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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 1, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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developing overnight, accusations that house intelligence chairman devin nunes may have altered the fbi eavesdropping memo, which may not be released today after all. plus white house communications director hope hicks facing scrutiny over alleged cover-up comments. mass casualty incident level one, train versus truck. >> new details on the deadly train crash involving a garbage truck and a train filled with republican members of congress, family and staff. another sentencing hearing for disgraced former gymnastics doctor larry nassar. a deadline for michigan state amid protests. and a potential bombshell. >> i believe that if my report
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would have been taken seriously in 2004 that many of these victims would have never met larry nassar. to the super bowl of advertising and the best commercials being teed up for sunday's big game. >> oh, yeah. and don't forget the puppy predictions. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm philip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. we begin this morning with developing news on that critical russia investigation by spoeshl counsel robert mueller. "the new york times" now reports mueller is zeroing in on that infamous 2016 trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer and the president's role in putting together a news release in response to news reports of that meeting. the president and his advisers originally claim the sit-down involving trump campaign associates and his son was about russian adoption policy rather than its real purpose, to obtain political dirt about hillary clinton. donald trump jr. wrote in an e-mail shortly before the meeting took place, "if it's what you say, i love it." that as we learn mueller plans to speak to the former spokesman for mr. trump's legal team, mark
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corallo. >> it's a significant development considering news from the "times" that could bring long-time trump aide and white house communications director hope hicks into mueller's crosshairs. the "times" citing three people familiar with the situation writing mr. corallo is planning to tell mr. mueller about a previously undisclosed conference call with mr. trump and hope hicks. mr. corallo planned to tell investigators that miss hicks said during the call that e-mails written by donald trump jr. before the trump tower meeting in which the younger mr. trump said he was eager to receive political dirt about mrs. clinton from the russians will never get out. that left mr. corallo with concerns that miss hicks could be contemplating obstructing justice, the people said. while nbc has not independently verified the "times'" reporting, an attorney for hope hicks denies she ever said this, adding another layer to the investigation, cnn is reporting that the president sought to pressure the man leading the russia inquiry within the department of justice. deputy a.g. rod rosenstein.
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the cable company reporting mr. rosenstein was asked by the president last month whether he was "on my team." according to an official. that comes after reports that mr. trump directly asked the fbi director christopher wray how he voted during an oval office meeting in may. falling in line with former fbi director james comey's sworn testimony last year where he said the president needed and expected loyalty. comey was fired thereafter. meantime, senior administration officials tell nbc news the classified and controversial memo compiled by republicans on the house intel committee will likely be released today. it reportedly shows how the fbi and doj abused their authority to eavesdrop on a former trump campaign adviser. that's despite both democrats and the fbi doing their best to stop the release from happening. overnight the leading democrat on house intel adam schiff claims that the committee's republican chairman devin nunes made "material, that is, substantive changes to the memo he sent to the white house. they are changes not approved by the committee." schiff continues, "the white
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house, therefore, is reviewing a document the committee has not approved for release." a spokesman for chairman nunes took fault with schiff's complaint calling it "an increasingly strange attempt to thwart publication of the memo." he adds, "it was minor et cetera that were made including grammatical fixes and those requested by the fbi and the democrats. schiff's accusation comes after the fbi released a rare public rebuke against the memo's release writing, "the fbi was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it. we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy." still the president looks to be bent on releasing that memo despite his own fbi's objections. here he was just last night on the house floor. >> you must release the memo. >> oh, don't worry. 100%. >> a new a.p. report claims the president has been "telling confidants in recent days that he believes the memo will validate his concerns that the
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fbi and justice department had conspired against him." a frightening trip for several republican lawmakers and their families. their amtrak train collided with a garbage truck in virginia, killing one person. senate and house gop members were traveling together to a retreat when the accident happened. no member of congress or their staff was hurt. sadly, one passenger on the garbage truck was killed, identified as 28-year-old christopher foley. the ntsb is now on scene and says it will not speculate on a cause until their investigation is complete. >> we expect this to take several days of unseen work followed by months back at headquarters. >> nbc's dan sheneman now has more. >> reporter: the train, packed with republican lawmakers, was traveling near charlottesville, virginia around midday when it slammed into a truck. >> a working mass casualty incident is has been declared. >> reporter: members of congress who are also physicians helped treat crash victims. >> those of us who could, who
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had a medical background, hopped off the train as quickly as we could and ran to these people. >> reporter: lawmakers who were not hurt were rattled. >> obviously concerned about those who were seriously injured and the deceased and then some who were pretty bruised up. >> reporter: investigators from the national transportation safety board have arrived at the scene. >> our mission is to understand not only what happened but why it happened and make recommendations to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: lawmakers were on their way to a three-day policy retreat in west virginia. >> the members had been relocated from the train and moved onto buses for the final journey to their site. >> reporter: organizers say the retreat will go on as planned. dan sheneman, nbc news. >> and as dan mentioned, that retreat will go on as planned today, with president trump set to deliver remarks there later this afternoon. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with what's ahead
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today. what can we expect? >> reporter: good morning. the idea is to set the agenda for what republicans want to get done, what the white house wants to get done this year, during this session. it started last night with vice president pence who not only began to lay out the agenda, he said they've got their work cut out for them but he also went after west virginia's democratic senator joe manchin. >> senator joe manchin has voted no time and again on the policies that west virginia needs. when the time came to repeal and replace the disaster of obamacare, joe voted no. when we empowered west virginia to defund planned parenthood, joe voted no. and when it comes to that wall that we're going to build on the southern border, joe said, "well, i'm not voting for the wall either." >> reporter: taking a page from president trump, the vice president also tweeted against manchin. take a look at manchin's response. he tweeted back, "the vice
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president's comments are exactly why washington sucks." that from manchin. now, today as you mentioned, they will hear from president trump to set the agenda, to talk about what's important to them to try to get done. of course the midterm elections are a big part of that. the upcoming budget deadline to try to get that in place by the 8th. and of course the ym grace issue that has yet to be settled. philip. >> we know you'll be covering it all for us, tracie, thank you. disgraced former usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar is back in court for a third and final sentencing hearing in another case of sexual abuse. while this case involved three victims, once again, many more are coming forward to make impact statements. the total number of accusers now rising to at least 265. and later today a michigan police department is expected to apologize for its role in letting nassar go unpunished for decades. nbc's rehema ellis has the details. >> larry nassar is a criminal of the worst kind. >> reporter: more emotional and
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powerful statements from dozens of larry nassar's accusers. >> it takes a monster backed by ego, experience, and power fueled by multiple institutions to sexually assault a child in front of their own mother. >> reporter: and now more focus on his former employers and the police. >> as a student at michigan state i am completely heartbroken and betrayed by the school's administration. >> i'm not proud to go to this school. >> reporter: at michigan state university, where nassar was a doctor, protests despite the change to a new interim president. >> this institution has much that it can be proud of but we have to change the culture. >> the time is up for you, mr. nassar. >> reporter: rianne wendell gay is expecting a public apology from the police department which dismissed her complaints against nassar over a decade ago. >> i believe that if my report would have been taken seriously in 2004 that many of these victims would have never met larry nassar. >> reporter: now michigan attorney general investigators
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are demanding ms u-turn over e-mails, texts, and other files associated with nassar. and at usa gymnastics the entire board resigned amid pressure from the u.s. olympic committee. long overdue changes for many, including four-time olympic gold medalist simone biles, who shared her story on "today." >> so it feels like he took a part of me that i can't get back. so i'm still working on that part. >> reporter: hundreds of young women taking back their lives and holding institutions accountable. rehema ellis, nbc news. >> nbc meteorologist bill karins joining us now as we head into a new month, february. >> good morning. you knew winter was going to return after our january thaw that lasted for a while, and it has in a big way. wind chill advisories for portions of north dakota, northern minnesota. it is cold. we have wind chill values in some spots that are down there in negative 20 range. only 5 in minneapolis. the cold arriving, kansas city, chicago. eventually it will push into the
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ohio valley. not too bad stlrks louisville around 48 degrees. but it will get chillier in the days ahead. by friday the cold air moves through areas of the northeast, only 17 in erie. then on saturday the cold reloads back toward international falls with a high of only 1 and for super bowl sundayactually pretty mild up t the northeast ahead of our cold front. rain showers turning to snow showers late in the day. kentucky. and of course this weekend we have the super bowl and we also are going to be tracking a storm on the east coast. i'll have some details coming up. >> all right, bill, thank you very much. country singer carrie underwood is having quite a week with both highs and lows. she shared on twitter that she was pulled over for speeding saying that she might have cried after the brentwood, tennessee police officer let her off with a warning. this came just days before her
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husband mike fisher announced he will return to the nhl to play for the nashville predators with underwood cheering him on. then she also had that accident where she had like 40 stitches in her face. kind of a lot going on for carrie underwood. >> well, she got a warning. her guy's back playing the game he loves. coming up we've got a major recall to tell you about plus new details surrounding the mayor of nashville. but why go back there, when you can stay home, with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection, which could lead to hospitalizations. in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease. applied the day of chemo, neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the next day, so you can stay home. neulasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to neulasta or neupogen (filgrastim). ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems, allergic reactions, kidney injuries, and capillary leak syndrome have occurred.
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while she's disappointed in herself she said she remains committed to serving the people of nashville. >> i am so sorry for all the pain i have caused my family and his family and i know that god will forgive me but that nashville doesn't have to. >> the now retired security chief robert forrest issued a statement through an attorney saying "i deeply regret that my professional relationship with mayor barry turned into a personal one. i hope that the media and public respect my privacy as i seek to rebuild the trust of the ones i love most." overnight the phoenix suns' isaiah cannon suffered a gruesome ankle injury against the mavericks. and here's a warning, you may not want to look if you're squeamish. here's cannon driving to the basket in the first quarter when he goes up and look how he lands. really awkwardly on that left foot hp piz foot twisting in that unnatural position.
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several players on the court had to immediately turn away while others on the sideline covering their eyes completely. the scene reminiscent of an injury suffered by the celtics' gordon hayward earlier this season. the suns later confirmed he suffered a left ankle fracture. so hard to see, and hopefully he'll rebound and it's not nearly as bad as it looks. >> he's a young guy. he'll be back hopefully next year we'll see him. elon musk has reported some hot news overnight regarding one of his ent prooiszs. his boring company completely sold out of their 20,000 flamethrowers that were being offered for presale. they were 500 bucks each. the flame throwers will start shipping in the spring. the company's website says the fire-spouting devices are guaranteed to liven up any party. that is an understatement. we'll be right back. obably don't clean as often as you'd like. for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out, because the absorb and lock technology traps dirt and liquid inside the pad. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces tile, laminate and hardwood. and it prevents streaks and hazing better than a micro fiber
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how are you feeling, madam first lady? >> my life is ocean of loneliness. >> i'm sorry. what? >> i was just promoting my new fragrance. ocean of loneliness. it is a decadent bouquet of gardenia blossoms with a hint of "i live in a prison of my own making." >> she's a recurring character there now, right? and possibly related news here, adult film star stormy daniels has canceled her scheduled appearance on "the view" after sitting down with late-night host jimmy kimmel, who challenged daniels on her newfound denials of her reported affair with donald trump in 2006. >> it all follows that bombshell report claiming the president's attorney paying the porn star thousands of dollars to keep
4:20 am
quiet about that alleged extramarital affair and now the actress is speaking out, leaving even more unanswered questions. nbc's hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: for melania trump a standing ovation at the capitol on her husband's big night. he now finds himself in a storm of controversy as a porn star's pr push lands her on a late-night couch after a report the president's attorney gave six figures to stormy daniels to keep an alleged affair quiet. >> does this at all seem familiar to you? tighty whities. >> reporter: the appearance comes after the "wall street journal" reported daniels received hush money right before the election to keep under wraps a supposed sexual relationship with donald trump in 2006. those allegations of an affair denied by the president's long-time lawyer and denied by daniels herself in this signed statement. but -- >> the signature on the original statement does not match the signature on this statement. >> reporter: daniels playing it coy. >> did you sign this letter that was released today?
4:21 am
>> i don't know. did i? i do not remember. >> you do not know where it came from. >> reporter: the alleged encounters with donald trump reportedly hand not long after the president's wife, melania trump, had given birth to the couple's son. the first lady's office pushing back strongly on reports she's angry with her husband, saying "the laundry list of salacious and flat out false reporting about mrs. trump by tabloid publications and tv shows has seeped into mainstream media. her office says melania trump is focusing instead on her role as first lady, a role that includes hosting guests at the state of the union. in a break from tradition the first lady accompanied them to the capitol before her husband arrived. the two returning to the white house together. hallie jackson, nbc news, the white house. bye grandpa. and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine
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release the puppies. ooh, it's tight. looks like a landslide! the new england patriots are the super bowl champs! >> he made that call a little early i think. >> yeah, he did. they decided. >> that's right. the whole nation is preparing for super bowl sunday. and for many fans it isn't the game they're most excited for. it's the commercials. for some super bowl sunday and the commercials there are where the real action takes place. and at $5 million for each 30-second spot they're as big a deal as the championship itself. here's nbc's jay gray.
4:27 am
sno ♪ let's go >> reporter: it's the high-stakes game within the game. >> for people who work in advertising and marketing this is our biggest day of the year. >> reporter: for millions of fans it's one of the most anticipated and entertaining parts of super sunday. >> you can have it all. >> reporter: and this year's super bowl ad game has something for everyone. some are funny. >> sometimes i wish i were human. whoa! look at me. i'm human! >> reporter: while budweiser's spot is serious. >> and we're celebrating those heroes that have been providing clean drinking water for communities across the country for over 30 years. >> reporter: and pepsi is recreating a classic. >> cindy crawford's going to be in it and her son presley. but it's also going to have michael jackson in it, britney spears in it, and some of our newest characters like uncle drew. >> the cost for an ad is $5 million.
4:28 am
skittles won't play that but they're still trying to catch in on the buzz. showing their ad to one person sunday. >> this teenager out in californ california, they're only going to show it to him and they're going to show his reaction on their facebook page. it's a very interesting hack. we'll have to see if it works or not. >> reporter: all of the advertisers -- >> that's how we do it. on the farm. >> reporter: -- betting the farm and hoping to score big during the super bowl. jay gray, nbc news, minneapolis. >> well, cool. curious to see how that skittles commercial's going to do too, that one guy. another notable super bowl prediction has been made. remember internet sensation april the giraffe? she is going tort patriots. two banners were posted in her barn with letters on top of each. you can see she smoothly walks past the eagles banner before heading right there, chowing down on the lettuce on top of the patriots. this is april's first super bowl prediction. i love how despite all their training and hard work and the entire year it all just boils down to these animals.
4:29 am
>> it's a coin flip. it really is. it would be really impressive if it was against the spread. >> there you go. thanks for bng with eifebruary
4:30 am
a new month starts today. it is thursday morning. it is the 1st day of february. a new month starts today as we look live at san francisco looking nice and clear. you're not going to believe the forecast for this afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm mark washington. >> it's red on the top there, major delay on the b.a.r.t. website. there's a problem with one that is affecting the fremont line. single tracking between union city and south hayward. that's the message at the top


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