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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 18, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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powers to lift that one ton weight over your heads. >> nice job. nice meeting you. the globetrotters play friday and sun at the s.a.p. center in san jose and saturday at the oracle in oakland. 6:00 right now and we are fogged in looking live from our cameras. heading out the door and the rain on the way in. >> plus, a young girl is dead after a horrifying crash in the east bay. the investigation is under way. and avoiding a government shutdown, the reason lawmakers can't come to an agreement on a bill to keep funding right now.
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i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. thank you for joining us because we have some traffic going on. the weather is causing traffic issues. >> i'm not blaming -- >> kari is making your life harder. >> that look she gave you. >> i know the liability issues. we have some fog this morning starting out and it will be a day to getting a foggy start. this storm system approaches but as of now it hasn't yet made it through the bay area. still looking at showers near eureka and approaching ukiah as it moves closer to the bay area. visibility cut down to zero.
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allow extra time to get to work. the south bay this afternoon and mike continues with the traffic. through most parts of the bay, that's not the alert. the alert is because of a continued crash. fog registering on our index and slowing, registering on our speed sensors. it has been the case. head down through the area just before the waldo tunnel. you come to the oakland hills heading to the bay bridge.
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a fender bender reported, looks like it's out of lanes. you can see part of the incline and the bridge disappears. back to you. >> thank you very much. fog is blanketing the bay area this morning. this is video from just this morning. can you guess where it is? from san jose along first street near highway 101 it is going to be very tough in the south bay which we aren't quite used to down here. we're going to bring you a live report and a check of our bridges in our next half hour. 6:03 right now. continuing coverage this of a horrifying crash in the east bay. a 4-year-old girl was killed in that crash in antioch. this happened at somerville road off ramp from highway 4. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live this morning to explain what led up to that
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deadly crash and what happens now. pete? >> reporter: good morning, kris and marcus. it's still under investigation by the contra costa county sheriff's department. a suspect is in custody and the mother of the 4-year-old girl killed are still in the hospital recovering. i want to show you video from the scene in and the roughly around 1:00 p.m. according to the sheriff's department they're saying 23-year-old noe saucedo of pi pitstsburg. they headed eastbound on highway 4. saucedo ran a red light at somersville road colliding into another pickup truck which was
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the truck carrying the mother and her two young children. saucedo was booked on one count of murder, two counts of felony evading. we spoke to a woman in the area when it all took place. >> it went all the way over to the other side of the road. he hit them pretty hard so had to have been going pretty fast. >> reporter: saucedo's bail was set just over $1 million. he's in custody at the martinez detention facility. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. 6:05 now. and freedom for a uc berkeley student. released by the immigration officials near the mexican border. mora spoke to reporters shortly after his release yesterday.
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>> i can only hope that one day [ inaudible ] they treat them like criminals. >> an immigration judge released him on bond while his case is pending. agents detained mora at a border protection checkpoint in san diego. mora is undocumented but he was protected under the dream act which was rescinded by the trump administration last year. mora says he will spend the rest of the week in san diego with his family and then head back to uc berkeley where the spring semester started this week. i.c.e. is firing back at oakland. the deputy director of the immigration and customs enforcement agency is taking aim at city leaders for refusing to cooperate with agents. it comes amid fears of a mass sweep. i.c.e. plans to arrest 1,500 undocumented immigrants in the
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coming week. oakland mayor libby schaaf reiterates oakland police will not help in those i.c.e. raids. >> we are here to make sure people feel safe, that mothers feel they can pick up the phone and call their local police department, dial 911 safely. undermining the rule of law and public safety, perhaps they should look in the mirror. 6:07. president trump is tweeting about his proposed border wall. he tweeted about it three times in the past two hours. the latest tweet says, quote, we need the ball for safety and security of our country. we need the wall to help stop the massive in flow. the number one most dangerous country in the world. if there is no wall, there is no deal.
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today law make remembers trying to come up with a plan to extend the budget and avoid a government shutdown tomorrow. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the latest with this last-minute scramble, tracie, a lot of people are watching. >> reporter: it affects everyone. it's the nation budget. one thing i can tell you is that the wall you were just talking about, the president tweeting about that, that's one of the reasons why he doesn't want to sign up on this compromise. he says there's not enough money for border security. the white house says he will sign an extension. they say they're done with that. they want a permanent solution but are sure they can get to it tomorrow. frustration setting in on capitol hill. >> it's so absurd. >> to punish 300 million plus people. >> reporter: frustration and reality. >> a republican to believe we
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will get all the defense funding we desperately want and need and we'll deal with the d.r.e.a.m.ers later, how naive can you be? >> reporter: a budget held up by differences over daca, protecting undocumented immigrants brought here as children. >> no one in our caucus wants a shutdown. >> reporter: and compromises president trump won't sign. >> as soon as we figure out what he is for, then i would be convinced we were not just spinning our wheels. >> is there any daca bill you're read to sign? >> still working. >> reporter: time issing out. >> there is a sense of urgency. we can't put this off. >> reporter: there are options. >> good faithed negotiations are under way. >> reporter: but no answers. house speaker paul ryan is
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saying they sim havenply haven' counted. >> thank you very much. we're feeling something different here in the bay area. last night a magnitude 4.2 earthquake gave the bay area a shake just before 10:00. >> the epicenter 40 miles north of at that row is a and it was shallow. people as far south as san jose felt it. you could see on the right side of your screen, our nbc bay area seismograph picked it up. a twitter user in calistoga said it was a rumble and you could hear it seconds before you felt it. so far no reports of any injuries or. and that's not all. more shaking just hours earlier last night a 3.0 quake hit shortly after 6:30. again, no injuries or damage in that quake either. >> i didn't feel that one either. all happening today experts will take and talk about dangers
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from earthquakes at an event in palo alto. what you need to know. panelists will discuss prepared. some very big waves are heading our way. there's already a high surf warning through friday. this is the surf in pacifica. it looks rough and foggy as well. waves there will average between 15 and 25 feet. at pillar point where the mavericks surf competition is held those breakers could reach 40 feet. and right now at 6:11 a storm that will bring us some rain along with gusty winds later on tonight and most of the rain has been light and scattered, so we're not expecting a huge storm here and it hasn't yet made it into the bay area. we're starting to see the clouds roll in out ahead of that.
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we'll start to see the showers filling in on the radar. our overall rainfall totals for today will be fairly light. we'll be tracking more of this heading into tomorrow. more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike is saying the traffic alert has been lifted. >> in the north bay heading through saucedo, southbound 101. this just happened a few minutes ago at 6:05. all lanes have reopened so there's still recovery. you should be at speak to the robin williams tunnel. the fog has not yet lifted. it's drifted to the east bay, oakland, and down to hayward. both sides of the san mateo bridge. why you may want to use caution because we can see the flat section slowing. we cannot see the high rise. coming up next on "today in the bay," back on solid ground. new overnight how crews are moving a commercial airplane that was teetering on the edge of a cliff after skidding off a runway. plus, new this morning,
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facebook responds to sharp criticism it didn't do enough to prevent foreign countries from impacting the 2016 election. the company's apology this morning.
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good thursday morning. at 6:15 every thursday and friday morning i'll show you what's happening in tahoe and as we get a look at squaw valley and alpine meadows it will be in
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the low 40s today. rain changing over to snow and for the next couple of days some really cold temperatures. 38 inches of snow and, indeed, more snow on the way. some of the computer models showing the potential of three to four feet of snow over the next seven days. amazing. we'll talk about how much rain the bay area will get. >> muni says there's a non-muni crash there part of the cable car lines. a minor delay for a lot of folks. new video you have to see. these are crews in northern turkey that aring up a commercial airplane that skidded off a runway over the weekend, other videos that shows it nose down.
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all 168 people onboard made it off safely. the pilots told investigators they felt a sudden surge in one of the engines and that made the plane swerve. menlo park-based company talking about extremist groups and false information. >> especially around the 2016 election we have seen conduct not on our platform that we should have caught earlier and we're sorry that happened. just yesterday three insiders called facebook a living, breathing crime scene because of what happened during the election. and 6:17 right now and more business and tech news for you this morning. cupertino-based apple plans to create thousands of new jobs. >> for that and the rest of the
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news, to landon dowdy. just a few minutes after the bell. >> reporter: marcus and kris, good morning to you both. wall street could take a breather after yesterday's big rally. futures are lower this morning. the dow surged more than 300 points to close above 26,000 for the first time, and that was sparked by continued optimism over earnings reports and economic data as well as solid global growth. data on unemployment, housing, and manufacturing plus earnings for morgan stanley earlier to beat expectations. american express and ibm report after the bell the dow jumping 322 points to 26,115. the nasdaq up 74 to a record high of 7298. apple generated a lot of buzz when it announced plans to create more than 20,000 new jobs, open a new campus in the u.s., and pay nearly $40 billion in taxes on cash it holds
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overseas. there are a few caveats. it's not always the same as hiring. they employ 84,000 people in the u.s. but it does claim to be responsible for more than 2 million jobs, and that includes app developers and its u.s.-based suppliers. apple must pay taxes on profits that it generates overseas, more than $250 billion. no matter whether it brings that cash home, the company also doesn't necessarily have to invest any of the money it repatriates. verizon has struck a deal to expand with the nba. the company will now stream more than 1,100 regular season games through the nba league pass via yahoo! sports. the season package will cost $99. yahoo! users will be able to stream eight games for the fine price of free. marcus and kris, back over to you. >> you always get us with that free, lan. 6:19 right now. and a theater teacher is going viral for telling the one that
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came up with the play -- >> "hamilton," of course. >> this is at a board of education meeting. take a look. ♪ how does the superintendent, council and board of education ♪ ♪ think fine arts don't need administration ♪ >> the theater teacher rapid at a budget hearing meeting yesterday in montgomery county right outside of d.c. she came up with the lyrics and sang to the tune from the broadway musical "hamilton." she asked the board to keep arts funding in the budget. she says she picked the because "hamilton" has had an impact on arts education all across the u.s. >> i want to hear the whole thing. >> i want to hear what the vote was. >> how could you turn that down? so we're popping up the umbrellas today getting ready for some rain that will be
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moving further south. why not? it's going to be a great day and really good to see the rain, too. we shouldn't have any major problems out of this as well. this is a fairly weak storm and scattered showers near redding moving south of eureka and approaching ukiah soon. as of now in the bay area, hasn't yet made it here but the cloudy skies and some fog along with some mist and drizzle. a look at our current visibility because fog is a huge issue for us this morning heading to work. visibility in san martin only at a quarter of a mile. drifting into the south bay and areas we don't always see this dense fog moving through. so as you're getting the kids ready for school taking them around san jose it will be mostly cloudy and foggy. temperatures in the low 50s. something nice and warm to wear to start out, but as the day goes along we may get into the low. make sure they have the rain gear when they get out of school. showers move in around noon.
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as we look at our estimated rainfall, this will only bring in light amounts of rain with scattered showers throughout the day and for the north bay that's where we will see the highest totals because that's where the rain begins first. and we'll still have some rain in the forecast tomorrow. a slight chance of thunderstorms. saturday is dry. monday is when we'll start to see another storm system moving in very early in the morning. and another will be right behind that. so we have a lot of rain in the forecast and sierra snow. temperatures in the low 50s for the next several days. morning temperatures are going to be chilly as well. rain today for the afternoon. a storm chance tomorrow off and on all day. saturday is dry. sunday will start to see the rain returning late sunday evening. we're talking about the rain and the fog and it's a factor for the drivers. >> we've been talking about the north bay fog all weekend. also heading over as far as the tri-valley the tule fog near the
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delta and the tule. both sides of the san mateo bridge and the span itself. so that's just a word of caution. folks who are not normally worried about the fog, that will be a factor this morning. to the bay bridge, it's just the congestion down the east shore freeway and coming out of the maze. it's only condensed to university, the bay bridge toll plaza. we have about a 37-minute drive from highway 4 through that compressed zone, berkeley and emeryville. a live look from our camera shows you, there it is, that's the compression from powell around the bend and coming off the 580/24 interchange. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. coming up on "today in the bay," breaking news for you this morning. the california city still in the running for amazon's new headquarters. but first nbc bay area responds to many case that is hinge on consumers' social security numbers. investigator chris chmura surprised us when he said it is possible to get a new one. >> reporter: most of us have one social security number for life, and it never changes.
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sometimes that's a problem. if you're a repeat identity theft victim you can apply for a new social security number. do that at your local social security office. if you have a consumer complaint give us a call. 888-996-tips or head to
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amazon has narrowed it )s list f
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candidate cities - to be 6:26. breaking news, amazon is narrowing its list of candidate cities to be home to a second headquarters, the list is now down to 20. a joint bid was submitted. san hoe submitted separately. not on the list either. los angeles is the only california city on the list. midwestern cities like chicago, indianapolis, and columbus, ohio, are still in the running. so are boston, new york, and washington, d.c. austin and denver also on the list. new this morning some extra motivation to shed a few pounds. a new study out of stanford finds the body goes through major changes when you gain weight. your body is essentially going through a stressful event, even small weight gains can boost the risk of heart disease and diabetes. the body returns to its original state once the weight is lost.
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new this morning, changes coming to a peninsula roadway after three teenagers were killed in this crash. the steps firefighters are taking to make sure no one else gets hurt. plus, a southern california couple accused of holding their children captive due in court for the first time today. the disturbing new details we learned overnight about the parents this morning. the time 6:28. right now at 6:30--
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we )re off to a foggy start across the bay area. right now at 6:30 we're off
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to a foggy start across the bay area. on your left right there san jose, but on the right san mateo. you can see the fog there just a little bit. going to impact a lot of drivers this morning. >> that fog will start to move out but only the next rainstorm is moving in. we look live at our radar this morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. kari, how soon can we see this move out of the area? >> it will be with us for a little while. we'll see the showers move into the north bay later on this morning. it's still well north of the bay area. a mostly cloudy start in the north bay. in santa rosa where we're going to start to see the rain move in before noon. as we get a look at how the radar could look we're going to see some times of light scattered showers and tonight still off and on rain that will
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linger into tomorrow as well. the potential of a few isolated thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. i'm tracking this, the high waves, the fog and how much rain along with your weekend forecast, a lot to talk about here and i'll have another forecast in about five minutes. mike is tracking the impact on roads. >> it is causing chp to flip-flop not because they're uncertain. it was clearing up at the san mateo bridge and now you see the fog. that's why chp said watch out for the fog there. west 92 picks up the volume. as we on the map it's not that big of a deal. this orange was highlighted up to the east bay. it continues to drift around. we still have the orange and red because the slower drive with the mealering lights and coming over to oakland right at the
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maze and the 580 interchange. the south bay has fog. you have more of that from the spot out there. 6:33 now and looking live at san francisco or at least what we can see of it, the fog squished down pretty chess to the surface area. and that means dense fog. we've been checking our cameras throughout the bay area and the is pervasive. >> bob redell is live at the dumbarton bridge with what you need to know before you head out the door this morning. bob? >> reporter: you can see the heavy morning commute is already under way. they've reissued a fog advisory for san mateo and the bay bridge
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advisory still in effect all morning long. this gives you a pretty good sense of what your ride into work will look like. i was driving and it was fairly thick out there. something to keep in mind. the national weather service has issued reminders for us to keep in mind while you're driving into work this morning you want to watch your speeds, slowdown. you get that glare off the mist. if you're having a problem following the roads there is the painted lines. they are reflective. if it's really dense, use your
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hazard lights. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. good advice this morning. down load our free nbc bay area app. 6:35 and happening today the southern california couple charged with imprisoning on torturing their 13 children are expected to make their first court appearance. it's not clear if they will be arraigned. we've learned new information about conditions inside the house. a source tells the "today" show the kids were allowed to shower just twice a year. not only held their kids captive but as a private school. only their children were
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enrolled. now the state assemblyman where the paris lives says he'll introduce and add inspections. >> claims by several stanford students they were drugged at a party. i started looking into this on yesterday "today in the bay." the alleged female victims say they will support the victims and called the reports very disturbing. the alleged incident happened at the sygma ki fraternity house. five young women and two young men were reportedly drugged. the suspect is not a stanford student. the suspect has been banned from the university and ordered not to contact anyone who was at the party. at this point the allegation remains unconfirmed.
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part of the explore program. >> our team has been in touch with the department and it tells us that at least one positive change is coming out of the loss. off skyline boulevard, it was their very own fathers who found them the next day. just south in incorporated county. they have managed to cut through the red tape in order to get a guardrail in that spot. the guardrail is expected to be installed at the end of the month. we've been telling you about meetings caltrain has been using. there's another one tonight and this one is in athey are ton at the jennings pavilion on watkins avenue.
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the first electric trains are expect to roll out in 2020. i played with electric trains when i was a kid and now i'm monitoring them for the morning commute. interesting. the orange all throughout the south bay, san jose pushing down toward gilroy and morgan hill. we have this patch here through hayward. that's where the densest fog will be a factor for drivers. low clouds hovering around, drifting to the roadway level where clouds are then called fog. here we call it a backup because the metering lights are on. not much of it but still slow through berkeley and westbound 80 takes about 40 minutes just shy of that as you come off highway 4 to the bay bridge. >> hoping it will stick around for the week, get and have a good time.
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>> but it will be cool and we'll be in between storms this weekend. saturday is your day to get out there as you start to make some plans. you do need a thicker sweater or jacket. high temperatures, in the low to mid-50s. and i think with that sunshine we'll take it but on sunday we'll be tracking the next storm system set to move in but it will be moving in during the afternoon hours so if you're going to an early morning church service or plans during sunday morning, you're all good as it will only reach into the low 50s. the bike party happening in san jose. you do have to go on facebook 24 hours before the event and find out where it will be, where everyone will be meeting up and wear something nice and warm. we'll only be at 51 degrees, mostly cloudy skies by friday night. we'll be clearing out and temperatures dropping down into the mid-40s. we have the women's march.
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today we're featuring oakland with our highs only at about 52 degrees but, once again, we'll get sunshine and then in lake shasta if you're going north, rain mixed with snow maybe makes it harder to get there. mostly sunny skies on sunday. that wet weather returns and we'll see it there a lot earlier with the high temperature 36 degrees going south to monterey. it looks like the rain holds off for much of the weekend. mid to upper 50s and keeping that sunshine from friday through sunday. we'll bring it back home in about three minutes. >> thank you, kari. coming up next on "today in the bay," preventing dui crashes. the new push to tighten distractions on drunk drivers. plus, help is on the way for hurricane victims in puerto rico. we caught with these folks, a group of northern californians
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who are heading to the u.s. territory as we speak. and right now take a look at wall street right now. the dow down ten minutes. after the dow closed 26,000 the first time ever. this morning stocks opened, little change, as they paused for the record session. the time now 6:41. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good thursday morning.
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we're coming up on 6:44 and we will have some rain moving in later on today. still dry even though we have some patchy, dense fog, some mist and drizzle around the bay area. we haven't seen the storm system move in. as we get a look at the timing we're still to see it stalled the next several hours. the rain moving in by about 11:00 into early afternoon and scattered showers continue into tomorrow. we will talk about how long this lasts and how to make the weekend plans coming up in about five minutes. >> and we're looking at travel times for the tri-valley kicking into highway 84. the fog may be effective for some of these folks. the north bay where an earlier crash has cleared right around the waldo tunnel. continuing coverage now, a family is grieving and a man is behind bars this morning after a tragic death of a 4-year-old
6:45 am
girl. deputies say the girl, her mom and her 2-year-old sibling were all in that truck when the man driving a stolen truck crashed into them along highway 4 in antioch. 23-year-old noe saucedo of pittsburg is facing a murder charge. the mother and 2-year-old are still in the hospital. all new this morning people from california are back to puerto rico. here are some of them. this is a conservation crew that is returning to the u.s. territory for a second round of hurricane relief. we were there as they got ready to leave from mineta san jose airport. we did talk with them within the last hour. >> this is another opportunity for us to extend the helping hand and actually get out of country and help. >> certain areas haven't been touched yet by relief workers. so we're actually about to go into one of those areas and then help out the people there. >> hurricane maria, you'll remember, hit puerto rico hard
6:46 am
months ago. we did check the government website this morning and 82% of the island has power back on. a lot of folks still in the dark and all of the -- not all of the island has running water. 6:46. happening tonight san jose mayor liccardo will talk crime. we dove into the numbers to take a look at the homicides since liccardo became mayor in 2015. da shows 30 people were killed in the. the next year in 2016, the highest number recorded in 25 years. the rate was declining and the number of homicides in 2017 is exed to be more than 30. the final numbers there are not yet out just yet. now the mayor's town hall meeting is tonight. that's at 6:30 at the willow glenn community center. happening today if you see plumes of smoke near highway 101 in morgan hill it could be just
6:47 am
a controlled burn that firefighters are doing as part of a training session. the burn is happening anderson lake county park to the east of 101. that one is scheduled to get under way 9:00 this morning and it will run until 5:00 in the evening. there's another training session planned for tomorrow. that is at santa teresa county park. new this morning some bold recommendations for drunk drivers. in a report commissioned by the u.s. government a prestigious scientific panel says that states should significantly lower drunk driving thresholds meaning it should take fewer drinks to be considered legally impaired and recommends states significantly increase alcohol taxes and make alcohol less conveniently available. >> we spent time going through the cdc's latest data on drunk driving in california. less than 2% people admitted to driving drunk. the cdc says more than 10,000 drunk drivers in our state from
6:48 am
2003 to 2012. new this morning three bay area school districts reportedly plan to follow through with budget cuts next fall. that's even though the state now plans to billions on education. "the mercury news" spoke with school leaders. oak grove and east side union high school districts say the cuts and closures that were already in motion will likely not change with governor brown's recent proposal to boost school funding. that includes an extra $3 billion over the coming year. for elementary and secondary schools. other bay area school districts told "the merc" cuts are still a distinct possibility with some time down the road. 6:48 now and new this morning hollywood loves a sequel, as we all know, and now there may be a sequel in the works for the famous southern california hollywood sign. leaders say the problem is that people love that current sign a
6:49 am
little too much and most of those fans are trespassing. a consulting firm is offering recommendations to improve the safety to get there along with traffic and tourist access. one idea is to add a second sign on the other side of the same mountain. is that the same thing, though? other ideas include launching a tram or shuttle service and adding bathrooms. and now to big news regarding the 2018 winter games. katie couric is coming back to host the olympics in south korea next month. >> the former co-host the of the "today" show will co-host with mike tirico. she says she is ready to dig in and she hopes to balance the politics and the with stories of the athletes. couric hosted in sydney, salt lake city, and athens. and the "today" show's current co-hosts started talking about their chemistry. >> hoda and savannah talked with
6:50 am
jimmy fallon and here is what they had to say. >> savannah and i started anchoring together and it was just weird. if you've ever met a friend and had a great moment and you say to yourself, wow, that was so much fun. that works, i think we had kind of an instant thing. >> hoda says it's like a first date. and i'm easy and desperate. >> they will share more of last night's this morning as they start the "today" show in about ten minutes. >> hoda looks beautiful. >> i love that white. >> wearing one shoulder out. >> nobody wants to see that. >> tomorrow. tune in. >> it's all about the friday forecast, right, and so we're starting trying to get to our weekend with some fog and that's been really causing a lot of problems out ahead of this storm that will be moving in. now this is a weak system.
6:51 am
it's not going to be a huge deal. it will give us some wet weather for this noon and into the evening for much of the bay area. as you check out the seven-day forecast at the om of the screen you'll see we will have some much colder temperatures on the way. a close look at the radar as of now the rain has not arrived but if you download the nbc bay area app as we go through the day you'll be able to track the rain as it moves in. and the fog, has that a problem for the south bay. san martin has visibility down to about a quarter of a mile so can you barely see ahead of your headlights. use those low beams and slow down, get there safely. a live look outside in san jose right now and you're looking out the window and you're like, what do i wear today? good idea to have a hat because it is so humid out there and also we'll see some rain moving in and out. grab the umbrella. later on today a good idea to have the jackets and boots or
6:52 am
something you can splash around in those puddles in. we'll see the rain falling for this afternoon. as we look at the time line, the north bay sees the rain first and then by around noon we'll see it move into san francisco and into the south bay and it won't be raining all day long and is not expected to be hetav. rain tonight as well as parts of the day tomorrow. and rainfall totals will be about a quarter of an inch or less for much of the bay area between today and tomorrow. higher further to the north. as we head over to mike, you've been tracking the fog and the impact on the drivers. >> that's the biggest story for our commuters is that fog. foggy here in the south bay. expected if you were listening to kari and me because, well, we've been telling you about that. san jose in that slower drive, we have northbound 85 at union. a new crash should move to the shoulder quickly, again, tougher visibility means some folks may have a harder time seeing activity on the shoulder as well.
6:53 am
patchy fog moving over now for 680 walnut creek down into san ramone. an issue from both directions and through lafayette. castro valley, no additional slowing but it is there. the build at least. a build for the east shore freeway. nothing dramatic. fog in the north bay. metering lights are north of novato and petaluma there's a crash. i want to show you this on our waze system, this alert about a crash blocking your left lane. a north bay commuter. a member of our team, we want to thank them for being a member of nbc bay area wazers. again, our team you join on your waze app to help each other. back to you. up next a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including a high surf warning. the massive waves we could see along our coastline. but first, happening now a developing story. india successfully test fires a nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile. it was a major boost to the defense capability.
6:54 am
the same missile been tested five times over the past six years. plus an alert this morning if you have a wells fargo account. an apparent glitch with the bill pavement system led to some pavements being processed twice yesterday and some accounts were even emptied out by the double processing. wells fargo just said about an hour ago that that glitch has been fixed. before you head out the door,
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here are the top stories on today welcome back. and before you head out the door, right now it is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." breaking news this morning, amazon narrowed its list of candidate cities to its second headquarters to 20 short list. the bay area is not represented. concord, fremont, oakland, san francisco you might remember, submit add joint bid. they got a no. san jose submitted separately. also a no. los angeles is the only california city on that list. midwestern cities like chicago, indianapolis, columbus, ohio, still under consideration. also boston, new york, and washington, d.c. also tech hubs like austin, texas, and denver. you can find the full list in our nbc bay area twitter feed. amazon says they expect to make a final decision some time this year. and before you head out this morning, a warning for you fog conditions showing soupy conditions in parts of the bay
6:58 am
area this morning. san jose right there. you can see not a bad look right there. give extra driving time and space between you and the other driver. do not those high beams. leave plenty of distance between you and the other cars. >> how did you find that out? >> new into our newsroom this morning, a live look. this is in san jose along first street near highway 101. a lot of people were driving. >> that pea soup isn't the only concern this morning. these are the waves at pacifica yesterday. you know the mavericks surf competition is held, those could
6:59 am
reach 40 feet. >> stay well away from the water because of how high they're coming up. we are going to be tracking an incoming storm today. we'll start to see the rain move in later this morning and not seeing the rain until this afternoon. saturday is your day to get out there and enjoy it but it will be cool. >> the fog is the story. just be careful. ing at your maps overall. over to 680 and diablo, the san mateo bridge. an advisory for folks across 2. the same thing for the bay bridge.
7:00 am
>> keep safe distance. >> and that's it for us. we'll be back with a local news update. . good morning. at odds, president trump vowing there will be a wall and mexico will pay for it after his chief of staff reportedly told democrats something far different. >> they all say things during the course of campaigns that may or may not be fully informed. >> so where does it all go from here? breaking overnight the death toll rising from the powerful winter storm that's blanketed the from the storm in snow and ice, thousands of flights cancelled. out there a major weather change is on the way. heart broken, the parents of blaze bernstein murder college student speak out.


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