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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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win. >> controversial on th decisionn francisco to replace acting mayor london breed.ia colle the impact it could have on thes upcoming elections. fo r one thousands of californ collegeba students may soon hav to pay more. the possible tuition hike just hours in for the state's larges jchool system. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good now wednesday, almost a thursday. >> thursday eve. trying to move the day along for you. it's wednesday. welcome, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. well, if you step out the door maybe a foggy day and of course don't forget the umbrella because you said that the rain is coming. >> it's not raining now but we will start to see the fog and then the rain later on today. so we are going to see some of those showers moving from north to south. as we get a look at the timing right now, this rain has not yet made it to the north bay, but let's talk about when it will by late morning, early afternoon. santa rosa starts out with heavy
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downpours right around lunchtime and that also starts to move into san francisco. if you have a later lunch at about 1:00 you will see that rain coming down and then moving into the east bay. as we go through that evening commute it's going to be a so long gee one with heavy downpours just starting to make it to san jose by about 4:00 to 5:00 and those winds will be picking up as well. so this one will bring in much more rain than we've seen recently, that's the reason why we are under a microclimate weather alert to give you the heads up about that, but now fot may be the biggest factor for drivers. that's right. aside from the bay bridge toll plaza which also has its metering lights on so that's always a factor, the fog through the tri-valley really registers just about a quarter mile visibility on kari's sensors. not presenting a problem for the commute, but that will be an issue you deal with. in the south bay we had a crash reported 880 at alameda and 280 just past 87. those have not been a problem. but 87 suddenly shows slowing n capital to "scurtner. there's sometimes overnight road
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works, i will check to see if i can find the cause of this. it's there nonetheless right now. we have this fog that kari has been touking about through san mart martin, morgan hill, so this will be an issue for visibility getting over toward 152 and coming through gilroy. be aware and be prepared. 6:02. we do have breaking news that wb are following. an attack on the save the children office in afghanistan. officials say the attack started with a suicide bomber and was followed by gunfire sending kids and adults running. right now we know one person iso dead, at least 11 other people were hurt.r ta so far no immediate claim of responsibility. though the area is a hot spot e. for both thehe taliban and isis. the attack comes days after a n deadly siege atat a luxury hote > developing this morning, tensions are high in san bre francisco after supervisors elected a newed" re interim may. this is video of protesters t. voicing their frustration after
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london breed was haeplaced as actingl mayor late last night. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live outside ofext.. hall where this all happened. pete, certainly a talker this morning. explain the controversy behind all of this. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. yeah, we're definitely going to see fallout from that controversial vote as the board of supervisors decided to replace acting mayor london breed with a fellow supervisor mark farrell. it remains to be seen if this will benefit herer in her run f mayor come june, but there were a number of people i'd say there were here last night at city hall that were not happy about that decision, they didn't hide their feelings. that was the scene at city hall that you guys were looking at last night when the board of supervisors voted in mark farrell as the acting mayor replacing london breed. breed took over that role following the up expected death of mayor ed lee last month.
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this is according to the city charter, her current role as the president of the board of supervisors made her next in line to take over for mayor lee. at the same time she kept her role as board of supervisors president and also as one of several candidates running for mayor. now, some of the supervisors had reservations about breed staying on as acting mayor due to that dual role, not to mention as i just mentioned she's running for mayor in june. we got a chance to hear from breed and farrell following last night's controversial vote. here is what they had to say. >> if you don't belong in one of the cliques that they're talking about, then i'll be your mayor. >> to me this isn't about politics, this is about moving the city forward and, again, the continuity of our government. all i can say is that i will work to represent every single san francisco resident no matter their race, their ethnicity, their religion, it doesn't matter. >> reporter: so all is not completely lost for breed.
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she will run in the special election in june. again, several candidates, the winner will serve out the remainder of mayor ed lee's term, but for now farrell will be acting mayor and he's going to have to look for replacement for his position on the board of supervisors. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." it isinves 6:05 right now. new this morning, walnut creek police investigating are hit an run that left two people injured. this is new video into our newsroom that shows the scene. it happened a little before 9:00 last night on north main right at 2nd avenue. we've been reaching out to walnut creek police this morning. officers have not told us what kind of injuries the victims peg suffered or the kind of t car af police are even looking for. at 6:05, happening today, its suspect at the center of a lengthy standoff at a san jose hotel may face a judge today. edward ruiz was wanted in connection with a violent you l robbery iniv milpitas.ff e officersar arrested him early yt yesterday morning more thanhe 3 hours after that standoff begand
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we were bringing you live ide th coverage on that standoff l pla earlier this week onye "today i the bay." the wyndham thout hotel outside thein room, you s the glass there where it all played out. the suspect was taken into 5 yer custody without incident. 6:06.ged as develop this morning authorities say the 15-year-old boy arrested in yesterday's kentucky school shooting will in likelihood all be champld ashere an adult, bu he is not being identified.and r here is the latest. mourners last night held a vigil for victims. a twot marstudents, a 15-year-ol and girl died. 17 more were injured. this happened at marshall county high school, that's about 50 miles northwest of nashville. students say that the school was about to start when the first shots were fired.ill >> ibe just see like fire comi from a gun and i turned back around and i just run through the doors and run outside into the weight room. sayin >> reporter: the 15-year-oldg suspect will be charged with
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murder and attempted murder. so far authorities are not coud saying if they know of a possible motive. at 6:06 right now, happening today, it could soon become more expensive to send your child to a uc school. regents "today in the bay's" bob redell live at ucuc berkeley this morning to break down the tuition hike l that the uc board of regents is considering. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. yes, they are considering and will vote on this later this afternoon. the uc board of regents will decide whether or not to raise tuition for students at uc berkeley and at the nine other uc campuses. if approved this would be the second tuition hike for the second time in the second year in a row for students at the uc schools. take a look at your tv screen, see what they are proposing, a 2.7% hike that amounts to $342 a year, so if you are looking at the overall cost it would be $12,630 increase to $12,972. those are for california residents.
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uc president janet napolitano has argued that the hike is necessary because sacramento is giving the uc less money than expected. governor jerry brown's budget calls for a 3% increase in the state funding of the uc which is down from the 4% increase in recent years. as you can imagine students we spoke with are not happy that they might be the ones who have to make up for that shortfall. >> i think it's ridiculous. they are already overcharging us for a lot of insignificant things, for example, cal athletics. they seem to be paying more attention to the sports than to academics and also they overcharge us in like miscellaneous things like printing and $350 may not seem like a lot, but for me as a first generation and low income student, it does make a huge difference. >> $350 is tough, like, for most people, it's not like money that you just throw around, but however -- like zach was saying,
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like it might sometimes be necessary. i'm still probably going to be willing to pay the money for the education as well. >> reporter: i checked online earlier this morning and it turns out csu, the california state university system is also looking at a potential hike, a 4% proposed hike that would be an additional $228 a year and if you are looking at their tuition it would jump from $5,742 to $5,970. the governor's new budget doesn't adequately fund their schools, either. reporting live at uc berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." it's dry right now out there, at least where bob s back to our microclimate weather alert this be hi taking a live look from our camera in san rafael and our live radar. north bay first to be the latest hit by this latest storm that is coming our way. >> we've got to brace for this, kari. >> you have to make sure you have the umbrellas before you
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head out the door. there have been some pockets of some really heavy downpours in there as this cold front arrives so that morning commute for the north bay will start to get really soggy by about 10:00 and temperatures are going to be cool as well, only in the upper 40s, reaching into the low 50s today. we're all going to have some cool weather today and once again that rain moving from north to south so a look at the timeline for that as you make plans for the day, that's coming up in a few minutes and fog right now and, mike, you're tracking slowing now in san jose. >> that's right. you will have to slow for the "j is tough.yy that will be in portions of the tri-valley right there, specifically 580 is where we may have the most concentration as well as discovery bay. we are looking at the south bay where we hadad a lot of slowing show up. i told you i would check out the reason, chp gave us the reason, a crash north 87 at curtner. crews were heading out there and chp just arrived hopefully to give us information on exactly what lanes are wlokd. we see the blackup from curtner but it's starting to move a little better.
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chp hopefully has helped those vehicles move to the shoulder but we will keep tracking that. that may cause a shift over toward 101. sometimes we see that when there is a problem with 87. we will track the south bay and the backup at the bay bridge as you would expect. 6:11.intern coming up next on "today in the bay," supporting net neutrality. new this morning the tech giant promising it won't make your internet slower. and here is something very unusual, silicon valley says no, we can't, when "today in the bay" continues.
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good wednesday morning. right now at 6:14 you step out the door and it's dry, but we do have some rain on the way and it will be heavy and that's the reason why we are in a microclimate weather alert. as we get a live look outside in palo alto, clear visibility here. as we go through the day it will be a chill yes start, some peeks of sunshine, and the rain moving into palo alto right at about 3:00 this afternoon and getting heavier in time for the evening commute. we will talk more about how this will impact your evening commute and how much rain we're going to get that's coming up at 6:19. right now impacting your morning drive through the south bay, highway 87 builds on a couple more minutes, that's a tough drive from capitol expressway to curtner because of a crash that's in lanes. we will give you the latest on what chp says about the specifics they have just arrived. san francisco could ban the sale of fur today.
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supervisors committee will consider the ban at 10:00 this morning. that's a proposal from supervisor katie tang. fur not a big moneymaker for retailers in the city. the chronicle reports stores sell about $1 million worth of fur items yearly. if the ban is arrived san francisco will be the third california city to do so. berkeley and west hollywood banned is last year. at&t is embarking on a major ad campaign today pledging support fournette neutrality. the company published a letter from its ceo in several papers promising it will not block websites or slow down speeds based on content customers consume. at&t aren't saying whether they will charge startup and tech giants for faster delivery of their sites and services. it comes a month after the trump administration overturned rules requiring internet providers to treat web traffic equally. another big corporation says it will give its employees $1,000 bonuses. >> scott mcgrew, this time it's disney.
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>> disney joins boeing and chase bank and comcast in offering that bonus to employees. i like the video you showed yesterday of mini mouse getting a star on the hollywood walk of fame. here it is again. the person inside that cost sum gets $1,000. soo so, too, do 125,000 other disney employees, all part of that big tax cut passed late last year. now, kimberly clark the makers of huggy diapers are also benefiting from the tax cut. the company's chief financial officer tells the "washington post" this morning it will use the money to restructure leading to the layoffs of 5,000 people and the closure of ten factories. toys "r" us says it will close nearly 200 more stores. nasdaq at record high, pushed higher by netflix, dow slipped a bit. you rarely hear the words "no, we can't" in silicon valley, but the x prize organization says this morning it's going to end its offer of millions of dollars in prize money to the first private company to go to the moon because nobody has gone to the
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moon. the prize launched a few years ago with an inspirational video. >> if you think only governments have what it takes to go to the moon, think again. 30 private teams from 16 countries competing in the largest incentivized prize competition in history. >> well, turns out it is openly governments that can go to the moon, none of the teams were able to meet the deadline. the group says if it's x prize contest they came up had a winner they are not being audacious enough. so they will try something else. >> clever campaign, i guess. >> it was. anew video into our newsroom to share with you showing a rare sight caught on camera in the northeast. yeah, take a look at that, this is snowy owl catching a ride on an ice flow in lake ontario, new york. he pretty much maintained his cool despite the harsh winds and
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rocky waves. the person who shot the video says the bird stayed on the ice chunk for about 30 minutes before moving to another spot where the water was much calmer. >> this is a beautiful shot, just the waves in the background. >> it's a beautiful bird, i think. >> it is. but one you can't bring home. >> no snowy owls. >> you cite the person who shot that video and we have no name. here are saying who? who? >> we walked right into that. >> we were all like, what? >> i have nothing to add to that. >> okay. >> or should you. >> let me add to this, we will talk about the weather this morning starting out with some fog and some rain. you have to go to the sierra to see scenes like that. we are going to have a lot of snow there. here bay area rain, here is the way it starts. we are getting a look at the radar and it's pretty heavy as it moves through far northwestern california and this will be approaching the bay area, but before it gets here we've got some fog to deal with. look at the visibility now in
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san martin, zero. this is the way it was yesterday and it's going to gradually improve as we go through the day. so big heads up about that. you can barely see ahead of what's in front of your face. so got to be really careful, but in san jose we are going to have a chilly start, temperatures in the mid 40s as you get the kids out the door for school. in san jose we are going to see that rain holding off for the school day. north bay not so much because that's where the rain gets in first. by 11:30 we're starting to see the showers moving into santa rosa, may be approaching parts of the peninsula. some of the heaviest downpours will be here by 2:00 to 3:00. for parts of the north bay, the peninsula as well as the east bay. san jose will start to see that rain moving in around the evening commute and it will be quite heavy at times with gusty winds still raining tonight and then it will be more spotty off and on throughout the day tomorrow and our rainfall totals will be heavier than the last round of rain we had. so we are looking at the
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possibility of for most spots about half an inch of rain, could be higher up to an inch to an inch and a half for the north bay. then after that we're going to clear out after thursday and the rest of the weekend looking pretty good. cool temperatures to start, warming up gradually, inland areas will be in the low 60s with sunshine by the end of the weekend. mike has been tracking the fog and the impact on now a -- on a crash in san jose. that's right, kari. looking at the biggest impact that one crash in san jose. of course, we're warning folks about the fog here through the tri-valley, looking at brentwood, north bay as well, but also watching the fog in san martin that you've talked about. very low visibility, almost none for 101 through that area. here we can clearly see there you just saw the backup forming and building now approaching capitol expressway all the way up to curtner avenue. chp is on scene, say it's in middle lanes right there, that's the toughest spot at the worst time for 87, just as we get the start of the build. so you may see a big shift over here.
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we already see slowing north 101 coming up from capitol expressway. a lot of times folks decide which route they will take. some are using 101 as an alternate. expect that to ripple around for this portion of san jose right here. north of there, silicon valley is just fine. getting over toward the bay bridge you have a smooth drive, slowing for the volume, a bit for the east shore freeway and the metering lights are on there. san mateo bridge no metering lights just more traffic doing the metering itself, that's why it's slower flat section and the high-rise. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," reducing smoking rates, how california compares to other states when it comes to smoking prevention. they change her flight and she requests a refund, but the airline then sits on her money. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. abou! it's wednesday, but never too early to start thinking about the weekend. aids fans looking toward to saturday's fan fest. i'm tweeting it right now.
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nbc bay area responds-- to a fremont family battling an airline. they were due a refund, but nbc bay area responds to a fremont family battling an airline. >> they say they were due a refund but they couldn't get it so they turned to us for help. consumer investigator chris chmura is here now. >> rachel bought four tickets on aeromexico and paid $470. the airline later changed
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rachel's flight and added a connection. well, rachel didn't want that so she canceled and then she figured she was due a refund, which she was, but she didn't get her money back at all. she went back and forth with the airline with no luck. rachel said at one point aeromexico asked to see copies of her bank statement to prove she didn't already get a refund. that's when she reached out to us. we contacted aeromexico and rachel received her $470 refund. the company didn't respond to our e-mails asking what went wrong here. when an airline changes its flight schedule which they do several times a year, you don't necessarily have to keep whatever new flights they choose for you. you might be able to change your trip without fees or request a full refund without penalties. you should call for help as soon as you see any modification they have made. if you have a consumer complaint please call us 888-996-tips or log on to
6:26 am 6:25 right now. new this morning california leading the nation when it comes to tobacco control policies. that's according to the american lung association's latest state of tobacco control report. it grades federal and state governments on tobacco laws and policies. california received an a grade for tobacco prevention and smoke-free air. it got a c grade for access to services to help people quit smoking but that's up from an f last year. the super bowl is right around the corner and the vikings new stadium is all set to go. >> we have our first look inside ahead of the big game. fortunately for the patriots and eagles the game will be played indoors. right now the temperatures are pretty icy in minnesota. a reminder you can watch the super bowl right here on nbc bay area, it's on february 4th and the kickoff is at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> take a look at this, steph curry clearly loves his daughters. he showed off his kids last night during the game against
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the knicks. his shoes had pictures of his daughters. turned out to be good luck for the game, he stored 32 points. dubs win this one 132-112. >> 123 right there. skroo coming up next on "today in the bay," farewell tours, the new report surfacing this morning that has elton john fans talking. why the web is abuzz right now. plus a violent crime spree in a south bay neighborhood, the clue police have as they search for the people involved as we sift through the crime stats throughout the night in cities across the bay area. you're watching "today in the bay." we )re in a microclimate wr
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alert this morning-- as we track the latest sto right now it's 6:30. we are in a microclimate weather alert this morning as we track the latest storm moving into the bay area. here is our live radar showing you where the rain is right now. these are pictures right now that you're seeing. >> taking a look at the four major bay area bridges, they are clear right now, but it will be a very different story for the evening commute. a very good wednesday morning, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now to get a better sense of what's going on, how long it's going to stick around let's head over to meteorologist kari hall. >> and we are going to have a clear start to the day except for that patchy dense fog that we have had to deal with in parts of the bay area, but look at the rain now,0 & still well the north of us. i wanted to give you the heads up before the rain arrives so you can prepare for the day
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before you head out the door. let's talk about when the rain will be moving in. santa rosa seeing the heavier downpours moving in by about noon and then san francisco by lk7 afte some gusty winds, some times of low visibility and heavy rain into the afternoon. by 3:00 it's moving into hayward and mountain view as well as half-moon bay. san jose seeing it in time for the evening commute as many more people are heading home and getting on the roads, you will have to keep those windshield wipers on high as we will see that rain continuing into tonight going out this evening we will start to see some of the will still have a spotty chance of rain into the day tomorrow. we will talk more about what's ahead as this heavy rain moves in and also what to expect this weekend. that's in about seven minutes. mike tracking crashes in oakland and in san jose? that's right. the first crash is oakland, the england side of the bay bridge, somewhere along that 880 overcrossing, i don't see
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flashing lights in this picture, but it is affecting the approach. we've got word it's been moved off to the shoulder so there is a smoother drive when there's movement. we saw earlier a big backup on that bend over from 880 northbound, that's cleared up but we still have all these folks feeding in from the east shore freeway and 580. the fog affecting the tri-valley over here, highway 4 and the north bay. looking toward the south bay where this crash moved to the shoulder north 87 at curtner, a distraction, a backup, now folks taking 85 and 101 and that's the ripple effect. back to you. developing in the south bay this morning, san jose police are look for the car that you're seeing right there on your screen. they say the people inside that car were behind a series of violent crimes in willow glen. >> that's where we find "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live with new clues in this case and i know, kris, you have some of those new crime numbers we've been sifting through throughout
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the night. >> reporter: right. they don't tell the story of what happened here in the last 24 hours or so. police are not talking a lot. they're not giving us a lot of official details, but one officer here at the scene did say that this crime spree seems to be getting out of control. now, i'm going to show you why sources also believe that it is the same group of people responsible for this recent crime spree. this was a scene around 9:00 last night, a residential street blocked from downtown willow glen and willow glen elementary school where police say a man was robbed of his wallet at gunpoint. the suspect then sped off in a red pickup truck nearly hitting two women. >> just like literally came right in front of me, zoomed right past and the guy came out and said, hey, did you guys see that car, did you see the license plate? he said i just got robbed at gunpoint and they took my wallet. >> reporter: so we were working this story even before that last night, our night crew was at a
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carjacking scene near san jose city college where a suspect in a stolen bmw suv ran into another car. we highlighted the surveillance video so you can see]1+w where suspect appears to jump out of the suv while it's still moving and jumps into a get away vehicle. the get away vehicle witnesses and sources tell us appear to be a red pickup truck just like the one seen in willow glen shortly after. overnight we looked into fbi crime data which showed that san jose is among the large cities that actually saw a dee crease in crime or no change in violent crime reports in the first half of 017 compared to the year before oakland, fremont, concord, santa clara are all in that same category, but violent crime reports were up in san francisco, in san mateo, sun sunnyva sunnyvale, berkeley and santa rosa. i posted a link to those stats if you want to look up your city, you can find it in my twitter feed. you can also find that image that laura and marcus showed you
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and i showed you as well of that suspect getting into that vehicle. it may not mean a lot to everybody, but if it means something to one person, that could help crack this crime. in willow glen, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> you're right, could spark a memory for someone. 6:35. new this morning, elton john fans wondering if the rocket man may be ready to touchdown for good. there are reports the 70-year-old pop icon is about to announce his retirement after what may be a farewell tour. so far there is no confirmation, but here is a look at his web page. there is a countdown clock going on to what he calls an important announcement just about three hours from now. the page also says "i finally decided my feature lies" and as any elton john fan will tell you that's in reference to his hit song "good-bye yellow brick road." a santa rosa police officer has a broken officer after he says a homeless man punched him
6:36 am
in the face. police say that that officer was breaking up a fight outside of the safeway on mendocino avenue. one of the men in the fight tried to attack a safeway worker. the suspect ran away and the officer chased him, tackling him and that's when they fought until backup arrived. the suspect was arrested after that. the suspect faces felony assault charges for hitting that officer. the southern california parents accused of torturing their kids are due back in court in hours. prosecutors will ask a judge to ban david and louise turpin from contacting their children. the riverside university health system foundation is collecting money for the siblings. the group says it has received around $120,000 so far in donations. something people are still talking about this morning, another shaker in the south bay, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake followed a minute later by a 2.7 quake struck last night. this was around 10:00. now, the quakes were centered in the hills between gilroy and watsonville along the san andreas fault.
6:37 am
both were registered on our nbc bay area seismograph, you can see it on the left of your screen, that little blip. people say they could feel this in san jose, sunnyvale, the peninsula and as far north as san francisco. no reports of any damage or injuries. >> maybe you just slept right through it. live pictures of the san mateo and bay bridges. could cost you some money to cross the bijs soon, even more. talks of raising bridge tolls by $3 continues today. that would bump the bay bridge up to $9. transportation officials are considering what measure to put on the june ballot for voters to approve. they're trying to figure out whether to raise the tolls by $3 and have that increase phased in over a number of years or to ask for a similar increase of $1 or $2. last month the mercury news reported a poll of bay area drivers that showed a strong support for raising the toll by $3. right now it costs $5 to cross the san mateo bridge, $6 or $4 depending on when you are crossing the bay bridge.
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i don't even want to -- well, i did last week. i remember when it was $2 to cross the bay bridge. >> you are just lucky with the number of kids you have, laura, they don't charge per person. >> could you imagine? we're never going anywhere. >> looking over here, guys, looking at the commute and things are moving well, the backup of course at the bay bridge, people waiting to pay their toll there. at the san mateo bridge you have to pay a toll there and the dumbarton bridge. this is all to maintain the roadways. you still hear the grumbling when we talk about prices changes. speeds changing and that's better. north 87 at curtner the cratch crash is on the shoulder if it's there at all now, you see the backup 85. because 87 is jammed we typically see this ripple now, folks try to use 85 or 101 as an escape route and we saw over the last ten minutes the build in both of those spots. there may be a new crash north 101 toward the alum rock area, i will check once the chp arrives and give you more data. i want to take you to the waze system, that purple route if you drive from the area off the
6:39 am
almaden valley and up toward santa clara, 87 is ten minutes better than 101 because of that new volume that's built on 101. we will track the changes through the south bay. make sure you join nbc bay area wazers that's our team and then back here this is our team. >> there you go. and the purple route in that one is a good one. >> that's right. >> we're going to see the rain in and out of here and we are going to be tracking that as we go throughout the day. this storm system moving in, we can still see it hasn't made it to the north bay yet. let's look at saturday's forecast. once this all clears we will get some sunshine. cooler temperatures, though, with highs in the mid 50s for the coast, the bay at 59 and 61 for the inland areas. sunday is also looking good, just a little bit warmer for the interior valleys reaching up to 65 degrees and this saturday we're talking about baseball season, the a's kick off their fan fest on saturday at 11:00 and jack london square. it will be at about 56 degrees,
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so still long sleeves but all of that sunshine will make it feel nice and comfortable. then if you are going up to lake shasta still some rain and snow happening there. wintry mix especially during the morning hours with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees. as you're coming back home on sunday it's all clear with a high of 51 degrees there. going to heavenly this weekend and it will be a packed weekend there because we are going to get up to two feet of show over the next couple of days and it will be clearing out in time for friday. high temperature of 36 degrees and still some icy conditions on saturday. a high of 47 degrees. 54 on sunday with some sunshine. we will be talking more about today's timeline with that rain, that's coming up in about three minutes. we will look forward to that. 6:40. coming up next on "today in the bay," breaking news, a busy morning for already rattled north bay fire crews and residents after several buildings burned overnight. plus we're also hearing from the first responders who put their
6:41 am
own lives in danger to save the victims of the montecito mudslides. their harrowing >> you always hope you can save everyone, but you never know if you did. >> coming up hear their harrowing rescue stories. plus the investigation into the white house takes a very serious turn this morning. and right now we're looking at the stock market, you can see the dow above 26,000 points right there, dow raises 100 points, opens at a record high on strong earnings. the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq all hit record highs. the time now 6:41.
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right now at 6:44, tracking some rain in our microclimate weather alert. we're starting to see some clouds moving into san jose right now, but a mostly clear start and even though it's dry now, don't forget the umbrella if you will be gone all day. we will start to see those temperatures warming up and rain arriving by 4:00 this afternoon in the south bay. now, it does move into the north bay earlier and i will have a look at the whole bay area, when you will see the rain in your neighborhood, that's coming up at about 6:49. and the travel times through the south bay continue to build for highway 101. folks shifting over from 87 where that's improving after an earlier crash cleared. we will talk about how traffic is rippling around the south bay and give you live shots. thank you very much, mike. 6:44 right now.
6:45 am
we are following some breaking news out of the north bay this morning, that same area that was hit so hard by last year's deadly firestorm. firefighters were at the scene of a fire that damaged or destroyed four mobile homes at a mobile home park, it also destroyed two abandoned buildings including one that locals knew as paul's resort. the fire started three hours ago outside sonoma near maxwell farms regional park. several people have been left homeless. so far there are no reports of injuries. we are sending our pete suratos to the scene, he will join us with a live report for our midday newscast at 11:00 this morning. also a busy morning for firefighters in san francisco. all new, several businesses are damaged or destroyed after those flames for through parts of this westport al neighborhood. the firefighters posted a video of the flames inside what appears to be a hardware store and beauty salon. it started a little before midnight near westport al
6:46 am
avenue. so far no word on injuries and to firefighters now how this started. two pilots part of a helicopter rescue crew are talking about braving tense conditions during the rescue of montecito mud slide victims. santa barbara county air support unit rescued nearly 20 people over 14 straight hours of flying and they did it all during a massive storm. >> the rain came down harder than i've ever seen it before whereas in my 20 years of navy and coast guard flying i have never had a situation where the deluge and amount of rain is that severe. >> visibility was often less than 100 feet. rescuers say towards the end of the mission they smelled smoke in the cockpit, the rain had fried some of their electrical equipment and the crew made an emergency landing at a golf course. in politics this morning, the investigation into the trump white house has just taken a very serious turn. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. nbc reporting the special counsel is ready to question the
6:47 am
president. >> that's right. good morning to you. we've gone from the president's men and women to the president himself. a number of news agencies are reporting special counsel robert mueller is ready to question the president, centering around the firings of james comey and michael flynn. and not in writing, but in person. now, even mr. trump's supporters worry about the president's ability to answer questions under pressure. according to transcripts from this deposition in 2007, in a lawsuit he filed he made up facts that were easily proved false. facts he did not need to lie about. for instance, according to the transcript published by the "washington post" trump said under oath he was paid a million dollars for a speech. the lawyer then requests how much of the payments were cash.x trump, approximately $400,000. there is a lot going on in mueller's investigation today. nbc just learned trump's closest security adviser michael flynn
6:48 am
was questioned by the fbi the very day after he was named national security adviser, but he didn't tell the white house. and nbc just learned a new cia director mike patch know was also questioned by mueller. this means the entire intelligence and law enforcement leadership around trump in those early days of the administration are all talking. the former director of the fbi, the former acting attorney general, the current attorney general jeff sessions, the former national security adviser, the director of the cia and the former head of the nsa and the former head of director of national intelligence have all cooperated in some way. well, we examine what's going on in washington every morning and we report back to you. what do you think of it all? talk to me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. happening today baseball's hall of fame announces this year's class and there areg9w
6:49 am
likely lock-ins. but giants fans will no doubt be listening for that name barry bonds who has seen his total go up in recent years. bonds retired from baseball as the home run king, but his career ended up tar initialed by a steroid scandal. that announcement takes place today at 3:00. >> i think he's getting more and more votes every year, but just not what it takes. >> yeah. >> not yet. he says he knows he is a hall of famer. >> there you go. >> to a lot of us he is. >> we want to check in with kari right now. >> it's going to start to bring us some rain later on this morning and later on this afternoon so we are going to track out that i'm tooing for everyone in the bay area. as wexrfx start out we are seei that rain still well to the north of us but it's a heavier one and that's the reason why we are in a microclimate weather alert. we see the yellows and reds, that's where it's really coming% down and that's what we can expect as this moves in, but our immediate problem right now is
6:50 am
fog. take a look at the visibility right now, in san martin, going up from the south county you can barely see anything, but it is clear in san jose. we have had poor visibility at times as well for the tri-valley and also in the north bay. napa the visibility only at about a half of a mile. so you can barely see in some spots. make sure you allow extra time to get to work or school this morning. also don't forget that umbrella. even though it's not raining now we will need it later and also a nice warm coat because it is a chilly start to the day. once that rain starts to fall you will wish you had your umbrella and a warm jacket. now, as we start to see the rain moving into the north bay, here we are at noon, we see the cq"t)osa, point reyes and a approaching san francisco. look at the timeline at 2:30. "((v this future cast andf: see wh & will arrive in your location for today. that's a really good tool there. then as we look at san jose it moves in with some heavy rain in
6:51 am
time for the evening commute and then we'll still have some rain tonight for the south bay and spotty showers off and on between today and tomorrow and the potential of a few isolated thunderstorms. now, this one is going to bring us for most of us about a half to maybe even an inch of rain and the sierra is going to get up to two feet of snow. over the next seven days our tempe!h warming up in time for the weekend and sunshine is on the way after this storm system moves through. mike tracking the commute as it's starting to shift. >> just like the fog shifted around this morning, still impeding some of our folks as you travel through livermore, though no major problems. of course in the south bay kari talked about how you can barely see in spots for 101 through san martin. focusing on the southbound shift because north 87 had a crash that has cleared from the chp report. folks here about that crash and sift over to 85 and 101. saw a burst over the last 15 minutes, sorting themselves out
6:52 am
now. san jose showing that northbound push into#u!ñ the rest of silic valley. not to bad for pleasanton, 680, 880 through hayward, san mateo and dumbarton bridges see the push over toward the peninsula. the bay bridge only showing is on the east shore freeway coming down through richmond and moving well past university. you get a lot of company and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza of course the toll plaza has this view here with all these head lights, fast track lanes are visibly moving but slower than most would look and ending with the san rafael look meeting with the folks over from 580. back to you. coming up, a quick look at the top stories here on "today in the bay" including the search for a hit and run driver overnight in contra costa county. plus a new acting mayor in san francisco. the controversy trending on twitter right now surrounding the decision to replace london breed. but first happening now, a gay couple sues the state department for denying citizenship to one of their
6:53 am
toddler twin sons. the twins share the same mother but they have different fathers, one twin has the dna of a los angeles native, the other has the dna of his husband an israeli born man. plus the pope is condemning the quote evil of fake news. pope francis compared the use of fake news to the biblical story of the devil who disguised as a serpent persuaded eve to eat that forbidden fruit. he says eve was fed wrong information by satan.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out the door the time now 6:56. here is the top stories on "today in the bay." we have breaking news we are following this morning, an attack overnight on the save the children office in afghanistan. investigators say it started with a suicide bombing and was followed by gunfire. one person was killed and at least 11 others were hurt. no one has claimed responsibility so far. this morning san francisco has a new acting mayor. in a controversial vote tuesday night the board of supervisors elected make farrell to the job. ousting london breed. now, as you would expect she was upset. meanwhile, he says that he will work for everyone. >> to me this isn't about politics. this is about moving the city forward and again the continuity of our government. all i can say is that i will work to represent every single
6:57 am
san francisco resident, no matter their race, their ethnicity, their religion, it doesn't matter. >> if you don't belong in one of the cliques that they are talking about then i will be your mayor. >> some board supervisors said they felt that leaving breed in the job gave her an unfair advantage in the upcoming mayoral election. taking a live look at uc berkeley this morning, today the uc board of regents is set to vote on a tuition hike. the university is considering an increase that amounts to about 340 extra dollars per year. the president says the state is giving the uc system less money than expected. the cal state system is also considering a hike. now, ahead of the decision we talked to several students who will be impacted. their reactions are posted on our website. a live look in san jose's willow glen. that's where police are investigating an armed robbery that may be tied to a string of crimes by the same group. witnesses say that four men got out of a red pickup truck and
6:58 am
robbed a man at gunpoint. the getaway car nearly struck two women. police say this happened near where an earlier carjacking ended, in that case the driver of the stolen car crashed and jumped into a trailing car also described as a red pickup truck. new overnight, we've learned walnut creek police are investigating a hit and run. two people were hurt. it happened just before 9:00 last night on north main at the intersection with 2nd avenue. officers have not said how the victims are doing or what kind of car they're looking for. a 15-year-old boy arrested in the school shooting in kentucky will likely be charged as an adult. a vigil was held for the victims last night. two students were killed in that shooting yesterday morning. 17 others were injured. investigators haven't identified the suspect or released a possible motive. coverage of the kentucky school shooting continues next on the "today" show with new information we're learning about the victims and the incredible stories of survival. 6:58. there is a gift coming your way, the gift of rain. we are in our microclimate
6:59 am
weather alert this morning as we track a storm moving into the bay area. on your left you see the radar and on the right our live cameras at the golden gate bridge and overlooking san francisco. a little fogged in. a lot of parts of the bay area, in fact. >> yeah, so the fog is what we will deal with first and then the rain later on this afternoon. i wanted to give you a heads up before you head out the door that this rain will be arriving and it may be heavy at times and i will give you time to get the kids off to school, get settled at work or at home, we will do a facebook live at 9:00 so join me @karihallweather on facebook and we will still have a chance of storms throughout the day tomorrow. >> tracking the last look at your morning commute, we may have a new crash in the east bay. >> it's getting crowded on the east shore freeway. we will show you the problem as you're traveling your commute direction towards golden gate field, a new crash just reported. i will let you know if any lanes are blocked, we will send that out on twitter and facebook. folks looking at a smooth flow, no major issues south bay recovers. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we will be back at 7:25 with a
7:00 am
live local news update. join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. it's your wednesday, make sure you take the umbrellas and the rain shoes out there today. going to be a wet one. good morning, chaos and confusion. >> this the building, please! >> chilling new video of the panic at a kentucky high school where a gunman opened fire killing two students and wounding 18 others. >> kids were scrambling over other kids, it was horrible. >> this morning, the 15-year-old suspected shooter in custody. the question, why did he do it? time to talk? special counsel robert mueller setting his sights on president trump after questioning the attorney general and former director of the fbi. but will the president agree to an interview? judgment day -- after more than a week of emotional testimony from his victims,


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