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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 31, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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she joins us live. marianne, this has been going on for a while now. so what's the plan? >> reporter: it certainly has, jessica. in spite of added patrols and beefed up security inside the trucks, two u.s. postal trucks parked on mildred avenue in willow glen were broken into in broad daylight on monday morning. 19 postal trucks have been broken into in san jose since last spring. it appears the thieves are becoming more brazen. on monday they stole mail out of two different locked postal trucks parked a block from each other in willow glen. postal inspectors say that's unusual. >> two break-ins in such a short time frame is very concerning to us. >> reporter: the thieves stole both letters and packages. a big concern for jenna vaccaro. >> i get checks all the time in the mail, i'm a freelancer. i rely on the mail to get my income. that's absolutely concerning.
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>> reporter: it's not just a problem in san jose. investigators say thieves recently targeted mail trucks in pleasant hills, antioch, and richmond. but it's not clear whether the thefts are related. here in san jose, the postal service is still trying to determine just how many customers in the willow glen area were impacted by the break-ins monday. >> what we're asking is, keep an eye out. three to four weeks, if you receive a bank statement or credit card statement with transactions you did not make, contact us. >> reporter: the postal inspector says some arrests have been made in connection with previous break-ins last year. but so far, he's not revealing any details about those suspects. reporting live in willow glen, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, marianne. he contacted women through an online dating website and then convererced them into sex r pretending to be a police
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officer. he's facing multiple charges. police say earlier this month he met a woman online and arranged a meeting at a motel in milpitas. once there, he said he was a police officer and threatened her if she didn't have sex with him. police believe there could be more victims. legalizing marijuana means a clean slate. san francisco will dismiss thousands of marijuana misdemeanor convictions dating back to 1975. the city will also review felony convictions and possibly reduce those to misdemeanors. nbc bay area's robert handa is at a san francisco dispensary with the national impact of this local decision. robert? >> reporter: that's right, a lot of people here at this dispensary didn't seem to know about the issue. san francisco is following what appears to be a little-known provision of prop 64 that allows people a second chance to clear their criminal records. but the district attorney says the burden should not be on the people to clear up the conviction or the stigma.
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once marijuana was legalized, it was quite a rush to buy pot for recreational use. but to clear up a marijuana conviction, a person must petition the court. today the san francisco district attorney says he will dismiss virtually all misdemeanor convictions back to 1975, about 3,000 cases, and review 5,000 felony convictions. he says voters demanded it. >> they're tired of the war on drugs. they do not believe that that was the right path to follow. now it's up to us to make sure we not only implement the letter of the law, but more importantly, we implement the spirit of the law. a lot of people do not know they actually can do this. and many others could not afford to do this. >> reporter: many of those we talked to said since those guilty of violent crimes aren't
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eligibl eligible, this is what should be done. the drug policy alliance is concerned many other agencies are dragging their feet. >> i think a lot of agencies are also still dealing with misinformed fears and stigmas that are holding them back from moving forward. so i certainly hope that as people get more comfortable with this and they see san francisco moving ahead with this, they'll follow in that lead and start taking more action. >> reporter: while san francisco still has a jump on other agencies, gaston says it will take about a year to review and resolve all these misdemeanor marijuana and felony cases. live in san francisco, robert handa, nbc bay area news. there's a local connection to that deadly helicopter crash in newport beach yesterday. pepe tena was among the three people who died. he is a well-known hotel executive. among his holdings, the garden
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court hotel in palo alto. hundreds of stolen electronics with millions of dollars are now in the hands of police. detectives in fremont say they've charged eight people for breaking into cars in the bay area and shipping those goods overseas. nbc bay area's anousha rasta joins us live with more. >> reporter: jessica, the suspects involved in this team, according to police, would bring some of those stolen electronics here to this storage facility in san jose, where they would load them in containers and ship them to vietnam. what started as an investigation into car break-ins in the bay area -- >> this is a very organized crime. >> reporter: -- led undercover police from fremont to an international multimillion dollar crime. a fencing scheme, involving stolen electronics believed to be taken from people's cars along the 880 corridor in fremont. >> so you have a whole lot of street level criminals selling
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them to one person. then that person was selling them to two other people at least. and then those people were shipping the items to vietnam. >> reporter: detectives say they followed a tip about the stolen electronics to this storage facility in san jose. this is what they say they found in one of those storage containers. more than 900 stolen laptops, tablets, and phones, worth about a million bucks. >> they're storing this stuff in public storage containers, and the box would fill up and they would load it up and ship it to the port of oakland. >> reporter: tonight eight people are facing serious charges. last week, another bust. two people stopped and arrested at sfo for trying to take hundreds of stolen electronics in their luggage on a flight bound for vietnam. >> we have victims as far away as las vegas, nevada, los angeles, and every county in the bay area. >> reporter: and eight suspects involved in this scheme are now facing multiple felony charges.
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fremont police say they are still looking for more people connected to this case. reporting live in san anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. the new transit system's first deadly crash happened just before 8:00 this morning near hearn avenue in santa rosa. police say a woman was standing on the tracks as the s.m.a.r.t. train approached. the conductor blasted the horn but the woman didn't move. and there wasn't enough time to stop the train. the 64-year-old woman died right there. >> it is the first fatality s.m.a.r.t. has seen. any fatality is unfortunate. we have trained and have responses and protocols in place to make it as smooth a transition as we can from the time of the incident to getting service back full speed. >> the area is a so-called quiet zone for s.m.a.r.t. trains, meaning conductors don't even sound the horn. but in this case the engineer
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did. santa rosa police said the incident is being investigated as a possible suicide. tonight a lot of concerns and questions following last night's big fire in richmond. you can see the aftermath down below from our nbc bay area sky ranger. the smoke was so thick last night, people could see it and smell it for miles away. was that smoke toxic? nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from richmond with some answers. jodi? >> reporter: raj, health asxand hazardous materials experts say the level of particulates in the air was through the roof. they say the smoke in this fire stayed low, hugging the ground for hours. >> the crap metal yards have a lot of different toxic chemicals. >> reporter: and that's what has folks in richmond worried. last night's scrap metal fire left much of the city covered in toxic smoke. fire smoke out at simms metal
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management just after 5:00 p.m., prompting the city to issue a shelter in place warning for nearly 12 hours. >> it was very scary, because it was a huge black cloud. >> reporter: tonight we're learning there's reason for concern. the county's health and hazardous materials team used meters to measure the particulates. they say levels were 100 times more than was considered hazardous. more tests are under way to figure out what chemicals may also have been in the air. >> they were breathing very fine particles of smoke, so fine, they could go right through the lungs and be picked up by the blood. >> i literally couldn't breathe. >> reporter: richmond's mayor says not even the chevron refinery fire caused so much smoke. >> i've lived in richmond for 45 years, and this is the worst air-related problem i've ever seen. it was far worse than the chevron fire of 2012.
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>> reporter: we are back here live. the folks here at simms point out that there have been no injuries reported so far. they say they apologize to the community for any inconvenience and promise a transparent review of what happened. live in richmond, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that may prove useful, since a lot of people in richmond are asking why the city and county didn't sound the emergency alarm, considering how toxic the smoke may have been. health and hazardous materials tells us today they should you have sounded the alarm. they say refineries usually sound the alarm themselves if they release potentially dangerous fumes. in this case they opted for text alerts rather than activating the alarm. the fire in richmond wasn't the first fire at the simms facility in the bay area. our investigative unit dug through the company's history with the bay area air quality management district.
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there have been three fires over the last seven years. the first happened at the old san francisco yard back in 2010. in 2013, in redwood city. and another fire at the same plant a month later. investigators found simms in violation of air quality regulations in both redwood city fires. the mayor of richmond is now calling on the city counsel to review the company's conditional use. a spokesperson for simms says it will continue to work with authorities and regulators to implement additional corrective measures. up next at 6:00, the reason hundreds of parents and students, you can see them here, are defending a teacher accused of abusing a student. plus a rare celestial sight this morning and the special treat in store for us tonight. 59 and a few clouds in san francisco. but i'm tracking a big warm-up tomorrow. we'll let you know who is going to reach into the 70s. my forecast in seven minutes. ra.
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today -- parents and students are demanding justice... for a beloved teacher... facin take a look, not your ordinary school rally. today these parents and students were demanding justice for a beloved teacher facing criminal charges. that teacher accused of dangling a student from a balcony right on campus. nbc bay area's sam brock is at san francisco's marshall elementary school in the mission district with details. sam?
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>> reporter: raj, good evening. i talked to so many students and parents today. it's not njust that they like andres tobar. they love him and describe him as a father figure, which is why these streets were packed with protests earlier today. on i say face, this might seem far-fetched. 200 parents and former students clamoring for the reinstatement of a teacher who one day earlier had turned himself into police for child endangerment. but they say he's no ordinary teacher. >> for those of us who didn't grow up with fathers or mothers, he taught us how to read, he's been 100% the best teacher we've ever seen at this school. >> reporter: what happened? parents say they want proof of possible endangerment. san francisco unified superintendent. >> we have security cameras on camera.
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>> reporter: while he couldn't say if the dangling was or wasn't captured, one parent says she saw the whole thing. "he only picked him up. he only picked him up, he was playing with the kid and the kid was smiling. i never saw him scared." >> that's an interpretation of the event. we have what people saw which was a child dangled over a second story balcony. >> reporter: people here say they're puzzled by the sequence of events. >> there is an accusation going around, there's no proof, it's out of his character. i think it's been fabricated. we want our teacher back. >> reporter: that mom described tobar as a, quote, force in the latino community shareholdwhich comprises 80% of the student body. i spoke to a student who says mr. tobar taught everybody spanish, black, white, asian, it didn't matter. you can find her entire heartfelt interview posted on my facebook page. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sam.
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making a statement with honey bear signs is what a street artist is hoping to do in san francisco. 450 of these honey bear signs have popped up in the area south of market. they're from a local straight artist named finch. finch and 24 of his friends put up the signs as a way of protesting what they say are overly strict graffiti laws in san francisco. finch says the absurdity of the bears is meant to show the absurdity of the law. we spoke to him today. he asked that we don't show his face. >> i'm not asking the city to legalize graffiti. i'm asking them to decriminalize it, so kids don't get it on their permanent record or you encourage people to be a little more loose about trying to make public art without the fear that they'll get hit with a pretty serious crime. >> finch says he plans on starting a petition to stop the city from cracking down on temporary art that doesn't actually damage city property. a lot of tired people at
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work and school today after getting up early to see that super blue blood moon. the ultrarare lunar combination had astronomers and really just everyday people like me and you buzzing. for the first time in more than 150 years, we had a super moon, a blue moon, which is the second full moon in the month, and a blood monday, where the earth passes between the earth and the sun. we'll verify that with jeff ranieri to make sure i got that right. people gathered at the observatory to witness history. >> it's so cool. it's not going to happen for long, so i'm happy i came. >> this is the first time in 150 years that we've had three different things happen at the same time. >> a lot of people woke up their kids early before school, to make it a family affair. you might want to look up in the sky again tonight. the official full moon tonight is a super moon. it will be 20% closer to the earth than usual. take a look, some of the amazing
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photos our viewers sent us. amazing shots. sean wells took this shot above the palace of fine arts. michael, who calls himself the 415 guy. >> that's beautiful. >> that's really nice, from the golden great bridge in the foreground. and kwan lu captured people looking at the sky, almost like "e.t." when they're riding across the moon there. watch all these photos on our home page, go for it, you can see it all not just around the bay area but around the country as well. >> that's why i didn't get up, i was going to look at the photos. >> you were going to rely on that. you can rely on jeff, he was up bright and early. >> it was cool, it was kind of like bringing the community together. i was out there looking early in the morning, and as i was looking out, i could see all kinds of different lights coming out their door to look at the same time. next time that event is going to happen, the blue moon, the super moon, and also the lunar eclipse, 2037. january 31st of 2037. >> i don't think i'll make that
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one. >> oh, we'll be here. >> you're going to be here. >> we'll be anchoring the news here. >> that's a little iffy. >> or robots. let's get a closer look, it's what we're dealing with right now outside. hopefully we had a great day, a nice way to start the morning if you got out nice and early. in san jose, a lot of traffic on the road, normal, 63 degrees tonight with some high clouds lingering. tomorrow, the big news is temperatures are warming up. it is going to be noticeable as you step outside, going to feel more like spring than winter. check this out, 72 in santa rosa, 73 in napa. low 70s for the east bay. 72 in san jose. san francisco and half moon bay starting to warm on up with mostly skies throughout the afternoon. extended forecast keeps this trend of low to mid-70s all the way throughout the next seven days. then we'll have more details.
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we could have some rainfall coming our way. but i do want to focus in on the weekend. if you're looking for something to do, this is the time of the year when we start to see events pop up across the bay area. the lunar new year festival will happen in oakland on saturday. we'll have low 70s once we hit the afternoon. speaking of the weekend, super bowl. temperatures around 9 degrees outside the stadium. if you know anyone that's heading that way, they've got to be bundling up. we'll talk more about our forecast and the rain chance in 24 minutes. >> could be a super bowl pool party around here. thanks, jeff. he started skiing at the age of 2. now he's headed to the olympics for the first time. we'll introduce you to the northern california native headed to south korea next week. it's the "this is us" episode everyone wants to see. >> like a bolt of lightning. you were my purpose, kevin. >> and it's right after the super bowl here on nbc bay area this sunday. right now, i'm going to show you
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how to set your dvr so you don't miss a second of it, even if the super bowl runs long. first, press the xfinity button on your remote. click on search. on the following menu, search for "this is us." once found, click record. navigate to the bottom of this menu and next to stop. then press the right arrow on your remote until it says "30 minutes late." finally, click confirm and you're all set. that's how to set up xfinity. other providers are similar. so you don't miss a frame of the show, right here on nbc bay area. >> thanks, chris, i really want to see that. if you want to be extra careful, you can record every show after the super bowl. that way you don't miss a thing. if you're anything like me,
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stanford is cancelling plans to put a plaque where the brock turner assault happ happening now on our twitter feed, stanford is canceling plans to put a plaque where the brock turner assault happened on campus, after the university and the victim couldn't agree on a quote for the plaque. toyota is recalling more than 600,000 cars that may not have working airbags. to see if your car is on the recall list, check out the details on our home page. pyeongs
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begin. that )s how close we are now. are you ready? one week from tomorrow, the pyeongchang olympic games will
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begin. that's how close we are. today in south korea, the president of the international olympic committee toured the training base for the teams. in the days ahead, he will lead final checkups on the olympic facilities and on the athlete village as well. team usa is sending a record number of athletes, 242. among them, a lot of northern californians like first time olympian bryce bennett. we caught up with bryce last summer as he trained on the snowless mountains there at squaw valley. this is where his parents met, by the way, at squaw, while they both worked there parking cars. at 25, bryce is wonderful younger members of the men's ski team. he says having older, more experienced skiers around is a big benefit. >> you can talk to them, they've been there, they've done it, they've seen it all. we all help each other out. the younger guys push the older
6:27 pm
guys to ski faster. but i also don't want to get beat by the older guys, we have to chase them. >> price was considered a downhill specialist and qualified for the games in the alpine combined. a lot of people are heading to the olympics beginning next week, including one of our own reporters, garvin thomas, heading to pyeongchang for us in a few days. i he'll be bringing us live reports throughout the olympic games. follow him at twitte twitter @garvinthomas. a tran carrying republican lawmakers and their families crashes into a garbage truck, forcing some congress members into action. plus our political analyst takes a look at president trump's speech, his full reaction coming up next.
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rural virginia on board: republican lawmakers. right now at 6:30, a chartered train crashes in rural virginia. on board, republican lawmakers. what we're learning tonight about a crash that left at least one person dead. thanks for joining us, i'm jessica aguirre. >> answerii'm raj mathai. representative devin nunes was aboard when the train hit a garbage track at a crossing near charlottesville, virginia. the driver of the garbage truck was killed. senator jeff flake of arizona
6:31 pm
described a big impact during the crash and then making his way to help one of the injured. >> obviously concerned about those seriously injured and the deceased, and some who were pretty bruised up. >> some members of congress who were also doctors helped treat the crash victims. a nearby farmer says the crossing arms have been malfunctioning. no lawmakers were injured. tonight they're at a resort in west virginia at a retreat as scheduled. president trump will travel there tomorrow to address the retreat. a remarkable public clash over a classified memo in the russia investigation. after last night's state of the union, president trump assured a lawmaker he would release the memo "100%," that is the quote. that after the deputy attorney general and the fbi director went to the white house monday urging the president to reconsider that move. today, in a rare statement, the fbi issued, quote, grave concerns about the memo's accuracy.
6:32 pm
democrats argue the memo is misleading and accused intelligence committee chairman devin nunes of trying to undermine the russia inquiry. >> the goal is to put out a document that will set a narrative that helps the president. and that narrative is the fbi is corrupt. >> the dispute pits representative schiff against his fellow californians, nunes. nunes claims the memo reveals improper tactics by the fbi and the justice department in the russia investigation. the fbi insists important facts are omitted. 24 hours after the president's first state of the union address, we'll still assessing the impact, particularly on california and the bay area. >> let's bring in our political analyst larry gerston. very presidential, straightforward, kind of like a state of the union that we're used to seeing. >> he's given three speeches, once when he received the republican nomination, the second speech a year ago to congress, and this one, the state of the union. and yes, this one almost sounded
6:33 pm
presidential, some would say did sound presidential. why did that happen? he changed his approach. he went from the idea of himself to others. he said the word "we" 135 times in that speech. he said "i" 35 times. and most important, he stayed on script. >> so what about the actual -- let's talk about the script itself, the substance and the key policies that he was talking about. were those delivered in a way that the american people can understand? >> well, they might understand it but i'm not so sure everybody was happy about it. he begins with this grandiose theme, let's put our differences aside, come together and find common ground. i think that point, a lot of people perked up. then he went ahead and basically talked about all the things that were important to him and the base. for example, standing to sing the national anthem, instead of kneeling as the football players have done. repealing the health care mandate, which was so important to so many people, 15 to 30
6:34 pm
million people now may not have health care. reinstating clean coal. that's a debatable issue. and as far as the tax cut goes, he talked about how this was a boon for middle class americans. and then when we get down to immigration reform, he says i got an idea, 1.8 million undocumented, we'll let them stay here, but you've got to give me the $25 billion for the wall, you have to end chain migration, and you also have to scrap the visa program. these are all the things that appealed to his base, leaving out 62% of americans. >> generally speaking did he win the night? and what does it mean specifically for us here in california? >> as far as winning the night goes, almost every president gets a bump, 4, 5, 6 points. the question is how long will it be before his next tweet cancels the bump. as far as california goes, there is a series of issues here that will be of concern to california. for example, immigration. what are we going to do if we
6:35 pm
don't have enough valuable immigration labor? coal. the idea of reconstituting coal, clean coal doesn't exist at all. it could be doing damage to california's environmental program. finally, inasmuch as the,frastr billion plan, most of it will come from state and local governments. the tax cut will be harmful to a blue state like california where people will pay more, so it will be harder for the state to extract funds from the taxpayers. he had a vision, no question about that. he got it out there. but i think the vision was appreciated by the base. and if you're still going with the base and you're not expanding the base, problems lie ahead. >> okay. larry gerston, very well explained. thank you very much. >> thank you, larry. our coverage of the state of the union does continue online. a lot to digest. that includes a fact check of what president trump said. that's at a northern and southern
6:36 pm
california alliance is shaping up in california's upcoming gubernatorial race. l.a.'s former mayor villairagosa joined sam liccardo for a tour of housing in the area, a key issue for both. >> time and time again, antonioville aantonio ville villeairagosa has led in these issues, leading transportation and transit. boy, don't we need that throughout the state. students who feel they're
6:37 pm
running into a dead end are instead given a second shot at success thanks to a san francisco nonprofit. it's called juma ventures and it's given jobs to hundreds of youth while at the same time giving them a shot at a career. it's a reason the nbc foundation awarded juma ventures a project innovation grant. nbc bay area ace damian trujillo shows us their story. >> down the middle, and goal! >> reporter: the fans roar after a game-winning field goal. >> in the left center field, nobody is there. >> reporter: or a run-scoring double. you'll likely run into someone in the juma ventures army, bay area worth working concessions at sporting events. >> we own and operate businesses where we employ young people. >> reporter: the youth who work the concessions for juma ventures are unique. many with a lot to lose and everything to gain. >> a significant number has been in and out of the foster care
6:38 pm
system. most of them have experienced homelessness at some point. some may have been involved in the juvenile justice system. >> reporter: juma ventures hires them, trains them, and sends them on their way to jobs in the hospitality and catering industries. >> i didn't like school. >> reporter: juma ventures recruited daisy, kept her in school, and hired her as one of the first concession workers at levi stadium. today she's studying child development. >> i got to discover who i was in juma. it helps me understand what i was capable of. >> reporter: to help keep youth off the streets and offer them a promising future, nbc bay area awarded juma ventures a project innovation grant for $25,000. >> with the grant from nbc, we were actually able to employ 223 young people this past year.
6:39 pm
far exceeding our goals. >> reporter: nowadays daisy ha own lofty career goals thanks to juma ventures. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> the application for the next round of grants is this friday. this year, nbc bay area is awarding a total of $225,000 to worthy recipients. for information, log on to our website,, and all you need to do is type "project innovation" in the search window to find out more. up next, a record number of insurance claims. a new total on the destruction from the north bay and southern california wildfires. of wildfir.
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6:41 pm
insurance claims for the north bay and the southern california fires have they are the most expensive series of wildfires in state history. insurance claims for both the north bay and the southern california fires have reached nearly $12 billion. that's according to the state insurance commissioner. the fires on both ends of the state last year hit 14 counties.
6:42 pm
fire officials say flames damaged or destroyed 42,000 homes. dozens of people were killed. until last year the most expensive single fire was the oakland hills fire back in 1991. at that point the fire cost nearly $3 billion. you might have noticed the new street signs in the south bay that could be very important in an emergency. the signs have been placed in los gatos and point out evacuation routes. there they are right there. the need became very clear after the bear fire in this area last fall. that bear fire burned 400 acres in the santa cruz mountains. it forced a lot of people to use small and unfamiliar roads to get out and evacuate. the hope is that these new signs will make the evacuation route even easier. firefighters are hosting a wildfire safety meeting tonight beginning in about 20 minutes at the jewish community center on oka road in los gatos. >> always good to know exactly what road will get you out ahead
6:43 pm
of time. it's unseasonably warm right now. >> it will be elevated the next two weeks until we get our next storm system moving in. right now, continued dry weather across the bay area, and 56 degrees. we'll watch more building fog tomorrow morning. we'll have details on that fog and how warm it will get. a rebate from 2016. i'm consumer investigator chris can chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling
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for a rebate was stalled for more than a year. he contacted our consumer nbc responds to a san jose driver whose request for a rebate was unsolved for more than a year. >> these things can be tricky sometimes. this one was going absolutely nowhere. it was stuck. let's talk about david. he drives a 1997 mitsubishi, that red one right there, with more than a quarter million miles on it. so he takes care of it. that tlc includes new tires regularly. the latest set bought in the
6:46 pm
middle of 2016. david says part of the deal included a rebate for 70 bucks at continental tire. fast forward to late 2017, when david wrote me to say he still hadn't received his rebate. we contacted continental tire. the company said its rebate processing center needed david to resubmit back in 2016 but it never got a response. david says, no, i did what i needed to do, i tried to make contact with multiple calls and messages. ultimately continental tire it was going to give david his $70 rebate he had long been waiting for, which is fantastic news for him. he got that $70 rebate. we agree with the federal trade commission on rebates. you have to be diligent. always keep a running record of what's going on. beginning on day one. plus keep copies of the paperwork beginning with the rebate form and your receipt. if you don't get paid, you can
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file a complaint with or the attorney general or call us, 888-996-tips, or online at that's how we do it on the farm. >> are you ready for super bowl sunday? the game is just part of the fun. there are the parties, halftime show, and of course you're looking at the commercials. this year's theme, heartwarming and humorous. many companies are using some of hollywood's biggest stars, as you can see. the going price for a 30-second ad during the super bowl is $5 million. >> remember when it used to be a cheap 2 million bucks? >> it's 5 now. don't forget, nbc bay area is your home for the super bowl pregame, coverage starts art 9:00 a.m. kickoff for the game is at 3:30. did you see the m&m's have a commercial? >> and we have justin timberlake doing halftime around 5:00. cindy crawford commercial.
6:48 pm
>> she looks the same. >> she does. >> crazy. then after "this is us," extended. >> a lot going on. >> we won't be able to do anything. >> you bring some guacamole, i'll bring chicken wings. >> i'll figure out something. i'll make it. >> just like a conunoisseur coo. >> something fancy with a super bowl twist. >> i'm feeling the pressure now, i have to come through for you guys. we're kind of on easy street when it comes to the weather the next several days. if you're looking for some milder weather after the wet weather we had recently, you're in luck. it's not mild, it's cool currently, 62 degrees in concord. we will be dropping down to a colder 49 at 1:00 a.m. we are watching for some areas of fog to build throughout parts of the east bay. now, a look at my morning forecast shows in the central valley or the tri valley, rather, we could see some of this fog move in from the central valley. that ground fog. we'll need to watch for that
6:49 pm
tomorrow morning with 43 and a few clouds for the south bay and 45. a better chance for that patchy fog, again, willing throughout the east bay and for the north bay as well. even if we start off with a little bit of cloud cover in the morning hours, by the afternoon we get mostly sunny skies tomorrow and a tremendous amount of warming. temperatures by the afternoon are going to jump some 25 to 30 degrees up from these morning conditions. the main reason why, high pressure continues to build in. it takes any sign of rainfall. look, i know we need some more storms in here but it's just not going to happen. with high pressure here, rainfall goes to the north. here comes the warmer air building in from the south. let's go ahead and enjoy our thursday forecast. as you step out the door, tomorrow during the lunch hour, it's going to feel noticeably different to you. nothing like it should on february 1st. in fact we'll be approaching record setting highs with these numbers in the low 70s. 72 in downtown san jose. 70 right there for gilroy. we'll have very similar weather here for the inland valleys of
6:50 pm
the east bay. 73 in concord. 71 in pleasanton. cooler by the bay, oakland 67. in the peninsula, you'll also get sunshine tomorrow, don't worry. cooler towards daly city, 67. san francisco not quite in the 70s just yet. i do think we'll get close in the mission at 68. and throughout marin, napa, sonoma counties, the warmest weather will be the areas farthest way from the bay. 73 in napa and 72 in santa rosa. not only warming up here but at the coastline. if you have thursday and friday off, a little four-day action going on, the beaches might be your call. look at this, santa cruz, 70s all the way into next wednesday's forecast with an a little bit of cloud cover coming in. if it's not santa cruz, what about pacifica? this is rare warmth for pacifica, usually doesn't get this warm, certainly this time of the year.
6:51 pm
70 for saturday's forecast. remember the spf. of course you can get burned even this time of the year. san francisco stays dry over the next seven days. temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. inland valleys will stay also with low to mid-on the part o70. morning temperatures in the 40s. you're saying what about the next possibility of rainfall? looks like february 13th through 16th we could see that rainfall return right back here towards the bay. so we are going to be monitoring those long range forecast models. right now i feel a little guilty but i'm kind of looking forward to the 70s. >> 74 degrees! >> so nice. >> thank you, jeff. up next, a group of bay area guys are ready for spring training after landing a once in a lifetime deal. it started in their basement. colin resch joins us next. they f
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
their house... and now -- a deal w/ major league baseball. these guys are rock stars. they started in the basement of their house. and now a deal with major league baseball. they're not players. >> since we first told you about the birdman bats, the boys have come a long way. here is nbc bay area's colin resch. >> reporter: you don't judge a book by its cover. in the case of of the san
6:55 pm
francisco guys in birdman bat, don't judge their facility by its exterior. when they first moved in, it looked like this. today -- >> pretty rad. >> reporter: -- it looks like this. >> we just ordered $80,000 more of wood. we'll have more than twice this amount in the next month. to be ready for the season. >> reporter: the major league season. their application accepted in recent weeks, birdman is now officially one of 25 or so bat companies licensed by mlb. that's just the start. >> we're also submitting for the world baseball/softball council, it gets us in the world baseball classic, the olympics, the pro leagues in japan and korea. >> reporter: that he progressed to the stage for a combination of reasons. increased funding through an investor certainly helped, as did the friendship gary formed last year with the one and only many ramirez. >> a lot of companies don't do this, he said, you guys have
6:56 pm
good wood, your bats are consistent. he loves the light heartedness of it. >> reporter: many's endorsement accompanied with a new cnc machine has birdman flying high. while a lot has changed for the guys in the last year and a half, some things never will, including the hands-on finishing touch to each bat. >> you look at our hands, there are scars everywhere from bumping into it or getting cuts. it's all part of it, you know? >> reporter: the next part of birdman's journey, you guessed it. >> spring training. >> reporter: in south san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> how cool is that? >> that's super cool. >> that is big time. if we can make a deal with the guys at birdman bats, how about an nbc bat? >> that will be nice. >> from the basement to spring training. >> we have to test it out, let it get weathered a little bit.
6:57 pm
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now, on "extra." george clooney on the moment he met amal. >> this was arranged by an agent, your talent agent? >> his new interview with david letterman. why george's parents were on his unofficial first date. and how he got out of the friend zone. >> i just thought we were buddies. >> the first lady wows in white at the state of the union. was there a hidden message in her outfit. plus, jimmy kimmel's crazy streaming party with stormy daniels and a couple of puppets. >> look who's here with us. kathy griffin, a comic in exile. her life in seclusion eight months after committing career suicide. can she make a comeback?


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