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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  February 4, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ the state of our union is the state of our union is strong. >> why make this memo public? >> the shot's not perfect. >> it's the most -- game of the year. >> good morning, and welcome to sunday, today on this super bowl sunday, february the 4th. i'm willie geist. we'll get to the sight of the game in a moment. we're following breaking news this morning out of south carolina, where an amtrak train with 130 passengers on board collided overnight with a freight train. it's a second amtrak crash in a week. this one is deadly as well. we'll have the latest in a
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minute. super bowl lii, hours away, the big game between new england patriots and philadelphia eagles airs here at 6:00 eastern, pre-game coverage all day long. justin timberlake at halftime. and later, a sunday sitdown with one of the world's biggest stars, now making her mark here in the united states. priyanka, making the leap to hollywood from a career as india's most famous actress. >> i just wanted to see what else life would take me, what else i can do. i didn't want one country or two, i just wanted the world. >> a sunday sitdown with preian ca chopra later this morning. out of south carolina, an amtrak train collided with a freight train in the middle of the night. two people are dead. morgan radford has the latest.
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police are still on the scene of that deadly crash. it happened around 2:30 this morning near columbia, south carolina. that train left new york last night and was making its way to miami when that accident happened. 139 passengers were on board, along with eight crew members. at least two people are dead. 70 others were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. the rest of the people on board were all taken to safety. >> we know that they are shaken up quite a bit. this is unlike anything else they have ever been through. we wanted to get them out of the cold and the weather. get them to a warm place. >> as we speak, hazmat crews are also on the scene because 5,000 gallons of fuel spilled. this is now the second amtrak train crash in less than a week. one person was killed and several others were injured when a train full of lawmakers crashed into a garbage truck in virginia on their way to a republican retreat. as far as this crash this morning goes, investigators have not said yet what caused the collision. but the national transportation
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safety board will be sending a team to investigate. willie? >> terrible scene in south carolina. morgan, thanks so much. our other big story today is the super bowl. in just a matter of hours, the patriots and eagles will face off in minneapolis. tom brady named league mvp on saturday, now looking for his sixth super bowl title as new england's quarterback. craig melvyn is down on the field in minneapolis, keep that seat for the game, if you can, my friend. >> would be nice if i could. they will take the field as five point favorites, to hoist another championship trophy, they'll have to get past the scrappy eagles defense, and a quarterback that surprised many, the commercials t parties, that halftime show, it is sport east most spectacular event every year.
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the hype is nearly over, and the story line all too familiar. the favored new england patriots planning to submit their legacy as one of the greatest sports dynasties in history, the perennial goliath. this year's david, the philadelphia eagles, all smiles playing for their first ever super bowl title. outside, fans enjoy the nfl experience. at night, the glitsy and glamorous super bowl parties and concerts. another hallmark of the big game, supersized security in the skies, black hawk helicopters, on the ground military hum vs, new bomb detection technology, infrared cameras, and 1,000 federal agents are blanketing minneapolis. so is the snow, and subzero temperatures. it will be the coldest super bowl ever, gametime temperature outside, about 3 degrees, with a
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windchill of negative 12. inside the state of the art dome, though, a balmy 70 degrees, and a highly anticipated halftime show from justin timberlake. the eagles are playing on the shoulders of their backup quarterback nick foles who didn't even play most of the season. >> focusing on the game, on the here and now, staying in the moment. >> they're best known for suffocating defense. the pats are best known for this guy, tom brady, widely considered the greatest of all time, going for his sixth title. taking time from practice to snap a family picture. earlier this week he had 12 stitches removed in his hand. >> i'm doing better. >> meanwhile, saturday, another honor for the 40-year-old, for the third time, the nfl named him the league's mvp. by the way, tom brady says that that hand should be just fine
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for the big game tonight. of course, the other big story here, justin timberlake at halftime. there has been a lot of talk about who might join him as a special guest. janet jackson put one of those rumors to rest saying yesterday it would not be her after, of course, this infamous halftime performance that set, you know, set off all to controversy. not janet. but i can tell you, willie, a source close to the game does confirm there will in fact, be, some sort of surprise. >> craig, i like watching you dance around what actually happened with janet jackson. >> yes. >> and justin timberlake. >> trying to keep it classy for you this morning. thanks for leaving the sunday logo up for the duration of the game. have we mentioned, nbc is your home for the super bowl. pre-game coverage all day, and watch the big game starting at 6:00 eastern, 3:00 pacific.
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other headlines this morning, the international olympic committee's executive board is speaking out about the larry nassar sex abuse scandal. the board says it's shocked and saddened. it's creating new safety guidelines for athletes competing in pyeongchang, for the first time participants will be able to report harassment or abuse to an ioc safeguarding officer. one olympic hopeful won't be making it. jacqueline wiles competing in a world cup downhill event in germany when she hit a gate and went tumbling, she fractured her leg and tore her acl. lindsay vonn won the race. 80th world cup win, a record. politics, president trump's twitter declaration, he is vindicated by the republican memo slamming the fbi's russia investigation as biased. this morning congressional democrats pushing to release a
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memo with their own version of events. nbc white house correspondent kelly o'connedonnell is traveli with the president, near his mar-a-lago estate in florida. >> reporter: president trump is relying on one secret memo written by his allies, house republicans, a memo he declassified to exonerate himself in the russia investigations. he tweeted referring to himself in the third person. the president wrote the memo totally vindicates trump in probe, he also quoted from a wall street journal editorial to make another report, the fbi failed to inform the -- dossier. the dossier refers to the work of former british intelligence officer christopher steele who did write a report on donald trump during the campaign, and it was paid for by the dnc and the clinton campaign. republicans say that was used exclusively to persuade the fisa court to allow eve dropping.
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on an aide, carter page. democrats say republicans relied on that exclusively, and it was inappropriate. democrats say they cherry picked information to write the memo. where does this leave us now? democrats want the chance to put out their own memo. the problem is they will need the house republicans to agree to release it, and they will need the president to agree to declassify it. big questions. >> kelly o'donnell, not breaking that thought through that wind tunnel. thanks, kelly. we appreciate it. hally jackson is nbc's chief white house cor upon the, joining me in new york. hally, chuck, good morning. we'll talk about the eagles in a second. >> thank you, thank you. >> chuck, let me start with you, if i could, on the four-page memo released by devon nunez. depending who you ask or the story you read, it's a slam dunk for republicans that the fbi is biased and the russia investigation is a witch hunt,
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as the president says, or if you're a democrat, i believe the technical term is a nothing burger. where does the truth lie? >> the better way to look at this is that, i think, the memo is the afterthought. it was the hype in the leadup to the memo that gave the president what he was looking for. and that is a new political capital with republicans. this memo, you've got to look at what it is trying to do. it's trying to raise more doubts about the probe overall, raise doubts about the fbi in turn raises doubts about mueller, raise doubts about rod rosenstein. and all of a sudden what did the president find out? a whole bunch more republicans on capitol hill are willing to stand by him in these attacks. so i think the big lesson for the president is, he may have the political capital among republicans to get rid of mueller. >> including the speaker of the house. paul ryan. the president tweeting the memo vindicates trump. he wanted to call it a witch
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hunt. there's no collusion, an american disgrace. his campaign chair was indicted as national security adviser, entered into a plea deal. george papadopoulos. nobody has been vindicated yet. how is the white house feeling? if the goal is to muddy the waters, did it get what it wanted? >> the process was the news in this situation because it was such a mess. i will tell you reporting on this from back in d.c. over the last 72 hours, the right-hand didn't know what the left hand was doing inside the west wing when it came to release. it was a complicated situation, and it was unprecedented. white house officials will say that privately. this is the first time we've ever done anything like that. when it comes special counsel investigation, the white house wants it over with. the president goes on twitter and does what he did, to say the special counsel investigation found nothing. we don't know what the special
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counsel has found, bob mueller doesn't come out and talk, or give press conferences. the president is at war with his own fbi, and the house intelligence committee, in a real mess right now. i spoke with a top democrat on that committee, a day and a half ago. he said perhaps devon nunez should step down. >> i've talked to leading conservatives saying i don't recognize paul ryan anymore. paul ryan is not an innocent bystander. he could reign in what devon nunez is doing. what is the goal of republicans? what are they getting out of this by going along with this memo? >> i think it's about the fact that the president's base is still extraordinarily supportive of him. and i think this is -- these are being decisions that are made out of fear of looking like you're anti-trump as a republican, and that creates problems in primaries and problems overall. so i think this is a straight up
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survival -- you know, it's like why do politicians act the way they act? it's about their own survival. it's always about their own survival. this is an example of it. the president's base is with him. and if you cross him, i don't care if you're paul ryan, you're in trouble. >> at this case, at the cost of the reputation of the fbi. chuck, go around the table, picks to the, super bowl, who do you got? >> who do i got? the eagles are covering, they'll probably somehow blow it at the end. >> see the look of disgust. >> todd, back me up here. in savannah. cheer for the eagles on that one. >> can i ask, willie, the city of philadelphia, should they fear a win or loss more? >> if you win, it's what happened to the red sox years ago, you've lost the thing, the underdog. >> speaking for the city of -- >> this is a rioting question. >> i fear for the street lamps
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either way. >> wearing eagles green. >> eagles green. >> we'll talk to chuck more this morning on "meet the press." hallie will stick around for highs and lows of the week. we are once again off to a mild and even warm start in some spots, including pacifica 65 degrees right now, san francisco 58, mountain view 48 degrees, san jose 49 and out near concord, 50 degrees. now, expect another warm afternoon, the temperaturevm, td in san francisco does show 60s as early as 9:00 a.m. by 1:00 we will be at about 67 degrees, once again expecting to hit near record highs of 70s in san francisco. straight head of sunday today, the highs and lows of the week, including on this super bowl sunday, a school bus driver
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and big eagles fan who got the surprise of his life for the kids he drives. the airline passengers who got the surprise of their life when someone tried to board with a peacock. and later, the high tech spurp bo super bowl, take you inside and behind the scenes of the state of the art in minneapolis. best bells and whistles in sports. >> this looks like a railing, really, it's a wifi hot spot. >> it's all coming up on sunday, today. as we head to break, our photo of the week, a massachusetts woman visiting new york stunned when jay-z and beyonce parade past her in the lobby of her total. she said, quote, i swear, eflt like i was hugged by an angel.
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6:19 am
lifetime earning his ticket to the super bowl. gary kelmer has been a school bus driver for 26 years outside of philly. and an eagles fan longer than that. kelmer's dad took him to see the eagles in the 1960 championship game in philadelphia's franklin field. parents know how much it means to the driver, the kids call him mr. gary, after it advanced to the super bowl, the school started a gofundme page. they raised $5,000 to get gary to the game in minneapolis. >> go birds! oh, my god! fly eagles fly! >> i love a fan who deserves it that much. >> i know, mr. gary is all of us. i want just a live shot of him the entire game. all night long. our first logos to alex
6:20 am
trebek's low tolerance to the sports ilg in accordangnorance . they the topic was talking football. >> football, $200. >> your choice: do your ont name this play in which the quarterback runs the ball and can choose to pitch it to another back. option play. ryan. >> football, 400. >> i can tell you guys are big football fans. [ laughter ] >> tom landry perfected the shotgun perforation with this team? >> dallas cowboys. >> do you think we should go to commercial? >> nobody questions a person's spirit quite like trebek. the contestants failed to answer a single question. >> the audience turned on them. you could hear them in the background. and the next high go to the
6:21 am
high honor of one member of the british house of lords absurdly high. lord michael bates a treasury minister was late arriving to parliament. because of tardiness, he missed a question. did he beat himself up or got it. lord gates was so upset about his minor transgression, he up and quit in disgrace. >> i always believed we should rise to the highest possible standards of courtesy and respect. this morning, on behalf of the government the legitimate questions of the legislature, i'm thoroughly ashamed of not being in my place. and therefore, i should be offering my resignation. immediately. i do apologize. >> buddy, don't beat yourself up. lord michael bates walked out of the chamber in shame. as his colleagues tried to coax him back in. eventually, the prime minister had to step in.
6:22 am
theresa may put out a statement, his resignation was refused. as it was judged, it was unnecessary. >> let me tell you if i had to resign in disgrace ever time i was late, i would have been out a decade ago. the final logos to the stretching of the definition of the term "emotional support animal." if you plfly, you may have notid the increase of people traveling with an emotional support dog or cat. but this week, more exotic. a peacock, a woman arrived at newark international airport in new jersey with her peacock named dexter. he bought the big beautiful bird his own ticket. for some reason, she wasn't allowed to bring him on board. in a statement, they said the peacock did not meet requirements. dex eter has his own facebook
6:23 am
beige. spent six hours trying to get on my flight to l.a. after following all required protocol. tomorrow, my human friends are going to drive me across country. dexter the peacock has an instagram account. this week he posted with emojis. this is a real thing. >> i hate this stuff. it makes me so upset. >> like a little pig on the plane? >> right. there are people who really do need these animals for actual reasons. >> right. >> so, let those people do that for real. i would love to travel with my dog named after brian dawkins. hall of fame dog. >> halle, thank you very much. coming up next, the "sunday sitdown" with priyanka chopra before she took america by storm. she already was one of the biggest stars in the world. how the young girl who wanted to how the young girl who wanted to be an aeronautical engineer gre i'm sorry, leo. i know i'm late. traffic on the ponte vecchio on a monday.
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or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. downtown san jose it is 6:26. here is a live look yu5soutsid downtown san zcmozjose. 49 degrees our tv says. i think it was 56 my car said when i was driving down this morning. incredible weekend. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kira klapper, vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. yesterday was so beautiful, right? >> i saw so many people out. >> so many people out. and you say today will be pretty much the same. >> equally beautiful. not as warm in some spots, but still in the 70s. >> that might be good. not too warm. >> if you notice right now as we wake up this morning kira said she noticed 56 degrees and that's because we have a wide array of 40s, 50s and even 60s on our map. look at pacifica 65 degrees
6:27 am
right now, santa cruz 46 degrees and livermore 49 and in san jose, yeah, we are at about 49 degrees. the temperature trend for today will eventually climb into the 70s but i do want to show you some cooler spots than where we were at yesterday. sunnyvale is 11 degrees warmer, yesterday sunnyvale and livermore were 10 degrees warmer, today they are 11 degrees cooler. that ridge of high pressure still very strong but now we have a little bit of an offshore flow that will come in. i will tell you how long this drying trend will last coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> vianey, thanks. now to super bowl parties happening today of course coupled with that gorgeous weather vianey was talking about have police on alert. here is a live look at traffic on interstate 880 in oakland. the california highway patrol has a warning for drivers this super bowl sunday. officers will be out in full force looking for any sign of drunk or drugged driving. the chp is calling this their enough is enough campaign. there have been several serious or deadly dui crashes in recent
6:28 am
weeks. new numbers show is spike in arrests for driving under the influence of marijuana over the last week and a half chp officers arrested 13 drivers for driving under the influence of pot. over the same period last year just two drivers were arrested for the same thing. a follow-up now to a story we first brought you yesterday morning, police say they arrested a man seen walking around pleasant hill on friday rifle. the neighborhood was placed on lockdown. pleasant hill police couldn't track down the man until yesterday. they said he has mental health problems. no one was hurt. a gunman remains on the run after a shooting. he shot a man who was just washing his car yesterday afternoon. the victim told san jose police that he was in his front card near berryessa creek park in north san jose around noon. that's when three men dressed in black came upy them shot him and the three ran off. the victim was not seriously
6:29 am
injured. a san francisco professional wrestler known for his charity work is facing serious charges this morning. san jose police arrested which will cuevas for allegedly sending harmful man to induce a minor. he is known for his work with charities and veterans groups as well as professional wrestling events. it's 6:29. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay" a beloved patriots decoration snatched from a san francisco business. how it was reunited with its owner just in time for the super bowl. that plus all your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00.
6:30 am
sir, it is such an honor, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. >> yes. i'm so busy. if you're wondering why i'm so out of breath is because i'm doing my p-90x exercises right now. but i'm saving the economy, destroying isis. right now i'm getting my daily intelligence briefing. >> oh, from who? >> from you guys. [ laughter ] >> "saturday night live" bringing alec baldwin to host last night. priyanka chopra truly a global star known here in america as the lead character in
6:31 am
the abc show quantico. for years she's been an a-list celebrity to the 1.3 billion people that live back home in india. as a teenager she won miss uinda and this world. she's been named to "time" magazine's list of most influential people. and to forbes list of the most prominent people in media. she joined us after she dashed home from the set of her show. >> reporter: priyanka chopra is one of the biggest stars in the world. >> who are you? >> i guess you'll never know. >> welcome to my house. >> reporter: and it turns out a gracious host as well. thank you for having us over. >> of course. thank you. >> reporter: we have like 20 people. >> i'm used to it. >> reporter: over the last decade and a half, the 35-year-old chopra has starred in more than 50 movies back home
6:32 am
in india, where she is one of the country's most famous faces. ♪ >> reporter: if you can explain to an american audience what it's like to be the biggest movie star in india, because it's a country that has 1 billion more people than the united states has. >> that is true. >> reporter: your audience is massive. >> i don't think any movie industry around the world ever experiences the kind of love and affection. they have a feeling that she's mine, she's ours. it's so visceral. and it's so like raw. nobody else in the world has ever experienced that. i've never seen it anywhere. >> reporter: global stardom was not always part of the plan. priyanka grew up wanting to be an aeronautical engineer. the daughter of two indian army doctors she was an excellent student who went to high school for three years in the united states. >> i was on vacation to visit my cousins with my mom and my mom's
6:33 am
sister lives here. we came to my cousins' school. i'm 13, vanity is peeking at this moment. i walk into the high school at cedar rapids. i was like, they don't wear uniforms here. i'm like that's what i want to do. i said, mom, i want to go to school here because i think it will be better for my future and my education. and my mom agreed. >> reporter: she bought that? >> then i stayed back for about three or four years. >> reporter: when 16-year-old priyanka returned to india, life took a turn, thanks to a sneaky move by her mom. is it true your mom submitted you to miss india, put your head shot in? >> yeah. >> reporter: so it wasn't your idea. >> no, first of all i didn't think i was pretty. second of all i was very shy. i was only confident in debates.
6:34 am
2000, i don't know what came over my mom. she didn't think about it. just sent them in. did not expect a call back. we got a call back. >> reporter: then is spiraled out of control. then you went on to miss world. >> i was 18 years old. i guess when i first started getting my movie offers in india. my dad sat me down and said i don't want you to ever have a word if in your life. give it a shot. if it works out, great. >> reporter: with her father's support, priyanka never looked back. >> she was like my best friend. my greatest fan. when i won awards, like he was the one cheering. >> reporter: he's proud of you. >> yeah. this is my dad's handwriting. >> reporter: but in 2013, after a long fight with cancer. her biggest cheerleader died. >> he was somebody like, your hero. you know.
6:35 am
and nothing happens to a superhero. that deterioration, you know, that broke a lot of me. >> reporter: priyanka pushed through her grief by working and taking on a new challenge. hollywood. so as you sat with your career in india, 50 films, you'd won mountains of awards incorrectly popular there, what was it inside that said let me take a crack at it? what made you make that leap? >> i guess i didn't. i probably didn't. i just wanted to see what else i could do. i didn't want one country or two. i just wanted the world. >> reporter: priyanka signed a deal with abc where she had her pick of 26 different scripts. she chose "quantico" and the starring role of fbi agent alex parish. >> america deserves the truth and nothing less. >> reporter: she became the first indian woman to star as a lead in a u.s. network show.
6:36 am
what do you love about alex? what would be it about the character? >> well, i just loved that alex always had perfect herring. the world's blowing up but the hair doesn't. >> reporter: the secret to get priyanka chopra to do your show is great hair? >> and has to bounce when she walks. >> reporter: she's in. >> no, but what i love about alex, she's completely like a forward, like, modern woman with no punches. it doesn't matter what anyone says to her, she lives her life to the sound of her own drum. i think that's such a great example for young women out there. we've been doing it for so long, we need to speak a certain way, have babies at a certain time. and everything is decided for us. and alex is just like who she is. >> reporter: last year, chopra made her hollywood film debut in the role of victoria leeds in the "baywatch" movie.
6:37 am
when she's not on screen, chopra uses the megaphone international fame has provided her. among many causes she supports, priyanka is the goodwill ambassador for unicef. >> you have forbes most powerful. you won the mother teresa award a few months ago. >> i consider being a philanthropist. i was raised in that environment as a little girl. i realized i had a platform that people even if they didn't listen to me, they'd at least hear me. i suddenly had a magnified voice and things that needed magnification. >> reporter: priyanka keeps her private life private, especially about her friendship with another global star meghan markle who will marry police
6:38 am
harry in may. before you leave your apartment, we're taking betting odds on who will be the bridesmaids in the wedding. i need make a couple extra bucks. >> i don't even know when the wedding is. she's a wonderful girl. whatever it is i hope it's magical. >> priyanka's show quantico returned in april. she has another movie co-starring claire daines, jim parsons and octavia spencer. and next we're, we are live from pyeongchang, south korea, with coverage of the olympic winter games. give you a taste of the country and its history. and sit down with sarah henson who is looking for gold after fighting for women to be included in the event for the
6:39 am
first time at the sochi it's nice and mild outside. rightm< now in santa rosa 42 degrees, hayward 53 and down near san jose at 49 degrees. along the coast line it is warmer at 50 degrees for san francisco and 65 for pacifica. get ready for another warm day in the bay area. all though right now we are a couple degrees warmer in some spots including sunnyvale and livermore, about 11 degrees warmer, we're still expecting to warm up into the 70s by the afternoon, even more san francisco. next on "sunday today," we had head back to the site of today's super bowl lii where tom brady and the patriots will defend their title against the philadelphia eagles. inside one of the highest tech inside one of the highest tech state of the art
6:40 am
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the first super bowl was played in january of 1967 in los angeles memorial coliseum where the packers beat the chiefs 35-10. vince lombardi never could have imagined the annual spectacle it's become. society's super bowl lii will be watched on television by more than 100 million people and played in a state of the art stadium that's a long way from that old l.a. coliseum. on sunday's spotlight, jo ling takes us behind the game. >> reporter: with all eyes on the gridiron today there's another billion dollar spectacle in the spotlight u.s. bank stadium. the tricked-out high-tech home from the 52nd super bowl. when the fans first step inside from the 90-foot high pivoting glass door. to the sparkling top.
6:43 am
and leaves the light in and keeps that minnesota cold out, weighing just 1% of weight of glass. the roof is slanted thanks to old-school technology pioneered by ancient vikings. present day vikings owner and president mark will said it was designed for the fan. >> it's the first of its kind in america. it gets the snow off the roof and allows the sunshine to come in here. even though you're in climate-controlled environment, you feel like you're outside. >> reporter: he's the chief technology adviser for the stadium. one of his jobs to make sure all of the fans in the stands can use their smartphones at full speed. all of this is powering data on other devices. what would happen if this didn't exist at the stadium? >> if you got together with 60 or 70,000 of your total friends and brought your cell phones into a building and we didn't have this in place. you would cripple the downtime cellular environment.
6:44 am
>> reporter: also powering the game, more than 1,000 wi-fi cents. this looks like a railing, really, it's a wi-fi hot spot. >> it's on us to put the technology in a spot that works in a real way. >> reporter: for many eagles and patriots fans finding your seat in a sea of purple and green. there's no excuse for not finding your seat. there's a mobile app for that. it's technology that allows to you find your seat quickly and efficiently. just like us. need a beer? the minnesota vikings app features instant ordering and that selfie. >> that's what a lot of you might expect. the comforts that you might have at home. all of this technology is meant to create an experience than better at home. >> reporter: 38 state of the art 360 cameras positioned
6:45 am
throughout the stadium capture the action, often from the quarterback's point of view. making instant replays feel like you're on the field. >> the camera operators are able to select three of the camera angles that will provide the best viewpoints. and they can quickly pull those three angles together into a single shot. >> reporter: and if that isn't close enough to the action for you, fans can step right on to the field as a wide receiver. >> that's the helmet. >> reporter: as a vikings fan, i really like this. this virtual reality game powered by microsoft kinect. >> perfect. >> reporter: i think that was a touchdown. makes any rookie even off the field feel like a real mvp. >> perfect, 3 for 3. >> reporter: now, all of this technology is going to be put to the test in a very big way today. it's expected to be the biggest single day ever of technology users and zat ddata users in on
6:46 am
place. the biggest spikes at kickoff and halftime with justin timberlake. >> nice hands there, jo. have fun. thanks so much. next on "sunday today," the patriots star lineman whose job is to protect tom brady's blind side, but his heart is with his little boy. >> what was that moment like to hear those words? >> i just felt like i'd done something wrong. i felt like i caused it. i felt like i had let him down. and it was so incident. and later, a life well lived. a doctor who escaped the a doctor who escaped the holocaust as a teenager i've gotta say, i love the new place. a doctor who escaped the holocaust as a teenager oh thanks. yeah, i took your advice and had geico help with renters insurance- it was really easy. easy. that'd be nice. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair." phone: for help with bookcases, say "bookcase." bookcase. i thought this was the dresser? isn't that the bed?
6:47 am
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6:49 am
if you're like me and you don't have a team to root 00 for in today's super bowl, let me give you a player to get behind. nate solder is number 77 for the new england patriots. you can't miss him, he's 6'8" and 325 pounds protecting tom brady on the offensive line. as dylan tells us on our "sunday closer," the big man who already has two super bowl rings will trade them both and another today for the health of his
6:50 am
little boy. >> reporter: when nate solder lines up at left tackle today for the new england patriots, he'll have a big battle on his hands against the philadelphia eagles. but that battle pales in comparison to the ones he and his family have faced. nate had testicer cancer. >> it was unknown and looming and frightening. >> reporter: what did you learn about yourself during that whole process. >> how fragile everything that we do is. >> reporter: then an even blow for nate and his wife lexi. in october 2015, their 3-month-old son hudson was diagnosed with kidney cancer. what was that moment like to hear those words? >> i just felt like i'd done something wrong. i felt like i caused it. i felt like i had let him down. and he was so innocent.
6:51 am
>> reporter: with helps from the patriots and the jimmy fund clinic in boston, hudson battled cancer with the same toughness his dad shows on the football field. >> when he was diagnosed he was originally on a 19-week chemo treatment plan and we went for 54 weeks. >> reporter: is there still a point where you guys looked at each other and said this is so unfair. >> i think we did. we definitely had those moments. >> god has provided us with such circumstances with hudson's health but he's also provided for it. there are blessings that come with it. >> reporter: some blessings did arrive after all, a year of chem therapy shrank hudson's supertu. hudson got gay babysitter. >> another chunky monkey. >> reporter: does hudson get football, how big of a star you are. >> daddy's game. >> most 6 the time it's i don't
6:52 am
want to watch daddy's game. i want to watch pets or something. >> there we go. >> reporter: now, a new fight for the solder's three months ago they found out hudson's tumors had started growing again. a new round of chemo is under way. i feel like with kids there's such an innocence with them going through this. it's all physical for him. it's not emotional. we take on the emotional burden i think. he just rolls with it. >> reporter: and what's the prognosis going forward. >> his doctors tell us a lot that hudson is like comparing apples to oranges. we have the whole bunch of apples and this is one orange. this could be something we're dealing with for the rest of his life or it's something that he could be done with a year from now. we don't know. >> reporter: so, now leading up to the big game is your mind-set? can you separate the two? or is it all just one big -- >> you know, there's been plenty of times this season i could not separate the two.
6:53 am
i was totally consumed by certain for what was going on at home. right now, there's so many good things going on. we're so happy. one, i just play my best ball and win another game and have some fun doing it. >> reporter: have your family there with you? >> yeah, they're going to be there and support me like they always do. i feel so thankful for them. >> reporter: for "sunday today," dylan dreyer, foxborough, massachusetts. >> we're all rooting for hudson and the solders. dylan, thank you. dr. arnold mitchtalsky was the founder of genetics. but the doctor nearly didn't live to make the critical discoveries that have saved countless lives. he was born in germany, he and his family were jewish. in 1939, they threat the nazis on the ship "st. louis."
6:54 am
the liner was turned away in cuba and miami and sent back to belgium. when the nazis invaded belgium, he was separated from his mom and siblings and sent to a camp in france. he was young enough at 17 years old to be allowed to leave on a visa. he set for the united states and met up with his docto father. it wasn't until two years later that arnold learned his mother, brother and sister had survived in europe. they were reunited three years after that. he settled in washington where in 1957, he founded one of the first metal jdical genetics departments in the united states. states. the doctor ♪ states. the doctor
6:55 am
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time now for a look at what's next this week. remember all that celebration by congress a couple weeks ago when the government shutdown ended. well, the next one comes on thursday. there's to deal, the government could shut down again. and friday is the opening ceremony for the olympic winter games in pyeongchang, south korea. vice president mike pence will be there to represent the united states. you can watch the opening ceremony live on friday night at 8:00, 5:00 p.m. pacific. don't forget the super bowl today, 6:00 p.m.,good morning -l
6:59 am
7:00 am
sunday! a live look at the u-s bank stadium in minneapolis -- that s good morning to you. sunday morning, it is. it is super bowl sunday. a live look now at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. that's where all eyes will focus in on in a few hours and we have you totally covered right here on nbc bay area. it is home of super bowl lii. it is expected to be the coldest super bowl ever. that's if you are stuck outside. >> and taking a live look outside here in the bay area where it has been unseasonably warm and gorgeous, might i add. wow, yesterday was a stunner, what can we expect today? thanks for joining us, i'm kira klapp klapper. >> and i'm marcus washington. vienna arena is also here with a look at our microclimate forecast. >> guys, you are not imagining


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