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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 22, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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just saying. >> 4:30, 5:00. >> we're happy you're here at 6:00. i'm laura garcia. >> and imt marcus washington. we want to go to meteorologist kari hall. a lot of people going to wake up to wet roads right there and the rain will stop later in the day. >> we will still have a little while longer with the showers rolling lieu. we are going to have a very soggy morning the rain ends those roads may still be wet for a while. we are looking at a lot of green here from marin county on southward as we've seen it covering the bay area for the past couple of hours. by 9:00 we will start to see the rain tapering off leaving behind for some about a tenth to a quarter inch of rain and then this afternoon we will get some sunshine breaking out and temperatures staying on the mild side. so we will take a look ahead to the next storm system moving in and how the rest of the week will shape up. mike is showing some more slowing nowzlwñ in the tri-vall >> that's right. partially becausezih> of traffic, partly because of th1zi!conditions. also because of a crash westl% here.t<
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we haveq$rñ our camera right ar tassajara and there's more slowing toward hacienda. there may have been movement where the crash was approaching hacienda and the dublin interchange. we will show you the map where we see a little slowing in the tri-valley and wet roadways throughout the bay. you need to lower those speeds. over here is where the crash rash crash is in the dublin area for 580, another crash around sunol should be on the shoulder but enough distraction to cause slowing toward the sunol valley. things are smooth around the castro valley y. the metering lights are on at the toll plaza at the bay bridge. we are following that breaking news out of the south bay this morning. a very busy morning in south san jose as investigators worked two different scenes. this is video of police surrounding a hotel overnight. a standoff that's now been under way for about 12 hours. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live at the scene, it's happening at the wyndham garden
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hotel close to highway 101. anything new since we last checked in with you? >> reporter: good morning, laura, we are here at the wind fwam garden off of silicon valley boulevard in san jose. i just went back down there to the lobby area and there's a number of folks who are actually on the second floor of the hotel and they said they were evacuated roughly around 4:00 p.m. yesterday due to what they were being told was a hostage situation, but as i mentioned in the last live report san jose police confirmed with me that there is a person inside that hotel who they are#8ñ9,0 negot with for a peaceful surrender that has a felony ksci9q9ñ i want to show you guys the guy right here. you see2÷ san jose fire, santa clara countyh sheriff's department as well as san jose dealing with sí#ch video from earlier when we had but right now the information we are getting right now from san jose police is that they are negotiating with a subject inside the hotel room.
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they're saying that that subject has a felony warrant, we don't know exactly what led to this person getting that felony warrant, not much information on that. they haven't given us an estimated time as far as when this standoff is going to wrap up, but we know that it's been lasting more than 12 hours at this point, but we're hoping that san jose police gives us another update at some point in morning. of course, we will have another report for you guys coming up in the next half hour. live in san jose, pete suratos for "today in the bay." #3ed, t hotel just a few minutes away from another crime scene where police investigating a deadly shooting outside a san jose apartment complex right now. "today in the bay's" bob redell live along cottle road near highway 85 to explain what happened there. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. a person that lives around here tells nbc bay area news they heard a rapid succession of gunfire over here around 8:45 last night. this is outside the assent
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luxury apartment complex here on the 5,000 block of charlotte drive. when the san jose police arrived on the scene last night they found a man on the sidewalk in front of the complex suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he was later pronounced dead here on the scene. according to the mercury news a witness saw another man running from the location, police tell us that they are still looking for a suspect, haven't said what led up to the shooting. they say they are talking to people who witnessed it, but again they say it's still very early in the investigation. this is the second homicide of the year for the city of san jose. last year at this time three people had been murdered for the entire year of 2017 there were 34 homicides, the year before that 47. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." now we want to go to washington where the federal government still shut down this morning, but there could be a change and that could reopen in a few hours. >> lawmakers are scrambling to find a compromise on the budget,
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immigration, president trump's border wall. "today in the bay's"' tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill, she's following the negotiations. >> reporter: lawmakers up all night inching toward compromise. >> let's step back from the brink, let's stop victimizing >> today's noon vote would reopen the federal government until february 8th, getting a budget first, then deal with daca. protection for undocumented immigrants brought here as children. democrats are expected to meet this morning. some don't trust the republican promise to fix immigration later. >> talks will continue, but we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward. >> reporter: republicans meet this morning,q;ótoo, an hour before the vote. two who flipped and voted with democrats are flipping back. >> we're going to vote yes. we believe that this commitment is significant and i hope that we have enough so we can open the government back up. >> reporter: part of the challenge, no one is quite sure what president trump will sign. he insists on full funding for a
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border wall, not just a down payment. >> this is about funding our government, has nothing to do with immigration, and yet we're going to hold our military men and women hostage so that we can get a deal? >> reporter: the house is on stand by while the shutdown drama plays out in the senate. but monday morning brings new focus on this, and new pressure for lawmakers to try to get something done. a lot of the government was closed anyway as normal on the weekend, but now it's the workweek and
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classes at several santa rosa churches. new this morning exclusive new images obtained by nbc at the family of the heart of the house of horrors abuse story in southern california. a mother and father now being held on $9 million bail after one of their daughters escaped last week and dialed 911. authorities say some of the 13 children inside the home were chained to furniture. nbc's miguel almaguer will have more including new clues about the family from neighbors in the first half hour of the "today" show starting at 7:00 a.m. san francisco police tonight will host a follow-up town hall meeting following a deadly police shooting in december. on december 1st an arriving rookie officer shot and killed 4 42-year-old suspect keita o'neil. police say he car jacked a california lottery van. police say they was not vand. john burris is representing the suspect's family and believes
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that those charges should be filed against the officer. now, that has not happened. tonight's meeting takes place in the bay view district. new video to show you this morning showing the blanket of snow in the sierra. this video courtesy of heavenly mountain resort. the past weekend proved to be a busy one for ski resorts. the sierra got a decent dumping of snow from last weekend's storm and there could be more on the way, which is good news for skiers, snow borders and of course the reese sorts, kari. >> we like it when the snow comes in through the week and then the weekend is all clear, so we will see that happening once again. some snow coming down this morning. while the bay area does get some rain for the first part of the day, look at how much additional snow we could get with the stronger storm system set to move in between wednesday night and thursday. possible two feet of snow for some of those resorts as we go through the week. so that looks really good. as you get the kids up and out the door for school this morning in san jose, still some showers lingering by 7:00, but the rest
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of the day we will be drying out with those clouds left behind. so we will talk about the rest of the week as that other storm system moves in. that's coming up in a few minutes, but mike has more crashes and slowing in the east bay. crashes is the keyword because of slick conditions. the volume of traffic made worse because of these crashes. first over in the tri-valley east of -- i'm sorry, the sunol area, we are looking at southbound 680 as travel heads south, sunol boulevard, that crash still on the shoulder causing a backup. the other crash has been moved to the center divide west 580 around hacienda, those two spots have shown a lot of congestion. over here same thing for the castro valley y, as the build happens around the area and slick roadways all around. chp says they got one call about flooding 880 at the jackson off ramp, be careful through hayward as well. no flooding reported for oakland but a lot of slowing. improving now south 880 toward 980 where there was a crash reported there. out of lanes but clearly the
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distraction was enough to cue the slowing. toward the bay bridge also a slower drive building. folks down the east shore freeway only about 35 minutes from highway 4 to the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," a deadly military helicopter crash in southern california. the negative impact the government shutdown is having on the victim's family. and facebook this morning trying new ways to fight fake news. when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now it's 6:13. you need to make sure those windshield wipers are working before you head out the door even though we are not seeing a lot of that rain in san jose, just go to milpitas, fremont, areas just north of san jose and you will see that rainnr÷ comin] down. the roads are wet as well as we get a live look outside and as we go to evergreen, mostly cloudy today, highs up to 60 degrees and a slight chance of rain throughout the day. we will talk about our next round with some heavier rain moving into the bay area. that's coming up in about five minutes. and about 30 minutes for grant line road over to 680, west 580 smoothly but slowing4zm it right now, perhaps some rain getting to these folks and definitely slick roads. we will give you a big view coming up. developing this morning, u.s. army now says that two soldiers based in colorado died
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when their chopper crashed during a training mission in southern california. this happened early saturday when an apache helicopter went down at ft. irwin in the mojave desert. people calling it unfortunate timing because that crash happened during an ongoing federal shutdown. >> the family has now not only lost their loved one but now having to wait on -- on the government. >> right now there's no word on what might have caused that crash. now to this developing story, terrifying moments at a florida shopping mall. this morning police are looking for a man who was seen running shortly after two pipe bombs exploded there. it happened last night in polk county. investigators say each device appeared to be]>m devised of so type of flare inside a pvc pipe wrappednyá5 in electrical tape. police are inspecting another suspicious device left near the mall's movie theater.
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no one was hurt but there was damage to the ceiling and the mall was evacuated as a precaution. peninsula leaders tomorrow will consider following san sale of flavored tobacco products. supervisors will vote on a proposal to outlaw sales of the products in unincorporated areas and that would include san francisco international airport. san francisco supervisors approved a similar measure last year that opponents are now trying to repeal. 6:15. new this morning facebook plans to rate news agencies based on their credibility. >> scott mcgrew joins us now, president trump tried something similar. >> trump ranked the least he believe news agency at least in his opinion. facebook will rank news agencies it finds most credible. two sides of the same coin really. "the new york times" says facebook will allow users to vote on which agencies they believe the most. so cnn or nbc or fox news, and then see information from those agencies in their feeds. this as facebook tries to undo some of the damage it did during the presidential election by
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spreading fake news articles. much of it spread by russian bots, fake accounts. twitter snuck some news in late friday so i want to repeat it this morning to make sure you heard t i think it's important. twitter said friday as many as 50,000 accounts on its service were russian bots, contributing to the misinformation during the presidential election. their messages reached as many as 677,000 americans. those numbers are much bigger than twitter had previously disclosed. amazon opens it's first no checkout store to the public this morning in downtown seattle. app, grab the items you want and leave and your app automatically pays the bill. when you think about it this is exactly what happens when you use uber. you don't pay on the spot, right? several parking garages now have fast track sensors, you don't hand over money in person, you just drive in, you drive out. so i can see in the next five years it would be very rare that
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you would take your wallet or purse out, it just would be handled automatically. >> so what if i go with other people, my kids are grabbing candy bars and whatnot. >> that's a fine question. i have not tried it out myself. you went with other adults -- >> take my kids to the store. >> they would be billed separately as they left through the sensors one at a time. that's an interesting question. one person with several kids walked out. >> or a litter of children like myself. 6:17 right now. historic story back in the spotlight again, it's about those three friends from sacramento, they prevented a terror attack in france. you may recall the story happened a couple years ago. friends spencer stone, alek skarlatos and anthony sadler helped take down a heavily armed man on a train between amsterdam and paris. police believe their actions stopped a terror attack. the three men all from sacramento and this weekend they were honored during a church service there. this comes as a movie about the men which is directed by clint eastwood is set to be released
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next month. >> well deserved. >> the whole thing has been unimaginable and very hard to put into words to be honest. we're very grateful. >> not only did they thwart the attack, but get this, they actually played themselves in the movies. >> heroes. >> now they are like action stars. >> heroes and talented all in one. >> imagine the let down if you tried out for the part of yourself and they were like, no. >> i've done a commercial once and they were like, no, no, you need to be more like -- i'm like, wait, i'm me. >> all right. so as we start out this morning heading out the door it's a soggy one and we are going to see that rain moving through for a little while, it's not going to be raining all day. we will see all this green that we are seeing covering the radar moving on out and we've seen the off and on rain creating a slippery morning drive for some. san jose at times have seen waves of rain moving through, but as rt right now as you head out the door right now you are not going to see that rain until you reach milpitas or sunnyvale
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depending on the direction you bottom of the screen showing round of ter thisough showers moves out we will have a mostly dry afternoon. san mateo you are seeing the off and on showers for a little while longer. only sprinkles in san francisco and oakland and heavier rain moving through the tri-valley. as we go through about 9:00 more people getting up and out the door, the rain becomes a lot more hit or miss. then we will pretty much see everything getting out of here around noon with partly cloudy skies and also a dry afternoon. here is a look at our high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s -- or upper 50s, rather, up to 60 degrees in san jose. our next round of rain moves in as we go into wednesday evening and this one could bring in some heavier downpours along with some gustier winds and this is also going to dump some heavy sierra snow. and it lingers into thursday, so with this next storm system we will be tracking the potential
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for some heavy rain. and then the weekend for the most part looks all dry, a few more showers in the forecast for early next week. so looking at how much rain we could see. the potential of getting a half an inch of rain in san jose and an inch and a half or more for parts of the north bay. our seven-day forecast dries it out for the weekend, san francisco warming up into the upper 50s. it's going to be a beautiful weekend ahead with 65 degrees inland. mike, you are reporting now a delay for bart riders. >> that's right. that was always a major concern for folks outside of stations on a rainy day. the delay is now -- they are in the recovery mode. bart says out of san francisco you may have up to ten minute delays but those should be much less over the next few minutes as there was some sort of equipment problem and they cleared it up. no problem for muni, ac transit, vta all running on time this morning. wet roadways that's the bigrn-÷ story for the < day, approachi the maze slowing down the upper east shore, gradual build, so about 40,nlss 45 minutes from highway 4.
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 drive for 24 and we've seen that as rain traveled through, kicked off the slowing and it's sticking there. also sticking around is some standing water so southbound 880 at 980 that connector reports of standing water, be careful if that's the transition you use. slowing down the nimitz, an earlier crash in the same area caused that as well. looking at the tri-valley with some more steady slowing southbound 680 approaching sunol, there is a crash on the shoulder so that's a distraction adding to the tri-valley. east bay getting across the san mateo bridge, it's tougher for the conditions and we see a lot more traffic so slowing across the flat section. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," awards season getting into full swing. the big winners at thiølíñxdy screen actors guild awards as we are weeks away now from the oscars. a gift card goes blank leaving the customer with nothing. chmura. nbc bay area responds. gilroy wot
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big... problem. nbc bay area responds to a gilroy woman with a small yet big problem. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with the story. >> cheryl received a $20 macy's gift card a few years back. when she went to go use it, though, it had a zero balance, the 20 bucks was gone. macy ease told cheryl the card had been used at another location, cheryl said that was impossible because the card had been stashed away at her home. macy's stood its ground so cheryl turned to us for help.
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we contacted macy's and it issued cheryl a replacement gift card for 20 bucks. it said in a statement we were pleased to be able to address her request. our customer is satisfied with the outcome. now, this was only $20, but it was her $20. gift card theft is big business. without physically having it, so our advice is to use those gift cards as soon as you can after you get them. if you have a consumer complaint cause us 8 8 8 88-996-tips or now to an nbc news exclusive. a look inside the place where north and south korean athletes may train for the winter olympics. here is nbc's lester holt. >> reporter: this is an image of north korea that people don't expect and one this country wants the world to see and we're here because north and south korean athletes will be training together here, something we
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couldn't have anticipated until a few weeks ago. this a result of the face-to-face talks that have given a sense of optimism that maybe some of the tensions on this peninsula will be dialed down. notwithstanding the nuclear standoff that continues and issues over the sanctions, but we're covering that store here and will tell you what we're hearing from people on the slopes. i'm lester holt, we will send it back to you, now. >> his live coverage in north korea continues through tuesday. he will give viewers a rare look inside kim jong-un's regime just days ahead of the 2018 winter olympics. 6:26. first the golden globs, last night sag awards. >> they honor the top performs form anss in movies and televisions voted on their their pearce. last night's winners were "three billboards outside webbing, missouri" won for best film while frances mcdormand won best
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actress. gary oldman was named best actor. on the television side nbc's "this is us" took home best drama ensemble and best actor. >> none of these other shows look like us. like the fact that we get a chance to come and we won, this is a very special night. >> sterling k. brown taking a lot of awards these days. morgan freeman accepted the lifetime achievement award and for the first time ever the sag awards featured only women as presenters. making a mark there. >> absolutely. coming up next on "today in the bay," two breaking stories in the south bay, one of them a hostage situation inside a hotel, what our pete suratos just learned. plus changes coming today that will eventually impact every driver in california. the new requirement we will all have to meet. you're watching "today in the bay." right now at 6:30--
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we )re tracking scattered showes for the morning commute-- as the latest storm hits the bay area. taking a look at our radar this tracking scattered showers for the morning commute as the latest storm hits the bay area. taking a look right now at our radar this morning showing you where the rain is falling. it could be a slick commute as you head out the door. these are live cameras at the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, richmond-san rafael bridge and in dublin. a good monday morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. certainly going to be possibly a slick one for many people as you head out the door this morning. get a better track of what's going on with the rain let's
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heard over to meteorologist kari hall. >> we can see the rain all over the bay area as you get ready to step out the door. it's going to be raining off and on throughout your whole drive to work. as we go into the rest of the day we will start to see the showers tapering off. showers tapering off. so about 9:00 we will see a lot less of the rain we are seeing now, but around early afternoon chances of seeing any rain is pretty slir "c as we go through that morning commute in the east bay it's we go through the 8:00 to 9:00 hour, mostly cloudy skies and our temperatures today reaching into the mid to upper 50s. a cool day overall. we will see another round of rain along with some sierra snow coming up, we will also talk about the weekend in seven minutes, but mike gets you out the door with a look at some of those issues that you may have because of the rain and that slick commute. one of those major issues obviously slick roadways as more folks get on to the roadway, we will have to cooperate a little wetter and ease on to and off of those brakes. a slow down starts for the south bay but minor and over the last
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five minutes we have seen that build happen. i've been following this for much longer where we've seen the slog continue to build south 680 from 580 down to sunol boulevard where there is a crash on the shoulder, center divide, it's been there and it's a distraction. southbound slows quite a bit toward that scene. past highway 84 you are okay with more volume out of livermore and pleasanton. castro valley y looking better than it had been as the rain traveled through the area. still watch out. some flooding was reported 880 at jackson and more slowing and flooding here right here southbound 880 right around 980. an earlier crash at that interchange as well. just the build, though, here 24 a little slower than we'd like and are used to coming out of the caldecott tunnel through the oakland hills and bay bridge as well. no major issues for the north bay, but, again, slick conditions. back to you. 6:32 right now. we are following two breaking stories out of south san jose this morning. first, a standoff at a hotel
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near highway 101. just a few minutes ago "today in the bay" pete suratos learned it may be a hostage situation. he is live outside the wyndham garden hotel off of highway 101. you've been there for some time now this morning. what do you know so far, pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. actually we are inside of the wyndham garden hotel here on silicon valley boulevard and right now in this lobby you've got people that they had to leave that second floor, they were evacuated from it as that standoff continues to takeva935e and actually got that alert ut at roughly around 6:00 p.m. yesterday. i just spoke with san jose pd as far as information they're giving us, they're saying that there is a person on the second floor, they are negotiating with for a peaceful surrender. all they can tell us at this time is that that subject does have a felony warrant. this he located him here and that's pretty much all the information they're giving us at this time. we did speak with two people here who were on the second floor, coming back from dinner
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yesterday, saw that big police presence with san jose police. here is what they're saying this morning. >> when we came back like around 6:00 or 7:00, all the police guys were outside of the -- of the hotel and they tell us that it was a hostage situation. >> reporter: back out here at the wyndham garden silicon valley hotel, just to recap, there is a person inside of this hotel, they're saying police are negotiating with that person, that person has a felony warrant that's currently what's taking place. that standoff has been going on for more than 12 hours at this point. police aren't giving us an estimated time as far as when this is going to wrap up, but for folks on the second floor they were told to evacuate, that's why you see them sitting here in this lobby area. of course, as we get updates i will update you guys on my social media accounts throughout the morning. live in san jose, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> amazing they let you in the hotel.
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thank you, pete. just a few miles away from that hotel police are investigating a deadly shooting. it is at the assent apartments. the shooting happened 9:00 last night off of cottle right and raleigh. police say a man was killed, no word on a motive or a suspect. 6:35 right now. to developing news out of our nation's capitol. we are entering day three of the government shutdown. this morning lawmakers on capitol hill are trying to reach a bipartisan agreement on the budget. the senate is expected to vote at 9:00 this morning our time today on a three-week funding bill. senate majority leader republican mitch mcconnell says that he will work on a daca f1 o he will work on a daca reopens. senate minority leader chuck schumer is set to meet with democrats who are skeptical that republicans won't follow through and take action to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. locally a big impact of the shutdown is a closure of the national parks. over the weekend tourists showed up to muir woods not knowing it would be closed.
6:36 am
it was a mess at ft. funston as well as skyline boulevard was packed because the parking lot was closed. alcatraz and yosemite only partially opened. some people we spoke with places blame on both political parties. >> we're thinking what's going on? you know, so, yeah, so the government shutdown. the government shutdown. >> it's an emblem of the dysfunction in our government. i think it's a sign that just the country as a whole doesn't know what it wants from our government. >> and if the shutdown does not end soon, it could delay your tax refund. the irs has furloughed nearly half its workforce. scott mcgrew is going to continue our coverage on the government shutdown coming up in ten minutes. today a pittsburg family takes a painful step. one daughter is dead, the other on life support after police say a driver fleeing from officers crashed into them last week. there was a vigil for both girls last night. today the family is set to take
6:37 am
that two-year-old girl off of life support. at last check camila cardoza was declared brain dead from that crash. relatives tell us that her organs will be donated soon. her older sister died shortly after that crash last wednesday and their mother the only other person in that car was also injured, but is out of the hospital now. relatives tell us that now they're forced to imagine a future without their girls. >> we're not going to see them grow up, we're not going to see them go to school, we're not going to see them graduate. we're not going to see them walk down the aisle when they get married. he took -- he took everything from us. >> contra costa county sheriff's deputies arrested 23-year-old noe saucedo, he was in a stolen truck being chased by sheriff's deputies when he crashed. happening today, california will start issuing a new type of id that you will need if you
6:38 am
want to fly anywhere. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in the newsroom this morning to show us the so-called real id. good morning, kris. >> i still have the old id and you will be able to keep holding on to yours as long as you want, you don't ever have to get a california real id, but if you want to use your california id to fly then you will. here is what it looks like, there are poppies on the left corner, a minor on the right. under uv light you will see the golden gate bridge and coit tower. the federal requirement is in order to tighten the security features and sand dies some of them. the dmv provided this explanation to us as to why you don't need to get in line right away. >> there is no need to rush into a dmv field office. until october 1st, 2020 a valid california driver's license or id card can be used for federal purposes including boarding a domestic flight, entering military bases or secure federal facilities. you might need a little time
6:39 am
to get your things together because when you decide to get one you will have to apply in person, provide your birth certificate or u.s. passport. noncitizens need a permanent resident card or foreign passport with an i 94 form and employment authorization documents. you also have to provide proof of a valid social security number and proof of california residency. finally, you will have to pay $30 for a real id or 35 bucks for a real id driver's license. today is the first day that you can get one. the dmv tells me a lot of offices will have extra saturday hours in order to accommodate those applicants, but, laura, pretty much guarantee you will still hate your picture. >> no kidding. the real picture on the real id. thanks a lot. >> they should have a selfie stick for that. speaking of cell phones, some were stolen from bart riders right out of their hands. officers arrested a 15-year-old for stealing this phone on a
6:40 am
train at west oakland station. someone snatched a phone from a rider waiting for a train at a platform at macarthur station also in oakland, that suspect got away. mike, certainly a reminder for those people who are taking public transportation and who commute on bart. >> always be aware of why you are surroundings. i tell my kids that and i have to mind the same as well. over here we are looking out for rain and wet roadways all around the bay, that's where the green highlighting is all around the bay. the south bay shows a little slowing, held steady for the last 15 minutes there. also continuing is the slowdown southbound 680 right here heading down in through pleasanton towards sunol. the earlier crash was reported over in the center divide area. i've seen the speeds improve a tad bit coming down past bernal but jammed up 580 past stoneridge and the build coming off of 84 not so bad, it sticks around of course. travel times down the east shore freeway almost one hour from highway 4 to the bay bridge and i want to show you a little
6:41 am
farther north from there our live camera at the richmond-san rafael bridge. yeah, look, all these tears because the weekend is over. no, that's rain. that's rain. >> no, there's some tears there, too. mondays are hard. rainy days and mondays. oh, look, we have both. >> but it won't be raining all day. we will get some sunshine this afternoon but we do have to watch out for that rain that makes things a little bit more soggy as you get this monday started. we will see a lot of green covering the bay area right now, but let's look ahead to this beautiful weekend that's on the way. we will get some sunshine, temperatures in the mid 50s along the coast, upper 50s for the bay and the inland areas into the low 60s. mid 60s inland on sunday. so our weather continues to warm up and we continue on with that sunshine. if you're going down to monterey it's going to be a nice one there, saturday and sunday, highs reaching into the 60s with mostly sunny skies. then if you're going to heavenly we will have a fresh powder, aç pretty heavy dumping of snow throughout the middle of the
6:42 am
week, but it's all out of here in time for friday as our temperatures warm up, you can go skiing in 50 degree temperatures. let me know what you're doing this weekend. i'm @karihallweather on twitter, let me know what's going on and you may see it featured right here coming up tomorrow morning at about 6:38. i will have a look at the radar and today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. and we will look forward to it. thank you, kari. 6:42 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay" the major development in the montecito mud slide cleanup. plus a warning for dog owners as the dog flu is apparently spreading in the bay area. plus we are following the money on wall street as you can see. the dow is down 42 points right there, stocks actually opened slightly slower of course you know it, it's because of that government shutdown. third day now. sorry. i can't make it.
6:43 am
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it's 6:45 now on this monday morning. you walk out the door and it's raining in parts of the bay area. as we've seen some showers moving through, especially downtown in if east san jose as you make your drive you will see some of the showers off and on, but not raining right now as we get a live look outside. as we go to campbell we will still have a lot of clouds throughout the day and a slight chance of rain through at least early afternoon. as we go through the rest of this forecast, things dry out and then another round of rain moves in. so i'll time it all out for you
6:46 am
coming up in five minutes. and looking at these times as well. look, the top number some slowly out of novato down towards san rafael. looking at highway 37 also slowing out of vallejo but that's typical. also the build for the east bay and bridges crossing over to the peninsula. it is 6:46 right now. continuing coverage this morning, highway 101 is open again in santa barbara county. deadly mudslides forced the freeway to close number two weeks ago, but the portion of 101 opened about noon yesterday. at least 21 people were killed and hundreds of homes destroyed or damaged from those mudslides. sadly another body was discovered this weekend. two people remain missing. >> as we've been reporting california has been hit hard with the flu. dozens have died. we're also learning dog flu is spreading. the san francisco spca says=r[ t canine flu in the city. no word onkwg exactly how many
6:47 am
those casesq#zy they have found. veterinarians say symptoms are runny nose, cough and eye discharge. last week veterinarians in the south bay reported 70 dogs with signs of the flu. in political news this morning, breaking news, vice president mike pence says that the u.s. embassy in jerusalem will open next year. he made those remarks just hours ago during thinks visit in israel. today he met with israel's prime minister but palestinian leaders refuse to meet with him and they are protesting. in bethlehem demonstrators burned pence's photo. president trump infuriated palestinians announcing last month that the u.s. will recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and the president said that he would fix the government but right now it is not operating at all. >> scott mcgrew, the shutdown continues, but any hopes this morning? >> there is some. good morning to you. the senate, laura, will vote at 9:00 a.m. our time to maybe work out a three-week funding deal.
6:48 am
there is no guarantee they will get the votes or that the house will also agree. the main sticking point is daca. despite polls that show that more than 85% of americans support solving the daca issue, congress has not moved on it. we think republicans in the senate will offer to promise to start working on immigration in exchange for that three-week funding deal. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have complained they are unsure what it is that president trump wants this all of this. he said he would take, quote, the heat for democrats and republicans coming up with a bipartisan deal on immigration, and they did, and then the president said it wasn't enough. lawmakers on both sides suspect it's because this man, steven miller, has the president's ear. there have been several examples of deals that come off the table last minute and the suspicion is this young adviser is the one advising the president to turn those deals down. in fact, republican lindsey graham said over the weekend every time we have a proposal
6:49 am
it's yanked back by white house staff members. as long as steven miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we're going nowhere. now, it could go could get lost in all the news about the shutdown but this week is critical nor pfaff at that. american negotiators were supposed to travel to montreal to discuss the agreement, it's not clear that's still even happening. this is the last set of negotiations to renegotiate nafta before the midterm campaign season really gets under way. we're going to pay attention to what's happening today, this is all going to happen before our midday news, you can watch for the very latest on the government shutdown. >> of course join us for our midday news at 11:00 a.m. 6:49. this morning super bowl matchup is set, we are 13 days away from the big game and a lot of fwauk molly which you will be able to watch on nbc bay area. >> tom brady will make his record eighth appearance. brady yesterday led the new
6:50 am
england patriots to a come back win over jacksonville. the patriots will play the philadelphia eagles in minnesota in super bowl lii. the patriots are favored by 5 1/2. >> for patriots fans sloul may be hoe hum but in philadelphia last night eagles fans celebrating for the team's first super bowl appearance in 13 years. police took no chances, look éñ that, before the game ofda]rs planned for a possible party. they put chris co to grease down all the downtown light poles so that people couldn't"hj climb u them. >> i wonder if chris co will use thatí5ads now to. do was spray6 water on the poles because it's going to ice over and be icy out there. >> we don't have to worry about anything that cold, if you are going to the sierra lots of snow on the way. we've gotten a awesome forecast with more rain for the bay area, too. you're seeing that rain as you step out the door right now and
6:51 am
it's going to be off and on for the next couple of hours. quickly tapering off as this system moves through and we're getting a closer look at san jose where the rain has been skipping around the downtown area, but at times we've seen some showers moving through and if you had head just north of san jose you're going to be in and out of that rain going up the peninsula into san francisco, even crossing the bay over towards oakland, some rain coming down. it's been off and on also for the tri-valley. as you're about to head out the door, getting the kids to school, it's still going to be raining in the south bay, mostly cloudy skies by the time they get out of school it's going to be mostly cloudy and 60 degrees. our high temperatures for much of the bay area will be reaching into the mid to upper 50s and then as you check out that seven-day forecast you will see we will have some more rain on the way by wednesday. getting dressed this morning you do need the umbrella, all of us early risers will have to deal with this rain, and some light long sleeves will be comfortable as well. along with some pants. later on today with the sun
6:52 am
starting to break out make sure you have the sunglasses. i'm getting you prepared for all of the changing weather we will have throughout the day. our next round of rain moves in by wednesday afternoon and this one looks quite a bit heavier with some gusty winds, it will also bring in heavy sierra snow, but then drying out in time for the weekend. as we get a look at this seven-day forecast for san francisco, staying in the 50s throughout the week, but the weekend looks really nice. inland areas will be as warm as 65 degrees with all of that sunshine. we'll talk more about this, but mike is getting you out there and that wet roads may be a factor. >> you're going to have to ease on to those brakes. even though traffic is light through palo alto, look, the water on the lens and the build shows you it's still raining lightly in many areas. slick conditions as more folks get out here. the map shows you that's not presenting a problem for the peninsula. the green highlighting is here all around the bay, across the dumbarton and the san mateo bridges we're seeing more traffic and more slowing for the south bay.
6:53 am
northbound routes out of san jose in toward cupertino already starting to build. we've seen this stick around as well 680 southbound towards sunol, looks looks like the crash is cleared from the center divide. backed up off the dublin interchange now. no surprising for hayward or oakland, but that slowdown is there throughout this area. we will show you waze as well. if you're coming off the benicia bridge, three different routes and three different times. map it out with waze. nbc bay area wazers is the team to be. back to you. coming up next, a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay," including a busy morning for san jose police. the intense hostage situation under way at a hotel this morning. we're live as negotiations continue. but first happening now, terror concerns prompting g$k cargo, effective this morning all cargo from lights from egypt, jordan, qatar, saudi
6:54 am
arabia and the united arab emirates will be subject to new requirements. plus new diet coke flavors begin rolling out this morning, the new options include ginger lime, feisty cherry, zesty blood orange and twisted mango. the original diet coke will not change. weome back. lcwelcome back.
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before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- before you head out the door the time now 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." live pictures from the wyndham garden hotel in south san jose this morning where a standoff has been under way for more than 12 hours. this is on silicon valley boulevard near highway 101. police just told our pete suratos that someone with a warrant out for his arrest is in that hotel. police won't tell us if the man is alone, but witnesses say police told them the suspect has a hostage. police tell us they were on the second floor using a battering ram at one point. they've been negotiating all night. police also just told us they evacuated the rooms close to that suspect's room. we know that there are multiple police agencies involved including the fire department. we're going to bring you updates when we break in during the "today" show. just a few miles away from that scene police are investigating a deadly shooting outside some luxury apartments.
6:58 am
this is off of cottle road and raleigh not far from highway 85. that shooting happened around 9:00 last night outside of the ascent apartment complex. they found one man at the scene who was o shot and killed. police don't have any information on a motive or suspect. the real id a available at the dmv today. starting in the fall of 2020 you will need that real id to board a plane within the u.s. or federally secured facility, otherwise you will need a u.s. passport or military id. current driver's license will work for everything else. to get that real id you have to apply in person and be able to prove who you are. coming up next on the "today" show, coverage on the capitol hill that showdown happening as it continues. a new workweek gets under way with the government in the state of crisis over the showdown. now, moments ago the usgs said, quote, during the federal government shutdown we will not
6:59 am
monitor or jup date social media. so that means no earthquake information on social media, folks. again, more next on the "today" show. but we're working for you. we're all right here. a lot of people heading to work as well. rainy start for a monday. >> it is. pretty soggy out there. the rain won't last all day, mostly during the morning commute but the afternoon commute will be dry. temperatures in the mid 50s for san francisco and 60 degrees inland. another round of rain moving in wednesday afternoon. a problem for one of our trains. >> one of the ace trains, train number 3 has been having problem intermittently. they said mechanical problems have stopped the train over in tracy. so that is an issue forays train number 3. watching to see the effect on train number 5 and 7. they may be able to pull this out of the way. watch our twitter account and facebook. we will update all of those as well. the roadways are wet and slower so use caution out there. that's the word of the morning. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us for nbc bay area
7:00 am
news at 11:00 today. it is your monday morning. a rainy start but the sun will shine. good morning. breaking overnight, three days and counting. the government shutdown enters another day, after a new round of failed negotiations. >> we have yet to reach an agreement on a path poeforward. >> the white house accusing democrats ofoholding the country hosta hostage. marching with a message. millions turn out for a new round of women's marches all across the country. this morning, the warning sent to both parties and the president. and what it all could mean on election day. state of emergency. powerful tornadoes cut a path of destruction across texas. the massive system that spawned ,


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