brag to your friends and family elsewhere, we're in the 60s today. it is right now 1 degree in bismarck, north dakota, and it is very cold, even for the
11:46 am
midwest, and atlanta, watching and approaching snowstorm. really big headlines and unusual weather. we were talking about the waves here, and a lot of still dangerous surf. our high surf advisory continues until 4:00 today, and the risk of some rip currents, so even if you do go to the coastline to watch those 15 to 18-foot breakers, never turn your back to the water. that's going to be a huge danger there, and our temperature is reaching into the upper 50s for the rest of the afternoon in half moon bay and staying mostly cloudy, so i don't think we'll have the all clear visibility. our next storm system will be here on thursday, starting out late thursday morning. rounds of rain moving through between thursday and friday, and the sierra snow will begin with some of the snow levels dropping. this will draw in some really cold air. on saturday we'll be dry, sunday we'll start to see the rain moving in around noon for the north bay, and for the rest of the bay area continuing into monday. there's the potential that we could still see some rounds of
11:47 am
rain going through next week. so this shows how much rain we may measure with one of the computer models showing the potential of getting close to two inches of rain, areas north of ukiah, santa rosa and down to liver more 1.25 inches and this will not be a huge impact but there may be some high wind gusts especially once this storm system moves in late sunday into monday and look at our weekend, highs in san francisco only up to about 50 to 52 degrees. morning temperatures in the upper 30s on saturday, 51 for the high. that will not be warm at all, and we will still have the cold temperatures and some rain moving in between sunday and monday of next week, and you want to make sure you keep checking in. we'll have a lot of changes here over the next search days. >> several days. got to keep the umbrella handy. >> human error is to blame for the alert in hawaii over the
11:48 am
weekend. now we get an inside look at the emergency system that went into effect.
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an inside look at emergency alert system that false alarm came from about the missile impact in hawaii. >> the mistake caused chaos over the weekend. nbc's jeff rossen got access inside to show you what happens in a real emergency. >> reporter: the alert sent an entire state into panic. >> a missile may impact on land or sea within minutes. >> reporter: and on phones, this daunting message, "seek immediate shelter. this is not a drill." hawaiians and tourists running for cover. >> in my head i thought this is it. something bad is about to happen and i could die. >> reporter: these people huddled in a closet, but that alert was a false alarm. >> i accept responsibility for this. this is my team. we made a mistake. >> reporter: every state has an emergency alert system, meant to warn you about imminent threats like missile attacks, terror
11:51 am
attacks, severe weather, shelter in place alerts, and amber alerts, and it's been used more than 33,000 times across the country, but after this weekend's mistake, the chairman of the fcc saying false alerts undermine public confidence and reduce their effectiveness during real emergencies. now, officials are trying to reassure americans, but how well does the system work? to show you, we've come here to new york city's emergency management headquarters. this is their security watch command center, and obviously a lot of potential threats here in new york. this is where they send out those texts that go to your cell phone and ben, walk us through this. >> open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, monitoring the city for potential threats or emergencies. when it occurs with t requires a public warning notification. evan barkler collect information and send it to the field for
11:52 am
their approval before sending out a message to the public. >> you're talking to a real person in the field, an authorized person so you know it's real and happening. >> correct. >> evan, what does this look like on the screen? >> i'm going to select my category, which is safety, response type, this particular message is shelter but i could do evacuate and prepare and go down to my headline, this is a test, the alert description test due to an explosion people near rockefeller center should shelter in place. >> officials target the exact area, mapping out the location, the alert gets sent to the local cell towers. that way no matter who you are, a local or just visiting, your phone will get the alerts. but before you hit "send" there's another step to go. >> we want to make sure we get that message right. before it goes out of the room, steve rossen is our on duty supervisor he'll double check that message before it goes out. >> walks over here and there's always a supervisor? >> 24 hours a day, seven days a week always a supervisor. >> in hawaii there was one
11:53 am
person at the controls. state officials say from now on they'll have two, but it's still not required nationwide. the fcc confirming to nbc news it's looking into that, too. do you believe every jurisdiction should have two people at the controls? >> absolutely. it's such a powerful system you want to make sure it's right. an author and supervisor is the way to go. >> what do you say to the people watching saying this was a dangerous mistake that happened. i don't know if i believe the next one that comes out. >> the messages that come out can save your life. we should not let one unfortunate mistake detract from the confidence the public has in this important tool. >> jeff rossen reporting there. the fcc says it is focusing on what steps it can take to prevent a similar mistake from happening and the expert said he's working with the if, cc on making improvements to the system like raising the limit of characters in imagine lean aler attaching photos like a person of interest or a getaway
11:54 am
karimage. >> we'll be right back with more. warriors and cleveland mix it up
11:55 am
11:56 am
.. any number of guys can these days, when the warriors and cleveland get together, any number of guys can steal the show. there's steph, k.d., lebron. >> they're amazing, but last night, it was a 5-year-old dance phenom travaris jones busting serious moves at halftime. take a look, if he looks familiar, he appeared on nbc's "ellen" before and last night, the warriors made sure this is
11:57 am
the highlight for cavs fans. look at him go. he was nonstop, on fire. >> look at him. tick, tick boom. >> oh my gosh. wipes the sweat from his brow. 118-108. cute, right? >> best moves. >> big time. let's check out our forecast with more dry weather, still a lot of clouds over the next couple of days. san francisco reaches into the upper 50s. rain returns on thursday, even though much of the bay area didn't see it today. we'll get some water on the plants soon. >> all right. we'll deal with it. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at 6:00. join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:30, and we're always on at thanks for joining us today. have a great day.
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♪ we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> welcome to the 49th naacp image awards, or as i like to call it, oprah for president headquarters. >> a night of laughs, emotional tributes and celebration. lots of oprah at the naacp image awards which aired for the first time on martin luther king day. >> how great was anthony anderson? he also won outstanding actor for "blackish." tracie ellis ross won and the show won outstanding comedy series. >> which we love. this is an interesting thing. girls trip, which i love. great,


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